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The state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is something of a backwater. 梅克伦堡-前波莫瑞州(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,以下简称梅前州)有点儿闭塞。Otto von Bismarck is said to have quipped that, if the world was about to end, he would move to Mecklenburg as it would take a further 50 years for the apocalypse to arrive there. 据说奥托#8226;#8226;俾斯Otto von Bismarck)曾打趣说,如果世界末日到来,他将会搬到梅克伦堡去住,因为大灾难还0年才能抵达那里。Yet the election to its state legislature put this rural corner of northeastern Germany at the heart of a long-overdue debate.然而该州立法机构的选举让这个位于德国东北部的偏远地区成为一场拖延已久的辩论的焦点。Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) finished third in Sunday’s poll behind the rightwing populist Alternative for Germany and the Social Democrats (SPD).德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)的基民盟(CDU)在上周日梅前州议会选举中的得票位列第三,落后于右翼民粹政党德国新选择Alternative for Germany)和社民党(SPD)。The question is how to deal with the AfD now it is here to stay. 问题是如何应对现在已经站稳脚跟的德国新选择党。The difficulty is that this is a party to which many of the usual rules of German political life do not seem to apply.困难在于,这是一个似乎不适用诸多德国政治常规的政党。Normally, voters shun parties whose top officials publicly fight among themselves. 在正常情况下,选民不会持最高层官员公开内讧的政党。Not so with the AfD. 这并不适用于德国新选择党。Public mudslinging among party leaders does not appear to be putting people off. 该党领导人彼此公开诋毁似乎并没有让人们放弃持。Moreover, voters normally abandon their support for anti-establishment parties once a particular problem is solved or is no longer at the top of the political agenda.此外,一旦某一特定问题得到解决或者不再处于政治议程的首位,选民通常就会放弃对反建制政党的持。This is what happened in the early summer of 2015 when the crisis in the eurozone was solved, for the time being at least, with a third bailout deal for Greece. 015年夏初相关各方就希腊第三轮纾困达成协议、欧元区危机得到解决(至少暂时得到解决)的时候就是这样。The AfD’s opinion poll ratings went down almost immediately. 德国新选择党的民调持率几乎应声下跌。Not so this time. 这次却不是这样。The massive influx of refugees and migrants from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East has long since slowed to a trickle yet the AfD is still going strong.来自叙利亚和其他中东地区的难民和移民已经从大规模涌入转变为零星进入,然而德国新选择党仍在壮大。This is bad news for Ms Merkel. 这对默克尔来说是坏消息。Her style is pragmatic rather than emotional or charismatic. 她的风格是务实型、而非情感型或魅力型。But it is emotion and fear that are fuelling the rise of the AfD, and the chancellor appears to have no answer to it. 但正是情感和担忧促成了德国新选择党的崛起,默克尔似乎没有解决办法。Nevertheless, she will not budge. 然而,她不会动摇。Last week, she reaffirmed her refugee policy. 上周,她重申了自己的难民政策。I don’t regret anything, she said in an interview with the Bild newspaper.她在接受德国《图片报Bild)采访时表示:我不后悔任何事。In the wake of the CDU’s third place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, party officials, as well as ordinary members, are getting nervous. 基民盟在梅前州议会选举中的得票位列第三位之后,党内官员以及普通党员越来越感到担忧。They ask anxiously whether the party can still win elections with Ms Merkel at the helm.他们不安地质问,在默克尔掌舵下,基民盟还能否赢得选举。At the same time, adding to the sense of helplessness, they know that there is no obvious or plausible alternative to her. 与此同时,他们也知道没有明显或貌似合理的替代人选,这更让他们感觉无助。Win or lose, the party is chained to Ms Merkel, who will urge her colleagues and supporters to be patient. 无论赢得还是输掉选举,基民盟都与默克尔休戚相关,她将敦促同僚和持者保持耐心。In December, a CDU convention is supposed to re-elect her as party leader. 在今2月,默克尔有望在基民盟大会上再次当选为领导人。It is highly likely that she will use the occasion to announce her intention to run for the chancellorship again.她届时很可能宣布有意再次竞选总理。In short, the AfD is not going away and nor is Ms Merkel. 简言之,德国新选择党不会走开,默克尔也不会。So the CDU must decide whether the taboo on coalition-building with the AfD will be permanent. 因此基民盟必须决定,不能与德国新选择党缔结联盟的禁忌是否是永久性的。The discussion in the party will be painful, as much as the one the SPD had to undergo when the formerly communist Die Linke party did not vanish after reunification in 1990.该党将会进行痛苦的讨论,就像是在1990年两德统一后,原共产主义党派德国左翼党(Die Linke)没有消亡的时候,社民党不得不展开的讨论那样。Bringing the AfD into the fold might be a way to defang a populist movement that is clearly anti-establishment and xenophobic. 拉拢德国新选择党可能大大削弱显然是反建制和排外的民粹运动。AfD officials say openly that they do not want to be in government but they cannot explain why. 德国新选择党官员公开表示,他们不想上台执政,但他们无法说清原因。Pressing them on this point might be a more effective way of draining support for the populist party than any of the other strategies that the CDU has attempted.与基民盟已尝试的其他战略相比,在这一点上施压可能会更为有效地削弱该党的持。Unfortunately, Ms Merkel is not a particularly daring or audacious politician. 遗憾的是,默克尔不是特别勇敢或者大胆的政客。In all likelihood, she will try to keep on doing business as usual instead of broaching the delicate subject of coalition or co-operation with the AfD.她将很有可能像往常那样行事,而不是提出与德国新选择党组建联盟或合作的敏感话题。The chancellor might even tacitly count on the AfD entering the Bundestag after the elections in autumn 2017 because, if it does, it will be mathematically impossible to construct a governing majority without her and the CDU. 默克尔可能甚至暗中希望新选择党在2017年秋季选举之后进入德国联邦议院,因为如果该党进入联邦议院,在缺少默克尔和基民盟的情况下,组成执政所需的多数席位从数学角度来说是不可能的。The paradox is that a strong AfD will probably help Ms Merkel stay in power for another term.矛盾之处在于,一个强大的新选择党很可能将帮助默克尔再连任一届。来 /201609/465576

Germany has begun taking cash and sentimental jewellery from wealthier refugees in return for aid.近日,德国方面已经开始从难民身上收取现金和珠宝,以冲抵援助难民的出。The measure has been introduced to pay for the more than 1.1 million migrants who have entered the European country last year.这一举措已经实施到了去年进入欧洲国家10万多名移民身上。It is a move that was initiated in Denmark and Switzerland, where assets worth more than 1,300 euros and 900 euros, respectively, are taken from those coming into the countries seeking refuge.此项举措最初是由丹麦和瑞士发起的。两国分别从前来寻求庇护的难民身上收取价值超300欧元00欧元的资产。In Bavaria, Germany, refugees are now only allowed to keep cash and items worth 750 euros, according to The Times. Tougher measures are in place in Baden-Wurttemberg, were authorities will take any over 350 euros, the Daily Express reports.根据《泰晤士报》报道,在德国的巴伐利亚州,难民所携带的现金和物品总值超50欧元就会被没收。而根据《每日快报》的报道,在巴登-符腾堡州制定的措施更加严厉,只要价值超50欧元,当局就会收取。The move, which is strikingly similar to Germany in 1939 during World War II, has been backed by opposition Green Party MP, Volker Beck, who said: ;Asylum seekers arent in a better position than those on unemployment benefits. Asylum seekers must repay the costs of accommodation and care to the state.;据悉,此举与1939年德国二战期间的政策极为相似。德国反对党绿党议员福尔克·贝克一直持该计划。他表示;难民的地位,并不比那些依靠失业救助生活的人高。前来寻求庇护的难民必须向州政府偿还食宿和保障费用;Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrman said: The practice in Bavaria and the federal rules set out in law correspond in substance with the process aly in place in Switzerland.而巴伐利亚州内政部长阿希姆·赫尔曼也表示:在巴伐利亚州采取的这一行动,以及联邦法律的相关规定都是与瑞士方面此前采取的行动相对应的。来 /201601/424524


  The leader of the main Muslim rebel group fighting for autonomy in the southern Philippines warns the Islamic State could soon gain the upper hand in establishing a foothold in the region.为争取在菲律宾南部实行自治而战斗的主要穆斯林反叛组织领导人警告说,伊斯兰国不久就会在该地区建立据点的行动中占据上风。Murad Ebrahim, who chairs the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), told reporters in Kuala Lumpur Monday the extremist group could take advantage of the frustrations of Muslims in the southern region of Mindanao over the legislatures failure to ratify a peace deal reached between his group and President Benigno Aquinos administration in 2014.罗伊斯兰解放阵线首领艾布拉希姆星期一在吉隆坡对记者说,菲律宾议会拒绝批准该组织与阿基诺政府在2014年达成的和平协议,而伊斯兰国可能会利用棉兰老地区的穆斯林因此而产生的不满情绪。The deal, which was brokered by Malaysia, would grant minority Muslims greater autonomy in exchange for ending a four-decade-old insurgency that has claimed well over 100,000 lives.在马来西亚斡旋下达成的和平协议规定,穆斯林少数族裔可以享有更大自治权,作为交换条件,罗伊斯兰解放阵线将结束持续40年的反叛活动。这期间0万多人死于武装冲突。Ebrahim said the MILF will not abandon its armed struggle for an autonomous homeland, but says it will not revert to violence so long as the peace process has a chance to succeed.艾布拉希姆说,罗伊斯兰解放阵线不会放弃争取自治家园的武装斗争,但只要和平进程还存在成功的希望,该组织就不会重走暴力之路。来 /201603/429973。

  Towns and cities across the east of Vladimir Putins vast empire could collapse in the coming decades because of thawing permafrost.随着永久冻土的逐渐消融,弗拉基米尔?普京手中巨大帝国的东部城镇在未来几十年间可能会轰然倒塌。Ground that was once solid is crumbling due to climate change, and the impact for buildings across Arctic and Siberian regions will be devastating by 2050, says a new US-Russian report.一篇美俄的最新报道称,由于气候的变化,曾经坚固的土地开始破裂,截止050年,北极地区和西伯利亚地区的建筑将会受到毁灭性的影响。Problems are expected even sooner in Anadyr, the capital of the extreme eastern region on Chukotka, where Chelsea tycoon Roman Abramovich once served as governor.阿纳德尔很快就会面临难题。阿纳德尔是俄罗斯东部楚科奇自治区首府,切尔西大亨罗阿尔卡季耶维奇曾任区长。Here problems can be expected by the mid-2020s, as they can in Salekhard, a town which straddles the Arctic Circle, gateway Russias large gas supplies on the Yamal peninsula.预计21世纪20年代中期,阿纳德尔将遇到问题。横跨北极圈的萨列哈尔德城是亚马尔半岛上俄罗斯大量天然气供应的枢纽,它也面临着同样的威胁。At risk too from a stark weakening of the bearing capacity of the ground are Russias diamond capital Yakutsk and nickel mining city Norilsk.俄罗斯钻石之都雅库茨克和镍矿开采城诺里尔斯克的土地承受能力显著下降,也面临危险。The thaw has major implications for Russia since as much as 63 percent of Russian territory is underpinned by permafrost.俄罗3%的领土都是靠永久冻土撑,因此冻土消融对俄罗斯影响十分重大。It is aly hitting buildings in northern regions, making them unsafe, and has caused railway lines to become crooked, rendering them useless, reported The Siberian Times.据《西伯利亚时报》报道,北部地区的建筑物已经受到影响,十分不安全,铁轨也因此变弯,无法再投入使用。The analysis says a worst-case scenario could lead to a 75-95 percent reduction in bearing capacity throughout the permafrost region by 2050.分析称,最糟糕的情况将导致“到2050年,永久冻土地区的承受能力下5%5%”。The authors conclude: This can have a devastating effect on cities built on permafrost.作者们总结说:“对于建立在永久冻土上的城市来说,这会产生毁灭性影响。”Thawing of permafrost can potentially lead to deformation and collapse of structures, with residential and industrial buildings at risk, but also railway lines, which are used for industrial purposes as well as passengers.无论是居民楼还是工业建筑,永久冻土解冻“可能会导致建筑结构的变形和倒塌”,货运和客运铁路线也无法幸免于难On average, the fastest changes are projected for Salekhard and Anadyr.“从大体上预计,萨列哈尔德和阿纳德尔的变化最快。There the bearing capacity has potential to decrease to critical levels by (the) mid 2020s.1世纪20年代中期,萨列哈尔德和阿纳德尔的土体承受能力可能会下降到危险水平。In Yakutsk and Norilsk the critical climate-induced decrease in bearing capacity is expected around (the) 2040s.“雅库茨克和诺里尔斯克由气候变化导致的土地承受能力严重下降预计将出现在21世纪40年代左右。”The study by experts from The George Washington University and specialists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences highlighted these four cities but the threat applies across the vast permafrost territory.由乔治华盛顿大学专家和俄罗斯科学研究院西伯利亚分院专业人员负责的研究重点指出这四个城市,但威胁已蔓延到了俄境内的大片永久冻土。Numerous studies show the Russian Arctic is warming at a rate of approximately 0.12C (0.216F) a year - significantly faster than the global average, state the authors.大量的研究表明,俄罗斯北极地区的气温每年大约.12°C (0.216°F)的速度不断升温——研究作者称,“这比全球平均升温速度快得多”。The scale of the thawing in each location could vary and was hard to predict precisely.每个地区冻土解冻的程度都不同,因此很难做出精确的预测。And well engineered structures could survive, but there was a need for a change in building techniques.“建筑结构优质的大楼”不会因此倒塌,但是建筑技术需要做出改变。来 /201701/487458

  Five years ago, I was part of a discussion panel on the popular Morning Joe talk show in the US when the issue of Donald Trump came up. A rowdy debate erupted and I cheerfully joked that Trump was a great businessman “barring a few bankruptciesand blessed with charisma even “with that hairpiece A few minutes later, Trump telephoned the show and demanded an on-air apology. Apparently, he was not just upset about the bankruptcy quip (he wanted to clarify that he has never personally gone bankrupt but “onlyseen some of his companies go bust); he was also angry about the hair joke. 5年前,我参加了美国高人气脱口秀《Morning Joe》的一场小组讨论,话题之一是唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)。激烈的辩论随即爆发,我乐呵呵地开玩笑称,特朗普是一位伟大的商人,“除了几次破产”,并且具有与生俱来的领袖风采,即使是“戴着假发”。几分钟后,特朗普给节目组打来电话,要求我们在节目中公开道歉。显然,他不仅是对破产的段子不满(他希望澄清他个人从未破产,“只是”经历了几次公司破产);他还对假发的玩笑满腔怒火So, as we sat around the table on the TV set, one of the show’s hosts a straight-faced legal apology to camera. “He might sue,a reporter later explained to me, as I squirmed with embarrassment and wondered whether to laugh or cry. 因此,我们在节目中围坐在桌旁,一名主持人对着摄像机板着脸宣读了法律道歉。“他可能会起诉,”一名记者后来跟我解释称,而我尴尬地扭来扭去,不知道该笑还是该哭Until recently, I viewed this episode as just an example of how thin-skinned some tycoons can be (and a sign that I need to take more care with early-morning hair jokes for which I apologise, Mr Trump). But, these days, that little exchange is assuming more sinister undertones. For as the Trump bandwagon continues to gather pace, one of the most notable features of his campaign is the extraordinary level of aggression he displays towards his critics. And that raises big questions, not only about Trump’s temperament but also over the nature of political discourse in the age of social media. 直到不久以前,我只把这段插曲当成一个表明某些大亨的脸皮有多薄的例子,(以及我在一大清早说有关头发的笑话时应该多加小心的教训——我谨此道歉,特朗普先生)。但是,这些天来,那次小交锋传递出一些更为恶劣的意味。因为,随着特朗普的人气日益高涨,他在竞选时最显著的一个特点就是他对批评者表现出的攻击性。这引发了一些大问题,不仅关乎特朗普的性情,还关乎社交媒体时代政治话语的性质One big issue as I discovered is that Trump is a notoriously litigious person who inspires fear by threatening to sue. When the journalist Timothy O’Brien wrote his book TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald a decade ago, Trump embarked on a bn lawsuit. Despite losing that, he shows no sign of losing his taste for legal threats: last Friday, he declared that America needed to “open up(that is, tighten) its libel laws, and warned that news organisations such as The New York Times and Washington Post will “have problemsif he wins. 如我所见,其中一个问题是,特朗普出名地爱打官司,他通过威胁起诉让别人心生恐惧0年前,当记者蒂莫西#8226;奥布莱恩(Timothy O’Brien)写《特朗普国度:成为特朗普的艺术TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald)一书时,特朗普发起了一0亿美元的诉讼案。尽管他败诉了,但是他并未表现出放弃法律威胁手段的迹象:不久前,他宣称美国需要“放开”(意思是收紧)诽谤法律,并警告称,如果他入主白宫,《纽约时报New York Times)和《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)等新闻机构将会“有麻烦”However, another issue which is ironic given his views on libel is that Trump hurls insults at others with unusual venom. Last week, The New York Times assembled a list of the “People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitterin recent months it ran to 199 subjects, including numerous prominent journalists, politicians and world leaders, many of whom were derided as “dummies “dopesor “dishonest 然而,另一个问题——考虑到他对诽谤的看法,这颇具讽刺性——是特朗普热衷于以异常恶毒的方式攻击他人。不久前,《纽约时报》汇集了一个包含最近数月“唐纳德#8226;特朗普在Twitter上攻击的人、地和事”的列表—99个被攻击对象,包括众多知名记者、政界人士和世界领袖,其中很多人被特朗普嘲笑为“傻瓜”、“笨蛋”或“不老实”That is unpleasant in itself. But what makes it doubly pernicious is the presence of a cyber echo chamber: whenever Trump hurls an insult, it is amplified in cyberspace by his 6.5 million Twitter followers, creating a social-media storm. A couple of weeks ago, Trump criticised Cheri Jacobus, a Republican strategist who spoke negatively about him on TV; the comment was then retweeted in more extreme forms, creating a phenomenon akin to the type of cyber bullying more normally seen in school you might call it a cyber flash mob. 他的这个特点本身就令人不爀?但是,更加可恶的是特朗普的网络应声虫:无论特朗普何时开口辱骂,他的650万Twitter粉丝都会在网络上放大那些恶言恶语的火力,在社交媒体上掀起一场风暴。数周前,特朗普向在电视上负面评价他的共和党策略顾问谢里#8226;雅各布斯(Cheri Jacobus)发难;他的言论随后以更极端的形式被转发,制造了一场通常在校园比较常见的那种网络欺凌——你或许可以称之为“网络快闪族”Of course, this is not unique to @realDonaldTrump. Cyber flash mobs have erupted around other political campaigns too. And, in practical terms, it seems that while Trump’s verbal abuse has attracted some supporters (it makes him seem “strong, many other voters are simply screening this language out or assuming that it is a short-term marketing tactic that will fade over time. 当然,这并非@realDonaldTrump的独有现象。网络快闪族也会出现在其他政治阵营中。此外,就实际而言,尽管特朗普的语言暴力吸引了一些持者(让他看起来“很强悍”),但是其他很多选民只是自动屏蔽了那些辱骂,或是认为这只是短期的营销手段,会随着时间流逝而淡出Even if Trump tones down his speech in the future and it’s a big “ifthe pattern of aggression has at least four implications. First, the litigation threats may help to explain why there has not been a more thorough media analysis of Trump’s complex business past at least, not until now. Second, his aggression also helps to explain why Republican donors and party leaders have been relatively slow to criticise him in public. 即使特朗普未来收敛其言语风格——这只是可能性很低的假设而已——其咄咄逼人的姿态至少还层潜在影响。第一,诉讼威胁或许有助于解释为何媒体还没有对特朗普在商场的复杂历史进行更深入的分析——至少之前没有。第二,他的好斗也可以解释共和党的“金主”以及该党领袖为何迟迟不愿公开批评他Third, Trump’s scathing attacks on the media also make it harder for journalists to empathise with citizens who do support him; that is yet another factor why the media have underestimated his potential rise. 第三,特朗普对媒体的猛烈攻击也使得记者很难与那些持他的公民产生共鸣;这也是媒体此前低估他领跑潜力的另一个因素But the fourth, and biggest, matter centres not on Trump but on the issue of cyberspace. The limits of free speech in print and television have long been established. But what is still unclear is what is acceptable in cyberspace. Should a political leader try to control a cyber flash mob? Or must they stoke it up to win? In other words, in today’s world, is it inevitable that cyber and real speech reinforce and amplify each other, creating a spiral of vitriol? 不过,第四层(也是最重要的)潜在影响并不关乎特朗普,而在于网络问题。纸媒和电视节目言论自由的尺度存在已久。但是网络言论自由的可接受限度尚不明确。政治领袖应该试图控制网络快闪族吗?抑或他们必须煽动起网络快闪族才能赢得选举?换句话说,在当今世界,网络言论和现实言论相互强化并放大、造成语言暴力不断升级,这是否不可避免I hope the answer to that last question is “no But we live in very angry and uneasy times. Which is precisely why it is so important to uphold the principles of a free press and civilised speech, even in the face of political attack. And celebrate the value of free laughter; about Trump’s (real) hair or anything else. 我希望最后一个问题的是“不”。但是我们正生活在一个充满戾气和不安的时代。这正是坚持新闻自由和文明言论(即使是在面对政治攻击的情况下)如此重要的原因。同时,庆祝玩笑自由——比如拿特朗普的(真)头发或其他事取笑——也很重要。来 /201603/431234Donald Trump appears to be backing away from his response to Pope Francis criticism of Trumps immigration policy heading into Saturdays U.S. Republican presidential primary election in (the southeastern state of) South Carolina.美国南卡罗莱纳州星期六即将举行共和党总统初选,共和党总统参选人川普对罗马天主教宗方济各批评其移民政策的回应看来出现缓和。After visiting Mexico, Pope Francis criticized Trump, saying he ;is not Christian; because of his proposal to build a massive wall on the southern U.S. border with Mexico to keep out migrants headed to the ed States.罗马天主教教宗方济各访问墨西哥后批评川普,说他“不是基督教徒”,因为他提议在美墨边界建造巨大围墙,把试图进入美国的移民拒之门外。During a town hall discussion Thursday night in South Carolina, Trump suggested Pope Francis comments may have been overblown.川普星期四在南卡罗莱纳州召开的市民会议上表示,教宗方济各的有可能被媒体过分夸大了;I dont like fighting with the pope, actually. I dont think this is a fight. I think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media. I think that he heard one side of the story, which is probably by the Mexican government. He didnt see the tremendous strain that you know the border is causing us with respect to illegal immigration, with the drugs pouring across the border....;他说:“我不喜欢和教宗争执。我不认为这是一场争执。我认为他讲话的语气比媒体最初报道的要缓和得多。我想他只听到了一面之词,而且很可能是墨西哥政府的说法。他没有看到由于非法移民和毒品的大量涌入,边界问题给我们带来的巨大压力。”Some of Trumps challengers expressed support for the pope.川普的一些反对者持教宗。But others mostly said the matter is between Pope Francis and Trump.但是大多数人认为,这是教宗和川普之间的事。来 /201602/427226The Rio Olympics organizing committee has apologized for the slightly inaccurate Chinese flag that has been used at several medal ceremonies and has pledged to correct the mistake, according to the Chinese Consulate-General in Rio on Aug. 8.8日,据中国驻里约总领事馆报道,里约奥组委为在颁奖仪式上数次使用的中国国旗存在的细微错误道歉,并承诺将纠正错误。Aly, the botched flag has been a source of public disappointment among Chinese netizens and viewers.不过,这种搞砸的国旗已经引起了中国网友和观众的不满。Netizens began to complain about the flags over the weekend, astutely pointing out that the flags flying at Olympic venues featured the four smaller stars of the Chinese flag laid out in a parallel pattern. Instead, the stars should be rotated so that each one points toward the center of the flags one large star.整个周末,网友们都在抱怨这件事,他们快速指出,奥运场馆里飘扬的中国国旗,四颗小星星是平行摆放的。而事实上,每个小星星都要旋转一下,都有一个角指向正中的大星星。Under instruction from the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, the Chinese Consul General in Rio, Song Yang, contacted the organizing committee of the Rio Olympic Games and demanded that the mistake be rectified immediately, the consulate said on its officialWeibo early on Aug. 8.8日早间,中国驻里约总领事馆微上写道,在接到中国驻巴西大使的指示后,里约中国总领事宋杨马上联系了里约奥组委,要求对方立即纠正错误;The director said the organizing committee of the Rio Olympic Games expresses their apologies. The committee commissioned a third-party company (not a Chinese company)to produce all national flags. It will contact the company immediately to correct its mistake,; the Weibo post noted.文中写到:“总领事称,奥组委表达了他们的歉意,他们是委托的第三方公司(非中国公司)制作的所有的国旗。他们将立即联络该公司纠正错误。”All national flags used at the Rio Olympic Games received approval from the organizing committees of each respective country, the Rio Olympics organizing committee told Peoples Daily in an exclusive interview, adding that the committee will work together with the Chinese delegation to come up with a satisfactory solution.在一次独家专访中,里约奥组委对人民网表示,在里约奥运会上所使用的国旗,都经过了各个国家奥组委的审核,并补充道,奥组委将同中国代表团一道,给出一个满意的解决方案。来 /201608/459504

  The U.S. military is ;prepared to support; a train-and-equip mission to fight the thousands of Islamic State militants in Libya when the Libyan government is y for it, the head of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said Tuesday.美国非洲司令部司令星期二说,利比亚政府做好准备后,美国军方即可提供训练及装备的持,打击利比亚境内的伊斯兰国激进分子。AFRICOM commander General David Rodriguez added that Libyas internal politics have made it unclear which armed groups are fighting alongside the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), leaving the U.S. ;really dependent; on the Libyan interim government to determine ;who is with them and who is moving over to them.;美国非洲司令部司令罗德里格斯将军还表示,利比亚国内政局不明朗,不清楚哪些武装组织是与利比亚政府并肩作战的,美国只能依靠利比亚临时政府来确定哪些部分是跟他们站在一起的,哪些部分正在向他们靠拢。Libya is under a U.N. arms embargo, imposed to keep lethal weapons away from terrorists and militias vying for power.联合国对利比亚实行武器禁运,以免致命武器落入恐怖分子或谋求夺权的民兵手中。However, a joint communique issued after international talks Monday in Vienna signaled that international powers, including the U.S., are set to provide arms and support to the Libyan government to fight Islamic State.然而,星期一维也纳国际会谈结束后发布的联合公报显示,包括美国在内的一些国家已准备为利比亚政府提供武器和援,以打击伊斯兰囀?来 /201605/444393


  A series of blasts in Thailands southern provinces in a 24-hour period Thursday and Friday has killed at least four people and wounded dozens more.泰国南部省份星期四和星期4小时内发生一系列爆炸,至人死亡,几十人受伤。The explosions occurred in the seaside resort of Hua Hin, the island gateway town of Surat Thani and in southern Trang.爆炸发生在滨海避暑胜地华欣,海岛入口城镇苏叻他尼,以及董里府南部;The bombs are an attempt to create chaos and confusion,; said junta chief Prayut Chan-o-cha. ;Why have the bombs occurred as our country is heading towards stability, a better economy and tourism?;泰国总理巴育说:“爆炸是为了制造混乱和困惑”。他说:“为什么这些爆炸发生在我们国家正迈向稳定,以及经济和旅游好转的时候呢?”In a referendum last week, millions of Thais voted to approve a junta-backed constitution the countrys military leaders say opens the way to new elections, but critics see it as legitimizing the military’s role in government for years to come.上个星期,几千万泰国人在全民公投中投票通过了军政府持的宪法。泰国军方领袖说,这个宪法为新的选举铺平了道路,但批评人士认为,新宪法的通过使得军方在日后把持政权合法化了。来 /201608/460661。

  Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a Conservative Member of Parliament two months after he quit as prime minister in the wake of the June Brexit referendum.英国前首相戴维·卡梅伦辞去了保守党国会议员的职务。两个月前,他在该国6月举行脱欧公投后辞去了首相一职。Cameron, 49, said he did not want to be a ;distraction; for new Prime Minister Theresa May.现年49岁的卡梅伦表示,他不想让新任首相特里莎·梅;分神;。He said that he thought about the decision long and hard and it isnt really possible to be a proper backbench MP as a former prime minister.他表示,他对这个决定认真地思考了很久,认为前任首相真的不可能成为一名称职的后座议员。He said he had not made any ;firm decisions; on what to do next, but he wanted to continue to contribute to public life.卡梅伦称,他还没;拿定主意;接下来要做什么,但他想继续投身于公共事务。Cameron, has earlier said he would continue as an MP until the next general election.卡梅伦先前曾表示,在下一次大选到来之前,他会继续担当国会议员。The politician, who had represented Witney since 2001, became Conservative leader in 2005 and served as prime minister for six years from 2010.001年开始,这位政客一直担任威特尼选区议员,在2005年成为了保守党领袖,并从2010年起担任了六年的首相。来 /201609/467254

  After King Salman of Saudi Arabia came to the throne in 2015 and allowed his favourite son and deputy crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to seize the main reins of power in the kingdom, the country has embarked on an assertive foreign and regional policy. The ageing and frail king’s son has upstaged the crown prince and next in line of succession, interior minister Mohammed bin Nayef. That much everyone agrees. 沙特国王萨勒King Salman)2015年登上王位并让自己最喜爱的儿子、副王储穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒Mohammed bin Salman)执掌王国主要权柄后,这个国家便走上了一条过分自信的外交和地区政策之路。老迈虚弱的国王的这个儿子抢走了王储及下一位继承人、内政大臣穆罕默#8226;#8226;纳伊Mohammed bin Nayef)的风头。这些是人人都认同的Prince Mohammed bin Salman has accumulated surprising power, in a system where the ruling family normally seeks a careful balance between factions. MbS, as he is known in diplomatic shorthand, aged only 30 in a regime long run by men in their 70s and 80s, is defence minister and economic tsar, as well as overlord of the closely tied areas of foreign and oil policy. 在一个统治家族通常寻求派系间平衡的体制中,穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒曼亲王已经掌握了惊人的权力。在这个长期由七八十岁男性统治的政权中,只有30岁的穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒曼(外交场合常缩写为MbS)既担任国防大臣,又是经济“沙皇”,同时还主导外交与石油这两个密切相联的领域的政策A linear summary of foreign and defence policy in his first year would probably highlight: the Saudi-led air war against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen launched last March; increased support for Sunni Islamist rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, which is backed by Iran, Hizbollah, the Lebanese Shia paramilitaries and Russia; the break-off of diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tehran; and, in recent weeks, severing ties with Saudi political, military and media allies in Lebanon. 他主导外交与国防政策第一年的突出表现包括:以沙特为首,去月对伊朗持的也门胡塞叛军进行空袭;加大对与叙利亚巴沙尔#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权作战的逊尼派伊斯兰叛军的持力度,而阿萨德的持者包括伊朗、真主党(Hizbollah)、黎巴嫩什叶派准军事组织及俄罗斯;中断沙特与伊朗的外交关系;并在最近几周切断了沙特与黎巴嫩在政治、军事、媒体方面的盟友关系What it might skip over is the budding detente between the kingdom and Vladimir Putin’s Russia, ally to all that Saudi Arabia most detests in the region Iran, Hizbollah, and the Assad regime. 这里有可能忽略的是沙特与弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)执政的俄罗斯之间初现的关系缓和迹象,而俄罗斯是沙特在中东最痛恨的所有势力(伊朗、真主党、阿萨德政权)的盟友Alliances of convenience are hardly new to the Middle East. The will to power of entrenched regimes often coexists with pragmatism, making strange bedfellows of sworn enemies. But the present situation has reached unusual heights of visceral and violent antagonism in the proxy wars between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran across the region, above all in Syria. But, first, what has Saudi Arabia been up to? 对中东而言,结成“权宜联盟”并不是什么新鲜事。稳固政权的权力意志往往与实用主义并存,可以让不共戴天的仇敌变成伙伴。但当前整个地区(尤其是在叙利亚)逊尼派沙特与什叶派伊朗之间代理人战争的形势已经在出于本能的暴力对抗方面达到了不同寻常的高度。但首先,我们想问,沙特一直在忙些什么呢Riyadh is signalling a pullback from the war in Yemen. Saudi officials say they have destroyed a missile threat to the kingdom from their unruly southern neighbour. To many other eyes, it looks as if MbS bit off more than he could chew. Despite Riyadh unveiling an alliance of more than 30 Sunni nations to confront Iran’s designs, Egypt and Pakistan, which have the biggest armies, conspicuously declined to provide ground forces for the Saudi air war. In Syria, a Saudi threat to send in troops to support Sunni rebels proved empty. 利雅得正在发出从也门冲突抽身的信号。沙特官员表示,他们已将这个桀骜的南部邻国带来的导弹威胁摧毁。在许多其他人看来,穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒曼似乎有些眼高手低。尽管利雅得打造了一个由30多个逊尼派国家组成的对抗伊朗的联盟,但拥有最庞大陆军的两个国家埃及和巴基斯坦都明显拒绝为沙特的空袭提供地面部队持。在叙利亚,沙特威胁出兵持逊尼派叛军也被明只是虚张声势The diplomatic break with Iran, and rupture with Lebanon, came after the Saudi execution in January of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a dissident Shia cleric. Riyadh reacted after the Saudi embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashhad were attacked by mobs. Lebanon’s foreign minister, a Hizbollah-aligned Christian, declined to condemn the events acting as more papist than the Pope given that the Iranian government itself did so. The Saudis have cancelled bn in aid to Lebanon’s army, stopped paying local Sunni allies and associated media, and closed the Beirut office of Al Arabiya, a TV network owned by members of the royal family. 沙特月处决了持不同政见的什叶派教士谢赫尼米#8226;尼米Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr)之后,沙特与伊朗的外交关系中断,与黎巴嫩也出现关系破裂。这是沙特驻德黑兰大使馆、驻马什哈德领事馆遭暴徒袭击后,利雅得的反应。黎巴嫩外长(一名站在真主党一边的基督徒)拒绝谴责这两起事件,要知道连伊朗政府也发出了谴责。沙特取消了对黎巴嫩军队30亿美元的援助,停止向黎巴嫩当地逊尼派盟友及相关媒体提供资金持,并关闭了沙特王室成员拥有的电视网络——阿拉伯卫星电视Al Arabiya)驻贝鲁特办事处Yet, at the same time, Prince Mohammed bin Salman has forged what Arab officials describe as a “functional and substantiverelationship with President Putin, covering Syria, possible Saudi arms purchases from and investment in Russia , and joint attempts to stabilise oil prices by freezing output. 然而,与此同时,阿拉伯官员表示,穆罕默#8226;#8226;萨勒曼亲王与普京总统之间已经建立了“起作用的、实质性的”关系,涵盖叙利亚危机、沙特有可能从俄罗斯购买武器并在俄罗斯投资,以及共同设法通过冻结产量稳定石油价格On Syria, US- and Russia-led peace efforts are still stymied by Moscow’s insistence that President Assad must be part of any transition out of war which Washington and Riyadh are ostensibly resisting. But when MbS met Mr Putin last October at the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi, he told him: “We do not care about the Assads, we care about Iran,according to an Arab official in contact with the deputy crown prince. Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, said afterwards: “We now have a much clearer vision of how to move along the path of political settlement.叙利亚问题方面,美国和俄罗斯领导的和平努力仍受阻于莫斯科坚持阿萨德总统必须成为任何从战争向和平过渡进程的一部分,而华盛顿和利雅得对此都明确表示反对。但去年10月在索契举行的俄罗斯大奖Russian Grand Prix)上见到普京时,穆罕默#8226;#8226;萨勒曼对普京说,“我们并不在乎阿萨德家族,我们在乎的是伊朗,”——一位与副王储有联系的阿拉伯官员转述称。俄罗斯外交部长谢尔#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)后来表示:“关于如何推进政治解决,我们现在有了更清晰的视角。No such settlement is likely when talks on peace resume next week in Geneva. Despite Mr Putin’s partial withdrawal from Syria last month, Russia-backed Assad forces are still on the offensive not just against Saudi-backed rebels but now also against the jihadis of Isis, from whom they recaptured the city of Palmyra last week. 下周在日内瓦恢复和平谈判时,不大可能达成这样的政治解决方案。尽管普京上月从叙利亚撤出了部分军队,但得到俄罗斯持的阿萨德军队仍在发动进攻——不仅打击沙特持的叛军,如今也打击“伊斯兰国ISIS)圣战分子,并且上周从ISIS手中夺回了巴尔米拉城Some Arab sources say the Russian leader even informed MbS about his new Syrian policy before he told Mr Assad. 一些阿拉伯消息源表示,俄罗斯领导人甚至将自己新的叙利亚政策先告知穆罕默#8226;#8226;萨勒曼,然后才知会阿萨德Mr Putin may be signalling to Mr Assad that, unless he engages with evolving plans to end Syria’s war, Moscow could dump him. Russia, at the head of the Iran-backed axis in Syria and Iraq, is also now intersecting with the US-led coalition against Isis. Both coalitions are backing Syrian Kurdish militia fighting Isis across northern Syria. Russia’s ally Iran is de facto co-operating with the US in Iraq. 普京可能在暗示阿萨德,除非后者参与制订结束叙利亚内战的计划,否则莫斯科可能将他抛弃。在伊朗持的包括叙利亚和伊拉克的轴心联盟中处于领导地位的俄罗斯,如今正在与美国领导的联军共同打击ISIS。这两大联盟都持在叙利亚北部与ISIS作战的叙利亚库尔德民兵。俄罗斯的盟友伊朗实际上正在伊拉克与美国进行合作But Saudi Arabia’s warming ties with Russia surely speak of the waning regional influence of the US, with which the kingdom has been closely allied for 70 years. After Barack Obama started a thaw in US relations with Iran through last year’s nuclear deal, and Mr Putin stormed into a Syrian war the US president has sought to avoid, the Saudis seem to have decided to work with Moscow, in the belief that it can influence Tehran. Syria, in all its gore, is the cockpit of the current Middle East. 但沙特与俄罗斯关系回暖肯定会导致美国在该地区影响力减弱,而美国与沙特之间的亲密盟友关系已经延0年之久。巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)通过去年签署的核协议开启了美国与伊朗的关系缓和,普京高调介入了奥巴马力图避免卷入的叙利亚内战,此后,沙特似乎已经决定与莫斯科合作,相信莫斯科可以影响德黑兰。饱受创伤的叙利亚仍是当前中东的斗鸡场。来 /201604/436311


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