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Sorry Mom, Carrots Won't Actually Improve Eyesight妈妈你被坑啦:吃胡萝卜不能提高视力 Like many kids, I didn't like vegetables — especially carrots and broccoli. Adults frequently told me that carrots would improve my eyesight, so that seemed like a good reason to try liking them. 和很多的小朋友一样,我不喜欢吃蔬菜,尤其讨厌胡萝卜和西兰花。大人们总是告诉我胡萝卜有助提高视力,听起来是个好理由,我们好像应该多吃。 There was one person who didn't tell me this, he actually told me the opposite. My grand father overheard somebody tell me that carrots would improve my eyesight. He didn't say anything immediately, but he let me in on a little secret after that person left the room — it was all a big lie. Carrots do not improve your eyesight. 可是有人却不这么说,事实上他的说法正好相反,那就是我的爷爷。爷爷偶然听到别人教育我胡萝卜可以提高视力,他当时没有说什么,不过等那人离开房间后,爷爷告诉我了一个小秘密:胡萝卜提高视力是个大谎话! Sure, carrots contain beta-carotene, which metabolizes into Vitamin A and everyone agrees that is essential for maintaining eye health, but it does not improve it (unless the body is deprived of it to begin with). Also, it really has nothing to do with carrots, the necessary vitamins can come from any source. 的确,胡萝卜含有丰富的β-胡萝卜素,通过新陈代谢可以转化成维生素A。大家都知道维生素A是保持眼部健康的基本要素,但它并不能提高视力(身体缺少基本需要的维生素A的情况除外)。另外,这也跟胡萝卜没什么大关系,我们可以通过各种途径摄取身体必需的维生素。 So where did this myth come from? 那这种子虚乌有的说法是从哪儿来的? During World War II, the British were particularly good at shooting down Nazi bombers at night, when it's almost impossible to see other planes. It was as if they had super-human sight, and they did. They had radar. 在二战期间,英国士兵很擅长在夜间可视条件极差的情况下击落纳粹德国的轰炸机,就好像他们有着超人的视力一样。他们的确有,那就是秘密武器雷达。 Once news stories started to circulate about these pilots with seemingly super-human eyes, the government needed a good explanation to prevent the Germans from learning about this technology. Carrots. 等到关于这些飞行员的“超人眼”故事开始传播开的时候,英国政府就需要个合理的解释,阻止德国人了解这项技术。于是他们想到了胡萝卜。 Flight Lieutenant John Cunningham, nicknamed "Cats Eyes" for his incredible ability to shoot down enemy planes, had a natural love for carrots. The story wrote itself and they explained that they were feeding other pilots a lot of carrots to improve their eyesight too. 绰号“猫眼”的空军上尉John Cunningham击落敌机能力极强,他特别爱吃胡萝卜。于是故事就这样编出来了:英国政府解释说也让其他的飞行员吃胡萝卜提高视力。 /201110/158170

英语姓名的一般结构为:教名+自取名+姓。如 William Jafferson Clinton。但在很多场合中间名往往略去不写,如 George Bush,而且许多人更喜欢用昵称取代正式教名,如 Bill Clinton。上述教名和中间名又称个人名。   现将英语民族的个人名、昵称和姓氏介绍如下:I. 个人名 按照英语民族的习俗,一般在婴儿接受洗礼的时候,由牧师或父母亲朋为其取名,称为教名。以后本人可以在取用第二个名字,排在教名之后。  英语个人名的来源大致有以下几种情况:   1. 采用圣经、希腊罗马神话、古代名人或文学名著中的人名作为教名。   2. 采用祖先的籍贯,山川河流,鸟兽鱼虫,花卉树木等的名称作为教名。   3. 教名的不同异体。   4. 采用(小名)昵称。   5. 用构词技术制造新的教名,如倒序,合并。   6. 将母亲的娘家姓氏作为中间名。 英语民族常用的男子名有:James, John, David, Daniel,Michael, 常见的女子名为:Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Catherine. /200907/79449

香港有线电视记者:“十二五”规划报告中特别提到港澳,包括继续持香港作为国际金融中心的角色,还有就是确立粤港多项大型基建项目的合作,中央在作出这些规划的过程当中都有哪些考虑?另外,现在有人说香港已经逐渐在消失它的传统优势,已经没有独立的能力应对区域竞争,所以迫使中央这次要出手,您怎么看待这个说法?我们很想知道,这些措施是否能够有效解决现在香港存在的一些问题,比如贫富悬殊这样一些深层次矛盾等问题。Hong Kong Cable TV: A separate chapter has been devoted to Hong Kong and Macao#39;s development in the 12th Five-Year Plan. The central government has indicated in the plan that it will continue to support Hong Kong#39;s role as an international financial center. And further details have been spelled out for a number of large infrastructure development projects between Guangdong and Hong Kong. What is the consideration ofthe central government in laying out all these arrangements? Some people argue that Hong Kong is losing its traditional advantage and is no longer able to cope with regional competition on its own. And that is why the central government felt compelled to draw up the plan for Hong Kong. What is your view on this? Will these measures taken by the central government be enough to help Hong Kong resolve some of its underlying problems, for example the widening income gap?温家宝:香港记者的提问,使我想起在2003年我访问香港,也就是在那一年那次访问,我见了内地与香港签署了CEPA协议。我可以先跟你说,我很想再去一次香港,看望香港人民,向香港人民表示问候。这次“十二五”规划纲要把港澳单独列为一章,表明了中央政府对香港和保持长期繁荣稳定的坚定持。这样做不仅是两个特别行政区政府和各界人士的要求,对港澳的长期发展也是有利的。方才你说香港的传统优势不存在了,我不这样看。香港背靠祖国,面向国际,有着开放自由的经济,有着同国际经济接轨的完备法律法规,有着全面的各类管理人才。香港经历了两次金融危机,都经受住了考验。香港作为国际金融中心的优势地位没有改变。在规划当中,我们特别强调持香港成为离岸人民币业务中心和国际资产管理中心。事实上,这些年我们在金融上的改革都首先在香港先行先试。比如人民币在香港的存款已经超过3000亿元。我们首先实行了货物贸易在香港以人民币结算的试点。内地特别是珠江三角洲与香港合作得到加强,与此同时,香港连接内地的各项基础设施建设很快地向前推进,使物流、人流更加畅通和便捷。这些都有利于巩固和发展香港的国际金融中心地位。Premier Wen Jiabao: Your question reminds me of my visit to Hong Kong in 2003. It was during that visit that I witnessed the signing of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) between Hong Kong and the mainland. I would like to tell you that I want very much to visit Hong Kong again to see the people in Hong Kong and bring them my greetings. There is a separate chapter devoted to Hong Kong and Macao in the 12th Five-Year Plan. This shows the firm support of the central government for long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao. It meets the aspiration of the governments of the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and the people of all sectors there. It is also in the interest of the long-term development of Hong Kong and Macao. You said in your question that Hong Kong has lost its traditional advantage. I take a different view. Hong Kong, with the strong backing of the motherland and facing the world, has an open and free economy. It has a full-fledged legal system that is consistent with international business practices. It has a large pool of managerial personnel in various fields. And it has withstood the test of two financial crises. Hong Kong#39;s traditional advantage as an international financial center has not changed. It is set out in the 12th Five-Year Plan that the central government will support Hong Kong in developing itself into an offshore RMB business center and an international asset management center. In fact, many of the pilot programs we have taken in the reform of the financial sector in recent years were first conducted in Hong Kong. For example, RMB deposits in Hong Kong have exceeded 300 billion yuan. We have also run the pilot program of settling cross-border trade in goods in RMB first in Hong Kong. Moreover, cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland, in particular, the Pearl River Delta has been enhanced. Fast progress has been made in a series of infrastructure projects linking Hong Kong and the mainland. All these have facilitated the free flow of goods and personnel between the two sides. I believe these measures will further consolidate and develop Hong Kong#39;s status as an international financial center.香港目前不仅有应对区域竞争和风险的能力,也有应对世界竞争和风险的能力。但是,香港也面临着相当复杂的外部局势。因此,也要有忧患意识,利用好机遇,迎接各种挑战。我曾经讲过,香港要注意三件事情:第一,要有一个长远的、科学的发展规划;第二,要重视和解决经济社会发展中的深层次矛盾;第三,要努力改善民生。我以为,在香港还要重视教育、科技,以增强香港发展的后劲;还要从自身实际出发,重视发展务业,包括金融务和旅游务,发展小型科技创新企业,以增加就业。香港有着比较充裕的财政收入和雄厚的外汇储备,要进一步加强社会保障体系建设,特别要照顾好弱势群体,致力于改善民生。I believe Hong Kong has the ability to cope with not only regional but also international competition and risks. At the same time, Hong Kong is confronted by a complex external environment. Therefore it is important for Hong Kong to be mindful of potential difficulties, make the most of good opportunities and meet the challenges head-on. I have said that Hong Kong needs to pay close attention to the following three things. First, Hong Kong needs to have a long-term and scientific development plan. Second, it needs to attach great importance to addressing the underlying problems in its economic and social development. And third, it should work hard to improve people#39;s well-being. I believe it is also important for Hong Kong to pay close attention to the development of education and science and technology so as to sustain the momentum of development. Meanwhile, Hong Kong needs to further develop the service sector, including financial services and tourism in the light of its actual conditions and develop small innovative high-tech enterprises to create more jobs. Hong Kong has sufficient government revenues and ample foreign exchange reserves. It should further improve the social safety net, and in particular, take good care of the vulnerable groups so that people in Hong Kong will lead a much better life.我利用这个时间还想回答一个你没有提的问题。就是在“十二五”规划制定过程中,在香港有一种舆论,说香港“被规划”了。我想在这里再次强调,我们将坚持“一国两制”、“港人治港”、高度自治的方针,严格遵守基本法。中央制定的“十二五”规划都是持香港的发展,中央的规划绝不会代替香港的自身规划。Let me take a few minutes to address something that you did not mention in your question. That is, during the formulation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, there was such an opinion in Hong Kong that the plan was imposed on Hong Kong. Here I would like to emphasize once again that we will adhere to the principle of ;one country, two systems;, ;Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong; and a high degree of autonomy. We will act in strict accordance with the Basic Law. What the central government has laid out in the Five-Year Plan about Hong Kong is designed to support Hong Kong#39;s development. And this arrangement will in no way replace Hong Kong#39;s own plan. /201204/176989

Dressed in a stunning coat and hat, the Duchess of Cambridge greeted the more than three thousand people who came to see her on Christmas.穿戴着迷人的外套和帽子,剑桥公爵夫人向超过3000名专程来一睹她芳容的人们打招呼。Not since Princess Diana#39;s lifetime has the royal family seen a turn out this big for their walk to Sandringham Church for the traditional Christmas Day service at Sandringham in King#39;s Lynn, England. More than 3,000 on-lookers came to support Kate Middleton on her Christmas day as a royal family member.戴安娜王妃过世后就再也没见过英国皇室在这传统的圣诞佳节去桑德灵汉姆宫教堂做礼拜的路上有如此大的阵仗了。超过3000名行人在凯特;米德尔顿成为皇室成员的第一个圣诞节来到现场持她。 Dressed in a full-length modest maroon coat, black dress, tights and a hat by Jane Corbett, the 29-year-old beauty ; alongside her husband, William, and his brother, Harry ; looked thrilled to meet her fans and accept bouquets of flowers. There#39;s been much talk of a baby bump on the new duchess, however, we couldn#39;t see much beyond her Christmas coat ; perhaps she#39;s hiding the news?身穿端庄的红褐色长外套、黑色裙装和裤袜,头顶Jane Corbett礼帽,这位29岁的美人走在丈夫威廉以及威廉的弟弟哈里旁边。她看上去十分激动能够见到持她的粉丝们,还接受了好几束花。关于这位新的公爵夫人是否怀的猜测以来已久,然而,我们无法透过她这件圣诞外套看出什么端倪。说不定她是故意藏着好消息?The queen, Prince Charles, Camilla and several other members of the family were also in high spirits this morning. However, the Duke of Edinburgh missed the service, as he is in the hospital after having cardiac surgery Friday.英国女王、查尔斯王子、卡米拉以及一些其他的王室成员这天早上也精神十足。然而,很遗憾的是女王的丈夫爱丁堡公爵错过了这天的仪式,上周五做了心脏手术后他就一直住在医院里。 /201112/165969

One day in class, the teacher assigned his students to write a composition ; If I Am a Manager.All the students began to write except a boy.The teacher went to him and asked the reason.;I am waiting for my secretary, ; the boy answered.一天课上,老师要同学们以如果我是一个经理为题写一篇作文。所有的学生都在动笔写了,只有一个男生例外。老师走过去问他为什么不写。;我在等我的秘书。;那孩子答道。 /201201/168664

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