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Ordering Meals under my Name以我的名义订餐I want to make a reservation under the name of William Smith.我想预订一张桌子,我叫戚廉·史密斯OK,Mr.Smith.When will you arrive?好的,史密斯先生,你几点来呢?Around :00.点左右Party of two?两个人吗?No,we have five persons.不是,有5个人All right,Mr. Smith.I will arrange a table 5 at :00 you.好的,史密斯先生我会为您安排一张点的5人桌Thank you.谢谢 393

A company with ties to both the Chinese government and to Hollywood said it is bringing a Netflix-like movie-streaming service to mainland China, with films from at least one major U.S. studio.一个与中国政府和美国好莱坞(Hollywood)都有关系的公司说,该公司将把跟视频网站Netflix类似的电影流媒体务带到中国内地,而这项务提供的电影将来自至少一家美国大型电影公司。The as-yet-unnamed service is a joint venture between Jiaflix Enterprises and a subsidiary of the government-owned China Movie Channel. The new service will launch this fall with films from the library of Viacom Inc.s Paramount Pictures. Jiaflix executives said they are in talks with the other big Hollywood studios and expect to close another deal this summer.这个尚未命名的务的提供商是Jiaflix Enterprises与中国政府拥有的中国电影频道(China Movie Channel)下属企业成立的一家合资公司。这个新务平台将于今年秋季推出,其影片内容由维亚康姆公Viacom Inc.)旗下派拉蒙影Paramount Pictures)的资料库提供。Jiaflix的高管说,他们目前正在跟其它好莱坞电影公司谈,希望今年夏天能再达成一项协议。The new streaming service resembles that of Netflix Inc., which has identified expansion in Latin America and Europe as a central element of its growth strategy. Netflix has yet to enter the Chinese market, where online piracy has long served as a deterrent to Western entertainment companies.该新流媒体务平台与Netflix类似,后者已将扩张在拉美和欧洲的业务作为公司增长战略的核心内容。Netflix还没有进入中国市场。长期以来,中国的网络盗版活动一直是遏制西方公司进入中国市场的一个因素。China Movie Channels online subsidiary, M1905.com, aly makes some Chinese movies available online. Founded in 2004, the site has more than 3 million registered users, the companies said. The new service being started with Jiaflix will make foreign movies, including U.S. studio releases, available to Chinese audiences.中国电影频道旗下网站电影M1905.com)已经开始在线提供部分中国电影。电影网成立004年,自称目前有超00万注册用户。电影网正与Jiaflix着手创办的这个新务平台将把外国电影呈献给中国观众,其中包括美国电影公司发行的电影作品。Among Jiaflixs founders is Sid Ganis, a movie producer and former president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the entity that presents the Oscars. His credits include ;Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo; and ;Pan Am,; the now-cancelled prime-time soap opera about the airline. His cousin Marc Ganis, president of the sports-business advisory firm Sportscorp. Ltd., is another cofounder. A third partner, Chinese entrepreneur Kenneth Huang, has been involved in American sports teams business dealings in China. The men said they funded the new venture themselves.锡德#8226;甘尼Sid Ganis)是Jiaflix的创始人之一,他现在是电影制作人,曾任奥斯卡Oscars)颁发机构美国电影艺术与科学学Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)院长,其作品包括《憨直舞男Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo)和现在已经停播的、讲述同名航空公司的黄金档肥皂剧《泛美航空Pan Am)等。锡德的堂兄弟、体育商业资讯公司Sportscorp. Ltd.总裁马克#8226;甘尼Marc Ganis)是Jiaflix的另一位联合创始人。该公司的另一位合伙人是中国企业家黄建华,他一直从事美国体育运动队在中国的商业运作。这三人说,他们已自掏腰包为新合资企业提供了资金。In addition to providing movie content on the Internet, the U.S.-China enterprise also has plans in the works for co-production and exporting Chinese movies abroad, according to Marc Ganis.马克#8226;甘尼斯表示,除在网上提供电影内容外,这个美中合资企业还在谋划合拍电影以及把中国电影出口至海外等事宜。Among the challenges facing the new service: convincing Chinese to pay to watch films and television shows, when pirated versions of so many programs are pervasive in the country.新平台面临的挑战之一,是要劝说生活在盗版猖獗的中国的消费者去付费观看电影和电视剧。Jiaflix and M1905 said the two companies are developing ;a program to combat Internet piracy in China.; The companies didnt elaborate.Jiaflix和电影网说,两家公司正在制定一项打击中国网络盗版的计划,但没有详述具体内容。Sid Ganis said in an interview Thursday that by distributing movies online, his company would be able to circumvent the limits that the Chinese government places on the number of foreign films that can be released in theaters there.锡德#8226;甘尼斯周四接受采访时说,他的公司可通过在网上发行电影来规避中国政府对国内影院可放映的海外电影数量的限制;The Chinese government is welcoming the idea of the Internet becoming a source for film enthusiasts to access good movies legally,; he said. Restrictions on Internet content are ;less cumbersome; than in theaters, he added.锡德#8226;甘尼斯说,中国政府对于让网络成为影迷合法观看好电影的渠道这一想法表示欢迎。他还说,对网络电影的限制不像对院线那么繁琐。China recently increased the number of foreign films that can be distributed in the nations theaters. But studios have had less access to online customers. Apple Inc. AAPL -0.95% launched its iTunes services in nine Asian nations earlier this week, but not in China.中国前不久增加了国内院线引进外国影片的数量。但电影公司直接面对中国网民的机会仍较少。苹果公Apple Inc.)本周早些时候在亚洲九个国家推出了iTunes网上媒体商店,但中国内地不在这个名单之中。Mr. Ganis said Jiaflix hasnt yet set a price, but he said that it would be ;affordable.;锡德#8226;甘尼斯说,Jiaflix还没有对付费内容定价,但他说价格应该比较实惠。Jiaflix also said it had reached what it described as a multi-year licensing deal with Paramount Pictures. The Ganises said the company is in discussions with other Hollywood studios.;Every single one has said they want to present us with content,; Marc Ganis said.Jiaflix还说,已与派拉蒙影业达成了一个多年授权协议。甘尼斯兄弟说,Jiaflix目前正在和好莱坞其它电影公司进行商谈。马#8226;甘尼斯说,每个跟我们谈的电影公司都说希望给我们提供内容。Asked what kind of money Paramount stands to make from the Jiaflix deal, Sid Ganis said the service offers exposure in China for the studios catalogue of new and old movies. ;In the long run theres money to be made on the Internet,; he said. ;Its a business deal that hopefully will become lucrative.;在被问到派拉蒙影业准备从Jiaflix这笔交易中怎样赚钱时,锡德#8226;甘尼斯说,这个务平台会给派拉蒙提供一个将其新影片和老影片推向中国市场的机会。他说,长期来看互联网上应该是有钱赚的,这是一笔有望实现丰厚利润的商业交易。来 /201207/188910

1:Plug in the circuit第1单元:来个“全套的健身训练”充充电吧People who combine quick stints of aerobic exercise and weight training,called circuit training,tend to lose more weight than those who do aerobics alone,studies show.研究显示,结合有氧运动与重量训练的所谓“全套训练”比只做有氧运动更有助于减肥Many health clubs offer circuit training.许多健身中心都有提供这项训练 369333

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