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Xinjiang section of high-speed rail goes into service兰新高铁新疆段通车运营The Xinjiang Section of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang high-speed railway has just gone into service, marking the first high-speed service in Chinas far west.兰新高铁新疆段刚刚正式通车运营,这标志着大西北地区由此跨入高铁新时代。The railway, also known as the Lanxin Railway, follows the path of the ancient Silk Road.兰新高铁的这段铁路是沿古老的丝绸之路而建。It runs over 1,700 kilometers, from Lanzhou, Gansu Province, through the Hexi Corridor, to Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.兰新高铁线路全长1700公里,始发站位于甘肃省兰州市,经河西走廊抵达新疆维吾尔族自治区的乌鲁木齐。It passes through 39 stations, including Xinjiangs cities of Turpan and Hami, and Gansus Jiayuguan, Jiuquan and Xining.途径39站,包括新疆的吐鲁番和哈密,甘肃的嘉峪关,酒泉以及西宁。The travel time needed to cover that distance when the line is in full operation later this year will be reduced to half, at about 9 hours.而年末全线正式通车后全程时间将会缩短至一半,约9小时。The railways Xinjiang section is 710 kilometers long and is designed for the purpose of transporting passengers only.而其中新疆段为710公里,目前只能用于客运201411/343079To adapt a song without being taught how to没有学过就能修改鸣叫声means the finches must have some innate ability.说明珍珠鸟必然有某种天生的能力In the bird, seems to be somehow encoded鸟类体中 似乎有某种密码so that when they imitate sounds,当它们模仿某些声音时theyll shift them to where some kind of an internal image它们能将密码转换成某种内影像that they have of how a good zebra finch song should be like.也就是珍珠鸟好听鸣叫声的样子Ofers work suggests humans奥弗的实验表明人类might also have this innate ability to talk.也可能有这种天生的说话能力If wed never heard speech,如果我们从未听到过语言wed develop a form of language within a few generations.也可能会在几代之内发展出一种语言形式After 50 years of research delving into our brains.经过五十年对人类大脑的深入研究Hello, Steve, can you hear me?你好 史蒂夫 听得到我说话吗 Observing the birth of language in children.观察孩子们语言的形成Hi, baby!你好 宝宝Studying song birds and investigating anatomy...研究鸣鸟以及发声的生理结构Scientists have come to the inescapable conclusion科学家们得出了必然的结论that were built for speech,我们生来就是为了说话的and that can only mean one thing.这只意味着一件事201412/349962

Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque along the gum line, which releases toxins that irritate the gums and cause them to become inflamed. Prevent gum disease by keeping your gums healthy.牙龈疾病是由于牙菌斑沿着龈线累积造成的。牙菌斑会释放出毒素,刺激牙龈,导致牙龈发炎。保持牙龈健康,预防牙龈疾病。You Will Need你需要Electric toothbrush电动牙刷Dental floss牙线Low sugar consumption低糖食品Dentist牙医Mouth rinse口腔清洗剂Steps步骤Step 1 Brush your teeth1.刷牙Brush your teeth following each meal. Use a quality electric toothbrush to effectively massage your gums.每餐餐后刷牙。使用质量比较好的电动牙刷,有效牙龈。If bleeding occurs while brushing, adopt a more vigorous brushing and flossing regimen, and have your teeth professionally cleaned.如果刷牙的时候出血,采取更加充满活力的刷牙和洁牙方法,对牙齿进行专业的清洁。Step 2 Reduce your sugar consumption2.减少糖的摄入量Reduce your consumption of sugar, which promotes the growth of plaque.减少糖的摄入量,因为糖会促进牙菌斑的生成。Step 3 See the dentist3.看牙医Maintain regular visits to the dentist. Go at least twice a year.经常看牙医,每年至少两次。Step 4 Use a mouth rinse4.使用口腔清洗剂Use a mouth rinse containing the antimicrobial agent chlorhexidine to remove excess bacteria. Now youre on your way to getting your smile back.使用含有抗菌药双氯苯双胍己烷的口腔清洗剂来清除多余的细菌。现在,你很快就可以重新闪耀迷人的微笑了。A study published in the Journal of Periodontology in reported that the routine intake of green tea may help promote healthy teeth and gums.年,《牙周病学杂志》上发表的一份研究报道称,经常饮用绿茶可以促进牙齿和牙龈健康。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201410/333210

Daniel and I just didnt have room at our place, so...No, no. Im glad you asked.丹尼尔和我没有地方了 因此...不 不 我很高兴你能求我帮忙Now we could...move some things around, give it a good cleaning.I could move most of my tools to the shed.Maybe get you boys a fan when it gets hot.既然我们能帮忙...把东西搬走 再清理打扫一下,我会把我的工具搬到工具房里去,热的时候再给你们弄台电风扇。Ooh.What do you think?Its great, Dad.Yes. It is. This is perfect.哦,怎么样?太完美了 老爸。是的 这太棒了。Good. Well, itll be good to see you building something.那就好 希望你们能做点大事Good. Hey, keep it neat.Inside and out.Thanks, Mr. J. Mmm.好了 嘿 保持整洁。里里外外都要整洁。谢谢 杰克先生 呣We got a shop.Yes, we do.Hows it going?Voila.我们有自己的店面了。是的,怎么样?搞定Its gotta be straighter. These have to be more symmetrical.这应该直一点 那个应该对称We have 60 days to complete 50 of these,and youre worried about the symmetry?我们在两个月内要做50个主机板。你还在意什么对称不对称吗?Steve, nobody cares about the look of the board.I care. Well, thats just great.史蒂夫 没有人会在意主板的样子,我在意 好吧 挺不错。But we were out of time the minute you made that stupid promise.你夸口两个月就交货的时候 我们就制定时间不多了Youre right.Need help.你说得对,我们需要人帮忙。 /201404/287272A year after the company started,在苹果电脑公司成立一年之后the Apple II computer debuted苹果第二代电脑at the West Coast Computer Faire在西岸电脑节首度推出in April 1977在1977年4月It had a sleek plastic case,第二代电脑拥有流线型塑料外壳curved corners, color capabilities圆滑的角位和纷缤的色and the new apple rainbow colored logo.以及全新的苹果虹标志They were pretty and that was big.这电脑真的很漂亮而且还很大They were. . even then,它们即使是现在Steves sensibility for design,也展现了乔布斯的设计灵感it was prettier than the other ones它们比较其他通常装在架上which were sort of rack-mounted labby things.那些很刻板的电脑漂亮得多Steve brought glamour to computing,乔布斯为电脑和矽谷to Silicon Valley,注入了魅力和生命力and thank God.真的感谢他Apple II became a huge success.苹果第二代电脑得到空前成功By June, the company同年6月,苹果电脑的营业额reached million in sales.达100万美元By August, Apple was proftable.8月,公司开始录得盈利Apple soon introduced computer updates,之后推出电脑的更新技术a new disk drive and a printer.还有新磁碟驱动器和打印机It also began selling同时也开始销售a unique software program一款独一无二的软件程式that Steve Jobs knew would be a hit乔布斯知道这款软件一定会成功He calls me up and says他打电话给我说I got something to show you.我有东西要给你看I zip down there,于是我去了他那里I had learned by then因为我那时已学会了not to question, just go,不要问,只要去so I zip down to Cupertino and there he was,所以我去了库比蒂诺there was an Apple II on a desk那书桌上有部苹果第二代电脑and he said look at this.他叫我看看And there was a spsheet on the screen Visicalc,在屏幕上有个Visicalc试算表what became Visicalc.即是后来的Visicalc试算表软件So he says this is the killer app.他说这是必杀的应用程式He used the term killer app for the Apple II.是为苹果第二代电脑创造的词汇 /201310/260717

And so warfare plays really a key role in, if you like, the consolidation of the Egyptian sense of their own nationhood.因为我们可以说,战争是真的扮演了关键的作用,帮助埃及人进一步巩固自我的建国意识。Its a discouragingly familiar strategy. You win hearts and minds at home by focusing on the threats from abroad, but the weapons that you need to crush the enemy can come in handy when youre dealing with domestic opponents as well. The political rhetoric of foreign aggression is backed up by very brisk policing at home.这是一种令人沮丧的熟悉伎俩。当把所有注意力集中到对抗外敌上,你能够赢取国内的民心;然而在需要的场合上,用来粉碎敌人的武器也可以直接施用于自己国内的有反抗情绪的老百姓身上。对外侵略的政治修辞总有相当犀利的国内政策来持。The apparatus of the modern state had been forged. And the enduring consequences were artistic as well as political. Only power of this order could organise the enormous building projects that these early pharaohs embarked on.现代国家这种机器建造起来了,产生了艺术上与政治上的持久性后果。也只有这种秩序的力量,能组织起人力建设起这些早期法老下令开工的那些伟大建设工程。Dens elaborate tomb with granite shipped from hundreds of miles away, and the later, even grander pyramids, were possible only because of the extraordinary power the Egyptian pharaohs could exercise over the minds and the bodies of their subjects.国王丹那宏伟的坟墓上的共岗岩,都来自于数百英里外的地区。后来的金字塔墓更加是气势恢弘。这一切,都是因为埃及法老在埃及民众心目中,拥有可以操纵他们身心、超同寻常的力量。In the next programme, Ill be looking further east, beyond Sinai to Mesopotamia-modern-day Iraq. Two rivers there, not one, and not one great unitary state like Egypt, but competing groups of rich city states. But the same problems confront the rulers: how do you control these large, prosperous-but always turbulent-populations? And in part at least, they came up with the same answer: force.在下期的节目中,我去探索更加东方的地方,跨过西奈半岛,到达美索不迷米亚——现代的伊拉克。那里流淌着不止一条,而是两条河流,那里也没有一个如同埃及一样伟大的统一中央王国,而且是散布着彼此竞争的富裕城市国家。然而所有的统治者都面临着同样的问题:究竟应该如何控制好这些人口众多而繁荣,共同又动荡不安的民族?至少从某方面而言,他们也采同了相同的措施:权力。201405/302452Julian Treasure说日益吵闹的世界正在吞噬我们的精神健康,甚至威胁我们的生命。他提出了八大法则帮助我们缓解“声音的侵袭”(先从廉价耳机入手),并且重新建立起我们同声音之间的和睦关系。201309/254696

Dont throw away your old tennis balls. Recycle them using these 7 helpful tips.不要丢掉你的旧网球,通过以下7种有益的方式循环使用。You Will Need你需要Trailer hitch拖车栓钩Knife刀子Senior center老年人中心Kickstand架Animal shelter动物收容所Clothes dryer衣物烘干机Car antenna汽车天线Chairs (optional)椅子(可选)Desks (optional)桌子(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Protect your trailer hitch1.保护拖车挂钩Protect your trailer hitch by using the ball as a cover.用旧网球作盖子,保护你的拖车挂钩。Step 2 Give to senior center2.送给老年人中心Cut a slit in the balls and give them to a senior center to make skid stoppers on the legs of walkers.在网球上切开一个裂缝,送给老年人中心,绑在助行架腿上作为滑板制动器。You can also use them under chair or desk legs.也可以用在椅子或桌腿下。Step 3 Prevent bike from sinking3.防止自行车下沉Prevent your bike from sinking into mud or grass by sticking a ball on the end of the kickstand.在自行车架末端固定一个旧网球,防止自行车陷入泥土或草地中。Step 4 Donate4.捐赠Donate them to an animal shelter for the dogs to play with.捐赠给动物收容中心,让满玩耍。Step 5 Throw in dryer5.丢入烘干机Throw a few washed tennis balls in the dryer to fluff up the laundry and knock out any lumps.将几个洗干净的网球丢入衣物烘干机中,使衣物松软,打开任何结块。Step 6 Put on antenna6.放在天线上Put a tennis ball on top of your antenna to locate your car in a crowded parking lot.把一个网球绑在天线顶端,在停车场的茫茫车海中为你的汽车定位。Step 7 Squeeze a ball7.紧握网球Squeeze a tennis ball in your hand to relieve stress and increase hand strength. Keep yourself and the planet healthy by recycling.手里紧握一个网球,缓解压力,增加手的力量。回收利用旧网球,让你和地球一样保持健康。In 2003, a golden retriever named Augie set a world record for holding 5 tennis balls in his mouth at one time.2003年,一头名叫Augie的寻回犬一次在口中放入五个网球,创造了世界纪录。视频听力节目由。201308/253945Are you an Ice Queen, a dominatrix or a minx? For tips on how to flirt with men watch this film amp; take the Videojug quiz.你是冰美人,配欲强的女子还是风骚女子?要了解与男性调情的信息,观看Videojug这段视频,进行一下测验。Step 1: Appearance1.外表You want to make a good first impression on your man. Should you leave:你想要给心仪的男子留下好的印象。那么你会:A. A little to the imaginationA.留下一点想象空间B. A lot to the imaginationB.留下很大想象空间C. Nothing to the imaginationC.没有任何想象Step 2: Eye contact2.眼神交流You are sizing up your man. Should you look:你正在品评这名男子。那么你以怎样的方式观察他:A. Quickly at him, look away, then look backA.很快地看一眼,然后眼神躲开,再看回来B. In the opposite directionB.向相反的方向看C. Intently at him without blinking for at least 5 minutesC.眼睛不眨地看他至少5分钟Step 3: Body Language3.身体语言You would like to use your body to express your interest in your man. Should you look:你或许想要用身体语言来表达对他的兴趣。你们你会:A. Interested and approachable by mirroring his postureA.学习他的姿势,表示出感兴趣和平易近人B. Unattainable by crossing your armsB.双臂交叉,表现出不可侵犯C. Easy by doing a few thrustsC.做几个推拉的动作,表现放松Step 4: Conversation4.对话You are about to interact verbally with your man. Should you say:你准备和他进行语言上的交流。你会:A. A little, but listen attentively and ask questions at appropriate moments.A.少说,但是认真倾听,适当的时候问一些问题B. Not much and ignore his attempts to talk to youB.不多说,忽略他想跟你说话的企图C. A lot and ignore his attempts to run awayC.夸夸其谈,忽略他想要逃跑的冲动Step 5: Touch5.触摸You are now getting closer to your man. Should you touch:你现在和这名男子很靠近了。你会触摸:A. His arm briefly and gently to break the personal space barrierA.直接轻轻触摸他的手臂,打破两人之间的距离障碍B. His walletB.触摸他的手表C. Him all over and grab his groin.C.触摸他的全身,抓住他的腰Your Results:你的测试结果:Mostly Bs – The Ice Queen. Turn up the heat and give the guy a chance, lady! If you dont thaw out soon youre going to be left out in the cold….大部分是B——你是冰美人。你应该热情一点,给对方一个机会!如果你不主动一点,你注定将会孑然一身。Mostly Cs – The Dominatrix. Wow you know what you want and nothings going to stop you – not even his lack of interest. Remember it doesnt count if the consent isnt mutual...大部分是C——配欲强的女人。你知道自己想要什么,什么都不能阻止你——即使他对你没有兴趣。记住:如果双方不是互相有满足感就没有任何意义。Mostly As – The Minx. Congratulations! You know all the right moves… Youre subtly approachable without being over keen. Go girl!大部分A——风骚女子。祝贺你!你知道所有正确的举动!你不会过分热情,但是也容易让人接近。加油吧!Good luck flirting with your man.祝你好运!Thanks for watching How To Flirt With Men.感谢收看“如何与心仪的男子调情”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/248186

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