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优步司机收入大揭秘 -- :56: 来源: 使用优步约车已成为了人们新的出行方式,低廉的价格,优质的务吸引了大批乘客可是你了解优步合作司机的收入是多少吗?这份工作是否如优步所说的那样收入丰厚? Data taken from leaked internal documents has suggested that some Uber drivers in the US are making less than their state’s minimum wage. According to a report, Detroit drivers make just . (?6., 7.33 euros) an hour – 0 cents less than the state’s minimum wage.近日,优步公司的内部文件流入网络文件数据表明,美国国内一些优步司机的收入尚未达到其所在州的最低工资标准据一份报告显示,底特律地区优步司机的时薪仅为8.美元(合6.英镑,7.33欧元),比该州的最低工资少了0美分The data Detroit, Houston and Denver reported by Buzzfeed News lists Uber payscale and driver history files, and estimates hourly wages while taking into expenses such as insurance, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.Buzzfeed News网站披露了底特律、休斯敦和丹佛地区优步司机行驶的历史记录和薪水总额,减去车险、保养维修费用和油费等相关费用,得出了上述地区司机的时薪Despite these initial calculations, a Washington Post report lowered the meagre earnings figures further. As Uber drivers are technically independent contractors and not direct employees of the online taxi service, the drivers also pay out twice the amount of standard tax usual workers.除初步估算之外,《华盛顿邮报的算法则令司机的收入数据进一步降低由于优步司机属于独立运营商,不属于优步公司的员工,缴纳的标准税额是普通工人的两倍After factoring this into its calculations – as well as the average hourly mileage costs travelling to a pick-up spot without a passenger – Detroit’s drivers were estimated to earn .60 an hour, with Houston and Denver following at .3 and $.1 respectively.如果再减去税额和司机接乘客途中的空车费,底特律的司机的时薪变为6.60美元,休斯敦和丹佛的司机的时薪则分别为8.3美元和.1美元The paper spoke to an anonymous Uber representative regarding the initial report, who said "It would be wrong, or at least very challenging, to calculate expenses with such a diverse clientele."《华盛顿邮报采访了优步公司的一位匿名代表,该代表对此发表了看法:“优步公司面对的是多种多样的乘客,这样的计算方式存在问题,或者至少会引起争议”The spokesman also questioned how the San Francisco-based company could accurately "calculate expenses when drivers make individual choices their vehicles?", explaining that "fuel expenses are wholly different between the two. Insurance costs are different. The cost of tyres are different."这位发言人同样质疑优步公司“在旗下司机的汽车各不相同的情况下,如何才能精确计算为司机付的费用?”他解释道“油费和上述两者完全不同,保险费和轮胎的费用也不一样”Washington Post also spoke to Lawrence Mishel, the president of the Economic Policy Institute, a DC-based think tank. Mishel stated: "Uber likes to play it both ways. It claims that it’s the future of work, while it also emphasises that most of the drivers work less than or hours a week. They want to be the wave of the future, but they also want to picture themselves and their drivers earning [extra] money."《华盛顿邮报还采访了位于华盛顿特区的经济政策研究所的主任劳伦斯·米舍尔米舍尔表示:“优步希望向外界展示自己在两方面的优势优步一方面声称这样的工作方式才是未来的工作方式,另一方面则称优步司机每周的工作时间还不到小时或小时优步希望成为未来的潮流,但同样希望令世人相信公司和旗下司机确实在挣钱”While the calculations are only applicable to Uber drivers in the US, this isn’t the first time accusations of low levels of pay has been levelled at the app-based taxi firm.尽管上述估算仅适用于美国,但是外界对优步司机收入较低的质疑却由来已久In February, IBTimes UK spoke to James Farrar and Lucas Malec – two UK-based drivers disillusioned by Uber’s commission rates and overall support. Farrar in particular estimated that after expenses he earned just 5.pounds an hour – well below the 7. pounds UK workers over the age of 5.今年月份,IBTimes的英国分站采访了两位司机詹姆斯·法勒和卢卡斯·马拉克,二人对优步付的佣金和总体持政策深感沮丧法勒表示在交纳各项费用后自己的时薪仅为5.英镑,远低于英国5岁以上工人7.英镑的时薪While Uber has recently settled two class-action lawsuits in the US in Massachusetts and Calinia, this was followed by further legal challenges claiming that the company violated the Fair Labor Standard Act.优步近日在马塞诸塞州和加利福尼亚州的两起集体诉讼中和原告达成了和解随后美国又陆续出现了对优步违反《公平劳动标准法的指控盐城哪里看妇科好澳洲新基因改良技术:不打胰岛素也能治糖尿病 -- ::9 来源:chinadaily Genetically modified cells could eliminate the need daily injections to treat type 1 diabetes, experts have revealed.专家透露,有了基因改良细胞,1型糖尿病患者就可不必天天注射胰岛素了The human cell line is genetically engineered to produce, store and release insulin in response to blood sugar levels in the human body.人类细胞系经基因改造后,可随着人体内血糖水平的变化产生、储存并释放胰岛素Scientists said the insulin-producing 'Melligen' cells show promise as a possible cure type 1 diabetes. 科研人员表示,产生胰岛素的“Melligen”细胞有望成为1型糖尿病的新疗法In type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys the pancreatic cells responsible making insulin, a hormone crucial to converting blood sugar into energy. 1型糖尿病患者的免疫系统破坏了负责分泌胰岛素的胰腺细胞,而胰岛素是将血糖转化成能量的关键激素This month, they secured US patent protection the cell line from the US Patent and Trademark Office. 这项细胞系技术本月获得美国专利商标局的专利保护.Professor Ann Simpson, who led the team at the University of Technology, Sydney, said: 'My team and I are extremely pleased that the US patent the Melligen cells has been granted. 悉尼科技大学的安bull;辛普森教授是该研究的领头人,她说道,“获得Melligen细胞的专利,我们整个团队都特别高兴”'This takes us a step closer to releasing diabetics from the need to inject insulin daily, and more importantly, protecting them from the debilitating complications of the disease, such as blindness, kidney failure and cardiovascular problems.' “糖尿病患者要是能不用天天注射胰岛素就好了,而Melligen细胞让我们离这样的未来又近了一步,更重要的是,它还能保护患者,使其不因产生并发症而日渐虚弱,如失明、肾衰竭及心血管疾病”The researchers are now working with US clinical biotech firm PharmaCyte Biotech to develop the research into new treatments. 研究人员目前正与美国临床生物科技公司PharmaCyte Biotech合作,将该项研究开发成新型疗法PharmaCyte specialises in the development of targeted treatments cancer and diabetes using its signature live cell encapsulation technology. PharmaCyte公司运用其招牌技术——活细胞胶囊技术,专门研发癌症及糖尿病的靶向疗法This technology, known as Cell-in-a-Box, is a key process in the commercialisation of the Melligen cell as a revolutionary treatment. 该技术被称为Cell-in-a-Box,是Melligen细胞成为突破性疗法、实现商业化的一大关键'This is a culmination of many years' work by our group and we look ward to working with PharmaCyte's Diabetes Consortium to utilise the Cell-in–a-Box technology to encapsulate the cells preclinical trials aimed at curing diabetes,' said Professor Simpson. 辛普森教授说道,“这是我们团队多年努力研究的结果,我们期待与PharmaCyte公司的糖尿病团队合作,在治疗糖尿病的临床前试验中利用Cell-in–a-Box技术将细胞胶囊化”'We anticipate that the capsule technology will protect the Melligen cells from the body's immune response that normally destroys eign tissue, allowing the Melligen cells to be transplanted into humans.' “我们预计胶囊技术能保护Melligen细胞不被人体免疫系统当成外来组织破坏掉,以便顺利植入人体”PharmaCyte's chief executive officer, Kenneth Waggoner, said: 'We at PharmaCyte consider ourselves to be very tunate in having secured the exclusive world-wide licence to use the Melligen cells to develop a treatment diabetes.PharmaCyte首席执行官肯尼思bull;瓦戈纳说道,“PharmaCyte有幸获得全球独家许可,运用Melligen细胞研发糖尿病疗法,真的非常幸运”' the millions of people worldwide who suffer from a disease of epidemic proportions, our treatment could relieve them of the onerous daily requirements insulin administration and dietary restrictions and offer a life free from the very serious and even life-threatening complications associated with diabetes.'“全球有数百万人患有糖尿病,与流行病患者比例不相上下糖尿病患者每日均需注射胰岛素,饮食严格受限糖尿病引起的并发症十分严重,甚至具有致命性我们研发的疗法可令这类患者从中这堆麻烦中解脱,且不再受并发症的折磨”With the World Health Organization attributing more than 1.5 million deaths to diabetes in and more than million adults suffering from the disease in , the development has the potential to impact millions of lives.世界卫生组织称,年有超过0万人因患糖尿病而死亡,年有超.亿成人患有糖尿病,这项研发可能令数百万人受益英文来源:每日邮报翻译:尤晓珊(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning盐城市医院做人流吗真实力!刘烨称帝上海国际电影节 -- :9:3 来源:chinadaily 6月19日,随着金爵奖和亚洲新人奖的颁发,第19届上海国际电影节落幕 The 19th Shanghai International Film Festival concluded on June 19th, , with the Golden Goblet and the Asian New Talent Award being handed out. 由刘杰导演的中国电影《德兰获得最佳影片奖该电影的故事设定在世界80年代,讲述了汉族的信贷员在藏族的村落工作并经历文化冲突 De Lan, a Chinese film directed by Liu Jie, picked up the best film award. The film is set in the 1980s. It tells a story about how a loan officer who is of Han nationality experiences culture shock when working in a village inhabited by Tibetans. 中国演员刘烨凭借电影《追凶者也中的角色获得了最佳男演员奖他表达了对导演的感激之情,并感谢了生命中最重要的三个女人——母亲,妻子和经纪人日本演员藤山直美凭借电影《团地中的表现获得了最佳女演员奖 Chinese actor Liu Ye won the best actor award his role in Cock and Bull. He expressed his gratitude to the director as well as the three most important women in his life: his mother, his wife and his manager. The best actress award went to Japanese actress Naomi Fujiyama her permance in Danchi. 由张扬导演的电影《皮绳上的灵魂获得了最佳摄影奖 Paths of the Soul by Chinese director Zhang Yang was awarded Best Cinematography.研究:你真正的朋友只有5个 --31 :19:5 来源:chinadaily Many of us may have lists of contacts and followers on social media networks that extend into the thousands, but new research has found we may actually only have five real friends. 我们中的许多人通讯录里的联系人和社交媒体网络上的好友可以增加到数千人,但是新研究指出,事实上我们拥有的真正意义上的朋友可能只有5个A team of scientists have found that while humans have the capacity to m complex layered societies, we face an upper limit to how many friends we can have in our inner circle. 一个科学家团队发现,人们可以构建纷繁复杂、层次分明的社会群体,而在自己的社交圈里,我们拥有的朋友数量是有上限的They say this upper limit of five has likely gone unchanged hundreds of thousands of years and probably governed social relationships when humans lived as groups of hunters. 他们表示,几十万年来,5个朋友的上限可能从未改变,或许从人类集体狩猎开始,这种模式一直掌控着人际关系Whenever we add someone new to our social network, they argue, each new friend is actually slightly more distant than those of the inner circle. 他们认为,无论我们在什么时候从社交网络上添加新朋友,每位新朋友还是比我们圈子里的朋友要稍微有距离些It suggests that while we may have just a few friends, we can still surround ourselves with acquaintances. 这表明了我们可能只有几个朋友,但周围却围绕着一群熟人Michael Harré and Mikhail Prokopenko, both with the University of Sydney in Australia, said while we may only have five close friends, our social network from them can extend to people. 来自悉尼大学的迈克尔?哈雷和米哈伊尔?普罗科彭科表示,虽然我们只拥有5个亲密朋友,但是我们可以通过他们把自己的社交网络扩展至人The researchers built computer models to analyse human social networks and then compared them to hunter-gatherer societies. 研究者创建了电脑模型来分析人类社交网络,接着将分析出来的数据同采集狩猎社群进行对比They explain that from an evolutionary perspective, it was important to have small groups of close-knit social connections when humans were on hunting expeditions and other dangerous stations. 他们从进化的角度解释道,处在狩猎探险或其他危险情况下,拥有紧密社会联系的小团体对人类而言是至关重要的This would mean that we did not have to be as close with the rest of the wider group - as long as we had a strong bond with around 5 others. 这意味着只要我们和5个朋友关系亲密,就无需与更多的人保持紧密联系Even now, as we add or follow others on social media, most new connections are made through meeting friends of others. 即使现在我们会在社交媒体上添加或关注其他人,但大部分人还是通过与其他人的朋友见面形成新的联系Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the researchers said: conclude that humans were probably egalitarian in hunter–gatherer-like societies, maintaining an average maximum of four or five social links connecting all members in a largest social network of around people.' 研究者在《英国皇家学会界面杂志上写到:我们得到的结论是处在狩猎采集者之类的社会团体中,人类可能会主张平等主义,他们会保持人均到5个的社会联系人,把这些联系人整合起来,我们最多能将社交网络关系扩展至人左右As we m new connections and relationships, they become increasingly distant from our 'core' starting group当我们构建新型连接与关系时,这些人离我们最初的核心团体越来越远The researchers added that the 'social brain hypothesis' describes 'neurologically constrained capacity maintaining long-term stable relationships'. 研究者补充道,“社会化大脑假说”描述的是维持长期稳定关系的神经控制能力The 'hunter-gatherer' example shows how social hierarchies can m - you only need to directly know a few people in a large group in order to become a leader figure. “狩猎者采集者”的例子明了社会阶层是如何形成的,要成为领导者,你只需直接了解大团体中的几个人便可The researchers say that while social media is changing the number of people we can be connected to - in , the mean average number of Facebook friends was 338 - it is unlikely to change the number of friends we actually have. 年,脸书用户的平均朋友数是338人研究者表示,虽然社交媒体正在改变我们联系人的数量,但这不太可能会对我们实际拥有的朋友数造成影响来源:英国每日邮报翻译:蔡琼茹编审:yaning盐城/白带多还有有异味

盐城/针对霉菌性龟头炎的治疗盐城协和医院可以看疱疹吗迪拜75层天楼又失火 无人伤亡 -- 18::3 来源: 日下午,迪拜一幢75层高大厦发生火灾,所幸无人伤亡这是阿联酋近年来发生的第五起天楼火灾 DUBAI, ed Arab Emirates (AP) — A residential skyscraper caught fire in Dubai’s densely populated Marina district on Wednesday, sending thick plumes of smoke into the air and burning chunks of the building tumbling to the streets below.迪拜,阿联酋(美联社)——7月日,在迪拜人口密集的Marina区,一幢住宅区天大楼起火,滚滚浓烟飘散在空气中,很多块状的燃烧碎片坠落到街道上It was the latest in a string of dramatic infernos that have raced up the sides of skyscrapers in and around the Mideast’s commercial hub, which is home to the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa.中东的商业中心——迪拜近年来发生过多起天大楼起火事件全球最高的哈利法塔就高耸在迪拜The afternoon blaze began several stories off the ground of the 95-foot (8 meter) Sulafa Tower and sp rapidly as hot wind gusts fanned the flames. Hundreds of Marina residents fled to the cavernous streets around the tower as firefighters raced to the scene.当天下午,这座95英尺(8米)高的Sulafa Tower大厦的部分楼层起火,随着热风的煽动,火势迅速扩散大厦附近数百名居民紧急疏散到空洞的大街上来,消防员们火速赶往事故现场"It was really scary," said Nora Maki, who lives across the street. She said the flames "sp like wildfire" but said emergency crews did a good job of getting it under control.住在这里的居民Nora Maki告诉记者,“这真的很吓人”她说火苗“蔓延极快”,不过消防官兵做的非常好,很快控制了火势Firefighters could be seen on scorched balconies trying to reach out to extinguish the fire.现场可以看到,消防员们在被烧焦的阳台上忙碌,试图扑灭大火There were no casualties and the fire was extinguished within three hours, according to the Dubai Media Office.据迪拜媒体办报道火灾未造成人员伤亡,大火在三小时内被扑灭The tower opened in , according to the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. It says the tower has 76 stories and ranks as the 1st tallest building in Dubai, which boasts several of the world’s highest residential towers.据芝加哥的高层建筑和城市住宅委员会称,Sulafa Tower于年投入使用,有76层高,高度在迪拜天楼里排第1位,也是全球仅有的几幢天住宅楼The building’s Dubai-based developer, Al Sayyah and Sons Investment Co., could not be reached comment.大厦的开发商Al Sayyah and Sons投资公司目前尚未能联系上Multiple skyscrapers have been struck by similar fires across the ed Arab Emirates in recent years. While the initial causes may differ, building and safety experts blame the fires’ rapid sp on a popular type of cladding used to cover the buildings that can be highly flammable, particularly if installed without fire breaks.近年来,阿联酋类似的火灾频发火灾最初的起因可能各有不同,不过建筑和安全专家指出,火势快速蔓延的主要原因是在这里普遍使用的一种外墙材料易燃,特别是在没有装防火墙的情况下The most prominent recent fire was a New Year’s inferno at a 63-story luxury building known as The Address Downtown Dubai, which is near the ,7-foot (8-meter) Burj Khalifa and the city’s biggest shopping mall. Police say faulty wiring sparked that blaze.最有名的一次火灾事件就是跨年夜在63层高的豪华酒店Address酒店发生的大火,它紧挨着全球最高(7英尺,约8米)的哈利法塔以及迪拜最大的商业中心警方称电线短路引发了这次火灾9事件揭秘,美国将对沙特免责 -- ::1 来源: 长期以来,外界及美国政府一直认为沙特和9事件有着不可磨灭的关系而近日随着美国CIA一份秘密报告的出炉,沙特的罪名很有可能被洗清美国总统奥巴马将在近期内发布这份秘密报告 ’I think the pages will be published and I support their publication and everyone will see the evidence that the Saudi government had nothing to do with it,’ Brennan said in an interview with Saudi-owned Arabiya TV. His comments were dubbed into Arabic.在接受沙特国有阿拉伯电视台采访时,CIA主席布伦南说道:“我认为这份长达页的报告将会被出版,并且我持他们的决定,所有人都会看到这份据--沙特政府和9事件无关”布伦南的发言还被翻译成了阿拉伯语播放The withheld section of the report is central to a dispute over whether Americans should be able to sue the Saudi government, a key U.S. ally, damages.沙特是美国的一个重要盟友,而这份写于年的报告中的保留部分关注着这样一个争议问题--即美国是否应该就9事件起诉沙特The U.S. Senate passed a bill on May allowing the families of September victims to do so, setting up a potential showdown with the White House, which has threatened a veto.美国参议院在今年5月日通过了一项法案,允许9事件受害者家庭这样做,但是这却有可能导致参议院和白宫的决裂,因为白宫之前曾威胁将否决这份法案Saudi Arabia denies providing any support the 19 hijackers - most of whom were Saudi citizens - who killed nearly 3,000 people in the Sept. attacks. Riyadh strongly objects to the bill.沙特否认为9事件中的19名劫机者(大多数都是沙特公民)提供过任何的协助在9袭击事件中,大约有3000人死亡沙特强烈反对美国参议院通过的这份法案It has said it might sell up to 0 billion in U.S. securities and other American assets if it became law.沙特曾表示,如果这份法案被通过变成法律的话,沙特将出售价值高达7500亿美元的美国券以及其他美国资产Brennan called the -page section merely a ’preliminary review.’布伦南称这份页的报告只不过是“初步审查”’It was found later, according to the results of the report, that there was no link between the Saudi government as a state or as an institution or even senior Saudi officials to the September attacks,’ he added.布伦南说道:“根据这份报告的结果,我们后来发现无论是从国家、机构、还是高级官员的角度来看,沙特政府都和9袭击没有关联”The Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence is reviewing the material to see whether it can be declassified.美国国家情报办公室正在对这些材料进行审查,看是否可以解密并公之于众mer U.S. Senator Bob Graham, who co-chaired the congressional inquiry into the attacks, said in April that the White House will likely make a decision sometime in June on whether it would release the classified pages.前参议员鲍勃·格雷厄姆曾共同主持过美国国会对9袭击事件的调查他在四月份的时候曾透露,白宫可能将在6月份决定是否公布这些保密档案Senator Graham told A News: ’The pages primarily relate to who financed 9 and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier.格雷厄姆告诉A说:“这份页的报告最初调查的是9事件的资助者,他们认为沙特有重大嫌疑,是9袭击事件最主要的资助者”’The position of the ed States government has been to protect Saudi Arabia.“而美国政府一直在保护沙特”’At virtually every step of the judicial process, when the ed States government was called upon to take a position, it has been a position adverse to the interests of ed States citizens seeking justice and protective of the government which, in my judgement, was the most responsible that network of support.’“几乎在司法程序的每一步,美国政府都被要求选择一个立场而政府选择了一个(错误的)立场,损害了美国公民追求正义和政府保护的利益而在我看来,满足公民对该利益的要求才是对他们的持最负责任的做法”The mer Democratic senator has joined with Republican Walter Jones and Democrat Stephen Lynch as part of his campaign along with families of the victims.这位前民主党议员联合了共和党人沃尔特·琼斯和民主党人斯蒂芬·林奇,他们和受害者家人一起推动相关的政治活动Senators Jones and Lynch have introduced legislation to ce President Obama to publish the pages.参议员琼斯和林奇试图引进法律来迫使奥巴马公布这份页的报告If evidence proving a firm link between Saudi Arabia and the attackers, who were led by Egyptian-born Mohamad Atta, it would be possible families of victims to sue the oil-rich Kingdom through the U.S. courts.如果据显示沙特和9袭击者(由出生于埃及的默罕默德·阿塔所领导)有通过公司的联系的话,受害者家庭将有可能通过美国法庭起诉这个石油帝国建湖县第二人民医院妇科专家凯特王妃的穿衣经,旧衣穿出新品味 --9 :31: 来源: 你五年前的衣是否还留着?凯特王妃身着五年前的礼参加高级晚宴 The Duchess of Cambridge rolled out an old favorite as she attended an exclusive country gala dinner.剑桥公爵夫人身着一件昔日最爱的礼参加一场高级乡村晚宴Accompanied by her husband, Prince William, Kate was attending a glitzy gala dinner together in aid of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), of which she is patron, at opulent Houghton Hall. Prince William opted a traditional black tux and dickie bow.在丈夫威廉王子的陪伴下,凯特出席了这场作为赞助人为帮助东安格利亚儿童收容所(EACH)而举办的奢华晚宴晚宴地点是富丽堂皇的霍顿府,威廉王子特意穿上了传统的黑色礼,打着蝶形领结Kate stepped out in the same stunning blush pink Jenny Packham gown she wore on one of her first engagements as a member of the Royal Family, following her wedding. She first wore the dazzlinggown five years ago when she bought a touch of glamour to a charity dinner held in honour of the th annual Absolute Return Kids (Ark) at Kensington Palace.凯特王妃穿的依然是那条魅力四射的蜜桃粉色珍妮·帕克汉礼裙年婚礼后不久,她作为王室成员参加活动时,这条裙子在很早的一场活动中就出现过5年前她第一次穿这条光夺目的礼裙,是参加肯辛顿宫第届“完全为了孩子”(Ark)年度慈善晚宴,当时艳惊四座Two children and almost six years later, the designer gown still fitted her like a glove – the only difference being that tonight she wore her hair up in a lady-like chignon. She paired the sparkling gown that retailed at over ?3,000 with a pair of nude LK Bennet heels that she also wore in . Kateaccessorised with a simple silk Prada box clutch which she balanced as she enjoyed a glass of wine.近6年过去了,凯特已经生了两个孩子,但这件设计师礼依然非常合身——唯一的不同是她今晚挽了个女人味十足的发髻搭配凯特这件价值逾3000英镑的眩目礼裙的是一双曾在年穿过的裸色LK Benet高跟鞋,她还拿了一只简单的普拉达丝绸手包,其色调与美酒的颜色十分相称But an extra touch of high glamour came from the chandelier diamond earrings loaned to the Duchess by the Queen, which she wore to her first state banquet with the Chinese President and his wife last October.还有一件饰品让凯特韵味十足,那就是女王借给她的钻石耳坠去年月,在习大大和彭麻麻出访英国的国宴上,女王戴的就是这对耳坠A special five course meal was created and cooked by five top chefs. Kate and William chatted with the chefs bee a reception outside on the manicured lawns. Kate suggested her husband was looking ward to a break from her cooking at the event: ’William has to put up with my cooking most of the time, ’ she said. ’It’s the reason I’m so skinny, ’ the prince retorted.五位顶级大厨设计并烹饪了五道特别菜品凯特和威廉在修剪整齐的草坪上参加露天酒会时,还和这些大厨们聊了天凯特这时暗示说,她丈夫正在期待能有机会不吃她做的饭她说:“威廉大多数时候都不得不忍受我的厨艺”而王子回应道:“这就是我这么瘦的原因”It is rumored that guests paid up to ?,000 a ticket to rub shoulders with William and Kate. The charity has so far secured more than ?.5million towards the appeal total.据说客人们需要为每张票付1万英镑,才能与威廉和凯特并肩出席晚宴目前这场慈善活动一共已经募集到了超过50万英镑盐城哪里能治生殖器感染

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