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哈尔滨妇幼保健医院无痛引产的价格哈尔滨子宫肌瘤治疗要多少价格1.Organize client meeting1.组织客户会议A: Hello.John.please invite all ourclients to the conference next week.A:嗨,约翰,请你邀请我们所有的客户参加下个周的会议。B: How should I get their contact info.B:我怎样才能知道他们的联系方法呢?A:Get the clients contact info from my Rolodex.A:从我的客户联系单中找他们的联系方法。B:Where should I put them up?B:让客户在哪里住宿呢?A:How about the Holiday Inn?A:假日酒店怎么样?B:The clients like the Shangri-Ia Hotel more.B:客户更喜欢香格里拉酒店。A:Well,the client is always right.A:好吧,客户永远是正确的.B:What else would I prepare Sir?B:还有什么要我准备的,先生?A:Please print out the meeting agenda for me to look over.A:打印一份会议的议程表给我看看好。B:Certainly.B:当然。A:And make sure to return my Rolodex to my desk when you are done with it.A:你用完客户联系单之后,把它放回到我的桌上?B:Of course. Im on itB:当然我会这么做的。 /201508/390081哈尔滨医大二院无痛人流全套多少钱 1.Annual salary 年薪  A: How much was the average increase of annual salary in the company last year?  B: About 3%.  A:公司去年年薪的平均涨幅是多少?  B:大约3%。  2.Bonus 奖金  A: Did you get any bonus this year?  B: Yes, we did. About two month's salary.  A: Excellent!  A:你们今年拿到红利了吗?  B:拿到了,大约是两个月的工资。  A:太棒了!  3.Compensation and benefit 补贴和福利  A: How about the compensation and benefit for your new job?  B: It is fine,a little better than my old job.  A:你新工作的补贴和福利怎么样?  B:还好,比以前的工作好一点。  4.Pay raise 加薪  A: How long has it been since your last pay raise?  B: I get a pay raise every year.  A: You are working for a good company.  A:你多久没有加薪了?  B:我每年涨一次工资。  A:你们单位挺好的。  5.Position compensation 职位津贴  A: Do we have position compensation?  B: Of course. But it is not always implemented.  A:我们有职位津贴吗?  B:当然有,但从来没有执行过。 /200810/54291今天公司来了一位新同事,这位女孩虽然相貌平平,但工作很认真,也得到了Catherine的赏识。这却引起了一个老员工的嫉妒,她就在背后说这个女孩的坏话,偶然被Catherine听到了,Catherine就对她说:You have gone one step too far. You have gone one step too far.你做得太过分了。one step too far字面意思为“多走了一步”,也就是说:走得太远了,其引申义即"做得太过分了“。也可以说是go too far。He's always been rather rude but this time he's gone too far. 他总是很粗鲁, 但这次未免太过分了。 Tom: I don't think the new comer can do the job. She looks like an idiot. 汤姆:我认为那个新来的女孩做不好工作。她看起来像个傻瓜。Shirley: You really need to shut up. You have gone one step too far.雪莉:你真的该闭嘴了,你太过分了。背景音乐:Craigie Hill◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201012/121962大庆保胎哪家医院最好的

黑龙江省哈尔滨第六人民医院开展无痛人流吗Welcome back Business Skills 360 – the podcast that looks at the other side of Business English. This is the second part of our series on effective presentations. Last week, we talked about keeping it short, simple, engaging, and real. Much of that happens in the preparation. Today, we’re going to talk about what happens when you stand up in front of that audience and have to start speaking.欢迎回到商务技能360——从另外一面看商务英语的播客。这是有关有效陈述系列中的第二部分。上周,我们讨论要保陈述简短,简单,吸引人并且真实。这些和陈述息息相关。今天,我们要谈论的是当你站在观众面前,开始进行陈述会发生什么。Your first goal should be to make a connection with each and every listener. That connection is the pathway along which your message travels. If you have a good connection, there’s a good chance your message will sink in. To make this connection, you have to do two things: you need to control the audience’s attention and you need to engage their minds. And to do these two things, you have three tools: your voice, your props such as PowerPoint—and your body or movement.你的第一个目标应该是让陈述和每一位听众建立联系。这种联系是你表达信息的途径。如果你有一个好的联系,那么你的信息就更加易于接受。为了建立这样的联系,你不得不做两件事:你需要控制和吸引观众的注意力。要做到这两点,你有三种途径:你的声音,你的辅助设备(比如PPT),还有你的身体和动作。Discussion Questions讨论问题:1. What is the most difficult part of speaking in front of a group of people?站在一群人前面,演说最困难的部分是什么?2. What different types of visual aids are commonly used in presentations?常用在陈述里面的视觉辅助的类型有什么不同?3. When you give a presentation, do you usually stand in one place or move around?当你陈述的时候,你是在一个地方不动,还是走来走去? /201206/187335道里区中心医院收费贵吗 凯西和面试官山姆既是好友又是雇主与雇员的关系,因此凯西询问山姆一些面试礼仪方面的问题。Kathy: As an experienced interviewer, could you tell me what kind of behavior the interviewer hates most?Sam: Rudeness. You are not expected to sit down before being invited, and you shouldn't throw yourself into the chair like you're loading heavy baggage.Kathy: And we should have good sitting posture. Sam: That's right. The ideal posture for women is to put their legs together and lean to one side. This is especially important in summer.Kathy: Where should I put my overcoat and briefcase after entering the office? It is air-conditioned all the year round. Sam: Put it beside you. Don't be pile your purses, briefcase and other belongings on the employer's desk. You've got long hair, don't touch it while talking to the interviewer. It gives people the feeling that you cannot concentrate on your work.Kathy: OK, I see.Sam: Also, if you are asked to sit beside the employer's desk, neither lean on it or look at the documents there.Kathy: I ought to respect other people's privacy, as most Westerners do.Sam: As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. 重点讲解:1.concentrate 专心于; 注意; 集中(注意力); 聚精会神例句:I concentrate on the lecture. 我专心听讲。2.privacy 私事, 隐私例句:Review our Privacy Statement. 检讨我们隐私声明。汉语译文:凯西:作为一个有经验的主试人,你能否告诉我主试人一般最讨厌什么样的行为吗?山姆:粗鲁。对方在请你落座之前不宜坐下,落座时不宜像卸货一样重重坐在椅子上。凯西:我们应当坐势优美。山姆:是的,女性理想的坐势是双腿并拢,向一边倾斜。这一点在夏天尤为重要。凯西:办公室一年四季都有空调,我进屋后把大衣及公文包放在哪里?山姆:放在你的身边。不要将手袋、公文包及其他物品放在雇主的桌子上。你留着长发,和主试人说话时不要拨弄头发,它会给人一种不能专心工作的印象。凯西:哦,我明白了。山姆:另外,如果你被邀请坐在雇主的桌子旁边,既不要靠在桌上,也不要看桌上的文件。凯西:我应该像大多数西方人那样尊重他人的隐私。山姆:就像俗语说的那样,“入乡随俗”。 /201108/150469哈尔滨市第四医院引产多少钱

哈尔滨市第八医院该怎么走Daisy和Kathy听说同事Johnny戒烟,很替他高兴。Kathy问Johnny是怎么戒的。K: Whats worked so far?J: Well, for starters, I saw a doctor who specializes in helping people quit smoking. The doctor recommended a therapy group that meets twice a week.D: So everyone in the group is trying to quit smoking?J: Yep...we were all in the same boat. We have a buddy system....if we need help, we call each other.K: Thats really great!J: Also, the doctor recommended getting some exercise so I started doing some cycling. I could barely make it down the street for the first couple of days, but now Im riding as much as 10 kilometers!原来,Johnny专门找了个医生,指导他如何戒烟,医生建议他加入一个 therapy group 治疗小组,小组成员都是想戒烟的烟民,同病相怜,they were all in the same boat. in the same boat是一个很常用的短语,意思是处境相同。另外,医生还建议Johnny锻炼身体,骑自行车。D: When you quit smoking you also have to change your lifestyle. I had to stop drinking too much beer, because when I drank, it made me want to smoke. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and I cut down on red meat.K: Yeah, that makes sense. Change your diet...change your lifestyle...start a new you!J: So far the toughest time is when Im hanging out with friends in clubs, bars or KTVs.D: I guess youll just have to chew a lot of gum.J: Yeah...the doctor told me to keep my mouth and hands busy! Chew gum, drink water, whistle, draw, hold a pencil...just try to distract my mind.Daisy说,戒烟的一部分是要改变生活习惯,比如他自己,原来爱喝啤酒,一喝啤酒就自然而然地想抽烟,所以为了戒烟他索性连酒也少喝了,开始多吃蔬菜水果,并且 cut down on red meat. 少吃红肉。to cut down on something 是减少的意思,red meat 红肉,包括猪肉,牛肉,羊肉等,跟 red meat 相对的是鸡肉和鱼肉等 white meat. Johnny说,最痛苦的时候是跟朋友到夜总会和酒吧那种地方去,周围抽烟喝酒的人太多,诱惑太大,医生曾建议他,不要让自己的嘴和手闲着,嚼口香糖,喝水,吹口哨,或者干脆手里拿根笔,都行。K: I applaud your efforts to quit! Im sure youll be much happier in the long run.D: Yeah...a couple of years from now, you look back and wonder how you couldve ever been a smoker!J: I hope so...because its been pretty tough.D: Dont worry; there is a light at the end of the tunnel!K: Keep up the good work!J: Thanks, guys!最后,Kathy 和Daisy都鼓励Johnny一定要坚持,Daisy说,there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 隧道尽头能看到光明,类似中文里说的曙光就在前面。 /201302/224279 面试结束退出面试时要和刚进来时一样彬彬有礼,充满自信,这样的表现将给你赢得一个精的退场,为你的成功增添一份希望。BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) Do you have any questions you want to ask?你有问题要问吗?2) When will I know your decision?我何时能知道你们的决定?3) How can we get in touch with you?我们怎样才能和你取得联系呢?4) I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening.工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。5) Thank you for your interest in our company.谢谢你来参加我们公司的面试。6) I抣l look forward to hearing from you.我期待着你的消息。7) Well, that抯 all for the interview.好了,面试到此结束。8) And do I need the second interview?我还需要第二次面试吗?CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Do you have any questions you want to ask?A: Yes, I抎 like to know if there would be any future opportunities for specific training.I: If necessary there will be. Any other questions?A: When will I know your decision?I: We抣l give you our decision in a few days. How can we get in touch with you?A: I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening. My office phone number and home phone number are in my resume.I: Thank you for your interest in our company.A: Thank you, sir. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.I: Would you please let the next applicant come in on your way out?A: All right. Goodbye.I: 你有什么问题要问吗?A: 有,我想知道贵公司将来是否提供特殊培训的机会。I: 如果需要的话,会有的,还有问题吗?A: 我何时能知道最终结果呢?I: 我们会在几天内通知你我们的最终决定,我们怎样才能和你取得联系呢?A: 工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。我办公室和家里的电话号码都在我的简历里。I: 非常感谢你来我们公司面试。A: 谢谢你,先生。我期待着能尽快得到您的消息。I: 你出去的时候能通知下一个应聘者进来吗?A: 好的,再见。Dialogue 2I: Well, that抯 all for the interview. Thank you for your interest in this job.A: You are welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me. I: May I call you about our final decision?A: Yes, please. My telephone number is 2974-5328, and you can call me at any time in the daytime.I: We will get in touch with you by the end of next week.A: Great. I will look forward to hearing from you. And do I need the second interview?I: We抣l notify you if necessary. Goodbye.A: Goodbye.I: 好了,面试到此结束,非常感谢你来面试这份工作。A: 不用谢。也非常感谢你在百忙中抽出时间来面试我。I: 我可以打电话通知你我们的最终决定吗?A: 当然可以了。我的电话号码是:2974-5328,白天任何时候都可以打电话给我。I: 我们会在下周末之前联系你的。A: 好的,我期待着你的消息。那我还需要第二次面试吗?I: 如果有必要我们会通知你的,再见。A: 再见。get in touch with 和……取得联系 reach 触及,联系schedule 日程安排表,时刻表 take 需要,花费,占用 notify 通知 hear from 收到……的消息 招聘者往往会以以下这些话语结束面试:I am grateful for your concern about the job at our company.我很感激你对我们公司这项工作的关注。Thank you for your concern about our recruitment, We shall inform you as soon as we have made our decision.谢谢你对我们招聘工作的关心。我们一做出决定就会立即通知你。We have known something about you. You know, we have to interview several applicants before we make our final decision.你的情况我们已经了解了。你知道,在做出最后决定之前我们还要面试几位申请人。面试结束时,应聘者应该礼貌告退。这时无论你心中有多么渴望这份工作,切记不要说“I really want this job. When can I contact you about your decision? Please consider it seriously.”之类的话,这样只会造成对方的反感。通常典型的面试结束用语是:I look forward to hearing from you.Thank you for your time. /200602/4201哈尔滨市医院正规吗哈尔滨妇保医院在那儿



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