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博爱医院治输卵管积水多少钱龙岩做人工受孕什么医院好龙岩那些医院检查卵巢 The wind must have blown the note for Tom under my desk.一定是风把留给汤姆的字条吹到我桌子底下的。Tom left the window open overnight.汤姆让窗户开了一晚上。Our papers were blown all over the place.我们的文件被吹得到处都是。I see, well, golly gosh. In that case, well done, Anna!我明白了,天啊。这样的话,干得好,安娜!Excellent work, even though you werent meant to do it.干得太好了,虽然本来不该你做的。And Tom, your ideas are still welcome of course. Thanks.汤姆,当然,你有想法的话我仍然欢迎,谢谢。Sorry Tom.抱歉,汤姆。What? Oh, Im not bothered.什么?我不介意。Ive still got some great ideas in my head anyway.我仍然有一些很好的点子。Yeah, right! Lets leave Tom to get on with his great ideas and listen again those phrases Anna used to explain the misunderstanding.没错!让汤姆继续完成他那“很好的点子”吧,再听一遍安娜解释误会时用到的表达。I think theres been a misunderstanding.我认为有个误会。Theres been a bit of a mix up.这里有一点混乱。Let me explain what happened.让我解释一下发生了什么。Well, the mix up gave Anna a chance to shine – Paul certainly seemed impressed with her work.这场混乱给了安娜一次展现自己的机会。保罗肯定对她的工作印象深刻。Maybe it will bring her new opportunities.也许这会给她带来新的机遇。Until next time, bye!下次见,再见! /201701/483853国家地理:Out of the Box 圣诞礼物 For most of us, the season evokes a kind of universal memory.My strongest memory of Christmas is the tree with all of the presents underneath it. And usually in the morning I wake up really early like at five o'clock. And when you come downstairs Christmas morning and the trees lit up, there is piles of presents, there might be a bicycle, there are skis, there is all... there's stuff all over the place. I really remember the lights, because that to me was the most magical. And hearing just the Christmas music that you only hear that one time a year. There is just lots to be happy for.Is that what you ask from Santa? Yeah.Christmas comes with a host of vivid images that bombard us from all directions for entire season: candy canes and carolers, stockings and store windows, Nativity scenes and nutcrackers, not to mention entire neighborhoods that explode in a kaleidoscope of light and colors. Then on top of all that, throwing the art character who's the master of ceremonies of this visual feast. Santa Claus.I'd describe him as fat and jolly.Big, chubby. A loving, very generous kind of guy. A good listener, listens to requests. I used to think that Santa Claus was probably one of the greatest people in the world.Merry Christmas!Santa's origins go back more than 2,000 years, but it took centuries of poetic embellishment and a few things lost in translation before the Santa that we know today emerged. The legend begins with a real figure, Saint Nicholas, a 4th century monk in what is now Turkey, who is famous for his kindness. It's said that he gave away his wealth to help children and the poor.He believed in, in helping others and doing it secretly, secret giving.Tim Connaghan, who plays Santa in movies and TV, has studied the evolution of Saint Nicholas from monk to myth. Nicholas was a bishop by the time he died around 350 AD, he was later canonized as a saint and became a revered symbol of generosity throughout Europe and beyond. There were so many churches, cathedrals and religious locations named after Nicholas. It was a very remarkable thing. The Greek adopted him as a patron saint. The Russians adopted him as a patron saint.The date of Nicholas' death, December 6th, was honored every year with a popular feast. But in 12th century France, the celebration took on a new twist that quickly became part of the tradition.Some French nuns decide one year, bake some little treats, go by all the homes, put treats in the shoes of the little children and tell them that Nicholas brought them for being good. And over the next hundred, two hundred years, more people pick up on this idea of giving something to the children. Because of the proximity of his feast day to Christmas. Saint Nicholas gradually became associated with the holiday as did the notion of a phantom gift giver who doled out rewards to the worthy.To give a gift subscription to any National Geographic magazine, log on to nationalgeographic.com/magazines.New Words:bombard: (v.) To attack with bombs, shells, or missiles. 炮击embellishment: (n.) The act of embellishing or the state of being embellished. 装饰canonize: (v.) To declare (a deceased person) to be a saint and entitled to be fully honored as such. 宣布为圣徒proximity: (n.) The state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next; closeness 接近200708/16990三明市哪里有输卵管检查

龙岩做人授那个医院好France Attempts to Mend Relations with China法总统派特使访华修补与中国关系   French President Nicholas Sarkozy is sending envoys to repair relations with China after nation-wide anti-French protests. China has sought to cool nationalist tempers, but warned Paris is seriously harming relations.  在中国一些地方出现反法抗议示威之后,法国总统萨尔科齐派遣特使修补与中国的关系。中国也试图冷却民族主义怒火,但是同时警告说,巴黎严重损害了两国关系。French Senate President Christian Poncelet delivered a private letter from the French President to Jin Jing condemning an aggressive move against her. The wheelchair-bound Chinese athlete became a symbol of Chinese outrage after a protester tried to grab the Olympic torch from her during the Paris leg of the relay. 法国参议院议长蓬斯莱向金晶递交了一封来自法国总统的私人信函,这封信谴责对金晶进行攻击的行为。在巴黎举行的奥运火炬传递活动中,一名抗议者曾试图把奥运火炬从金晶手里夺走。自那时起,坐轮椅的中国运动员金晶成为中国愤怒的象征。The demonstrations in Paris were some of the largest the torch relay has faced on its world tour.  巴黎的示威是奥运火炬在全球传递过程中发生的最大的抗议示威之一。Protesters have sought to bring attention to China's heavy-handed rule of Tibet, human-rights violations and dealings with authoritarian governments.  抗议者试图让外界关注中国在西藏的严厉统治、践踏人权以及与专制政府有来往等问题。China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said the Chinese people welcomed the French president's letter. 中国外交部发言人姜瑜说,中国人民对法国总统的信函表示欢迎。She says they also hope that President Sarkozy and the French government can uphold justice on Tibet and the Olympics, and understand and support the Chinese government's necessary and justified measures to safeguard social order and safety of both lives and property.  她说:“我们也希望萨尔科齐总统和法国政府在西藏和奥运会这些重要的问题上,能够主持正义的立场,能够理解和持中国政府为维护社会稳定、维护人民群众生命财产安全所采取的正当的、必要的举措,反对奥运会政治化,和持北京成功举办奥运会。”China cut off Tibetan areas from foreign journalists and tourists in March after anti-government protests turned deadly. The move was condemned internationally, but led to a backlash from some Chinese. 3月中旬,在藏人地区反政府的抗议示威引发暴力冲突、导致人员伤亡之后,中国禁止外国记者和游客前往藏人地区。这个行动遭到国际社会的谴责,但是也引发一些中国人作出强烈反应。Beijing has blamed the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama for the violent clashes. The central government is widely supported by Chinese who say Tibet has always been a part of China. 北京指责西藏流亡精神领袖达赖喇嘛挑起暴力冲突。中央政府得到中国人的广泛持,他们认为西藏一直是中国领土的一部分。Thousands of Chinese protested in major cities during the weekend, targeting stores of the French retailer Carrefour as well as the French Embassy and a French school in Beijing. Some called for a boycott of French goods. 上周末,数千名中国人在中国的主要城市举行抗议示威,把法国零售商福的分店、法国大使馆,以及北京的一所法语学校当成抗议的目标。一些人呼吁抵制法国货。The Chinese government has urged protesters to channel their energy constructively.  中国政府敦促抗议者把精力转移到具有建设性的活动上。But Jiang warned France it seriously harmed relations after the Paris city council declared the Dalai Lama an honorary citizen.  但是姜瑜对法国发出警告,说巴黎市议会宣布授予达赖喇嘛荣誉公民称号,严重损害了两国关系。In a statement on the Foreign Ministry website, Jiang said the act would only encourage what she called the arrogance of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan independence supporters. She said the symbolic award would be considered a severe provocation by all Chinese people, including Tibetans. 姜瑜在外交部网站上发表的一份声明中说,这个行动只会鼓励她称之为达赖喇嘛和持西藏独立的人士的傲慢。她说,这个具有象征意义的奖励会被包括藏人在内的全体中国人民认为是严重挑衅。A former French prime minister and President Sarkozy's diplomatic advisor are also scheduled to visit China this week to repair the damaged relations. 法国一位前总理和萨尔科齐总统的外交顾问本星期也将访问中国,以修补受到损害的双边关系。200804/36183福州人工授精生男孩费用多少 宁德去哪间医院做试管

南平哪家医院看不孕 Dr.Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist in the Today contributor. Hey Gail, good to see you.Good morning, Matt.Just happening a lot, this is kind of the stuff of fantasies in TV shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex in the City"I think we've seen it on a lot of TV shows because actually it's a very popular sexual fantasy for women. But whether it's actually happening on, I couldn't say it, I think, I think outen public were just seeing this, is representative couples that make us think: en, is that an option for me?Well, talk about the fantasy side in the second but what, is there, is it possible that an explanation with this,if you look the studies now,25% of the American households, the, the primary bwinner or the biggest bwinner is the woman.(Correct)So, more and more women simply don't need to date someone who makes a lot of money or has a big powerful job.Well, they don't need the money, they don't need that kind of protection. But they may therefore look for other things. They may be looking for honesty, they may be looking for sincerity, they may be looking for authority of a different kind in brawn and rather than brain. (So you think they, they...)So they enjoy and maybe that they also enjoy having the upper hand in the relationship because they make more money (yeah) and in some ways they have more power?Well, it's interesting because very competitive women can go one or two ways. They can be competitive and want a mate who enhances their status externally. Or they can be so competitive that they know they will compete with their mate. And they don't want someone that they are gonna feel really competitive with. I, I think also perhaps it take some of the baggage out of the relationship. Nobody can accuse you of dating someone for their money or for their status or anything like that. In some way you can almost say this is love for love's sake.You can say that but (It doesn't work, though.) of course there is other baggage. There is other baggage because people are going to say something to you about what your mate does?What, what is the biggest peril in the relation like this for the women?Well, for the women it's that if she's responsive to what other people say, people will say your husband does what or your boyfriend does what? So that can definitely affect touch....Or this is about sex and it can't be about a real relationship?Well, this isn't really going to work. So people will potentially put her down and also for her, if that person doesn't travel in her world, it can be hard to find a lot of compatibility. If values matter the most to you, if the honesty and sincerity and the warmth that contributing at home are really primary for you, then it could work out. But for a lot of people, or for a lot of women I should say, other issues coming to play. How much this person enhances you externally? How much on the same page? How much you travel in the same world? Those issues can matter awful lot.And so flip side the biggest problem for the men again, do I travel in the same circle, Am, Am I uncomfortable in that circle?And you'd better be an incredibly secure guy. And some of these, some of these guys are. They are very secure because you've gotta believe in yourself. You've gotta believe in what you bring to the table. If you don't, then what other people are saying and those social situations will perhaps, you are with her friends and so on, can be very uncomfortable and undermining.And, and let's face it. There are going to be times if you were the guy in this relationship, were you going to hear behind your back,(Absolutely)the snickers and the jokes, and things like that?You know what's gonna be afraid is basically she is using you,she is gonna turn you in when she's done having fun.Now the other idea here is the opposite to track that if you, if this relationship goes beyond the courtship stage and turn into marriage (Right) or maybe that's a good thing. However, (em...) study showed that in long-term happiness in the marriage (that's right.) not so good to be opposite.Compatibility is so important however let me say this, if you are religiously compatible, if your morals and values are compatible, if what you want in life is compatible. And the difference is really this job arena. It can still work but you have to be extremely honest with yourself. What matters to you in life, what matters to you if it's status, and power matter to you then frankly you are gonna be in trouble.And if you do plan on taking this past dating stage into a real relationship you should really have that frank discussion both partners say "look, here the problems we are gonna be facing over the course of this marriage. We got to be y."You've gotta be empty up , you got to be honest, and first you gotta be honest with yourself.Gail Saltz Gail, thanks very much. My pleasureAppreciated. 200809/47726福州那个医院中医看不孕福州男科精子检查去那里



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