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Metamorphosis 3865。

  • When I first met Lance, I thought he was the perfect guy. He was a real gentleman. He opened doors me and pulled out my chair in restaurants. He was as chivalrous as they come. But after a while, I realized that he took chivalry a little too far.当我第一次遇见兰斯的时候,我以为他是个完美的家伙他是个真正的绅士在餐厅,他帮我开门,帮我把椅子拉出来他极其有风度但过了一阵子,我感觉他的骑士精神有点太过了Lance: Let me carry that box you.兰斯:让我来帮你拿那个盒子吧Guinevere: No, that okay. It not heavy.吉娜薇:不,不用它不是很重Lance: It doesnt matter. Im your boyfriend and I cant have you carrying a box when my hands are free.兰斯:没关系我是你的男朋友,我不能让你自己搬盒子,而我自己却双手空空Guinevere: Is that some kind of code of conduct I dont know about?吉娜薇:这些行为准则我怎么不知道?Lance: It how a knight would treat his lady.兰斯:骑士就应该这样对待自己的女人Guinevere: That nice, but Im perfectly capable of carrying my own box, thank you.吉娜薇:很不错,但我完全有能力自己搬盒子,谢谢你Lance: Dont argue. It my duty to show every courtesy to my girlfriend, so give me that box.兰斯:别再争了我有责任向女友展示我的礼貌,所以把盒子给我吧Guinevere: Are you saying that your code of conduct takes precedence over my preferences?吉娜薇:你是指你的行为准则要凌驾于我的喜好之上吗?Lance: No, Im just telling you that my job is to help and protect you, even if it against your will.兰斯:不, 我只是在告诉你我的工作是帮助你,保护你,即使违反了你的心意How can you argue with that logic?你怎么能用那种逻辑来争辩呢?原文译文属! 39。
  • Paulina: Did you get your Social Security statement? I just got mine in the mail. If I keep working at this rate the next years, between Social Security and my savings, I should be sitting pretty retirement. Carlos: Yeah, I should be okay when I retire, too. I’ve been contributing to a 01(k) through my work years, and my company gives a matching contribution. Paulina: Really? I never bothered with a 01(k). Carlos: A 01(k) really adds up over time. I also have an IRA, which is tax-deferred, and I have my money in a portfolio that is split between stocks and bonds. All of these investments are the long haul, of course. How about you? What’s your retirement plan? Paulina: I have money stashed away in a nice little nest egg. Carlos: Where do you have your money invested? Paulina: It’s safe and sound, don’t you worry. Carlos: You make it sound like you have it stashed under your mattress. Paulina: A mattress is a very safe place your money! 88。
  • Brand is not everything, fit is.名牌并不代表一切,适合才是王道Dont be tempted to buy that pair of jeans just because they look on most girls out there.不要因为其他女孩穿某条牛仔裤好看就去买If they dont fit, there is no point wasting your money on them.如果你穿上不合适,就没有必要浪费钱买I have tried loads of pairs of the new Levi 593 Super Low jeans,我试穿过一大堆新版里维斯596系列低腰牛仔裤,but I have rarely found one that actually fits all around.但几乎找不到完全适合我的So bee you show off, make sure it really fits you all around,在你向别人炫耀新衣前,先确定你穿上确实合适or you will be left with tons of regrets and a hole in pocket.否则你就只剩无尽的懊悔和空空如也的钱包了Dont be a fashion victim.不要成为时尚的受害者Bee you rush to buy the hat that have been so popular among your friends, think carefully在你急匆匆去买一款朋友圈中非常流行的帽子前,先仔细想一想will it last you at least the next year?明年这款还会继续流行吗?Most probably not. The world of fashion is extremely changeable很可能不会时尚圈瞬息万变,and most trends dont last more than a few months.有些潮品甚至不到一个月就过时了Remember the thick platms popular among young people years ago?还记得几年前在年轻人之间流行的厚厚的松糕鞋吗?Will you still wear them today?现在你还会穿吗?Fashion trends come and go and staying in Asia does not help us one bit时尚潮流变来变去,在亚洲流行并不代表什么,because trends take a longer time to reach us.因为需要很长时间才会再次在我们这里流行The peasant fad sparked off by Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton,伊夫圣罗兰和LV在Orchard 大街掀起的疯狂的田园风,seem to be the rage in Orchard Road now but it is long gone in America.在今日的美国已经荡然无存Instead of spending on that ;hot; item,与其在那样的“潮”品上花钱,use your money wisely and invest in items that will always be classics,不如理智的把钱用在永恒经典的衣上,like a well-cut pair of jeans, a little black dress or a leather tote bag.比如 剪裁完美的牛仔裤,黑色小裙子或者皮革手袋 360。
  • The government and the Labour Party disagreed yesterday about what sort of enquiry there should be into the Libor scandal, but they both agreed therere needs to be such an enquiry. Something went wrong and it important to find out why. What interests me, however, is a very much bigger question. Something gone profoundly wrong, not just with the banks, but with so much else in recent years MP expenses, phone hacking, financial mis-selling and the widesp irresponsibility that brought the whole financial pack of cards come tumbling down. 政府和工党昨日就对对伦敦同业拆放利率丑闻进行何种调查一事产生分歧,但他们都认为应该对此进行调查当发现问题时找出原因是十分重要的然而,让我感兴趣的是一个更大的问题我们在某方面真是大错特错,不仅仅是业,近几年我们在其他许多方面都犯了严重的错误,如:议员开销、电话截听、不当销售以及普遍存在的不负责任的态度,令整个金融牌堆摇摇欲坠What gone wrong? And how did we get into this terrible state? Therere some very interesting answers now beginning to emerge, particularly, I think from the Harvard Professor Michael Sandel. Here just one of the vivid examples from his latest book. In Israel on one day in a year students go from house to house collecting good causes. Some economists decided to conduct an experiment. One group of students were given a motivating speech and sent on their way. Two other groups were promised a personal bonus on all they collected. This did not come out of the money given good causes. What the economists discovered is that the group who acted on a purely voluntary basis collected as much as 55% more than those who were given a personal financial reward. Sandel first point is that economic incentives might not even work from an economic point of view, but his main theme is that they can crowd out and undermine precious values, like doing something good its own sake, or a sense of service to society. If Sandel is right and our most fundamental values are being eroded by giving everything in life a monetary value, this has, I think, huge implications the market itself. as the great founding father of modern capitalism Adam Smith stressed time and again, the market depends on non-market values like honesty and trust. 到底哪里出了错?我们是怎样陷入如此糟糕的境地的?目前,开始出现了一些有趣的,我认为最有意思的当属哈佛大学教授迈克尔·桑德尔的回答他在最新的书中举了一个非常生动的例子在以色列,学生每年要在某天挨家挨户地募集善款一些经济学家决定做一项实验他们让其中一组学生在出发前听了一场激动人心的演讲他们还向另外两组学生做出保,要根据募集到的捐款额给他们发放个人奖金奖金不来自募捐得到的资金经济学家发现纯粹自愿募集善款的小组比获得个人奖励的小组筹得的捐款多55%桑德尔的第一个观点就是,从经济的角度上来看,就连经济刺激都并非有效不过他的主要观点是经济刺激可能会排挤并且损害一些珍贵的价值观,比如全心全意地做善事或者务社会如果桑德尔是正确的,如果给生活中的每件事赋予货币价值会使我们最基本的价值观受到侵蚀,那么,我认为这一观点对市场本身而言意义重大因为,正如同现代资本主义的鼻祖亚当·斯密再三强调的那样,市场取决于像诚信和信任这样的非市场化的价值观By seeing everything in economic terms we are undermining the very values on which the market itself depends. Sometimes when particularly depressed about the worst effects of market capitalism and I wonder if there is a better way, I go back and remind myself of why markets exist at all. People come together in a local town to sell eggs, chickens and vegetables to get cash so that they in their turn can buy other food, animals and other goods. The market is a human contrivance so that we can all live, and live better than if we were simply on our own. It a means to an end not an end in itself. To adapt the words of Jesus, the market exists humans and not humans the market. It has to be set within that wider frame of reference of human commy and those values on which all human commy depends.如果用经济术语来看待每一件事,我们就正在损害市场所依赖的价值观有时,当对市场资本主义所造成的严重后果灰心丧气,很想知道是否有更好的方法时,我回过头提醒自己市场究竟为何存在人们前往当地的市区靠卖鸡蛋、小鸡和蔬菜赚钱,这样他们才能购买其它的食物、动物和商品市场是人们创造出的产物,它让我们得以生存,使我们能更好地独自生活市场是通向终点的途径,但不是终点本身把耶稣的话做一下改动,市场为人存在,而并非人为市场存在这一理念必须设定在人类社会的准则以及其所依赖的价值观中 5377。
  • Day 67 第67天Dreams 梦想Langston Hughes 兰斯顿·休斯Hold fast to dreams. if dreams die. Life is a broken-winged bird. 紧紧抓住梦想 如果梦想死亡That can never fly. Hold fast to dreams. when dreams go. 生命就像一只断翼之鸟. 它就不能飞翔 紧紧抓住梦想如果梦想远去Life is a barren field. Frozen only with snow. 生命就像贫瘠的荒野雪覆冰封,万物不再生长 835。
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