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Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook, and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, made a bold statement on Tuesday: In honor of the birth of their daughter, they said they would give 99 percent of their Facebook shares to charitable purposes. That amounts to about billion.Facebook联合创始人兼首席执行官马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和妻子普莉希拉·陈(Priscilla Chan)在周二发表了一份大胆的声明,称为了纪念女儿的降生,他们将把所持Facebook股份的99%用于慈善事业。这些股票目前市值约450亿美元。While philanthropy by the rich is not a new concept, Silicon Valley’s newer billionaires appear eager to sp their wealth while they are still young. Yet Mr. Zuckerberg, 31, and his wife, 30, are entering largely uncharted waters with a charity effort of such scale. Other than noting that their initial focus would be on education, curing disease, connecting people and building communities, their announcement was vague on specifics.富人做慈善并不新鲜,但硅谷的新一代富豪,似乎迫切地想在还很年轻时就把自己的财富捐献出去。一笔如此巨额的捐献,意味着31岁的扎克伯格和30岁的妻子将进入一个在很大程度上仍属未知的领域。除了表示一开始会侧重于教育,疾病治疗,把大家连接起来,以及建立社区外,夫妇两人的声明细节模糊。It made us wonder how others would use that money, so we put the question to ers. If they had billion to spend, what charities or causes would they support? We received hundreds of responses from ers around the world. They ranged from ideas for stemming the effects of climate change to providing homes to the homeless to fostering mental health. Below is a selection.这让我们好奇,如果是别人会怎么用那笔钱。于是,我们把问题抛给了读者。如果有450亿美元,他们会持什么样的慈善机构或事业?他们想法多样,从遏制气候变化的影响到为无家可归的人提供住所,再到促进心理健康。以下是选登内容。Casimir Guzowski, 38, Reading, Pa.卡西米尔·古佐夫斯基(Casimir Guzowski),38岁,宾夕法尼亚州雷丁If I had the billion to donate to any cause, I would start a renewable energy business that paid for people in need to install solar or wind generation on their homes. This would allow them to heat and light their homes while generating green credits. The extra money from the energy production could be sold to the power companies, lowering the nation’s carbon footprint. The money from the sale of this surplus energy could be either used to pay back the initial investment to install the green technology so the program could continue on or allow the families in these homes to have a small amount of extra pocket cash to help them with whatever they need.如果有450亿可以捐给任何事业,我会创办一家可再生能源公司,出钱给需要的人家里安装太阳能或风能发电技术。这样既能给他们家里提供照明和供电,又能产生绿色积分。多余的电可以卖给电力公司,减少国家的碳足迹。出售多余的电带来的收入,要么用来偿还安装绿色技术的初始投资,以确保这个项目能继续下去,要么让那些家庭当做一小笔额外的零用钱,用在他们需要的任何事情上。Annemarie Latimer, 71, Columbia, N.J.安娜玛丽·拉蒂默(Annemarie Latimer),71岁,新泽西州哥伦比亚The Salvation Army, because they give most of their contributions to the people that need it.救世军,因为他们把大部分捐款都给了需要的人。Research for pancreatic cancer because it took my mother.胰腺癌研究,因为胰腺癌夺去了我母亲的生命。Addiction research because I work with addiction clients.嗜瘾研究,因为我的客户中有瘾君子。Any effort to get rid of Monsanto because they are destroying America.所有致力于关闭孟山都公司(Monsanto)的行动,因为他们正在毁灭美国。Domestic violence centers because I know and knew so many people who were affected by it.家庭暴力中心,因为我现在和过去都知道,家暴影响了很多人。Any public health agency who is nonprofit, whose C.E.O.s don’t get the most benefit.首席执行官不是最大获益人的任何非营利公共卫生机构。All the children in poor families, because I have seen children suffer when the parents spent their money foolishly on themselves.所有家庭贫困的孩子,因为我看到过家长愚蠢地把钱花在自己身上时,孩子多遭罪。Dental care for the people who need it and are unable to afford it.帮助那些需要获得口腔保健,但却无力承担费用的人。Emotional and physical care for all rape victims, because so many people stigmatize them.为强奸受害者提供情感和身体照顾,因为有太多人污蔑他们。All child prostitutes and adult prostitutes because no one wants to be in that position because it is abuse. This includes trafficked victims.所有雏妓和成年娼妓,因为没人愿意陷在这种备受虐待的处境。这也包括人口买卖的受害人。All torture victims because they need so much counseling.所有酷刑受害者,因为他们需要太多心理辅导。Tax credits for single people because they are too heavily taxed, proportionately.为单身者提供税收抵免,因为从比例上说,他们承担的税负太重。Counseling for children of divorce because they are heavily impacted.辅导离婚家庭的孩子,因为他们受到了严重影响。Counseling for abused people, regardless of the type of abuse.辅导遭受虐待的人,无论他们遭受的是哪种虐待。All single mothers and fathers who have difficulty providing for their children.所有抚养孩子有困难的单亲父母。Daniel Mokrauer-Madden, 29, Bangalore, India 丹尼尔·莫克劳尔-麦登(Daniel Mokrauer-Madden),29岁,印度班加罗尔I would invest in education in communities around the world. Philanthropy has tended toward short-term measurable impact. This is an improvement over the past, but it also means that some sectors that see change over the longer term are seriously neglected. Investments in human capital are one of the most important ways to shift countries’ growth curves upward. This means formal and informal education, working with rural primary schools, setting up research facilities at universities, establishing training programs for adults and much more.我会投资于世界各地的社区教育。慈善事业往往倾向于可衡量的短期影响。这比起过去是一个进步,但也意味着一些要长时间才见成效的部门受到了严重忽视。人力资本投资是国家增长曲线上扬的重要途径之一。这意味着正规和非正规教育、乡村小学工作、在大学设立研究机构、建立成人培训系统,以及更多的其他方案。Rashaad Denzel, 24, New York 拉沙德·丹泽尔(Rashaad Denzel),24岁,纽约I would give away my billion to improve the mental wellness among Americans. Oftentimes when we think of one being “sick” we think of a common cold, stomach flu or some sort of terminal illness. Hardly ever do we recognize depression as a sickness. I would pump resources into brain research and increase the funding for mental health facilities.我会把我的450亿投放到提高美国人的心理健康上。当我们想到“生病”时,通常会联想到普通的感冒、肠胃炎或某种绝症。我们几乎没有认识到抑郁也是一种病。我会把资源投入到大脑的研究,加大精神健康机构的经费。Ahmed Al Bayati, 25, Miami, Fla. 艾哈迈德·巴亚提(Ahmed Al Bayati),25岁,佛罗里达州迈阿密I would use the money to improve the education system in impoverished areas as it is my believe that doing so would solve many of the challenges our society faces. There’s a lack of access to opportunity that has crippled poor communities. Good education is the ladder that people can use to climb their way out of poverty. I used it myself to escape war-torn Baghdad. Among the poor kids in the ed States is the next Steve Jobs, the next Barack Obama, and the scientist who will make a breakthrough in treating cancer. But none of that is possible if we don’t make it easier to join a good school than to join a gang.我会用这笔钱改善贫困地区教育系统,我认为这样做会解决社会面临的很多挑战。得不到机会令贫困社区举步维艰,而人们可以透过良好的教育来摆脱贫困。我就是用它来逃离了饱受战争蹂躏的巴格达。下一个史蒂夫·乔布斯、下一个贝拉克·奥巴马、在治疗癌症方面取得突破性进展的科学家,或许就在美国的穷孩子们当中。但是如果我们不把他们进入好学校变得比加入帮派容易,这些就都不可能实现。Mitchell Zimmerman, 73, Palo Alto, Calif. 米歇尔·齐默尔曼(Mitchell Zimmerman),73岁,加利福尼亚州帕洛阿尔托I would give billions to (1) basic research relating to global warming and (2) perhaps even more important, a massive educational and public relations campaign designed to force Americans to confront the reality and urgency of climate change.我想把数百亿美元花在:(1)关于全球变暖的基础研究;(2)或许更重要的是,开展一项大规模教育和公关运动,迫使美国人面对气候变化的现实性和紧迫性。Maksim Surguy, 29, Federal Way, Wash. 马克西姆·瑟盖(Maksim Surguy),29岁,华盛顿州费德勒尔韦I would spend a few billion to buy patent portfolios of companies in the following industries and make them available to anyone:我会花数十亿收购在以下行业的公司专利,让所以人都可以享用:Food (agriculture, water desalination, genetics)粮食(农业、海水淡化、遗传学)Energy (renewables, bio, solar)能源(可再生能源、生物质能、太阳能)Medicine (drugs, chemical compounds, methods)医药(药物、化合物、方法)Then I would invest a billion dollars into machine-learning development, specifically hardware that doesn’t exist yet, and create a marketplace of smart algorithms that can learn on their own. These algorithms will be used to further improve methods and processes to grow food, produce energy and help create new medicine. The rest of the money would be used to combat climate change and to automate mining resources on other planets instead of our own.然后,我将投资十亿美元到研发机器学习上,尤其是研发还不存在的硬件,并创造一个可以自我学习的智能算法市场。这些算法将被用于进一步改善粮食种植、能源生产的方法和过程,并帮助创造新药物。剩下的钱将用于应对气候变化,及在其他行星上自动开采矿产资源。Wulin, 40, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 吴林(Wulin,音),40岁,加拿大艾伯塔省卡尔加里I would use the money to solve the dilemma all humans have: aging and space colonization. If we can extend our human life expectancy to experience more human activities while humans live in the space. As Stephen Hawking said: “The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket ...”我会用这笔钱解决所有人类都有的难题:衰老和太空殖民。如果我们能够延长人类的寿命去体验更多,并在太空生活,那该有多好。正如斯蒂芬·霍金所说:“人类不应该把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里......”Marti Elkins, 62, Flat Rock, N.C. 马蒂·埃尔金斯(Marti Elkins),62岁,北卡罗来纳州弗拉特罗克I would build more subsidized housing for seniors who are still trying to pay off their adult children’s student loans living on a fixed income. I would build tiny houses for the homeless. I would provide expensive medicine for veterans who can’t afford it and the V.A. won’t pay for. We owe them everything for our freedom. I would invest in state-of-the-art mental health facilities to treat those poor souls who are on the street and no one helps and everyone ignores unless they kill people. I would provide educational scholarships to underprivileged students. Keep your donations mostly in the ed States. People tend to forget how much poverty exists here. This will eventually make our country stronger again. Make free medical and dental clinics available because in spite of Obamacare, lots of people still can’t afford either and just accept the tax penalty. Give money to our National Park Service. They are one of our greatest treasures; do away with expensive entrance fees so everyone can enjoy them. They belong to all of us.我会为一些年长的人建造更多补贴住房,因为他们只有固定收入,但还在努力清还成年子女的学生贷款。我会为无家可归者建微型住所。我会为一些退伍军人提供昂贵药品,因为他们买不起,而退伍军人事务部又不会买给他们。我们一切的自由,都有赖于他们。我会投资最先进的心理健康机构,治疗那些在街头流浪没有人帮助的可怜人。他们被所有人忽略,除非杀了人。我会为贫困学生提供教育奖学金。主要在美国捐款吧。人们往往会忘记这里有多贫穷。最终这将使我们的国家再次强大起来。建设免费医疗和牙科诊所,因为尽管有奥巴马医改,很多人还是负担不起,而只能接受税务惩罚。把钱给我们的国家公园(National Park Service)。国家公园是我们最珍贵的东西之一;废除昂贵的入场费,让每个人都能享用它们。它们是属于我们大家的。Randy Rehwoldt, 66, Grand Junction, Colo. 兰迪·瑞沃特(Randy Rehwoldt),66岁,科罗拉多州大章克申I would use existing organizations with proven track records. I would do it this way to avoid the problem Mark had with his first experience in his giving. I think the Salvation Army is one good organization to use, for they have proven themselves.我会选择有可靠业务记录的现有组织。我会这样做来避免马克第一次捐款时的经历。我觉得救世军是一个很好的选择,因为他们已经明了自己。Ron Bannon, 58, Newark, N.J. 罗恩·班农(Ron Bannon),58岁,新泽西州纽瓦克Randomly to individuals on earth. The amount would equal the average local yearly wage. No strings attached.随机送给地球上任何一个人。相当于当地年平均工资,不会有任何附加条件。Angelo Paraiso-Arroyo, 17, Berkeley, Calif. 安杰洛·帕拉伊索-阿罗约(Angelo Paraiso-Arroyo),17岁,加利福尼亚州伯克利If I had billion, I would give it to struggling small businesses. They are middle-class Americans and are necessary in order to have a strong economy. If they flourish, we all prosper. Plus, who needs billion? Who needs a million dollars? Money comes and goes but the future is forever. Forty-five billion dollars is a gift, and like all gifts, it is always the thought that counts.如果我有450亿美元,我会给陷入困境的小型企业。他们构成了美国的中产阶级,对于强大的经济体来说,这也是必须的。如果他们蓬勃发展,大家也就都能富足。而且,又有谁需要450亿美元呢?谁需要一百万美元呢?财来财去,未来才是永远的。450亿美元是一份礼物,跟所有礼物一样,心意才是最重要的。Dange Cris Bejoc, 21, Cebu City, Philippines 丹吉·克里斯·贝周克(Dange Cris Bejoc),21岁,菲律宾宿雾市Mainly, I will build two foundations for those who are handicapped and for the homeless abandoned children. First reason is I want to help those who are disabled to see life differently and for them to see their true value despite of being incomplete. Give them training, education to mold their skills and talents. Second reason, for the homeless abandoned children so that they will feel that they are at home, protected by those people who love and respect them.主要来说,我会为残疾人士和遭遗弃的无家可归的儿童建立两个基金会。第一是因为,我想帮助那些残疾人士看到不同的人生,让他们看到自己的真正价值,尽管身体不健全。我想为他们提供培训和教育,培养他们的技能和才华。第二是因为,我想帮助遭遗弃的无家可归的儿童,让他们觉得自己是在家里,有爱护与尊重他们的人保护。Noah Weiss, 13, Los Angeles 诺亚·韦斯(Noah Weiss),13岁,洛杉矶I would give billion to Alzheimer’s research, because my great-grandma suffers from it, and other organizations around the globe.我的曾祖母得了阿尔茨海默氏症,所以我会把450亿美元捐给有关它的研究,还有世界各地的其他组织。Kate Krauss, 52, Philadelphia 凯特·克劳斯(Kate Krauss),52岁,费城I would announce a billion prize for a scalable cure for AIDS we are close, but the funding is not there. I would offer billion in grants to support an eclectic group of AIDS activists, who have been very successful over the years in supporting medical research. The rest of the money should go to other diseases and priorities.我会颁发十亿美元奖金给可大规模运用的艾滋病疗法我们目前接近成功,但却没有资金。我也会捐赠十亿美元,持各种艾滋病活动人士。他们多年来一直非常成功地在持医学研究。其余的钱则该用在其他疾病和优先项目上。 /201512/414446

The U.N.#39;s human rights chief said Wednesday that if elected the next U.S. president, Donald Trump would be ;dangerous from an international point of view.;联合国人权事务高级专员扎伊德星期三说,假如川普当选为美国下届总统,“从国际视野来看他将是一个危险的总统”。Zeid Ra#39;ad al-Hussein called some of Trump#39;s comments about vulnerable communities and the use of torture ;deeply unsettling and disturbing.;扎伊德称,川普有关弱势群体和使用酷刑的一些言论“令人深感不安”。His comments to reporters in Geneva come a month after he said that populist politicians like Trump and Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders are using fear and the promise of a world that has never existed in order to gain appeal.扎伊德是在日内瓦对记者说这番话的。他一个月前曾说,川普和荷兰民族主义者维尔德斯这类鼓吹民粹主义的政客为争取人心正在利用恐惧,并许诺一个从来没有存在过的世界。Zeid said Wednesday he has no plans to tone down those kinds of statements.扎伊德星期三说,他不计划淡化他做出的这些声明。 /201610/471541

China is introducing restrictions on property-related lending, as the central government takes the lead in efforts to head off a housing bubble.中国正在对与房地产有关的借贷实施限制。中央政府引领着消除房地产泡沫的努力。Property developers are facing curbs on their ability to raise finance by issuing debt or equity, after two government regulators were instructed to step in, it has emerged.据悉,在两个政府监管机构奉命介入后,房地产开发商通过发行债务或股票来融资的能力面临限制。The China Securities Regulatory Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission — China’s economic planner — have been instructed by high-level officials to restrict developers’ issuances in the Hong Kong stock market, in the Hong Kong bond market and in the Chinese interbank bond market, according to local news magazine Caixin.据中国时事杂志《财新》报道,中国券监督管理委员会(CSRC)和国家发展和改革委员会(NDRC,中国的经济规划机构)受到高层官员的指示,限制开发商在香港股市、香港债市和中国境内间债券市场的发行活动。The news comes less than a week after the Shanghai Stock Exchange froze all bond issuances by property developers. 这个消息传出不到一周前,上海券交易所冻结了房地产开发商的所有债券发行计划。Securities dealers told local media last Wednesday that they have been told to await tighter rules on which companies can issue debt. 券交易商上周三告诉当地媒体,他们被告知要等待有关哪些公司可以发行债务的更严格的规则。The exchange is drawing up the new rules under the supervision of the national securities regulator.上交所正在国家券监管机构的督导下起草新规则。This pattern of policymaking is very similar to what happened last year with the stock market crisis response, said Li Tang, a housing analyst at NSBO China, an investment bank. 这种政策制定模式与去年股市危机应对措施的情况非常相似,投资蓝橡资本中国(NSBO China)的住房分析师Li Tang表示。First, local governments acted, but in a soft way, and not much pain was inflicted. 首先,地方政府采取了行动,但是是以一种柔性的方式,没有造成太多痛苦。Then, after the politburo leaders give a direction from the top, we see a concerted national push.然后,在政治局领导人从顶层发出指示后,我们看到一种协调的全国努力。At least 22 local governments have aly introduced new curbs on buying homes, with most of these policies being announced during the national holiday earlier this month following a summer of unusually high house price growth.至少有22个地方政府已经对购房出台了新的限制措施,其中大部分政策是在本月早些时候的国庆假日期间公布的。今年夏天中国各地房价涨幅高得异常。Growth in transaction volumes and prices has slowed in the most overheated 15 cities in recent weeks, but prices are still up more than 30 per cent in large cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen, shutting many out of the housing market.最近几周,最过热的15个城市的交易量和价格增长有所放缓,但在北京和深圳等大城市,价格涨幅仍然超过30%,把许多人挡在房地产市场门外。China’s top leadership has come to worry that an out-of-control property market could provoke future social unrest, according to local media reports of a meeting of the central government’s politburo at the end of September.根据中国媒体对9月底一次中央政治局会议的报道,中国的顶层领导人开始担心,房地产市场失控可能引发未来的社会不安定。Soaring property prices have also encouraged a massive extension of loans to homebuyers and property developers in the formal and shadow lending markets.楼价飙升还鼓励了正规和影子贷款市场向购房者和房地产开发商大举放贷。Outstanding mortgage loans are at their highest level, rising 17 per cent to Rmb16.6tn (.5tn) in the first half of this year. 未偿还按揭贷款处在历史最高水平,今年上半年跃升17%,至16.6万亿元人民币(合2.5万亿美元)。Loans to property developers have been growing at an accelerating pace for the past three years, and increased by a quarter in the year to September, according to government data.政府数据显示,向房地产开发商发放的贷款在过去三年里加速增加,在截至今年9月的一年里增加了四分之一。In its third-quarter conference last Friday, China’s bank regulator stated that one of its key missions this year was to rigorously control the financial risks related to property markets. 中国业监管机构在上周五举行的第三季度会议上表示,今年的主要任务之一是严控房地产金融业务风险。This includes prohibiting illegal lenders and those with funds from illicit sources from entering the property market.这包括严禁违规发放或挪用信贷资金进入房地产领域。Online peer-to-peer lenders have been crowdfunding loans to pay the downpayment on a mortgage, thus helping potential homebuyers get past minimum downpayment restrictions in order to buy a house with less money upfront.近来,中国在线个人对个人(P2P)贷款机构通过众筹贷款帮助付按揭的首期付款,从而帮助潜在的购房者规避最低首付款限制,用较少的首期资金买下住房。The bank regulator also said it would strengthen the regulation of wealth management products and prevent banks from illegally using WMP funding to enter the property market. 业监管机构还表示,将加强理财资金投资管理,严禁理财资金违规进入房地产领域。WMPs are created from a pool of investments and often sold to bank retail customers.理财产品(WMP)是用一个投资池创建的,往往销售给的零售客户。 /201610/474147

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