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  • To discover the secret to a longer life, the best people to ask must surely be those who have lived the longest. Some of the oldest people in the world were born before the turn of the 20th century, and have lived well past 100 without, well erm, dying. This certainly isn#39;t medically sound advice for the most part, more like an insight into what it is that the world#39;s super centenarians believe has kept them going all these years. So what is it that makes these people special? What#39;s their secret? As we#39;ll discover, its not always what you might imagine…如果要与人探讨长寿的秘诀,那么最佳人选当然是那些活得最久的人。最长寿的人当中,有些在20世纪来临之前就已出生,100年来都还好好地活着,至少没有死。这当然不是主要从医学上进行探究,更多的是观察到底是什么使得这些百岁老人相信并一直持他们活到现在。那么到底是什么使他们变得如此特殊呢?他们的秘密到底是什么?随着我们的发现,其中的秘密可能并不是你所想象的那样。10.Mind your own business10.少管闲事In 2011 the Guinness World Records handed the title of #39;world#39;s oldest living person#39; to Georgia resident, Besse Cooper who retained the record until she passed away in 2012 at the age of 116. Of the two pieces of advice that she offered, one is perhaps more likely to be in line with your doctor#39;s recommendations than the other. Her secret to longevity? ;I mind my own business, and I don#39;t eat junk food.;2011年世界吉尼斯纪录将;世上最长寿的人;这一头衔颁给一名叫Basse Cooper的佐治亚州居民,她一直保持着这个纪录直到2012年去世,享年116岁。她提出两条建议,其中一条是尽可能听从医生的建议。那另一个长寿的秘诀是什么?;我只关心自己的事,不多管闲事,并且我不吃垃圾食品。;So maybe cutting down on the unhealthy stuff would be a good start. Beyond that, maybe you should stop being such a busybody!因此,减少不健康食品应该是个好的开始。除此以外,也许你应该停止成为一个爱管闲事的人!9.Sushi and sleep9.寿司和睡眠Misao Okawa is a Japanese super centeniarian at 116 years old, and is currently the world#39;s oldest living person. Born on 5th of March 1898 in Tenma, Osaka, Misao says the key to a long life is eating sushi and getting at least eight hours sleep a night. She said in 2014 ;Eat and sleep and you will live a long time. You have to learn to relax.;.Misao Okawa是日本一名长寿老人,现年116岁,是目前世上最长寿并且还在世的人。Misao于1898年3月5日出生于大阪的天满,她坦言道长寿的关键是吃寿司和保晚上至少8小时的睡眠。2014年她还说道:;吃好、睡好,你就能长寿。你得学会放松。;Who would have thought that one of the secrets to a longer life could involve getting enough sleep? So next time we#39;re feeling guilty for sleeping in passed what others might call a #39;reasonable time,#39; we can be reassured that we#39;re simply investing in our longevity. Sushi for breakfast!谁会想到长寿的秘诀之一竟包括保充足的睡眠?所以啊,下次当我们为睡过头而感到愧疚时,不妨安慰自己;我们是仅仅是为了希望自己能活得久点;。再把寿司当做早餐!8.Never get bored8.永远不要感到无聊;I#39;ve only ever had one wrinkle, and I#39;m sitting on it;.;我全身只有一处皱纹,那就是我的下面。;Quoted on her 110th birthday, there was really no doubt that Jeanne Calment still had her sense of humor. Calment was born in France 14 years before the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and at 122 was the oldest person ever when she died in August 1997. Every birthday during her last decade was celebrated in France. She delighted in amusing reporters with her many secrets of longevity. The list was different every year and included (among others) laughter, activity and ;a stomach like an ostrich.; Calment also attributes her many years to her faith, stating ;(God) has forgotten me. He can#39;t be in such a hurry to see me. He aly knows me very well.; At her party a year before her death, Calment gave some insight into what it takes to stay interested and engaged during a life as long as hers. ;I dream, I think, I go over my life… I never get bored.;.这句话来自Jeanne Calment的110岁生日,毫无疑问,她还是很有幽默感的。Calment出生于埃菲尔铁塔修建前14年的法国,1997年8月去世,那时她122岁,是当时最长寿的人。她人生最后十年里的每个生日都是在法国庆祝的。她喜欢用她许多的长寿秘诀来记者,每年的秘诀清单都不一样,但都包括大笑、活跃和;有一个像鸵鸟一样的胃;。Calment同样也为自己信仰付出许多年,她称道:;(上帝)已经忘了我,他并不急着见我,他已经很了解我了。;在她去世前一年的一次聚会上,Calment对她如何在一生中保持有趣和保持忙碌有了更深入的见解:;我梦想,我思考,我认真过着我的生活……我从未感到无聊。;7.Hard work and a glass of wine7.努力工作加一杯小酒Well, it was inevitable that #39;hard work#39; would come up eventually, but the wine is a silver lining.当然,;努力工作;这一项必然会逐渐被提到,但酒也有一线希望。Marie-Louise Meilleur lived in Corbeil, Ontario and was 117 years old when she died in 1998. She cited hard work as the major factor in contributing to her impressive age, but she likely extended her life by some years when she stopped smoking at 90 years old. As well as hard work, Meilleur was known to enjoy a glass of wine, which she also cited as a contirbuing factor in her longevity. At least after all that hard work you#39;ll feel like you#39;ve earned your glass of wine, right?生活在安大略省科尔贝的Marie-Louise Meilleur去世于1998年,那时她已117岁了。她将努力工作视为助她拥有傲人年龄的主要因素,但她90岁时的那次戒烟似乎也对延长寿命起到作用。Meilleur不仅仅工作努力,她同样也喜欢来点小酒,这也是她所认为的助她长寿的因素之一。毕竟,你真心努力工作后所体会到的感觉恰恰就像浅尝过一杯小酒,不是吗?6.Be nice, worship God and eat pigs#39; feet6.为人和善崇拜上帝多吃猪蹄Jeralean Talley is an American super centenarian who is, at the age of 115 years, the oldest living person in the ed States and third verified oldest living person in the world. Talley still lives very much as she always has done, often staying up until midnight feasting on some of her favorite foods: potato salad, honey buns, McDonald#39;s chicken nuggets and Wendy#39;s chili.Jeralean Talley是一名美国百岁老人,她115岁了,是美国年龄最大且还在世的人,还是世界上有据可查的第三长寿的人。Talley仍然过着往常的生活,经常熬夜,半夜还大吃大喝她最爱的食物:土豆沙拉、蜂蜜面包、麦当劳鸡肉块和辣椒。Staying active at her age isn#39;t a problem either. Talley sews dresses, makes quilts and enjoys playing the slot machines at casinos. At 104 years old she had to give up bowling though, as she no longer had the strength in her legs. Staying active isn#39;t Jeralean#39;s secret to a long life though. ;Do unto others as you desire them to do unto you,; is her mantra, and she insists that#39;s the secret to living a long life. It should also be said though, that eating plenty of pork is on her list too. Every Christmas, she bakes pigs#39; ears and feet in a jelly stock for herself and her family.在她那个年纪保持活跃依然不是问题。Talley自己做裙子,缝被子,还喜欢在里的上来几把。但在她104岁时,她不得不停止打保龄了,因为她的腿不再那么有力了。保持活跃并不是Jeralean的长寿秘诀。;己所不欲,勿施于人;是她的信条,她坚信这才是保持长寿的秘诀。同样,据说多吃猪肉也在她的长寿秘诀清单里。每个圣诞节,她都会为自己和家人烤猪耳和猪蹄。翻译:张洋 前十网 /201511/412422。
  • Beware battery-saving myths.当心那些关于节省电能的错误说法:1. Closing unused apps.1. 关闭不常使用的应用程序There is plenty of inaccurate conventional wisdom about methods to prolong battery life. Let’s start with one of the worst “tips”: Closing (or force-quitting, as it’s commonly called) apps you are not currently using. The theory is that apps running in the background are using your phone’s components, so quitting them will save energy.关于延长电池使用时间,有很多不准确的传统观点。就从最糟的这条“小贴士”开始吧:关闭(或者所谓“强制退出”)你不经常使用的应用。这个贴士的理由是,在后台运行的应用使用了手机的元件,所以关闭它们可以省电。 /201603/429171。
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