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My favourite dish would be anything kind of stew-y,只要是炖菜 都是我的最爱and the one that comes to mind我此刻脑中闪现的是is a Polish dish called bigos.一道波兰菜叫酸菜烩牛肉Roast dinner, roast chicken, I really enjoy that,烧烤 烤鸡 我真的很喜欢这些as well as all the roast potatoes, the vegetables.烤土豆和蔬菜也都喜欢It#39;s a wholesome, traditional English meal for me.对我来说 这都是健康的传统英式食谱An authentic Indian curry.一份正宗的印度咖喱饭I love the aromatic smell, the spices我喜欢咖喱的芳香 其特有的调味and just the full flavour you get from a curry.它所散发出来的所有味道我都喜欢Can cooking really have caused us to evolve?烹饪真的促进了人类进化吗Professor Richard Wrangham of Harvard University哈佛大学的理查德·朗汉教授has a controversial new theory提出了一个颇具争议的理论that suggests it was not another change in the ingredients of our diet,他认为并不是饮食结构的改变but the way in which we prepared them that而是食用食物的方式变化prompted the evolution of our first truly human ancestors.推动了最早真正人类祖先的进化 Article/201505/373827China calls US Congress to ratify IMF reforms中国呼吁美国国会批准国际货币基金组织的改革China is urging the U.S. Congress to adopt reforms to give emerging markets a bigger say at the International Monetary Fund.中国敦促美国国会采纳国际货币基金组织的改革意见。China#39;s Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao made these comments today, saying the reforms should begin as soon as possible.今天中国财政部副部长朱光耀称应尽快开始改革。 译文属 Article/201511/408293If they found even a few martian microbes,如果他们找到哪怕只是几种火星微生物in my opinion,在我看来it would be one of the most exciting discoveries ever made.这将成为有史以来最令人振奋的发现之一But even if mars is barren,但是即便火星没有生命there are other places to look for liquid water.仍可以在其它星球寻找液态水One of them lies a mere 30 million miles from Mars.其中一处距离火星仅有3万千英里远On a small, mysterious moon that orbits the giant planet Jupiter.就在大行星木星的一个小而神秘的卫星上This is Europa.这就是木卫二Europa is tiny -- just under 2,000 miles in diameter木卫二非常小,直径不到2千英里and it#39;s very cold -- minus 260 degrees.而且非常冷,仅有零下260度The entire moon is covered in a layer of ice perhaps 15 miles thick.整个卫星被大约15英里厚的冰层覆盖着But Europa may have a hidden heat source beneath the surface.但是木卫二地表以下可能隐藏着一个热源Europa orbits Jupiter once every 3.6 days,木卫二每3.6天就围绕木星转一圈in an egg-shaped path.其轨道呈鸡蛋形状The gravitational pull from Jupiter changes constantly,木星对其的引力不断变化stretching, then compressing europa.不断拉伸然后挤压木卫二This process is like kneading a piece of clay这过程就像揉捏一块粘土to make it warm and soft,使其变得又热又暖and the heat produced may be enough to melt the underside of the ice sheet.所产生的热量也许足够融化冰层的底层creating a hidden ocean of liquid water protected从而产生一个隐蔽的液态水的海洋from the vacuum of space by the solid ice above.由上面覆盖着厚厚的冰层保护着与真空隔绝If so, there could be aliens living here --若真如此,那里可能有生命存在creatures that have evolved to exploit this dark and ancient water world.进化得足以适应这种黑暗和古老的水世界I think it#39;s even reasonable to guess at some of their physical features.我认为甚至可能想象得出它们的体征Aliens here would probably swim in a similar way to our own ocean life,那里的生命可能和我们的海洋生物一样游泳since liquid water is the same stuff everywhere.因为液态水在哪里都是一样的 Article/201505/377765So when we do the experiment, you actually can watch实验中 我们可以从屏幕上baby#39;s raw brain activity right on the screen.观测婴儿原始的大脑活动But later we process it to help us understand稍后 我们会对这些数据进行处理how much that baby is attending to any particular sound.来了解婴儿对每种声音有何种程度的反应Fifer found that Liliana is able to respond to her mother#39;s voice菲弗发现莉莉亚娜对她母亲声音的反应in a way she doesn#39;t to any other.与其他任何声音都不一样Hi, baby!你好 宝宝He believes the only explanation is他认为唯一的解释就是that she#39;d been learning from her mother in the womb.她在子宫里就向母亲学习了Babies especially like to hear sounds that we call language婴儿特别喜欢的声音即我们所谓的语言and it#39;s those speech sounds that they#39;ve heard就是他们在母亲子宫中that mother produced in utero所听过的那些声音that later they#39;ll learn carry information那些声音所蕴含的信息that#39;s going to be very important to them在那之后对他们非常重要but when they#39;re first hearing these sounds但他们第一次听的时候they don#39;t have any real meaning并不明白其真实含义But it#39;s the quality of that voice, it#39;s the number of times they hear it,我们认为是他们所处环境中声音的音质it#39;s the rhythm, the cadence that they#39;re having some exposure to以及他们所听到的次数和声音的节奏韵律and we think that#39;s what#39;s affecting their early auditory system.影响着他们的早期听觉系统So, as soon as they#39;re born, they cue in on that particular sound.因此他们一出生就对特定的声音作出反应 Article/201412/347171

于过往八年中,流行歌手安妮·蓝妮克丝为她所发起得SING运动而耗尽心血,她要提高人们对艾滋病的警惕意识及为抗争艾滋病而募款。她与大家一同分享两则故事,激励她做下去的故事,一则是与纳尔逊·曼德拉一同努力,另一则则是与一位频临绝境的非洲小女孩的见面。 Article/201508/391170

500 million humans live in the world#39;s desert lands,more than the combined population of Europe.五亿人口住在沙漠地带比欧洲人口还要多。They know the value of water.他们懂得水的价值。They know how to use it sparingly.他们也爱惜涓滴。Here, they depend on wells replenished by fossil water.在这里 他们依赖水井中的原生地层水。Which accumulated underground in the days when it rained on these deserts.它是由二万五千年前降于沙漠的雨水。25,000 years ago.聚集而成。Fossil water also enables crops to be grown in the desert to provide food for local populations.原生地层水令谷物得以在沙漠生长为当地人口提供食粮。The fields#39; circular shape derives from the pipes that irrigate them around a central pivot.圆形的农田由围绕中心的管道进行灌溉。But there is a heavy price to pay.但代价沉重的。Fossil water is a nonrenewable resource.原生地层水不可再生。In Saudi Arabia, the dream of industrial farming in the desert has faded.在沙地阿拉伯在沙漠作现代耕种的梦已褪。As if on a parchment map,the light spots on this patchwork show abandoned plots.这像一张羊皮纸地图,光点显示了被放弃的计划。The irrigation equipment is still there.灌溉设备仍在。The energy to pump water also.抽水的能量仍在。But the fossil water reserves are severely depleted.但原生地层水已严重枯竭。Israel turned the desert into arable land.以色列把沙漠变成耕地。 Article/201410/336910

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