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福州检查男性精子质量去那里福州市做试管婴儿哪里最好第36期:Exchanging Money 换钱Y:Can you exchange this US dollars,please?Y:请你把这些钱兑换成美金好吗?X:Just fill out this m,will you?X:那就请您把这份表格填一下,好吗?Y:OK.Here.Y:好啊填好了X:How would you like it?X:您的钱要怎么个换法呢?Y:Five tens,five fives and the rest in ones,please.Y:5张美元的,5张5美元的,其余都要1美元的x:Here you are.Thank you.X:请你点收谢谢你其他出国旅游英语句型:1.How would you like it? 你要怎么处理呢?本句话的基本句型是:; How would you like...?;,表示“你要如何处理……呢?”这个基本句型颇为常用,可用在问人食物要哪种吃法,头发要如何理法或钱要如何换法等等例:A:How would you like your hair cut?B:Just give me a trim.甲:您的头发要怎样理呢?乙:只要给我修一下就行了A:How would you like your steak?B:Well doneMediumRare.甲:您的牛排要几分熟呢?乙:全熟五分熟三分熟.Five tens,five fives and the rest in ones,please.请换给我5张美元的,5张5美元的,其余全要1美元的本句话是口语用法,它省略了一些字,看来有点怪,它原来是这样的:Please give me five ten-dollar bills,five five-dollar bills and the crest in one-dollar bills. 3福州妇幼保健院复通手术多少钱 1.I am calling to apply to work in your agency of entry.我想申请加入你们人境机构.I like to work in the Immigration Department doing something like searching the immigrant intruders and offenders.我希望在入境事务处工作,做一些诸如搜查非法入侵者和违反入境法例人士的工作3.Do you know what people need to get entry into China?你知道在中国入境要准备什么东西吗?.What special materials does he need to prepare to land in Hong Kong?入境香港需要准备什么特殊材料吗?5.What if a man wants to land employment in Hong Kong?如果一个人想在香港入境工作,怎么办?6.Do you have any advantages to work in our entry agency?那你在我们入境机构有没有什么优势呢?7.I know many ambassadors in Chinese Embassy and British Embassy in China.我认识很多中国大使馆和英国驻中国大使馆的大使8.An passport and a visa are necessary entry into China.在中国入境必须准备护照和签9.They should fill in an application m, hand in the copies of Identification Card,and household register.他们应该填写申请表,上交身份和户口本的复印件.They will get a return receipt.他们会收到一个回执Dialogue 1对话 1A: I am calling to apply to work in your agency of entry.A: 我想申请加人你们入境机构B: OK. Do you have any advantages to work in our entry agency?B: 好的那你在我们人境机构有没有什么优势呢?A: Yes. I know many ambassadors in Chinese Embassy and British Embassy in China.A: 我认识很多中国大使馆和英国驻中国大使馆的大使B: Wonderful, I will give you a chance of interview.B: 很好,我会给你一个面试机会Dialogue 对话 A: Let me ask some questions. Do you know what people need to get entry into China?A:我来问一些问题你知道在中国入境要准备什么东西吗?B: Yes. An passport and a visa are necessary entry into China.B:我知道在中国人境必须准备护照和签A: What materials do they need in order to apply the passport?A:那么中请护照乂该准备哪些材 料呢?B: They should fill in an application m, hand in the copies of Identification Card and household resistor.B:申请人应该填写申请表,上交身份和户口本的复印件 33宁德做输卵管疏通哪个医院最好

南平哪间医院做包皮手术南平治卵巢早衰到哪里好 Rio Tinto China Employees Get Jail TermsA Chinese court handed down a 10-year prison sentence to the principal defendant in the closely watched Rio Tinto PLC trial here, a dramatic and closely watched case that abruptly swung from politically charged accusations of espionage to admissions of bribery over iron-ore contracts.The Anglo-Australian mining company-which had once defended its four accused employees-swiftly fired them Monday, saying there was 'clear evidence' they took bribes. The company described the actions of the convicted employees as 'deplorable' and said they acted 'wholly outside our systems.''Receiving bribes is a clear violation of Chinese law and Rio Tinto's code of conduct,' said Sam Walsh, head of the iron-ore division.A Shanghai court issued its finding that Stern Hu, the Australian who spearheaded sales for Rio Tinto in China, was guilty of charges he accepted around 5,000 in bribes from steelmakers and stole commercial secrets that undermined China's steel industry, the world's largest. Last week Mr. Hu admitted he accepted bribes on two occasions from steelmakers.Three of Mr. Hu's Rio Tinto colleagues received sentences ranging from seven to 14 years.Stephen Smith, Australia's foreign minister, didn't challenge the verdict but called the sentences 'very harsh' following efforts by his government to quietly defuse charges against a citizen and one of his most important companies.Mr. Smith played down the likelihood of a substantial impact on Australia-China relations, but said he was concerned at how charges of stealing commercial secrets were tried behind closed doors, saying, 'There are serious unanswered questions on which the international business community will want to pursue with China.'China's aggressive prosecution of employees of one of the most profitable foreign companies operating on its soil marked a fresh turn in an ongoing, if sporadic, corruption battle that has until now ensnared mostly government officials and local tycoons. Yet, the Chinese court's decision not to disclose much about the information the executives were alleged to have stolen means the case has shed little new light on how authorities differentiate corporate fact-finding from espionage-a situation that is likely to further distress companies weighing risks in their China strategies.Rio Tinto's quick response to the court's findings may set a precedent for multinational companies' response when employees get enmeshed in China's murky legal environment. The company said its own internal investigation turned up no problems in its China operations, and while it had no involvement in the court proceedings or access to its employees since their detentions, it sent a determined signal that it respects the validity of the verdict.A Beijing-based attorney said a guilty verdict virtually requires a company to take action to display its acknowledgment that a local court has jurisdiction, particularly after such a public case. Doing anything else would expose it to risks that include shareholder lawsuits and lost government contracts.The lengthy sentences against Mr. Hu and his three subordinates suggested the court was little moved by their admissions of some guilt and explanations. The three subordinates-Chinese nationals Wang Yong, Ge Minqiang and Liu Caikui-were sentenced to 14, eight and seven years, respectively.Mr. Hu must pay fines of one million yuan, or 6,000, in addition to serving 10 years in prison, starting with his detention in July, . Mr. Hu's three colleagues face a combined 6.7 million yuan in fines.In the eight months that led up to the trial, and its 2frac12;-day session last week, few details of the allegations were spelled out publicly. But on Monday, journalists previously barred from the court property were permitted to watch the final proceedings by closed-circuit television from a courtroom annex.Judge Liu Xin spent most of the 35-minute proceeding ing bullet-point accusations of how the four steered iron-ore shipments to more than a dozen Chinese steelmakers in exchange for bribes valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each. One such payment from a steel tycoon was disguised as a home loan, according to the accusations.In June, the judge said, as Rio Tinto and a Chinese steel-industry association were locked in a tense negotiation over iron-ore prices, Mr. Hu huddled with an executive of a major steelmaker at Beijing's five-star China World Hotel, where he learned in advance how the association intended to bid for the mineral at a coming round of talks.The judge alleged a 'direct cause-and-effect relationship' between the actions of the Rio Tinto employees and extra charges of over one billion yuan to China's steel industry for iron ore last year.'They used illegal means to obtain commercial secrets that put the Chinese steel industry in a powerless position,' he said.The case could spur changes in how iron ore gets priced in China, an issue with potentially global repercussions. China, which produced around 40% of last year's global output of steel, imported .14 billion of the feedstock iron ore last year, but has been frustrated at how its demand has driven commodity charges up in recent years.Today, the global iron-ore trade is dominated by three companies with multibillion-dollar businesses selling minerals in China. Rio Tinto sold .69 billion of ore and other minerals to China last year. The others are BHP Billiton Ltd. with .9 billion in China sales in the year ended June and Brazil's Vale SA, which reported .0 billion in China sales for . The companies are deeply tied to China, each generating around 20% of global totals in the world's most populous nation.The Rio Tinto employees' detention in July appeared to many as highly politicized, since it came at a time when Rio Tinto was rattling China in at least three ways. It was considering a 0 billion merger with rival BHP that China feared would create a behemoth able to dictate pricing of minerals key to its industries. Rio Tinto had also just backed out of a .5 billion deal to allow its largest shareholder, Aluminum Corp. of China, or Chinalco, to boost its stake.And days earlier, talks to price iron ore for the year had collapsed over Rio Tinto's refusal to acquiesce to a Chinese manufacturing group's demands for a sizable price cut.In recent weeks, such tensions have been nowhere in sight. Rio Tinto expressed a desire to move on. 'I want to look to the future,' Chief Executive Officer Tom Albanese told a conference in Beijing last week shortly before shaking hands with Premier Wen Jiabao.In the time since the case broke, there has been little discussion of Rio Tinto and BHP merging. On the eve of the trial, Rio Tinto announced a .35 billion deal allowing Chinalco to directly share in the production of iron ore in Africa.On Monday, the defendants said nothing and expressed little emotion as the verdicts and sentences were . Mr. Hu, who was born in Tianjin, China, and is in his 50s with a head of gray hair, stood erect in a dark jacket with his hands at his sides.The convicted executives have a right to appeal the verdicts in the next few days, but Chinese courts rarely overturn decisions.Mr. Hu is likely to be remanded to a special facility reserved for foreigners in Shanghai's Qingpu Prison, located in a rural western part of the city. In a rare 2005 visit to the facility by The Wall Street Journal, the warden offered a visit to one cell, which housed eight prisoners on four bunk beds and was connected to a small washroom. Prisoners are required to spend much of their day sitting quietly.Mr. Smith, the Australian foreign minister, expressed regret Canberra wasn't able to engage more fully behind the scenes with Beijing on the charges in recent months. 'That opportunity, too, was lost,' he said.A Pengana Capital fund manager, Tim Schroeders, said the verdicts raise issues about employee conduct but won't have lasting ramifications for Rio Tinto's business. 'Arguably some of the mud may stick, although there has been no direct linkage to Rio Tinto,' he said. /201004/100374三明市那家医院做人授

福州割包皮需要多少钱 1.惯用口语句子:Why dont we go shopping?我们为什么不去逛街呢?Shall we go shopping?我们去逛街好吗?Let go shopping!我们去逛街吧!Would you be free to go shopping?你有空去逛街吗?What about going shopping?去逛街怎么样?Shopping around is really a must货比三家绝对有必要Do shop around bee making up your mind.先货比三家再拿主意We should shop around bee buying.购物之前,我们先比比各家的货must n. 必须做的事,必需的东西shop around“(在购物之前)对各个商店的货进行了解比较”make up one mind“下定决心,拿定主意”Im making a shopping list.我在列购物清单List all the items you need.把你要买的物品都列在购物单上item n. (可分类或列举的)项目,品目,条款list有动词和名词两种词性:作名词时意为“列表,清单”,作动词时意为“列出“Can you join me in shopping?你能陪我去购物吗?join sb. in doing sth.“和某人一起做某事”Ill do window-shopping to kill time.我准备去随便逛逛以消磨时间do window-shopping“只看不买地逛街”kill time“消磨时间”There is a big sale at City Mall.城市购物商场正在大减价Things there are on sale.那儿的东西都在减价sale n. amp; n. 出售,减价销售on sale“减价出售” 36福州市做包皮手术那家最好福州复通术那里比较好



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