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宁德试管婴儿最好的医院龙岩什么医院检查卵巢Tens of thousands of people marched through Moscow yesterday in memory of Boris Nemtsov, the slain liberal politician, in the largest opposition demonstration the city has seen in three years.数万人昨日走上莫斯科街头游行,悼念被杀的自由派政治人物鲍里斯#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov),这是三年来该市爆发的最大规模反对派示威。People carrying portraits of the charismatic opposition leader and waving Russian flags moved in a sombre procession towards the spot where he was murdered on Friday while walking home from a restaurant a stone’s throw from the Kremlin.人们举着这位富有政治魅力的反对派领袖的画像,并挥舞着俄罗斯国旗。游行者在肃穆的气氛中走向他在上周五被谋杀的现场,当时他在离开一家餐厅后,正步行回家,案发地点距离克里姆林宫很近。Gennady Gudkov, a former member of parliament and opposition activist, said: “[Nemtsov’s] death has shocked people both inside and outside the Kremlin. People realise it’s a watershed moment.”前杜马成员、反对派活动家根纳季#8226;古德科夫(Gennady Gudkov)表示:“(涅姆佐夫的)离世令克里姆林宫内外的人们感到震惊。人们意识到这是一个分水岭时刻。”President Vladimir Putin has vowed to pursue those responsible for Nemtsov’s killing, which he called a “provocation”. But government critics have blamed the Kremlin for the politician’s murder.总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)誓言追缉那些要对涅姆佐夫被杀负责的人,称这起事件是“挑衅”。但批评政府的人士将这起谋杀归咎于克里姆林宫。Nemtsov’s death has demoralised an anti-Kremlin opposition aly weakened by Moscow’s crackdown on dissent and the big jump in Mr Putin’s approval ratings following Russia’s annexation of Crimea last year.涅姆佐夫的离世挫伤了反对克里姆林宫的势力的士气。反对派势力本已被削弱,原因既包括莫斯科方面打压异见,也包括俄罗斯去年吞并克里米亚后普京的持率大幅跃升。Yesterday’s march came with Moscow awash with conspiracy theories about who could have killed Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister who came to prominence in the mid-1990s as one of the so-called young reformers and had once been touted as a potential successor to Russia’s first democratically elected president, Boris Yeltsin.昨日举行游行的同时,莫斯科充斥着有关谁可能杀害涅姆佐夫的阴谋论。涅姆佐夫曾是俄罗斯副总理,他在上世纪90年代中期作为所谓的年轻改革者之一声名鹊起,一度被吹捧为俄罗斯首任民选总统鲍里斯#8226;叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)的一名潜在继任者。While Putin critics blamed the authorities, state media, government officials and pro-Kremlin politicians portrayed the killing as an attempt to destabilise Russia and floated the idea that the west was behind it.尽管普京的批评者指责当局,但官方媒体、政府官员和亲克里姆林宫的政界人士将这起谋杀说成是企图破坏俄罗斯稳定的举动,并提出了西方是幕后黑手的构想。Organisers estimated the number of marchers yesterday had reached 50,000 — although police put it at 21,000. Florists in Moscow city centre sold out of their stock, as people bought tributes to lay on the spot on Great Moskvoretsky Bridge, close to the Kremlin, where Nemtsov was shot dead while walking with his girlfriend.组织者估计昨日游行人数达到5万,尽管警方估计有2.1万人。莫斯科市中心的花店售出了全部存货,因为人们纷纷购买花束,然后向克里姆林宫附近的莫斯科河大桥上涅姆佐夫被杀的现场献花。击发生时,涅姆佐夫正与女友一起步行。Marchers held black-framed placards with the words: “Boris, I’m not afraid,” and “They killed you, they are killing freedom.”游行者举着黑框标语牌,上面写着:“鲍里斯,我不害怕,”以及“他们杀了你,他们杀了自由。”The marchers appeared to be a broad cross section of Russian society. “I am proud that I’m here today,” said Pyotr, a 60-year-old man who would only give his first name. “I have never been to a demonstration before, except for those marches we had to attend in the Soviet Union.”游行者似乎代表着俄罗斯社会各界。“我很自豪我今天在这里,”一个只愿意说自己名叫“彼得”的60岁男子表示。“我以前从来没有参加过示威——除了我们在苏联时代不得不参加的那些游行外。”But the atmosphere differed markedly from past opposition demonstrations. There was no stage, no music and no speeches. Most people simply chatted quietly under an icy drizzle.但是,现场气氛与过去的反对派示威活动明显不同。没有舞台,没有音乐,也没有演讲。大多数人只是在冰冷的细雨中悄悄地聊着。Occasional shouts of “Russia will be free” and “Russia without Putin” rose from the crowd — slogans that had been popular during the mass anti-Putin rallies of 2011-12. But the chanting quickly died down.偶尔,人群中爆发出“俄罗斯将会自由”和“俄罗斯没有普京”的高喊——这些口号在2011-12年的大规模反普京集会中曾经流行。但这些高呼很快就沉寂下来。“I’m glad that so many people came, but I don’t think this changes anything,” said Vera Matveyeva, a 34-year-old civil rights activist.“我很高兴有这么多人来了,但我不认为这会改变任何情况,”34岁的民权活动家维拉#8226;马特维耶娃(Vera Matveyeva)说道。 /201503/361986三明市人工授精生男孩要多少钱 宁德治疗无精费用

福州妇幼保健院排卵监测多少钱南平那里解扎 George Osborne’s gung-ho approach to relations with China — focusing relentlessly on commercial opportunities — has been welcomed by Tory MPs who argue that Britain is in no position to lecture Beijing on human rights.英国财政大臣乔治攠斯本(George Osborne)努力加强英中关系的做法(这种努力完全以商业机会为中心)受到英国保守党(Tory)议员的欢迎。这些议员认为,英国没有资格在人权问题上教训中国政府。The chancellor is coming to the end of a five-day tour to the Asian superpower where he argued that Britain should be “running towards China” rather than steering clear of its volatile stock market.奥斯本即将结束为期五天的访华之旅,其间他表示,英国应该“奔向中国”,而不是避开波动的中国股市。He has kept any talk of human rights behind closed doors, perhaps mindful of the occasion in May 2012 when David Cameron appeared in public with the Dalai Lama — prompting an 18-month diplomatic stand-off.他所有关于人权的谈话都是在私下进行的,或许是考虑到了2012年5月那起事件——当时,戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)公开会见了达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama) ,导致英中外交关系陷入长达一年半的僵局。Crispin Blunt, who chairs the Commons foreign affairs select committee, said Mr Osborne had got the balance right.英国议会下院外交事务特别委员会主席克里斯平布伦特(Crispin Blunt)表示,奥斯本较好地把握了平衡。“I’m not entirely sure what choice we have. China is going to continue to become relatively more important, economically and militarily, and I hope that China uses that power responsibly,” he said. “Therefore a strategy of engagement is really the only sensible policy for the government to follow.”“我不太确定我们有什么选择。中国的相对重要性将变得越来越强,无论经济上还是军事上都是如此,我希望中国能够负责地运用这种力量。所以,保持接触才是英国政府应遵循的唯一明智的策略。”Mr Blunt’s committee is planning to examine Sino-British relations, although an inquiry is not likely until next year.外交事务特别委员会正计划审查中英关系,尽管调查工作多半会拖到明年才会启动。Sir Peter Bottomley, a member of the all-party Tibet group, said the UK ought to t carefully when criticising China’s treatment of Tibet given its own imperial history.英国议会跨党派西藏小组(All-Party Tibet Group)成员彼得娠罓利爵士(Sir Peter Bottomley)表示,鉴于英国自身的帝国史,英国在批评中国对待西藏的方式时应注意分寸。He said that he would like it if Beijing changed its stance on Tibet and on the Uighurs of north-western China. But he cautioned that life was a “balance”.彼得娠罓利爵士表示,他希望北京方面能够改变对待西藏和中国西北维吾尔族的态度,但他警告说生存之道在于“平衡”。“We are happy to have close relations with Saudi Arabia, where women are not able to drive,” he said. “We have tried to keep reasonable ties to Iran even though we have almost been in conflict with them...I think George Osborne had the balance pretty well right.”他说:“我们愿意与沙特阿拉伯保持密切关系,而那里的女性连车都不能开。我们一直努力与伊朗保持适度的关系,尽管我们过去几年几乎跟他们发生冲突……我认为乔治攠斯本很好地把握住了平衡。”Sir Malcolm Rifkind, a former Tory foreign secretary, said it would be “politically stupid” to limit economic relationships to other democracies.前保守党外交大臣马尔科姆里夫金德爵士(Sir Malcolm Rifkind)表示,仅与其他民主国家保持经济关系“在政治上是愚蠢的”。China now “called the shots” because of its economic strength and its huge population, he said.他表示,因为有经济实力和庞大的人口,中国现在能够“说了算”。“If the strategy is to say UK and China can achieve a long-term mutually beneficial relationship of an economic kind, that must make sense,” he said. “Twenty per cent of the world’s population. It is an entirely rational policy.”他说:“如果对华战略是认为英中两国可以达成经济上的长期互惠关系,那么这一策略肯定是合理的。中国人口占全球人口的20%。这个政策完全合理。”An economic relationship could be part of a broader process that led to a political relationship and a “sharing of values”, he suggested.里夫金德爵士认为,经济关系可以是更广泛进程的一部分,这一进程可通向政治关系和“共享的价值观”。Andrew Rosindell, a Tory member of foreign affairs committee said he saw no problem with the Osborne trip, given Britain’s need for foreign investment.外交事务委员会成员、保守党人安德鲁圠魿戴尔(Andrew Rosindell)表示,鉴于英国亟需外国投资,他认为奥斯本此次访华之旅无可指摘。“I think that in terms of human rights, I don’t think we can impose British standards on China,” he said. “I think that’s something that happens over time, gradually.”他说:“我认为在人权方面,我们不应将英国的标准强加给中国。我认为那是要随着时间的推移一步步来的事情。”Sir Malcolm was foreign secretary in the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997.1997年香港主权移交前夕,里夫金德爵士是英国外交大臣。“I said to my counterpart that it was important to maintain the rule of law,” he recalled.他回忆道:“我当时对中国外长说,维护法治是非常重要的。”“His reply with a straight face was, ‘yes, people must obey the law’. He didn’t understand what I meant.”“他一本正经地回答我,‘是的,人们必须遵守法律’。他根本没明白我的意思。”Nearly two decades ago, however, China was still “economically third rate” and was still very far from being a superpower, he said. “Now it is a very different situation and they call the shots in a way they couldn’t then.”里夫金德爵士说,不过那是快20年前的事了,当时的中国“在经济上还是个三流国家”,离成为超级大国还非常遥远。“现在的局面截然不同,现在他们能说了算,过去他们可不行。”Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat’s foreign affairs spokesperson, said that: “Foreign policy towards China should not only be about business. When the chancellor sits down with senior Chinese officials he must give equal time to human rights.”英国自民党(Liberal Democrats)外交事务发言人汤姆布雷克(Tom Brake)表示:“对华外交政策不应仅围绕商业。当我们的财政大臣与中国高级官员坐到一起时,他必须花同样长的时间谈论人权问题。” /201509/401280福州去那治疗弱精

三明市检查女性不孕到哪里好 HONG KONG — The Chinese government announced on Monday that residents of Shenzhen would be limited to one visit to Hong Kong a week, in a move to defuse public anger here over surging numbers of mainland Chinese visitors who cross the border to buy goods.香港——中国政府周一宣布,深圳居民每周只能前往香港一次,采取这一举动是为了平息公众的愤怒。此前人数激增的内地游客前往香港购物,引发了不满。Until now, many residents of Shenzhen, the city next to Hong Kong, could cross the border daily using multiple-entry permits — much more easily and often than many other mainland Chinese residents. But the cross-border visitors became the focus of raucous protests in Hong Kong in recent months. Demonstrators complained that many frequent commuters were smuggling goods back to China, pushing up demand in Hong Kong for medicines, cosmetics, milk powder and other goods, driving up shop rents, squeezing out other businesses and disrupting life near the border.深圳毗邻香港,到目前为止,很多深圳居民每天都可以凭借“一签多行”签注往返香港,比其他内地居民更便利、更频繁。但最近几个月,赴港旅客在香港遭遇了激烈的抗议。示威者抱怨称,很多频繁往来两地的人员走私商品,并运回内地,加大了香港对药品、化妆品、奶粉及其他商品的需求,推高了店租,排挤了其他生意,也扰乱了边境附近地区的生活。The Chinese Ministry of Public Security said on Monday that permanent residents of Shenzhen applying for new multiple-entry permits for Hong Kong would be limited to one visit a week, reported Xinhua, the state news agency.官方通讯社新华社报道,中国公安部周一表示,将会向申请“一签多行”签注的深圳永久居民发放“一周一行”签注。“Tensions between the numbers of visitors to Hong Kong and the capacity of Hong Kong to absorb them has become increasingly clear,” Xinhua reported, citing an unidentified official from the Ministry of Public Security, which controls visas.新华社报道,公安部的一名官员表示,“赴港旅游人数与香港旅游承载能力的矛盾日益显现。”公安部负责发放签注,报道中没有提及这名官员的姓名。The police on both the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese sides of the border have repeatedly tried to crack down on travelers who avoid duties by falsely claiming that they are carrying goods for their own use and by concealing or understating the value of goods. But the numbers of people crossing the border at Shenzhen have overwhelmed those efforts. In 2013, the Hong Kong introduced limits on the amount of milk powder, in great demand by Chinese parents, which travelers could take out of the territory.香港和内地的警方多次采取行动,试图打击那些谎称所带商品为自用、瞒报或低报商品价值,从而逃避关税的游客。但在深圳过关来往香港的游客人数,超出了警方的应对能力。2013年,香港对于携带奶粉的数量做出了限制,内地家长对奶粉的需求极大,而游客可以将奶粉带出香港。The cross-border merchants have helped keep alive tensions in Hong Kong over mainland Chinese influence, following street demonstrations last year against Beijing’s proposals for electoral changes in Hong Kong that would deny many residents’ demands for an open election for the city’s leader, or chief executive. Since Hong Kong, a former British colony, returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, it has maintained its own laws and border controls, meaning that mainland visitors cannot cross the border at will.去年香港爆发街头抗议,反对北京提出的香港选举改革方案。该方案回绝了香港民众通过公开选举产生香港领导人的诉求。之后香港出现了针对内地影响的紧张情绪,而往返于两地的商贩在一定程度上延续了这种紧张。香港是前英国殖民地,自1997年回归中国以来,香港保留了自己的法律和边境管控权,这意味着内地人不能随意进入香港。Hong Kong residents who had joined the protests against the cross-border traders said the decision showed that Beijing could be forced to make concessions.参加抗议活动反对往返两地的商贩的香港居民表示,这一决定说明,通过施压可以让北京方面做出让步。“This shows that our voice can make a difference,” said Andy Yung Wai-yip, a beach lifeguard who said he took part in the protests against the mainland traders, as well as in the pro-democracy demonstrations last year. “I was pessimistic before, but this gives me hope for our movement,” he said Sunday, after the Hong Kong news media reported the proposed visa changes.“这表明我们的声音能够带来改变,”海滩救生员翁炜业(Andy Yung Wai-yip,音)表示。他说自己也参加了反对内地商贩的抗议活动,以及去年的民主示威活动。“我以前很悲观,但这件事激起了我对运动的希望,”周日,他在香港媒体报道签注改革的提议之后说。But while the protesters have cast the visitors as a blight, mainland Chinese and Hong Kong officials have said that critics are exaggerating the problem of smuggling and warned that tensions were deterring mainlanders from visiting Hong Kong, which relies on tourism for 5 percent of its economic activity. In 2014, mainland Chinese made 47.2 million visits to Hong Kong, an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. The numbers continued to climb until March, when Hong Kong officials said there was a drop, apparently prompted by the protests.尽管抗议者对游客视若仇雠,但是内地人和香港官员都表示,批评人士夸大了走私问题,并警告称紧张局面让内地人不敢造访香港。香港5%的经济活动依赖于旅游业。2014年,赴港内地游客达4720万人次,同比增长了16%。直到3月前,相关数字一直在增加。3月,香港官员称数据出现下跌,这似乎是由抗议引起的。In the Shatin district, one of the parts of northern Hong Kong packed with mainland visitors shopping with trolleys to lug goods across the border, shop workers said the visitor limits would hurt business. Share prices of several Hong Kong retailers fell on Monday morning.香港北部的很多区域都挤满了推着手推车购物,再拖着货物过境的内地游客,沙田区就是其中之一。这里的店员说,限制游客的政策将会影响生意。周一上午,几家香港零售商的股价都出现了下跌。“It will definitely hurt our business and the retail sector,” Fong Hon-chung, a manager of the Kwok Shing Dispensary, said in an interview before the Chinese government announcement. He said about two-thirds of the dispensary’s business came from mainland shoppers. “Some of the pharmacies here will inevitably go out of business.”“那肯定会损害我们的生意和零售行业,”国城参茸中西大药房(Kwok Shing Dispensary)的经理方汉聪(Fong Hon-chung,音)在内地政府公布这项政策前接受采访时说。他说,药房大约三分之二的生意都来自内地顾客。 “这里的一些药房不可避免地会倒闭。”One-tenth of the total number of mainland Chinese visits to Hong Kong last year were made by Shenzhen residents who crossed the border more than once a week, Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive of Hong Kong, said at a news conference on Monday. But many of the people who smuggle goods from Hong Kong into China are Hong Kong residents, who will not be affected by the limits on mainlanders, Mr. Leung said. He added that the police and other agencies would develop new approaches to deter smuggling by Hong Kong residents.香港行政长官梁振英(Leung Chun-ying)在周一的新闻发布会上表示,去年每周到香港超过一次的深圳居民,占赴港内地游客总人次的十分之一。梁振英说,但是很多从香港走私货物到内地的人,都是香港居民,他们不会因为针对内地人的限制而受到影响。他还表示,警方和其他机构将制定新政策,来遏制香港居民的走私行为。“I suppose the new policy is only fair if it applies to them as well,” Frand Fong, a Shenzhen resident visiting Hong Kong on what he said was his weekly shopping trip, said in an interview. “I’m too busy at work to come here more than once a week, so I’m not affected.”“我觉得新政策要同样适用于他们,才称得上公平,”到访香港的深圳居民弗兰德·冯(Frand Fong)在接受采访时说。他说自己每周都会来香港购物。 “我工作太忙了,没办法每周来香港超过一次,所以我不会受影响。” /201504/370525福州做输卵管造影的医院福州去那里输卵管复通好



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