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这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:听新手的话,今天她最大!译者:koogle。

  • How can you stay in shape on the road when you won’t have regular access to a gym, bicycle, pool, even a jogging trail?Once, after returning on a transpacific flight from a Christmas vacation, I planned to stay in Tokyo for two days.I arrived on December 30th and stayed out all night for New Year’s, checked out of the hotel after stumbling back in the morning, and then continued to be awake all day until an express 8-hour midnight train to Kyoto to look at some temples.Unfortunately, I was so exhausted after that train ride that I slept for the duration of my stay in a youth hostel near the train station, slurping ramen and watching DVDs in my few waking hours.The moral of the story? Don’t travel too hard.This is advisable for any number of reasons, including the danger of getting drained and unable to function at an optimum physical level.By forcing myself through all-nights and an unreasonable travel schedule, I not only ensured I would be unable to complete my itinerary, I also drained myself of the ability to do anything spontaneous along the way.But how to stay in shape on the road when you won’t have regular access to a gym, bicycle, pool, even a jogging trail? Here are 5 tips for keeping fit on the road.1. RunAlthough there may not be a trail, there’s always some place to run if you know where to look. Large lakes are your best bet for a paved, level path, but feel free to speed through the countryside at 5 mpm (minutes per mile, you rookies) and startle those just leaving the house.A useful website (better than Google maps, I think) can help you chart as-the-crow-flies distances across the globe: Gmaps Pedometer.Incidentally, if you don’t have room to pack a pair of running shoes and live near open fields, barefoot running is better for your bones and form. Just watch out for sharp objects.2. Play Ultimate FrisbeeFor some reason, ultimate clubs seem to be a global standard for expats. Naturally, there are other choices available to you, but none quite as widesp (probably because it’s a simple team sport requiring the least massive equipment).Reach out to your local expat community to inquire about meeting times.3. Find Fitness CentersGyms can be expensive no matter where you are, and chances are you don’t want to be tied to a six-or twelve-month membership.See if your area has a YMCA. If you’re in a small town, try to negotiate a decent per diem rate; better yet, make friends with the owner.Otherwise, it’s a better idea to save your money and effort: instead of bench presses, have someone sit on your back while you do pushups; bring a small hand weight with you for arm workouts; take advantage of your environment by rock climbing, kayaking, or doing martial arts…you get the idea.4. Sample Local FlavorCubicle life might be stable and comfortable, but now that you’ve chosen to travel, to break the mold, so should it be with how you decide to keep fit every day. Open your body to new possibilities.Tai Chi in the parks of Peking. Caber tossing in Scotland. Climbing the steps of Aztec temples and Egyptian pyramids (if you care to bribe the authorities).No one is saying you can’t return to a regular 90 minutes on the weight, 30 minutes of aquajogging, and 17.5 minutes of stretching – just seize what is available to you on the road.5. Stay Away From McDonaldsJust before I arrived in Japan, I weighed 200 lbs (in a good way… and yeah, a little fat too) and went to the gym regularly. Within a few months, I dropped down to 180 lbs and developed more lean muscle.Why? The Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. If you’re passing through Narita Airport at some point during your Asian travels, take a moment to just look around. Notice anything unusual?There are hardly any obese people in Japan. This is in sharp contrast in many American airports. I believe the healthy Japanese diet is due to two differences in cuisine: smaller portion size and less butter and grease.With fewer familiar western-style dishes in Japan, I experimented with a variety of healthier foods and came to love the local cuisine.Bottom lineKeep track of your pace while on the road. For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, traveling for long periods of time isn’t always ideal.Once you’ve had a taste of what it means to be in shape and reach your physical peak – strength, high metabolism, stamina, speed, agility - you start to wonder how you could have lived any other way.What are your ideas for staying in shape while traveling? Share your thoughts in the comments!Turner Wright is a marathon runner first, an adventurer second, and a writer through it all. He has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and currently lives in Kagoshima, Japan. Check out his blog, Keeping Pace in Japan. 当你没有常规的方法来实现上健身房,骑自行车,游泳,甚至是慢跑时,怎样做到在乘车旅行时保持健康呢?我曾经在一次过完圣诞节假期从太平洋彼岸回来之后,又计划到东京去待了两天。我12月30日到后在外面度过了新年之夜,早上才蹒跚着来到旅馆登记入住。然后我一直没睡着,直到乘上了8个小时车程的开往东京参观寺庙的特快火车。不幸运的是,下火车之后我已经筋疲力尽了,以至于我呆在那里的时间里都是在青年旅社睡觉,在我少数醒着的时间里我就做做祷告或看一些视频光盘。这个事情说明了一个什么道理呢?那就是我们不要在旅行中太过辛苦了。这个道理在很多时候都是可取的,包括筋疲力尽后不能以最好的身体状况来旅游带来的危险。在迫使我自己彻夜未眠和遵循了一个不合理的行程安排后,我想我不仅完成不了我的旅行了, 而且在途中我也耗光了我自己的精力。那么当你没有常规的方法来实现去健身房,骑自行车,游泳,甚至是慢跑时,怎样做到在乘车旅行时保持健康呢?这里有5点能帮助你做到。1. 跑步如果你知道你要去的方向,你就不会因为没有小路而无处可跑。大型湖泊最好地为你提供了平坦的小路,但是你可能会在穿过乡间时不自觉地加快速度到5英里每分钟,同时也会为你离住所很远而吃惊。Gmaps Pedometer是一个很有用的网站(我认为比谷歌好),它能帮助你记录穿过地球的直线距离。顺便说一句,如果你没有足够的空间塞进跑鞋,而你又住在空旷的地方的话,赤脚跑会对你的骨骼和形体更加有好处。但是要小心一些尖利的东西。2. 玩极限飞盘由于一些原因,极限俱乐部对移居外国的人来说就像是一个全球的标杆。当然,你也可以有其他的选择,但是并不是很普遍存在的(原因可能是它是一个需要最少装备的简单团队运动)。着手去打听你当地移民者社区的运动会时间吧。3. 寻找一个适当的中心无论你身处何地去健身房都是价格不菲的,而你也很可能不会愿意让6个月,甚至12给月的会员资格把自己套牢。观察你附近的区域是否有基督教青年会。如果你在一个小城镇,就试图协商到一个入会的好价格,如果能和所有人做朋友那就更好了。除此之外,这里还有一个能为你节约钱和精力的好方法:当你做伏地挺身时,不要用长凳,而是让一个人坐在你的背上;在做手臂运动时捆上一个重量适中的小物品;利用好你攀岩,皮筏,或练习武术的环境。。。你了解到这个想法了吧。4. 体验当地风情卧室生活是安定而舒适的,但是既然你选择要去旅游,暂停这样的生活,那你就应该下决心每天如何做才能保持将康的身体。来开发你身体的新潜能吧。比如在北京公园里的太极,在苏格兰的掷木桩,在阿芝克台人庙宇上和埃及金字塔上的爬阶梯(如果你贿赂当地政府的话)。没有人说你不能从常规的90分钟的负重,30分钟的慢跑和17.5分钟的拉伸练习中恢复过来shy;shy;——你只要抓住你乘车旅行中可用的机会就好了。5. 远离麦当劳在我到达日本之前,我体重为200英镑(状态良好,或者有一点偏胖),也经常到体育馆健身。在几个月的时间里,我体重就减少到180英镑,也练出了不少肌肉。这是为什么呢?日本的饮食习惯是世界上最健康之一。如果你在亚洲的旅行中经过成田机场,环顾一下四周,看看有什么不寻常。在日本很少有非常肥胖的人。这与在美国的很多机场有着鲜明的对比。我相信日本健康的饮食主要归功于烹饪中的两点不同,那就是分量小和黄油油脂少。在日本少量的不正式西方菜肴中,我用很多健康的食物做了个尝试,也开始喜欢上当地的食物了。底线在旅途中保持自己的步伐。对每个有着积极的生活方式的人来说,长时间的旅行并不是很理想。一旦你尝试了所谓的保持健康的方法和达到你体力的顶峰——力量,高速新陈代谢,耐力,速度,和敏捷——你就会开始惊叹你曾经怎么会有过那样生活方式。你对在旅途中保持健康有什么样的想法吗?请在注释中和我们分享。Turner Wright 首先是一个马拉松运动员,然后是一个探险家和作家。他在Austin的高级舱房大学里有航空和航天工程,目前他居住在日本的鹿兒島.检查这个客,让他在日本并进齐驱。 /200806/42587。
  • It isn#39;t just the beer that contributes to beer bellies. It could also be the extra calories, fat and unhealthy eating choices that may come with moderate drinking. 啤酒肚的形成并不只是因为啤酒本身。饮酒会使人摄入额外的卡路里和脂肪、选择不健康的饮食,这些也都是形成啤酒肚的帮凶。 A recent study found that men consume an additional 433 calories (equivalent to a McDonald#39;s double cheeseburger) on days they drink a moderate amount of alcohol. About 61% of the caloric increase comes from the alcohol itself. Men also report eating higher amounts of saturated fats and meat, and less fruit and milk, on those days than on days when they aren#39;t drinking, the study showed. 近期一项研究发现,男性在饮酒量适中的情况下,会额外摄入433卡路里热量(相当于一个麦当劳双层吉士汉堡)。约61%的多余热量来自酒类本身。研究还表明,男性在饮酒时会比平日摄入更多饱和脂肪和肉类,而减少水果和牛奶的食用量。 Women fared a bit better, taking in an extra 300 calories on moderate-drinking days, from the alcohol and eating fattier foods. But women#39;s increase in calories from additional eating wasn#39;t statistically significant, the study said. 女性的情况略好,适量饮酒时会多摄入300卡路里,来源于酒和油腻食物。研究也指出,从数据上来看,女性因食物摄入量增加而造成的热量摄入增加并不显著。 #39;Men and women ate less healthily on days they drank alcohol,#39; said Rosalind Breslow, an epidemiologist with the federal National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and lead author of the study. #39;Poorer food choices on drinking days have public-health implications,#39; she said. 流行病学家罗莎琳德#12539;布雷斯洛(Rosalind Breslow)说:“男性和女性喝酒的时候吃得都不太健康。”她是这项研究的带头人,效力于美国国家酒精滥用及酗酒问题研究所(National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)。她说:“是饮酒时的食物选择不当给公众健康造成了隐患。” The findings dovetail with controlled lab studies in which participants generally eat more food after consuming alcohol. Researchers suggest that alcohol may enhance #39;the short-term rewarding effects#39; of consuming food, according to a 2010 report in the journal Physiology amp; Behavior that reviewed previous studies on alcohol, appetite and obesity. 研究发现与实验室对照实验相吻合,在实验中,参与者往往在喝酒之后食量更大。《生理学与行为学》(Physiology amp; Behavior)期刊在2010年发表了一项关于酒精、食欲与肥胖的报告,研究者认为酒精会增进摄入食物时的“短期奖赏效应”。 But other studies have pointed to a different trend. Moderate drinkers gain less weight over time than either heavy drinkers or people who abstain from alcohol, particularly women, this research has shown. Moderate drinking is considered having about two drinks a day for men and one for women. 但是其他研究的结果却截然相反。一项研究表明,长期以来,适量饮酒的人体重增长比酒量大或者滴酒不沾的人更慢,特别是在女性群体中。适量饮酒指的是,男性每天大约喝两杯酒,女性为一杯。 #39;People who gain the least weight are moderate drinkers, regardless of [alcoholic] beverage choice,#39; said Eric Rimm, an associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard Medical School and chairman of the 2010 review of alcohol in the federal dietary guidelines. The weight-gain difference is modest, and #39;starting to drink is not a weight-loss diet,#39; he said. 埃里克#12539;利姆(Eric Rimm)说:“体重增长最少的人都是适量饮酒的人,无论选择的是何种(酒精)饮料。”他是哈佛医学院(Harvard Medical School)流行病学与营养学副教授,也是2010年美国饮食指南酒类的主席。他说,体重增长的差异并不显著,所以“开始喝酒并不是个减肥办法。” The various research efforts form part of a long-standing debate about how alcohol affects people#39;s appetites, weight and overall health. Researchers say there aren#39;t simple answers, and suggest that individuals#39; metabolism, drinking patterns and gender may play a role. 各种各样的研究促成了持久的争论:到底酒精是如何作用于人的食欲、体重和整体健康的。研究者们说并不是单一的,每个人的新陈代谢、饮酒方式和性别都会有一定的影响。 Alcohol is #39;a real wild card when it comes to weight management,#39; said Karen Miller-Kovach, chief scientific officer of Weight Watchers International. At seven calories per gram, alcohol is closer to fat than to carbohydrate or protein in caloric content, she said. Alcohol tends to lower restraint, she notes, causing a person to become more indulgent with what they#39;re eating. Weight Watchers International首席科学官卡伦#12539;米勒-科瓦奇(Karen Miller-Kovach)说,酒精的确是“控制体重时的一个未知数” 。她说,以每克七卡路里来计算,酒精的卡路里含量比起碳水化合物和蛋白质更接近脂肪。她还提到,酒精会减弱人们的自制力,这使得人在吃东西时更加放纵自己。 Research bolstering the role of moderate drinking in helping to control weight gain was published in 2004 in the journal Obesity Research. That study followed nearly 50,000 women over eight years. An earlier study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1994, followed more than 7,000 people for 10 years and found that moderate drinkers gained less weight than nondrinkers. Studies comparing changes in waist circumference among different groups have yielded similar results. 《肥胖研究》(Obesity Research)期刊在2004年发表的一项研究肯定了适度饮酒在帮助控制体重增长中的作用。这项研究在八年间追踪了近50,000名女性。更早的一项研究发表于1994年的《美国流行病学杂志》(American Journal of Epidemiology),该研究对7,000人进行了10年的追踪,并发现适量饮酒的人比不喝酒的人体重增长得更少。两项研究都对不同组别腰围的变化进行了比较,并得出了相似的结论。 Dr. Rimm said it isn#39;t clear why moderate drinking may be protective against typical weight gain, but it could have to do with metabolic adjustments. After people drink alcohol, their heart rate increases so they burn more calories in the following hour. 利姆说适量饮酒者似乎可以抵抗一般的体重增长,其原因尚不明确,但可能与代谢调节有关。人们饮酒后,心跳加快,所以他们会在接下来的一小时里燃烧更多卡路里。 #39;It#39;s a modest amount,#39; he said. #39;But if you take an individual that eats 100 calories instead of a glass of wine, the person drinking the glass of wine will have a slight increase in the amount of calories burned.#39; “这一消耗量并不算高”,他说。“但是如果一个人吃了100卡食物,而另一个人喝了一杯酒,喝酒的人消耗的卡路里会略多一些。” Food choices could also play a role. Some studies suggest that women who drink alcohol eat fewer sweet foods, possibly because alcohol stimulates the same pleasure center in the brain as sweets, said Dr. Rimm. That isn#39;t seen as consistently in men. 酒后对于食物的选择也有一定影响。利姆说,一些研究表明,女性在饮酒后较少吃甜食,很可能是由于酒精与甜食一样刺激了脑部愉悦中枢。这一点在男性身上并无明显规律。 Men have more of the alcohol dehydrogenase group of enzymes that metabolize some alcohol in the stomach than women, said Andrea N. Giancoli, spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a professional organization. 安德烈娅#12539;N#12539;詹科利(Andrea N. Giancoli)说,相较于女性,男性体内拥有更多乙醇脱氢?,可将胃里的酒精分解代谢。她是专业机构营养与饮食学会(Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)的新闻发言人。 One theory for what this might mean is that women#39;s bodies divert alcohol not being broken down in the stomach to a different metabolic pathway that results in more calories being burned, said Ms. Giancoli, a registered dietitian near Los Angeles. As a result, fewer calories from alcohol may be stored in women as fat, she said. 这位身处洛杉矶附近的营养学家詹科利还说,有一个理论可以解释这种说法,女性的身体会将酒精转移,而不是在胃里分解输送到不同的代谢通道,这会导致消耗更多卡路里。她说,结果是,较少的来自酒类中的卡路里会被转化为脂肪储存于女性体内。 Another factor is drinking patterns. A 2005 study in the American Journal of Epidemiology looked at data from 45,896 drinkers. It found that as the quantity of drinking increased from one to four drinks in a day, the subjects#39; body-mass index increased. 另一个影响因素是饮酒习惯。《美国流行病学杂志》2005年的一项研究参照了45,896名饮酒者的数据。结果表明,随着每日饮酒量从一杯到四杯逐渐递增,饮酒者的身体质量指数也会上升。 #39;People who drank the least often but drank more on the days that they drank had higher BMI,#39; said Dr. Breslow, who co-authored the study. 研究合着者布雷斯洛说:“平时很少喝酒但偶尔大量饮酒的人身体质量指数更高。” Dr. Breslow#39;s latest study, which found caloric intake increases with moderate drinking, didn#39;t look at associations between alcohol and body weight or track food choices and diets over time. She suggested that people who increase their caloric intake with moderate drinking one day might compensate the next day by consuming less. 布雷斯洛的最新研究发现,卡路里吸收会因适量饮酒而增多,但研究并未考察酒精和体重之间的联系,也未追踪食物选择和长时间的饮食规律。她认为因适量饮酒而摄入了更多卡路里的人会在第二天少吃一点作为弥补。 The study, which appeared in the May issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and included 1,864 mostly moderate drinkers. 这项研究发表于5月的《美国临床营养学杂志》(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition),其对美国国家健康与营养检测调查(National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)中1,864名通常适量饮酒的人的数据进行了分析。 Another study, which looked at data from nearly 16,000 individuals over a year, concluded that as alcohol consumption increased there was a decline in diet quality. 另一项研究参考了近16,000人全年的数据,得出的结论是饮食的质量随着酒精摄入量的增加而降低。 That research was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2010. 这项研究刊登在2010年的《美国营养协会杂志》(Journal of the American Dietetic Association)上。 David Jensen, a 56-year-old who considers himself overweight, says cutting his daily drink or two helped him reduce nighttime snacking. #39;You have a glass of wine and then it#39;s, oh man, I need cheese with that, or I need chocolate. You end up eating all this other stuff,#39; said Mr. Jensen, who lives near Seattle and works as a translator for financial clients. 今年56岁的大卫#12539;詹森(David Jensen)认为自己体重超标,他说减少日常饮酒量有助于少吃夜宵。詹森说:“如果你喝了一杯酒,就会想,哎呀,我需要配一块奶酪下酒,或者我要一块巧克力。”他住在西雅图附近,为金融客户提供翻译务。 Last year he stopped drinking for five months and lost just over 10 pounds #39;with really no effort,#39; Mr. Jensen said. 詹森说,去年他戒酒五个月,体重“不费吹灰之力”地减轻10磅有余(约合4.5公斤)。 But once he started drinking again his weight went up and he is back to where he started. 但是当他重新开始喝酒时,体重立刻反弹回到了原点。 /201309/256026。
  • Ever feel like you’ve gone and said too much? Again? Maybe you kill a joke or ruin a great moment. Foot in ze ol’ mouth.是不是觉得自己又说太多了?也许你不经意就会毁了一个笑话,或是完全破坏了气氛。要记住祸从口出呐。Well listen up. And shut up. Not many people know it but shutting up can be the trump card in a lot of situations.我们应该多听,不该说话的时候学会闭嘴。不是每个人都知晓这一点,但沉默在很多场合下的确是最好的王牌。Shutting up helps you appear wise and avoid conflict. In general, it can make life easier which it turn makes you a happier person. Here’s how and when to just shut up.沉默会让你更加智慧,避免纷争。总而言之,它能让生活更加简单,让你成为更快乐的人。下面将告诉你在什么时候应该学会沉默。1) When people are gossiping1. 大家在八卦时People love gossiping and many of us can’t help it. It’s refreshing. It makes life seem a bit better. But the next time you hear gossiping, especially about your friends, try holding your tongue. Listen to what the gossiper is saying, it may reveal a lot about both parties. Instead of being like “yeahh, she is a b*$$#,” try saying “well, she’s trying her hardest” and see what the response is. Deny yourself that tiny pleasure from putting someone else down.人们都爱八卦,这是大家没法控制的事情。八卦能让人精神振奋,似乎生活也变得更好了。但如果你听到了一些八卦,尤其是关于你朋友的,还是闭上嘴吧。听听那些聊八卦的人在说什么,也许能让你更加了解自己的朋友。与其说:“是啊,她真的很贱。” 不如说:“我知道她已经很努力了”,看看别人的反应。别让自己的小快乐建立在贬低别人的基础上。2) When asked about your love life2. 被问到感情生活时How was last night? Did it go well wink wink? We’ve all heard these prying questions from roommates and friends and it’s fun boasting our conquests (especially when they’re few and far between). But you’re better off remaining mysterious. Keeping quiet about your hookups will make your admirers respect, and seek you out, even more. Only talk love life if you really need advice.昨晚怎么样?约会进展如何?我们的室友和朋友们往往会问出这样窥探类的问题,炫耀自己的战利品的确很有意思(尤其是TA们的确很出色的话),但你最好还是保持点神秘感。对自己的约会守口如瓶还能让你的追求者们更加尊重欣赏你。等到实在需要建议时再谈论自己的感情生活吧。3) After an obviously erroneous statement3. 在别人发表明显错误的言论后We all get called out from time to time at the office and in social settings. But sometimes letting someone’s accusation linger in the air exposes its flaws. Sure you’ve got to defend yourself sometimes, but if someone takes a really stupid jab at you, and others notice, you might look stronger just saying nothing and chuckling instead. Let that person roast in their own stupidity.我们时不时会被叫去办公室(类似这样的公开环境里)谈话。有时任别人对你公开的指责往往能暴露他的缺陷。你当然可以辩解,但如果某人对你进行愚蠢的攻击,其他人也注意到了,你倒不如保持沉默轻声的笑一笑,这样会让你看起来更加强大。就让那个人充分展现自己愚蠢的一面吧!4) At the near-end of a joke4. 笑话的尾声No one likes the guy who kills a joke. Instead of asking, “wait what was that?” just play along with jokes and funny stories, even those you don’t fully understand, adding new information instead of beating the heck out of them. You’ll be more popular starting a joke than finishing it.没有人喜欢破坏笑话的人。与其问“等等,你刚才说了什么?” 不如假装一直很享受这些笑话和故事,哪怕你根本没听懂,加点新信息进去,而不是彻底毁了这些笑话,这样的幽默能让你更加受欢迎哦。5) When you’re the expert5. 你是专家时Experts are reserved. They wisely interject their knowledge into a discussion. So when your friend or colleague sets you up saying “hey, he knows all about this” at dinner don’t feel like you have to pour out all your knowledge. No need to prove yourself. Instead, be reserved, say thanks, and give a concise, even self-deprecating summary of what you do. Try to act like you get congratulated all the time.真人不露相。他们总是巧妙的把自己的知识插入讨论之中。所以如果饭局上你的朋友或同事把你推出来说“嗨,他是这方面的专家,” 千万别觉得你得把肚子里的知识全部倒出来。真的没必要实自己。不如隐藏一下,说句谢谢,对自己干的事情做一个简洁谦逊的总结。要表现的自己像一直需要被鼓励的人那样。6) When under fire6. 矛盾激化时Getting in trouble is a part of life and sometimes the person in power just needs to run through everything they’re upset about. Bosses yell, referees yells, our spouses yell. It does not always help to talk back. On the other hand, be silent and take the blows, then find a good time to say a concise sorry. Even if you’re not in the wrong. This will get you out of jail and on with your life a whole lot quicker.人生总是难免遇到麻烦。有权利的人往往需要对所有让他们失望的事发泄一下。老板在咆哮,裁判在咆哮,我们的另一半也在咆哮。其实并不需要去回应他们。不如保持沉默,一一承受,再找个合适的时机简单说一句对不起,哪怕你没有做错。你就会脱离苦海,生活进展更快。7) When talking about money7. 谈到钱的问题Don’t mention your salary when others are bragging and don’t whine about being owed money. Lend to your friends, it’ll come back around. An aura of quiet confidence around money issues will help you someday find riches.在别人吹牛时,别也跟着提及自己的薪水问题,更不要对借出去的钱发牢骚。借给你的朋友,他们总会还的。在钱的问题上保持沉默,这样的自信总会有天让你发现其价值所在。8) In line at an event8. 排队等候时This one is specific, but I’ve noticed that those who wait patiently to get into a club or concert often get through faster than the loud mouths begging for entrance. Being loud and belligerent gets you nowhere and a quiet confidence makes it look like you belong.这条比较特别,但我发现那些静静等候俱乐部或音乐会入场的人往往比那些吵吵闹闹的人们进去的要快。吵吵闹闹只会让你找不到方向,安静一点才让你看起来真正属于这里。9) When congratulated9. 被祝贺时A smooth and confident “thank you” is the best response to a congratulations. It’s true. Just saying thank you is enough. Don’t say “oh, well it was all him” or “yeah, I don’t know how I did it” or something equally blasé. Just be the man, say thank you, and go dominate your next conquest.对于祝贺最好的回答莫过于一句“谢谢”。的确是这样,说谢谢就够了。不要说“这都是他的功劳” 或是“啊,我都不知道自己怎么做到的”,或是其他类似的话语。就绅士点,说句谢谢吧,然后向着自己下个目标进军。10) When some is divulging secrets10. 某人对你吐露秘密时If you find yourself in a rare moment when someone in power or with useful information has decided to pour it out for you, please just listen. You’ll learn a lot. Understand how valuable the information is and store it away for use later on. A smile is all the response you need to give.如果你发现自己身处一个特殊的场合,某个有权利的人或掌握有用消息的人突然对你倾诉,那就好好倾听吧。你会学到很多东西。了解这些信息到底有多重要,然后自己消化以备以后的需要。这种情况下你只需要回馈一个笑容。Shutting up is an art form. Spot these moments in advance and trust me, you’ll reap the silent benefits.学会沉默是一门艺术。提前知晓这些该沉默的场合,相信我,你会从中受益良多。 /201302/224880。
  • Nestle, the world#39;s biggest food company, has removed beef pasta meals from shelves in Italy and Spain after tests revealed traces of horse DNA above 1 percent. Swiss-based Nestle, which just last week said products under its labels were not affected by the escalating horsemeat scandal, said it had informed the authorities, according to a report on the Financial Times website. Nestle was not immediately available for comment. The discovery of horsemeat in products labelled as beef began in Ireland last month and has rapidly sp across Europe, resulting in several product withdrawals and government investigations into the long and complex food-processing chains that criss-cross the continent.据英国《每日电讯》报道,世界上最大的食品公司雀巢(Nestle)在一些检测中发现牛肉食品里含有1%以上的马肉DNA后,将其牛肉面食从意大利和西班牙的食品架上撤出。Nestle withdrew two chilled pasta products, Buitoni Beef Ravioli and Beef Tortellini, in Italy and Spain, the FT said. Lasagnes a la Bolognaise Gourmandes, a frozen product for catering businesses produced in France, will also be withdrawn.雀巢在意大利和西班牙撤回两种冷冻面制食品,分别为雀巢牛肉馄饨和牛肉水饺。 /201312/269583。
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