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三明市做人授手术专业医院福州去那里看弱精最好宁德去哪治疗封闭抗体 5.Heartburn Drugs Have Deadly Side Effects5.胃灼烧药物有致命的副作用One of the main problems with medications is that, while they usually do a decent job of treating what they#39;re supposed to treat, they often cause horrible side effects. And even though it#39;s the doctor#39;s job to tell people about those side effects, sometimes that just doesn#39;t happen. For example, proton pump inhibitors, a type of heartburn drug marketed under the brand names Nexium and Prilosec, have been linked to bone decay, birth defects, and an inability to absorb vitamin B12, which can lead to permanent neurological damage.关于药物的一个主要问题是,在它们有效地治疗它们所针对的病症时,往往尾随而至的是药物可怕的副作用。即使告知那些药物的副作用是医生的职责所在,但有时他们也会避而不谈。例如,质子泵抑制剂(proton pump inhibitors),一种治疗胃灼烧的药剂,在市场上以耐信(Nexium)和洛赛克(Prilosec)的品牌名出售,这种药物也许会造成骨衰老和先天畸形,并且它还会使人体丧失吸收维生素B12的能力,从而导致永久性神经受损。Despite that, Nexium was the single most prescribed drug in 2012, and in many cases it doesn#39;t even work. It#39;s usually prescribed to treat Barrett#39;s esophagus, which is when excess stomach acid burns the lining of the esophagus, but the pills don#39;t do a thing for the condition. Pediatricians have even started prescribing these meds to infants, even though it#39;s been proven that doing so can actually cause permanent intestinal disorders.此外,2012年医生开得最多的一种处方药就是耐信,并且多数情况下,它甚至没有一点效用。医生所开处方上的阿司匹林药物通常是用以治疗胃酸过多而灼烧食道所引起的巴雷特食管症(Barrett#39;s esophagus),但实际上这些药片却对此没有丝毫效用。儿科医师甚至在给婴幼儿开的药方中也开始使用此种药物,尽管已有研究明,这样做实际上会导致永久性的肠道功能紊乱。4.;Safe; X-Rays Still Cause Cancer4.;安全的;X射线也会引发癌症It#39;s a well-known fact that gamma radiation and X-rays carry the risk of kickstarting cancer. Now, we#39;re constantly exposed to radiation just by being alive, so there#39;s a general guideline for ;safe exposure; to X-rays, which the medical profession sticks to when they look for broken bones or give you a mammogram. Radiation is measured in units called sieverts, and every year you#39;re exposed to about 2.4 millisieverts, just from general background radiation; by contrast, a mammogram only gives you about 0.7 millisieverts.众所周知,伽马射线(gamma radiation)和 X射线(X-rays)有致癌风险。而现在的我们为了活下来,就要常常将自己暴露于辐射之下, 因此医生为你检查断裂的骨头或是给你做乳房X光摄影检查(mammogram)的时候,就会大体为你说明一下关于X射线;安全曝光;的原理。辐射是以西弗茨(sieverts)的单位来衡量的,你每年光是受到的背景辐射就约有2.4毫西弗;与之相比,一次乳房X光摄影检查仅仅只会给你带来0.7毫西弗的辐射。The difference, though, is that medical X-rays pop that radiation into you in the space of minutes, whereas it takes a whole year to absorb your typical background radiation. And it#39;s a huge difference, even with low-radiation ;safe; X-rays. In the UK, diagnostic X-rays cause about 700 cases of cancer each year. And it could be even worse than that—some researchers claim that the majority of cancer cases were either caused or aggravated by medical X-rays. And to top it all off, women who get X-rays when pregnant have been found more likely to give birth to children with cancer. And a CT scan is the go-to diagnostic tool for young children, which, you guessed it, is just another type of X-ray.然而,两者之间的区别在于,医用X射线在几分钟的时间内就将辐射注入你的体内,而背景辐射却需要你花上整整一年的时间来吸收。这是一个巨大的差别,甚至连低辐射的;安全;X射线也是如此。在英国,医用诊断X射线每年会导致约700起癌症病例。更糟糕的是——一些研究者声称多数癌症病例都是由医用X射线所导致的,或者说医用X射线加重了癌症患者的病情。更有甚者,女性如果在怀期间进行x光检查,那么她极有可能生下一个患有癌症的小孩。并且作为小孩首选诊断工具的CT扫描(电脑断层扫描),正如你所猜想的那样,也不过是X射线的另一种样式。3.Doctors Get Paid When You Buy Certain Drugs3.医生会从某种药物的售卖中获得报酬Conspiracy theorists aren#39;t shy about proclaiming the evils of Big Pharma. But conspiracy theory is one thing, and documented proof is a whole different beast. When the Harvard Law School took a closer look, they realized that they didn#39;t have to dig very deep at all to discover that doctors are paid handsomely to prescribe certain drugs, even when those drugs turn out to be harmful.阴谋论者不怯于公开大型制药公司的恶行。但阴谋论是一回事,而文献据则完全是另一回事。哈佛大学法学院对此进行更为细致的观察后意识到一个问题,人们只要稍稍留心一下就会发现,医生能够从某一种特定的处方药中得到可观的报酬,甚至有时他们开出的那些处方药对人体有害。One of the most publicized recent cases was Dr. Joseph L. Biederman, who began diagnosing two-year-old toddlers with bipolar disorder and prescribing strong antipsychotics that were never approved by the FDA for children under 10. The manufacturer of the antipsychotics paid him .6 million. Then there#39;s Dr. Alan F. Schatzberg, who began prescribing an abortion drug to treat depression—he owned .8 million of stock in the company that produced the drug. And then you have Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff, who received 0,000 to advertise as safe a drug that can cause seizures and paralysis The fact is, doctors are allowed to prescribe any drug for any illness, no matter what the drug was originally intended to treat. We#39;re not making a blanket statement saying all doctors take money to prescribe questionable treatments—but how do you know which ones do?最近就有这样的一起案例,约瑟夫医生(Dr. Joseph L. Biederman)为一位患有躁郁症的两岁幼童开出药性强烈的精神抑制药(antipsychotics),食物及药品(FDA)规定这种药物不可用于10岁以下孩童。这种精神抑制药的制造商给了他160万美元的报酬。另外一个例子就是,艾伦医生((Dr. Alan F. Schatzberg))用堕胎药治疗抑郁症——他在生产此药的公司中占有480万美元的股份。再就是查尔斯医生(Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff)为一种会导致癫痫和瘫痪的药物做广告,宣称这种药物是安全的,这样他就能获得50万美元的报酬。 事实上,医生是被允许为任何疾病开出任何药物的,不论他开出的药物本来是针对何种病情。我们不能以偏概全地说所有的医生都会为了得到报酬而开出问题药方——但你又怎么知道有哪些医生会这样做呢?2.Pandemic Scares Are Over-Hyped2.被过度夸大的流感恐慌Who can forget the swine flu pandemic in 2009 and 2010? When the World Health Organization called for a state of global emergency, the world went haywire. Lines for the vaccine stretched for blocks, and doctors everywhere told people to seek immediate treatment.谁能够忘记2009年和2010年的甲型H1N1流感?当世界健康组织宣布全球流感处于紧急状态时,整个世界开始陷入一片混乱。等候接种疫苗的长队延伸过好几个街区,并且每个地方的医生都劝说人们及时就医。Over the course of about 10 months, pharmaceutical companies raked in #163;6.5 billion (about .5 billion in 2010) from vaccine sales. Doctors tied to the vaccine#39;s manufacturers were 8.4 times more likely to recommend the vaccine to their patients. And not only recommend—they were more likely to publicly hype the dangers of the flu in the media, which immeasurably contributed to the state of panic. And strangely, doctors who were being paid by pharmaceutical companies were also more likely to volunteer information to the press. That doesn#39;t seem like much of a difference, but it#39;s these ed experts that we tend to believe in a news article. In the end, about 17,000 people died from swine flu, as opposed to the 46,000 that die every year from the normal flu. Surely the low numbers were due to the mass vaccinations—rather than, say, the fact that the disease was just a common mutation artificially inflated to terror-inducing proportions.在将近10个月的时间里,制药公司就轻易地从疫苗售卖中捞到了65亿美元(相当于2010年的105亿美元)。与疫苗制造商沆瀣一气的医生建议病人接种疫苗的可能性比一般医生要多8.4倍。并且不仅仅只是建议——他们甚至更有可能在媒体上公然地夸大流感的危险性,这在极大程度上造成了民众的恐慌。并且奇怪的是,那些被制药公司给予报酬的医生更有可能主动提供信息给报社。那似乎并没多大区别,但我们总是倾向于相信报纸上这些援引专家的言论。结果有将近17000人死于H1N1流感,而死于普通流感的人却有46000人。 当然,这得归功于大规模的疫苗接种——而不是,比如说,这次流感本身就只是一次普通的基因突变,只不过被人为地夸大,使之膨胀到令人恐慌的地步。1.Registered Sex Offenders And Violent Criminals1.登记在册的性侵犯者和暴力犯罪分子Your doctor doesn#39;t have to disclose his criminal history, and usually that wouldn#39;t be considered a problem. Between the strict admission policies of most medical schools and the vague notion that hospitals probably screen their employees, who would even think to ask? Well, maybe you should.医生没必要向你公开他的犯罪历史,并且通常这也不会被视为什么大问题。多数医科学校都有严格的招生政策,并且我们也模糊地意识到医院或许会对他的职工进行一番筛选,因此有谁还会想到问一下医生的犯罪历史呢?其实,或许你应该问一下的。In November 2013, the UK#39;s General Medical Council, or GMC, released a database with the criminal histories of physicians in the ed Kingdom. It turned out that almost 800 practicing doctors held criminal records, including 31 who were arrested for assault and 330 arrested for drunk driving. The rest of them? Crimes range from theft to drug trafficking, and they#39;re under zero legal obligation to let their patients know about it. And it#39;s not exactly rare. There#39;s the rapist surgeon working in Miami, and the New York doctor who was caught trying to meet a young boy for sex, and a Scottish physician who had reams of child pornography stored on his computer. Who#39;s really taking care of you?2013年11月,英国的医学总会(GMC)公布了英国医生犯罪历史的数据库。资料显示,差不多有800名在职医生持有犯罪记录,其中有31人曾因攻击他人而遭逮捕,330人因酒驾而被监禁。剩下的人呢?从偷窃到贩毒可谓无所不有,而且这些医生也没有法律义务向他们的病人逐一交代这些。这样的事例并不罕见。在迈阿密(Miami)就有一个外科医生是强奸犯,一名纽约医生因企图与一个小男孩发生性关系而遭逮捕,苏格兰的一位内科医师在他的电脑里储存了大量的儿童色情作品。谁在真正地爱护你呢?翻译:李念 来源:前十网 /201509/396861福州孕前检查价格

福州做输卵管造影专科医院It may be a household name now, but the first time Steve Jobs heard the word ;Siri,; he wasn#39;t sold.现在Siri是一个家喻户晓的名字,然而当史蒂夫.乔布斯第一次听到Siri这个词时,他却并不买账。That#39;s according to Dag Kittalaus, the Norwegian cocreator of the iPhone 4S#39; famed virtual assistant, who offered new details this week on how the technology was named, and how it seduced the late Apple founder.这是Dag Kittalausz说的,这位挪威人与乔布斯一起创造研发了这个因iPhone4s而成名的虚拟助手。本周,Dag就Siri技术如何命名提供了更多新细节,并说明了Siri如何成功征已故的苹果公司创始人的。Today, 87 percent of iPhone 4S owners say they use Siri each month.如今,87%iPhone4S用户表示,他们每月都会使用Siri。But how did the increasingly famous digital assistant end up with her unique name? Read on:但这个越来越出名的电子助手到底为何最终被命名为Siri呢?请读下文:Who came up with the name? Kittalaus did.谁想出了这个名字?是Kittalaus。As he revealed at a startup conference in Chicago this week, he planned to name his daughter Siri after a former coworker (in Norwegian, Siri means ;beautiful woman who leads you to victory;) and even registered the domain Siri.com.本周他在芝加哥的一个启动会议上透露称,Siri是他的一位前同事的名字,他本计划给他的女儿取名叫Siri(在挪威语中,Siri的意思是可以指引你夺取胜利的美丽女人),他甚至注册了域名为Siri的网站。Then he and his wife had a son, and the website was shelved.然而之后他的妻子怀了一个儿子,这个网站便被搁置起来了。But when Kittalaus was y to launch his splashy speech recognition technology, he resurrected Siri.但当Kittalaus准备推出自己的引人注目的语音识别技术,他又重新启用了Siri。;Consumer companies need to focus on the fact that the name is easy to spell easy to say,; he said.消费品企业需要注意到这个名字很容易拼写,并朗朗上口他说。How did Apple get involved? Siri, Inc. was incorporated in 2007, and the technology was launched as an IOS app available in the Apple Store in early 2010; plans were in the works to make the software available for the Blackberry and Android phones.苹果公司如何涉足进来?Siri的公司于2007年注册成立,该技术在2010年初被作为一种可在Apple Store上使用的IOS应用程序推出,原本的计划是让Siri可用于黑莓和Android手机。Things changed when Kittalaus, then the start-ups#39;s CEO, received a call three weeks later from Steve Jobs.但三个星期后,当作为这个初创公司CEO的Kittalaus收到来自史蒂夫.乔布斯的电话的时候,事情发生了变化。Then what happened? The Apple CEO flew Kittalaus to his home in Cupertino, CA, where the two had a three-hour chat in front of Jobs#39; fireplace about the future of technology.后续发展如何?苹果CEO带着Kittalaus飞到他在加利福尼亚州库比蒂诺的家,在那里他们两人在乔布斯的壁炉前对技术的未来进行了三个小时的畅谈。;And, you know, he talked about why Apple was going to win, and we talked about how Siri was doing,; said Kittalaus.而且,你要知道,他谈到了为什么苹果会赢,我们也谈了Siri的现状,Kittalaus说。;He felt that we cracked it.; Apple went on to purchase Siri for 0 million in April 2010, ending plans to make it available for rival operating systems.他觉得我们把它糟蹋了。在2010年4月,苹果公司以2亿美金的价格收购了Siri,终结了让竞争机型可以使用它的原计划。There was one problem, however - Jobs wasn#39;t fond of the name.然而,仍然还有一个问题--乔布斯不喜欢这个名字。Why didn#39;t Jobs change the name? Kittalaus, who worked for Apple until October 2011, tried to convince the notoriously hardheaded Jobs that Siri was a great name.为什么乔布斯没有改名字?一直在苹果公司工作到2011年10月的Kittalaus,不断试图说乔布斯这个臭名昭著的死脑经,让认同Siri的是一个很棒的名字。But in the end, the company stuck with the name for a more straightforward reason: No one could dream up anything better.但最终,公司以一种更加直截了当的原因接受了这个名字:没有人能想出更好的东西。(According to Wikipedia, the name is now also used as shorthand for ;Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface.;) ;Jobs was similarly on the fence about the names #39;iMac#39; and #39;iPod,#39; but failed to find a better option,; says Leslie Horn at PC World.(根据维基百科,这个名字现在也是语音解释和识别接口的简写)。莱斯利.霍恩在PC World上说:因未能找到一个更好的选择,乔布斯也同样对iMac和iPod等产品的命名持模棱两可的中立态度。But it seems Kittalaus was right about Siri.Today, she#39;s an indelible part of pop culture, and a benchmark other companies are trying to top.但今日看来,似乎Kittalaus对于Siri的预计十分正确。如今,Siri是流行文化的一个不可或缺的一部分,是其他企业竞相模仿望其项背而不能及的一座标杆。 /201609/464679三明市测卵泡比较好的医院 宁德什么医院检查精液

罗源县打胎那个医院最好 Google has promised to allow rivals#39; search engines and apps to be pre-installed on phones running its versions of Android in Russia. In addition, Google has promised to develop a tool to make it easy for users to change their device#39;s default search engine.日前,谷歌公司方面承诺,允许竞争性的搜索引擎和应用在俄罗斯的安卓手机上预装。此外,谷歌还承诺开发一种工具,方便用户更改设备的默认搜索引擎。Shares in Google#39;s local Russian rival, Yandex, rose more than 7% on the news.据报道,谷歌在俄罗斯的竞争对手Yande的市场份额涨幅超过了7%。It brings to an end a long-running battle between the US firm and Russia#39;s competition regulator, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).此次和解结束了这家美国公司与俄罗斯竞争监管部门--联邦反垄断局之间的长期斗争。#39;We are happy to have reached a commercial agreement with Yandex and a settlement with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), resolving the case over the Google apps on Android#39;, a spokeswoman for Google told the B.谷歌方面一位发言人在接受B采访时表示:“我们很高兴与Yandex达成一份商业协议,并与俄罗斯反垄断局达成了和解,从而解决了有关安卓手机上谷歌应用的问题。”Yandex#39;s chief executive Arkady Volozh declared the settlement ;an important day for Russian consumers;.Yandex的首席执行官阿尔卡季·沃罗日声称,该和解对于俄罗斯消费者而言是很重要的日子。;I am thankful to the Federal Antimonopoly Service for applying the law in a manner that effectively and efficiently restores competition to the market for the benefit of Russian users, as competition always breeds innovation,; he added.他补充说道:“我很感谢联邦反垄断局以法律的方式,有效地维护了市场竞争秩序,维护了俄罗斯消费者的利益。因为只有有效竞争才能育创新。”The EU continues to pursue similar claims against Google, saying the firm is ;requiring and incentivising;, Android hardware manufacturers to exclusively use its services.欧盟方面也将继续向谷歌公司进行类似的索赔,他们认为谷歌的威逼利诱导致了安卓硬件制造商们只使用谷歌的产品。 /201704/505971福州去哪间医院宫腹腔镜最好福州查激素哪家比较好



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