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Thank you so much.Some good dancers out here today,and some excellent singing going on,you sang almost that entire song.谢谢你们 今天现场有些很棒的舞者 还有一些极棒的歌手 你们几乎唱完了一整首歌People who have turned their chairs around if you were on the right side.把椅子转了圈的人 检查下你的方向是不是对的All right we have addressed swimsuit issue,lets talk about topless man.既然咱们已经聊过了女式泳装 接下来就聊聊半裸的男人A couple of weeks ago,I announced a contest where I will be sending my gardener, Nick,几周前 我组织了一个比赛 我把我的园丁尼克to different cities and you would have to find him.送去不同的城市 然后让大家找到他Its called ;Nick in Your Garden;.这比赛叫;尼克在你花园里;And I mentioned it a while ago.我之前也提到过we sent him out but then we couldnt find him.我们送他出去了 但我们找不到他了Unfortunately I think I chose a bad location to start.非常不幸 我没选对开始的地方He went to Boston. Its cold there.他去了波士顿 那里很冷Look what happened.Oh no. God. Not even any bushes.看看发生了什么 天啊 连点灌木丛都没有Its like he doesnt even know how to gardening or something.貌似他不知道 该怎么修理花花草草了So were gonna thaw Nick out,were gonna send him to another city.我打算把尼克解冻 然后送他去另一个城市If you find him,take a picture with him and you could win a trip to the show.如果你找到他了 跟他合个影 你就有机会来艾伦秀现场And now lets talk about what everybody is talking about.现在我们来聊聊最近的大热话题;50 Shades of Grey;.Who seen ;50 Shades of Grey;?;五十度灰; 有谁看了;五十度灰;吗 /201510/404620The head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency said on Tuesday that North Koreas Jan. 6 nuclear test did not expand its technical capability, 周二美国导弹防御局负责人表示,朝鲜1月6日进行的核试验并没有扩大其技术能力。but the U.S. government is keeping a close eye on Pyongyangs efforts to develop a thermonuclear warhead capable of reaching the ed States. 但美国政府正在密切关注平壤努力发展的能够打到美国的热核弹头。Vice Admiral James Syring told an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, ;I would assess that their technical capability has not increased. 副海军上将杰姆斯告诉战略与国际研究中心主持,我评估朝鲜的技术能力没有增加。That said, everything that theyre doing continues to be alarming and provoking.也就是说,他们正在做的一切继续是在扰乱人心和挑衅。译文属。201601/423154Lake Michigan residents and business owners are expressing concern over rising water levels. Just three years ago, however, the concern was about record low water levels in the Great Lakes.Al Steinman, president of the Annis Water Resources Institute at Grand Valley State University, told Stateside that theres no need to worry about such a significant fluctuation in lake levels.;People need to be patient,; Steinman said. ;These water levels go up and down. Its part of the natural cycle.;Its easy to see why people are taking notice of the water levels. Holland photographer Tony Reidsma has been documenting the rise.;For the before image, Im standing on the pre-dune,; Reidsma said in an email to Stateside. ;But the pre-dune is completely gone today, so its impossible to frame the landscape the same as I did in 2014.;Steinman recognizes that there will be more erosion than what is usually experienced, but he says its nothing that needs serious attention. If anything, Michigan should be more concerned about its wetlands, where the environments health is at the risk of incoming invasive species.;Its frustrating... but the reality is: give it enough time (and) nature will take care of itself.;After all, as Steinman reminded us, trying to control nature is a fools errand.201606/447677In the direct path of the cyclone,waves pulverised the reef and huge swells seriously damaged corals 500km from the eye of the storm.沿着飓风前进的路线,海浪把珊瑚礁磨成粉末,风眼范围内500公里的珊瑚礁都被严重破坏。 Cyclones form when humidity and air temperature build,but thats not the only time high temperatures directly affect the Great Barrier Reef.当湿度和空气湿度达到一定程度就形成了飓风,但是那并不是高温直接影响大堡礁的唯一时间。In summer, the air temperature can soar.夏天气温会急剧上升。 Close to the ground,heat reflected by the sand compounds the problem.靠近地面的地方,被沙子反射回的热量加剧了这个问题。 On Raine Island,the turtle eggs are incubating safely below ground but for the seabird chicks, the cay becomes a searing furnace.在雷恩岛,海龟蛋正在地下安全的孵化,但是对于海鸟幼崽,沙礁成了灼热的火炉。 Birds must find shelter wherever they can.鸟类必须尽可能的找地方遮阴。 Bizarrely, one option is to shade your head with your own rear end.非常奇怪的是,一种选择是把头埋在尾巴下面。 But with global warming,temperatures are increasingly higher than the norm,and then an unusually high water temperature can be just as destructive as a storm.但是随着全球变暖,气温比通常变得更高,水温显著的提高和暴风雨一样具有毁灭性。 An ominous white glow along the edge of the reef indicates its under stress.一个不是好兆头的白光沿着大堡礁边缘发光,暗示它在高压之下。The corals have lost their colour.珊瑚礁失去了它们的颜色。译文属201512/413286

Child-free businesses店内无童Nippers not wanted孩子禁入The rights and wrongs of banning babies禁止孩子入内的是与非IT IS a familiar sound. You are enjoying a quiet beer in your local watering-hole when someone starts crying. Unlike (most) adults, babies cannot seem to order a refreshing bottle without howling.这个场景似曾相识:你在当地的酒吧里安静的喝着啤酒,突然有人开始大哭。与(多数的)成年人不同,好像孩子们不使劲儿哭就点不到酒一样。Those who visit bars to seek refuge from rugrats are fighting back. Last month Hot Bird, a craft-beer bar in Brooklyn, barred children. Its owner was fed up with parents who thought their brats were entitled to VIP service despite drinking only milk. One pair of parents asked for the music to be turned down because their five-month-old was trying to sleep. Unattended sprogs have fallen after climbing on bar-stools. A dog bit one little girl after she petted it. The dog-owner and the dog fled. The parents blamed the bartender.那些为了躲避孩子而光顾酒吧的人开始回击。上个月,位于布鲁克林的一家名为热鸟的工艺酒吧禁止孩子进入。热鸟酒吧的老板受够了那些父母,他们的孩子在酒吧只喝牛奶却认为孩子有权力享受VIP的务。一对父母曾因为他们五个月大的孩子要睡觉,而要求酒吧把音乐声音调小。无人看管的孩子爬上吧椅后跌落下来。一个小女孩摸了摸之后被咬伤,而主人带着逃跑了,父母则责备酒保。Hot Bird is not alone. Other pubs plagued by prams have taken to excluding children. Double Windsor bans tots after 5pm. Union Hall, a hipster hot-spot, put a “No Strollers, Please” sign on its door in 2008 (though it does allow kiddies in a few afternoons a week). Greenwood Park, which has a lovely beer garden and pitches itself as “family friendly”, closes its doors on kids under 21 after 7pm.热鸟并不是个例。其他受孩子困扰的酒吧也已经禁止孩子进入。双温莎在17点后禁止孩子进入。一家名为公会大厅的时尚人气酒吧,2008年再他们门口挂了一张写着“禁止手推车,谢谢合作”的牌子(尽管他们在一周中的某几天下午也是允许孩子进入的)。绿木公园拥有啤酒花园和场地,并标榜自己是“关注家庭”型酒吧,他们也在19点后禁止21岁以下的孩子进入。Bratophobia is not confined to New York. In January Grant Achatz, a Michelin-rated chef, complained about a crying baby in his Chicago restaurant. He could hear it crying even in the noisy kitchen. Via Twitter, he wondered if he should ban children. Last year a Virginia sushi bar banned all diners under 18. Olde Salty, a restaurant in North Carolina, allows kiddies, but has a no-tolerance policy for screamers.孩子恐惧症并不只在纽约。一月,一名为Grant Achatz的米其林星级厨师,抱怨一个孩子在他芝加哥的饭店里大哭。他在嘈杂的厨房里都能听到哭声。他在推特上发声,说他是否可以禁止孩子进入。去年,弗吉尼亚州的寿司店禁止18岁以下客人进入。一家位于北卡罗来纳名为Olde Salty的饭店允许孩子进入,但是不允许孩子哭闹。Businesses that shut out children argue that parents have plenty of other places to go. In New York Parkslopeparents.com lists lots of kid-friendly bars and restaurants. Cinemas are usually accommodating. The “cry baby matinee” at the East 86th Street Cinema, for instance, shows grown-up movies but welcomes babies. The lights are dimmed just a little bit and the volume is not very loud. There is even a nappy-changing table near the back.将孩子拒之门外的商家认为,父母们有很多地方可以去。在New York Parkslopeparents.com的网站上列出了很多允许孩子进入的酒吧和餐馆。电影院通常也都是可以的。例如,在东86街电影院的“哭泣的宝贝专场”上播放给大人们看的电影,但也欢迎宝贝们去看。Balancing the interests of parents and non-parents is hard. Families like to travel, but others on long-haul flights want to sleep in peace. The Economist once published a wry leader advocating child-free zones on planes and trains. Malaysian Airlines has taken our advice: it bans infants from its first-class cabins and offers child-free zones in economy in some planes. No American airline has followed suit.为人父母和非父母之间的利益很难平衡。家庭喜欢出行,但其他长途航班上的旅客想要安静的睡眠。《经济学人》曾刊登过一位提出在飞机和火车上设立无孩子区的激进的领导者。马来西亚航空已经接受了本刊的建议:头等舱禁止孩子进入,并且在某些航班的经济舱设立无孩子区。但美国没有航空公司效仿。Parents, by and large, think non-parents should grin and bear it when a wailing infant briefly disturbs their tranquil, responsibility-free existence. It is not as if non-parents had to get up and feed the little horror four times last night. A cramped Brooklyn outlet of Barnes amp; Noble, a book chain, requires strollers to be left in a designated parking space on the second floor. Many mums are furious. Have you ever tried to hold a baby, sip a latte and “The Gruffalo”, all at once? Its not easy.总体而言,父母们认为非父母应当在孩子的哭闹扰乱他们安宁的时候逆来顺受,认为自己不应当承担责任。这又不是让没孩子的人晚上爬起来四次,给小坏蛋喂奶。一家位于布鲁克林狭窄道路上名为Barnes amp; Noble的连锁书店要求手推车需要放在二楼指定的停放区域内。许多母亲为此大发雷霆到:你们有没有试过同时抱着孩子,喝口拿铁,还要读《咕噜牛》?这太难了。译者:萧毛毛译文属译生译世 /201601/420542

Flood insurance洪水保险Sea change海平面上升If you have an expensive house near the sea, its time to sell如果你在海边有一栋豪宅,那么现在赶快抛售吧ON DECEMBER 6th the largest storm surge since 1953 hit Britains coasts, flooding 1,400 houses. The fact that only two people died—compared with 326 in the earlier storm—is testament to the tidal barriers built in Britain over the past few decades. Yet the system that created many of those sea defences, and encouraged people to keep living in flood-prone areas, is being abandoned.12月6日,英国沿海地区遭遇自1953年以来最严重的暴风雨,有1400间民居受灾,两人死亡。和1953年死亡326人的情况相比,这场灾难人员伤亡大大减少。原因是,在过去几十年里,英国修建了大量的防波堤。尽管之前政府修建了许多海防工事并鼓励人们住在洪水风险区的,目前这一计划正面临着搁浅的命运。Since the 1960s the government has paid to build flood defences while insisting that insurers cover most properties in flood-prone areas. This arrangement has gradually become a casualty of austerity and climate change. Spending on flood defences fell from629m (2m) to 510m between 2010 and 2012. Simply repairing existing defences would cost 1 billion per year by 2035. New flood defences will be subject to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, with more land in effect surrendered to the sea. The last agreement with the insurance industry came to an end this July.自从20世纪60年代以来,英国政府就出资修建海防工事,并宣称住在洪水风险区的承包人的保险可覆盖大部分财产。这一政策调整逐渐成为通货紧缩和气候变化的牺牲品。从2010年到2012年,用于海防工事的投资从六亿两千九百万英镑(九亿七千两百万美元)降到了五亿一千万英镑。到2035年,每年仅检修目前的海防工事就要耗资10亿英镑。新的海防工事将纳入严格的成本效益分析,涉及更大范围的沿海地区。今年六月,英国政府与保险业签订的上一个协议落下了帷幕。In place of the old system, the government has proposed shifting the costs of flooding onto homeowners. All households taking out insurance will now pay a 10.50 levy to Flood Re, a not-for-profit fund, to subsidise premiums for 500,000 houses in flood-prone areas.新的保险系统下,政府提出将洪灾的费用加到房主的身上。参与洪水保险的家庭现在要向洪水再次保险(一个非盈利性的基金会)缴纳10.5英镑的税款,以帮助修复那些位于洪水风险区的500,000间房屋。The new scheme is patchy. Whereas the old agreement covered all properties with no worse than a 1-in-75 annual risk of flooding, the new scheme will exclude many. Houses in the top council-tax band and businesses will not be allowed to join the scheme. Houses built since will also not be covered (28,000 were planned to be built on floodplains in 2011 alone). If properties flood too often they will be thrown out of the scheme. MPs in flood-prone places such as Hull are not happy.新的洪水保险计划条款很琐碎。旧保险系统覆盖了1到79项洪灾严重性的情况下所有财产的保险,而新保险系统则删除了很多受灾情况。缴纳最高家庭税的房子和公司不能加入这一保险计划,也不包括建于年后的房子(仅2011年在泛滥平原区就计划修建了28000间房子)。如果涉及洪水的财产太多,政府将搁置这一计划。来自洪水风险区的国会议员,如赫尔,对此非常不满。Worse, Flood Res sums do not yet add up. One government study suggested that the fund has a 58% chance of running out of money in the initial 20 years the scheme is to run for. Some fear that the state may find itself spending some of the money saved by building fewer defences on topping the scheme up.更糟糕的是,还未合计洪水再保险的资金总额。一项政府调查说,该基金有58%的概率已经花完了该计划前20年的资金。有些人担心政府会为了省钱而减少海防工事的修建量,从而堵上该计划的资金漏洞。The housing market seems aly to be pricing in higher risk. Between 2008 and 2012 property prices rose in four out of the five Lincolnshire postcodes with the lowest flood risk. They fell in four out of the five areas of highest risk (see chart). This may have some good effects. Forcing homeowners to shoulder more of the costs of flooding should encourage them to invest in precautions and discourage builders from erecting houses in risky areas. But in the meantime, in low-lying parts of Britain, wellington boots and sandbags may make wiser investments than houses.房地产市场的房价似乎面临着更大的危险。从2008年到2012年,由于少有洪水灾害,林肯郡的房价已经涨了80%。由于日前洪灾的巨大威胁,房价已经降了80%。这可能会起到一些积极的作用。迫使房主承担更多的洪灾风险可促使他们谨慎投资,避免建筑商重建危险地带的房屋。然而,在同一时间,在英国低洼地区,与房地产投资比起来,投资长筒防水靴和沙包是更为明智的选择。译者: 毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201511/408069

They are one of the ten species of whales that visit the reef each year. 座头鲸是每年造访大堡礁十种鲸鱼当中的一种。They were once hunted almost to extinction, but numbers here have bounced back to 15 thousand, about half the pre-whaling population. 它们曾遭受大肆捕猎,几乎处于绝迹,但现在数量已经回升至15000只,这个数字是捕鲸业开始之前数量的一半。Like Minkes, humpbacks come up from the Antarctic to mate and to calve. 和小须鲸一样,座头鲸也是从南极来这里进行交配分娩。This mother gave birth a couple of weeks ago. 这头母鲸数周前产下幼鲸。And aly her calf weighs over two tons and it is more than six meters long. 她的小宝宝已经有2吨多重,身长也超过6米。For the turtle mother, the final and what may turn out to be the most arduous part of her journey has only just begun.对海龟妈妈而言,此行途中最后也可能是最为艰辛的部分只不过刚刚开始。With thousands of turtles arriving at the same time, their trails crisscross the sand like tank tracks on a battlefield.数千只海龟同时抵达,它们在沙滩上的痕迹纵横交错,就像战场上坦克过后留下的痕迹。201510/405080

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