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我们老板一切照章办事-- :6:1   My boss does everything by the book.   我们老板一切照章办事   Do everything by the book.就整个是个“本本主义”   常出差的人对book一定不陌生,因为book做动词时是“预定、预购”的意思,比如“订机票”是book a plane ticket.游泳Swimming -- :: 来源: In summer, the weather is very hot. Swimming is popular. I like swimming, too. I think swimming is a very interesting sport. It helps us build a healthy body. And it makes us cool in the hot summer days. Besides, we can call several friends to swim together. Also, we can play and have fun in the swimming pool. Anyway, swimming is a joyful activity in the hot summer.夏天天气很热,游泳很受欢迎我也喜欢游泳我认为游泳是一项有趣的运动它帮助我们建立一个健康的身体,使我们在炎热的夏天感到凉快除此之外,我们可以叫上很多朋友一起游我们还可以在游泳池里玩耍不管怎么说,游泳在夏天是一项快乐的活动

:神奇面膜 -01- :58: 来源: 劇情大意:Julie是一個很愛美的高中生,在班上人緣很好,但是她愛美的個性使得她變得有些自傲對於外貌毫不在意的Cathy,是跟Julie完全搭不上線的同班同學一天下午,Julie在跟哥哥聊天後發現自己臉上長了一個很大的膿皰,於是她將浴室裡那瓶神奇面膜敷在臉上,隔天早上起床後,可怕的事情就發生了……Scene 1Narrator: Julie is a very pretty girl who is popular with her classmates. But she has a serious problem—she is vain. One day, during lunch hour at school, the two pretty girls are talking which color nail polish to put on. Debbie: What colors should I put on nails the math class? Look, my calculator is black but my shoes are pink. Maybe I can choose both of the colors. That will be cool.Teresa: What about me? I don’t know which color I should put on the PE class, either. My sneakers are blue and the athlete unim is orange. Would you advise me? (Cathy comes in)Oh hi, Cath, what do you think—blue or orange?Cathy: Gosh, I don’t know. Is this important? (Answer impatiently)(The other girls laugh)Debbie: God, you don’t know anything, do you, Cathy?Teresa: Yeah, you don’t even brush your hair in the mornings. Scarecrow!(The other girls laugh at Cathy louder.)Cathy: At least I’m not stupid like you! Don’t you have something better to talk about than make-up?Teresa: You are just jealous of us because you’re so ugly!Cathy: How dare you! (Cathy shouted, trying not to cry, and turn to Julie) Tell them to shut up!Narrator: Julie is offended by Cathy. She thinks Teresa is right.Julie: Look in the mirror, Cathy. (The three of them walk out.)(Cathy is irritated and tears drop.)Scene Narrator: The same evening, Julie is trying to do her science homework when her brother comes in.David: Do you have the money I lent you last week, Julie?Julie: Sorry, Dave. I bought some mascara yesterday.David: But you promised! I need it the movies tonight!Julie: It was an emergency!David: Huh, your priorities are all wrong, sis. (Notice a pimple on Julie’s face.) Nice pimple you have there, by the way.Julie: Pimple?! What pimple?! (Julie runs to look in the mirror) Aaaargh!! It’s huge! It’s so big!David: Ha ha ha, with all that make-up you use, I’m not surprised. (Laugh and leave.)Narrator: Of course Julie is in shock. Now this is really an emergency.(Julie stops doing her homework and goes straight to the bathroom. She found a jar of “Miraculous Herbal Mask pimples” and the instructions.)Julie: (Read slowly) Put a small amount on the affected area and leave on twenty minutes max. Wash off with warm water.(Talk to herself) Excellent, so if I put a large amount of this on my whole face over night, it will be even better, right?(Julie puts the mask on her whole face and lies on her bed.)Narrator: So that’s exactly what she did and went to bed looking like Godzilla!(Lights off)Scene 3(The alarm clock goes off at six o’clock)Narrator: It’s another beautiful day. Julie wakes up at the six o’clock. She walks to the bathroom to wash her face, but there’s something wrong…(Julie tries every way to wash off the mask.)Narrator: She tries warm water, hot water, and cold water. Use her fingers, a sponge, even her toothbrush! The rock hard and bright green mask stays well on her face. She couldn’t even move her mouth to speak. (Julie wants to speak but she can’t. She runs to her parents’ room with the jar of mask)Narrator: She goes to her parents’ room and wakes them up.(Julie wakes her parents up. Her mom opens her eyes and screams.)Mom: Aaaargh! (Waking up her father.)Father: Julie, is that you? (Julie nods) What is that on your face?Julie: Grgmmf…hrmmphgh…gh. (Julie shows her parents the mask jar. Then they understand.)Mom: You silly girl, can you follow the simple instruction? Don’t you do experiments in science any more or what?Julie: Gffrr…Dad: Right. Get dressed, Julie. You’re going to school. I’m sure the mask will come off sooner or later.Jule: HHRGGHHDD!!Mom: Yes, dear. Be patient.Narrator: Julie couldn’t believe her ears. School! Looking like a green monster. How could she face her classmates today? Scene Classmate A: Look at that. Is that Julie?Classmate B: Oh, my god. She looks so funny!Classmate A: Yeah, How could she come to school like this?Classmate B: She’s just like the green giant—Hulk. (They both laugh at Julie)Debbie: You look like the Ness Monster! Can we call you Nessie? (Two girls burst into a laugh)(The whole class start laughing. Then the first class bell rings)Teresa: Listen Nessie, your face is green, my T-shirt’s pink and Debbie’s jeans are blue. We can’t possibly sit together today!(They both laugh and walk away. Cathy sees that scene.)Cathy: Hi, Julie. There’s a seat next to me, if you want. (They go to the back of the classroom and sit down.)Cathy: Hey, come on, silly. Don’t cry because of them. They’re just stupid.(Julie can’t help stop, and salty tears run down her face. Cathy starts smiling and gets a mirror out her bag.)Cathy: Look, Julie!Julie: NNNGGGG!(She doesn’t want to look at her horrible green face.)Cathy: Look! (Julie looks into the mirror.) The salt in your tears is reacting with the mask, you see. A simple chemical reaction. Can you speak now?Julie: Yes! Yes, I can. Oh Cathy, thank you so much. I’m so sorry I was horrible to you yesterday.Cathy: Don’t worry, Julie. Now do you understand how I felt?Julie: Hmm, Terrible. Oh no, here comes Doctor Murphy. I haven’t done my homework!Cathy: Here you are, Julie, you can copy mine.Julie: Oh thanks a lot, Cath. You are too good to me. How can you ever give me?

湖南十大著名风景名胜之武陵源 -- :: 来源: 湖南十大著名风景名胜之武陵源Hunan is a fantastic part of China that counts many famous scenic spots.湖南是中国一片有着很多名胜古迹的奇妙土地Among these, the best-known include: Dongting Lake, the Yueyang Padoga, Fenhuang Ancient Town and the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area where the gorgeous Zhangjiajie National est Park is located.在这些名胜古迹中,最有名的有:岳阳洞庭湖,凤凰古镇,和武陵源名胜风景区(华丽的张家界国家公园就坐落于此)The following are the top attractions that Hunan Province has on offer. Let's take a closer look.Top 1: Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area(武陵源风景名胜区)The Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area is located in Zhangjiajie city, about 65 kilometers (.66 miles) away from the provincial capital of Changsha, Hunan province.武陵源风景名胜区位于张家界,距湖南省省会长沙约65公里Covering an area of more than 6,000 hectares, Wulingyuan is composed of the world-famous Zhangjiajie National est Park, the Tianzishan mountain range and the Suoxi Valley, which all together offer visitors a large number and variety of scenic sights. It is known its beautiful ests, odd-shaped rock mations, exquisite canyons, limestone caves and jaw-droppingly stuning panoramic views. It is also home to a wide number of endangered plant and animal species.武陵源占地面积6.000多公顷,由世界闻名的张家界国际森林公园、天子山、和索溪峪组合而成,呈现给游客大量的各种各样的景观武陵源以美丽的森林,奇形怪状的岩层、精致的山谷、溶洞而闻名于世这里也是大量濒临灭绝的野生动植物的家The area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 199.199年,武陵源风景名胜区被指定为联合国科教文组织世界遗址Admission: 8 yuan (US.)person门票:8元(39.美元)人 湖南十大著名风景名胜

  关于西餐不得不知的那些事 --9 19:51: 来源:   点餐的品位和流行  点菜是很个性化的,不能说因为某人点某样菜,就说他有品位但毫无疑问,这其中也有一些门道  首先,和中餐不一样,西餐用餐时应该把所有的菜吃完,如果点了太多而眼宽肚窄,这是很不礼貌的其次,点菜时也要考虑是否要预先留点肚子空间以便最后点一些甜品,因为甜品是吃完主菜才再看菜单或专门的甜品单来点的点饮料也是非常个性化的,这是就餐的搭配,选择一些可以提高就餐气氛的饮料如鸡尾酒、葡萄酒、或天然带汽矿泉水都是不错的选择  随着我们生活水平的提高,我们越来越注重“吃得好”而不是 “吃得饱”有机橄榄油、有机蔬菜都是被频频提到的高品质食品之选地中海饮食(Mediterranean Diet)这种饮食习惯受推崇健康饮食人士的推荐,成为一种流行  美酒如何配美食  西餐中,在点完主菜后,搭配的酒也有一些普遍的规律:  Local food, local wine 当地食物配当地酒品  Light wines with light food, heavy wines with heavy food  口味清淡的酒配口味清淡的主食,重口味的主食一般可配口感醇厚的酒  Simple wines with complex food, complex wines with simple food.  简单的菜配口感层次多的酒品,而复杂的菜就可配口味相对单一的酒水  如果主食是辣的,那配什么酒水好呢?Andre建议,啤酒或是茶更好不过,如果你还是想要来点酒,那香槟酒、干白葡萄酒或是干红葡萄酒都不妨一试?  但他同时表示,配酒的规律并不是一成不变的,最重要的一条准则是:你自己喜欢!  Do and Don’t 习俗各不同  错误:You always hold k in left hand and knife in right hand.用餐中一直左手拿叉又手拿刀  正确做法:这种做法在欧洲比较普遍在美国的餐桌上,人们习惯先用刀将主食切成很多小份,处理完后,就将刀放在一边,将叉换到右手进食但在欧洲人眼中,这样的做法也有可能被戏评“小孩子才这样进餐”  错误:用餐中途离席时把餐巾丢在座位上  正确做法:这种做法并不鼓励,用来擦嘴的餐巾还带着污渍或是碎屑正确的方法应该将餐巾折叠后放在左手边餐盘旁,切记不要放在右手边,因为这样务员会以为你用餐完毕  错误:Using a knife to cut his dinner roll 用刀去切开餐前面包  正确做法:用手将面包掰成容易处理的大小  错误:Holdthe wine glass by its bowl 握着酒杯的杯身  正确做法:拿酒杯永远得握着细细的杯脚部分 关于 西餐 不得不

  堆雪人 Make a Snowman -- :3: 来源: Two days ago, aheavy snow came. And now, the snow stopped and it’s time fun. This morning,I go to outside door and make snowman with my friends. We prepare some toolsand then we start. We did it many times bee, so it’s easy. We pull snowtogether and shape it. Last, we make a face it, eyes, nose, ears and mouth.It’s very funny and we are happy.。


  适合幼儿表演的英语话剧:鸟儿的家园 -- ::50 来源: 适合幼儿表演的英语话剧:鸟儿的家园 Time:In the spring   时间:春天 Place:In the est   地点:美丽大森林 Characters:Birds,lumberjacks,planters   人物:鸟儿,伐木工,植树者   开场(万物复苏,春天来了,鸟儿醒了)   B---"mummy,mummy,sister,sister,wake up!look:the flower are all open,the gra es are all green,the trees are all growth. oh!what a nice day!let us play outside!   (欢乐音乐,鸟儿用舞蹈展示快乐心情)   (突然,低沉音乐起,伐木工来了)   伐木工出场:   C----“oh,hello,every one.i am peter,he is tom,we are cho er,we are chopping down the trees."   B-----"mummy, mummy,who are they? what are they doing?   "kids,they are bad men.'   C-----"tom,tom,looks,what astrong tree!good!good!very good!!you,you ,get away!A group of hateful birds!   B-----"why?why?it is our home.we could not leave it.it is our home.   C-----"get out!get out!webelong to here!"(砍树)   B-----"you,you,so bad!you are stealer!"(鸟儿哭了,用舞蹈表现经历风雨的样子)   春姑娘来了:(雨过天晴)   B-----"children, it is our beautiful home.one day,the trees will come back;the est will come back too.   S-----"i am ring girl.the ring is coming.bring a hope,an animation,a ha ine .   B----"how,beautiful!how,beautiful!   植树:   (小朋友们植树,大家一起跳舞,歌唱)   ------"we are flowers,we are take care of the"mother nature",bring a green new cloth to est."   ------"Please take care of the "mother nature!thank you !!! 适合幼儿表演的英语话剧小学英语作文:暑假难忘的一件事 -- :9:5 来源:  暑期难忘的一件事(An ungettable thing during Summer vacation)  It was a sunny day today,when i got up in the morning,i decided to see my grandparents.so i took the bus and got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too.  In the afternoon,my farther asked me to help him water the plant,and i was happy to see the flowers smiling in the wind.  In a word,today is a ungetive day.because i saw my relatives and helped people.  暑期难忘的一件事  今天天气不错,太阳天.当我早上醒来,我决定去看看爷爷奶奶,所以我乘巴士中午到了那里,爷爷奶奶看到我很开心,而且我也很开心  下午爸爸叫我帮他给植物浇水,看到那些在风中微笑的花儿我很开心  总的说来,今天是难忘的一天.因为我去看了亲戚也帮助了他人自由女神像英文简介 自由女神像英文导游词 --19 19:: 来源: 自由女神像英文简介 自由女神像英文导游词自由女神像是屹立在美国纽约市海港内的自由岛的哈德逊河口附近的一座雕塑,是美国的象征这座雕塑高6米,加基座为93米,重达5吨(合9万磅),右手高举象征自由的火炬,左手捧着刻有76年7月日的《独立宣言,脚下是打碎的手铐、脚镣和锁链Out of all of America’s symbols, none has proved more enduring or evocative than the Statue of Liberty. This giant figure, torch in hand and clutching a stone tablet, has a century acted as a figurehead the American Dream; indeed there is probably no more immediately recognizable profile in existence. It’s worth remembering that the statue is - Americans at least - a potent reminder that the USA is a land of immigrants: it was New York Harbor where the first big waves of European immigrants arrived, their ships entering through the Verrazano Narrows to round the bend of the bay and catch a first glimpse of "Liberty Enlightening the World" - an end of their journey into the unknown, and the symbolic beginning of a new life.   These days, although only the very wealthy can afd to arrive here by sea, and a would-be immigrant’s first (and possibly last) view of the States is more likely to be the customs check at JFK Airport, Liberty remains a stirring sight, with Emma Lazarus’s poem, The New Colossus, written originally to raise funds the statue’s base, no less able than when it was written……   Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips."Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse to your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."   The statue, which depicts Liberty throwing off her shackles and holding a beacon to light the world, was the creation of the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who crafted it a hundred years after the American Revolution in recognition of solidarity between the French and American people (though it’s fair to add that Bartholdi originally intended the statue Alexandria in Egypt). Bartholdi built Liberty in Paris between 187 and 188, starting with a terracotta model and enlarging it through four successive versions to its present size, a construction of thin copper sheets bolted together and supported by an iron framework designed by Gustave Eiffel. The arm carrying the torch was exhibited in Madison Square Park seven years, but the whole statue wasn’t officially accepted on behalf of the American people until 188, after which it was taken apart, crated up and shipped to New York.   It was to be another two years bee it could be properly unveiled: money had to be collected to fund the construction of the base, and some reason Americans were unwilling - or unable - to dip into their pockets. Only through the campaigning efts of newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer, a keen supporter of the statue, did it all come together in the end. Richard Morris Hunt built a pedestal around the existing star-shaped t Wood, and Liberty was mally dedicated by President Cleveland on October , 1886, in a flag-waving shindig that has never really stopped. The statue was closed a few years in the mid-1980s extensive renovation and, in 1986, fifteen million people descended on Manhattan the statue’s centennial celebrations.   Today you can climb steps up to the crown, but the cramped stairway though the torch sadly remains closed to the public. Don’t be surprised if there’s an hour-long wait to ascend. Even if there is, Liberty Park’s views of the lower Manhattan skyline, the twin towers of the World Trade Center lording it over the jutting teeth of New York’s financial quarter, are spectacular enough. 自由女神像英文简介 英文导游词

  凤凰古城英文导游词 -- :37: 来源: 凤凰古城英文导游词凤凰古城是中国两大最漂亮的城镇之一,也是连接湖南怀化和贵州铜仁的重要场地,同时,也是沈从文先生的故乡ladies and gentlemen , welcome to Fenghuang, the place where we"re arriving is "one of the two most beautiful town in China"----the old town of fenghuang, it"s a very important point that connects huaihua hunan and tongren guizhou together.and it"s the hometown ofMr Shen Congwen.fenghuang has wonderful natural landscapes,it"s very hot travelling since the old time. even a lot of teleplays were produced here.fenghuang is also a dradle famous people ,shencongwen and xiongxiling are both spent their childhood here.now, let"s set out to enjoy these fantastic good views. THE MER RESIDENCE OF SHENCONGWENThis is the mer residence of shencongwen,a very famous auther, archaeologist and historian in china.lined in the zhongying street in the south part of the fenghuang old town, the residence is a typical spacious ancient countryard with special tectonic style of ming and qing dynasty. walk into the yard, you can find that there is a small patio in the center of the countryard. which is built with red rock. around the patio , there are about rooms which are small but decorated by special carved wooden windows .it"s so beautiful.this countryard is built by mr shen"s grandfather in 1866 on dec.,19. shencongwen was born in the old countyard.and spent his childhood here. in 19,when he was years old, mr shen left family and joined the army. from 19 to 19, mr shen had lived with soildiers, farmers, workers and some other common people,and know their tragic lives. this special experience stunned up his enthusiasm of writhing . so in 1919, mr shen went to beijing alone, and began his hard writing . after his series of works WEST OF HUNAN FRINGE TOWN were punished, mr shen became nation -wide well -known.at that time, he was even as famous as luxun, another famous auther in chiese literature area. it"s said that shencongwen is the one who is the most possible to win the prize.mr shen devoted all his life to writing,his 5-million word works are though as the precious legacy to the world literature.meanwhile, these works are also very veluable date researching the history of hunan province and even china.this 0-years-old countyard was renovated in 1989.the 1st room on the right hane is displaying mr shen"s photos.and what displayed in the nd room are mr shen"s handwritings.at the left side,you "ll find a list of mr shen"s work of different additions. in the center of the middle room .there is a mr shen"s line drawing hanging on the wall. the left fringle room is mr shen"s bedroom and another one on the right is full of marble desks and chairs. 凤凰古城 英文 导游词我最喜欢的节日 My Favorite Holiday -- :3: 来源: Myfavorite holiday is Mid-autumn Day. Do you know why? Firstly, it’s day family gathering. On Mid-autumn Day, families will stay together and eat a bigdinner. My families always make very delicious food. After dinner, familieswill enjoy the beautiful full moon. We often have a good talk and eat mooncakes and fruits. me, I like moon cakes very much. They are so tasty.Besides, the Mid-autumn Day is in autumn. It’s my favorite season.我最喜欢的节日是中秋节,你知道为什么吗?首先,中秋节是一个家庭团聚的节日中秋节这天,家人们会聚在一起吃一顿大餐我的家人会做很美味的食物晚餐过后,家人们会在一起赏月我们经常会边吃月饼、水果边聊天至于我,我很喜欢吃月饼,觉得月饼很好吃此外,中秋节在秋天,那是我最喜欢的季节

  夏天旅游好去处之天山 --01 :57:5 来源: 夏天旅游好去处之天山 Landscape of the Sayram Lake and Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang uygur autonomous region. Tianshan Mountain Range 天山 天山位于新疆中部,东西纵横,向西延伸至哈萨克斯坦 Extending from east to west, it lies in the middle of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, stretching west to Kazakhstan. The range is ,500 kilometers long with a width of 50-300 kilometers and an average altitude of 5 kilometers. Constantly capped with snow, the highest peak, located in Tomur, stands at 7,35.3 meters. With white snowy peaks and green spruces reflected in the lake, Tianshan mountain range is a picturesque scenic location in Xinjiang. 夏天旅游好去处 天山

  地道美语:ush around ""把……呼来唤去,摆布-- :7:31 1.I don' t play around when it comes to money. "play around ""胡闹,闹着玩"eg: Don' t get caught playing around by the teacher. 别让老师逮着你在胡闹.He was playing around on the boat and fell overboard. 他在船上闹来着,然后掉到水里了..Are you still trying to pull something on me? "pull sth on sb ""蒙,欺骗"eg: I caught them trying to pull something on me in the meeting. 他们骗我的事让我在会上当场逮到.  My lawyer makes sure no one pulls anything on me. 我的律师能保没人能骗得了我.3.can just push around. "push around ""把……呼来唤去,欺侮,摆布"eg:My older brother' s always pushing me around. 我哥总欺负我.The company is getting pushed around by competitors. 公司正被对手挤兑.。

  我爱听故事,我最喜欢的童话故事—白雪公主 -- :6: 来源: I like stories,but i like listening to stories more.Every night bee sleeping,my mother will tell a story to me.Mother's voice is sweet and soft,i usually fall asleep bee the end of the story.And the second night,my mother will go on to tell the story.My favorite story is the Snow White.Snow White is white and beautiful,she's the most beautiful woman in the world.I love story books,i hope one day in the future i canalsotell good stories to others.我喜欢故事,但是我更喜欢听故事每天晚上睡前妈妈都会给我讲故事妈妈的声音甜美又温柔,我经常在故事讲完前就睡着了第二天妈妈会接着给我讲故事我最喜欢的故事是《白雪公主白雪公主长得又白又漂亮,她是世上最漂亮的女人我爱故事书,我希望将来有一天我也能给别人讲好听的故事


  旅游英语:下一站,太空! -01-3 ::38 来源: 旅游英语:下一站,太空!背包旅行者赵行德怎么也不会想到,他环球旅游的最后一站将是太空!Backpacker Zhao Xingde never imagined that the last stop on his world trip would be outer space.The traveler from China's southwest Sichuan province, has been chosen by American commercial flight company Space Expedition Corporation to journey to space. He will be flying from the Earth in a manned spaceship at the end of .Last April, he on micro blog platm weibo about an online game. The winners would have the chance to travel to space.The competition was run by Lynx, a men's toiletries brand belonging to Unilever. Thinking it was a joke, he played the online game and won first prize. He filled in a few ms, and to his surprise, he was soon contacted by the organizer, and asked to take part in the next stage of the selection process."I believe my experience traveling around the world helped me," Zhao says.He was traveling in Cuzco, Peru when he entered the competition, just another stop on his tour of the world.The idea to travel the world began when Zhao was a student in college. One day after winning a football competition, he bragged to his roommates and friends that some day he would play football in different parts of the world.Zhao, who is in his 30s, decided to realize this dream in . He quit his job and bought a ticket to Switzerland in September , starting his "football trip".He has traveled to 5 countries on six continents. Each time he arrives in a place the first thing he does is find someone to play football with, and records a small film clip."Each time is so amazing, like realizing a dream," the backpacker says with a smile, but his most interesting experience was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last March. 旅游英语 太空

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