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2019年08月20日 06:45:02 | 作者:中华乐园 | 来源:新华社
When I was a kid, I used to think that pork chops and karate chops were the same thing.当我是小孩子的时候,我曾经认为“猪排骨”和“空手劈”是一样的。I thought they were both pork chops.我以为它们都是猪排的意思。And because my grandmother thought it was cute,而我的奶奶觉得我这样很可爱,and because they were my favorite, she let me keep doing it.而因为我喜欢这些,所以她并没有纠正我。Not really a big deal. One day, before I realized fat kids are not designed to climb trees,这也不是什么大事。有一天我去爬树,我才知道胖子是不适合爬树的,I fell out of a tree and bruised the right side of my body.我从树上摔了下来,身体的右侧擦伤了。I didnt want to tell my grandmother about it我不想告诉我的奶奶,我怕惹麻烦,because I was scared Id get in trouble for playing somewhere I shouldnt have been.因为本来去我那个地方玩就被认为是不应该的。A few days later, the gym teacher noticed the bruise, and I got sent to the principals office.几天之后,体育老师发现了我身上的伤痕,我被带到了校长办公室,From there, I was sent to another small room然后又从那里被转到一个小房间,with a really nice lady who asked me all kinds of questions about my life at home.一个很和蔼的女士问了我很多家里的事情。I saw no reason to lie. As far as I was concerned, life was pretty good.我实话实说。当时我感觉这一切都还蛮好的。I told her, whenever Im sad, my grandmother gives me karate chops.我告诉她,每当我不开心的时候,我的奶奶就会给我“空手劈”。This led to a full-scale investigation, and I was removed from the house for three days,这引发了一次全面的(反虐待儿童)调查。我被从家里转移出来,被托管了三天,until they finally decided to ask how I got the bruises.直到他们问起我身上的淤青是怎么来的。News of this silly little story quickly sp through the school,这个愚蠢的故事很快就在学校传开了,and I earned my first nickname: Porkchop. To this day, I hate pork chops.我有了第一个外号:“猪排”。时至今日,我都讨厌听到“猪排”这个词。Im not the only kid who grew up this way,很多小孩的成长环境都跟我相似,surrounded by people who used to say that rhyme about sticks and stones,周围都是一些成天舞刀弄欺负别人的人,as if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called, and we got called them all.仿佛肉体的伤痛比侮辱的外号带给我们的痛苦更多,而我们同时感受到了这些痛苦。201611/480389美国习惯用语-第68讲:to kick up one's heelsto kick off 大家大概都看到过一匹年轻的俊马在宽阔的草原上兴高烈地奔跑的情景吧!这是一幅很美丽的图象,马的前腿往前伸展,后腿很有节奏地往上踢。美国有一个俗语就是建筑在这一形像之上的。这个俗语就是:to kick up one's heels。To kick up one's heels,从字面上来解释就是:把后脚往上踢。但是,实际上to kick up one's heels是用来形容人们到外面去寻欢作乐,就像马在草原上奔跑一样。比如说,有两个人在办公室里说话,其中之一说: 例句-1: "How about coming out with us Wednesday night? We're all going to take Bill Glover out to dinner. Then later we'll drop into a few night spots. It's Bill's last chance to kick up his heels, you know--he's getting married the next morning." 这人说:“星期三晚上跟我们一起出去玩,怎么样?我们大家一起请比尔格洛弗出去吃晚饭。然后,我们再到几个像夜总会那样的地方去玩。这是比尔到外面去寻欢作乐的最后一次机会了,你知道,他第二天上午就要结婚了。” To kick up one's heels并不一定是年轻人的事,上了年纪的人有时也想到外面去轻松轻松。下面的例子就很能说明问题: 例句-2: "My mother and dad are over sixty, but they still like to go out once in a while to have dinner and do a little dancing and kick up their heels. Of course, they go home a lot earlier than they used to." 这个人说:“我的爸爸和妈妈已经六十多了,但是他们有时还是喜欢到外面去吃晚饭、跳跳舞,高兴高兴。当然罗,他们现在回家的时间要比以前早多了。” 下面我们还要给大家介绍一个和kick这个字有关的美国俗语。这个俗语是:to kick off。To kick off的意思是一项活动,或一个计划的开始。To kick off原来是用在足球比赛的。每次比赛开始都是由一个球队把球踢到对方球队去。可是现在这个俗语几乎可以用在任何方面,意思是:开始。美国人经常用to kick off来表示竞选活动的开始。有时,你可以从电台上听到这样的报道: 例句-3: "Last night Michael Smith kicked off his campaign for the U.S. Senate with a speech here promising lower taxes and a bigger budget for schools and more help to the farmers." 这则消息说:“昨晚,迈克尔斯密斯在这儿发表讲话,作为他竞选美国参议员竞选活动的开始。他在讲话中向选民们保降低税收,增加学校经费,并给予农民更多的帮助。” 下面这个例子是学生在准备他的暑期活动。他说: 例句-4: "Now that my exams are all finished, I'm going to kick off the summer vacation by going down to Ocean City for a week to get some sun, some surf and a chance to look at the girls." 这个学生说:“现在考试已经全部结束,我要先到欧欣城去玩一个星期,去晒晒太阳,在海上玩冲浪,还可以看看那里的姑娘们。这就作为我暑假的开始。” 我们现在来复习一下今天讲的两个美国人经常用的俗语。第一个是:to kick up one's heels。To kick up one's heels是指到外面去寻欢作乐,高兴高兴。我们今天讲的第二个俗语是:to kick off。To kick off是指开始一项活动,或一个计划。 /200601/3023037 free time activities Words Paint dance sing draw cook shop write Phrases Chat online Surf the net Play football/soccer/baseball/basketball Go swimming/golfing Do tai qi Pool Computer games Tennis Ice skating Bowling Taekwondo Badminton Ping pong Hockey Running Hiking Exercise Guiter An instrument Mah jiang Horseback riding Skiing Housework Beginner A : hi, my name is Sylvia. What’s your name? B; my name is geoff. a: what do you do? B: I’m a podiatrist. What about you? A; I’m a nurse. What do you do in your free time? B; I like to play piano, go bowling, and chat online with my friends. And you? A; I like to hang out with friends, play games, and go swimming. B; would you like to go out sometime? A; sure, that’d be great. Where would you like to go? B; anywhere with you! A; aren’t you sweet! Intermediate A: hey, ray, what are you doing right now? B; not much. Joann. Do you want to hang out? A; yes, I do. I’m at home myself right now with nothing much to do. B; me, too. What would you like to do? A; well, we could go to a movie. Have you see Shrek 2? B; I have, actually. How about the movie, Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood? A; Hmm…I’ve seen that, too. We could go for a walk in the park. B; we could, but it looks like it’s going to rain soon. A; I guess that’s out. Why don’t we go shopping? B: I’d really rather not. I’ll be too tempted to buy something that I can’t afford! A: ok. I guess we’d be not do that ,either, then .what do you want to do? B; I don’t know. Do you want to go bowling at the new bowling alley on 1st street? A; I would like to, but I injured my wrist last week. B; let’s see. Do you want to go to a bar and sing some karaoke? A; that sounds interesting, but I can’t drink alcohol with the medicine I’m taking. B; doesn’t sound like that’s be fun, then. Do you want to come here? A; I don’t have a car. B; goodness, we’re not having much luck here , are we? A; no. do you have a car? B; no, but I could take the bus. A; oh, good. Why don’t you take the bus to mine and we could play Mah Jiang? B; that sounds great! Have you eaten? A; not yet. I’ll cook dinner and have it y by the time you get here. B; perfect. Are you prepared to give me all your money? A; huh? We are going to play for money, aren’t we? B; oh, right. I suppose so. As long as you promise to lose! A; hey….as long as I’m not alone on a Saturday night, I don’t really care what I do! B; see you soon. A: bye! /200705/1351818.Beckham Quits as England Captain 18. 大卫·贝克汉姆辞去英格兰国家队队长的演说On November 15th, 2000, Peter Taylor gave me the greatest honor of my career in making me captain of England and fulfilling my childhood dream. 2000年的11月15日,泰勒给了我职业生涯中最大的荣誉——让我担任英格兰国家队的队长一职,帮我完成了儿时的梦想。Now almost six years later, having been captain for 58 of my 95 caps, 如今六年转眼即逝,在我为国家队效力的95场比赛里,有58场我是以队长身份出场的。I feel the time is right to pass on the armband as we enter into a new era under Steve McClaren. 现在,英格兰国家队已经进入麦克拉伦时代,我也觉得是时候把队长袖标传给别人了。It has been an honor and a privilege to have captained the country and I want to stress that I wish to continue to play for England 能带领我的国家出战对我来说是一种荣誉;我想强调的是,我希望能继续为英格兰国家队效力,and look forward to helping both the new captain and Steve McClaren in any way I can.也期望能以自己的方式尽力去协助麦克拉伦和下任队长。I came to this decision some time ago, but I had hoped to announce it on the back of a successful World Cup. Sadly, that wasnt meant, that wasnt to be. 我做这个决定并非心血来潮,我原本打算在一次成功的世界杯后再宣布这个决定。但令人伤心的是,这未能如愿。This decision has been, has been the most difficult of my career to date. 到目前为止,这是我职业生涯里最难做出的一个决定。But after discussing it with my family and the closest to me, I feel that the time is right. 但在和我的家人和密友商量过后,我觉得现在是时候这么做了。201608/461171

中级英语口语闪电速成[20] /200703/10775

Were revitalizing a grove of giant Sequoias in Yosemite; repairing the Lincoln Memorial;我们将重新开放优诗美地的巨杉树林;修缮林肯纪念堂;and enhancing the iconic entrance to our first national park at Yellowstone.加固通往黄石的第一个国家公园的标志性入口。As President, Im proud to have built upon Americas tradition of conservation.作为总统,我对能尽力保护美国的传统而感到自豪。Weve protected more than 265 million acres of public lands and waters – more than any administration in history.我们已经保护了超过2.65 亿英亩的公共土地和水域,多于历史上任何一届政府。Weve recovered endangered wildlife species and restored vulnerable ecosystems.我们挽救了濒危野生物种并恢复了脆弱的生态系统。Weve designated new monuments to Cesar Chavez in California, the Pullman porters in Chicago,我们将加利福尼亚州的凯撒查韦斯、芝加哥的普尔曼搬运工纪念馆and the folks who stood up for equality at Stonewall in New York – to better reflect the full history of our nation.和纽约为平等出头的石墙酒吧列入国家纪念馆,以更好地反映我们国家的历史。And weve got more work to do to preserve our lands, culture, and history. So were not done yet.我们还要做更多的工作来保护我们的土地、文化和历史。我们做得还很不够。As we look ahead, the threat of climate change means that protecting our public lands and waters is more important than ever.展望未来,气候变化的威胁意味着保护公共土地和水资源比以往任何时候都更重要。Rising temperatures could mean no more glaciers in Glacier National Park.气温升高可能意味着冰川国家公园不再有冰川了。No more Joshua Trees in Joshua Tree National Park.约书亚树国家公园不再有约书亚树了。Rising seas could destroy vital ecosystems in the Everglades, even threaten Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.海平面上升可能破坏大沼泽国家公园的重要生态系统,甚至威胁到埃利斯岛和自由女神像。So in the coming years and decades, we have to have the foresight, and the faith in our future,因此,在未来的几年和几十年里,我们必须具有对未来的远见和信念,to do what it takes to protect our parks and protect our planet for generations to come.为子孙后代保护我们的公园和我们的星球。Because these parks belong to all of us. And theyre worth celebrating – not just this year, but every year.因为这些公园属于我们全体人民。他们是值得庆祝的,不仅是今年,而是每一年。Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend. And see you in the parks!谢谢大家。周末愉快。我们公园里再见!201609/463151

066 chatting online Words Internet computer desktop laptop dial-up broadband download upload username password id sign in/log in webcam emoticons online invite send receive text message type e-mail address offline instant message files conversation voice message address book skins image install settings Phrases To access the internet To chat online To make internet friends To download files To change the settings To appear online/offline To receive a new message To create an id To have a conversation To hook up to the internet Beginner A: what’s up? B: not much. Its frezzing in Beijing. A: u should come to Bangkok. We’ve got lovely weather here. B: great! R y inviting me? A: laughing out loud. B: be right back. A: where r u going? B; bathroom. A; ok. I’m going to go to bathroom too. Talk to you later. Note: when people chat online, they often shorten words. Use abbreviations, use lower case letters, and rarely use punctuation marks, especially apostrophe marks. Intermediate A: hi, dave! What’s up? B: oh, not much. What have you been doing recently, cathy? A: I’ve been chatting online a lot with friends. B; where do you go to chat? A; I usually use yahoo messager. What about you? B; I’ve never chatted online before. A: what How is that possible? Why not? B: well, my computer is really old, so most software isn’t compatible with my computer. A; do you want to come over to mine? I can show you how to use it. B: how long does it take to download mp3 files? A: not very long at all. I usually download at least 30 a day. B; do you ever download any tv programs or movies? A; sure, I’d say that I download at least on program a day. B: do you think you could download some for me? A: sure, just let me know what you want and I can burn it onto a cd for you. B; let me see… I’ve heard a lot about a show called friends. A; no problem. Did you know that there are many friends forums online? B: what’s a forum? A: it’s a place you can go to online where you can chat to other people who have similar interests as you. B; do the friends’ stars ever show up there? A; sometimes, people say they are the friends stars, but you never know who you’re talking to. For all I know, Jennifer aniston is really an old fat man. A: ha ha ha… /200705/13733

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