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2017年12月12日 18:08:19 | 作者:百科大夫 | 来源:新华社
The price of iron ore has risen to its highest level in more than a month, outperforming other industrial commodities such as oil and copper as traders bet on stronger demand from China.铁矿石价格上涨至一个多月来最高水平,表现强于石油和铜等其他工业大宗商品,交易商押注中国需求将转强。Benchmark Australian iron ore with 62 per cent iron content rose to 9.25 a tonne yesterday, according to Platts. That is the highest since early May and up 4.7 per cent in the past fortnight.普氏能源(Platts)调查显示,含铁量为62%的澳大利亚基准铁矿石价格日前上涨到每吨139.25美元,达到5月初以来的最高水平,过去两周的涨幅达到4.7%。In contrast, Brent crude oil prices have slid 7 per cent over the same period, while on the London Metal Exchange aluminium prices were down 3.9 per cent and copper prices were up just 1.1 per cent.与此形成反差的是,同期,布伦特(Brent)原油价格下跌了7%,伦敦金属交易所(LME)铝价下跌3.9%,铜价只上涨了1.1%。The rise in iron ore prices will be a boon for miners such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Vale, whose share prices have been under severe pressure as investors fear a global downturn driven by the eurozone debt crisis.对于必和必拓(BHP Billiton)、力拓(Rio Tinto)以及巴西淡水河谷(Vale)这些矿业公司来说,铁矿石价格的上涨是一个利好消息,此前由于投资者担忧欧债危机带来全球衰退,导致这些公司的股价近期处于严重压力之下。The share price of Rio, for whom iron ore makes up three-quarters of underlying earnings, has fallen more than 20 per cent since mid-February.自2月中旬以来,铁矿石业务贡献四分之三基本盈利的力拓股价下跌逾20%。Iron ore prices have been buoyed by tentative optimism over China, where inventories have been falling and businesses are hoping for a government stimulus after Beijing cut benchmark interest rates for the first time since 2008.铁矿石价格受到有关中国的初步乐观情绪的提振,中国铁矿石库存量近期在下降,同时自中国官方2008年以来首次降低基准利率之后,企业正期待着政府出台刺激措施。Moreover, at last month’s price lows of 2 a tonne, the highest-cost Chinese iron ore miners are unprofitable, analysts say.此外,分析师认为,由于上月铁矿石价格处于每吨132美元的低位,中国那些成本最高的铁矿石企业很难盈利。Nonetheless, traders remain wary of the possibility of a sharper fall in prices should the eurozone crisis trigger a broader global slowdown.然而,如果欧元区危机引发全球整体放缓,可能引发价格剧烈下跌,交易商仍担心这种可能性。 /201206/187805Treaty of Carlowitz1699 – Treaty of Carlowitz is signed.历史上的今天-卡尔洛夫奇条约1699年的今天,签署卡尔洛夫奇条约。Australia Day1788 – The British First Fleet, led by Arthur Phillip, sails into Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) to establish Sydney, the first permanent European settlement on the continent. Commemorated as Australia Day历史上的今天-澳大利亚日1788年的今天,英国正式在澳大利亚杰克逊港建立起第一个殖民区,亚瑟#8226;菲力浦就任首任总督。这一天从此成为澳大利亚国庆日,被人们称作“澳大利亚日”。ed Kingdom occupies Hong Kong1841 – The ed Kingdom formally occupies Hong Kong, which China later formally cedes.历史上的今天-英国占领香港1841年的今天,中国割让香港岛,英国正式占领香港。Lewinsky scandal1998 – Lewinsky scandal: On American television, U.S. President Bill Clinton denies having had "sexual relations" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.历史上的今天-莱文斯基丑闻1998年的今天-莱文斯基丑闻:在美国电视台,美国总统克林顿否认与前白宫实习生莫尼卡#8226;莱温斯基有性关系。 /201101/124444

Lin Yong has never been so excited about Dec 30–not because of the New Year celebrations, but because of the convenience of going to work he will enjoy afterwards.对于林勇(音译)来说,12月30日是个激动人心的好日子,并不是因为要喜迎新年,而是因为从此以后他上班更加方便了。The 26-year-old Beijinger lives in the east part of Chaoyang district and works at the Apple store in Sanlitun. Every morning, he takes the Batong Line to get to Line 1 and then transfers to Line 10 at Guomao station, one of the busiest interchange stations in the Beijing subway system.这位26岁的北京人住在朝阳区东部,在三里屯苹果店工作。每天早上,他都会搭乘地铁八通线转1号线,然后在国贸站换乘10号线,那里是北京地铁最繁忙的换乘站之一。After Dec 30, Lin can take Line 6, one of the new lines that will start operating that day, and transfer to Line 10 at a less crowded station. “I think it’s good news for commuters like me, because it saves us a lot of time and energy,” Lin said.12月30日,北京地铁多条新建线路开始正式通车运营,6号线便是其中之一。从此以后,林勇便可以乘坐地铁6号线到一个人流相对不那么拥挤的车站去换乘10号线。林勇表示:“我想这对于像我这样的通勤族来说是个好消息,这可以为我们节省不少的时间和精力。”Commuters like Lin, who lives in a suburban area and works in the city center, are common in China’s metropolises, such as Beijing and Shanghai. They are the main demographic to use subways in China.在北京、上海这些大城市中,像林勇这样住在市郊、在市中心工作的通勤一族十分普遍。在国内,他们是乘坐地铁的主要人群。Zhang Hongke is a professor of transportation engineering at Beijing Jiaotong University. His recent study into metropolitan commuting trends shows that, in Chinese cities with a well-developed subway system, more than half of people who commute to work use the subway–and a big part of them live quite far away from their workplace.近日,北京交通大学运输工程系教授张宏科(音译)针对大城市通勤趋势进行研究,研究结果显示在一些地铁系统较发达的中国城市,半数以上的人乘坐地铁通勤,且终于大部分人都住在离单位很远的地方。“In China’s big cities, as housing prices and rents in the central city increase rapidly, many people, even white-collar workers, are choosing to live in suburban areas,” Zhang said. “In those cities, business and working areas are relatively grouped. So the subway becomes the most convenient and economical way of getting to work.”张宏科表示:“在中国的大城市中,随着中心区域房价和房租的飞涨,很多人,甚至也有一些白领都选择住在市郊。在这些城市中,商业区和写字楼较为集中。这样一来,地铁就成为最便捷、也是最经济的一种通勤方式。”Zhang added that the expansive subway systems of big cities are a good example for how subways extend a city’s reach.张教授还表示,大城市中日益扩大的地铁系统也有力的明了城市范围因地铁而不断扩张。Although the lifestyle of “living in suburban areas and working in the city” also applies in the West, the demographic of subway commuters is slightly different.尽管在西方,人们也选择“居住在市郊,工作在城区”的生活方式,但地铁通勤人群却略有不同。Take New York City for example. According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), in 2011, of those working in Manhattan, the main employment center in New York, a majority of 30 percent commute from within Manhattan, while 17 percent come from Queens and 16 percent from Brooklyn.就拿纽约为例。根据城市交通的相关数据显示,2011年,那些在纽约白领集中地——曼哈顿工作的通勤一族中,居住在曼哈顿的占30%之多,17%的人来自皇后区,16%的人则来自布鲁克林区。Those commuters who take the subway within Manhattan also include some quite wealthy middle-class citizens who can afford a car and live in a big house in a suburban area.那些住在曼哈顿的地铁通勤族之间也有一些十分富足的中产阶级,他们买得起汽车,住在郊区的大房子里。“There’s cheap, even free parking space outside metropolises like New York and London. They take the subway from there,” John Mackey, manager of New York City Transit, told The New Yorker. “It’s really about convenience. There are almost 150 metro stations in Manhattan, people can go anywhere anytime.”纽约市捷运局局长约翰#8226;麦基在接受《纽约客》采访时表示:“像纽约、伦敦这样的大城市市郊都设有价格低廉、甚至是免费的停车场。他们在那乘地铁上班。一切都是为了便捷。曼哈顿有大约150个地铁站,人们可以随时去任何地方。”Zhang thinks things would be different here. “In China, if someone can afford a car, they wouldn’t take public transportation that often, because it’s crowded and the stations are sometimes far from their destination,” Zhang said.在张宏科眼中,中国的情况则不同。他说:“在中国,人们一旦买得起汽车,就不会经常搭乘公共交通,一是因为太过拥挤,二是因为有时车站离目的地太远。”Lin Yong agrees. “If I had a car I’d drive to work on most days,” Lin said. “But, as that won’t happen in the near future, a new subway line is good enough for me.”林勇对此表示赞同。他说:“如果我有车的话,大多数时候就会开车上班。但目前这还不能实现,所以一条新的地铁线对我来说已经足够了。” /201212/213935

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