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If you want to lose a guy in 10 days, like Kate Hudson did with Matthew McConaughey, you can. Of course, they really did end up together after their ten days was up. It was only done for a magazine article anyway, so if you want to do this for real, then follow these steps. Remember, the easiest way to break up with someone is just to tell them "I don't want to be with you anymore." This requires a lot less effort, and is guaranteed to work.Steps1. Never say "I love you", "please", or "thank you". Don't discuss your future and constantly talk about other hot guys. Talk about your ex-boyfriend if you had one. That will really piss him off and hit him in the heart2. Try avoiding his phone calls, e-mails, and instant messages.3. When you do talk to him, be extremely boring so that he won't want to call.4. Say you are busy, act busy like you have a lot of things to do, lots of errands to run, working late or different extra hours, come home extra late, or or running late or whatever.5. Try to pick every little detail and fight with him over it, insult him, tell him he is dirty and things he says hurts your feelings, if you got a geeky guy, he is a leach and hard to get rid of, he will take your insults as compliments and think you are turning him on. Geeky guys are the hardest to get rid of, the popular boys and the sporty ones are really easy to get rid of.6. Pull excuses about work or a friend or running an extra errand than you forgot to do and that you have extra dishes and chores and more cooking to do, and if he asks to help you or clean for you or run your errands for you, he knows exactly what you are doing and he knows that you are trying to play him off.7. Embarrass him in public. Make a burp or a fart joke about him or ask him tons of annoying personal questions.8. Have more fun with your friends than you do with him, and make sure he knows it.9. Avoid physical affection. If he thinks he's not going to get anywhere sexually with you, he may want to move on.Tips* Instead of avoiding and ignoring him, you could be very clingy, to the point where you're suffocating him. This could also make him dump you.* Sleeping with his best friend is a good way to hit the nail on the head, but be public about it. Basically, make sure his friend is a keeper.Warnings* He'll dump you like you wanted and he might seek some sweet revenge. 你真的希望像《十日拍拖手册》里的Kate Hudson那样甩掉男友?电影里的Kate Hudson的确是做到了,所以这对你来说也并不困难。电影归电影,现实生活还是有些不同的,相信这篇文章会更适合你。记住:分手最简单的方法是直接告诉他“与你在一起真的很没意思,我们还是分手吧”。省时省力高效。【准则】1.“请”,“谢谢”,“我爱你”之类的话就不要说了。你们之间的未来也无需与他讨论。当然,常与他谈论一下身边的大帅哥倒是个很不错的选择,你的前任男友也会是个好话题。这些会让他又恼又伤心。2.不接他的电话,不回他的电邮,不理他的MSN消息。3.即使偶尔与他通电话——话题能多么无聊,就多么无聊,尽情地发挥吧。估计下次他也懒的打了。4.告诉他你很忙,也装着很忙——总有一大堆事情要做,老板总让你跑腿,总是加班,回家很晚……5. 睁大眼睛去挑他的小毛病吧,每件鸡毛蒜皮的小事都能成为吵架的好理由。顺便侮辱他,抱怨他很脏,说话总是让你伤心。但是,如果他是那种超级无敌大贱男—— 根本无法区分侮辱与赞扬,甚至以为你这是在挑逗他。那你可就要小心了,通常这类人最难甩,相比之下,那些万人迷、漂亮朋友简直是不堪一击。6.工作上的事情、好友的约会、有事忘记办、家务事、做饭等都可以成为你拒绝他约会的借口,如果他执意要帮忙——他会清楚意识到你其实是在玩他。7.让他当众出丑。谈论他的那些囧事。问他一堆恼人的私人问题。8.在回避他的同时,多参加些朋友们的活动。也别忘记让他知道这一事实。9.拒绝他的一切性要求。若他意识到再也不可能与你缠绵,那离他走人的日子也就不远了。【友情提示】你做的这些行为也许会让你变得非常依赖他,这也可能促使他与你分手。与他好哥们的一夜情可以正中他的要害,前提是此人能够保密,然后你自己把这事捅出去。【警告】分手是必然的。他可能还会实施一些“甜蜜的复仇”。 /200812/58245Love study shows men want character over chastity in womenA scientific study on love shows that men are increasingly interested in intelligent, educated women with dependable character and emotional stability, and chastity isn't an issue.A scientific study on love shows that men are increasingly interested in intelligent, educated women with dependable character and emotional stability, and chastity isn't an issue.The findings by Researchers at the University of Iowa are part of a study ed by media reports Monday.Conducted every decade since 1939, the study asks participants to rank a list of 18 characteristics they would want in a partner on a scale ranging from "irrelevant" to "essential."Included are such items as "sociability" and "good cook, housekeeper," as well as "mutual attraction and love," which came in first place for both men and women in 2008. (In 1939, it wasn't in the top three for either sex.)Male and female participants in 2008 rounded out their top traits with "dependable character" and "emotional stability, maturity." Men ranked intelligence fourth, a big jump from 11th place in 1939; in addition, "good financial prospect" moved to 12th place in 2008, a shift from its low 17th-place ranking in 1939 and last-place ranking in 1967."This is a generation of men who has grown up with educated women as their mothers, teachers, doctors, and role models," said Christine Whelan, head of the study and author of "Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love" (Simon amp; Schuster, 2008)."And in tough economic times, sharing the financial burden with a spouse takes the burden off these guys to be the sole provider," she said.The study's participants were college students from the University of Iowa, the University of Washington, the University of Virginia, and Penn State University."Like attracts like, so certainly the fact that we were polling college students would suggest that intelligence and education are going to be important characteristics," Whelan said.Another notable shift involves the significance of chastity: In 1939, it was valued more than intelligence in women, but in 2008, it was ranked the least important characteristic. Furthermore, it also was ranked the least important for men. This, coupled with the shared top-three ranking for both men and women, suggests a commonality that seems positively modern-day. /200902/62618永葆青春用哪招?整容手术成首选Cosmetic surgery helps make 60s new middle age?A woman is undergoing a cosmetic surgery.Cosmetic surgeryis altering not just how people look but how they feel by changing perceptions of middle age, a study showed Monday.Global research group AC Nielsen surveyed people in 42 countries and found 60 percent of Americans, the world's biggest consumers of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging skincare, believe their sixties are the new middle age.On a global scale, three out of five consumers believed forties was the new thirties."Our forties are being celebrated as the decade where we can be comfortable and confident in both personal and financial terms. The majority of global consumers really believe life starts at forty," AC Nielsen Europe President and CEO Frank Martell said.But that doesn't mean they want to look their age.Healthier eating, longer lifespans and higher disposable incomes have helped to hold back the years. However, for many people the biggest boost is coming from the surgeon's scalpel, the survey found.Confirming Russians' status among the world's biggest consumers of luxury goods, 48 percent of them, the highest percentage globally, said they would consider cosmetic surgery to maintain their looks. One in three Irish consumers, 28 percent of Italians and Portuguese, and one in four U.S., French and British consumers felt the same. 本周一公布的一项调查显示,整容手术不仅改变着人的容貌,而且还通过改变人们对中年的理解使人的心理发生变化。AC尼尔森国际调查集团共对42个国家进行了调查,结果发现,60%的美国人认为60岁才是中年的开始。美国堪称世界上最大的整容手术和抗衰老护肤品消费国。从全世界范围来看,五分之三的消费者认为40来岁正值壮年。AC尼尔森集团欧洲区总裁兼首席执行官弗兰克·玛特尔说:“四十岁被认为是人生的黄金时期,这一阶段我们在性格和经济实力方面都变得成熟自信。所以,大多数全球消费者认为40岁才是美好生活的开始。”但是人们又不希望自己的外表看上去有40岁。虽然健康的饮食、寿命的延长和较高的收入对于人们延缓衰老起到了一定的作用。但调查显示,很多人认为整容手术才是永葆青春的最佳途径。对世界上最大的奢侈品消费国之一俄罗斯的调查显示,48%的俄罗斯消费者表示会考虑通过做整容手术来保持青春,这一比例为全世界最高。此外,三分之一的爱尔兰人,28%的意大利人、葡萄牙人,四分之一的美国人、法国人和英国人也有同样的想法。 /200803/31195It has long been accepted that talking to plants can help them flourish, but have you ever wondered what they'd say in response?Well a plant in Japan has its own blog that may help you understand."Midori-san," a 40 cm (16 inches)potted plant on a cafe counter in Kamakura, near Tokyo, blogs every day with the help of a sensor that measures electric signals and a computer algorithm that translates them into Japanese.The plant, a hoya kerrii, is commonly called a "sweetheart plant" because of its leaf shape."We were initially interested in what plants are feeling and what they are reacting to where we can't see," said Satoshi Kuribayashi, a researcher involved in the project at Japan's Keio University.The strength of electronic signals on the surface of Midori-san's heart-shaped green leaves, which react to light and human touch, are measured by a sensor attached to the plant, and this data is sent to a computer in the cafe.The computer uses an algorithm to translate the signal data, as well as other factors -- including weather and temperature -- to translate them into words, which are automatically posted on Midori-san's blog (http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/index.php)"Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot... I had quite a bit of fun today," Midori-san, whose name means "green" in Japanese, posted on Oct 16.The latest entry s: "It was cloudy today. It was a cold day."Kuribayashi said he hopes that in the future, the blog will reflect even more accurately of Midori-san's feelings.Blogging with computers and mobile phones is popular in Japan, which had the greatest number of blog posts by language at 37 percent, followed by English and Chinese posts, a study from blog search engine Technocrati in 2007 showed. 大家都知道,与植物说话有助于促进它们的生长,但你有没有想过它们会怎样回应?现在,日本一颗植物的“客”或许能为你解开这个疑问。日本一颗名叫“绿(Midori-san)”的盆栽植物每天在一个传感器和电脑的帮助下“写”客,传感器的作用是测量电子信号,而电脑则通过一个运算程序将这些信号翻译成文字。这株盆栽植物生长在东京附近镰仓市一家咖啡厅的柜台上,高40厘米(16英寸)。这颗植物是一株心形球兰,因其叶子呈心形,常被称为“开心草”。日本庆应义塾大学参与该项目的研究员栗林说:“最初我们是想了解植物的‘情绪变化’,以及在人不知晓的情况下,会做出怎样的回应。”“绿”的心形绿叶被光照射和人触摸后会产生回应,而它所携带的传感器则能够测量其叶子表面的电子信号的强弱,然后再将这些数据传输到咖啡馆的一台电脑上。电脑通过一个运算程序将这些信号数据以及天气和温度等其它信息转化成文字,然后将其贴在:“绿”的客(http://plant.bowls-cafe.jp/index.php)上。“绿”在本月16日的客中写道:“今天阳光明媚,美美地享受了日光浴,真开心哪。”最近的一篇客写道:“今天多云,有点冷。”栗林士说,他希望今后这个客能更准确地反映“绿”的“心情”。日本人很喜欢用电脑和手机写客,根据Techocrati客搜索引擎去年的一项统计数据,日语客占全球客总数的37%,居世界首位,其次是英语客和中文客。 /200810/54473

Stiletto heels could be banned from the workplace because of health and safety reasons, according to the Trade Union bosses.英国工会的领导们认为,基于健康和安全方面的原因,工作场所应该禁穿细高跟鞋。The Trade Union Congress, predominantly male, has proposed a motion arguing that high heels are demeaning to women while they also contribute to long term injuries.英国工会联盟在一项提议中表示,高跟鞋是对女性人格的贬低,而且会对身体造成永久性的伤害。该联盟的大部分成员都为男性。They propose instead that women wear "sensible shoes" with an inch heel limit in an attempt to avoid future foot and back pain as well as injuries. The motion is due to be debated at next month's conference.他们建议女性穿着“高度合理的鞋子”,鞋跟不要超过一英寸,从而避免导致脚部和背部疼痛及损伤。这一提议将在下个月的会议上进行辩论。The motion,tabled by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, states: "Congress believes high heels may look glamorous on the Hollywood catwalks but are completely inappropriate for the day-to-day working environment."提出该项建议的足科医师协会表示:“工会联盟认为,高跟鞋也许在好莱坞的走秀红毯上看起来光艳四射,但是在日常的工作环境中却完全不适宜。”"Feet bear the brunt of daily life, and for many workers prolonged standing, badly fitted footwear, and in particular high heels can be a hazard. Around two million days a year are lost through sickness as a result of lower limb disorders."“足部每天承受着日常生活的重担,对于许多要长久站立的劳动者来说,不合脚的鞋,特别是高跟鞋是危险之源。每年约有200万天的病休是由下肢不适而导致的。”"Wearing high heels can cause long-term foot problems, such as blisters, corns and calluses, and also serious foot, knee and back pain and damaged joints."“穿高跟鞋可引发长期的足部疾病,比如水泡,鸡眼,老茧,以及严重的脚部、膝部和背部疼痛和关节损伤。”"Many employers in the retail sector force women workers to wear high heels as part of their dress code."“许多零售业的雇主会强迫女员工穿高跟鞋,并把穿高跟鞋作为着装规范的一部分。”"More must be done to raise awareness of this problem so that women workers and their feet are protected."“我们必须采取更多行动来唤起人们对这一问题的认识,从而使女员工和她们的脚受到保护。”Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP, however criticised the motion and said the extra height heels give women can help them when in the workplace.然而,托利党下院议员纳丁娜·多瑞斯对这一建议提出批评,她说高跟鞋带来的额外高度能在工作场所对女性有所帮助。"I'm 5ft 3in and need every inch of my Christian Louboutin heels to look my male colleagues in the eye," she said. "If high heels were banned in Westminster, no one would be able to find me."她说:“我的身高是5英尺3英寸,我需要借助我的克里斯提·鲁布托高跟鞋的高度才能平视我的男同事,一寸也不能少,如果高跟鞋在议会被禁,那就没人能看得见我了。”"The TUC need to get real, stop using overtly sexist tactics by discussing women's stilettos to divert tension away from Labour chaos."“工会联盟需要实际一点,不要再用这种带有明显性别歧视的策略来讨论女人的高跟鞋,从而引开人们的视线,缓和工党的混乱局面造成的紧张气氛。”Michelle Dewberry, a former winner of The Apprentice, said the motion was patronising.真人秀连续剧《学徒》的往届冠军米歇尔·杜伯里说这个建议感觉是在给女性什么恩赐。"This is absolutely ridiculous and I think these union officials should be spending their time dealing with more important issues," she said.她说:“这个提议非常荒谬,我认为这些工会官员们应该把这些时间花在处理更重要的问题上面。”"I'm at work in five-inch heels and perfectly able to do my job. Heels are sexy, they boost your confidence and they are empowering to women."“我现在就穿着5英寸的高跟鞋在工作,而且毫不费力。高跟鞋很性感,它能让人感觉更自信,还能赋予女人们力量。”"I can't imagine these officials debating a motion about how tightly men should wear their ties. Wearing heels is a personal choice."“如果这些官员们在一起讨论男人的领带应该系多紧,我不能想象那将是怎样的一番情景。穿不穿高跟鞋纯粹是个人选择。” /200908/80873

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