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You dont need meat to get enough protein every day. Follow these steps and youll have protein to spare.你不需要每天吃肉来获得足够的蛋白质。遵循以下方法,你将摄入充足的蛋白质。You Will Need你需要Beans and bean products蚕豆和豆制品Nuts and nut products坚果和坚果制品Grains and grain products谷物和谷物产品Soy milk (optional)豆奶(可选)Tofu (optional)豆腐(可选)Dairy products (optional)乳制品(可选)Eggs (optional)鸡蛋(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Have some beans1.食用蚕豆Learn to love beans. Beans, peas, and other legumes are excellent sources of vegetable protein. They also provide needed fiber, including heart-healthy soluble fiber.学会热爱豆类。蚕豆,豌豆和其他豆类都是优质的植物蛋白来源。它们还可以提供人体需要的纤维,包括对心脏健康有益的可溶性纤维。Soybeans pack the most protein per ounce and offer a complete protein, comparable to meat. Soy milk and tofu are good sources of soy protein.每盎司大豆中的蛋白质含量最高,而且相对肉类更能提供全面的蛋白质。豆奶和豆腐都是大豆蛋白的优质来源。Step 2 Eat like a squirrel2.向松鼠学习Add nuts and nut products to your diet. An ounce of peanuts or almonds provides nearly as much protein as an egg.向饮食中加入坚果和坚果制品。一盎司的花生和杏仁可以提供的蛋白质量几乎相当于一个鸡蛋。Adding nuts to your diet can help you lose weight. Although they are high in fat, nuts contain ;good fat; from omega-3 fatty acids.向饮食中加入坚果还可以帮助减肥。尽管脂肪含量很高,然而坚果中含有的是来自omega-3脂肪酸的好脂肪。Step 3 Go grainy3.谷物Eat plenty of whole grain foods. Oats, wheat, and rice all add protein to a meal.食用足够的全谷食品。燕麦,小麦和大米都可以增加蛋白质。Step 4 Get milk4.饮用牛奶Drink milk if youre not vegan. Dairy products are a good source of protein. A cup of milk gives you 9.2 grams, a cup of yogurt almost 10.如果你不是素食者,可以喝牛奶。奶制品含有丰富的蛋白质。一杯牛奶可以提供9.2克蛋白质,一杯酸奶可以提供接近10克蛋白质。Step 5 Eat eggs5.吃鸡蛋Eat three or four eggs each week. Eggs have been called the gold standard of protein because they provide the most complete protein available, and plenty of it.每周吃三个或四个鸡蛋。鸡蛋被称为蛋白质的金标准,因为鸡蛋提供最完整最充足的蛋白质。Step 6 Mix it up6.混合Combine complementary vegetable proteins to get complete proteins. For instance, grains provide amino acids lacking in legumes, but a dish of beans and rice provides a complete protein.各种植物蛋白互相搭配,以获得最全面的蛋白质。例如,谷物可以提供豆类中所缺少的氨基酸,而一份蚕豆和大米可以提供全面的蛋白质。Combine different vegetable proteins throughout the day, rather than during each meal.每天搭配不同的植物蛋白,而不是每一餐进行搭配。Step 7 Dont sweat it7.不要过量Follow these guidelines and youll get plenty of protein. Recent research indicates that we need only half as much protein as was previously believed.遵循这些建议你就可以获得充足的蛋白质。最近研究表明,我们所需的蛋白质是此前认为的一半。A government study found that one in 200 U.S. adolescents is a vegetarian.年政府一项调查发现,美国200个青少年中就有1人是素食者。视频听力由。 /201311/265275

Sheryl Sandberg: Not running for office Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg talks to Jake Tapper about her political aspirations and why Facebook pushes for privacy.I know you’ve said that you’re never gonna run for office, but your name has been bandied about quite a bit. You obviously worked in the treasury department earlier in your career, are you really saying that you’re never going to run for office, that’s never going to happen?I’m not running for office, I really love my job at Facebook.Well. You’re not currently running for office. I understand.I have no plans to run for office, I really love working at Facebook.This past year, the Obama administration has faced a lot of criticism for the information gathering for the NSA. And Mark Zackberg, your boss has spoken with president Obama about the program and about its transparency, but one of the arguments that I’ve heard a lot is:” Hey, corp in America has a lot ofdata on Americans too, look at Facebook, look at all the information Facebook has on people. Should the public be concerned about the information that Facebook has and what Facebook plans to do with it?”As you know, we were very concerned with some of the NSA revelations, Mark has spoken to the president, Mark has flown to DC recently and seen the president, we believe every user of our service and any other technology service has a right to have their privacy, or has a right to have control of their data, and has a right to the security of that data. Whether it be from our government or any other, and we’re asking the US government to do more to make sure Americans know that they stand behind that promise. /201404/289910


特别声明该节目由讲说词精讲为可可编辑编写。视频出处本期视频出自B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的一生》。精视觉精讲说So the Catholic North fought the Protestant South.这样 忠于天主教的北方开始反抗忠于新教的南方For a while it looked as though the North might win.一时间 北方似乎占了上风As rebels swept through Lancashire, Yorkshire and Northumberland,随着叛军横扫兰开夏郡 约克郡和诺森伯兰郡时it must have seemed that Catholic Britain had been reborn.信奉天主教的英国似乎复苏了Now Elizabeths government really knew what it was up against,此时 伊丽莎白政府才真正意识到面临的问题the latest act in the endlessly drawn out religious war that began所引发的宗教战争再一次拉开了新篇章when Henry VIII made himself Supreme Head of the Church.亨利八世将王权凌驾于教权12,000 troops were eventually mustered and the rebellion brutally crushed.一万两千名骑兵最终无情地平息了这次叛乱 /201308/253711

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