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囧叔笑谈俄国吞并克里米亚,乌克兰其他部分也要独立,他们团结抗争……在议会打架。蜜蜂YEL...LOW再现,实地考察为何布鲁克林海滩会是普金的下一个目标。蜂,你和这么多俄罗斯大汉那个啥,你老公知道吗? Article/201404/289665关于建立培养创造力(而不是扼杀创造力)的教育体系,Ken Robinson发表了一番幽默生动的演讲。 Article/201409/325312As Japan conquered more and more countries in Asia,日本不断征亚洲越来越多的国家hideous war crimes archieved well documented continued to escalate.万恶的战争罪行擢发难数 不断升级The 1945 Nuremberg Charter1945年纽伦堡宪章中defines war crimes as e:;violations of the laws of customs of war;将战争罪定义为:“违反战争惯例法规”which include crimes against enemy civilians and combatants.这其中包括针对对方平民和战士犯下的罪行Japanese war crimes ranged from massacres of non-combatant civilians日本的战争罪包括对非武装平民的滥杀无辜to horrific experiments with humans, biological warfare,以及可怕的人体试验、生化武器and the use of weapons of mass destruction.以及使用大规模杀伤性武器Most European nations had aly realized the imperial colonial conquests大多数欧洲国家都意识到了帝国殖民主义侵略when in the late 19th century19世纪末Japan followed the lead of those world powers日本与列强为伍developing their own imperial colonialism发展自己的帝国殖民主义and pursued their objectives aggressively不断蚕食他国 实现侵略目标The scorched earth strategy日本裕仁天皇sanctioned by Empire Hirohito himself颁布的“焦土政策”directed Japanese imperial forces指导着日本的军队to kill all, burn all and destroy all.让他们杀光、烧光、抢光This policy, also called ; The Three Alls Policy;,这个政策 也被称作“三光政策”was implemented with brutal force in China by General Yasuji Okamura,在日军将领冈村宁次的带领下执行得淋漓尽致and resulted in the killing of millions of Chinese.数百万中国人为此丧命Most of them were males between the ages 15-60,这其中大多数是15-60岁的男性suspected of being potential threats to Imperial Japan.他们被怀疑是对日本帝国有潜在威胁的人Okamura was convicted of war crimes at the Tokyo Tribunal,冈村宁次在东京审判中被判有战争罪but never served his sentence,但却从未刑and died in 1966他死于1966年at his home in Tokyo.死在东京的家中Based in the suburb of Harbin,the largest city in the Japanese Puppy State of Manchukuo,在满洲国傀儡政权最大的城市 哈尔滨the infamous 731 臭名昭著的731部队conducted ghastly experiments,进行了骇人听闻的人体试验including but not limited to这其中包括但不限于vivisection and amputations without anaesthesia活体解剖、未使用麻醉的情况进行肢解under the command of the Surgeon Major General Shirō Ishii.幕后的指导者便是日军中将石井四郎Shirō Ishii was never executed for any war crimes.石井四郎并未因此而受到法律的谴责the ed States of America granted him and his team Immunity,美国为了换取大规模杀伤性武器的全部数据and exchange for full disclosure对他和他的团队of the weapons of mass destruction warfare data免除罪行collected from their extensive experiments.而这些数据 都是从大量的人体试验中获得的Over a half million of Chinese were killed,超过五十万中国人被杀害with experiments of bacteriological warfare试验有细菌生物武器试验with bubonic plague试验cholera, anthrax, and other lethal diseases.还有霍乱、炭疽病毒和其他致死病毒 Article/201409/329277

Many did just that.Going on to become champions in their own field.许多人都这样做了,成为了他们各自的领域里的佼佼者。Sugar Ray Leonard is widely regarded as one of the best fighter of his generation,earning an impressive 6 world championship titles in 5 weight classes.;糖果;Ray Leonard是公认的同时代最棒的拳手,在5项量级中取得过6次世界冠军的骄人战绩。I#39;ve told people all over the world that Bruce Lee was one of my idols.Mainly because of his... of his mental stability, because of his fighting spirit because it was more... it was more mental than just physical.我对全世界的人都说过 李小龙是我崇拜的偶像之一,主要是因为他的... 他的意志 他的斗志,因为这更是... 更是意志力 而非体力。What#39;s more interesting is to meet people whom you would not imagine like Carlos Santana whom you would not think was a Bruce Lee#39;s fanatic.更有意思的是 像Carlos Santana那样的人,你根本就想象不到他会是龙迷。And he came to Hong Kong, the first thing he said was ;where is the Bruce Lee Memorial?I want to go and pay respect to the spirit of Bruce Lee;.他到香港后 说的第一句话竟然是;李小龙纪念馆在哪儿?我要去祭奠他的英灵;So it#39;s all pervasive and I have been counting it again and again during my world.Athletes, actors, artists and musicians all said Bruce Lee is an influence.他的影响无处不在 在我生活中也层出不穷了,运动员、演员、艺术家和音乐家们,都说李小龙是很有影响力的人物。So how did a skinny kid called Li Xiao Long rise from a backstreet of Hong Kong to become the global icon known as Bruce Lee?究竟李小龙是如何从一个香港小巷中的瘦小孩童成长为一个国际偶像?And why, 35 years after his death,is his popularity and influence stronger than ever?而且为什么在他去世35年后,他的影响力和知名度仍日趋渐长? Article/201401/272360

China holds press conference on national economy.中国召开国民经济新闻发布会。 Article/201407/312287

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