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Monarchy Loyalist Party Wins Bhutan Election不丹完成民主选举结束世袭君主制  In Bhutan's landmark elections that ended a century of absolute monarchy, the party widely perceived as most loyal to the monarchy won by a landslide. 不丹历史性的选举结束了长达一个多世纪的世袭君主制。被广泛视为对王室最为忠诚的政党赢得了压倒胜利。Most of the media and political pundits in this tiny Himalayan nation did not see much difference between the two parties vying to lead the nation into democracy, but the voters of Bhutan did. 在喜马拉雅山国家不丹,大多数媒体和政治分析权威人士认为,两个为领导不丹走上民主道路而相互竞争的政党在政策主张方面没有多大区别,但是不丹选民却不这么看。"The DPT, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, winning 44 of 47 seats in the National Assembly, is declared the ruling party," said Bhutan Election Commissioner Kunzang Wangdi. "The People's Democratic Party, the PDP, having won three seats in the National Assembly, will be the opposition party." 不丹选举委员会官员昆赞.旺迪宣布选举结果:“在有47个议席的国民议会中,不丹繁荣进步党中赢得44个,现在宣布该党为执政党。不丹人民民主党赢得国民议会的3个席位,为反对党。”And, with those words, Wangdi made it official. Candidates from the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, also known as the Bhutan Prosperity Party, won a lopsided victory in Bhutan's first-ever national election. 这一宣布是不丹选举的正式结果。不丹繁荣进步党候选人在首次国民议会选举中赢得了压倒胜利。DPT spokesman Palden Tshering says no one expected such a landslide. 该党发言人希林表示,这很出乎意料。"What I can say is the people have decided," said Tshering. "They looked at the two parties and probably figured out that our party is a party that could possibly give them the government envisioned by His Majesty [Bhutan's current king], one that is stable, one that is strong and one that will lay the foundation for the next hundred years." 他说:“我能说的是,人民已经做出了决定。选民在了解了两个政党的政见之后也许认为,我们党有可能组建一个国王陛下心目中所希望的政府,一个稳定、坚强的政府,一个能为未来国家百年大计打下坚实基础的政府。”The electoral turnout was 79 percent of the country's 318,000 eligible voters. 不丹共有31万8千名合格选民,其中79%的人参加了投票。DPT President Jigmi Thinley is expected to be the country's next prime minister, a post he has held twice before. But this time, he will lead the country as Bhutan's king ends a century of dynastic rule that has been largely peaceful. 预计,繁荣进步党领袖吉格梅.廷里将成为不丹总理。他曾经两次担任总理职务,但由于不丹国王结束了长达一个世纪的王朝统治,吉格梅.廷里这次将担负起领导国家的职责。In Monday's polls, voters elected 47 members of the lower house of parliament. Twenty members of the upper house were elected, earlier this year. 在星期一举行的选举中,选民选出了议会下院的47名议员。20名上院议员已在今年早些时候选出。Tshering says unifying the country is a top priority. "To bridge the gap that has formed in our society today as a result of the elections, that would probably be the first task that we have, because we want the country to be unified," said Tshering. "We want the people to be happy. We would rather there not be any discord in our society today." 吉格梅.廷里说,目前的当务之急是把国家团结起来:“选举在我们的社会中造成了隔阂,我们希望国家团结起来,因此消除这种隔阂很可能就是首要任务。我们希望人民幸福。我们不愿意看到在我们当今的社会中存在任何不和谐。”The electoral commission says the voting was peaceful and orderly, with only minor problems. 选举委员会说,选举过程是和平、有秩序的,只出现了一些小问题。However, the election was not without its critics. Members of the ethnic Nepali community say they were barred from voting. More than 100,000 ethnic Nepalis, who are mainly Hindu, were forced out of Bhutan in the 1990's. Many of them are living as refugees in eastern Nepal and are seeking to be repatriated to Bhutan.然而,这次选举也招致了一些批评。一些不丹土著居民说,他们被禁止参加选举。上世纪90年代,主要信奉印度教的10万多不丹土著居民被驱逐出国,其中很多人目前以难民身份居住在尼泊尔东部地区,他们正在争取被送回不丹。200803/32192。

  • Host: And Helen Fisher is the author of Why We Love and studied relationships for years. Hey, Helen nice to see you. So it's a little bit like ok when, when people get(s) together, initially they say ah, there is such chemistry (Right.)between me and her. That's true, but unfortunately it seems like the chemistry changes after a year. You buy it? H: Uh, it... probably not after a year. I mean, actually this study they said it was one to two years. But they also were studying only people who were um said that they were not in love after that period of time. So they weren't studying people who re... remained in love, which is possible you know. Host: When we talk .... Before we talk about the concept, then let's just talk about the study. (Right.) If it was a good sampling, do you think it was an accurate study? H: Well, it's hard to know. I mean they had 39 people and would have been great if they had 1039. But 39 is better than nothing, then. You know you would expect, I mean, this is one of the most powerful experiences on earth when men make love and it's much more powerful than the sex drive. And you would expect all kinds of bodily chemicals to be involved in it. What they've done is they found just another. Host: Have we heard about these nerve growth factors before? I mean that did, did they apply in other situations? H: Yeah absolutely. They help with the nourishment of the cells of the body. And some people think that they are associated also with anxiety, and feelings of dependence and euphoria, which are associated with romantic love. Host: What about age? Does that apply in here? I mean do you , do you tend to have more fluctuation in the levels of these things when you are younger or when you are older? H: We don't know about nerve growth factor. But I studied 430 Americans and actually 420 Japanese and my sample of people over 45 show just as mush as that sweaty palms syndrome as those who are under 25, so...Host: So you don't lose that puppy love feeling just because you are 45 years old. H: No, you know what, I have had an 8-year-old boy, perfectly described to me his infatuation for an 8-year-old girl. And I certainly know people in their 70s who are mad in love. I think this is a brain system a lot like the fear system. It can be triggered at anytime in life. Host: If there is in fact a decrease in certain body chemicals(Right.) and the euphoria starts to wane. Is there anything people can do to keep it going? H: Yes, very definitely. First of all, you gotta pick the right person so that there is real chemical continuing reaction between the two of you. And second you can do novel things together. Novelty drives the levels of the dopamine in the brain, and I and my colleagues have found that dopamine in the brain is associated with romantic love so that's why vacations are so exciting. You know you do something novel, you do something exciting. It changes those chemicals and you can feel that feeling again. Host: By the way, you don't think it's a bad idea if the euphoria goes at the end of the year because if you stay in the relationship, you will find out if you really truly love that person or you are just having a chemical reaction? H: Absolutely, absolutely, as a matter of fact I mean, you know, I've often recommended to people that, you know, waiting till that intense passion wears off then you know what you've got. Host: Call me in a year, right. Helen Fisher, thanks so much. H: Thank you. 200808/46185。
  • Scripts:A: What do you make of this decision by the, by the central banks to, to club together to ensure that, the credit market doesn’t freeze up ? B: I think Wednesday’s report that they were working together to auction off the, er… extra funds, er… over a 3-month period was sort of er…seen as a bit of er… a bit of positive for the markets and we saw most of the stock markets rally. But since then, the markets had digested that information and realized that this injection isn’t really going to er…alleviate the problems that we’ve seen in the credit crunch.A: It was like the interests rate cut, wasn’t it? Really, the day before, where from the Fed, it was an interests rate cut which everyone wanted, everyone said we were gonna get, but it didn’t go quite far enough. It was the same with…with what the central banks did, we are talking about a lot of money in you and me terms, something like 49 billion dollars, but it’s in banking terms, it’s a relatively small amount, isn’t it?B: Yeah, it indeed. It is a relatively small amount, and because it’s for such a short period of time. That’s the reason why the markets have taken this negative impact. I mean in Asia, we’ve seen the… the stock markets over there, react pretty badly, and the Asian Central Bankers haven’t really followed suit with what the Europeans and the Americans are doing, but the fears are still there that if the credit crunch continues, they could see their exports being crippled.A: And what do you make of the… the interests rate cut by the Fed earlier in the week, a quarter of a percentage point, er.. it was what everyone wanted, as I said, but the reaction was more sort of “Come on guys, what planet are you living on there in the…in the Fed, you know, living in the same world as the rest of us?”B: Exactly, I think it was mu(ch), came out much in lie, er… however, the rhetoric after meeting suggested that they are sort of …paving way for further rate cuts despite the inflation being pretty high, we saw both RPI and PPI coming out stronger than expected, em… and also we got CPI this afternoon, if we see this hotter than expected, it’s aly expected to come out at 4.1%, even if you strip out food and oil from there, it's still expected to come out at 2.3 which is above the Fed's two percent target.A: It’s interesting to hear you talk about inflation, and the Fed obviously sounded a lot of caution about inflation, and yet we had a survey out earlier this week which said that most of the American public thinks that the economy is aly in recession.B: Exactly, em… I think the, the word rather than recession is stagflation. We have, we are having problems with inflation at the moment, and the Fed with the difficult position of trying to control that, while it's at the same time, trying to prevent the er… American economy going into recession, and that’s where we see the rate cuts coming into play, the question now is whether the rate cuts are going to fuel inflation, or whether they are going to control er…growth as the U.S. is expecting.A: And what’s your gut feeling about the CPI today with Bridge Rick and ...?B: I think CPI’s gonna come out slightly hotter than expected, em… mostly due to higher fuel and energy cost, and the RPI and PPI gave us that direction as well. If we see it come out hotter, I think the Fed are gonna have to make another difficult rate decision about whether they are going to raise rates in January, and the …interesting to know the interests rate futures market is still predicting, 100% chance that the Fed are going to raise rate in January.Notes: PPI:Producer Price Index 生产价格指数RPI:Retail Price Index 零售价格指数CPI:Comsumer Price Index 消费者价格指数200807/43328。
  • There were two anti-US firebrands, Iran and Venezuela who are making the most noise, and they were saying that the weaker US dollar is to blame for the record high oil prices. Currently oil export earnings are denominated in US dollars. And that's one of the reasons why we have Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE, pegging their currency to the greenback. Now what people are saying is that Venezuela as well as Iran were pushing for the OPEC oil cartel to move instead to a basket of currencies away from the US dollar a lot of analysts are saying that that would probably be impossible for the OPEC, for OPEC to really do. Especially because Saudi Arabia was caught on close-circuit TV, saying that they should stop talking about the US dollar altogether because there were concern , the country was concerned that the US dollar would continue to weaken further. Interesting, OPEC taking inspiration from Gesal , Bernsham, perhaps Jay-Z, who has been caught flushing euros in this latest rob . Now what else came out of the meeting? well, what really came out of the meeting is that OPEC's just clearly divided over their opinion on the US dollar on their stance towards the ed States as well as on whether or not OPEC really should increase production or not . Now what people were saying was that really OPEC, you know, on the one hand, you have Venezuela who was talking up the oil prices by basically saying that oil could hit two hundred dollars a barrel. If the US were to strike Iraq, sorry, strike Iran, or to strike Venezuela, now then on the other hand, you have Saudi Arabia which of course, was, is really a long time ally of the ed States and is trying to move the conversation away from politics and more towards environmental concerns.Notes:The Greenback: A note of U.S. currency.200807/43588。
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