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蚌埠东方美莱坞医疗整形美容医院玻尿酸多少钱蚌埠五河县隆下巴多少钱蚌埠妇幼保健院绣眉手术多少钱 China’s enrollment figures in private English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and related test preparation programs continue their longstanding high growth rates.长期以来,中国报名参加英语学习及相关考前培训的人数持续高速增长。Despite some prominent observers in the U.S. and U.K. lamenting the decline of these great countries and offering pessimistic views about the future, younger Chinese still correlate good English language ability with career success. This is sensible, practical, and smart.尽管美英两国的一些主流观察家都在哀叹美英地位的衰落,对未来充满了悲观情绪,但中国的年轻一代依然认为出众的英语能力是关乎事业成功的重要因素。这种看法非常明智和务实。An article in the Winter 2012 edition of the quarterly “City Journal” offers comparative profiles of the economic clout of the countries they describe as the “Anglosphere” (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland) and those which comprise the “Sinosphere” (Greater China, including Taiwan and the Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R.s).《City Journal》2012(冬季刊)刊登了一篇文章,对所谓的“英语圈”(美、英、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、爱尔兰)与“汉语圈”(包括台湾、香港、在内的大中华区)的经济实力进行了一番对比。The authors, Joel Kotkin and Shashi Parulekar, take the view that despite many challenges, the Anglosphere is alive and well:该文作者Joel Kotkin和Shashi Parulekar认为,虽然英语圈面临着重重困难,但状态依然安好:It’s indisputable that the Anglosphere no longer enjoys the overwhelming global dominance that it once had. What was once a globe-spanning empire is now best understood as a union of language, culture, and shared values. Yet what declinists overlook is that despite its current economic problems, the Anglosphere’s fundamental assets — economic, political, demographic, and cultural — are likely to drive its continued global leadership. The Anglosphere future is brighter than commonly believed.英语圈曾主宰全球的时代已一去不返,这一点无可争辩。曾经一统天下的英语帝国如今只能作为语言、文化和共同价值的联合体。但“唱衰者”们忽略了一点,虽然目前经济问题重重,但英语圈的根本——经济、政治、人口、文化——仍会保持世界领先地位。英语圈的未来比人们通常认为的都更加光明。In economic terms, using purchasing power parity data, the Anglosphere remains by far the world’s largest economic bloc, representing more than 25% of world GDP.按照经济学中的购买力等价数据统计,英语圈至今仍是全球最大的经济体,代表了全球25%的GDP。The Sinosphere is a strong second, accounting for just more than 15%. India, by comparison, accounts for some 5.4% of world GDP.汉语圈势头强劲,排名第二,但GDP只占全球15%多一点。相比之下,印度在全球GDP中所占的比例为5.4%。The Anglosphere’s per capita GDP is more than 5 times that of the Sinosphere, and 13 times that of India.英语圈的人均GDP相当于汉语圈的5倍,是印度的13倍。Although the Sinosphere has experienced explosive growth in the number of companies large enough in revenue terms to make the FORTUNE Global 500 list, it still has a long way to go in terms of having big global companies which are also widely admired for their innovation, their values, governance and management style.虽然汉语圈按公司收入能跻身《财富》世界500强的大企业在数量上经历了爆炸性的增长,但想要拥有在创新、价值观、公司治理、管理方式等各方面都广受尊重的大型跨国企业,该地区还有很长的路要走。Due in part to educational and legal infrastructure (e.g. intellectual property protection), the Anglosphere is home to the vast majority of the world’s software, biotech, and aerospace companies – industries where R amp; D and innovation are crucial elements of success.考虑到教育和法律基础建设(如:知识产权保护)的缘故,世界主要软件、生物技术和航天企业多选择在英语圈落户,因为这些行业的成功很大程度上取决于研发和创新。In countries lacking an adequate intellectual property rights protection regime, for example, companies will not invest the huge sums required to develop big new high-tech products. The current estimated average investment in R amp; D to develop a major new pharmaceutical product is in the range of US billion.例如,在缺乏适当知识产权保护的国家,企业不会投巨资开发大型高新科技产品。目前开发一剂重点新药的平均投资预计应在10亿美元左右。The article also states that some 40% of Europeans speak English versus 19% who speak French; while pointing out that English has been formally or informally embraced as an important language of business and science in many developing countries, including India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Obviously this phenomenon is rooted in large part to a legacy of the colonial era, but English has survived the test of time for practical reasons. That is unlikely to change any time soon.文章还指出,欧洲人中有40%会讲英语,但只有19%会说法语;同时还指出,在包括印度、马来西亚、巴基斯坦、孟加拉、尼日利亚、肯尼亚、南非在内的一些发展中国家,英语在商务和科学领域中被正式或非正式地作为重要语言。当然,这种现象很大程度上带有殖民时代的烙印,但英语凭借其实用性还是经历住了时间的考验,而且这种状况在短时间内不会有所改变。One other factor which the authors cite as a positive force for relative Anglosphere economic growth is demographics. Between 2000 and 2050, the US workforce is projected to grow by 37%. During the same time frame, due to aging, China’s workforce is projected to shrink by 10%, and Japan’s by 40%.作者提到另一个促进英语圈经济增长的积极因素是人口。从2000年至2050年,美国的劳动力预计将增长37%,而同期中国的劳动力将减少10%,日本将减少40%。Immigration trends are also a contributing factor, During the past ten years, 14 million people immigrated legally to the Anglosphere. In 2005 alone, among the top ten countries around the world in terms of immigrant arrivals, the US accepted more new immigrants than the next nine countries combined.个中缘由少不了提到移民潮。过去十年,前往英语圈的合法移民达到1,400万人。2005年在全世界接纳移民最多的十个国家中,美国接纳的移民数量超过了另外九个国家的总和。The moral of the story is that for young people in China considering their career plans, good abilities in both English and Chinese language will be extremely valuable assets no matter which direction they want to go.由此可见,对那些正在规划职业道路的中国年轻人来说,无论朝哪个方向发展,良好的中、英文语言能力都极具价值。One more word of advice to my younger friends: first and second language studies do not end with graduation. That’s really where they begin. So, study hard, and be prepared to keep it up for your whole lifetime. The time and effort invested will produce some of the best dividends you can imagine.我还要多劝年轻朋友们一句:学习母语也好,外语也好,都不能以毕业作为终点,其实那只是起点而已。要时刻努力,并作好终身学习的准备。你投入的时间和精力会为你带来可以想见的最好的回报。 /201302/226623When any market crashes, it’s a shock. Fora real nose dive it normally takes something unexpected and dramatic to kick itoff. Gold is misunderstood and it is viewed as “the mad metal”, so here arethree things to remember whether you love or hate gold.任何市场崩溃时都会有震荡。对于真正的一落千丈,它通常需要一些意想不到的戏剧性的事情来开启。黄金是误以为“疯狂的金属”,所以不管你对黄金是爱是恨这里有三件事情要记住。1. Gold is a commodity1.黄金是一种商品To many people gold is something special.It’s more than just another metal that comes out of the ground. This may wellbe because since the dawn of time gold has been a status symbol and status iswhat breeds success or simply just breeds.对许多人来说黄金是与众不同的。它不仅仅是来自地下的又一金属。这很可能是由于从黎明伊始,黄金一直是一种身份的象征,地位等同于育成功或只是简单的繁荣兴旺。Whatever you feel about gold, it is just ametal. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it doesn’t mean it needs to becheaper.无论你对黄金有何感受,它只是一种金属。这倒未必是件坏事,也并不意味着它需要更便宜。Gold supply has not kept up with demand soits price should rise. Where once gold was used on things that could be easilyrecycled. Now gold is used in things that don’t get recycled in a way that thegold is being recovered. So gold is being lost.黄金供不应求,所以它的价格应该上涨。曾经用于黄金的东西都可以很容易回收。现在黄金用在无法回收的东西上。所以黄金在流失。2. Gold is not a stable store of value2.黄金不是一种稳定的价值贮存体It is a myth to believe gold is a constantstore of value. Like anything else the price of gold is created by supply anddemand. When the Spanish pillaged South America and brought the gold and silverback to Europe, there was rampant inflation. More gold meant gold money wasworth less and the price of things in gold went up.认为黄金是一种恒性的价值贮存体是一个误区。像任何其他东西一样,黄金价格由供需决定。当西班牙掠夺南美,把金银带回欧洲,就产生了恶性通货膨胀。更多的黄金意味着黄金贬值,黄金加工物的价钱上升。3. Gold is volatile3.黄金具有挥发性Gold used to be worth a lot less than it istoday. As we have seen recently at ADVFN, you don’t have to look hard to see goldis as vulnerable to swings in values as any other commodity.黄金过去远没有今天这么值钱。正如我们最近在ADVFN所看到的,你无需很难才能看到黄金的价值像任何其他商品一样容易波动。The key to investing in gold is being ableto watch the gold price live. A free ADVFN account will allow you to follow itlive and direct at home or on your tablet or smartphone via our free app.投资黄金的关键在于能实时看到金价。一个免费的ADVFN帐户将允许您直接在家里或在你的平板电脑或智能手机上通过我们的免费应用程序进行实时跟踪。 /201305/239381蚌埠医学院附属医院瘦腿针多少钱

蚌埠东方美莱坞医院去痘印多少钱蚌埠磨皮医院 A secret Santa brought an early Christmas gift to cash-strapped shoppers by spending ,000 paying off their outstanding bills.一个神秘的圣诞老人为囊中羞涩的人们提早送出了圣诞礼品——他用2万美元为他们买了单。Staff at Walmart were stunned when Greg Parady asked if he could contribute towards customer#39;s Christmas layaway bills.当格雷格·帕拉第询问他是否能帮购物的人们付清圣诞购物的货款时,沃尔玛的工作人员感到十分吃惊。After overhearing another shopper say she may not be able to afford her outstanding bill, Mr Parady wandered over to the layaway department to see what he could do to help.在偶然听到一个购物者说她可能没办法付掉未付账单时,帕拉第先生走进分期付款商品保留部,他想知道自己是否能帮上一点忙。After asking the manager to tally up all the outstanding balances, Mr Parady was shocked to hear that ,000 worth of gifts hadn#39;t been paid for, and saddened by how many families were struggling to put presents under their tree.帕拉第先生请经理结算了所有的未清商品余额,当他得知这些圣诞礼物总共还欠款8.9万美元时,帕拉第先生感到很震惊,却也很伤心,因为居然有这么多家庭为了圣诞树下的礼物而如此艰难。The 40-year-old made a significant dent in the debt however, after swiping a variety of personal credit cards through the machine.刷了好大一笔钱之后,这位40多岁的大善人当然也为了这次的大开销担上了债务。#39;I came back here and just saw him swiping and swiping,#39; said his businesspartner, Cindy Nazzaro, who accompanied him on the visit.“我到这儿就为了看他不停地刷卡”,和帕拉第一同前来的合伙人辛迪·纳扎罗说道。He paid the bills of six shoppers who were in the store at the time, as well as paying off half of every bill over 0.他为当时在商场的6个购物者买了单,也付了每笔超过200美元的账单的一半款项。Staff at the store recalled how the holiday hero swiped his card for customers who approached the till to cancel their orders, simply saying #39;Merry Christmas#39; afterwards.商场的工作人员回忆这位“节日英雄”为那些在收银台准备取消账单的购物者们刷卡买单的情形,每次刷完卡他就会说一句“圣诞快乐”。#39;They didn#39;t know what was happening at first,#39; said Wal-Mart operations manager Deb Davis.“一开始他们还不知道发生了什么事”,沃尔玛的运营经理德布·戴维斯说道。#39;This one girl in particular, she goes, ;What do I owe?; My associate goes, #39;That gentlemen right there just paid for you.;#39;“有个女孩子问道,‘我还欠多少?’”,我的同事说,“那位先生已经为你买好单了。”Overwhelmed, the woman, began to cry and had to sit down on a bench.这个女生感动得泣不成声,不得不坐在长凳上缓缓情绪。His spending was so unexpected, Mr Parady#39;s banks began to decline transactions in the fear his credit cards had been stolen.由于帕拉第先生的开销如此反常,他的担心他的信用卡被盗,开始拒绝处理这张卡的交易行为。The man used three different cards, took up two cashiers, and also made payments over the phone during the hours-long spree which employees described as the most generous they had ever seen.在这个长达好几个小时的狂欢购物中,帕拉第先生付款时用了3张信用卡,2台收银机,同时也通过电话进行付,工作人员表示这是他们见到过的最慷慨的行为了。#39;I didn#39;t intend for the attention but I hope it motivates other people,#39; he said.“我并不想哗众取宠,我只是想通过这种方式来鼓励大家多做善事”,他如是说。#39;I hope everyone will use it as a tool to give in their own way. It doesn#39;t have to be money, it can be time, or just something kind.#39;“我希望大家把它当做一个例子来举一反三。做好事不一定用钱,也可以是时间,或者一些好的东西。”The so-called #39;layaway Santas#39; have been popping up across the US since 2011.从2011年起,所谓的“帮你买单的圣诞老人”已经在美国各地不断出现。Walmart alone has noted 1,000 cases where a stranger has paid off another#39;s bill this year, while KMart said over .5million had been spent by well-wishers in years past.沃尔玛称今年已有1000件陌生人为购物者们买单的事情发生,同时凯马特称过去几年中“祝福者”付的账款超过了150万美元。 /201312/270371蚌埠第三人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

蚌埠东方美莱坞整形美容医院激光去斑多少钱一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我是剩女我怕谁?最佳损友会来陪!译者:koogle Stimulating the brain with rapid pulses of electricity can improve your ability to perform mental arithmetic for up to six months, a new study has shown.一项新的研究显示,用电流速脉冲刺激大脑可以提高你的心算能力,效果可长达六个月。For anyone who struggles with dividing the bill at the end of a meal, there is now a way to give your brain a boost.对于那些餐后与账单苦苦斗争的人们来说,这是给你的大脑一个推动力的好方法。Scientists have shown they can improve people’s ability to perform mental arithmetic for up to six months by giving them a short course of harmless electrical stimulation on their scalps.科学家已经表示,他们能够通过无害的电流冲刺激头皮,提高人们长达六个月的心算能力。Volunteers who received rapid pulses of electrical current – equivalent to that from an AA battery – for just 20 minutes a day for five days saw their ability to solve calculations improve by 28 per cent.持续五天每天20分钟接受电流刺激(相当于AA电池)的志愿者,发现他们的计算能力提升了28%。The enhancement, which made them faster at carrying out sums and other mathematical tasks, lasted for up to six months after receiving the electrical treatment.这种提升在接受电击后持续了六个月,使得志愿者在计算总数时和其他数学工作中更快速。The researchers, who are based at the University of Oxford, believe stimulating the brain in this way could be used to help people who struggle with performing mental arithmetic.主要来自牛津大学的研究人员相信,以这种方式刺激大脑可以帮助那些在心算上苦苦挣扎的人们。Around a fifth of the population are thought to struggle with mental arithmetic while one in 20 suffer from dyscalculia – a learning disability involving numbers that is similar to dyslexia.据悉约有五分之一的人在与心算作斗争,而二十分之一的人忍受着计算障碍,这是一种涉及数字的学习障碍,与语言障碍类似。Dr Roi Cohen Kadosh, a cognitive neuroscientist who led the study, said he hoped to develop devices that could be used to help students in classrooms and elderly people.负责这个课题的是认知神经系统科学家瑞欧-科恩-卡多什士,他表示希望开发出帮助学生和年长者的装置。He said: “The amount of electricity we are applying is very small and totally painless. Most people asked us if the device was even working because they couldn’t feel it.The current appears to enhance the neurons ability to process information by making them more efficient.他说:“我们用的电流量非常小,而且完全不疼。很多人都问我们装置是否在工作,因为他们感觉不到。这个电流似乎提高了神经元处理信息并使其更有效的能力。”“We hope that these techniques will one day be used in the clinic, classrooms and even at home to help those who struggle with certain cognitive tasks.We are looking at using stimulation with educational games to help a child who is falling behind in class or to help elderly patients.”“我们希望这些技术有一天可以用于临床、教室甚至家中,来帮助那些在认知工作中苦苦挣扎的人们。我们考虑和教育游戏一起使用这种刺激,来帮助班里落后的小朋友或者帮助年长的患者。”Dr Cohen Kadosh and his team, whose work is published in the journal of Current Biology, asked 25 students to carry out calculations and learn mathematical facts – such as a times table – for 20 minutes each day.科恩-卡多什士和他的团队要求25个学生每天进行计算并学习数学实例20分钟(例如时间表)。这一他们的成果已经在《当代生物》期刊上发表。Just over half of the students were given the electrical current – known as transcranial random noise stimulation – as they performed the tasks, while the others were not.当执行任务时,略过半的学生接受了电流刺激,这个过程被称为经颅随机嗓音刺激,而其他人没有。Those that were treated with the electricity, which was applied by attaching two electrodes to their scalp, improved in their ability to perform mental arithmetic after a five days.那些接受了电流刺激的人,五天后处理心算问题能力有所提高,他们在实验时在头皮上连着两个电极。They were found to be up to 28 per cent better when asked to carry out calculations compared to those who had not received any electrical current.When they were tested again six months later, the improvements were found to still be there.研究发现,他们在被要求进行计算时,比那些没有接受电流刺激的学生要好28%。当他们六个月后进行测验时,这种提高依然存在。The electrical stimulation works by increasing the activity of neurons in the brain, helping to train them much like a muscle can be trained to become stronger and tire less easily.这种电流刺激通过提高大脑神经元的活跃性来起作用,帮助来训练那些神经元,类似于肌肉可以被锻炼得更强壮并更不容易累那样。Over time this helps to improve the efficiency of the neurons so they too can perform tasks more easily.久而久之,这有助于提高神经元的效率,从而他们可以更轻松的来执行任务。Dr Cohen Kadosh warned, however, that people should not attempt to apply electrical stimulation themselves as they could do more harm than good.然而,科恩-卡多什教授也警告说,人们不能自己来使用电流刺激,因为这样做弊大于利。He added: “Our data shows that we may be effecting molecular aspects of the neurons which may explain why there is this long lasting affect.”他补充道:“我们的数据表明,我们可以影响神经元的分子特征,这可以解释为什么会有持久的效果。” /201307/246849蚌埠固镇县固体硅胶隆鼻价格蚌埠东方美莱坞整形治疗疤痕多少钱



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