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The jungle there are wild and dangerous,just like the weather.那里的丛林让人难以驾驭 就像这天气一样My mission is to show you how to survive in the after mouth of tropical storm.我的任务就是向你展示 怎样在热带风暴肆虐之后生存下来China gets hit by more typhoons than in the other country on earth.中国所遭受到的台风袭击 要比世界上的其他国家多得多The southern part gets more quite often.The winds are access hundred miles an hour.华南地区更是台风频发之地 台风最大风速超过每小时数百英里One storm dump over 3 foot of rain.Guess what,I#39;ll arrive bang in the middle there.Here we go!热带风暴带来的降雨量可达3英尺 你猜怎么着 我刚好和一场热带风暴邂逅了 我们走着瞧吧Typhoon Parma has aly killed hundreds of people in the Philippines for making its way here accross South China sea.台风帕尔马已经在菲律宾 夺走了上百条人命 然后所向披靡 跨过中国南海 到达这里It was rain in the river just a bursting point.倾盆大雨让河堤快要崩塌了The water level in this river is rising by 20 feet less than the day.这条河的水位线 一天内上升了20英尺with rivers in flat and mountians by the rainstroms staying alive in this wildness just get a whole loptoper.由于河水泛滥 山体遭受大雨冲刷 让求生变得难上加难I#39;m aly go for this!The truck gone.We need get into this.我准备好了 跳 卡车已经开走了 我们得进入丛林当中There#39;s amount of rain in this water, it#39;s gonna be arise fast.We want get up in this creek.这里的水位会上升得很快 我们得尽快上岸 During the World WarⅡ the mountain here became refugee for communist guerrillas who were fighting the Japenese in this forgotten theatre of the War.在二战期间 这里的丛林曾是 共产党游击队的根据地 他们就在 这个快被遗忘的阵地上与日军顽强作战Jungles like this can be sanctuary or living nightmare.这样的热带丛林既可成为避难所 也会成为恶梦Right now it feels like the second option.在现在看来 更倾向于后者 Article/201607/453781原味人文风情:Open your mouth.嘴巴张开。Can Flavor Help You Find Love?食物风味能帮你找到爱吗?Love at First Taste第一口遇见爱Hi.嗨。How long have you been single for?你单身多久了?Six months now.到现在有六个月。Three years now.三年了。Well, I don#39;t know. It#39;s—that#39;s a complicated question.唉,我不知道。这——那是个很难回答的问题。How would you define love?你怎么定义爱?Umm...唉……Passion.热情。Agony.痛苦。Something that people sing about all the time.人们一直歌颂的事物。My ideal partner would be...我的理想另一半会是……Secure.稳定可靠。I like them to be a combination of elegance and clumsiness.我喜欢女友是优雅与傻气的结合。What are your favorite flavors?你最喜欢的口味是什么?I like hearty stuff.我喜欢带来满足感的食物。Love fish.爱死鱼了。I love spicy food. I have really high tolerance to spicy food.我爱辛辣料理。我可以吃很辣的食物。We matched singles by their favorite flavors.我们用单身人士喜爱的口味来为他们配对。There was just one rule:规则只有一个:You have to feed each other.你们得喂对方。So I#39;m not allowed to put food in my own mouth?所以我不能放食物到自己嘴里?The whole meal?整餐?Exactly.没错。Okay, cool.好,酷。Everything is so me. This is like the perfect dinner for me.这全部都太对我味了。这就像是我的完美晚餐啊。How are you?你好吗?Very good, you?很好,你呢?Yeah, I#39;m good.嗯,我很好。I#39;m Clayton. Nice to meet you.我是克雷顿。很高兴认识你。Nice to meet you.很高兴认识你。How do we do this?我们要怎么吃呢?You know what? This wasn#39;t very expensive. You can just ram it straight in my mouth. I love everything that is on this table.你知道吗?这件衣不贵。你可以把食物直接塞到我嘴里。这桌上的每道菜我都爱。Right, okay.好,没问题。I am really good at this, okay? So you just need to focus.我是高手,好吗?所以你只要专心就好。Okay.好。Whole thing, whole thing!整个、整个!Mmm!嗯!That was a good bite, right?那口真不赖,对吧?Yes! Good!对啊!好吃!Don#39;t move it away from me; move it towards me.不要把它移开;移到我这来。Sorry.抱歉。Good?好吃?Mmm.嗯。It#39;s very cute when you feed me, you know?你喂我那样很可爱,你知道吗?You like it?你喜欢?I like it.我喜欢。There you go...好……Okay, just—just put it in.好,就——把它放进去就好。And I#39;ll just be like...我就只会像这样……Love Can Happen at First Taste真爱可能在第一口发生love at first taste第一口遇见爱 Article/201607/453959I am in search of another planet in the universe where life exists.我正在宇宙中寻找另一颗有生命的行星。I can#39;t see this planet with my naked eyes or even with the most powerful telescopes we currently possess.靠肉眼肯定看不到,即使借助如今最强大的望远镜也看不到。But I know that it#39;s there. And understanding contradictions that occur in nature will help us find it.但我坚信它的存在。了解自然界的矛盾法则,能帮助我们找到它。On our planet, where there#39;s water, there#39;s life.在我们地球上,哪里有水,哪里就有生命。So we look for planets that orbit at just the right distance from their stars.因此我们将目光锁定在那些与恒星的距离正合适的行星。At this distance, shown in blue on this diagram for stars of different temperatures,这一距离,在这张示意图中以蓝色表示,根据恒星温度的高低而不同,planets could be warm enough for water to flow on their surfaces as lakes and oceans where life might reside.能保行星足够温暖,使水保持液态,形成湖泊和海洋,就有可能育生命。Some astronomers focus their time and energy on finding planets at these distances from their stars.一些天文学家将时间和精力投入到搜寻那些与其所围绕恒星的距离在这一范围内的行星。What I do picks up where their job ends.而我的工作紧随其后。I model the possible climates of exoplanets. And here#39;s why that#39;s important:我建立这些系外行星的气候模型。这项工作很重要:there are many factors besides distance from its star that control whether a planet can support life.因为要决定行星上是否有生命存在,除了与恒星的距离外,还有许多其他因素。Take the planet Venus. It#39;s named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty,以金星为例。它以罗马爱和美之女神的名字命名,because of its benign, ethereal appearance in the sky.因为它看起来如此优雅而美丽。But spacecraft measurements revealed a different story.然而宇宙飞船测量的结果完全不是这么回事。The surface temperature is close to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, 500 Celsius.金星表面的温度接近900华氏度,也就是500摄氏度。That#39;s hot enough to melt lead. Its thick atmosphere, not its distance from the sun, is the reason.这温度足以融化铅。原因并不在于它与太阳的距离,而在于它厚厚的大气层。It causes a greenhouse effect on steroids, trapping heat from the sun and scorching the planet#39;s surface.金星的大气层引发的温室效应,将来自太阳的热量牢牢锁住,将金星地表变成一片焦土。The reality totally contradicted initial perceptions of this planet.这与我们之前对金星的想象完全不一样。From these lessons from our own solar system,我们太阳系的这个例子告诉我们,we#39;ve learned that a planet#39;s atmosphere is crucial to its climate and potential to host life.行星的大气层对于其气候特点和能否育生命至关重要。We don#39;t know what the atmospheres of these planets are like我们无法了解那些(可能育生命的)行星的大气情况,because the planets are so small and dim compared to their stars and so far away from us.因为跟它们围绕的恒星相比,它们又小又暗,而且离我们非常遥远。For example, one of the closest planets that could support surface water -- it#39;s called Gliese 667 Cc比如,离我们最近的,可能有液态水存在的行星之一,叫做“格利泽667Cc”such a glamorous name, right, nice phone number for a name -- it#39;s 23 light years away.多美的名字啊,对吧,做电话号码应该不错--离我们23光年。So that#39;s more than 100 trillion miles.也就是超过100万亿英里。Trying to measure the atmospheric composition of an exoplanet passing in front of its host star is hard.想要在一颗系外行星从它的主恒星前经过时,测量它的大气成分太难了。It#39;s like trying to see a fruit fly passing in front of a car#39;s headlight.就好比要看清一只从车头灯前飞过的果蝇一样。OK, now imagine that car is 100 trillion miles away, and you want to know the precise color of that fly.而且,这辆车还远在100万亿英里之外,你还想看清这只果蝇的颜色。So I use computer models to calculate the kind of atmosphere a planet would need to have a suitable climate for water and life.因此我用计算机建模,来计算一颗行星要形成适宜水和生命存在的气候,需要何种大气类型。Here#39;s an artist#39;s concept of the planet Kepler-62f, with the Earth for reference.这是一张“开普勒62f”行星的概念图,旁边是用来做对比的地球。It#39;s 1,200 light years away, and just 40 percent larger than Earth.它距离我们1200光年,体积只比地球大40%。Our NSF-funded work found that it could be warm enough我们的研究--由国家科学基金会资助--发现它温度适宜,for open water from many types of atmospheres and orientations of its orbit.可能存在液态水,它的大气拥有多种成分,还有它的公转轨道。So I#39;d like future telescopes to follow up on this planet to look for signs of life.因此我希望未来的望远镜能继续观测这颗行星,寻找生命存在的迹象。Ice on a planet#39;s surface is also important for climate.行星表面的冰层对于气候同样重要。Ice absorbs longer, redder wavelengths of light, and reflects shorter, bluer light.冰能吸收波长较长、更靠近红端的光,反射波长较短、更靠近蓝端的光。That#39;s why the iceberg in this photo looks so blue.这就是为什么这张照片里的冰山看起来这么蓝。The redder light from the sun is absorbed on its way through the ice.阳光里偏红的光在穿过冰层时被吸收。Only the blue light makes it all the way to the bottom.只有蓝色的光一路走到底。Then it gets reflected back to up to our eyes and we see blue ice.然后反射到我们的眼睛里,我们就看到了蓝色的冰。My models show that planets orbiting cooler stars could actually be warmer than planets orbiting hotter stars.我的模型显示,恒星温度越低,其行星反而更温暖,恒星温度越高,其行星反而更寒冷。There#39;s another contradiction -- that ice absorbs the longer wavelength light from cooler stars,这又是一个矛盾之处--冰层吸收来自温度较低恒星发出的波长较长的光,and that light, that energy, heats the ice. Using climate models to explore how these contradictions而这些光,这些能量,又加热了冰层。运用气候模型来研究这些矛盾,can affect planetary climate is vital to the search for life elsewhere.看它们如何影响行星的气候,对于寻找地外生命至关重要。And it#39;s no surprise that this is my specialty.而我命中注定要从事这个行业。I#39;m an African-American female astronomer and a classically trained actor我是一名非裔美籍女天文学家,也是受过古典艺术训练的演员,who loves to wear makeup and fashion magazines,我喜欢化妆,喜欢时尚杂志,so I am uniquely positioned to appreciate contradictions in nature --所以上帝派我来理解这些矛盾--and how they can inform our search for the next planet where life exists.并利用它们来寻找下一个有生命的行星。My organization, Rising Stargirls, teaches astronomy to middle-school girls of color, using theater, writing and visual art.我成立的“新星女孩”组织,通过戏剧、写作和视觉艺术的方式,向非白人女中学生传授天文学知识。That#39;s another contradiction -- science and art don#39;t often go together,这也是一对矛盾--科技和艺术看起来不同路,but interweaving them can help these girls bring their whole selves to what they learn,但两者的交融可以帮助这些姑娘们实现自我,学有所成,and maybe one day join the ranks of astronomers who are full of contradictions,也许有一天她们也能成为那些充满矛盾的天文学家中的一员,and use their backgrounds to discover, once and for all, that we are truly not alone in the universe. Thank you.运用自身所学,彻底明我们在茫茫宇宙中并不孤独。谢谢大家。 Article/201707/516027Okay.This traverse is all about two things,balance and nerve.走了 用这种方式横越 有两点极其重要 平衡与勇气And when you#39;re nervous, it#39;s hard to balance.如果你太过紧张 就无法保持平衡I#39;ll just take my time and keep my balance on this quite nicely.我得慢慢前进 并且在绳索上保持 完美的平衡Got my foot--I can just move it to the left or the right to keep that balance.我的双脚 只能左右移动 来保持平衡And then just try not to look down,just focus on the balance, and take my time.然后尽量不要向下看 注意平衡 不要着急And that kevlar#39;s gone absolutely drum tight these lines.这凯夫拉线已经 要蹦到最紧了But they#39;re holding.And I#39;m still in a safe position here.还好现在还没断 我现在还算安全But if you did get off the wire like this, the way to get back on is an old commando technique called a regain.但如果你像掉了下来 想要翻上去 要用一种叫;恢复;的古老技巧You get your shoulder over,Swing your leg up, and then down.把肩膀翻过去 把脚荡上去 再下来Brings you...back onto the top.Let#39;s not have that happen again.这能使你... 回到绳子上 刚才那一幕可别再发生了Better stop looking down.最好别向下看Thought my heart would let it burst out of my mouth.我的心脏刚刚差点没跳出来Although still a long way up.下爬之路漫漫 还没到头呢 Article/201608/461701

You will get to eat great American food.你将可吃到很棒的美国食品。get to do something就是能够做...如果你的朋友对你说刚从动物园看完小熊回来,你可问他Did you get to hold the baby bears.你可抱那些小熊吗? /200802/27210

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451748

【视频讲解】Other satirists are finding Mr Trump’s tendency to defy parody harder to handle.其他的讽刺作家发现川普先生的不太收到滑稽模仿影响。Defy1. 不影响,不为所动:不受…的影响;经受得住或顶得住:“So the plague defied all medicines”(Daniel Defoe)“所有药物都无法治愈的瘟疫”(丹尼尔#8226;迪福)2. 不从,不合作:拒绝屈…,或拒绝与…合作:Sam defied the court order by leaving the country.Sam 出国逃避法院程序。3. 违抗This was the first (and last) time that I dared to defy my mother.这是我第一次(也是最后一次)胆敢违抗我母亲。 “It’s really tricky now as satire has become reality,” Trey Parker, co-creator of “South Park”, a satirical cartoon which presented the Trump-Clinton contest as the “giant douche or the turd sandwich”, has said.“现在讽刺已经变成现实的情况真的很棘手”, 南方公园”的联合创始人Trey Parker这么说到,他曾将特朗普 - 克林顿的竞选以一则“巨型灌肠或者三明治”的讽刺漫画展示出来。Tricky 难对付的 (注意和trick 区别!)Parking can be tricky downtown.在市中心停车会很难。douche冲洗液Turd排泄物The Onion has the same problem.而洋葱网也有同样的问题。One of the satirical online paper’s recent headlines, “Eric Trump Scolds Father That He Mustn’t Inquire About The Businesses, For He’s Sworn Not To Tell,” is a pretty faithful description of the firewall between the 45th president and his family firm.在洋葱网的最近头条中,“Eric Trump 责骂其父亲,即他不可打听企业事务,因为他宣誓了不过问,”这是对第45位总统和他的家族企业之间所存在的防火墙的一个相当靠谱的描述。Scold 喜谩骂的人:经常唠叨或批评的人:“As a critic gets older, he or she usually grows more tetchy and... may even become a big-league scold”(James Wolcott)“当一个批评家衰老的时候,通常变得更为暴躁…甚至会成为一流的骂街者”(詹姆斯#8226;沃尔科特)Inquire1. 查询; 打听;What are you doing there?; she inquired. “你在那里做什么?”她问道。2. 提问:“I am free to inquire what a work of art means to me”(Bernard Berenson)“我有权就一件艺术品对我的意义提问”(伯纳德#8226;贝伦森)Swear 宣誓The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the inquiry.对他们的指控都是从调查中得到的宣过誓的词中提出的。swear at 诅咒,咒骂:Don#39;t swear at him;it#39;s all of my faults.别骂他啦,全都是我的错!Faithful 忠实He spends his time making speeches at factories or gatherings of the Party faithful.他花时间在工厂或者在该党忠实拥护者的集会上发表演讲。Indeed, many of the headlines generated by Mr Trump’s administration are deeply Onion-esque.事实上,特朗普政府颁布的许多标题都是“洋葱式”的。-esque后缀,表示“...特色的”,“风格的”Picturesque 风景如画的picturesque rocky shores.风景如画的岩石海岸Romanesque 罗马风格的Kellyanne Conway, a Trump spokeswoman, was briefly barred by CNN for using alternative facts—her references to a fictitious jihadist atrocity, which Ms Conway called the “Bowling Green Massacre”, were the last straw.特朗普发言人凯莉安.康威被美国有线电视新闻网禁止过发布非真实性的报道--文章中提到了一个虚构的“圣战暴行”,康威称“林格林大屠杀”是最后一根稻草。Fictitious 虚假的; 虚幻的We#39;re interested in the source of these fictitious rumours.对这些子虚乌有的谣言的来源感兴趣。Atrocity 暴行The killing was cold-blooded, and those who committed this atrocity should be tried and punished.这场杀戮非常残酷,那些犯下此暴行的人应该受到审判和惩罚。Massacre 大屠杀Jihadist 圣战主义者the last straw 最后一根稻草Mr Trump’s wife, Melania, has sued a newspaper for reporting lurid untruths about her on the basis that this cost her the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” of making millions as “one of the most photographed women in the world”.特朗普的妻子梅拉尼亚(Melania)也起诉过一家报道了她一些骇人听闻的不实信息的报纸,这篇报道使她成为了 “世界上最受关注的妇女之一”。Sue 诉讼Mr. Warren sued for libel over the remarks. 沃伦先生对那些提起诽谤诉讼。Lurid 骇人听闻的a lurid account of the crime.骇人听闻的犯罪报道once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 千载难逢的机会But those that do consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their children to experience the life of a princess, if only for a week.但也有的家长觉得这是一次千载难逢的好机会,可以让自己的女儿体验一回当王妃的感觉,哪怕只有一周也好。No satirist could do better.没有讽刺家能做的更好的了。SNL’s response, in sending up Mr Spicer, is to shift the focus onto one of the relatively normal players in Trump world, to show how pervasively strange it is.美国综艺节目《周六夜现场》回应斯派塞先生时,是把焦点转移到特朗普团队中这个相对正常的工作人员之一,以突出如此奇怪的现象。Send up 模仿Pervasive 无处不在的 ...the pervasive influence of the army in national life. …军队在国民生活中无处不在的影响。At first glance, none of this should bother Mr Trump. SNL’s weekly audience of 10m represents less than half his Twitter following and is dominated by left-leaning millennials who would sooner work in an abattoir than vote Trump.乍一看,这些不应给川普先生带来任何困扰。《周六夜现场》每周1000万名观众人数还不到其推特粉丝的一半,而且他们深受那些宁愿到角斗场工作都不愿投票给川普的左派人物的影响。At first glanceVon Neumann was particularly interested in seeing if he could develop optimal strategies for these kinds of mutual games, because at first glance they seemed almost insolvable in theory.冯#8226;诺依曼最感兴趣的是想看看自己能否给这种互动游戏找出最理想的策略,因为乍一看来,它们在理论上几乎是无解的。Abattoir 屠宰场;角斗场Yet Mr Trump, who unlike his core voters devours the mainstream media and loves to hobnob with the celebrities who appear on shows like SNL, minds the lampooning a lot.然而特朗普先生却不像他的核心持者一样喜欢紧盯主流媒体,还喜欢看着像《周六夜现场》这样的节目喝上两杯。他对那些讽刺表演十分在意。hobnob with 与...亲密I used to hobnob with the rich and famous.我过去常与富有而又著名的人交往。the mainstream media 主流媒体We have been in some of the indicators is the mainstream media.我们在一些指标上已经是主流媒体了。Lampoon 讽刺“Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” he tweeted last month.“一点都不好玩,演员十分糟糕,总在完全的讽刺。十分糟糕的电视节目!”他上个月发推特说道。Cast 演员The show is very amusing and the cast is very good.表演非常有趣,演员都很优秀。Hit 讽刺Hit it big 成功investors who hit it big on the stock market.投资者在股票市场上获得了成功hit up 【俚语】 请求,要求:尤指接近并向(某人)索要金钱:tried to hit me up for a loan 试图请求我贷款Hit on 吸引地注意:对异性吸引自发地且通常不受欢迎地注意:I can#39;t go into a bar lately without being hit on.最近只要去酒吧,没有不受到注意的SNL’s response was to start planning ways to take Mr Baldwin’s impression, which the actor has described as a civic duty, to a wider audience.《周六夜现场》回应称他们开始规划让鲍德温先生让更多观众熟知,而鲍德温称这是公民义务。Impression1. 曝光2. 造成强烈影响,The type of aid coming in makes no immediate impression on the horrific death rates.这种即将到来的救助不会对恐怖的死亡率造成立杆见影的强烈影响。civic duty 公民义务The researchers say these changes raise questions about the civic duty of public education.那些研究人员说这些变化提出了关于公共教育的公民责任问题。 Article/201706/512619

Eager to do God#39;s work,Richard vanished to the holy land.急于履行上帝使命的查理 开始向圣地进行十字军东征John immediately set himself up as a rival,creating a virtual state within a state,约翰便立刻开始与他对着干 他在朝中建起了国中国complete with his own court and mercenary army.成立自己的宫廷 并召集了雇佣军In 1192, when news arrived of Richard#39;s capture on his way back from the crusade,1192年 消息传来 理查在归程途中被俘John quickly declared his brother dead and himself king.约翰立刻宣布理查已死 并自立为王Eleanor was torn to pieces by this fratricidal struggle.目睹手足相残 令埃莉诺心碎不已She#39;d been bred to do what Angevins do best,to preside over goverment,to manipulate politics.一直以来 她都为安茹王朝鞠躬尽瘁 辅佐朝政 运筹帷幄 无所不能Now she was paralysed by the tragedy of her own family.而现在 她却被家人间的悲剧吓得手足无措In desperation, she turned to the holy father,to whom she wrote an extraordinary letter.绝望之下 她只得向罗马教皇求助 她寄给对方一封非同一般的信I, Eleanor,queen of England, unhappy mother,pitied by no one, have arrived at this miserable old age.我 埃莉诺 英格兰王后 不幸的母亲 却无人同情 已至悲惨暮年Two sons lie in dust and their unhappy mother is tortured by their memory.两个儿子在六尺之下 而他们悲伤的母亲 终日为此黯然神伤King Richard is in irons.His brother John ravages the kingdom with fire and sword.理查国王成了阶下囚 他的弟弟约翰 想挑起战争 陷国家于水火I know not which side to take.我不知该站在哪边If I leave England, I abandon the kingdom of my son John,torn by civil war.若我离开英格兰 便是任由约翰 将这个王国 毁于内战之苦If I stay, I may never see the dearly beloved face of my son Richard again.如果我留下来 那我也许就再也 无法见到我的挚爱之子 理查 /201609/468896

Those who work for the project那些为这个项目工作的人are well aware of the charges it faces.十分清楚他们面临的指控There is often asserted certain narratives about anonymity经常会有一些关于匿名的说法and, of course, one of the narratives is没错 其中一种说法就是that anonymity creates crime匿名能制造犯罪so you hear about things like the Silk Road所以你才会听说例如丝绸之路的例子and you hear, ;Oh, it#39;s terrible,你会听到有人说;天哪 这太可怕了someone can do something illegal on the internet.;人们可以在互联网上做非法的事情;Well, welcome to the internet.好吧 欢迎来到互联网It is a reflection of human society这是人类社会的一个映射where there is sometimes illegal behaviour.而人类社会本身就存在违法行为These arguments aside,除了这些议论for users wanting to avoid surveillance,对于想避开监控的用户来说Tor has limitations -洋葱网络有局限性it#39;s slow, content isn#39;t automatically encrypted它的速度慢 信息内容在退出网络时on exiting the network不是被自动加密的and some have claimed a bug can de-anonymise users.并且有人称软件存在漏洞会使用户去匿名化Tor say they have a fix for this problem.洋葱网络声称他们修复了这个问题Whilst the search for a solution to bulk surveillance continues,在人们寻找能继续大范围监控的办法时this man has a different approach.这个人另辟蹊径He is Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of one of the world#39;s他就是尤金·卡巴斯基 全世界发展最快的fastest-growing internet security companies.互联网安全公司的首席执行官重点解释:1.work for 为 ... 效力例句:I work for the government.我在政府机关做事。2.aware of 察觉到例句:We are fully aware of the gravity of the situation.我们十分清楚形势的严峻性。3.hear about 听说例句:I was very sad indeed to hear about it.我听到这件事,确实非常难过。 Article/201704/503184

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