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龙子湖区做眼角除皱手术多少钱蚌埠医学院附属医院韩式隆鼻多少钱淮南市妇幼保健院激光祛痘手术多少钱 BERKELEY, Calif. — AN advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration is set to begin two days of meetings tomorrow to consider radical biological procedures that, if successful, would produce genetically modified human beings. This is a dangerous step. These techniques would change every cell in the bodies of children born as a result of their use, and these alterations would be passed down to future generations.加利福尼亚州伯克利——食品与药品(Food and Drug Administration,简称FDA)的一个顾问委员会定于明天开始一个为期两天的会议,对一种全新的生物手段加以考量,这种手段一旦成功,将产生经过基因修改的人类。这是危险的一步。这些技术将改变一个新生儿全身上下的每一个细胞,其后代也将继承这些改变。The F.D.A. calls them mitochondrial manipulation technologies. The procedures involve removing the nuclear material either from the egg or embryo of a woman with inheritable mitochondrial disease and inserting it into a healthy egg or embryo of a donor whose own nuclear material has been discarded. Any offspring would carry genetic material from three people — the nuclear DNA of the mother and father, and the mitochondrial DNA of the donor.FDA称之为线粒体操作技术。相关的步骤涉及将患有遗传性线粒体疾病的女性的卵子或胚胎的核质取出,嵌入到捐赠者的健康卵子或胚胎中,捐赠者本身的核质已经丢弃。所有子女都将携带三个人的基因物质,分别是父亲和母亲的核DNA以及捐赠者的线粒体DNA。Roughly 1,000 to 4,000 children born in the ed States each year will develop a mitochondrial disease, most by age 10, with symptoms that can range from mild to devastating. These diseases typically prevent mitochondria from converting food into energy and are the result of genetic abnormalities, although some cases can be caused by exposures to toxins. Disorders caused by mutations in the mitochondrial DNA are passed down from the mother.美国每年有1000到4000名新生儿患有线粒体疾病,大多数在10岁以前发病,症状有的轻微,有的极为严重。这类疾病通常会阻止线粒体将食物转化为能量,是基因异常的结果,不过某些情况下也可能因接触毒素导致。线粒体DNA变异导致的障碍症会通过母亲传给下一代。Developers of these modification techniques say they are a way for women with mitochondrial disease to give birth to healthy children to whom they are related genetically. Some are also promoting their use for age-related infertility. These are worthy goals. But these procedures are deeply problematic in terms of their medical risks and societal implications. Will the child be born healthy, or will the cellular disruptions created by this eggs-as-Lego-pieces approach lead to problems later on? What about subsequent generations? And how far will we go in our efforts to engineer humans?基因修改技术的开发人员称,使用这种技术可以让患有线粒体疾病的女性生下健康的孩子,同时与孩子还有基因关联。另外一些人强调这种技术可用于与年龄相关的不不育。这些都是有价值的目标。但是这些手段在医疗风险和社会意义方面有着深层次的问题。生下的孩子是不是健康,或者,这种拿细胞当乐高积木的方法产生的细胞干扰是否会导致日后的问题?后代又会如何?我们在人类转基因上将要走多远?These sorts of concerns were first voiced decades ago, well before the human genome had even been ;mapped.; Those were the days when our accelerating knowledge about genetics led to over-optimistic hopes for quick fixes to an array of afflictions and grandiose visions of designing genetically enhanced babies to be more intelligent, athletic, musically talented and the like.这些都是几十年前就已经提出的担忧,而那时连对人类基因组的“绘图”都远未开始。在那个年代,遗传学的迅速发展令我们产生了过分乐观的希望,认为它可以帮我们找到治疗诸多疾病的捷径,并描画出经过基因改善的婴儿的宏伟设计蓝图,希望通过改进把孩子变得更聪明,在运动和音乐等方面更具天赋。More recently, many scholars, scientists and policy makers have urged a different approach: We should carefully and thoughtfully apply the tools of human genetic engineering to treat medical conditions in people, but we should not use them to manipulate the genetic traits of future children. Genetic modifications of sperm, eggs and early embryos should be strictly off limits. Otherwise, we risk venturing into human experimentation and high-tech eugenics.而近些年来,许多学者、科学家和政策制定者开始呼吁选择另一种路线:我们应该小心而周密地去运用人类基因手段治疗疾病,但我们不应该用这些手段去操控未来孩子的基因性状。精子、卵子和早期胚胎的基因修改应该受到严格限制,否则我们就可能陷入人类实验和高科技优生学的危险境地。Unfortunately, there are now worrisome signs that opposition to inheritable genetic modifications, written into law by dozens of countries, according to our count, may be weakening. British regulators are also considering mitochondrial manipulations, and proponents there, like their counterparts in the ed States, want to move quickly to clinical trials.不幸的是,目前出现了一些令人担忧的迹象,根据我们的统计,对遗传性基因修改的抵触正在减弱——这种修改在许多国家是被法律禁止的。英国监管机构也在考虑线粒体操控技术,那里的倡导者跟在美国的同道一样,希望尽快展开临床试验。Researchers at Oregon Health and Science University have produced five macaque monkeys using one of these techniques. Four are now adults and all five appear healthy. But we won#39;t know for years how subsequent generations may be affected.俄勒冈健康与科学大学(Oregon Health and Science University)的研究人员使用其中一项技术培养了五只猕猴。五只猴子目前看来都是健康的,其中四只已经成年。但我们要再等几年才能知道后代会受到什么影响。And the O.H.S.U. researchers themselves report a difference between their experience with the macaques and their work so far on fertilized human eggs. More than half of the human zygotes — single cells formed by the merging of an egg and sperm — had abnormalities not observed in the fertilized eggs of the monkeys. ;It looks like human oocytes are more sensitive,; the lead researcher, Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a reproductive biologist, told Nature.该大学的研究人员自己也在报告中提到,这次猕猴实验和他们迄今用受过精的人类卵子进行的研究是有差异的。超过一半的人类受精卵——卵子和精子结合形成的单个细胞——出现了在猴子受精卵中没有观察到的异常。“看起来人类的卵细胞更敏感,”生殖生物学家、本次研究的首席研究员舒哈拉特·米塔利波夫(Shoukhrat Mitalipov)对《自然》(Nature)杂志说。Some media accounts about these techniques have misleadingly referred to ;saving lives,; as if they were aimed at people who are sick and suffering. Others have failed to note how very few women would be candidates for even considering them. And they could turn to safer and simpler alternatives. An affected woman could adopt or use in vitro fertilization with another woman#39;s eggs. Of course, the resulting child would not be genetically related to her, but neither would the child be put at grave risk by an extreme procedure.部分媒体在报道中误导性地称之为“救命的”技术,仿佛它们面向的是受病痛困扰的人。还有一些报道没能明确一点,要去考虑使用这些技术的女性少之又少。她们有更安全、更简单的方案可选。患病的女性可以选择领养,或使用另一名女性的卵子进行体外受精。当然,这样一来她和孩子将不存在基因上的关联,但同时也让孩子免于承担极端手段带来的可怕风险。The F.D.A. advisory panel says that its meeting will consider only scientific aspects of mitochondrial manipulation and that any ;ethical and social policy issues; are outside its scope. But those are precisely the issues that we must address. Simply being able to do something doesn#39;t mean we should do it.FDA顾问专家组称,此次会议对线粒体操作的思考将仅限于科学层面,任何“伦理和社会政策问题”都不在关注范畴内。然而我们需要面对的恰恰就是这些问题。具备做某件事的能力并不等于我们就应该去做它。 /201409/331472With hope fading that Microsoft Corp.#39;s new Windows 8 software will reignite computer sales, attention is aly shifting to the company#39;s next big effort to regain relevance: Windows Blue.对微软(Microsoft Corp.)新操作系统Windows 8重振电脑销售的希望变得越来越渺茫。市场注意力也已经转向该公司重振旗鼓的下一个主要项目:Windows Blue。Microsoft has yet to formally define the software project. But Windows Blue is expected to mark a major change in the company#39;s development methodology, replacing major launches of products every several years with frequent updates of features in operating software and applications such as Office.微软还没有正式定义这个软件项目。但是Windows Blue预计将标志着公司发展方式的一个重大改变,不再每隔数年发布重大产品,而是频繁地对操作系统和Office等应用程序进行更新。That model is common in Internet services and apps, markets where Microsoft is determined to play a larger role. Some analysts think Windows Blue will help bring together efforts such as Windows 8─which is targeted at tablets and personal computers─and the Windows Phone software for smartphones.这种模式在互联网务和应用程序中十分常见,微软正下定决心在上述市场中扮演更大的角色。一些分析人士认为,Windows Blue将有助于整合Windows 8和Windows Phone的优势。Windows 8针对的是平板电脑和个人电脑,而Windows Phone针对的则是智能手机。#39;Windows 8 was about birthing a new model of applications, essentially a tablet model,#39; said IDC analyst Al Hilwa. #39;Blue is the next milestone in this plan. It brings the phone and PC platform closer together and makes both more compelling.#39;国际数据公司(IDC)的分析师席尔瓦(Al Hilwa)说,Windows 8是为了催生一个应用程序的新模式,尤其是一个平板电脑的模式。Blue是该计划的下一个里程碑。它使手机和个人电脑平台的关系更加紧密,让这两种产品都更有吸引力。The stakes for Windows Blue rose this week when two market research firms reported that shipments of PCs fell by double-digits percentages in the first three months of this year.Windows Blue的重要性本周进一步上升。两个市场研究公司发布报告说,今年前三个月,个人电脑的出货量出现了两位数的降幅。Figures from IDC and Gartner Inc. released Wednesday showed Windows 8 hasn#39;t spurred much demand for PCs or tablets running the software. IDC leveled particularly harsh criticism at the software, saying some consumers were turned off by its touch-based interface.国际数据公司(IDC)和Gartner Inc.周三公布的数据显示,Windows 8还没有能够刺激人们对搭载该软件的个人电脑或平板电脑的太多需求。国际数据公司对这款软件提出了尤其严厉的批评,称这款软件的触屏交互界面让一些消费者选择放弃购买。The surprisingly steep drop─IDC called it the worst since it began releasing quarterly numbers for the software in 1994─caused a selloff in PC-related stocks Thursday. Microsoft#39;s stock price slipped 4.9% Thursday afternoon to .82, after the company#39;s stock price had touched a six-month high Wednesday.国际数据公司说,这是1994年开始公布这款软件的季度数据以来最糟糕的表现。个人电脑出货量令人惊讶的大幅下降也导致个人电脑相关股票暴跌。微软的股价周四下午下跌了4.9%,至28.82美元。此前,该公司股价曾于周三触及六个月高点。A spokesman for Microsoft had no immediate comment Thursday.微软的一名发言人周四没有立即置评。Hewlett-Packard Co., the largest PC maker and a major Microsoft customer, showed the steepest decline in shipments in the first quarter, with a 24% drop, according to IDC. H-P#39;s stock fell 6.4% to .86 in recent trading.根据国际数据公司的数据,惠普(Hewlett-Packard Co.)第一季度的出货量降幅最大,达到24%。该公司是全球最大的个人电脑制造商,也是微软的主要客户。惠普股价最近下跌了6.4%,至20.86美元。But executives at Microsoft and partners such as Intel Corp. have acknowledged there is more work to do to encourage a wider array of touch-screen computing devices powered by Windows 8, and at lower price points.但是微软以及英特尔(Intel Corp.)等合作伙伴的高管们承认,要想鼓励电脑厂商们推出更多更便宜的Windows 8触屏电脑设备,还有很多工作要做。Intel, which supplies microprocessors that serve as calculating engines in most PCs, is emphasizing a new line of battery-conserving chips that is known by the code name Haswell. The chips are expected to display much more sophisticated graphics and extend battery life on portable computers to eight to 10 hours.英特尔为大多数个人电脑提供微处理器,微处理器相当于电脑中的计算引擎。英特尔目前正在专注于一个代号为Haswell的新型节电芯片产品系列。这些芯片预计将能够展示更复杂的图形,将便携电脑的续航时间延长到八至10小时。Microsoft also has offered price breaks on its Windows software meant for a new class of simple PCs known as netbooks and seems to be responding to a market shift in consumer demand toward smaller tablets.微软还下调了一些Windows软件的价格。这些软件针对的是被称作上网本的新一类简化个人电脑。与此同时,该公司似乎正在对消费者需求转向更小尺寸的平板电脑做出回应。The company last year entered the market itself with the tablet known as Surface, just as products such as Apple Inc.#39;s iPad Mini spurred demand for smaller models. Microsoft is now preparing a similarly small model with a seven-inch display, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.微软去年凭借Surface平板电脑进入这一市场。当时,苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的iPad Mini等产品刺激了消费者对更小型号平板电脑的需求。《华尔街日报》周三报道说,微软正在准备一款类似的小型平板电脑,这款平板电脑将拥有7英寸的显示屏。Executives at Intel and Microsoft have said they expect new computer chips and other advancements to drive down the cost of touch-screen laptops to as low as 0 or 0. For now, there are very few Windows 8 touch-screen computers on the market for less than 0.英特尔和微软的高管说,他们预计新的电脑芯片和其他方面的改进将使触屏笔记本电脑的成本降至500美元或600美元。目前,市场上几乎没有价格低于550美元的Windows 8触屏电脑。Some on Wall Street aren#39;t waiting for a new spark for PC and tablet demand. Analysts at Goldman Sachs and Nomura Securities downgraded their recommendations on Microsoft shares on Thursday, contributing to a selloff in the company#39;s shares.华尔街的一些人并没有耐心等待个人电脑和平板电脑需求获得新的提振。高盛(Goldman Sachs)和野村券(Nomura Securities)的分析师周四下调了对微软股票的评级,导致该公司股票被抛售。Goldman said investors should sell Microsoft shares, while Nomura downgraded the stock to #39;neutral#39; from #39;buy.#39;高盛说,投资者应卖出微软股票。而野村券则将这只股票的评级从“买进”下调至“中性”。Goldman Sachs said Microsoft needed to do more to court consumers rather than the corporate customers that are Microsoft#39;s major source of profits.高盛说,微软需要采取更多行动来迎合消费者,而不是作为微软主要利润来源的企业客户。 /201304/234716蚌埠鼻头整形

蚌埠激光去胡子多少钱RON DEPINHO is a man on a mission. Oddly, though, he does not yet know exactly what that mission is. Dr DePinho is the new president of the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, Texas. (He took over in September, having previously headed the Belfer Institute, part of Harvard#39;s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.) Mindful of his adopted city#39;s most famous scientific role, as home to Mission Control for the Apollo project, he says his own mission is akin to a moon shot. He aims to cure not one but five varieties of cancer. What he has not yet decided is: which five?罗恩bull;徳平厚肩负着一个使命。虽然奇怪的是,他现在仍不清楚他的使命的确切目标是什么。徳平厚士是德克萨斯州休斯顿市的MD bull;安德森癌症研究中心的新任主任,他此前是哈佛的丹娜-法波尔癌症研究院下属的贝尔佛研究所所长。徳平厚知道,休斯顿在科学领域最广为人知的,是其作为阿波罗登月计划的目标控制中心所在地。因此,他说他自己的目标也类似于登月。这就是,要找到攻克不仅一种,而是五种癌症的方法。他现在还没有决定的是哪五种癌症。That it is possible to talk of curing even one sort of cancer is largely thanks to an outfit called the International Cancer Genome Consortium. Researchers belonging to this group, which involves 39 projects in four continents, are using high-throughput DNA-sequencing to examine 50 sorts of tumour. They are comparing the mutations in many examples of each type, to find which are common to a type (and thus, presumably, causative) and which are mere accidents. (The DNA-repair apparatus in malignant cells often goes wrong, so such accidents are common.)现在,人们之所以敢于谈论攻克癌症(即便是其中一种癌症),主要是因为一个名为国际癌症基因图谱研究联盟的组织。这个组织包括遍布四大洲的39个研究项目,该组织的研究人员使用高流量的基因测序方法来检测50种不同的肿瘤。他们把每种肿瘤的众多基因突变案例进行比较,区分出对某种肿瘤来说,哪些突变是共同的(从而,估计是致病原因),哪些突变是偶然的(恶性细胞中的基因修复机制经常出错,所以偶然突变是常见的事)。The consortium#39;s work is progressing fast, and preliminary results for many tumours are aly in. But such knowledge is useless unless it can be translated into treatment. That is where Dr DePinho comes in;for his career has taken him into the boardroom as well as the clinic. He is a serial entrepreneur: he helped found Aveo Pharmaceuticals, which is developing a drug to block the growth of blood vessels in tumours, Metamark Genetics, which works on diagnosing cancers, and Karyopharm Therapeutics, which is trying to regulate the passage of molecules into and out of the cell nucleus, and thus control the nucleus#39;s activities. His aim in coming to MD Anderson, he says, is to ;industrialise; other aspects of biological research in the way that genetics has been pushed forward by high-throughput sequencing.这个联盟的工作进展很快,已经得出了很多种肿瘤的初步研究成果。但是,对病因的认知只有转化为治疗方法才是真正有用的。这正是徳平厚士要做的事,因为在他的职业生涯中,他既做过诊疗工作,也做过经营管理工作。他是一个富有经验的企业家,参与创建过若干个公司,包括:正在研制阻碍肿瘤中血管生长的药品的Aveo制药公司;研究癌症诊断方法的Metamark遗传研究公司;还有Karyopharm 诊疗研究所,这个所的研究方向是,通过控制分子进出细胞核的方法来控制细胞核的活动。他说,他来MD bull;安德森癌症研究中心的目的是,以高流量测序推动遗传研究的同样方式,用;产业化;的方法来推动生物学领域其它方面的研究。That will cost billions of dollars. Fortunately, the state of Texas;no pushover when it comes to spending taxpayers#39; cash;is creating a billion cancer-research fund to help pay for it. Local philanthropists, including T. Boone Pickens and Ross Perot, are chipping in, too. Their model is the original Human Genome Project, during which the cost of sequencing a single genetic ;letter; (a DNA base pair) fell from in 1991 to ten cents in 2001;and is now 3,000 base pairs a cent. They hope their dollars will encourage people working with what are now, essentially, craft technologies to think about how they might industrialise them.他的计划将花费数十亿美元。幸运的是,尽管德克萨斯州在花纳税者的钱上是非常谨慎的,但已经建立了一个30亿美元的癌症研究基金来持这个计划。当地的慈善家,如T. Boone Pickens 和 Ross Perot等也给与了持。他们的模式和原先的;人类基因图谱项目;相同,在那个项目中,单个DNA碱基的测序价格从1991年的10美元降到2001年的1毛钱,现在是3,000个碱基1分钱。他们希望,他们的资金将鼓励那些现在基本上是运用手工技术的研究人员,考虑如何把那些技术产业化的问题。Several techniques look ripe for such industrialisation. Dr DePinho sets great store, for example, by the use of genetically modified mice (he calls them ;little patients;) in which mutations found in human cancers can be replicated precisely, but one at a time, to discover the shape of each piece of the jigsaw. If this process can be scaled up it will, as he puts it, allow cancer#39;s genetic generals to be distinguished from the foot soldiers.对于这种产业化方式,若干技术看来已经相当成熟。例如,徳平厚士很重视运用基因被改造过的老鼠(他称之为;小患者;),研究者把人类癌症的基因突变精确地复制到这些老鼠身上,从而发现这些突变的基因图谱每一部分的形状。但是,基因突变的复制只能一次做一个,他认为,如果这个过程可以成规模地来做,就可以区分基因突变的主因和偶然事件。Another field that has great potential is imaging technology;in particular, a combination of (which uses radioactive sugar to measure how metabolically active tissue is) and computerised tomography (which uses X-rays to map the body#39;s internal anatomy). Together these can show whether a treatment is reducing a cancer#39;s energy consumption, and thus its metabolism. This gives a good indication of how well that treatment is working.另一个很有希望的领域是成像技术,具体说,这是两种技术的结合:正电子放射层扫描术(用放射性糖来测量细胞组织新陈代谢的活跃程度),和电脑化的体层摄影技术(用X-射线来绘制人体内部的解剖结构)。两种技术一起运用,可以显示某种治疗方法是否降低了肿瘤的能量消耗,从而是否减缓了它的新陈代谢。这对于评价治疗方法的有效性很有帮助。A family businessDr DePinho himself will have more duties at MD Anderson than just dealing with the five chosen tumours. The donkey work of creating the Institute for Applied Cancer Science, as the new mission control is to be known, will be done by Lynda Chin. Dr Chin, too, worked at the Belfer Institute. She is part of the International Scientific Steering Committee of the cancer-genome project. And she is also Dr DePinho#39;s wife. Dr Chin will be assisted by some 55 other scientists from the Belfer, who are making the journey to Texas with her and her husband. That sort of team poaching is common in investment banking but rarer in academic research. Dr DePinho refers to it, jokingly, as metastasis, since a clone of his primary creation will be taking root elsewhere in the country.夫妻店生意徳平厚士在MD安德森的作用远不止确定哪五种肿瘤。建立肿瘤应用科学研究所(这是新的目标控制机构的名称)的艰苦工作是琳达bull;秦的责任,她也曾在贝尔佛研究所工作。她还是癌症图谱项目的国际科学指导委员会的成员,并且是徳平厚士的妻子。55名科学工作者将和徳平厚夫妇一起从贝尔福来到德克萨斯,帮助秦士工作。这种挖走人家整个团队的做法在投资界司空见惯,但是在学术研究界却不多见。徳平厚士把此事戏称为;细胞转移;,因为他原先创造的研究机构的克隆物将在另一个地方扎下根来。As to which five cancers to attack, that decision will be made by the middle of 2012. A crucial consideration will be how likely it looks that research into the tumour in question could get rapidly to the ;proof of concept; stage;the point at which it could be taken forward by a business that relied on commercial sources of capital, rather than on the sorts of grants that usually propel academic research. At that moment a new firm might be spun out of the institute, or a deal might be done with an established pharmaceutical firm, to try to get a new drug developed.至于把哪五种癌症作为目标,将在2012年年中决定。一个关键因素是看对目标癌症的研究是否能尽快达到;概念验;的阶段,到了那个阶段,研究工作就可以在商业资本的持下作为一个生意来向前推进,而不是仅仅是依靠科研拨款。这样,或者可以在研究所的基础上成立一个新公司,或者可以和既有的制药公司合作,从而研发一种新药。In recent years many big drug companies have gutted their research departments. This is partly because those departments have failed to come up with new ;blockbuster; drugs of the sort that created Big Pharma in the first place, and partly because the big firms#39; bosses had hoped that smaller biotechnology companies, of the sort Dr DePinho has helped set up, would do the hard work of drug discovery instead, and then let themselves be bought by the big firms.最近这些年来,很多大制药公司取消了他们的研究部。部分原因是,这些研究部没能研制出当初做大这些大制药公司的拳头产品那种量级的新产品,部分原因是,那些大制药公司的老板们希望徳平厚士那样的小生物技术公司承担发明新药的艰巨工作,然后再把这些小公司收购进来。Unfortunately, it hasn#39;t quite worked out like that. The output of the biotech firms has been a trickle, rather than a torrent. They have been one of the worst-performing parts of the private-equity market since 2007, according to Dr DePinho. He hopes to change that;and in the matter of new anti-cancer drugs, the science is looking auspicious. For example, a drug called vemurafenib, which was approved for use in America in August 2011, gives months of extra life to people with metastasising melanoma, one of the deadliest cancers. Vemurafenib is so powerful that some people call it a ;Lazarus; drug, after the chap Jesus is said to have raised from the dead.令人失望的是,事情并没有像他们设想的那样发展。生物技术公司只有一些点滴的成果,没有产生什么大的成果。徳平厚士指出,自2007年以来,这个领域是私募股份市场上表现最差的领域之一。他希望改变这个局面。而研制抗癌新药的科技看来正处于幸运期。例如,2011年8月,美国批准了一种名为vemurafenib的新药,它可以把最恶性的癌症之一黑色素瘤病人的生命延长数月。这种药的效力是如此显著,以致一些人把它称为;拉扎罗斯;;; 那个被耶稣起死回生的麻风病人的名字。Crucially for Dr DePinho#39;s project, the development of vemurafenib was stimulated by the identification of a mutated gene often present in melanomas. He and others like him hope that the cancer-genome consortium will throw up dozens of similar genes, and that they, too, will prove tractable targets for drug development.对徳平厚士很有意义的是,vemurafenib的研发正是由于辨识了经常出现在黑色素瘤中的一种突变基因所推动的。徳平厚和同行们希望癌症基因图谱研究联盟能够发现几十种类似的基因,从而能够为新药研发提供可控的目标。Of course, if Dr DePinho had a penny for every time a ;cure for cancer; headline proved premature, he wouldn#39;t need munificent donors. But if his bets on the science and on adopting business methods pay off, the drug industry and millions of patients will benefit. That would be one benign sort of metastasis.当然,过去已经有太多关于;攻克癌症;的宣告最终被明是为时过早。[注]但是,如果徳平厚士的科研选题和运用商业方式的办法能够奏效,制药行业和数百万患者将会受益。那倒真可以称之为一个良性的细胞转移。 /201201/168407安徽省蚌埠哪家医院开眼角技术好 蚌埠腋臭手术多少钱

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