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A: Hello, may I ask you a question?你好,我能问你一个问题吗?B: Yes. How can I assist you?行我能帮你点什么?A: I want to buy a sweater.我想买件毛衣B: What size?什么尺寸?A: I think a medium should fit me.中号就行B: How about this one?这件如何?A: The color nice. Do you have a dressing room?颜色很漂亮这儿有试衣间吗?B: There a fitting room right over there.右边的那个地方有试衣间 3196A: I'm checking out in about half an hour.B: Whenever you're y to check out, I'll be y, sir.A: Great! As you know however, the day in New York has hardly begun.B: You're right. It's only 9:00 a.m.A: Theree, I think I'll explore New York some more. But I need to store my bags.B: Sir, our storage facility is merely an hour. You also need to leave a deposit.A: My luggage isn't enough of a deposit?B: Untunately, it isn't. VISA or MasterCard will suffice, though.A: Well, then. Let me put on my thinking cap a moment.B: Better hurry, sir. Remember you have to check out in less than half an hour.

You could be given thinking weve actually made contact with Pandora and returned with more than just bundles of unobtainium.如果你曾想象我们在现实中已经和潘多拉星球取得联系,并且带回来的不仅仅是一些矿物元素unobtainium,这并非无稽之谈Because these frighteningly realistic living dolls inspired by James Cameron Avatar can now be yours.受詹姆斯·卡梅隆执导的电影《阿凡达的启发,你现在可以拥有这些令人惊悚的的、十分逼真的阿凡达玩偶Sillicone baby doll manufacture Babyclon has, reasons not entirely clear, created a range of Navi babies, all painted in the distinctive blue hue of the humanoid species.出于尚未完全清楚的原因,硅胶婴儿玩偶制造商Babyclon已经制作出了一系列纳美人“宝宝”,每个“宝宝”都被涂上了这一类人种族所独特的蓝色花纹A posted on the company Instagram shows a bundle of three snoozing blue babies cuddled up together in a blanket.公司的Instagram账户上发布了一段视频,视频中三个蓝色的“小宝宝”互相依偎着在毯子上A woman strokes one of the babies ears and gently tweaks its tail, demonstrating how extraordinarily lifelike they are.一位女性拨了拨其中一个“宝宝”的耳朵,轻柔的触了触它的尾巴,展示了它们非比寻常的逼真程度The baby Navis come in a range of poses, from sleeping peacefully, crawling and laughing. They also appear to come just the way Eywa intended - completely naked, with uncomtably realistic genitals.纳美人的“宝宝们”有各种各样的样子,有安静地睡觉的姿势,也有爬着的、还有笑着的他们的样子就像伊娃想要的那样--全身,有逼真的令人不适的生殖器官While undoubtedly an impressive feat of craftmanship, some viewers were slightly weirded out.毫无疑问,这段视频展示了“宝宝们”精美绝伦的制作工艺,然而一些网友对此还是感到些许怪异One Instagram user summed up the mood, by saying: ;Im both scared yet feeling the need to buy .;一位Instagram用户总结了自己的心情:“我感到害怕,但又有想买个的冲动” 8783

本对话选自Kyle《神奇凯尔Declan询问Lori为何爽约,以及约定下次约会的时间Declan: So what happened last night? You never came out.Lori: Sorry, I got nabbed.Declan: Feels like youre jerking me around, eh Trager?Lori: Declan, my parents caught me and...Declan: You and who? That guy Kyle? Was he in there with you?Lori: Look, Kyle one of my mother head cases. He just staying with us a while. Hillary was just messing with you.Declan: That right?Lori: Yea, so come by tonight.Declan: Youre going to leave me hanging again?Lori: No way. Im so there.Declan: OK, then. Later, Trager.Lori: Later.重点知识解释:1. nab vt. 捉住,当场逮捕例如:He was nabbed by the police speeding. 他超速行驶被警察逮住了Who nabbed my drink? 谁动了我的饮料?. jerk sb. around 欺骗,玩弄例如:Dont jerk me around! 别忽悠我!jerk在口语里常用来形容两类人:1. 笨蛋;.性情古怪的人;例如:He is really a jerk.他真是个怪人3. leave sb. hanging 丢下,晾在一边例如:Dont leave me hanging. 别把我丢下、不要离开我. No way There is no way. 不可能,绝不,不行,没门儿例如:No way am I going to drive them there. 我无论如何都不会开车把他们送到那里去There is no way we could afd that sort of money. 我们无论如何都花不起那种钱汉语译文:Declan: 昨晚发生什么事啦,你根本没出来啊Lori: 抱歉,我被抓住了Declan: 感觉好像你在耍我玩,是不是这样,Trager?Lori: Declan,我父母抓住了我和......Declan: 你和谁?Kyle那个家伙?他和你一起么?Lori: 是这样的,Kyle是我妈妈的一个重要案子他只是和我们住一段时间Hillary在和你闹着玩Declan: 是这样么?Lori: 是的,那么今晚过来喽Declan: 你难道又要放我鸽子?Lori: 不可能我一定去Declan: 好的,那么晚上见Lori: 再见课后题目:学习完后,你知道Lori昨天和Declan见面了吗? 7871

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