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Investors in Tencent Holdings, China’s internet gaming and social media group, have reason to feel anxious leading into Wednesday’s scheduled fourth-quarter earnings announcement.中国互联网游戏和社交媒体集团——腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)的投资者在第4季度业绩报告周三公布前夕有理由感到焦虑。After watching its stock price shoot upwards for the better part of a year, in the process making its chairman, Pony Ma, the richest man in China in January, Tencent last week got hit by twin blows. Its shares on Friday lost 3 per cent after the central bank suspended Tencent’s virtual credit card (along with that of rival Alibaba), along with QR code scanning apps for mobile payments.去年大部分时间里,腾讯的股价都在上涨,使其董事局主席马化腾(Pony Ma)在今年1月成为中国首富。但腾讯上周受到了双重打击。首先,中国央行宣布暂停腾讯及其竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的虚拟信用卡业务和用于移动付的二维码扫描应用,随后,腾讯股价在上周五下跌了3%。Secondly, on Thursday night more than three dozen public accounts – essentially blogs – hosted by WeChat, Tencent’s hottest offering, were hit by the first wave of large-scale censorship – 35-40 such blogs were summarily deleted.其次,上周四晚的第一波大规模审查中,腾讯最受欢迎的务——微信(WeChat)上的数十个公共账号(基本上就是客)遭到封杀,35至40个这样的公共账号被一举删除。The fear is that WeChat, which was thought to be less exposed to censorship than rival Weibo, could attract the same scrutiny which has driven away Weibo users amid a campaign against “rumour mongering”.人们担心的是,原本被认为比其对手新浪微(Weibo)较少受到审查的微信,可能引来同等程度的审查——在一场打击“传播谣言”的运动中,审查已导致新浪微的用户流失。The key areas for scrutiny in the announcement are:对于腾讯的业绩报告,关键的关注领域如下:Financial regulation: The central bank has yet to fully explain its reasoning on the credit card fiasco last week. And Tencent and Alibaba have yet to clear the air themselves. So how did this happen, one day after the announcement? Did someone forget to tell the central bank that they were issuing the virtual credit cards? Did the central bank change its mind? Or does the regulatory process for issuing a credit card in China not include the central bank? Citic bank, which was the actual issuer, has said it followed procedures. Analysts say darkly that the problem may be with Unionpay, the government bank card monopoly. Investors are hoping for some clarity from Tencent on what went wrong.金融监管:中国央行尚未详细解释上周暂停虚拟信用卡业务的理由。腾讯和阿里巴巴本身也尚未澄清这件事。在宣布推出务一天后就被叫停,这样的灾难到底是如何发生的?是有人忘了告诉央行他们发行的将是虚拟信用卡吗?是中国央行改变了想法?还是在中国发行信用卡的监管流程不关央行的事?虚拟信用卡的实际发行人中信(Citic Bank)表示,其走完了相关程序。分析师们阴郁地表示,问题可能出在具有政府背景的卡垄断公司——中国银联(Unionpay)身上。投资者希望腾讯对问题出在哪里做出一些澄清。WeChat: Tencent’s instant messaging service is the hottest thing in Chinese internet, with 271m users. Because it is primarily used on phones, it is the main reason Tencent is regarded as being in the strongest position for the arrival of the mobile internet in China. It is also thought to be less exposed to scrutiny by the authorities because the maximum size of a chat group is capped. But the deleting of political blogs last week may mean it too is not immune from the heavy hand of Chinese censors. Rival Weibo has lost users following a half-year-long campaign against “rumour mongering” on the internet. As a result, Weibo says it is growing at its slowest rate in its five-year history, and some reckon its user base may be falling. If the same were to happen to WeChat, it could hurt Tencent’s plans for the mobile internet.微信:腾讯这款即时通讯务是中国互联网领域最炙手可热的应用,用户数量达到2.71亿。由于微信主要是在手机上使用的,这成了腾讯被视为在中国移动互联网时代到来之际占据最有利位置的主要原因。另外,腾讯也被认为受到当局审查的程度较低,因为其聊天群的人数规模是有上限的。但上周一批政治类公共账号被封杀表明,微信难逃中国审查机构的高压管制。在已持续半年的打击网上“传播谣言”的运动中,竞争对手新浪微的用户出现流失。其结果是,新浪微表示,目前其用户增速处于5年历史中的最低水平,有些人认为其用户基础可能在减少。如果微信发生同样事情,可能损害腾讯的移动互联网计划。Gaming business: Most of Tencent’s cash comes from gaming. Expect an update on revenues from Leagues of Legend and solid growth of WeChat games including Dungeon Fighter and Crossfire, and Blade and Soul.游戏业务:这是腾讯主要的现金收入来源。预计公司将公布“英雄联盟”(Leagues of Legend)收入的最新数据,同时“地下城与勇士”(Dungeon Fighter)、“穿越火线”(Crossfire)和“剑灵”(Blade and Soul)等微信游戏出现强劲增长。Earnings: These are the least of Tencent’s worries – driven by cash from games, Tencent is the most cash-rich of the three internet conglomerates in China. The Bloomberg consensus is total revenues of Rmb16.62bn and net profit of Rmb4.17bn.利润:这是腾讯最不担忧的地方。在游戏收入的持下,腾讯已成为中国三大互联网集团中现金最充沛的一家。彭(Bloomberg)的共识预测显示,腾讯总收入达166.2亿元人民币,其中净利润达41.7亿元人民币。 /201403/280873Google has not had an easy recent run in Brussels.最近,谷歌(Google)在布鲁塞尔的日子不好过。In early September, the competition commission threw back the search engine’s proposals to settle its long-running antitrust case. Then, the EU’s incoming digital commissioner warned the company of increased scrutiny from regulators.9月初,欧盟(EU)竞争委员会否决了这家搜索引擎就其旷日持久的反垄断案提交的和解方案。接着,欧盟新任数字专员警告该公司,监管机构将对其加大审查力度。Before that, the EU’s “right to be forgotten” left Google with the onerous task of removing search results if someone requested it.在此之前,欧盟裁定的“被遗忘权”(right to be forgotten)让谷歌背上了一项艰巨的任务:如果有人要求删除搜索结果,谷歌需要照做。These setbacks have come despite Google increasing its lobbying efforts and launching a charm offensive in Brussels and national capitals across Europe, as the US technology group wrestles with the reality of life as a 0bn company in an increasingly strictly regulated sector.尽管谷歌加大了游说努力,并在欧盟和欧洲各国首都发动了魅力攻势,却仍连连受挫。作为一个监管日益严格的行业中一家市值4000亿美元的企业,这家美国科技集团正在艰难应对严酷的现实。The group is believed to have more than doubled the amount it spends on EU lobbying since 2011. It spent roughly 1.5m lobbying EU institutions in 2013, according to the European Transparency Register, a voluntary register that tracks what businesses spend on lobbying European institutions, an increase from the 600,000 it spent in 2011.据信,自2011年以来,谷歌在游说欧盟方面的出增长了不止一倍。根据专门追踪企业在欧洲游说出的European Transparency Register的数据,2013年,谷歌斥资约150万欧元用于游说欧盟机构,高于2011年的60万欧元。In the US, where rules on the disclosure of lobbying are stricter, technology groups report far higher spending on lobbying. Google, for example, spent .85m in the first half of 2014 alone in the US – nearly four times what it said that it spent lobbying the EU for the whole of 2013.在游说披露规定更为严格的美国,科技集团公布的游说出要高得多。例如,单单今年上半年,谷歌在美国的游说出就高达885万美元,是2013年全年该公司公布的欧盟游说出的近4倍。Google declined to comment on this article. But its efforts in Europe are part of its “soft power” approach towards influencing policy makers.谷歌拒绝就此置评。但其在欧洲的举措是旨在影响政策制定者的“软实力”战略的一部分。The Financial Times has spoken to several people with knowledge of how the company has built an operation worth tens of millions of dollars and focused on Brussels. It has learnt from peers, such as Microsoft, which waged its own battles with the EU in the 1990s and early 2000s and was fined a total of 2bn between 1993 and 2013. Where the Seattle group adopted an aggressive approach towards European regulators, Google has employed a “soft power” strategy using private lobbying, philanthropic initiatives and public events to try to influence policy makers.据悉谷歌投入数千万美元设立了一项专注于布鲁塞尔的业务,英国《金融时报》记者曾与几位知情人士交谈过。谷歌从同行身上吸取了教训,比如微软(Microsoft)在上世纪90年代和本世纪初与欧盟争斗不休,1993年至2013年总共被处以20亿欧元的罚金。总部位于西雅图的微软以强硬的态度应对欧洲监管者,谷歌则采取了“软实力”战略,试图利用私下游说、慈善项目和公共活动影响政策制定者。“In Europe, the spectre of what happened to Microsoft is always in people’s mind at Google. They are the study of how not to do things,” said one insider. “Instead, a lot of time is spent behind closed doors talking to the right people.”“在欧洲,谷歌人始终牢记着微软的遭遇。这教会他们不要做什么,”一位内部人士表示,“很多时间被用在与合适的人闭门交谈。”Jan Philipp Albrecht, a Green MEP from Germany who has campaigned vociferously on digital privacy and been a public critic of the company, agreed. “Google learned from these mistakes,” he said.来自德国的欧洲议会绿党议员扬#8226;菲利普#8226;亚伯雷希(Jan Philipp Albrecht)同意这点,他表示:“谷歌从这些错误中吸取了教训。”他曾经大张旗鼓地发起维护数字隐私的活动,而且一直公开批评谷歌。“The difference between Google and the others is that on a personal level they are very nice and reasonable. It makes them look a reasonable partner.”“谷歌与其他企业的不同之处在于从个人来讲,他们非常友好和通情达理。这让他们看上去是不错的合作伙伴。”According to two people familiar with Google’s operations, the company is able to open doors at the highest levels of European government, but the “direction of traffic” is not one-way. Politicians are often eager to associate themselves with Google, with lawmakers often requesting meetings with its executives rather than the other way round.据两名了解谷歌业务的人士称,谷歌能够敲开欧洲政府最高层的大门,但这种交流并非是单向的。政治人士往往喜欢与谷歌为伍,议员们经常要求与该公司高管会晤,而不是反过来。“You see this all round Europe and the US, in politics and opinion leadership. They travel to Silicon Valley, meet up with these companies,” said Mr Albrecht. Politicians “want to be part of such a successful movement and gain some of their limelight and coolness”.亚伯雷希表示:“在欧洲和美国,在政界和舆论领袖那里,这种情况比比皆是。他们会访问硅谷,与这些公司的高管会面。”政治人士“希望融入这股成功的潮流,并获得一些关注。”Others said that the company has tried to build bridges with European countries by helping to fund philanthropic projects in line with the aims of government.还有一些人表示,谷歌通过为一些符合政府目标的慈善项目提供资金,试图与欧洲国家打好交道。People familiar with the matter said that Google’s cultural institute in Paris is one example. In 2010, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman, announced that the company would create a venue in the French capital dedicated to “digital culture”, with an investment that would run into the “millions of dollars”, according to local media reports.知情人士表示,谷歌在巴黎成立的文化学院就是一个例子。据当地媒体报道,2010年,谷歌执行董事长埃里克#8226;施密特(Eric Schmidt)宣布,该公司将在法国首都巴黎创建一个致力于“数字文化”的中心,投资将高达“数百万美元”。Its creation was partly in response to a declaration by Nicolas Sarkozy, then France’s president, that the government was considering an internet levy – dubbed the “Google tax” – to charge sites that generate income from content created by domestic media outlets.该文化中心的建立在一定程度上是为了回应时任法国总统尼古拉#8226;萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)的一项声明,声明称,法国政府正考虑征收一项互联网税(被称为“谷歌税”(Google tax)),向那些从国内媒体创造的内容中获得收入的网站征税。Google executives believed the tax plan was unworkable, but they feared it was a dangerous escalation in rhetoric.谷歌高管认为,这一税收计划是不可行的,但他们担心这是法国当局在言论上的危险升级。One insider said that the institute was a “gesture to show Google cared about French cultural values. It was to counteract the view that this was US imperialists out to crush French media groups.”一位内部人士表示,成立巴黎文化学院“意在表明谷歌重视法国文化价值观。这将与下列观点相悖:摧毁法国媒体集团的是美国帝国主义者。”In December 2013, the centre was opened. But French politics had changed. The internet levy was never implemented but Mr Sarkozy had been replaced by the socialist Fran#231;ois Hollande.2013年12月,谷歌文化学院落成。但法国政局已变。互联网税从未实施,但萨科齐被社会党的弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)取代。His new culture minister, Aurélie Filippetti, who had promised to inaugurate the venue, cancelled at the last minute. “Despite the quality of the projects concerned, I don’t wish to appear as a guarantee for an operation that still raises a certain number of questions,” she said.奥朗德政府新任的文化部长奥雷莉#8226;菲莉佩蒂(Aurélie Filippetti)在最后一刻取消了参加该中心落成仪式的计划。她表示:“尽管有关项目的质量还好,但我不希望成为一项仍存在很多问题的行动的担保者。”In the UK, Google has built Campus London, a hub for budding tech entrepreneurs.在英国,谷歌为科技企业家新秀创建了一个中心:Campus London。The centre was opened in March 2012 by George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who hailed it as a project that could fulfil the UK government’s vision to turn the area’s budding start-up scene into the “technology centre of Europe”, a key government objective.该中心于2012年3月投入运营,英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)参加了落成仪式,他表示该项目有助于实现英国政府的一个重要目标:将本地区的初创企业聚集地发展成“欧洲的科技中心”。 /201409/331613




  APPLE says 2 million iPhone 5 were sold on the Chinese mainland in the first three days since sales began last Friday.苹果公司表示200台iPhone 5自上周五开始前三天在中国大陆销售一空。Industry insiders said the figure reflected the popularity of iPhone 5 in China, the world#39;s biggest mobile phone market, and Apple#39;s improved distribution and supply in its second biggest market after the ed States.业内人士说这个数字反映了在中国这个世界上最大的手机市场iPhone 5的流行,苹果在其仅次于美国的第二大市场改进了分发和供应链。;Customer response to iPhone 5 in China has been incredible,; Apple#39;s Chief Executive Tim Cook said in a statement yesterday. ;China is a very important market for us and customers there cannot wait to get their hands on Apple products.;“在中国消费者对iPhone 5的反应一直令人难以置信,”苹果的首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克昨日在一份声明中表示。“中国对我们来说是一个非常重要的市场,那里的顾客迫不及待地想要得到苹果产品。”Figures for initial sales of previous iPhone models in China were not available.先前iPhone模型在中国的销售原始数据并不可用。In September, when the iPhone 5 made its debut in nine countries and regions, including the ed States and Hong Kong, more than 5 million phones were sold in the first three days.今年9月,当iPhone 5在9个国家和地区首次亮相,包括美国和香港,在前三天拥有超过500万的手机销量。Apple#39;s partners on the mainland, China Unicom and China Telecom, launched sales at midnight last Thursday, earlier than the Apple Stores which opened at 7am on Friday.苹果在中国内地的合作伙伴,中国联通和中国电信,在上周四午夜开始销售,早于周五早上7点苹果零售店开售。;Everyone who comes to our store is able to get an iPhone 5 because we have stocks for two or three days,; Zhu Yan, China Telecom#39;s Shanghai-based marketing official, said.“凡到我们商店的每个人能够得到一台iPhone 5,因为我们有两三天的储备,”朱燕,中国电信上海市场官员说。Previously, people had to queue for several hours at Apple Stores to buy products such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 when they were launched.以前当他们推出时人们不得不在苹果商店排几个小时购买如iPhone 4和iPad 2那样的产品。;It#39;s really easy this time because you can buy it everywhere,; said Xu Min, a software engineer who bought a white 16GB phone from Bailian#39;s online store.“这次真的很容易因为你到处都可以买到,”徐敏说,一位软件工程师,他从百联的在线商店买了一台白色的16 GB手机。 /201212/215031In China, if you#39;re not being regulated, you probably don#39;t matter.在中国,如果你没有受到监管,说明你或许无关紧要。So it#39;s no surprise that e-commerce and online transactions have been getting a good deal of attention from the government. A new law promulgated this week by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and set to go into effect in mid-March is the first of what are likely to be several regulating the industry.有鉴于此,电子商务和网络交易受到政府的极大关注就不足为奇了。中国国家工商行政管理总局本周颁布了一项新管理办法,将于3月中旬生效。它是针对这一行业的首个管理办法,之后可能陆续出台多项相关法规。The measure, which lawyers say mostly restates previous consumer-protection and data-privacy laws, nonetheless highlights the growing importance of the e-commerce industry in China and what the government sees as a growing need to regulate it. The country#39;s total online sales are expected to rise to 6.1 billion in 2016 from 9.4 billion last year, according to Forrester Research. U.S. online retail sales are forecast to reach 7 billion from 6 billion over the same period.尽管如此,该办法凸显出电子商务在中国日益重要的地位,以及政府认为越来越有必要对其进行监管。律师们说,该办法基本重申了以前的消费者保护和数据隐私保护法规。据Forrester Research说,预计2016年中国网络销售总额将从去年的1,694亿美元上升至3,561亿美元。预计同期美国的网络零售额将从2,260亿美元上升至3,270亿美元。In part the new e-commerce law calls for real-name registration for individuals selling on third-party marketplaces like Alibaba Group Holding Inc.#39;s Taobao e-commerce site. It also stipulates a mandatory seven-day return policy for most goods and says online-payment platforms must safeguard users#39; data privacy.这个新的电子商务管理办法要求,在阿里巴巴(Alibaba Group Holding Inc.)的淘宝网(Taobao)等第三方平台上销售商品的个人必须进行实名注册。它还规定,大部分商品必须实行七天退货政策,并且要求网络付平台必须保护用户的数据隐私。For most major e-commerce players, the law is unlikely to have a big impact. Alibaba itself aly has a seven-day return policy and uses real-name registration for its major e-commerce sites.对多数大型电子商务公司来说,该办法不太可能带来巨大影响。阿里巴巴对于其主要电子商务网站已经实行了七天退货政策和实名注册。#39;We welcome steps to continuously improve consumer-protection mechanisms as these will drive the sustained and healthy development of the online retail industry,#39; an Alibaba spokeswoman said.阿里巴巴发言人说,我们欢迎不断完善消费者保护机制的各种措施,因为这些措施将推动网络零售业的持续健康发展。But potentially more important than the impact of this law is the fact that e-commerce is in the government#39;s cross-hairs, meaning down the line it could face more tricky regulatory hiccups. For instance, last week, sources told The Wall Street Journal that China#39;s#39; central bank is leading a push to regulate new efforts by tech companies, several of which run e-commerce operations, to offer investment products to consumers.但相比该办法带来的影响,可能更重要的是电子商务已经进入政府的关注范围,意味着未来它可能面临更棘手的监管问题。举例来讲,上周多位消息人士向《华尔街日报》透露,中国央行正在牵头制定规章,以监管科技公司面向消费者推出的新投资产品。其中多家科技公司运营有电子商务业务。Meanwhile, in December, Beijing said it put together a drafting committee to create a #39;comprehensive e-commerce law#39; according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.与此同时,据新华社报道,去年12月中国政府宣布成立电子商务法起草组,负责起草涵盖广泛的电子商务法。#39;It is in urgent need to tease out, replenish, revise and improve existing laws and regulations,#39;said Lyu Zushan, head of the drafting group, according to Xinhua. The drafting of the law is expected to be completed by June 2016.据新华社说,电子商务法起草组负责人吕祖善说,目前急需梳理、补充、修改和完善现行法律法规。预计该法的起草工作将于2016年6月前完成。While the government is likely to be careful in how it regulates an industry that has proven one of the country#39;s most dynamic, entrepreneurial and profitable, many an industry hasn#39;t fared well under the heat of the government spotlight. Most recently, the use of microblogs in China has been declining, in part due to a government crackdown designed to better control the flow of information on websites like Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo.尽管政府可能会慎重处理对这个已是中国最具活力、最具创业精神、最赚钱的行业之一的监管,但很多行业都在政府的严格监管下表现不佳。最新一个例子是,中国微的使用量一直在下滑,部分原因在于政府发起了一项清理行动,意在加强对新浪微等网站信息流的管制。 /201402/276583

  Uber formally launched its ride-summoning smartphone app in Beijing this week. But the Chinese capital has presented the U.S. car service company with a vexing problem: how to handle the city#39;s bumper-to-bumper traffic.美国汽车务公司Uber本周在北京正式推出叫车应用软件,但却面临着如何应对北京堵车的难题。Saying #39;Beijing has a traffic problem#39; is something of an understatement. A 2011 study by UBS showed it to be the worst among a number of Chinese cities it tracked, with average traveling speed time a glacial 12 kilometers per hour. By contrast, traffic in New York goes roughly twice as fast, a fact that would probably shock commuters idling on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. To demonstrate the problem, one media outfit once pit a Porsche against a bicycle in a race across the city#39;s center. (Residents of the city can guess which won.)说“北京有交通拥堵问题”有点太轻描淡写了。根据2011年瑞士(UBS)的一项调查,在该行跟踪的众多中国城市中,北京的交通拥堵情况最为严重,车辆平均行驶速度只有12公里/小时。相比之下,纽约的车速要比北京快一倍,这可能会让缓慢行驶在布鲁克林-皇后区快速路上的通勤者大感意外。为了彰显交通问题的严重,某媒体机构还曾搞了一次保时捷与自行车穿越市中心的比赛。(北京市民可以猜一猜谁赢了。)Beijing is the last of what are generally considered China#39;s four tier-one cities that Uber Technologies Inc. has entered. The app -- which in China connects users with drivers via agreements with rental-car fleet operators and driving services -- formally launched in Shanghai in February and has since been launched in the twin southern boomtowns of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.在中国的四个一线城市中,北京是Uber Technologies Inc.最后进入的。这款应用通过与出租车运营商和驾驶务公司之间的协议把中国用户与司机联系起来,该应用今年2月正式在上海推出,之后又在南方新兴城市广州和深圳推出。Such cities also have their traffic problems -- and also fared poorly in UBS#39;s traffic study -- but Uber acknowledges Beijing poses a particular problem. In addition to traffic, there#39;s the city#39;s sheer geographic size.这些城市也面临交通问题,在瑞银的交通调查中也属于拥堵城市。但Uber承认,北京的问题很特别。除了交通拥堵之外,这个城市的超大地理面积也是个问题。#39;Beijing is a big, complicated city,#39; said Allen Penn, Uber#39;s head of Asia. He added, #39;in short, we can#39;t change the traffic.#39;Uber亚洲主管Allen Penn称,北京是一个巨大的、复杂的城市。他补充说,总而言之,Uber改变不了那里的交通状况。Its solution is to start...well, slow. The company, which is in 41 countries, soft-launched its Beijing service about three months ago with a focus just on the tony Sanlitun shopping district. With its official launch, it has added the city#39;s Central Business District. Other rollouts will be gradual, Mr. Penn said. By contrast, when it launched in Shanghai, the app#39;s reach covered broader swaths of that city.Uber的解决办法是慢慢来。大约三个月前,这家目前已经进军41个国家的公司低调推出了在北京的务,但只重点关注时髦的三里屯购物区。在北京正式发布后,该公司又将北京的中心商业区囊括在内。Penn称,将循序渐进添加其他区域。相比之下,该应用软件在上海推出时覆盖了更广阔的范围。Mr. Penn says Uber is making progress handling the traffic and is using customer data to figure out where to best position cars and drivers. Cars now take an average of about nine minutes to reach Beijing customers, he said, compared with 14 minutes, the average when the company first soft-launched in the city. That figure puts Beijing just behind Shanghai, where customers usually wait about eight minutes for a ride.Penn称,Uber在处理交通状况方面正在取得进步,它目前使用客户数据来计算出配置汽车和司机的最好位置。他称,目前北京客户平均需要花费大约九分钟才能打到车,而该公司在北京第一次低调推出务时,客户平均需要花费14分钟。这样一来,北京客户的打车速度仅稍稍落后于上海,上海客户通常需要等待大约八分钟才能打上车。Still, the nine-minute wait puts Beijing well behind New York, where rides are filled in three or four minutes, and Singapore, where it takes seven minutes. Ultimately, Mr. Penn said, Uber wants to whittle Beijing#39;s time down to five minutes.但九分钟的等待时间仍远远高于纽约,那里的客户打车只需要三四分钟,在新加坡使用该应用软件打车则需要七分钟。Penn称,Uber希望最终将北京客户的等待时间降至五分钟。#39;It#39;s launch day. It#39;s day one,#39; he said, adding, #39;we have a long way to go, clearly.#39;他说:“务才刚刚推出,今天才是第一天,我们很清楚还有很长的路要走。” /201407/312758Marks amp; Spencer has agreed to make the packaging of all of its toys gender neutral by spring 2014, after customers complained that it was marketing items according to stereotypes.据英国《卫报》报道,玛莎百货同意在2014年春季之前为所有的玩具换上性别中立的包装。此前顾客抱怨玛莎百货根据性别成见进行市场营销。Customers contacted Mamp;S to complain at a range of toys called ;Boy#39;s Stuff;, which included planes, cars, dinosaurs, racing cars, cat toys, a marble run and a pop-up fire station.顾客联系玛莎百货,投诉该商场将一系列商品归类为“男孩玩具”,包括玩具飞机、小汽车、恐龙、赛车、猫、单子和弹出式消防站。The description on the latter said: ;This pop up fire station is perfect for little fire men everywhere;, while the description of a watch in the same range : ;The perfect wrist accessory no boy should be without,; and a joke book : ;Boys know the best jokes and here are 500 crackers to keep you ahead of the girls.;其中,弹出式消防站玩具的说明上写道:“这个弹出式消防站非常适合各地的小消防员”。这一系列中的一款玩具手表也有这样的说明:“最完美的腕部配件,所有的男孩都不应错过”。还有一本笑话书上则写道:“男孩子们知道最厉害的笑话,这本书里有500则帮助你领先女孩儿的爆笑秘籍”。The Boy#39;s Stuff range will be rebranded to use a simple graphic logo, while the ;Little Miss Arty; range will become ;Poppy and Blue;, using character-based branding.“男孩玩具”区域已经重新挂牌,换成一个简单的图形标志,而“女孩艺术”区域被重命名为“波比和布鲁”并使用人物形象的标牌。Mamp;S told the Guardian it was aly in the process of updating its policy but this became public when it responded to a specific criticism on Twitter by Labour MP Stella Creasy. It Tweeted back: ;Hi Stella, we#39;ve listened to customer feedback and by spring next year all of our toys will be gender neutral. Thanks.;玛莎百货向《卫报》表示,正在进行政策修订流程,但是在回答工党议员史黛拉?克里希发布在推特上的批评时被公开。玛莎百货在推特上回应称:“史黛拉您好,我们已经听取顾客的反馈,会在明年春季前将所有玩具换成中性的包装。非常感谢”。Mamp;S said in a statement: ;We offer a wide range of fun and educational toys, which are designed to appeal to children regardless of gender. We have listened carefully to feedback from our customers and by spring next year all of our toys will be gender neutral.;玛莎百货发表声明:“我们提供大量有趣而富有教育意义的玩具,为所有儿童的需求而设计而不针对性别。我们已经认真听取顾客们的反馈,将在明年春季前将所有玩具换成中性的包装”。Meanwhile, the number of shops organising their toy departments into separate sections for boys and girls has fallen by 60% in the past year, following pressure on retailers from shoppers and campaigners, it has been claimed.同时,玛莎百货表示,在顾客和社会活动者对零售商的压力下,将男孩与女孩的玩具分在不同区域的商店数量在去年下降了60%。Campaign group Let Toys be Toys said reports from the high street suggested that a fifth of stores were still organising their toy sections by gender rather than genre, compared to half in the runup to Christmas 2012.“让玩具成为玩具”活动小组说,来自主要街道的调查报告显示,五分之一的店铺仍然以性别而不是风格为标准对玩具分类,而这一数据在2012年圣诞到来之际曾高达50%。The group, which started in November 2012, has been calling on retailers to end gender-stereotyping in toy departments which has seen some display play kitchens and colouring sets under ;girls; signs and science sets and doctor#39;s costumers under ;boys; signs.“让玩具成为玩具”成立于2012年十一月,旨在呼吁零售商停止玩具部门的性别成见,诸如在“女孩”的标示下摆上玩具厨房和涂色集,而科学装置和医生装则被归在“男孩”的标示下。 /201312/270374

  Apple’s design chief took a swipe at copycats as he explained some of the secretive group’s product development processes ahead of the launch of its Watch and latest iPads.苹果(Apple)首席设计师对模仿者作出了批评。在苹果即将推出Apple Watch和最新款iPad之前,乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)介绍了这家善于保密的集团的某些产品开发流程。In an interview at Vanity Fair magazine’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, Sir Jonathan Ive admitted that he sounded “a little bit harsh and perhaps a little bit bitter” in his response to a question about whether imitation by Asian rivals such as Xiaomi was “flattering”.在《名利场》(Vanity Fair)杂志于旧金山举办的New Establishment峰会上,乔纳森爵士接受了采访。他坦承,在被问到小米(Xiaomi)等亚洲竞争对手的模仿是否“令他感到荣幸”时,他的回答听上去“有点刺耳,或许还有点愤愤不平”。He said: “I think it’s really straightforward. It really is theft, and it’s lazy, and I don’t think it’s OK at all.”他说:“我认为,这件事确实很简单。这么做就是偷窃,是偷懒,我根本不认为这样做没问题。”Apple has fought many legal battles over patent infringement of the iPhone’s technology and designs, including winning an initial bn verdict against Samsung in 2012. While it has been some time since Apple initiated any new cases, Sir Jonathan’s sensitivity to copying comes ahead of the release of Watch.苹果因为iPhone技术和设计专利遭到侵权的问题打过多次官司,其中包括在2012年首次告赢三星(Samsung)并获赔10亿美元。苹果已有一段时间没有再提起新的诉讼,但乔纳森爵士在苹果将推出智能手表之际对抄袭的问题依然十分敏感。“When we started working on it, it seemed like a very natural, obvious place for technology to end up,” he said.他说:“当我们开始设计这款产品的时候,它看起来就像是技术的一个自然、显而易见的终点。”This iPhone accessory, which will cost upwards of 0, was conceived after Steve Jobs’ death, but Sir Jonathan said he was trying to maintain Apple’s founding ethos of making technology more personal and accessible. “I do see that the Watch is a move away from what is traditionally understood as consumer electronics,” Sir Jonathan said.这款iPhone配件售价将超过350美元,是在史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)过世之后构想出来的。不过乔纳森爵士表示,他试图保持苹果的创立宗旨:让科技变得更加个人化和易于使用。他说:“我确实认为,相对于传统上人们理解的消费电子产品,苹果手表有所不同。”Apple is courting the fashion and luxury market with the device, including a showcase during Paris Fashion Week held at the chic boutique store Colette.苹果正在以这款设备取时尚和奢侈品市场的好感,包括在巴黎时装周(Paris Fashion Week)期间特意在柯莱特时尚店(Colette)陈列该产品。Sir Jonathan’s appearance came in the same week that Vogue China featured a model wearing Apple Watch, the first fashion magazine to style the watch on its cover.就在乔纳森爵士现身的同一周,《Vogue China》还登出了一位戴着苹果手表的模特,这是第一家在封面展示这款手表的时尚杂志。Vogue’s praise for the Watch is a far cry from Sir Jonathan’s first attempt at designing a phone, in the UK in the late 1980s. He won a Royal College of Arts competition with a contraption that reimagined the telephone, rearranging the speaker, mouthpiece and handle.《Vogue》对苹果手表的赞许与乔纳森首次尝试设计一部电话之时已不可同日而语,那是上世纪80年代末他在英国的时候。他以一款重新设计的电话赢得了英国皇家艺术学院(Royal College of Art)的一次竞赛。这款电话的扬声器、话筒和手柄都经过重新设计。Shown a photo of the clunky device on stage by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, Sir Jonathan blushed. “Obviously it wasn’t a good idea,” he said.《名利场》杂志主编格莱登#8226;卡特(Graydon Carter)在台上展示了这款笨重电话机的照片,乔纳森爵士有点难为情,他说:“显然,这不是个好的创意。”But the bursary he received from winning helped him, in 1989, to make his first trip to Silicon Valley. “I was just blown away by the optimism and enthusiasm that provided such a fantastic environment to try and develop new ideas,” Sir Jonathan told Mr Carter.不过,在比赛中拿到奖金后,他在1989年首次造访了硅谷。他告诉卡特:“那里的乐观和热情为尝试和研究新创意营造了绝妙的环境,我被深深打动了。”“It’s very difficult to develop new ideas in the context of cynicism and sarcasm. It makes for good comedy but it’s a horrible way of trying to develop products.”“在愤世嫉俗和冷嘲热讽的氛围中,人们很难提出新的创意。这种氛围容易催生出好的喜剧,然而对于产品开发来说是十分糟糕的。”Describing Apple’s product development processes, Sir Jonathan said his team of 16 designers gathered three or four times a week around its studio’s table, which resembles those that display products in its retail stores.在讲述苹果的产品开发流程时,乔纳森爵士表示他的团队由16名设计师组成,每周会围着工作室的桌子开三四次会,这种桌子与苹果门店中展示产品的桌子相似。“We draw, we still draw,” he said. The team also creates plastic or metal models of its concepts. “When there is an object to touch, everything shifts.”他说:“我们会画出设计图样,我们仍然会采用绘画方式。”除此以外,该团队还会根据其设计理念,制作出塑料或金属的模型。“一旦有了可触摸的实物,就一切都不同了。” /201410/335026



  An argument is raging about whether companies should be forced to disclose cyber attacks, as security experts warn that US retailers, hotels and airports have gaping holes in their online security.对于是否应该强制企业披露其遭受的网络攻击,各方展开激烈争论。目前安全专家警告,美国的零售商、酒店和机场的网络安全存在巨大漏洞。Researchers in Las Vegas for the Black Hat cyber security conference exposed flaws they argued could allow hackers to swipe credit card details from retailers, run technology in hotel rooms by remote control and trick airport security into believing someone is drugs-free.在举行的“黑帽网络安全大会”(Black Hat)上,研究者们揭露了一些漏洞。他们断言,黑客可以通过这些漏洞,从零售商那里窃取信用卡资料、遥控酒店客房中的科技产品,甚至骗过机场安检,让其相信某人并未携带毒品。Dan Geer, chief information security officer for In-Q-Tel, which invests in technology on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency, said the threat of cyber attack was so serious that companies should have to declare significant security failures. “Not only has cyber security reached the highest levels of attention, it has sp into nearly every corner,” he said. “The footprint of cyber security has surpassed the grasp of any one of us.”In-Q-Tel公司代表美国中央情报局(CIA)投资于科技设备,该公司首席信息安全官丹#8226;吉尔(Dan Geer)表示,网络攻击的威胁如此严重,以至于应当迫使公司披露重大的安全失败事故。“网络安全不仅得到了最高层的关注,它也几乎传到了每一个角落,”他说,“网络安全的足迹超出我们任何一个人的掌握。”Laws about what kind of attacks companies must report vary depending on the country or industry. But many focus on the loss of consumer data rather than on the tide of attacks by nation states and intellectual property theft.关于公司必须报告哪些种类的黑客攻击,相关法律依国家或者行业有所不同。然而,比起由国家发起的攻击和窃取知识产权,许多人更关注消费者数据的泄露。Despite patchy regulation, the number of companies reporting cyber security concerns to US regulators has more than doubled in the past two years, according to official filings.尽管相关法规还不完善,但根据官方申报文件,在过去两年里向美国监管者报告网络安全问题的公司增加了一倍以上。Mr Geer called for “a public health system” for the internet where the security of everyone online is given higher priority than the privacy of attack victims. He also said the US government should pay to make public vulnerabilities that people find in software.吉尔呼吁为互联网建立一个“公共卫生系统”,比起遭受网络攻击的受害者的隐私,对网络上每一个人的安全给予更高的重视。他还表示,美国政府应出资公布人们在软件中找到的漏洞。Alex Stamos, Yahoo’s chief information security officer, said companies needed to work together to combat cyber crime. Other industries should learn from banks, which had succeeded at co-operating on security partly because they were highly regulated, he said.雅虎(Yahoo)首席信息安全官亚历克斯#8226;斯坦默斯(Alex Stamos)说,公司需要合作抗击网络犯罪。他说,通过在安全上相互合作取得成功,部分原因是因为受到严格监管,其他行业应该学习业的经验。But Kevin Mandia, chief operating officer of cyber security company FireEye, said companies were right to fear being forced to disclose attacks as some were “crucified” in a “point and blame atmosphere”.然而,网络安全公司FireEye的首席运营官凯文#8226;曼迪亚(Kevin Mandia)说,公司有理由害怕被迫披露所遭受的网络攻击,因为在一个“指名道姓指责的环境中”,一些公司曾被“钉上十字架”。Doctors were not blamed for not having yet discovered a cure for cancer and the threat from cyber crime was similarly here to stay, he added. “I feel like we are trying to cure cancer just like doctors are.”他补充说,医生们不会因为还没找到治愈癌症的方法受到指责,网络犯罪的威胁也同样会长期存在。“我感觉我们就像医生一样,是在尝试治愈癌症。” /201408/320038


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