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How To Be "Just Friends"Why is it so hard to remain "just friends" with the opposite sex? Studies show the relationship ends more times than not once sex is introduced. Keep the friendship. Keep it platonic. Step 1: Friends With Benefits(可以从对方那里得到同性朋友间得不到的帮助)If you remember the real advantages of opposite-sex friendship, you probably won't throw them away for a one-nighter. Guys, you can express your feelings with her in a way you can't with the boys. Girls, you get a protective, big-brother type pal. And you both get the inside scoop on how the other sex operates.Step 2: Dirty Tricks(保持距离)If you do find yourself eyeing up your buddy, put up some barriers. Ladies, next time you go out with your guy friend, slack off in the hygiene department. Try wearing grandma underwear. Skip the shower. Don't shave those legs. It'll help you keep your pants on.Step 3: Wear Yourself Out(抑制自己)Gentlemen, expending sexual energy before you meet up with your female friend will usually suppress any inappropriate feelings that may pop up. And gals, don't be ashamed. This will work for you, too.Step 4: Converse With Caution(注意交谈内容)Don't let the chatter drift toward sexual innuendo. No one wants to hear another "that's what SHE said" joke. Instead...talk about your ex. Or irritable bowel syndrome. Or the reptilian humanoid conspiracy theory. Don't talk about how tight your bra feels today. If you need a back rub, keep it to yourself. Oh, and take it easy on the booze. Friends don't let friends drink...and dive into bed.Finally, if you find yourself waking up with your best bud, take some space, then talk. Remember, you're friends for a reason and if you really do care for each other, it won't be hard to figure out if it's love, lust, or just the liquor.201003/98044。

  • 20th century America will see a long struggle for equality.20世纪 美国经历了一场漫长的争取平等之战Race riots in Chicago in 1919 leave 38 dead.1919年 芝加哥种族动乱中38人死亡In the segregated South, separate schools,在种族隔离的南方 学校要隔离 separate buses, separate restaurants.公交车要隔离 就连餐馆也要隔离Twice as many unemployed.失业率是北方的两倍Change begins when one million black soldiers join up in World War II.百万黑人投身二战 成了改变局面的分水岭And blacks demonstrated they could fly planes just like anyone else,黑人士兵展示了他们同其他人一样 能驾驶战机they could sail ships,they could do anything the white soldier could do.也能操纵舰船 白人士兵能做的他们也能做They dont know it yet, but these soldiers are the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.他们此刻还不知道自己将成为现代民权运动的开路先锋Individuals more than willing to fight and die for our country and for the freedoms that our country represented.战士们斗志昂扬愿为自己的祖国和其代表的自由赴汤蹈火 乃至牺牲生命Yet freedoms that were not still truly shared by all Americans.然而并不是每个美国人都能享受到这些自由And the first step towards equal rights is taken.从此 迈出了走向平权运动的第一步July, 1948. The military is desegregated.1948年7月,军方废除了种族隔离制度No more whites-only regiments,不再有白人军团no more blacks-only Regiments.和黑人军团之分Just Americans shoulder to shoulder.大家都是美国人 并肩作战When I came in, my superior said to me,我刚入伍的时候 我的首长告诉我we dont care if youre black,我们不在乎we dont care if youre white.你是黑人还是白人We dont want to hear any hard luck stories.也不想听你讲什么不幸遭遇The only thing we care about is performance.唯一看重的是你的表现But outside the military, it is a different story.但军队之外 情况大相径庭Blacks do not have the same status as whites.黑人的社会地位低于白人The people among us who in many cases were doing the dirty work of society,我们中的很多人经常做的是社会底层的肮脏工作the people who were making the hotels y for us to stay in例如在宾馆酒店当勤杂工给白人务and serving us food at restaurants that wouldnt see them as guests.在只对白人顾客开放的餐馆端盘子上菜 /201303/232859。
  • This talks about how to treat or heal cracked heels.这段视频讲述的是怎样治疗干裂的脚后跟。Hello Im Charles Goldman, a qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist. I run “The Foot Pad” chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Coven, Central London. Today Im going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.大家好,我是Charles Goldman,是一名获得职业资格的脚病医生。我在伦敦中部的卡文经营了一家脚病治疗诊所。今天我向大家讲述一下各种各样的脚部问题和治疗方法。Hi! In this were going to talk about the treatment of cracked heels. Some people suffer quite badly from cracked heels and if left unattended, they can split bleed and cause secondary infections on the foot. The best treatment for this is to moisturize, obviously this counteracts the drying effect.大家好,在这段视频中,我们一起来讨论一下脚后跟干裂的治疗方法。一些人遭受着脚后跟干裂的痛苦,如果不注意保养的话,裂痕会扩大甚至出血,造成脚部感染。最好的治疗方法就是保湿,很明显,这样可以抵消干燥效应。Some people are more prone to dry cracked feet. People who are overweight, athletes, etc. and the thing to do is to use a very good dry cracked heel foot cream.部分人群更容易脚部干裂,例如超重人群,运动员等等。这些人要做的就是使用非常好的脚后跟干裂润肤霜。There are several on the market. Ordinary creams and body lotions are not rich enough. Foot creams are generally better but also not good enough for basely cracked heels.市面上有几种脚部润肤霜出售。普通的润肤霜不够保湿。脚部润肤霜一般来说更好一些,但是对于顽固的脚后跟干裂也还不是很好。I recommend a cracked heel foot cream with 25 percent urea. There are several on the market. A couple of them are these, this one is “CCS foot cream” and “Dermatonics heel balm”, both have 25 percent urea.我推荐使用含有25%的尿素的脚后跟干裂润肤霜。市面上有几种产品,可以根据情况购买。These are very effective in treating the cracked heels. You apply them daily, once or twice for two weeks at it generally solves the problem. After that maintenance with ordinary foot cream is sufficient.这些产品用于治疗脚后跟干裂效果非常显著。每天使用一两次,坚持两周的时间就可以解决脚后跟干裂的问题。随后,普通的脚部保养就足够了。Urea is a natural moisturizer and is very important to use one of these creams. This is how I recommend you treat cracked heels. If you still have any doubts please see a chiropodist or podiatrist.尿素是天然的保湿剂,使用这样的保湿霜非常重要。以上就是我关于治疗脚后跟干裂的建议。如果仍然有任何疑问,可以咨询脚病医生。Thanks for watching How To Heal Cracked Heels.感谢收看“怎样治疗脚后跟干裂”视频节目。 /201301/219387。
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