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56.Thus it is that thy joy in me is so full.56.只因你的快乐是这样地充满了我的心Thus it is that thou hast come down to me.只因你曾这样地俯就我Thou lord of all heavens, where would be thy love if I were not?呵,你这诸天之王,假如没有我,你还爱谁呢?Thou hast taken me as thy partner of all this wealth.你使我做了你这一切财富的共享者In my heart is the endless play of thy delight.在我心里你的欢乐不住地遨游In my life thy will is ever taking shape.在我生命中你的意志永远实现And this, thou who art the King of kings hast decked thyself in beauty to captivate my heart.,你这万王之王曾把自己修饰了来赢取我的心And this thy love loses itself in the love of thy lover, and there art thou seen in the perfect union of two.你的爱也消融在你情人的爱里,在那里,你又以我俩完全合一的形象显现 60玫瑰医院微整形哪个医生好Benny:Mom says we’re supposed to share.本尼:妈妈说,我们应该分享这些糖果Julia:I know. I’m divvying up the candy right now. Just hold your horses.朱莉娅:我知道我们把这些糖果分了先别急Benny:I want to do it. I want to make sure I get my fair share.本尼:我想负责分糖果我保我能分得公平一点Julia:I called dibs on dividing up the candy, remember? You snooze you lose.朱莉娅:由我负责分,不记得了?妈妈没给你分糖果的权利Benny:That’s not fair! I wasn’t here when Mom came home.本尼:这不公平!因为当时妈妈回来时我不在Julia:Bummer you. Okay, I’m done. Here’s your share and here’s mine.朱莉娅:你赖皮好吧,我分好了这里是你的,这里是我的Benny:Hey, the two piles aren’t equal. You definitely got the lion’s share. You do that to me every time. That’s not fair!本尼:嘿,一边多一边少显然你那边多你每次都这样这不公平!Julia:What are you going to do about it?朱莉娅:你打算怎么样呢?Benny:I’m going to tell!本尼:我揭发你!Julia:You’re such a baby. Okay, if you don’t run to Mom, I’ll let you call shotgun the next time we go anywhere in the car.朱莉娅:你真不懂事好吧,如果你不告诉妈妈,我们下次坐车去玩的时候我让你坐在前排的座位上Benny:You will? You promise?本尼:你会吗?你发誓?Julia:I cross my heart and hope to die. Okay?朱莉娅:我发誓好吗?Benny:All right, but I still want my fair share of the candy.本尼:好吧,但我仍然希望你分得公平点Julia:Okay, I’ve evened out the piles. Satisfied?朱莉娅:好吧,我已经平分了满意了吗?Benny:Yeah. And can I do the divvying up next time?本尼:好了下次我可以负责分吗?Julia:Don’t push your luck!朱莉娅:你没那运气! 注:本文译文属原创,, 86上海曙光医院西院光子脱毛手术价格Tammy: What are you doing this year to give your team an advantage? 今年你准备做些什么让你的队伍先拔头筹?Phillip: I have a few tricks up my sleeve. We’re going to have a winning season. 我有几招我们将有个胜利的赛季Tammy: Are you going to start Wang? 你启用王了吗?Phillip: No, I’m redshirting Wang. I want him to sit out his first year so he can sharpen his skills. 没有,我没给他比赛机会我想让他第一年坐板凳好加强他的技术Tammy: I’m really surprised. Wang is aly a great player and too good to sit on the bench. 我很震惊啊他已经够好了,不应该坐板凳Phillip: Trust me, I know what I’m doing. He’ll get an extra year of eligibility and be even better next year. 相信我,我有数他有一年加强期,明年会更好Tammy: If you say so. What about Schwartz? 如果你这样说的话,那么施瓦茨呢?Phillip: He’s out the season. He’s hurt and won’t be able to play. 他这个赛季报销了他受伤了,这个赛季上不了场了Tammy: That’s a major blow! He’s your star player, right? 这是个坏消息他可是你的明星球员啊,是吧?Phillip: He’s a loss, but I have a secret weapon. 这是个损失,但是我有秘密武器Tammy: Oh, yeah? 哦,是吗?Phillip: This new player, Pierre, is going to give the other teams a run their money. 新球员皮埃尔会让其他队很难过Tammy: Who is he? 这小子是谁啊?Phillip: Just somebody I recruited. Let’s just say he’s talented beyond his years. 我招的人他太有天赋了Tammy: Huh? You mean he’s a ringer? You’re bringing in a ringer? 啊,你意思是他是非法参赛了?你找了个非法参赛的人?Phillip: Of course not. He’s just a little more experienced than my other players and he’ll be a ce to be reckoned with. 当然不是,他只是比我的其他队员更有经验,他会成为核心Tammy: Only if nobody catches on. 除非别人赶不上他Phillip: Catches on to what? 赶不上什么? 556Simone: So, what did you think of Bruce? Isnt he great?西蒙:那么,你觉得布鲁斯怎么样?他人挺不错的,不是吗?Dirk: Well, he certainly direct and thright with his opinions. I dont think Ive ever met anyone who speaks his mind the way he does.德克:是的,但他说话直接,总是对自己的观点直言不讳我从来没遇到像他那样表达自己的人Simone: Yeah, isnt that great? Ive never liked a guy who straddles the fence or has namby-pamby opinions. Ive always liked guys with strong opinions.西蒙:是的,这样不是很好吗?我不喜欢那些犹犹豫豫、无病呻吟的人我一直很欣赏能坚持已见的人Dirk: Well, there strong and there pigheadedness. Dont you think?德克:但是,有时候坚持过头就是顽固了你不觉得吗?Simone: What?! You think Bruce is pigheaded, just because he doesnt budge when other people try to sway him? I think that an admirable trait.西蒙:什么?就因为布鲁斯在别人劝他改变主意的时候拒绝让步,所以你认为他很顽固?我倒觉得这种品质很令人钦佩Dirk: I think being blunt can be admirable under the right circumstances, but being stubborn as a mule can make it hard on other people, dont you think?德克:我认为在特定的场合,直言不讳是值得赞扬的,但是如果像骡子一样倔强会让别人很难接受,你不觉得吗?Simone: No, I dont. Other people can pull their punches if they want to, but a man wholl speak up about what he believes in and stand by it is a real man to me.西蒙:不,我不这样想如果别人愿意,说话可以有所保留,但是对我来说,一个人能表达自己的想法,并坚持自己的立场,那就是真正的男子汉Dirk: I can see why you two make a perfect couple. I hope never to be on the wrong side of an argument with either one of you.德克:难怪你们俩是一对完美的夫妇我希望你们俩永远不要对立起来争吵本文译文属 1883上海比较好的整容医院

上海玫瑰整形女子医院美容中心上海溶脂People around the world have religions.Some people consider it as an important part of good mental health while others take it much lightly.全世界信仰宗教的人们有些人认为这是一个精神健康的重要因素,而另一些人则不太以为然As a Christian,I can fully appreciate the fact that my faith helps me keep my mind at ease.The improvements in mental health are seen in many newly baptized people.Rituals like confessing can relieve the pressure of one mind by pouring out what bothers him deep inside.Praying,going to church,and singing all have their powers.Maybe religion is also psychological as well.Atheists may reject it as totally supernatural,but they are missing out.做为一个基督教徒,我可以体会信仰如何帮助我保持平静的心这种精神上的改善可从许多新受洗礼的人身上看到例如惭悔的仪式,能藉由倾诉一个人内心深处烦恼的事情来减轻压力祈祷,上教堂,唱圣歌全都有其力量也许宗教也有心理上的作用无神论者可能否定它为超自然的,但他们却错过了上述的这些好处Other religions like Judaism,lslam,Buddhism,and Hinduism also offer some mechanisms supporting people through hardships and giving people hope.Some religious groups have beliefs that conflict with others.This can happen with different denominations within Christianity as well.The Catholics and the Protestantsways of thinking seem to be somewhat different.I think it is ridiculous different religious groups to put down each other while glorifying themselves.It will be wonderful if we can all understand each other differences and live happily together.还有其他的宗教,如犹太教,伊斯兰教,佛教,和印度教也提供一些机制来帮助人们渡过困苦,并给人们带来希望有些宗教团体他们的信念与别的团体互相冲突甚至连基督教中不同的教派也存在这样的事情天主教和新教的思考方法似乎有些不丗我认为不同教派在颂扬自己宗教的同时,却去否定别的教是很荒谬的事如果我们大家都能够相互理解并愉快的共存,那该有多棒啊! 331The mendicant乞丐When I think how long I have lived每当我想起自己年高寿长I am struck by life’s injustice命运的不公让我愕然;Others have lived much less他人的生命何其短暂Some have been given less than an hour of life.一些人在出生短短时间后便告别尘寰I recall my childhood我想起了我的童年And the various stages of my growth.和生命成长的各个阶段I have been blessed, indeed, beyond anything我,事实上,受到了绝无仅有的I expected or deserved!我所期望的,和我值得的眷顾!I think of the experiences that life has given me—happy ones that filled my heart,我想起生命赋予我的种种经历—幸福的事儿充满我的心房,Painful ones that helped me grow—痛苦的事儿帮助我成长—Of the discoveries I have made...我思考,那些我的发现…Of the persons I was privileged to meet...那些我有幸遇到的人…And of my talents and abilities,我的才华与能力,Of sight视力,And hearing,听力,Smell and taste and touch嗅觉,味觉和触觉And mind and will and memory思想,意愿和记忆And the limbs and organs of my body.四肢及器官If I were to die today如果我今天就要离去I should certainly have had more than my fair share of life’s blessings.当然,我已经受到自己不应该有的那份人生眷顾Whatever else life has in store me is an added gift不管未来的人数还有什么在等待着我,Quite undeserved.那都是一件额外的礼物Having accepted this, I make myself aware of the fact我诚惶诚恐甚感不配拥有That I have another day of life to live and relish.知道这个,我清楚了我要认真生活,体味生命中的另一天I see myself go through the morning,我要看着自己穿过清晨,The afternoon,走过下午,And evening,度过夜晚,And accept my good luck gratefully.感激地接收我的好运气I think of the person who to me is the dearest我想到了哪个我生命中最重要的人Of all who are alive today,所以至今还健在的人们,Of how he or she has enriched my life.他或她让我的生命更加富丽斑斓Tomorrow I may lose her...明天也许我就会失去她….Such is life’s fragility.生命就是如此脆弱And if I did, I should have no cause complaint.如果我真的失去了她,我也不应该有理由抱怨I have had her so long,我已经拥有她太长时间了,God knows I have no right to her a single hour.上天知道,我无权再据她为己有,哪怕只有一小时Life has been unjust人生是不公正的;I think of those who never had我想起那些从未拥有过The riches she has brought me.如她给我带来的财富的人们I tell her this in fantasy我似在幻梦中告诉她此事And see what happens.等待会发生什么I now become aware我现在明白了That she is here yet another day她还会在这儿度过另一天And I am grateful.我感激不尽 7518上海软骨隆鼻多少钱La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats冷酷仙女 约翰·济慈Oh what can ail thee,knight-at-arms骑士啊您为何哀伤Alone and palely loitering?孤独彷徨 悲伤烦扰The sedge has withered from the lake湖中之草都已枯败And no birds sing鸟儿 也匿声了Oh what can ail thee, knight-at-arms so haggard and so woe-begone?骑士啊您为何哀伤,如此憔悴,如此懊恼The squirrel granary is full and the harvest done食物堆满松鼠粮仓,丰收时节都结束了I see a lily on thy brow您的眉眼间绽放一朵百合With anguish moist and fever dew湿热悲苦的露珠于其间垂缀And on thy cheek a fading rose您的脸庞上有凋零玫瑰Fast withereth too转瞬间枯萎I met a lady in the meads我邂逅美人于那绿坪之上Full beautiful--a faery child她定是精灵之女啊美得这般无暇Her hair was long, her foot was light曼长的秀发轻盈的步伐And her eyes were wild狂野之光在她眸间闪亮I made a garland her head我用鲜花为她做成花冠And bracelets too, and fragrant zone手镯还有那芳香的束腰She looked at me as she did love她凝神看我仿佛满眼爱意And made sweet moan她温柔叹息如有甜蜜愁哀I set her on my pacing steed我抱她上马And nothing else saw all day long一整日啊再看不到其他 sidelong would she bend, and sing眼里只见她那侧身的模样A faery song耳中只闻她唱的妖灵歌谣She found me roots of relish sweet她为我采集甜美草根And honey wild, and manna dew吗哪甘露、野生蜂蜜And sure in language strange she said她所说言语也甚奇;I love thee true.;“我爱你,全心全意”She took me to her elfin grot她引我进那妖精洞穴And there she wept and sighed full sore于此,她凄凄落泪她哀哀感伤And there I shut her wild eyes于此,那双狂野之眼啊With kisses four被我以吻合上And there she lulled me asleep于此 她诱我魂入梦土And there I dreamed--ah! woe betide!啊正是于此!哀痛来袭The latest dream I ever dreamed我最近一次沉入梦境On the cold hill side就在那 冰冷的山坡之侧I saw pale kings and princes too我目睹诸多面色苍白的国王、王子Pale warriors, death-pale were they all与骑士;他们全苍白得如僵尸白骨They cried--;La Belle Dame sans Merci他们都在嘶喊:那个冷酷的女子啊Hath thee in thrall!;已经囚你为奴!I saw their starved lips in the gloam我目睹他们那些咧开的枯唇With horrid warning gaped wide嘴里全是 悚骇警言And I awoke and found me here尔后我便惊醒 发现自己On the cold hill side已在这 冰冷的山坡之侧And this is why I sojourn here于是我徘徊此地Alone and palely loitering孤独彷徨 悲伤烦恼Though the sedge is withered from the lake纵然湖中之草都已枯败And no birds sing纵然鸟儿 也匿声了 3678上海交通大学医学院附属同仁医院去胎记多少钱

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