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上海市第十人民医院做红色胎记手术价格上海附属医院激光去痘手术价格Todd: What do you think about plastic surgery — you know, like, especially lip implants, breast implants?托德:你怎么看整容手术?尤其是丰唇和隆胸这样的整容手术?Wendi: Yeah, absolutely. I would be like, maybe like four years ago, I was like, ;No; if you do that kind of thing you are so vain. Thats so not cool. And now, Im like, ;Yes, sign me up!; like ;Any spring specials?;温迪:完全赞同。如果是四年前,我可能会不赞同,当时我认为做那种事情完全是徒劳,并不酷。可是现在我会说:“算上我!”我会问有没有春季特价。Todd: Actually, how old are you?托德:你今年多大了?Wendi: 30.温迪:30岁。Todd: 30.托德:30岁。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Todd: OK, so youre saying that maybe when women get older, they think like OK maybe they would like a nip and tuck here and there.托德:好,你认为女性年老以后,会愿意接受拉皮整形手术吗?Wendi: Yeah, absolutely you know, you know move some stuff from place to place. I dont have to give up any parts but you know just place it in a more appropriate location.温迪:对,当然愿意,你知道,去掉各个地方的皱纹。我不用放弃任何部分,只是让它们复位,回到更合适的位置去。Todd: Interesting.托德:有点儿意思。Wendi: Yeah. I dont think its so bad.温迪:对。我认为这并不坏。Todd: Yeah.托德:对。Wendi: Yeah. Like you know, some minor maintenance, I think. Nothing wrong with that.温迪:嗯,你知道,这就像日常保养一样。没什么不好的。Todd: Maybe if you do it once but two problems. One — I think, I dont understand the breast implants. I think most men dont like them.托德:也许你可以做一次,现在我有两个问题。第一个问题是,我不理解隆胸手术。我认为大部分男性并不喜欢。Wendi: I think most men do like them actually.温迪:可是我认为大部分男性确实喜欢。Todd: No way.托德:不可能。Wendi: Yes.温迪:是这样的。Todd: I doubt it.托德:我对此表示怀疑。Wendi: Yes, of course they do.温迪:他们当然喜欢。Todd: It looks just terrible.托德:那看上去太糟糕了。Wendi: What kind of men do you hang out with?温迪:你经常和哪种男性朋友一起外出?Todd: Actually, thats a good question. Ive never actually asked another man.托德:这是个好问题。其实我没有问过其他男性这个问题。Wendi: Oh, you dont have friends.温迪:哦,你没有朋友。Todd: Thats — you hit on the truth there. Thats so true.托德:你说出了真相。的确是这样。Wendi: What were we saying though?温迪:我们在说什么?Todd: I dont know. Well, there was two things. I dont have friends and breast implants.托德:我也不知道。我们说到了两件事,我没有朋友,还有隆胸手术。Wendi: Im joking. But actually, for me, I wouldnt get breast implants because I couldnt run.温迪:我是开玩笑的。实际上,对我来说,我不会去做隆胸手术,因为这样会对跑动造成影响。Todd: Oh, you cant run. Thats a good point, huh?托德:哦,会妨碍你跑动。这个观点很好,对吧?Wendi: Well, I dont know if its just like, I cant imagine you could, well, I mean, Im sure people do, but I mean like actually play sports and stuff. I wouldnt want to like dive onto the ground to catch like a frisbee and the chance that they would explode or anything could happen.温迪:我不太了解,也没法想象,我知道人们会做隆胸手术,但是我指的是参加体育活动的影响。我不希望在我冲向地面去接飞盘的时候,会发生假体爆炸或其他的事情。 译文属 /201506/381817上海曙光医院去痣多少钱 Im still coughing a lot at night. 我晚上还是咳嗽得厉害。例句:A:Are you feeling better today,Bill?比尔,你今天好点了吗?B:Well,sort of.But Im still coughing a lot at night.嗯,好点了。但是我晚上还是咳嗽的厉害。A:You really ought to follow your doctors advice and quit smoking.Its so bad for your health.你真应该听医生的话,把烟戒掉,这对你身体不好。B:Yeah,I know.But its really hard to give up a habit youve had for such a long time.是的,我知道,但是要改掉这么长时间形成的习惯实在太难了。A:Not that hard.You just need to make up your mind.A little determination is all you need.没那么难,你只需要下定决心,意志稍稍坚强就够了。B:You know,I work late into the night.Smoking helps me stay awake.你知道的,我经常工作很晚,吸烟可以让我保持清醒。A:Why dont you just go to bed and get up earlier?你为什么不早睡早起?B:Youre right.I need to change my habits.Thats good advice.Thanks.Ill give it a try.说得好,我也该改改我的习惯了。这真是个好建议,谢谢你,我会试试的。A:I hope youre feeling better soon.我希望你能尽快好起来。背景音乐:thinking about you更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201702/490382上海鼻尖整形费用

上海激光红血丝unit 300 买裤子dialogue 英语情景对话A:Show me a smaller pair of trousers, sir. I am not that fat, you see.A:先生,给我拿条瘦些的裤子好吗?你瞧,我没有那么胖。B:Youve come to the right place. Weve got various styles and sizes recently. How much do you measure around your waist?B:你算来对了地方。我们新进了一批货,各种式样、各种尺码都齐全。请问先生多少腰围?A:I have no idea. Measure me, please.A:不太清楚,给我量量吧!B:OK! 2 Chi round. Try this one. Maybe its of your size.B:好的!2尺腰围,那就试试这条,可能尺码你穿正好合适。A:( After trying) Im afraid its still too fight around the stomach.A:(试穿以后)恐怕肚子这里还是太紧了点。B:Let me check the stock. How about this one?B:我到库房看看。(过了一会儿)这条怎样?A:( After trying) Mm, a perfect fit. How much?A:(试穿以后)嗯,这条正好,多少钱?B:150 Yuar.B:150元。A:A little expensive. But Ill buy it anyway. Its hard for me to get a perfect one. Here is 200 Yuan.A:贵是贵了点儿,不过我还是决定买下来。要知道,我买条中意的裤子不容易啊。给你,200元。B:Heres your change, 50 Yuan. Welcome back again.B:找你50元,欢迎下次再来。 /201601/421197杨浦区冰点脱毛多少钱 上海市哪家美容医院比较好

金山抽脂瘦腿多少钱unit 404代转口信dialogue 英语情景对话A:Hello?A:你好?B:Hello, is this 44820987? Id like to speak to Mr Doff.B:你好,这是44820987么?我想找道夫先生。A:I am sorry. Mr. Doff is out right now.A:对不起,他这会儿出去了。B:May I know when will he be back?B:我可以知道他什么时候回来么?A:I dont know. But he will certainly be back for lunch. This is his wife speaking. Can I take a message for you?A:我不太清楚。但是他肯定会回来吃午饭的。我是他太太,请问有消息需要我帮您转达吗?B:Thanks, Mrs. Doff. Please tell him to be at the airport at three p.m.B:道夫太太,谢谢您。请转告道夫先生,明天下午3点到机场。A:Very Good. I will let him know as soon as he comes back. But, may I have your name, please?A:好的。他一回来我就告诉他。请问您是哪位呀?B:This is Lucy White. Thank you. Bye.B:我是露西·怀特。那么谢谢了。再见。A:Bye.A:再见。 /201605/441405 如今互联网这么发达,什么东西只要一放到网上,就会一发不可收拾。如果你突然发现,朋友没有经过允许,就把你的一张很丑陋的照片放到了网上,你会怎么做?我的朋友Jennifer就被同事这么捉弄过一回。她也不示弱,立即找出一张同事更丢人的旧照片,发给了更多的人。这种做法在英语里叫:beat someone at their own game. Beat在中文里是打击的意思,game是比赛,游戏。Beat someone at their own game,就是以其人之道,还治其人之身的意思。我的朋友Jennifer如法炮制,把同事一些见不得人的照片放到网上,让更多的人都看到,就可以说是, she beat them at their own game.如果说这是一场搞笑的恶作剧的话,那么在下面这个例子里两家餐馆之间的血拼大降价,就没有这么好笑了。让我们听听看。例句-1:The restaurant across the street from ours was running a special. Guests who ordered a dinner entrée could receive another at half price. So we introduced an even better deal: buy one entrée, get the other free. Now our place is packed. Were beating the competition at their own game.其中一位老板说:街对面的餐馆推出特价活动,点一道主菜,第二道菜半价。我们以其人之道,还治其人之身, 决定买一送一,结果现在我们餐馆里的生意特别红火。我们在这次较量中战胜了对手。如果是我,我也会光顾这家餐馆的。经济不好的时候,商家就更要想方设法地吸引顾客。商业竞争真是英语里常说的;Dog-Eat-Dog;,形容这种商业竞争真是恰如其分。******刚才我们谈到了商业竞争的残酷无情。不过有的时候,beat someone at their own game也会给生活增添不少乐趣。让我们一起来听听下面这对夫妻之间的小故事。例句-2:I thought taking my wife sailing was a pretty cool birthday surprise. But, for my big day, she took me skydiving in Mexico. Every year is the same. No matter what gift ideas I come up with, hers are better. She beats me at my own game all the time.这个人说:我本来以为带妻子去航海是一个绝妙的生日礼物,但是我过生日的时候,她却计划好了一起到墨西哥去跳伞。每年都是这样。她总能想出更棒的生日礼物来,让我自愧不如。去年冬天,我跟老公学下国际象棋,怎么也赢不了他,结果我正好有机会采访了一位象棋高手,跟他学了几招,回家就把老公打败了,I finally beat him at his own game.******最近美国经济不景气,很多公司都在裁员。我前些天做了一个梦,梦见早上去上班,结果接到通知,说我们被另外一家电台取代了。They beat us at our own game. 一下子惊醒过来,好在是个梦。从上面的例子大家肯定已经看出,to beat someone at their own game,这个习惯用语里的game可以用来指任何努力和工作。这个习惯用语可以追溯到十三世纪中叶,真可以说是历史悠久了。 /201505/372379上海市松江区方塔中医医院激光祛斑手术价格上海玫瑰医疗整形美容医院打溶脂针的费用




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