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上海医院祛疤多少钱上海曙光医院东院韩式隆鼻多少钱印度诞生一名磅女婴 或成为“世上最重女婴” -- ::7 来源: 印度一名妇女产下磅(6.8公斤)重的女婴,据医生说,这很可能是印度历来出生的体重最重的婴儿 An Indian woman has given birth to a lb (6.8kg) baby girl that doctors say could possibly be the heaviest child ever born in the country.印度一名妇女产下磅(6.8公斤)重的女婴,据医生说,这很可能是印度历来出生的体重最重的婴儿The infant weighs the same as a six-month-old in a country where new-born babies normally weigh .5-3.5kg.这名女婴的体重相当于6个月大的宝宝印度新生儿的体重通常介于.5至3.5公斤之间Her mother Nandini, , gave birth by a Caesarean section, at a hospital in the southern state of Karnataka.岁的产妇南迪尼在南部卡纳塔克邦的1家医院经剖腹手术诞下女婴Doctors said they were conducting tests to find out the reason why the baby was so heavy.医生表示,他们正在检视这名女婴体重为何如此惊人"It is the biggest baby in India, I can say. Whether it is the biggest in the world, I cannot say right now," Dr Venkatesh R, district health official in Hassan district, told B Hindi’s Imran Qureshi.哈森地区卫生官员凡卡德希在接受B印度采访时说:“她是否是全球最大的婴儿我不知道,但我敢说,她是印度最大的婴儿”The baby is not just heavy, she is also very tall, doctors said.医生说,这名女婴不仅体重过人,个头也很高"The baby’s height is 6cm (.in) as against the normal Indian baby’s height of 50cm," said Dr SR Kumar, who is looking after Nandini and her baby.负责照顾南迪尼和宝宝的医生库玛说:“这名婴儿身长6公分(.英寸),而一般印度新生儿身长为50公分”Since overweight newborns are normal in cases where the mother is diabetic, the first thing the doctors did was to check if Nandini had diabetes, but they found to their surprise that she had had no such complaints.假如母亲患有糖尿病,新生儿体重通常会超标,医生做的第1件事便是确认南迪尼是否罹患糖尿病,令人意外的是,她并没有这类疾病"We have done an ultrasound and conducted blood tests on Nandini, but we didn’t find any abnormality," Dr Kumar said.库玛说,“我们对南迪尼进行了超音波和血液检测,但未发现任何异常”"We have sent the samples a test called an inborn error of metabolism. We should get the result after 8 hours."“我们已经发送样本做先天性代谢缺陷的检测,8小时后就能出结果”The record so far the heaviest Indian baby is held by a boy, born to Firdous Khatun of Uttar Pradesh in November . The baby boy weighed .77lb (6.7kg).目前为止印度最重的新生儿是年月出生在Uttar Pradesh irdous Khatun的一名男孩,出生时.77磅(6.7公斤)The world record the heaviest baby was a boy born to Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy, in September 1955. The boy weighed lb 8oz (. kg).世界最重的新生儿1955年9月在意大利阿韦萨卡尔梅利纳出生,重约.8磅(.公斤)上海玫瑰假体丰胸手术 全球航空公司榜单:阿联酋航空再次摘得桂冠 -- 3::3 来源: 7月日,Skytrax在英国范堡罗国际航展期间公布了“年全球最佳航空公司奖”,总部位于迪拜的阿联酋国际航空摘得桂冠 Farnborough, England (CNN)The world’s best airline is Emirates, according to a survey of millions of airline passengers conducted by Skytrax.范堡罗 英国电(CNN)-据知名的航空公司务质量评级机构Skytrax对数百万旅客进行的投票结果,阿联酋航空被评选为年全球最佳航空公司The international airline, based in Dubai, won the top honors at Tuesday’s Skytrax World Airline Awards ceremony at the Farnborough International Airshow in England.7月日(星期二),Skytrax在英国范堡罗国际航展期间公布了“年全球最佳航空公司奖”,总部位于迪拜的阿联酋国际航空摘得桂冠As jet engines screamed from the Farnborough airfield and thousands of visiting aviation geeks explored the airshow, smiling flight attendants dressed in brightly colored unims stepped to the stage as each award was announced.伴随着范堡罗机场喷气式飞机的轰鸣声,成千上万的航空爱好者们出席了本次航空展,身着靓丽套装的空们微笑着走上台来为各奖项颁奖The survey underscores the consistency of the quality service among the world’s top carriers, said Edward Plaisted, Skytrax CEO.Skytrax CEO爱德华.普莱斯物德说,该调查主要强调的是世界各大航空公司务质量的一致性"The Middle East airlines have continued to dominate," Plaisted said after the ceremony. "Virgin America continues dominating on the customer side in North America. Turkish Airlines is a big favorite."在颁奖典礼结束后,爱德华说,“中东的航空公司持续占据主导地位维珍美国航空持续占领了北美客户市场土耳其航空也非常受欢迎”The awards run the gamut from 73 categories from best economy class onboard catering to best airline staff to best seats to best cabin cleanliness.该奖项涵盖范围非常广,包括最佳的经济舱体验、最贴心的空乘务体验、最舒适的座位体验和最好的机舱清洁度等73个类别The top best airlines were named as:Skytrax 年全球最佳航空公司前十名名单1. Emirates1.阿联酋航空. Qatar Airways1.阿联酋航空3. Singapore Airlines3.新加坡航空. Cathay Pacific.国泰航空5. ANA All Nippon Airways5.全日空航空6. Etihad Airways6.阿提哈德航空7. Turkish Airlines7.土耳其航空8. EVA Air8.长荣航空9. Qantas Airways9.澳洲航空. Lufthansa.汉莎航空唐山大地震0年: 凤凰涅槃 浴火重生 --30 18:19: 来源:sohu 这座城市,因一场地震,几乎在地图上被抹去;这座城市,因为爱与勇气,在原地站了起来;这座城市,正在把自己接收的光与热放大成感恩与奉献的正能量,去温暖更多人 总结这样一段历史,一个奇迹,可能没有比这句话更贴切的了: 凤凰涅槃,浴火重生 而巧合的是,这座城市的中心就有一座凤凰山这座城市名叫唐山 A file photo shows a warped section of a railway after the quake in Tangshan, Hebei Province, in 1976. [File Photo: Xinhua] A split photo shows the view in Tangshang in 1976 and . The black and white section was taken on July , 1976 after the devastating earthquake leveled the city. The colored section of the photo was taken on July 9, , from the same location. [Photo: Xinhua] Local residents come to the Tangshan Earthquake Ruins Memorial Park to pay their respects to deceased family members and friends on July , . [Photo:China Radio International Li Jin] 四十年前的今天,一场地震袭击了我国北方工业重镇唐山 Today marks the 0th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in the industrial city of Tangshan in north China. A file photo shows damaged buildings after the earthquake in Tangshan, Hebei Province, in 1976. [File Photo: Xinhua] 这场后来被称作“唐山大地震”的自然灾害发生于1976年7月日凌晨3时许——绝大多数人正在熟睡的时刻 Known as the Great Tangshan earthquake, the tremors occurred at around 3 am on July th, 1976. A woman bows in front of the memorial wall bearing names of victims of the 1976 earthquake in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province on July , . [Photo:China Radio International Li Jin] 这场里氏7.8级的大地震造成了逾万人遇难,万多人受伤,是整个世纪人类历史中伤亡最为惨重的自然灾害之一 The earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale left ,769 people dead and ,851 critically injured. It was believed to be one of the deadliest natural disasters of the th century. 灾难发生后,医护人员、解放军官兵从全国各地驰援唐山,救助同胞 Doctors and soldiers were dispatched from all over the country to help the victims. 在全国人民的帮助下,唐山人展现出重建家园的决心与力量 Supported by the rest of the country, people in the city showed their strength and determination in rebuilding their city. 震后5年,唐山人口恢复至0万震后年,唐山的重建工作基本完成震后年,唐山市的综合实力在全国城市中进入50强震后0年,唐山市人口超700万;去年人均GDP超一万美元,位列全国第5名 5 years after the quake, the city was again home to over a million people. years afther the quake, the rebuilding of Tangshan was basically complete. By 1996, Tangshan was listed as one of China's top 50 cities in terms of comprehensive strength. ty years later, the city's population has increased to more than 7 million. Its per capita GDP was more than ,000 US dollars last year, ranking 5th in the country. Photo taken on July7, shows the scenery of eastern downtown Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province. [Photo: Xinhua] 四十年间,奇迹般重新崛起的唐山市为自己赢得了一个响亮的称号——“英勇的城市” Over the past four decades, the miraculous re-emergence of Tangshan as a vibrant city has been nothing short of exhilarating, earning Tangshan the name ;the Brave City of China.; A file photo shows a night view of Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province. [File Photo: Xinhua] 他们的努力与付出还获得了国际奖项的肯定—— 1990年,唐山市人民政府以其抗震救灾、重建唐山市、解决百万人居住问题的突出成绩,获得了联合国人类住区(生境)中心颁发的“人居荣誉奖”唐山是首个获此荣誉的中国城市年,唐山又一举摘得“迪拜国际改善居住环境最佳范例奖”的桂冠 In 1990, Tangshan was awarded the ed Nations Habitat Scroll of Honor. Its municipal government was chosen by the U.N. as an ;outstanding organization contributing to human residence; its reconstruction efts after the earthquake. Tangshanwas the first in China to receive this U.N. award. The city also was recognized with the Dubai International Award Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment in . A photo taken on April , shows the Modern Gardens of the Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition in Tangshan, north China's Hebei Province. [Photo: Xinhua] 唐山人从未忘记困境中他们得到的无私援助;他们还要把这份感激与善举传承下去 The massive earthquake has left a legacy of gratitudeand benevolenceamong survivors, which has also been seeded among their offspring. 唐山大地震幸存者打出横幅“向全国人民问好,向解放军致敬” 【中国国际广播电台李晋】 三名地震孤儿张丽华、党育新、党育苗和她们在石家庄育红学校的辅导员“妈妈”孙丽丽紧紧相拥 目前,唐山市有超过60万名志愿者,志愿务、邻里相帮,让这座废墟之上重建的城市成为真正意义上的温暖家园;而每当有重大灾难发生,人们总能看见唐山人的身影 他们是唐山市玉田县位普通农民,但是在南方冰雪灾害、汶川地震、玉树地震等各种灾区一线却处处能看到他们的身影他们感动了亿中国人,被称为“唐山义士” 汶川地震之后,唐山大地震的幸存者、中国第一位灾害心理学士董慧娟为受灾儿童进行心理疏导 还有许许多多曾经经历过那场地震的唐山人一直在认真生活,默默奉献着他们用自己的经历书写了两个大字:勇敢! 现在请听英语环球记者Nillah Nyakoa带来一位昔日的地震幸存者、如今的优秀教师的真实故事 听亲历者口述:从未想过离开唐山,为这座城市感到自豪 ;My name is Yu Suyun, I'm an English teacher at Number One High School.; Yu Suyun is a survivor of the Earthquake that hit and almost wiped out the entire city of Tangshan, just North of Beijing. This is her story that she lives every day; A story of her life bee and after the devastating incident on the night of July th 1976 ty years ago. Nillah: When you were a little girl, how was life like bee the earthquake happened? Sun: Tangshan was a heavy industrial city. With mining steel, iron and ceramics, cement etc. It was a city that wasn't so big and people's lives were very simple, quiet and peaceful. The tallest building at that time was 8storeys high and most buildings were single storey. There were about 0families within our commy and only about had television sets which were black and white. She proceeds to show me old and new photos of her family members. On this fateful day, Yu Suyun goes on to remember how her life and that of her family, friends, neighbors and all the other city residents, was turned upside down. The entire city was in ruins. Bee the Earthquake, Suyun was just years old and lived a happy simple life with her parents and sisters. She recalls the night of the incident. ;When the earthquake happened I was at home in deep sleep. It woke me up. In fact the mud and brick bed we slept on collapsed and I fell into a hole. At that time I hadn't realized that it indeed was an earthquake. I just thought it was just a really bad storm. So I went to try and close the window. No sooner had I touched the window, than the wall also collapsed. tunately it fell outwards and I saw a strange dazzling light. Maybe it's called the earthquake light? It was then that I heard my mother shout, Earthquake! Earthquake! So I crawled away from the debris in our house onto the ruins outside. I was only wearing my underwear. When I looked around, my entire neighborhood was completely flattened. And the only thing standings were the two trees in front of our house. This was the only way (after) we could recognize where our house had once been.; Meanwhile, there had also been an Earthquake in a nearby town earlier in the year. So the people of Tangshan had been staying vigilant in case they befell the same fate, she remembers. ;Every night my father would balance a bottle on a metal ball to act as an early warning in the event of an earthquake. The idea being that, if there was an earthquake, the tremor would make the ball fall, hence making a noise and waking everyone from their sleep. But that was, useless.; The earthquake had occurred and it was tie to escape. Her sister managed to crawl out of the debris, but untunately due to the injuries her father had sustained, he was paralyzed from the waist down; so they had to pull him out. ;When we came out of the rubble we noticed that both my father and my youngest sister were missing because they were not with us. My mother started calling out my father's name and us sisters also yelled out Daddy! Daddy! Where are you? So she (mother) decided to go back in with my neighbor. They saw apart of the roof curved upwards and my father was underneath raising it up with his head and shoulders while carrying my youngest sister in his arms. The earthquake was still happening and he almost gave up because he couldn't be able to hold the roof ever. So my neighbour managed to find a long stick to raise the roof so that my sister and my father could escape.; ;My grandparents had two children; my father and my aunt. My aunt's family had been living in Beijing many years. As time went on, my grandparents missed my aunt very much and wanted to see her almost every day. So my father tried his very best to move her family back to Tangshan in December 197. Nearly years later the earthquake occurred and my aunt died. These memories are too much Yu Suyun to bear, so she breaks down but is determined to continue with her story ;And so because of too much sadness and sorrow, my grandmother also passed away.; ;Also my best friend Jia Lin lived (in a building) in the military hospital because just two years earlier, all the administrators from every department were moved to a newly built storey structure. At that time almost all the houses were one storey. So I can't remember what time it was but then we saw smoke bellowing from the tall building. So I staggered towards that building calling out, suddenly I was shocked the whole building collapsed and a big fire broke out. I could do nothing but cry out her name...there was no answer. Jia Lin and her parents all perished, leaving her elder brother alone.; Vividly everything that happened on the fateful day remains crystal clear in her mind. These are memories she struggles with every day. ;The wounded were crying screaming and these terrifying sounds scared me to death. I couldn't dare open my eyes because blood was on the floor and everywhere. Mr. Wang my father's colleague was badly wounded: his head and face were swollen such that the size of his head was two or three times bigger. You couldn't tell that it was a man's head. Even worse, his head was almost falling off. And so he died on the way to the hospital. My whole life until now, I have nightmares.; Momentarily with hope and believe the only thing they had been left with, Sun Yun says, everyone had to accept their new normal; It was time to rebuild the city and move on. Her father had returned from the hospital 6 months later and miraculously was able to walk again to the amazement of his family and friends. Nillah: After that tragedy did ever think of leaving Tangshan and move to another? ;I never thought of leaving Tangshan after the earthquake. In the few seconds the whole city lay in ruins, the suffering of the people was extreme and it seems as though it was the end of the world. But all hope was not lost. Despite the danger of frequent aftershocks, we are determined to live through and so we call it the great anti-earthquake spirit. ; Today because of her strength and resilience, Yu Suyun has grown to be one of the most recognized and loved residents in the city. She holds a super degree and has become one of the most popular teachers in Hebei province. Although life has been a struggle many residents, Yu Suyun is grateful to be alive and is proud to be a resident of Tangshan. Nillah Nyakoa, Studio Plus. 听完她的故事,大家有什么感想吗?请留言与我们分享上海哪里纹眉纹得好

上海市普陀区中心医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱起诉华为专利侵权未果 三星股价却先暴跌 --3 :53: 来源: 最近,三星在中国多家法院对华为提起了专利侵权诉讼,但是高华为未果,三星自己的股价却先暴跌Shares in Samsung Electronics have dropped after the smartphone giant sued rival Huawei in multiple courts in China over alleged patent infringement.三星电子在中国多家法院对其竞争对手华为提起了诉讼,指控华为对三星专利侵权但是诉讼未果,三星的股价反而下跌They closed down 1.8% in Seoul.首尔三星股价下跌了1.8%The country’s benchmark Kospi index wrapped the day flat at ,0..该国股市基准韩国综合股价指数当天表现低迷,收于.点The two companies are aly entangled in several legal battles over the use of proprietary technology, including fourth-generation (G) cellular technology, operating systems and user interface software.华为和三星目前已经处于几起法律纠纷之中,争论的焦点是专有技术的使用,包括G移动通信技术、操作系统和用户界面软件Huawei sued Samsung in the US in May.今年5月华为在美国起诉三星The rest of Asia’s share market are mostly lower on Friday due to a tepid earnings season so far on Wall Street.由于华尔街到目前为止都在本财报季表现平平,本周五亚洲其他股票市场大部分走低Japan’s Nikkei 5 closed 1.1% lower at ,67.5 points.日经5指数收盘于67.5点,跌幅达到1.1%Nintendo shares ended the day 0.8% higher after earlier jumping by nearly 5% on news it’s finally launched the wildly popular Pokemon Go in Japan.任天堂之前曾发布了Pokemon Go最终登陆日本的消息,使得其股价飙升5%,但是在上周五任天堂的股价也只上涨了0.8%Australian shares finished down 0.3% at 5,98..澳大利亚股市下跌0.3%,收盘于598.点Hong Kong’s Hang Seng wrapped up trading flat at 1,96.7, while the mainland’s Shanghai Composite closed 0.9% down at 3,0.3 points.香港恒生指数表现低迷,收盘于196.7点上综合指数跌幅达到0.9%,收盘于30.3点上海哪里整容比较好 英国辛德勒:二战中救出700名儿童 获捷克最高荣誉 --31 :00: 来源: Sir Nicholas Winton, a British man who saved 669 children from the Nazis, was awarded the highest civilian honour in the Czech Republic on Tuesday.  尼古拉斯·温顿爵士是一位英国人,他曾从纳粹手里救出669名犹太儿童他在本周二被捷克共和国授予了最高的平民荣誉  Winton, now 1, was presented with the Order of the White Lion by the Czech president in a special ceremony at Prague Castle.  在布拉格城堡的特殊典礼上,1岁高龄的温顿被捷克总统颁发了最高荣誉奖章——白狮勋章  Winton, who has often been nicknamed “the British Schindler”, organised the transportation and settlement of 669 children over nine months bee the second world war broke out in September 1939. Most of those he saved were Jewish children living in then-German-occupied Czechoslovakia whose families were later imprisoned or murdered in concentration camps.  温顿常被人称为“英国辛德勒”在1939年九月爆发的第二次世界大战之前的九个多月里,他为669名犹太儿童安排了运输工具和栖息之所他所救的大部分是犹太人的小孩,他们住在被德军占领的捷克斯洛伐克这些孩子的家人之后都在集中营里被囚禁或被杀害  Winton gave a speech during the ceremony. He said: “I want to thank you all this enormous expression of thanks something which happened to me a heck of a long time ago. I am delighted that so many of the children are still about and are here to thank me.  温顿在典礼上发表了一番演讲他说:“我想感谢你们所有人,感谢那些发生在我身上的陈旧往事我很高兴能有那么多的孩子仍旧好好地来这儿感谢我“  “England was the only country at that time willing to accept unaccompanied minors. I thank the British people making room to accept them, and of course the enormous help given by so many of the Czechs who were at that time doing what they could to fight the Germans and to try to get the children out.”  “英国在那时候是唯一愿意接受孤儿的国家我很感谢英国人民能够腾出地方来接纳他们,当然,被给予如此大的帮助的捷克人民那时也正不断努力抵抗德国人,他们也试着救出他们的孩子们”  In the same ceremony, the Order of the White Lion was also bestowed on Sir Winston Churchill, given in memoriam to his grandson Nicholas Soames. They are the only British citizens to receive the award, after Margaret Thatcher and the Queen. Presenting the award, the Czech President, Milos Zeman said: “It is a great pleasure to confer this award upon two great personalities of the UK. I am only ashamed it has been awarded so late – but better late than never. Congratulations Sir Winton. This is our highest honour; we cannot do one higher.”  在这个典礼上,为了纪念温斯顿·丘吉尔,还将白狮勋章授予了丘吉尔并由他的孙子尼库拉斯·索米斯代领丘吉尔和温顿是继英国前首相撒切尔夫人和英国女王之后唯二位被授予该勋章的英国人捷克总统米洛什·泽曼在颁奖的时候说:“能将这个奖颁给这两位英国伟人是多么荣幸啊我为奖章颁发的如此之晚而感到羞愧——但是亡羊补牢恭喜你,温顿阁下这是我们最高的荣誉,没有比它更高的了  The ceremony was attended by many of the people that Winton saved, as well as schoolchildren from the Basic School of Sir Nicholas Winton, named after him, in Kunzak, Czech Republic.  在典礼上来了许多温顿对他们有过救命之恩的人,还有来自在捷克共和国以尼库拉斯·温顿爵士命名的小学的学生们  Winton and his family were flown out on a special plane courtesy of the Czech government so that he could be taken to receive the award and return back the same day his normal bedtime.  为了让他得到正常休息,温顿和他的家人乘坐捷克政府提供的专机来捷克接受勋章,并在同一天回到英国上海祛痘哪家好

黄浦祛除胎记要的价格台风尼伯特袭击台湾,死66伤 -- :9:6 来源: 该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省,目前风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴 Typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan’s east coast on Friday, leaving two dead and 66 injured, as well as cing evacuations and disrupting services.台风“尼伯特”周五袭击台湾东部海岸,造成死66伤,目前已强制疏离,各种务中断More than ,000 people had to leave their homes as hundreds of flights were cancelled and offices and schools shut.超过1.5万人离开家园,几百个航班取消,各部门停止办公,学校停课The typhoon packed winds of up to 198kmhour (3mph) and made landfall just bee 00 local time in eastern Taitung.台风时速达到198kmh(3mph),并与当地时间00登陆台东东部The storm is expected to hit China’s Fujian province by Saturday morning.该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省The storm has now weakened to a medium-strength typhoon, according to the island’s Central Weather Bureau and should be a tropical storm upon reaching China.根据该岛的中央气象局,风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴"The wind is very strong," a resident of Taitung told the Reuters news agency.“风力很强,”台东居民告诉路透新闻社说"Many hut roofs and signs on the streets have been blown away," another resident said.“许多屋顶和街道标志被吹走了,”另一位居民说Some 70,000 households have been affected by power cuts, Li Wei-sen, Taiwan’s Central Emergency Operations Center spokesman told news agency AP.台湾中央应急行动中心发言人Li Wei-sen告诉美联社说,约有7万户居民受停电影响He also added that railway services had been suspended, and more than 500 domestic and international flights cancelled.他还补充说,铁路设施已被暂停,超过500个国内和国际航班被取消Nearly ,00 soldiers have been deployed around the island, with 35,000 troops on standby to help with evacuations and disaster relief.已在该岛部署近00名士兵,还有3.5万士兵待命,以帮助疏散和救灾A storm is classed as a super typhoon if it reaches maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds of at least 65 ms (5mph), the equivalent of a category-five hurricane in the Atlantic basin.如果一场风暴保持65 ms (5mph)的风速至少1分钟将被归到超级台风类,等同于大西洋盆地五类飓风的等效Taiwan is often hit by typhoons, with super typhoon Dujuan killing three people and leaving more than 300 injured in Taiwan in .台湾常有台风袭击,年曾有超级台风杜鹃造成台湾人死亡,0人受伤 毁三观!莎翁是基佬?这种论调惹众说纷纭 -- :56:9 来源:   A new debate has broken out between some of the world's top Shakespeare experts over whether the playwright's sonnets prove he was attracted to men.  在世界顶级莎士比亚学者中间,一个新的舆论炸开了锅:这位剧作家的十四行诗是不是在暗示他被男性所吸引着?  Sir Brian Vickers, a visiting professor at University College London, began the row by condemning a book review which suggested Sonnet 6 appears in a 'primarily homosexual context'  伦敦大学学院的客座教授布莱恩·威克斯爵士第一个对此论调提出怀疑,他抨击了一本解读莎士比亚十四行诗的第6首“首先是一个同性恋文本”的书评  In a letter to the Times Literary Supplement, he said the claim was 'anachronistic' because scholars now accept there were ms of rhetoric that allowed men to express love without implying sexual attraction.  在写给《泰晤士报文学增刊的信中,他说道,因为如今学者都承认,在不表明性向的时候,有一些特定的修辞用来表达对男性的爱意,这种论调是“不合时宜的”  He also said that any attempt to find biographical inmation in the sonnets was doomed because Shakespeare was a professional who wrote under the identity of a 'poet-persona'.  他也说道,任何试图在十四行诗中寻找传记信息的企图都是注定失败的,因为莎士比亚是个专业的带着“诗人面具”写作的人  Fellow academics have since hit back at Mr Vickers' comments, accusing him of promoting 'one of the great fallacies of modern Shakespeare criticism'.  随后的一些学者开始攻击威克斯的论调,指控他在传播“一个现代莎士比亚界的大谬误”  Scholar Arthur Freeman, who described himself as a 'friendly acquaintance' of Mr Vickers when responding to him via the letters page, accused him of introducing 'presuppositions that many of us would question, if not reject out of hand'.  亚瑟·弗里曼学者,声称自己是威克斯先生的“友人”,在信上指控他“再不住手的话,我们都要对你的假设提出怀疑了”  He wrote: 'I cannot think of any responsible editor ... who would dismiss the premise of homosexual, as well as heterosexual passion pervading [the sonnets].  他写道:“我不能想到任何一位有责任的编辑……在读着这些弥漫了异性恋热情的十四行诗时,会对同性恋这个前提置之不理  'Why should Shakespeare alone be thought so committed to the "negative capability" of his dramatic craft that all his most personal writings are treated as potentially artificial?  “为什么莎士比亚所有个人作品都要被认定有人工合成的可能性,并他这些戏剧性的作品被认为是拥有了“消极的才能”?   ‘And even if we insist on regarding the sonnets, wholly or in part, as a kind of long-term dramatic narrative ... why on earth would Shakespeare choose so often to impersonate a pathetically ageing, balding, lame and vulnerable bisexual suitor, abjectly whingeing about rejection and betrayal — unless the self-humiliation that surfaces again and again through these particulars were both genuine and cathartic?'  “而且即使我们这么认定他的十四行诗(全部或部分),作为一种长时间的充满戏剧性的叙事……究竟为何莎士比亚要选择如此频繁的去扮演一个可悲的,秃着头,跛着脚,脆弱且垂垂老矣的双性恋的起诉人,悲惨地抱怨着拒绝和背叛——除非通过这些细节可以看出其一次又一次浮出水面的自卑情结,是真实可信的”  Mr Vickers responded by saying he could not stop people from speculating, adding: 'Thought is free.  威克斯先生回应道,他不能阻止人们的猜想,并补充道:“一千人心中有一千个哈姆雷特  'But if you fix these codes and then say that his 6 poems are like this, then people stop ing them as poems. They them as biographical documents, looking imputed sexuality.'  “但是如果你纠结于这些暗示,并且认定他的6首诗都是如此,那么人们就不会把他的诗当作诗,而是作为传记文献开始寻找性向的蛛丝马迹”  Although there are few references to anything other than noble love, some sonnets appear more explicit than others.  虽然描写高尚爱情的文献没有很多,一些十四行诗显露的还是比其他要明显  Sonnet is largely interpreted as being dedicated to a man, declaring: 'A woman's face with nature's own hand painted Hast thou, the master mistress of my passion.'  十四行诗第首,很普遍的被认为是专写给男人的,其写道:“造物手绘你女性的脸庞-你是我钟爱的娇娇檀郎!”  In , Shakespearean actor Sir Ian McKellen boldly announced that there was absolutely 'no doubt' the bard was bisexual.  在年,扮演莎士比亚的演员伊恩·麦克莱恩爵士大胆宣称,“毫无疑问”这位吟游诗人是双性恋  The 75-year-old thespian said he came to his conclusion after studying the English poet's work.  这位75岁高龄的演员声称自己在研究这位英国诗人的巨作后得出了这个结论  At the time, he said: 'I'd say Shakespeare slept with men.  当时他说道:“我敢说他肯定和男人睡过  'The Merchant of Venice, centering on how the world treats gays as well as Jews, has a love triangle between an older man, younger man and a woman.  “在《商人中,其宗旨放在说明全世界怎样像对待犹太人一样对待同性恋,且在一个老人,一个青年和一个女人中存在三角关系  'And the complexity in his comedies with cross-dressing and disguises is immense.’  “而且在他的喜剧中异装癖和化妆非常常见”上海华山医院激光祛斑多少钱奉贤区去红血丝价格



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