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赣州俪人整形医院瘦脸针怎么样赣州瘦脸针价格Shale gas页岩气Raise the pressure增加了开采压力Government dithering keeps frackers above ground政府仍就是否批准开采页岩气犹豫不决Inflated concerns担心通胀FOR all the debate about it, Britains shale-gas industry is minuscule. Whereas roughnecks in America have sunk many thousands of wells since a boom began more than a decade ago, Britain has fracked at only one test site, in Lancashire, and not since 2011. In a report published on May 8th, an all-party group from the House of Lords said that speeding shale-gas exploration should be an “urgent national priority”. So far, so familiar—and entirely in tune with the position of the coalition government. But the authors go on to blame the government, not green campaigners, for holding the frackers up.在所有对于页岩气的争议中,英国的页岩气企业发展最为迟缓。一百年前天然气开始发展时,美国的油井工人已经下探了数千油井了,而直到2011年,英国才在兰开夏郡一处试点进行油井开采。在一份发表于3月8日的报告中,上议院的一个全党组织称,加快页岩气勘探应成为“国家的紧急首要任务”。至今,这句话非常熟悉-与联合政府的处境非常一致。但是报告的撰写者旨在批评政府暂停油井开采,并非环保主义者。The Lords economic-affairs committee argues that shale gas could boost Britains economy while reducing its dependence on imports. It says that proper oversight can limit the environmental and health risks associated with fracking. And it recognises that burning more gas instead of coal—which is still used to generate more than one-third of Britains electricity—could be a cheap and sustainable way to lower the countrys carbon emissions while waiting for pricey renewable technologies to mature.上议院经济事务委员会称,页岩气会促进英国的经济发展,减少国家对进口天然气的依赖。委员会还称,适当的监管会控制油井开采对环境和健康方面的危害。该委员会还认为,燃烧更多的天然气以取代煤-目前仍为英国提供超过三分之一的电力-价格低廉,而且是降低整个国家碳排放更加可持续的方法,同时还可以等待造价高昂的可再生能源技术成熟。But a thicket of regulation has slowed progress to a crawl. Although dozens of test wells are needed even to calculate the extent of Britains shale-gas reserves, Cuadrilla, an oil and gas firm, reckons it could take more than a year to get clearance for each site. Part of the problem is that several government agencies share responsibility for approving fracking applications. The Lords worry that unwieldy rules will not make the business much safer but could prod shale-gas firms into seeking far richer pickings abroad.但繁琐复杂的管制拖累了进程以致发展缓慢。虽然仍需要数十个试验井以计算英国页岩气的储量的范围,据石油天然气公司Cuadrilla推测,要想开采每个试验井需要超过一年的时间。之所以出现这个问题,有部分原因是因为有几个政府部门同时监管批准油井的开采。上议院担心,庞杂的条条框框并不能使企业更加的安全,反而会刺激页岩气企业寻找国外富产油气田投资。Complaints about bureaucracy are embarrassing to a government that has promised to go “all out for shale”, and which is busily finding ways to stop critics beyond Westminster from holding up the industry. It has persuaded shale-gas firms to put £100,000 (0,000) into a fund for local causes each time they drill a test site. In January it promised to let local councils keep all the money frackers pay in business rates, up from half at present. Next month it will probably announce plans to make it easier for fracking firms to drill tunnels deep beneath peoples homes.关于官僚主义的抱怨使得政府颜面尽失,政府之前承诺“全力以赴页岩气”,而现在却忙于想方设法要平息议会关于阻碍产业发展的批评。政府曾建议页岩企业为每次钻探试验井投入10万英镑(约合17万美元)用以地方政府的补贴。今年一月,以市场价付补偿,目前只有市场价的一半。下个月,政府很可能宣布新计划,使钻探公司从居民屋子下钻隧道更为简单。Pushing through that proposal will mean fending off noisy opposition from environmental lobbies such as Greenpeace, which had hoped its supporters could use Britains aged trespass laws to make life difficult for shale-gas boosters. Such campaigns carry weight while most Britons are still making up their minds about the industry. The proportion in favour of fracking has shrunk since lively protests erupted at a drill site near Balcombe in Sussex last summer; it may keep sliding until a few pioneers prove it can be safe and unobtrusive. All the more reason to get cracking.推行这样的提案,意味着要抵挡来自环境保护游说团体,如绿色环保组织嘈杂的反对意见,这类团体希望,其持者能够利用英国行之有年的入侵法,使得那些持开采页岩气的人举步维艰。在大多数英国人构思自己对于工业看法的时候,这样的活动有举足轻重的作用。持开采的比例在去年一次发生在靠近苏塞克斯郡Balcombe市爆发的激烈抗议后有所缩小;而且还有可能继续下滑,直到有先驱者能够明,开采可以安全无害、不事张扬。所有的理由都是为了能够开采。翻译 周雨晴 校对 王化起 译文属译生译世 /201508/394938赣州切开双眼皮医院 Transgender life跨性别者的生活Restroom rumpus卫生间风波A fault line runs through the stalls卫生间里的错误划分“THESE children have fewer rights than prison inmates,” says Tom Morrison, a Republican state representative in Illinois. Mr Morrison is talking about girls at a high school in his constituency, Palatinate, who share a locker-room with a transgender girl. Late last year the Department of Education ruled that the school had violated anti-discrimination laws by banning a pupil, who was born male but identifies as a girl, from the girls locker room. Male prison inmates have successfully argued in court that letting female guards supervise them when they are taking a shower violates their privacy, reasons Mr Morrison, so they now have more rights than Illinois schoolchildren.“这些孩子享有的权利比囚犯还要少。”伊利诺斯州共和党众议员汤姆·莫里森(Tom Morrison)说道。莫里森指的是其选区—巴列丁奈特(Palatinate)内一所高中学校的女生们,她们与一名跨性别女生共用一间更衣室。去年年末,教育部判定该学校违反了反歧视的相关法律,其原因是学校禁止校内一名性别认同为女性的男学生使用女生更衣室。男性囚犯曾在法庭上据理力争,声称让女性警卫监视他们洗澡侵犯了他们的隐私,并最终获得胜诉。这一事例也持了莫里森的观点,现在看来,囚犯确实比伊利诺斯州的学生们享有更多的权利。Schools in Illinois, as in many other states, have a patchwork of rules governing where transgender people can pee. Some allow them to use the locker and restrooms (or loos to Brits) of their choice; others make them use designated facilities. This is confusing for parents and children, says Mr Morrison, which is why he introduced a bill in the legislature on January 20th that would require all pupils at high schools in Illinois to use loos and changing rooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate. The bill would make it optional for schools to provide separate facilities for transgender pupils.和其他州一样,伊利诺斯州的学校就跨性别者该在何处上厕所这个问题有着形形色色的规定。有的学校允许跨性别者自由使用储物室和卫生间(美国人称restrooms,英国人称loos),其他学校则是要求他们使用特定的设施。这也就造成了家长与孩子们的困扰,莫里森表示。因此他于1月20号向州议会提出了一项法案,要求伊利诺斯州所有高中学生依照出生明上的性别使用相应的卫生间和更衣室。这项法案也将确保各学校有权选择是否为跨性别学生提供不同的设施。The debate in Illinois is part of a national discussion that pits those who think of gender as something a person is born with against those who argue that being male or female can be a choice. Progressives have taken the “choice” side of the argument—in April 2015 the White House added a gender-neutral toilet—prompting conservatives to take the opposing one. In South Dakota a bill similar to Mr Morrisons is moving forward in the legislature. Last autumn voters in Houston, Texas, rejected a broad anti-discrimination ordinance because its opponents had depicted it as a “bathroom ordinance” that would enable potentially predatory men and even registered sex offenders to enter womens loos.伊利诺斯州的争论是全国范围内对性别的讨论的一部分。对此问题有两种对立的观点。一派人认为性别是与生俱来的,另一派人则认为性别是可以选择的。进步人士站在了“选择论”这一边—2015年4月,白宫增加了无性别卫生间—并鼓励保守人士接受相反的观点。在南达科他州,州议会正在审议一项与莫里森法案类似的法案。去年秋天,德克萨斯州休斯顿的选民否决了一部广泛保护特殊人群的反歧视法令,其反对原因是他们认为这项“厕所法令”可能让潜在的好色之徒甚至是有前科的性犯罪者有机可乘,进入女性卫生间。In Indiana Jim Tomes, a Republican state senator, introduced a bill last December which would make the use of a facility that does not correspond with a persons birth certificate a misdemeanour, punishable with up to one year in jail and a fine of ,000. A spokesman for Mr. Tomes says the bill will not be submitted to a vote in the legislature, but that does not mean that “similar language in a different bill couldnt be considered”.印第安纳州共和党参议员吉姆·托姆斯(Jim Tomes)于12月提出了一项法案,指出未按照出生明要求使用卫生间的行为属于轻度犯罪,将面临最高一年监禁或是5000美元罚款。托姆斯的发言人表示,这项法令将不会上交州议院进行投票,但这并不意味着“其他法案中相似的内容不会纳入考虑范围”。Given all the troubles faced by transgender people, who make up just 0.1% of the population according to the least unreliable estimate, why the focus on loos? According to Human Right Campaign, a gay lobby group, in the first ten months of 2015 at least 21 transgender people—nearly all of them black or Hispanic women—were killed, more than in any other year recorded by activists. Unemployment among transgender people is double the national rate and as much as four times that of the general population for non-whites. Fully 90% of those who have a job say they have experienced harassment at work.据最近可靠估计,跨性别人群仅占美国人口的0.1%。考虑到他们所面临的各种麻烦,为什么把焦点放在了卫生间上?同性恋游说组织人权运动指出,2015年前10个月里,至少有21名跨性别者—他们几乎都是黑人女性或西班牙裔女性—惨遭谋杀,超出以往任何一年的记录。跨性别人群失业率是全国失业率的两倍,是非白种人群的四倍。那些已就业的跨性别者中,多达90%的人表示在工作中受到了骚扰。The issue is more pressing than it seems, says Kim Hunt of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Some transgender people do not go to the loo all day because they have been harassed, assaulted or kicked out of one. This can result in dehydration, urinary-tract infections and kidney problems. A survey by the Williams Institute, a think-tank, found that 68% of those questioned had been subjected to slurs while using a bathroom. This month San Francisco joined Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle and Santa Fe in requiring all businesses and city buildings to designate single-stall loos as all-gender.来自芝加哥艾滋病基金会(AIDS Foundation of Chicago)的金姆·亨特(Kim Hunt)表示,这一问题比我们所看到的要迫切得多。有的跨性别者由于曾在卫生间里受到过骚扰、攻击甚至是被赶出去,而一整天都不愿意上厕所。这会造成脱水,尿道感染以及肾病等各种问题。研究中心威廉姆斯研究所(Williams Institute)调查发现,68%的受访者曾在上厕所时受到过侮辱。这个月,旧金山也加入到华盛顿、纽约、费城、奥斯汀、西雅图和圣达菲等城市的行列中来,要求一切办公楼和城市建筑标明出可供所有性别人士使用的单人卫生间。The bigger battle, though, is over multi-stall restrooms and locker rooms, especially in schools. Title IX , an amendment tacked on to the Higher Education Act in 1972, says that “no person in the ed States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education programme or activity receiving federal financial assistance”.然而,更大的争议还是在公共卫生间和更衣室上,尤其是学校里的公共卫生间和更衣室。1972年通过的高等教育法修正案第九条中规定“在美国,任何人都不得因其性别而被拒绝参加由联邦财政资助的任何教育项目或活动,或被剥夺项目或活动中的福利或在其中遭受歧视”。The Obama administration has interpreted this as meaning that transgender pupils must be allowed to use facilities for the gender with which they identify. In October it filed a legal brief in a federal appeals court backing the legal challenge of Gavin Grimm, a transgender boy, to the policy of his school in rural Virginia which bans him from using the boys toilets. On January 27th the judges will hear oral arguments in GG v. Gloucester County School Board. It is the first time a federal court will have to weigh up the question.奥巴马政府将其解释为允许所有跨性别学生根据自己的性别认同使用相应设施。10月,奥巴马政府向联邦上诉法院提交了一份法律诉状,以持跨性别男孩加文·格里姆(Gavin Grimm)。他向法律发起了挑战,控诉其位于弗吉尼亚州乡下的学校制定相关政策禁止他使用男性卫生间。1月27日,法官将进行“加文·格里姆起诉格洛斯特县(Gloucester County)校董事会”的口头辩论。这也将是联邦法院第一次受理此类问题。翻译:刘蕊 校对:戴秀平 译文属译生译世 /201602/426394江西省人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱

赣县区去除腋毛多少钱I cant believe no one else stopped.我不敢相信当时居然没人停车But really its a good thing that you happened to be driving by at that moment.不过碰巧你开车经过 真是太好了So you were driving by and you saw the car.所以你开车经过 然后看到了这辆车Was it on fire when you saw it or just smoking?那时候车已经着火了吗 还是只是冒烟No, it was just smoking.And a lot of black smoke came out of it没着火 只在冒烟 有很多黑烟so you just pulled over which is the right thing to do所以你做了一件正确的事 把车停在路边and go up to her and how quickly did it...uh catch on fire?朝她走过去 车子过了多久就着火了呢Ah, within seconds.We were in the middle.就是几秒钟的事 当时我们正在Shes in the middle of telling me that she needs to get to her destination.她正忙着跟我讲 她得去她要去的地方And I keep telling her um you need to get away from this car.而我一直在劝说她 要远离那辆车You know, it can explode.Its not just in movies.因为它随时可能爆炸 这可不止在电影里才有Yeah, right. There is gas in there. All kind of things.是的 没错 车里有汽油之类的东西So, you knew it could explode and yet her purse is in there, her sons medical records.这么说 你知道车可能爆炸 但是她的钱包和她儿子的医疗记录都还在车里And you put your respirator on and went in after that.所以你就戴上呼吸面罩进去拿了Yeah. - Really brave of you, really amazing.对 -你太勇敢了 简直帅呆了-I mean... - Thank you.Yeah.And this, I dont even think you know this.我是说 -谢谢 嗯 哦对了 有一件事 你肯定都不知道So the...after you left them at the...I think the gas station right?就是 你把他们送到那个 是加油站 对吧Yes. - So you were-waiting for your dad to come and pick you up.Tell her what you did.对 -你在那 等你爸爸来接你们 告诉她你都干了什么 /201510/406015定南县妇幼保健人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱 If you ever get a chance to meet a sea lamprey, you wont forget it.They look like an eel but theyre actually a fish. They have a suction cup for a face, with hundreds of razor sharp teeth.;And they will sucker onto a fish and actually rasp a hole through the fishs skin and scales and actually feed off the blood and body fluids of the host fish,; says Aaron Jubar. Hes with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Ludington.A threat to the lakesSea lampreys devastated the Great Lakes fishery in the middle of the last century, and were still battling them today.;We estimate a single sea lamprey in the Great Lakes can destroy up to 40 pounds of Great Lakes fish through its parasitic life which is only about 18 months,; Jubar says.They love to feed on lake trout, salmon, whitefish and steelhead - the prize fish at the top of the food web in the Great Lakes.Combating the parasiteWe spend more than million in federal money each year to control the lampreys (according to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, .9 million goes to sea lamprey control measures and more than million is spent on sea lamprey research). A big part of that control program is finding out where the lampreys hide out when theyre little.On the day I join Aaron Jubar and his team to go lamprey hunting in the Clinton River in Macomb County, theyre wearing waders and gloves and they have metal contraptions strapped to their backs. They look like Ghostbusters.;What were using today is our backpack electro-fishing units and these are specially designed to capture sea lamprey larvae,; Jubar says.The backpacks send an electric current down through two metal probes. The crew members move these through the water looking for lampreys.;And then that low pulse agitates them so they come shooting out of their burrows and when we see them, then we can high pulse and that actually completely immobilizes them and then we can scoop them up,; he says.Im in waders so I can get in the river too, but Jubar warns me not to touch the water.;You would definitely feel it, the low pulse would be a sharp tingling; the high pulse, youd feel that shoot up your arm,; he says.The continuous fightJason Krebill is stirring up the muck at the bottom of the Clinton River.;Looks like I got a crayfish,; he says.Hes been chasing lamprey larvae for 15 years now.;Yeah, theyre ugly, but in the same regard, functionally, theyre kind of beautiful, you know?; he says. ;As far as parasites go, theyve pretty much got it down. They get a free meal and a free ride for the majority of their life. I think they sacrifice looks for smarts.;The U.S. lamprey hunting teams do 2,000 of these surveys all over the Great Lakes region every summer. And there are more of these teams on the Canadian side. Theyre trying to find out where the lampreys are. If they find them, different crews come out and kill the lampreys with a lampricide.Jubar says theyre constantly trying to knock back their numbers. Its a battle thats been going on since the late 1950s.;Theyre a lot like cockroaches,; he says. ;You leave two behind, you have a problem, because the females can have up to 100,000 eggs. So just one female and one male can infest this whole stream potentially.;He says theyre keeping the sea lampreys in check in most of the Great Lakes. But in the past six years, lampreys have been booming in Lake Erie. In , Jubar says they estimated there were about 30,000 sea lampreys in the lake.;In 2014, we estimated just over 14,000 sea lampreys in Lake Erie so, were still five times above our target levels,; he says.He says the St. Clair River is probably a big part of this puzzle. Jubar says they estimate there are more than 900,000 baby lampreys in that river.He says as the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers have gotten cleaner, theyve become better habitat for lampreys.In addition, he says the lake trout and steelhead fisheries are doing very well in the eastern basin of Lake Erie, so theres more of the lampreys favorite food available.We turn up empty handed on this lamprey hunt. But Jubar says thats actually a good thing.;Weve never found them up this far, but we are very vigilant,; he says.And theyll keep doing this work, every single summer, to try to stay on top of this expensive, blood-sucking parasite.201506/381760定南县隆胸多少钱

赣州俪人医院打美白针多少钱 well, its because of the fans really that this happened.You know, Because they kept asking over and over这剧能够复活真的是因为粉丝们 因为他们不断追问一遍又一遍when is there gonna be another movie and wanna see more of us什么时候再拍 发展受阻 电影 因为他们想再多看点and so it was lovely and a little like blackmail actually.他们真的很可爱 其实 甚至有点在威胁我们but they are really smart.and they eh, you know.seven years. And here.Its like a cycle.但是他们很聪明 他们 你懂的 七年了 到现在 就像一个循环一样seven years. So would you love to do a Friends reunion?what do you mean?你想不想老友记也来个重聚? 什么意思?reunion. How long has it been?I just sort of did one now.重聚 已经多少年了? 我刚拍的那个应该算一个吧 你懂的Yeah. Kind of felt like it. But it would be longer than this next time对 是有点那个感觉 但是下次要拍的长一点It would be longer, than that?You wanna announce it here?Do I?Dont you wanna do it? Say you wanna do it.要长点的吗? 你要在这宣布吗? 你觉得呢? 难道你不想拍一个呢? 说你想拍I will say this though, I will say...I think it would be like我会说这个 我会说 我觉得会像work doing that little bit with Matty and Coury was was...我和Matty和Court拍的那个小短片的时候We all were very nostalgic,and miss working together and love each other.我们都非常怀念 怀念一起工作 我们很爱彼此And its great thing to get to go back to your family like that.And also know that people will love it and enjoy it.很高兴想回归大家庭的感觉 也知道有人喜爱和欣赏Yeah people would love it.Its really amazing.Thats good.Im so excited youre today. This is a good day.是 大家都很喜欢 感觉真的很好 那样很棒 我今天很兴奋 今天是个好日子We thought this would be a fun day to co-houst,to have the three of us together, and it was a fan time.我们之前就觉得一起主持肯定很有趣 我们三个在一起 今天也确实很好玩The brand new season of the ;Arrested Development; is been released on May 26.新的一季 发展受阻 会在五月二十六号在Netflix上映You dont have Netflix, you say.Well, dont worry because Roku are giving everybody here a two-year subscription at Netflix and a Roku III.你如果没有Netflix 没关系 Poku公司将给在场的每一位观众 两年的Netflix会员 每人也将拿到一个Roku IIILet everybody see that thing. To your TV!You all gonna watch ;Arrested Development;.well be right back!直达你家的电视!你们都可以看到 发展受阻 不要走开 马上回来 /201604/438799赣州娜高假体的价钱赣州医院脱体毛



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