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Bacon price hike to save industry A national pig petition is set to back UK pig farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by high feed prices and cheap foreign meat.Now a national pig petition is being launched today to support British pig farmers who say their livelihoods are threatened by soaring feed prices and competition from cheap imports.The campaign is backed by celebrity chefs from Gordon Ramsey to Rick Stein, and launched by Waitrose. But in a global market should consumers be expected to pay more for products just because they're British? Here is Jane Dodge.Most of us have a soft spot for pigs, not enough though to stop us eating them. Bacon is the nation's favorite meat. But the butties we know and love could become a luxury in the future according to pig farmers. They say they're struggling to survive, a big rise in the cost of feed means they're no longer making a profit. Some are quitting. Others like Martin Martindale in Hampshire have scaled down production.Solely, we've seen our overdraft rise, uh, some 3 times, uh, triple in size over the last 6 months, um, if the, if the situation continues, um, then we will find it increasingly difficult to stay in businesses, we will have to charge more for our product.To make that palatable to consumers, a campaign has been launched today called "Save Our Bacon".According to the industry the cost of rearing a pig is around 106 pounds. But farmers only get 80 pounds when it's sold, so that's a loss of 26 pounds. Farmers now want consumers to pay more for their pork.Aren't you just at the end of the day asking us to buy British?That's part of what we're trying to do, but the problems behind the British product, the freshness, the welfare standards that we've produced to are all far better than there is available from imported product.Standards may well be high here. But competitors argue their product is just as good and cheaper.There are occasions I would say where individual governments, uh, go ahead of the basic EU legislation which is, uh, to which we must alter it here, uh, that has happened in this country we would accept, with certain aspects of uh, pig welfare, but Danish farmers would also point to areas, in the area of welfare where their government has gone further than the government here.Ultimately this is a fight for hearts and minds - British pig farmers have to persuade consumers that quality is worth paying more for.200810/54099阿图什疤痕修复多少钱Putin Says Russia Can Weather Global Economic Crisis普京:俄罗斯能经受经济危机考验  Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says the global economic crisis tests the stability of all countries, including his own. Mr. Putin is expressing confidence that Russia has adequate financial resources but Russia may now be spending money faster than it can save it. 俄罗斯政府总理弗拉基米尔.普京表示,全球经济危机对所有国家的稳定,包括俄罗斯在内,都是一个考验。普京表示,他相信俄罗斯有足够的财政资源。不过,俄罗斯现在花钱的速度要比它能存钱的速度快得多。Speaking as head of Russia's ruling ed Russia Party, Prime Minister Putin laid out a long-term vision for his country to delegates at the party's annual congress in Moscow. He blamed the ed States for jeopardizing his hopes for an expanded Russian middle class, increased life expectancy, improved health care, adequate pensions, better housing, and lower levels of corruption.  俄罗斯总理普京在向俄罗斯执政党统一俄罗斯党发表的讲话中向代表们描绘了俄罗斯的长远规划。统一俄罗斯党正在莫斯科召开年度代表大会。Mr. Putin says abuse of cheap credit and mortgage troubles in the ed States created a chain reaction, which has paralyzed the global financial system and sown general distrust on markets. 普京说:“美国廉价的信用贷款和抵押贷款所引起的麻烦导致连锁反应,已经瘫痪了全球金融体系,并且对市场播下不信任的种籽。”Nonetheless, Mr. Putin told party members that Russia will avoid steep inflation and sharp declines in the value of its currency. He said the country will also maintain its reserves and budget stability regardless of falling global oil prices. Those reserves were accumulated through taxation of profits when the price of oil soared in recent years. Russia is a major oil exporter.  普京告诉对与会党代表说,俄罗斯将避免通货急剧膨胀和货币价值的大跌。他说,尽管全球石油价格下跌,俄罗斯仍将能保持其储备并稳定预算。俄罗斯的储备是近年来原油价格上涨期间通过对利润征税而积累起来的。 俄罗斯是一个重要石油出口国。Mr. Putin says the reserves will allow Russia to maintain the salaries of civil servants, pension payments, and social benefits. He adds that the system of social support will continue to work normally.  普京说:“外汇储备将允许俄罗斯保持公务员的薪金和养老金的付以及其它社会福利。”他补充说,社会保障系统将继续正常工作。Nikolai Petrov, a political analyst at the Moscow Carnegie Center, told VOA that Mr. Putin's plan assumes the global economic crisis will end soon.  莫斯科卡内基中心的政治分析家尼古拉.彼得罗夫在接受美国之音记者采访时说,普京的计划是在假设全球经济危机即将结束的概念下制定的。Petrov says the situation in the country is reminiscent of a doctor who thinks about the mood of his patient and fears any radical measures, and instead of treating a serious disease, spends all of his efforts lifting the sick person's spirits. 彼得罗夫说:“俄罗斯当前的局势让人想起一位医生,这位医生考虑到病人的情绪,而不敢对病人采取任何激进的治疗措施。这位医生不是去设法治疗严重的疾病,而是尽力来振奋病人的精神。”Russia's national media report extensively on U.S. economic troubles, and do not dwell on negative domestic financial news, including a 70 percent drop in the Russian stock market since May. According to Bloomberg News, Russian currency reserves have fallen by nearly 3 billion since early August. On Wednesday, Russian Central Bank Chairman Sergei Ignatyev said the institution spent more than billion in the last two months to support the declining market value of the ruble, which has dropped to its lowest level since April 2006. 俄罗斯国内媒体广泛报导了美国经济的问题,而对俄罗斯国内的负面财经新闻视而不见,包括俄罗斯股票市场自5月份以来已经下降了70%。据彭新闻社报导,俄罗斯外汇储备8月初以来已减少了近1千230亿美元。周三,俄罗斯中央行长伊格纳季耶夫说,该机构在过去两个月里已经花掉了570亿美元以扶持市值下降的卢布。卢布已经下降到2006年4月以来的最低水平。With an estimated 5 billion in the reserve fund earlier in November, Nikolai Petrov notes that Russia can continue tapping its currency reserves at the present rate for about six months.  尼古拉彼得罗夫指出,俄罗斯估计在11月早些时候有4千750亿美元的储备基金,以目前的速率,俄罗斯可以继续利用其外汇储备6个月左右。Russia's 2008 budget assumed revenues based on oil prices of per barrel. Next year's budget was set for . The current price per barrel has fallen below . 俄罗斯2008年预算收入是在假定石油价格每桶70美元的基础上制定的,年的预算是在假定石油每桶95美元的基础上制定的,而目前的价格为每桶低于60美元。200811/56765乌市沙依巴克区去鼻唇沟多少钱Harris on Ellen Show Neil Patrick Harris (Barney in 'How I Met Your Mother') is doing amazing magic trick on EllenNeil Patrick Harris. Hi.All right. Um, so and now, cos you do magic, and now you are doing mind stuff?Well, you know, I’ve been on the show before and you always asked me to do some sort of fun trick for you.Erm, I like them.I juggled swords once. (Yes.) I chopped my own head off once. (Yes, we got lots of stories about that.) Sorry, kids. What we did, so, look at that. (Yeah) There’s (an) actual picture of it. (Yeah) That’s the before. Don’t show the after.The after, we actually get people going "I can’t believe you cut his head off". People really tell we cut his head off.Magic is hilarious. So I thought I would do some mental magic, stuff that’s safe. But I’ve been working on, you know, "the amazing crescan", they always think and can do things with their minds, kind of like Heroes. And sooooo, I started practicing with like a spoon. (Enhr.) You can actually watch very closely, y?I don’t fall for that one.You don’t fall for that one. Now I tell you why, because this spoon has a hinge, see?That’s right. I don’t fall for that one.Not the best but... There’s actually, I actually have a better one. Now, this is a good stuff.All right.I packed a Light Lunch, get it? No, this is a light bulb. (Yes. I did.) Just a regular light bulb we could see. (Yes.) You wanna touch it? (Yes.) See it’s real. Nothing’s crazy about it. (OK.)All right, you get your eyes shot on this.What? How did you do that? How did you do that? It’s freaking me out.The illuminated light bulb trick.Yes. the amazing crescan: 出自John MacArthur的一本书《Charismatic Chaos》light lunch: a Channel 4 lunch-time comedy chatshow broadcast between March 1997 and February 199803/65691Trade pacts贸易协定Progress, of a sort多少有些进展Coupling trade with worker aid 想要贸易协定,就得搭上工人补贴Jun 30th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition BARACK OBAMA is a late and reluctant convert to free trade. As a senator he opposed many trade agreements negotiated by George Bush—among them deals with Korea, Colombia and, for a time, Panama. As president he has given his backing to those deals, provided Korea did more to admit American cars, Colombia made greater efforts to prevent the murder of union activists, and Panama tried harder to crack down on tax cheats. Satisfied on those fronts, he then insisted that Congress should also reauthorise Trade Adjustment Assistance, or TAA, which provides American workers who lose their jobs to foreign competition with training, income support and subsidised health insurance. 巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(BARACK OBAMA)对于自由贸易态度的转变显得姗姗来迟,而且还颇为勉强。在其还是参议员的时候,他对许多由乔治#8226;布什(George Bush)进行谈判的贸易协定投了反对票。其中包括与韩国,哥伦比亚,还有曾经一段时期内与巴拿马签署的贸易协定。成为总统之后,他对这些贸易协定表示了持但是条件是韩国必须允许更多的美国汽车进入其市场,哥伦比亚需要花更大的力气来保护工会的骨干分子免遭谋杀。而巴拿马应加强对骗税行为的惩处力度。在这些条件得到满足之后,奥巴马又坚决要求国会重新批准贸易适应援助(Trade Adjustment Assistannce)简称TAA,从而能为因国外竞争导致失业的美国工人提供培训和收入方面的帮助,以及对其医疗保险提供补贴。He appears to have won that as well. On June 28th the White House said it had a deal with Max Baucus and Dave Camp, the Democratic and Republican chairmen of the trade committees in the Senate and House respectively, to bundle reauthorisation of TAA in with the Korean deal. Mr Obama would then submit all three pacts to Congress for ratification, along with renewal of preferential tariffs for poor countries.奥巴马的这个提议似乎也能获得批准。在6月28号,白宫宣布其已经分别与民主党与共和党在参众两院的贸易委员会主席Max Baucus 以及Dave Camp达成了协议。准备将重新批准的贸易适应援助(TAA)加入到美国与韩国的贸易协定中去。之后,奥巴马将向国会提请获批所有这3项贸易协议,另外还附加关于延长给予穷国优惠关税待遇。201107/143524和田市纹眼线手术多少钱

和田市脸上祛斑多少钱乌鲁木齐县改脸型的费用Thousands Rally in US Capital, Demanding Immigration Reform数千人华盛顿集会要求改革移民政策Thousands of supporters of immigration reform rallied in the nation's capital on Sunday, voicing their frustration with the government's pace of handling the complex issue. The gathering was both a serious and lively gathering that brought together politicians, labor representatives and religious leaders to try to push the issue back on to the table.数以千计持移民改革的人士星期天在首都华盛顿集会,对政府处理移民案件的速度表示失望。这次活动既严肃又生动,汇聚了政治人士、劳工代表、宗教领袖等,试图共同推动这个议题能够得以重新讨论。Many participants at the rally waved American flags and held signs that were written in both Spanish and English. 参加集会的人们挥舞美国国旗、高举用英语和西班牙语写的标语。Some had stark messages such as "Reform Immigration Before Others Die." Others carried signs that : "Change Takes Courage."一些人的标语牌非常醒目,上面写着“赶快改革,不要把人拖死”,还有标语写着“改革需要勇气”。On a massive stage and in crowds, participants of the "March for America" urged U.S. President Barack Obama to follow through on his promise to overhaul the immigration system.在一个搭建起来的巨型讲台上的人士和台下聚集的人群都是“为美国行进”这一活动的参与者。他们督促美国总统奥巴马实现全面改革移民体系的诺言。Leyda Lopez came to Sunday's rally with her mother who entered the country illegally from Equador nearly two decades ago. Leyda says she is concerned about the state of the immigration reform debate."It's a lost, because like the president is saying he is going to do something and he never do it, we are waiting for that," she said. "And we want justice."她说:“这是一个失败,因为总统说过他会(在移民方面)做出改变,但是他至今什么也没做。我们要求正义。”Leyda's mother, Mely, says that because of her status, she has been unable to return to Equador to see the rest of her family for 18 years.莱达的母亲说,因为身份问题她这18年来都不能回厄瓜多尔探望她的家人。201003/99470U.S. unemployment dipped below 9 percent last month, as private employers added the most jobs since April. The U.S. Labor Department released its monthly employment report Friday, showing the U.S. economy picked up a net total of 192,000 jobs in February. That brings the U.S. jobless rate to 8.9 percent - the lowest in nearly two years and another sign that the US recovery is picking up steam.美国私人企业就业率上个月的增幅创下去年4月份以来的最高水平,全国失业率因此下降到9%以下。美国劳工部4号发布的就业报告,显示美国就业今年2月净增加19万2千份,同月失业率因此降到8.9%,几乎是两年来的最低水平。这再次显示,美国经济正在加快复苏。In the Midwestern state of Wisconsin - another sign of the improving economy. The Oshkosh Corporation is hiring 750 workers to service its military contracts. For the 2,500 applicants competing for those jobs, it's a welcome glimmer of hope.美国中西部的威斯康辛州就出现了经济好转的迹象。美国豪士科集团公司(Oshkosh Corp)正在增聘750人,为公司承担的国防合同提供务。这些职位共有2500人申请,他们对这次招聘抱有很大的希望。One man in Wisconsin said, "Fourteen years in the paper industry and a little bit in between there, and now I've hopefully got a new start."一位申请者说:“我在造纸业连续干了14年,以后也干了一点。我现在希望能够重新开始。我对此感到兴奋。”最新的就业数据印了他的感觉。And the latest job numbers support his optimism. Private employers added 222,000 jobs last month, bringing the nation's unemployment rate to its lowest level since April . 美国私人企业上个月增加了22万2千份就业,将全国失业率降到年4月以来的最低水平。Wells Fargo chief economist John Silva said it shows that companies are more confident about a sustained U.S. recovery. "It was nice to see the unemployment rate down a little bit. It was good to see that most of the job growth was in fact in the private sector. I think those are all good signs telling us that we have sustained economic growth and a better labor market."美国富国(Wells Fargo)首席经济学家席尔瓦(John Silva)说,这显示美国企业对美国经济的持续复苏增强了信心。他说:“失业率下降了一些是好消息,大部分就业增长实际来自私人企业也是好消息。我认为,这些都显示,国家经济复苏正在持续,劳工就业市场状况好转。”201103/127452新疆石油管理局职工总医院做抽脂手术多少钱The U.S. government has been sending dancers and musicians on international goodwill missions for decades. Now, for the first time, it is sending artists abroad as cultural ambassadors.几十年来,美国政府不断派遣舞蹈家和音乐家到世界各地去展开亲善活动。现在,美国政府第一次要派遣艺术家作为文化使者到国外去。The Obama Administration's new cultural diplomacy program is called smART Power. The Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York oversees the initiative. 奥巴马政府新的文化外交项目叫做“聪明实力”或者是“艺术实力”。纽约的布朗克斯艺术物馆被选来负责这个计划。smART Power"I think it's fantastic," says Holly Block, the museum's director. "The Bronx Museum itself has done quite a few projects related to community engagement and [having artists] work closely with the community, as well as international artists all over the world. So this fits perfectly. This is the first opportunity I think we've ever had where we're actually able to send U.S.-based artists outside [the U.S.]. Normally we receive artists."物馆负责人哈莉·布鲁克说:“我觉得这简直太棒了。布朗克斯物馆本身就参与了好几个和社区有关的项目,我们的艺术家能够和社区以及世界各地的艺术家紧密合作。这件事对我们非常合适。这是我们第一次有机会把美国的艺术家派到国外去,通常是我们接待来自其它国家的艺术家。”Block says visual artists - including painters, sculptors, architects, designers - may apply for the program starting January 3.布鲁克说,视觉艺术,包括绘画、雕塑、建筑、设计等领域的艺术家,从明年1月3号开始可以申请参加这个项目。"They will submit their materials with a concept," she explains. "We'll expect them to write a small narrative on what they would like to do. But the idea of this project is really special in the sense that you need to think about community and think about visiting this place and creating a project that's in relationship with maybe some topic that's aly going on there, or some of the ideas that you bring to them. We will be working very closely with the artists in selecting partner sites to receive the artists and help them realize their work."“艺术家们需要提交一些资料,显示要表达的概念。我们期待他们简单写写他们要做什么。但是这个项目的特殊之处在于,艺术家需要考虑他们要去的地方的特色,提出一个和当地正在进行的一些项目相关的计划,或者给当地人的建议。我们会和这些艺术家紧密切合作,挑选接待他们的伙伴机构,并帮助他们完成计划。”201012/120188乌鲁木齐市中医医院做双眼皮多少钱

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