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昭通市中医医院韩式三点多少钱保山做文眉手术多少钱西双版纳州景洪市人民医院丰胸多少钱 Political advertising政治宣传Posters arent working海报其实很无能The pros and cons of Britains favourite political campaign tactic英国应用最广政治竞选策略之利弊“WHO really runs this country?” UKIP poses that question on a poster that is part of its campaign for next months European elections. The illustration—the EUs golden stars burning through the British union flag—provides the answer. It does not have the ring of the Tories “Labour isnt working” billboard, which helped elect Margaret Thatcher in 1979. But the tactic is similar: blanket the country with posters and let the votes roll in. They will be visible from the moon, promises Paul Sykes, a tycoon who is paying for them.“谁才真正经营这个国家?”英国独立党在一张宣传海报上抛出了这个问题,而这只是他们为下个月英国大选所做准备中的一部分。海报上的配图-象征欧盟的金星在英国工会旗帜上闪耀-为这个问题提供了。1979年,保守党为撒切尔夫人制作的广告“工人没在工作”(双关语:工党没有起到作用)使其如虎添翼,如今这则广告无法复制当年的广告效应。但是策略却是大同小异的:用铺天盖地的海报淹没整个国家,让源源不断的选民滚滚而来。“海报在月球上都看得见”保罗·赛克斯信誓旦旦道,因为这个金融大亨为此投资巨大。The only form of political advertising allowed on British television is the party political broadcast—stilted affairs watched by few. So politicians sp the word with leaflets, posters and junk mail. In 2010 they spent 7m on outdoor advertising, nearly a third of total political ad spending, according to Nielsen, a market-research firm. Scottish nationalists, flush with cash from a lottery-winning couple, will do battle by billboard in the run-up to this Septembers independence vote.英国广电唯一授权的政治宣传形式只有政党政治广播,其乏味的内容让观者寥寥。所以政客们改变策略,利用传单、海报甚至垃圾邮件进行宣传。根据市场研究公司尼尔森的数据,2010年,政客们花了700万英镑(约合1100万美元)用于户外宣传,几乎是政治宣传总花费的三分之一。由于得到了一对夫妇丰厚的现金资助,苏格兰民族党将会在广告牌首先开火,为今年九月的独立投票助跑。Is this wise? For most products, outdoor advertising is “the worst-performing of all offline media”, says Ian Fermor of Ebiquity, a company that measures such things. Defenders of the medium say this ignores the potential for longer-term brand building. But parties increasingly take Ebiquitys view. Labour will focus its spending on grassroots organising in the 2015 election, says Marcus Roberts of the Fabian Society. The effect on voter turnout of any kind of print advertising, including posters, is “hardly measurable”, he says. Only the Conservatives spent much on outdoor advertising in 2010.此举到底明智与否?一家专门测量这类事务的公司Ebiquity的伊恩·弗莫尔称,就其他结果而言,户外宣传是“所有线下媒体中表现最差的”。这类媒介的拥护者称,这会忽略长期品牌树立的长期影响。但是政党越来越认同Ebiquity公司的看法。费边社的马库斯·罗伯特认为,在2015年大选中,工党将集中资金在民间组织上。他还认为,其他纸质宣传,包括海报对于选民的参与都“有着无法估量”的价值。2010年,只有保守党在户外宣传上花了大价钱。Still, posters might be better at selling politicians than soap. They can pack an emotional punch: think of the Tories 1979 dole queue and Labours 2001 mashup of William Hagues face and Margaret Thatchers bouffant. If youre after voters in specific places, posters are your medium. A Conservative campaign in 2010 won an industry award for “best use of roadside”. Posters are especially good for a party—like the Conservatives—short of youthful activists to stuff letterboxes.不过,海报还是比无尽的吹嘘更能推销政客。海报可以附加情感攻势:想想保守党在1979年的失业大军,以及2001年工党威廉·海格(英外长)的脸配上撒切尔夫人蓬松发型的混搭风。如果你在某特定场合迎合了选民的情绪,海报就是你的宣传媒介。2010年保守党的一次竞选活动中赢得了“最佳路边使用奖”。海报对一个政党来说尤其好用-比如保守党就是-正愁没有年轻积极分子用选票填满邮箱。The real target audience for billboards is journalists, argues Benedict Pringle, a blogger and ad man: “They are almost six-metre-high, full-colour press releases.” When they work, the message gets to voters indirectly, via newspapers (including this one) and TV. Yet a campaign need not be visible from space. Affixing a poster to a van and driving it round London will do. If that was UKIPs plan it has, expensively, succeeded.某主兼广告人本尼迪克·普林格尔称,广告牌真正的受众是记者,他说“广告牌近6米高,颜色非常鲜艳”。当广告牌起作用的时候,选民通过报纸和电视获取消息就不那么直接了。所以竞选活动不必都能从太空中就能看见。只要在小货车上贴一张海报,然后绕城跑就可以了。如果那就是独立党的计划,虽然昂贵但却收效颇大。翻译 周雨晴 校对 王化起 译文属译生译世 /201508/393812Car loans in America美国汽车贷款Bad carma因果循环Borrowers, not lenders, have more to fear from the latest subprime lending boom贷款人,而不是出借人,更加惧怕最近次级贷款的繁荣For whom?为了谁WHAT would you rather lose: your house or your car? In America, where a car is usually essential to get to work, many borrowers would sooner lose their house, which explains why in the years after the crisis, mortgages were more likely to go bad than car loans. It also explains why auto loans, unlike mortgages, are booming. New loans reached 371 billion in the year to June, up 7.4% from the previous year and 64% since . Subprime auto loans, made to the riskiest borrowers, have grown even faster, by 93% since .房子或者是汽车,你舍得哪一样?在美国,汽车对于上班族来说常常是必不可少的,许多贷款人可能很快失去他们的房子,这解释了为什么在危机之后的几年,住房抵押贷款比汽车贷款更加容易恶化。这也说明了为什么汽车贷款不像住房抵押一样正经历着一场繁荣。到今年六月份,新的贷款量已经达到了3710亿美元,比去年上升了7.4%,自年来提升了64%。给予高风险的贷款人的刺激汽车贷款增长得更快,自年以来上升了93%。This growth is due to rising car sales and ample credit as banks, finance companies and carmakers financing arms compete to lend to consumers, either directly or via car dealers. Those loans are then packaged into securities for yield-hungry investors. Experian, a credit-scoring agency, reckons 85% of new and 54% of used cars are now bought with loans, compared to 79% and 52% in 2007.这样的增长是由不断增加的汽车销量以及、金融公司和汽车制造商财务分竞相直接或通过分销商借款给消费者的丰富贷款造成的。这些贷款最后被包装成券交给渴求利润的投资者。信用评级公司益佰利评估:85%的新车和54%的旧车是用贷款买的,相比之下,2007年两者数据分别为79%和52%。As volumes have soared, underwriting standards have slipped, with the average subprime loan rising to 115% of the cars value this year from 112% in 2011, according to Standard amp; Poors, a ratings agency. The average life of a loan has grown too, to more than five years. Delinquencies, naturally, are rising: more than 3% of loans are at least 60 days in arrears, up from 2% in 2011.随着总量的激增,券包销标准也下降了,根据评分机构标准普尔公司的数据,平均次级贷款从2011年占汽车价值的112%上升到了今年的115%。平均借贷周期也延长到超过五年。违约行为自然地多了:超过3%的贷款至少有60天的逾期,而2011年是2%。There is much talk of a new subprime bubble, akin to the cavalier mortgage lending that helped spark the financial crisis. The Department of Justice has asked two big car-loan companies, GM Financial, a unit of General Motors, and Santander Consumer, controlled by Spains Santander Group, for details about their subprime underwriting and securitisation.有关新的次贷泡沫有许多讨论,就好像目空一切的房屋抵押贷款引发了金融危机那样。司法部要求两大汽车借贷公司—通用旗下的通用金融和西班牙桑坦德集团控制下的桑坦德消费—提供其次级券包销标准以及券化的细节。Yet the two markets are fundamentally different. Start with size. At 905 billion, total auto loans are barely a tenth of total mortgage debt. Subprime is also more established in auto lending, accounting for 20% to 30% of total loans since 2000.但是这两个市场是明显不一样的。就规模来说,9050亿美元的汽车贷款仅仅是房贷总额的十分之一。次级贷款占了汽车贷款的很大比重,从2000年来占据了贷款总量的20%到30%。The mortgage bubble fed on the delusion of both borrowers and lenders that house prices could only rise and thus a loan could always be repaid. In contrast, lenders assume cars only depreciate, and charge accordingly: annual subprime interest rates average 14%, and 25% is not uncommon. Cars are also easier to repossess and resell.房产泡沫基于出借人和贷款人的幻想——房价只能涨,这样贷款才能一直被付。相反,出借人只期望汽车贬值,并且相应地进行收费:年均次级贷款利率为14%,甚至25%也不是鲜见。汽车也更加容易再次买卖。So while losses are likely to mount, lenders do not face a mortal threat. It is borrowers who have more reason to worry. A car loan is a complex transaction that hinges not just on the price of a car, but also on its trade-in value, extras such an extended guarantee or rust proofing, and most important, the interest rate. A dealer typically selects a e from a bank or finance company via his computer and marks it up. The higher the markup, the greater the payment he receives from the lender.所以尽管有可能增加损失,出借方并未面临致命的威胁。贷款人才更加应该多操心。汽车贷款是个以复杂的交易,它不仅和汽车价格挂钩,也和其抵价值,额外的费用如延长保修时间或者防锈处理以及最重要的利率有关。交易员一般通过电脑引用或者金融公司的报价再加上一定价。价加得越高,他从出借方得到的报酬也就越高。Consumer advocates fret that this process leaves the unsophisticated—as subprime customers tend to be—at the mercy of unscrupulous dealers. They may be charged a higher rate despite qualifying for a lower one, sold unneeded or overpriced extras, or even told, a few days after they drive off with the car, that their loan was turned down and they must pay a higher rate. “None of the prices are fixed, and each unfixed price is a potentially abusive negotiating point,” says Tom Domonoske, a lawyer who represents aggrieved buyers. Consumer advocates would like markups replaced with a flat fee.消费者保护机构担心这个过程会让那些没有经验的消费者—次级贷款顾客往往是这样—受不良交易员的配。他们可能被收一个更高的利率,尽管他们有资格获得更低的利率,并且“被消费”不必要的或者过高价格的附加项,甚至在他们开了几天车之后被告知他们的贷款呗取消了并且他们必须付一个更高的利率。受害消费者的代表律师Tom Domonoske说:“这些价格没有一个是固定的,并且每一个不固定的价格都是一个潜在的被滥用的谈判砝码。”消费者权益维护者期望用稳定的费用取代加价。The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new watchdog agency set up after the financial crisis, is also worried that lots of borrowers get a raw deal. It has told banks and finance companies that it holds them responsible for the behaviour of the dealers they work with, and that it considers dealers discretion over markups an invitation to discrimination. It has aly got one big finance firm to pay 98m to settle a claim that it was charging minority borrowers higher interest rates and is investigating others.金融危机后设立的监管代理—消费者金融保护局也担心许多贷款人被不公平对待。它已经告知和金融公司,要求他们对合作的交易员的行为负责,并且它认为交易员就加价的任意决定权是一种歧视。它已经让一个大的金融集团付9800万美元,因为该集团向少数贷款人收取高额的利率,另外保护局还在调查其他公司。Dealers are fuming at the CFPBs muscle-flexing. Competition, they say, ensures that customers get the best rate; dealers need discretion to compete. By raising costs, stricter regulation may actually reduce the amount of credit available.交易员对于保护局的武力示威愤愤不平。他们说,竞争保了消费者获得最好的利率:交易员需要自由决断权来应对竞争。通过提高成本,更严格的规章可能实际上减少信贷的提供量。 /201409/332187禄丰县人民医院整形科

昆明市安宁市人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, once again ruled out putting himself forward as a candidate for the Republican Partys presidential nomination.美国众议院议长保罗·瑞恩(Paul Ryan)再次拒绝参加共和党总统提名选举。Some Republicans had hoped he might ride to the rescue at the convention in Cleveland, saving them from either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.一些共和党人希望他能够在克里兰夫大会上拯救共和党于水深火热之中,拯救他们逃离唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)和特德·克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)。That now looks unlikely.现在这似乎是不可能事件了。Peace talks between some of Syrias warring parties restarted in Geneva.叙利亚交战多方在日内瓦再次举行和平谈判。But with a new ground offensive, supported by Russian air strikes, poised to start against rebel-held parts of Aleppo, the partial ceasefire struck in February risks falling apart.在俄罗斯空袭协助下,随着新一轮地面交战的展开,叛军控制的阿勒波(Aleppo)地区将再起硝烟,2月份达成的地区停火协议再次面临瓦解。Meanwhile Bashar al-Assads government organised elections in its remaining territory, which Western countries denounced as a sham.与此同时,巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)政权在其控制区内举行选举,西方国家认为这不过是个骗局罢了。Drought forced Malawis president, Peter Mutharika, to declare a national emergency.马拉维遭遇大干旱,总统彼得·穆塔里卡(Peter Mutharika)宣布全国进入紧急状态。Some 3m people in his country aly require food aid.该国约有300万人急需粮食援助。American air strikes in Somalia killed 12 members of the Shabab, a jihadist outfit.美国空袭索马里,炸死12名青年党圣战武装分子。A Pentagon spokesman said they posed an imminent threat to American soldiers assisting the Somali government.国防部发言人表示因为这些青年党已对协助索马里政府的美国军队造成威胁,迫于形势美国才实行空袭。Egypts president, Abdel-Fatahal-Sisi, caused uproar on social media by announcing that two uninhabited islands that Egypt has been looking after since the 1950s will be handed back to Saudi Arabia.埃及总统阿卜杜勒·法塔赫·塞西(Abdel-Fatahal-Sisi)近日宣布将两座自上世纪50年代以来一直由埃及照管的无人荒岛交还沙特阿拉伯,这在社交媒体界引起一片哗然。He angrily refused to answer questions about the agreement.一气之下,关于此协议的所有问题,他都避而不答。Mobile-internet services were suspended in parts of Indian-controlled Kashmir, to slow the sp of protests against the security forces killing of four civilians at two separate demonstrations.在克什米尔印控区两次示威游行中,四名平民遭保安部队杀害,引发民众抗议。为延缓该消息的传播,该地区部分移动互联网务中断。The ruling party in South Korea lost its long-held parliamentary majority, worsening a long-standing legislative gridlock that hampers President Park Geun-hyes plans.韩国执政党在国会丧失长期以来的优势地位,使得阻碍总统朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)实施计划的立法僵局进一步恶化。Her Saenuri party had hoped to increase its share of the 300- seat National Assembly to three-fifths (the fraction required to bring bills to a vote).这项立法争议存在已久。朴槿惠所在的新国家党(Saenuri party)希望在300席位的国会中增加该党的实力,达到五分之三的席位(这是举行议案投票的比例)。Inky, a common octopus, made a bold contortionists escape from New Zealand national aquarium.近日,一只名叫黑墨(Inky)的普通章鱼从新西兰国家海洋馆利用柔软的身形勇敢出逃。Slipping through a gap at the top of his tank, he scurried across the floor and made his way down a 50-metre drainpipe into Hawkes Bay, North Island.它从水箱顶部的一条细缝溜出,快速穿过地面,通过长达50米的排水管,进入新西兰北岛的霍克湾。 译文属译生译世201604/439587昆明市云大医院祛眼袋手术多少钱 云南中医学院第二附属医院做红色胎记手术多少钱

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