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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which U.S. national park is home to Half Dome, Mount Lyell, and El Capitan? 半圆顶、莱尔山和酋长岩在哪个美国家公园里?If you think you know it, then shout it out. Is it Glacier Bay, Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountains or Yosemite? Youve got 3 seconds. Go.如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出来吧!它是冰河湾、黄石公园、大雾山还是约塞米蒂国家公园?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!These are some of the most well-known features of Yosemite National Park in California. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.这些是加利福尼亚州约塞米蒂国家公园的一些最有名的特色。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: A huge wildfire in California is torching its way into Yosemite National Park. 一场大火正一路烧到约塞米蒂国家公园。The Rim fire doubled in size late last week. 这场边缘起火在上周底火势扩大两倍。So far, its consumed 130,000 acres, which is larger than the city of San Jose. 至今,它吞噬了十三万英亩土地,比圣何塞城还大。Firefighters have only a small percentage of it contained, partly because of wind changes and its hard to get into the canyons where this fire is burning.消防员只只控制住了火势的一部分,一部分原因是因为风向的改变和难以进入起火的峡谷。 /201309/254937

Save time searching for your makeup by organizing your makeup drawer.整理好化妆品抽屉,节约寻找化妆品的时间。You Will Need你需要Plan计划Water水Mild shampoo温和的香波Liner衬垫Organizing trays整理托盘Steps步骤STEP 1 Examine the makeup1.检查化妆品Examine the makeup and throw away any makeup that is expired, smells funny, has changed color, or has dried out. Also throw away makeup that you wont use.检查一下化妆品,扔掉过期,有异味,变色,或干枯的化妆品。以后不用的化妆品也扔掉。Old makeup can build up bacteria and germs that can cause infections, like pink eye and skin breakouts.老旧的化妆品会积累细菌和微生物,造成感染,例如红眼病和皮疹。STEP 2 Sort items2.分类Sort items together. Group eyeliners, eye shadow, mascara, and blushes.把所有物品分门别类。眼线笔,眼影,睫毛膏和刷子分别放开。STEP 3 Wash brushes3.清洗化妆刷Wash brushes with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.用温水和温和的香波清洗化妆刷。STEP 4 Clean out the drawer4.清洁抽屉Clean out the makeup drawer, and replace the liner with a new one.清洁抽屉,换一个新的衬垫。STEP 5 Place items in organizer5.放在整理托盘中Place the makeup that you use on a daily basis in organizing trays. Place the organizing trays in your drawer.把每天使用的化妆品放在整理托板中,再把整理托盘放入抽屉。Makeup should be stored in a dry, cool place.化妆品应该存放在干燥阴凉的地方。STEP 6 Stay organized6.整齐有序Stay organized by returning your makeup back to its proper place when you are done.使用完之后放回原位,保持化妆品抽屉整齐有序。Eye shadows expire after two years, mascara after three months, and eyeliners after three months.眼影两年后就会过期,睫毛膏三个月就会过期,眼线笔的保质期也是三个月。视频听力译文由。201405/294568

That have succeeded one another on Earth over nearly four billion years.在近40亿年里 这些生物被彼此继承取代。And even today, new volcanoes continue to sculpt our landscapes.即使到了今天,新的火山继续改变我们的景观。They offer a glimpse of what our Earth was like at its birth molten rock surging from the depths, solidifying, cracking,它们让我们目睹了盘古初开时地球的样子,熔石从深处涌出。开始凝固裂开。Blistering or sping in a thin crust, before fabling dormant for a time.冒着泡 或摊开形成薄的外壳。然后再休眠一段时间。These wreaths of smoke curling from the bowels of the Earth...这些从地球内部吐出缭绕的烟圈。bear witness to the Earths original atmosphere.是地球原始大气层的见。An atmosphere devoid of oxygen.一个没有氧气的大气层。A dense atmosphere, thick with water vapor, A furnace.稠密的大气层 充满水蒸气和二氧化碳。一个熔炉。But the Earth had an exceptional future, offered to it by water.因为有水 地球有了一个与众不同的未来。At the right distance from the sun, not too far, not too near.地球与太阳之间的距离适中 不太远 不太近。the Earth was able to conserve water in liquid form.因此地球上的水能够处于液体状态。Water vapor condensed and fell in torrential downpours on Earth, and rivers appeared.水蒸气凝结后形成滂沱大雨降落在地球上。河流出现了。The rivers shaped the surface of the Earth, cutting their channels, furrowing out valleys.河流改变了地球表面,刻削着河道并冲刷出山谷。They ran toward the lowest places on the globe to form the oceans.它们流向地球上最低洼的地方形成海洋。They tore minerals from the rocks, and gradually the freshwater of the oceans...became heavy with salt.水溶解了岩石的矿物质。渐渐的海洋中的淡水变成了咸水。Water is a vital liquid.水是生命必需的液体。It irrigated these sterile expanses.它灌溉了这些广阔的不毛之地。The paths it traced are like the veins of a body,the branches of a tree, the vessels of the sap that it brought to the Earth.水流就像人体的血管。树木的枝丫是让大地苏醒的液体导管。Nearly four billion years later, somewhere on Earth can still be found these works of art,40亿年后地球上的某些地方还能找到这样的艺术创作。Left by the volcanoes ash, mixed with water from Icelands glaciers.火山灰混合着来自冰岛冰川的水。201409/330077

Steve Jobs has been called a revolutionary.史蒂夫乔布斯被称为革命先驱He changed the computer industry,他改变了电脑行业the movie industry, the music industry电影行业、音乐行业and the mobile phone industry.和流动电话行业His life has been an unusual journey他的一生是不平凡的旅程of successes and failures,当中有成功也有失败but he did it all with style.但也有他自己的一套风格This is the story of Steve Jobs.以下是史蒂夫乔布斯的故事Steve Jobs was put up for adoption at birth.乔布斯出生便被人领养His biological parents were intellectuals,他的亲生父母是知识份子they were graduate students at the University of Wisconsin他们是威斯康辛大学的毕业生and they werent married at the time他们在乔布斯出世时还未结婚so they were still in school他们还在读书so when Steve Jobs was born in 1955,所以当乔布斯在1955年出生时they put him up for adoption.他们便将乔布斯交给人抚养He was adopted by a family in San Francisco, California领养他的是加州三藩市一个家庭who very much wanted children夫妇很想要小朋友who were very loving, good parents.他们是一对充满爱心的好父母Steve Jobs grew up south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley,乔布斯在矽谷的三藩市南部长大known for computer companies矽谷就是那个有很多like Hewlett Packard and Intel电脑公司的地方,例如惠普...that manufactured semiconductors以及用矽来制造半导体的公司made of silicon.像英特尔而闻名于世 /201310/260313

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