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China#39;s first fully-automatic subway, Yanfang Line linking Hebei#39;s Yanjiao and Fangshan district in Beijing, will go on trial in December and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2017.中国的第一条全自动无人驾驶地铁线--连接河北省燕郊和北京房山区的燕房线,将在今年12月调试,并有望于2017年底正式运行。In the fully-automatic subway system, trains will automatically run and stop, open and shut doors, and return back to its terminal station without any drivers or steward members, said Wang Daomin, head of the Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation, which is in charge of the city#39;s subway development.负责地铁建设工作的北京地铁建设管理公司负责人王道民表示,运用全自动地铁系统,在没有司机和乘务员等人工干预的情况下,这条列车将自动发车离站、到站精准停车、自动开闭车门、自动返回到终点。Thus, trains will run accurately based on the timetable without any delays. Even when there is a problem, the system can repair itself automatically. The equipment fault period will also be prolonged to 4,500 hours, compared to 3,000 hours for the common trains.因此,列车将按照时刻表精准运行,不会会任何延误,即使出现故障,它也可以自动修复。相比普通列车的3000小时,其设备故障期也将延长至4500小时。Apart from the Yanfang Line, Beijing#39;s subway line 3, line 12, line 17 and the new airportline will also use this system. By 2020, the municipality will have up to 300 kilometers of fully-automatic rail transit lines. Nationwide, the fully-automatic system will cover 1,000kilometers.除了燕房线,北京地铁3号线,12号线,17号线和新机场专线也将使用该系统。到2020年,北京市全自动驾驶地铁线将覆盖长达300公里的距离。而在全国范围内,该系统将覆盖长达1000公里的路线。The world#39;s first fully-automatic subway debuted in 1998 in Paris. Though Beijing built its first fully-automatic subway line 10 years ago by purchasing the system techniques from abroad, the new Yanfang line is China#39;s very first rail transit line using self-developed techniques.1998年,世界上第一条全自动无人驾驶地铁线在巴黎投入运营。尽管早在10年前,北京就已经从国外购买了相关技术建造了第一条全自动地铁线,但这条燕房线还是中国首次以自己的技术修建的全自主地铁线路。China#39;s CRRC Corporation Limited, the world#39;s largest supplier of rail transit equipment,completed the construction of fully-automatic subway trains in 2015. The trains can reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour and can carry over 1,200 passengers.世界最大的轨道交通设备供应商——中国中车股份有限公司在2015完成了全自动地铁建设。据悉,该列车最高运行时速为80千米每小时,最大载客量超过了1200人。 /201608/457995

In 2015, the number of migrant residents living in Shanghai dropped for the first time in the past 15 years, Shanghai Television reported Monday.根据周一上海电视台的报道,2015年,上海市外来常住人口出现15年来的首次负增长。It was also the first time Shanghai witnessed a decrease in its permanent population since China adopted the policy of reform and opening-up in 1978, Guo Feng, a research fellow at Shanghai Finance Institute, was ed by news site wallstreetcn.com as saying on Tuesday.上海金融学院的研究人员郭峰引用了周二华尔街见闻上的信息并表示,这也是自1978年中国改革开放以来,上海第一次见了常住人口的减少 。By the end of 2015, Shanghai#39;s population of migrant residents had decreased to 9.8 million, comprising 40.6 percent of the city#39;s roughly 24 million permanent residents, according to statistics released by the Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau on Monday.根据上海市统计局发布的数据显示,截止2015年年底,上海市外来常住人口数量减少至980万人,占该市大约2400万常住人口总量的40.6%。Upgrades to the country#39;s industrial structure in which labor-intensive industries are being moved out of metropolitan areas contributed greatly to the demographic change, Peng Xizhe, dean of the School of Social Development and Public Policy at Shanghai-based Fudan University, told the Global Times on Tuesday.上海复旦大学社会发展与公共政策学院院长彭希哲周二告诉环球时报,在产业结构升级的过程中,劳动密集型产业搬离都市圈,是导致这一人口变迁的最主要原因之一。The promotion of urbanization in central and western China has also attracted many members of the labor force from coastal cities in East China to inland regions, where the cost of living is much lower, Peng explained.彭希哲解释称,中部和西部城市化的推进,也吸引了东部沿海城市向内陆地区的大量劳动力前往花销更低的内陆地区。Experts also noted that the population control policies adopted in recent years have started to pay off.专家还指出,最近几年的人口控制政策的效果已经开始显现出来。;Shanghai has taken a series of tough measures to curb population growth since 2014, including renovating urban villages and regulating group renting,; Zhou Haiwang, an expert with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.上海社会科学院的专家周海旺告诉环球时报:“上海自2014以来就采取了一系列强硬措施,包括改造城中村和规范群租来控制人口增长。” /201603/430004


  Every night in the summer, more than 15million bats emerge from a hot, cavernous sinkhole just outside San Antonio. 夏天的每个晚上,超过1500万只蝙蝠都会从圣安东尼奥市区外一个热烘烘的大地洞里出来。They spiral up and out of the cave’s gapingmouth like a tornado and slowly gain elevation. 它们像龙卷风一样,从洞穴张开的大口盘旋而出,慢慢地越飞越高。If you’re sitting nearby,you can feel the wind from their wings.要是你坐在附近,就可以感觉到它们的翅膀扇出来的风。Once the bats reach the treetops, they formcolumns that flow out and over the hills like plumes of smoke that appear tonever end. 这些蝙蝠一飞到树顶便成群结队,像缕缕烟雾一样,在丘陵间穿梭,仿佛永不止息。It’s dinner time inTexas, and in the corn and cotton fields, the hairy, winged mammals will feaston moths throughout the night.这是德克萨斯州的晚餐时间,而这些长着翅膀、毛茸茸的哺乳类动物也将在玉米地与棉田里整晚大啖飞蛾。This bat emergence at Bracken Cave, home tothe world’s largest bat colony, requires an appointment, but it’s just oneof many nightly shows you can catch in Central Texas in July, August andSeptember. 布兰肯洞穴(Bracken Cave)栖居着世界上最大的蝙蝠群落;要观赏这里的蝙蝠一涌而出的奇观,需要事先预约。不过在德州中部,7、8、9月份,还有很多地方可以看到这样的夜间表演。You can also see them at Old Tunnel StatePark, just south of Fredericksburg, or for a more urban experience, you canhave a picnic or cocktail and watch 1.5 million bats drop down from under theCongress Avenue Bridge in Austin and take off across the river like a school offish.你也能在弗雷德里克斯堡南方的老隧道州立公园(Old Tunnel State Park)看到蝙蝠,或着来点都市风情,在奥斯汀来一场野餐或是品着鸡尾酒,一边观看150万只蝙蝠自国会大道桥下飘落又重新飞升,有如鱼群般横越河面。They do this every night, but the best timeto catch them is when it’s hot and dry and they’re hungry, because that’s when they’ll head outearly.它们每晚都会这么做,不过最佳观赏时机是天气又热又干、蝙蝠饿了的时候,因为它们在这种情况下会比较早出发。The hotter and more uncomfortable you are,the better the bat flight, said Mylea Bayless, an ecologist for BatConservation International.天气越热、人觉得越不舒的时候,蝙蝠就飞得越好看,国际蝙蝠保育组织(Bat Conservation International)的生态学家麦莉亚#8231;贝莱斯(Mylea Bayless)说。 As the saying goes, everything’s bigger inTexas, and the caves and bridges that these Mexican free-tailed bats call theirsummer home are no exception. 就像俗话说的,德州什么东西都比较大;这些墨西哥游离尾蝠(Mexican free-tailed bats)夏季栖身的山洞与桥梁也不例外。The dome ceilings of large caverns —natural orconstructed —trap heat, making them the perfect temperature for females to roostand to raise their young. 不论是自然形成或人工建造,大型洞穴的圆拱顶部能留住热气,对想要找个栖息地、哺育幼兽的雌蝙蝠来说,这样的温度正好。Warm, stable roosts like Bracken Cave are essentialbecause baby bats are born hairless and have only a few months to developbefore migrating to Mexico and Central and South America in the fall. 像布兰肯洞穴这类温暖又稳定的栖息地十分重要,因为蝙蝠宝宝出生的时候没有毛,它们在秋季迁往墨西哥与中南美洲之前,也只有短短数月时间生长发育。These bat pups spend their energy ongrowth, not thermoregulation. 这些小家伙得把能量用来长身体,而不是拿来调节体温。The millions of bats you see take off atonce in Texas are all females and babies. 在德州,你看到的那些同时起飞的百万蝙蝠大军,全都是雌兽与幼兽。The males are around, but they’re scatteredabout in smaller caves or parking garages.当地也有雄蝙蝠,不过它们分散在比较小的洞穴或车库里。If it’s not the big Texancaverns, it’s the migrating corn earworm moths that bring the bats here everysummer. 除了德州的大山洞,迁徙的玉米穗夜蛾也是每年夏天吸引蝙蝠成群而至的原因。A mother bat will consume about two-thirdsof her body weight in insects at night to meet her energy demands. 一只蝙蝠妈妈为了满足能量需求,会在夜间捕食大约相当于自己体重三分之二的昆虫。Economists estimate that bats save Texasmore than billion on pesticides annually.经济学家估计,蝙蝠每年为德州省下了超过10亿美元的杀虫剂费用。The feeding frenzy can last for hours, butas day breaks, the bats return to their roosts. 饕餮盛宴会持续好几个小时,不过一到破晓时分,它们就会返回栖息地。If you’re up for a 5 a.m. bat shower, you should head back out.要是想在清晨5点体验一次蝙蝠浴,你应该到户外去了。 /201609/463873。


  B News – Floodwaters in Paris are set to peak shortly with the River Seine due to go 6m (19ft) above its normal level.B新闻 – 巴黎很快要迎来洪峰,塞纳河水位将高过正常水平6米(19英尺)。The world-famous Louvre and Orsay museums have been shut so staff can move priceless artworks to safety.世界著名的卢浮宫和奥赛物馆已关闭,以便员工能把无价艺术品转移到安全地带。At least 11 people have died in the past week - 10 in southern Germany, one in France. Thousands have been forced from their homes.过去一周至少11人丧生 – 德国南部10人,法国1人。数千人被迫离开家园。More downpours are forecast through the weekend across a band of central Europe from France to Ukraine.预报说从法国到乌克兰的中欧一带整个周末会有更多的暴雨。As much as 50mm (2in) of rain is expected to fall in some regions in just a few hours.预计某些地区仅几小时就会有多达50毫米(2英寸)的降雨。Several towns in southern Germany have been devastated. Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Poland have also been affected.德国南部的几个镇已被摧毁。比利时,奥地利,荷兰和波兰也受到影响。French President Francois Hollande said the weather was a serious climate phenomenon and a global challenge.法国总统奥朗德说,这种天气是严重的气候异常现象,是全球挑战。He is to declare a state of natural disaster in the worst-hit areas, which will free up emergency funds.他将在灾情最重地区宣布自然灾害状态,这可以释放紧急救援资金。 /201606/449450B News – Floodwaters in Paris are set to peak shortly with the River Seine due to go 6m (19ft) above its normal level.B新闻 – 巴黎很快要迎来洪峰,塞纳河水位将高过正常水平6米(19英尺)。The world-famous Louvre and Orsay museums have been shut so staff can move priceless artworks to safety.世界著名的卢浮宫和奥赛物馆已关闭,以便员工能把无价艺术品转移到安全地带。At least 11 people have died in the past week - 10 in southern Germany, one in France. Thousands have been forced from their homes.过去一周至少11人丧生 – 德国南部10人,法国1人。数千人被迫离开家园。More downpours are forecast through the weekend across a band of central Europe from France to Ukraine.预报说从法国到乌克兰的中欧一带整个周末会有更多的暴雨。As much as 50mm (2in) of rain is expected to fall in some regions in just a few hours.预计某些地区仅几小时就会有多达50毫米(2英寸)的降雨。Several towns in southern Germany have been devastated. Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Poland have also been affected.德国南部的几个镇已被摧毁。比利时,奥地利,荷兰和波兰也受到影响。French President Francois Hollande said the weather was a serious climate phenomenon and a global challenge.法国总统奥朗德说,这种天气是严重的气候异常现象,是全球挑战。He is to declare a state of natural disaster in the worst-hit areas, which will free up emergency funds.他将在灾情最重地区宣布自然灾害状态,这可以释放紧急救援资金。 /201606/449450

  RIO DE JANEIRO — How do Brazilians feel about their big Olympic moment?里约热内卢——巴西人对自己举办奥运的大日子感觉如何?First there is the anger: Rioters pelted the Olympic torch relay with rocks as it approached Rio de Janeiro, while bumper stickers have rearranged the Olympic rings into a four-letter word.首先是愤怒:奥运火炬传递到里约热内卢的途中,暴民向其投掷石块,还出现了把奥运五环重新排列成一个四字母单词的汽车车贴。Then there is the anxiety: With gallows humor amid a crime wave and fears of terrorism, a bingo game is circulating for people to wager on which day during the games an attack will occur.再有是焦虑:一波犯罪潮出现,而且人们担忧发生恐怖袭击,黑色幽默却也应运而生,在一个宾果游戏中,你可以下注在奥运会期间哪一天会发生袭击。And the indifference: The media giant Globo will not even bother to broadcast the Olympics during the coveted Sunday afternoon slot, opting instead for domestic soccer. A sizable number of hotel rooms here remain unreserved, forcing travel agents to slash rates in a desperate attempt to entice Brazilians to come.还有就是冷漠:巴西媒体巨头环球电视台(Globo)甚至没兴趣在周日下午的黄金时间播出奥运会节目,而是选择了巴西足球节目。大量酒店客房仍然无人预定,旅行社不得不降低价格,拼命招揽巴西人光顾。“Just thinking of the Olympics leaves me revolted,” said Ana Caroline Joia da Souza, 21, a street vendor who sells sweets in front of a Rio metro station. “Our politicians want to trick the world into thinking things are great here. Well, let the foreigners see for themselves the filth we live in, the money our leaders steal.”“一想到奥运会我就感到恶心,”21岁的安娜#8226;卡罗琳#8226;乔伊#8226;达索萨(Ana Caroline Joia da Souza)说,她在里约热内卢的一个地铁站前摆摊卖糖果。“政客想瞒骗整个世界,让大家觉得巴西很好很棒。好吧,让外国人自己来看看我们住的这个肮脏地方,看看巴西领导人偷走的钱吧。”It is something of a ritual in countries that host the Olympics to engage in soul-searching on the eve of the games. And Brazil is no exception, unleashing a withering exploration of the country’s political, economic and ethical troubles before the opening ceremony on Friday.东道主国家在奥运会前夕进行反思几乎已成惯例。巴西也不例外,在奥运会本周五开幕之前,该国就其政治、经济和道德方面的问题展开了一波疾风骤雨般的探究。Nearly two-thirds of Brazilians — 63 percent — think hosting the Olympics will hurt the country, according to a recent survey by the polling company Datafolha. Only 16 percent said they were enthusiastic about the games, while 51 percent said they had no interest in them. (The poll, conducted on July 14-15 in interviews with 2,792 people, had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.)民意调查公司Datafolha近期举行的一项调查显示,将近三分之二巴西人——具体是63%——认为举办奥运会有损于巴西。只有16%的受访者说自己热切期盼奥运会,51%的人则表示他们对奥运会毫无兴趣。(调查是在7月14日和15日进行的,共有2792名受访者,抽样误差为正负两个百分点)。The grim mood stands in stark contrast to the ebullience shown in 2009 when Rio landed the Olympics. At the time, Brazil was basking in its triumphs — including a growing presence on the world stage, the lifting of millions of poor people into the middle class and the maturing of its young democracy after 21 years of military rule that had ended in 1985.这种沉郁的气氛,与2009年里约热内卢夺得奥运会主办权时的兴奋之情形成了鲜明对比。当时的巴西沉醉在胜利的喜悦中——该国在全球舞台上的存在感日益增强,数以百万计的贫困人口进入了中产阶层,在21年的军人统治于1985年结束后,年轻的民主制度在演进中日益成熟。But, today, the Olympics are competing with both a harrowing recession and Brazil’s other public spectacle: bare-knuckled political dysfunction.但如今,与奥运会争抢人们的注意力的,除了令人饱受煎熬的经济衰退,还有另一出在公众视野里展开的大戏:巴西的肉搏式政治乱局。The country has not one, but two presidents: Dilma Rousseff, who was suspended to face impeachment proceedings that will continue to unfold during the games, and Michel Temer, her interim replacement. Both Rousseff, a leftist, and Temer, who is shifting to the right, are deeply unpopular around the country. In fact, voters are fuming about the entire political establishment.目前巴西的总统不是一个,而是两个:一个是已经停职的迪尔玛#8226;罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff),她面临的弹劾案将在奥运期间继续展开,另一个是临时顶替她的米歇尔#8226;特梅尔(Michel Temer)。无论是左派的罗塞夫,还是日益右倾的特梅尔,在巴西各地都非常不受欢迎。事实上,选民们对所有政治权贵都极为不满。The runup to the Olympics has been marked by such a long and varied list of fiascos — from protests over forced evictions to complaints about both thefts and plumbing debacles at the new Olympic Village — that the British sports historian David Goldblatt ranks the preparations here among the worst in Olympic history.在里约奥运会开幕之前,出现了一大串各式各样的恶劣问题——从抗议强制驱逐行动,到抱怨新的奥运村发生了盗窃和管道无法使用的事情——英国体育历史学家戴维#8226;戈德布拉特(David Goldblatt)说,这是历史上准备工作最糟糕的奥运会之一。In an effort to bolster security in Rio during the games, the federal government is deploying thousands of troops to patrol the crime-weary city. But critics say that bringing in soldiers from violence-ravaged cities in northeast Brazil could embolden gang activity there and in other parts of the country.里约的犯罪率居高不下,为了提高该市在奥运期间的安全性,联邦政府把数以千计的军人部署到这里进行巡逻。但批评者说,巴西东北部一些城市暴力肆虐,从那里调兵到里约会导致当地和其他区域的帮派变得胆大妄为。Supporters say the traditional Olympic narrative often involves an escalation of tension before the games, only to be replaced by excitement once they are underway. There are also those who say the country needs to stop complaining and start enjoying the spectacle.持者说,在历届奥运会开幕之前,往往都有紧张局势升级的说法,但是开幕之后,大家的情绪就会振奋起来了。还有一些人说,该国民众应该停止抱怨,享受这一盛事。“Everyone wanted the games here when we got them, so all the criticism now is hypocritical,” said Cleide Correa, 72, a real estate broker in Rio de Janeiro. “Of course they spent a lot of money to organize this, but that’s the case in every host country. We need to make the best of the situation now.”“当初我们赢得主办权的时候,每个人都希望在这里举办奥运会,所以现在的批评全都很虚伪,”72岁的里约热内卢房地产经纪人克雷德#8226;科雷亚(Cleide Correa)说。“当然,他们花了很多钱来办奥运,但是每个东道国都不例外。我们需要在现有状况的基础上做到最好。”Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, who has hitched his political fortunes to the games, contends the negative sentiment around the Olympics is largely because of Brazil’s “stray-dog complex,” a term used by the playwright Nelson Rodrigues to describe the inferiority with which Brazilians sometimes view themselves in relation to other countries.里约热内卢市长爱德华多#8226;帕埃斯(Eduardo Paes)已经把自己的政治前途和奥运会连在了一起,他说,围绕奥运会产生的负面情绪主要源自于巴西的“流浪情结”。这个词是剧作家纳尔逊#8226;罗德里格斯(Nelson Rodrigues)提出的,指巴西人在将自己和其他国家做对比的时候存在着一种自卑感。The International Olympic Committee, Paes said, “is noting how we sell ourselves short.” He then argued that blame for the problems at the Olympic Village rested with an Argentina-born Olympic official, and contended that Brazilians were rapidly resolving the issues.帕埃斯说,国际奥委会(International Olympic Committee)“已经注意到我们在妄自菲薄”。他随后表示,奥运村的问题要怪一个在阿根廷出生的奥林匹克官员。他还说,巴西人正迅速解决这些问题。Others say the country’s merciless self-questioning at the moment holds a cathartic value, reflecting a democracy where freedom of expression remains resilient.另外一些人表示,巴西此刻进行无情的自我检讨,可以起到宣泄情绪的作用,还说明在这个民主国家里,人们享有极大的言论自由。In an essay, writer Eliane Brum listed some of the problems that make Brazil seem like a holy mess, including man-made environmental disasters like the bursting of a dam last year in the state of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro’s sewage-infested Guanabara Bay, where sailing teams fear colliding with dead bodies.作家埃莉亚尼#8226;布鲁姆(Eliane Brum)在一篇文章中列出了把巴西看变成一团乱麻的若干问题,其中包括人为造成的环境灾难,比如米纳斯吉拉斯州的一道水坝去年发生了决堤事故,再比如瓜纳巴拉湾被里约的下水道污水严重污染,帆船队担心在那里撞上死尸。Still, Brum said, it would be a joke to submit Brazil “to the judgment of the so-called First World,” given the number of recent problems in those countries and elsewhere.但布鲁姆表示,把巴西交由“所谓的第一世界去评判”会很可笑,因为在那些国家以及世界其他地方,最近也出现了大量问题。Brazil’s malaise has some arguing for realistic expectations.面对巴西的弊病,一些人开始呼吁抛开不切实际的期待。“We’re clearly not about to project an image of a powerful and efficient country,” said Fernando Gabeira, a politician and writer.“我们显然不可能展现强大、高效的国家形象,”政治人物、作家费尔南多#8226;加贝拉(Fernando Gabeira)说。“Maybe we can show how we’re starting to get past our economic, political and moral disaster,” Gabeira said. “We could be like those athletes who manage to finish the marathon with their tongues hanging out, almost fainting. But they make it to the finish line.”“我们或许可以展现的是,我们正着手应对经济、政治和道德灾难,”卡贝拉说。“我们可以像那些设法跑完马拉松的运动员一样,他们伸着舌头,几近晕厥,但他们抵达了终点。” /201608/459028



  Air quality is so poor in Beijing that on bad days it’s hard to see buildings across the street. Strategies to live more safely in such an environment abound and no wonder: The journal Nature recently found that air pollution leads to the premature death of three million people every year mainly in Asia. 北京的空气污染非常严重,在天气不好的时候甚至连对街的建筑都看不到。为应对这类天气,人们也想出各种方法。而最近登在Nature 上的研究表明,亚洲每年有300万人因为空气污染而提前死亡。 In addition to pervasive face masks kids in the capital’s international schools play sports under protective domes. A British artist based in Beijing created a wacky-looking “breathing bicycle” which filters air as the rider pedals delivering it through a tube that snakes up to a breathing mask.除了孩子带着口罩在安装了防霾圆顶帐篷的国际学校内活动外,一个在北京的英国设计师发明了一种看起来很奇怪的“呼吸自行车”——车手通过蹬踏板以过滤空气用作呼吸。One of the latest in this array of pollution problem solvers is a tower that takes in smog and releases clean air. Last week the Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde debuted his “Smog Free Tower” in Beijing’s 798 arts district a former industrial zone. Set among old smokestacks the metal tower reaches 23 feet and looks like what it is: an enormous version of a home air purifier.最近又新出现了一种塔式空气净化器,上周荷兰的设计师Daan Roosegaarde 在前身是工业区的北京798艺术区,首次展示“雾霾净化塔”。这个塔是金属材质,23英尺(7m)高,树立在老旧烟囱之间,看起来像一个巨大的家用空气净化器。The tower works by sending positive ions into the air which attach to fine particles including PM 2.5 the particulate matter that is especially hazardousto our health. A negatively charged surface (called a counter electrode) then brings the ions and their attached particles back in to the tower where they are collected and stored. The tower subsequently spews out cleaner air through vents. (Roosegaarde uses the collected particles to make “Smog Free Jewelry” in the form of rings and cufflixs.)这个塔的工作原理是向空气中释放正离子,依附在微粒上,包括对健康影响很大的PM2.5微粒。塔的内表面带负电荷(称为反电子),把正离子和其所依附的微粒吸回塔里,进行收集和储存。塔随后通过通风口喷出清洁的空气(Roosegaarde用搜集的微粒制作烟雾首饰,包括戒指和cufflixs)。Roosegaarde told Motherboard that the air surrounding the tower has up to 70 percent fewer pollution particles after it’s been cleaned. And since installing the tower in Beijing he reported to CNN that it collects in one day what it brought in over the course of two weeks of testing in the Netherlands.Roosegaarde告诉Motherboard,经过清洁后,在塔周围的空气已经减少了百分之70的污染颗粒。他向美国有线电视新闻网报告,安装在北京的清洁塔在一天内收集的东西,和在荷兰两个星期搜集的一样多。The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection is supporting Roosegaarde’s venture and has asked him to take the tower on a tour of four other cities in the coming year. Roosegaarde hopes that this is only the beginning. He aims to install 800 of his towers in public parks across China not only to create pockets of cleaner air but to bring more awareness to what is admittedly a huge problem that a giant air purifier—or even 800 of them—can’t begin to solve.中国环保部持Roosegaarde 的创举,并要求他来年携带净化塔到另外四个城市巡游。Roosegaarde 希望这才是开始。他的目标是在中国各地公园安装800座净化塔,不仅是为了产生更干净的空气,而是要引起对空气污染的更多警醒,这个公认的巨大问题不是靠巨大的空气净化器就能解决的——哪怕800个都不行。“We need a bottom-up effort both with citizens and governments actively working for change” Roosegaarde told CNN. “My hope is that one day in 10 or 15 years we’ll look back at [the tower] and find it obsolete.”“我们需要市民和政府上下双方的积极行动以取得改变”Roosegaarde告诉CNN.“我希望10年或15年后的一天,我们再回看(净化塔)时,发现它过时了”。 /201610/470574


  The Republican party’s unease over Donald Trump as its presidential candidate broke into the open yesterday as Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first woman to sew up the Democratic nomination.美国共和党对唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)成为本党总统候选人的担忧昨日公开化,同时希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)成为美国历史上首位获得民主党总统候选人提名的女性。Mrs Clinton’s accomplishment in securing the 2,383 delegates she needs to become her party’s candidate was overshadowed by swelling rancour within Republican ranks over Mr Trump’s attacks on a Hispanic-American judge overseeing a lawsuit against now-defunct Trump University. The billionaire businessman has accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel of being biased because of his Mexican heritage. 希拉里成功获得了候选人提名所需的2383张选举人票,但比这一成就更引人瞩目的是,对于特朗普抨击一名负责审理现已不再运营的“特朗普大学”(Trump University)案件的西语裔美国法官,共和党人士纷纷表示不满。这位亿万富翁商人指责贡萨洛#8226;库列尔(Gonzalo Curiel)法官因其墨西哥血统而存在偏见。House Speaker Paul Ryan attempted to distance himself from Mr Trump, criticising the businessman’s comments in forthright terms. “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment,” Mr Ryan said.众议院议长保罗#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)试图与特朗普划清界限,他直言不讳地批评了特朗普的言论。瑞安表示:“宣称一个人因其种族而无法胜任工作,有些像是教科书定义的种族主义言论。”The acrimony within the Republican camp handed further momentum to Mrs Clinton just as she was finally emerging victorious from a bruising primary campaign against Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator, and preparing to bring her fire to bear fully on Mr Trump.共和党阵营内部的恶言相向为希拉里提供了进一步的动能。希拉里恰好终于在与佛蒙特州参议员伯尼#8226;桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)的激烈初选中胜出,准备与特朗普展开全面较量。Mr Ryan, who endorsed Mr Trump’s candidacy only last week, said his comments about Judge Curiel were “absolutely unacceptable”.瑞安上周刚持特朗普竞选总统。他表示,特朗普关于库列尔的言论“完全让人无法接受”。More than half a dozen leading Republican figures have publicly disavowed Mr Trump’s remarks and Mr Ryan’s verdict underlined the deep concern among Republicans about the damage Mr Trump’s comments could do to their standing among the increasingly powerful Latino electorate.至少6名共和党大佬公开表示特朗普的言论不代表他们的立场,瑞安的声明突显出,在拉美裔选民影响力日益上升之际,共和党内部对特朗普言论对该党人气可能造成的破坏深感忧虑。 /201606/448713

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