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And then there is this PR headache for Apple. There have been allegations of extremely long working hours, underage employees and unsafe conditions at one of its biggest Chinese suppliers, Foxconn. Alison Kosik is at the New York stock exchange. Alison, what does Apple say about all this?苹果公司近日陷入公关危机,其在中国最大的代工厂富士康面临着工人超时工作,雇佣未成年人,工作环境不安全等指控。现在连线美国纽约券交易所的Alison Kosik。Alison,苹果对此有什么回应?Hey, Fredricka. So Apple is actually coming out defending its reputation. Its CEO Tim Cook spoke at a tech conference in California yesterday. He said Apple will not stand for any abuses at suppliers factories in China or anywhere else. Cook says the top priority is stopping suppliers from employing kids, in fact, hes calling that “a firing offense” now. But he did concede that there are instances of long working hours which is a violation of Apples work rules. Now this whole uproar, it actually goes back to 2010 when several Foxconn workers committed suicide. Since then, allegations of unsafe conditions have gotten louder and louder. Foxconn and other manufactures are currently being investigated this week by an independent labor group. That was actually brought in by Apple. Fredricka.嗨,Fredricka。其实苹果是在努力挽回名誉。苹果CEO蒂姆·库克昨日在加利佛利亚的技术研讨会上发言。他表示苹果不持在中国及其它地区的代工厂里发生任何劳工争议事件。库克说目前要把制止生产商雇佣童工放在首位。他称雇佣童工就是与其“解约”。但他承认确实存在工作时间长这个问题,这也违反了苹果的工作原则。目前的混乱局面,又让人忆起2010年富士康几名工人跳楼事件。从那时起,声讨工作环境不安全的呼声就越来越大。目前这星期,富士康还有其他的生产商正接受独立劳工协会的调查。而劳工协会正是由苹果公司引进的。So Alison, has this in any way kind of affected the bottom line for Apple?那么,Alison,那么这会不会从某些方面影响苹果的盈亏底线?And that was interesting. It hasnt. Apple has actually posted record iPad, iPhone and Mac sales last quarter and overall, you know, its shares are doing really well. Its shares are over 0, thats how they are trading these days. As for the overall market, its looking in the opening higher on word out of China, saying it will keep buying European bonds during its bid to help the debt situation in Europe, Fredricka.这问题很有趣。没有影响。苹果发布的iPad, iPhone and Mac的销售额创历史记录,总体上来说,你也知道,股市也相当给力。如今每股超过500美元,这就是苹果这些天的交易现状。至于总体市场方面,苹果把眼光放得更长远,不止注重在中国的舆论,据说苹果会在竞标期间一直在购买欧债,帮助缓解欧债危机,Fredricka。All right, Alison Kosik, thank you so much at the New York Stock Exchange.好了,非常感谢位于纽约券交易所的Alison Kosik。原文译文属!201206/188450The team began the precarious task of shifting a femur, the single heaviest bone in the dinosaurs body.刘易斯团队开始着手转移股骨,这是项不稳定的任务,因为股骨是恐龙身体里最重的骨骼。Try to keep in a line, because if we go on the side, its just gonna be really difficult. That one should go that way.尽量保持在同一条直线,因为如果我们从旁边移动,将会十分困难。那个应该移到那边。Because the fossil is so delicate, its been cased in plaster and reinforced with steel bars.因为化石十分脆弱,所以被包在石膏里,并用钢条加固。When youre handling bones that are heavy and fragile, that is definitely not an easy process. If, you know, you dont have the right people, the bones can break.如果你来处理这些笨重易碎的骨化石,你会发现那绝对不是一个容易的过程。稍有差池,这些骨头就会断掉。It will take many more months of work to excavate the entire skeleton and get it back to LA for analysis.挖掘整个骨架并把它运回洛杉矶进行分析还需数月的工作。Good, good.很好,很好。But to build an exhibition, you dont have to spend months in the desert digging out bones. There are other places to find fossils.为了举办展览,你没必要花数月时间在沙漠里挖掘。在其它地方也能找到恐龙化石。There are plenty of paleontologists working out in the field and excavating new fossils, naming new species every year, but there are also scientists here combing through existing collections in dusty storerooms, hoping to make new discoveries from bones that were found decades if not centuries ago.每年有许多古生物学家在荒地里挖掘新化石,并给它们命名,但也有科学家在满是灰尘的储藏室梳理已经收集到的化石,希望能从几十年甚至几百年前发现的骨化石中找到新线索。 Ive come to the natural history museum in Oxford, and Im here to meet Darren Nash. Hes a paleontologist who looks for new dinosaurs in the backrooms of museums. There are always a huge number of specimens behind the scenes, either because theyre incomplete, unglamorous, or unidentified.我去过牛津大学的自然历史物馆,我来这里会见达伦·纳什。他是一名古生物学家,他在物馆的暗室里寻找新恐龙。要么是因为不完整,太过平常,要么是因为身份不明,幕后总是积压着大量的化石标本。原文译文属!201209/198436Business.商业。An intellectual-property exchange.知识产权交易。Marketplace of ideas.创意集市。A new financial exchange hopes to make it easier to trade patent rights.愿新型金融交易让专利买卖更容易。THE technology industry is at war over intellectual property. On May 7th the first round of a three-part fight between Oracle and Google over patent and copyright claims relating to the Java programming language ended in a decision that denied outright victory to either firm. Apple, Samsung and others are fighting over smartphone patents. Facebook and Yahoo! are at loggerheads over internet patents. Accusations abound that innovation is taking a back seat to litigation. Only the lawyers are smiling.科技产业就知识产权的问题一直纷争不断。5月7日,甲骨文和谷歌就与编程语言Java相关的专利和版权声明进行了多回合的首轮较量,结果双方铩羽而归。苹果、三星及其他厂商在智能手机的专利权问题上拼得焦头烂额。脸谱网和雅虎也因互联网专利闹得很不愉快。官司铺天盖地,逼得创新给诉讼让位。唯独律师喜笑颜开。All of which makes this a good time to launch a new approach to trading intellectual property, says Gerard Pannekoek, the boss of IPXI, a new financial exchange that lets companies buy, sell and hedge patent rights, just like any other asset. The idea is to offer a patent or group of patents as ;unit licence rights; (ULRs), which can be bought and sold like shares. A ULR grants a one-time right to use a particular technology in a single product: a new type of airbag sensor in a car, say. If a company wants to use the technology in 100,000 cars, it buys 100,000 ULRs at the market price. ULRs are also expected to be traded on secondary markets.这些纷争为知识产权交易创造了良机,国际知识产权交易所公司(IPXI)联席主席拉德?潘涅库克如是说到。像处置资产一样,该交易所的新型金融交易可以让公司购买、出售并保有专利权。该公司的构想是将专利单个或打包成授权的专利组合提供,这些专利可以像股份一样买卖。一个授权专利组合允许在单件产品上一次性使用某个技术:这就是说,一个新式的安全气囊传感器仅能用于一辆轿车。若一家公司想在十万量轿车上都应用该技术,它就得按市场价购进同等数量的技术许可。授权的专利组合也可在二级市场上交易。This is simpler, faster and cheaper than the lawyer-intensive process of negotiating bilateral licences for intellectual property, the high cost of which discriminates against small companies, leaves patents unused on the shelf and hampers innovation. IPXIs approach does not work for all types of intellectual property-it does not allow exclusive licensing, for example-but should make it easier for companies to make money from their inventions. ;Its a great form of non-dilutive funding for start-ups,; suggests Mr. Pannekoek.用这种办法交易知识产权,要比采用律师密集型的双边专利授权协商来的快,也更简单、更廉价。司法协商费用高昂,对小企业不公,也会让专利受束高阁,从而有碍创新。然而,国际知识产权交易所公司的这种专利交易方式并不对各类知识产权通通适用——打个比方来说,它就不允许独家授权——但这种方式让企业通过发明创造来获利更加容易。;对刚上市的公司来说,这种筹款方式能够很好地规避股权收益的减损。;潘涅库克先生这样表示。The exchange has signed up 30 members including Philips, an electronics giant, and several universities and research laboratories. IPXI was set up in 2008 by Ocean Tomo, a merchant bank that specialises in intellectual property, and its investors include CBOE Holdings, the parent company of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. On May 4th IPXI published the rulebook that governs how the exchange will work, and it expects to open for business later this year. Its novel approach is ideal for the open, non-exclusive licensing of smartphone-related patents, says Ruud Peters, chief intellectual-property officer at Philips. Good news for innovators, perhaps, but bad news for lawyers?目前该交易所公司的加盟成员已达30个,其中不乏电子巨头飞利浦,此外,数所大学和研究实验室也投身其中。国际知识产权交易所公司由Ocean Tomo于2008年组建,后者是一家专业务于知识产权领域的商业,芝加哥期权交易所的母公司芝加哥期权交易控股集团(CBOE Holdings)是该的投资方之一。5月4日,国际知识产权交易所公司公布了一份规范,用以指导产权买卖,以期于今年晚些时候开放商业性产权交易。飞利浦的首席知识产权官路德?彼得斯称这一新举措将不断开放与智能手机相关的专利、进一步破除独家授权,形势一片大好。对发明家们来说,这或许是个利好消息,可对那些律师来讲呢? /201208/197536

The idea of time travel is fascinating and interesting. And certainly, the newer ideas about how the university system constructed, raised the possibility that more dimensions than the 3-dimesions of space and one dimesion of time that we used to hear in the university exist.时光旅行既有趣又吸引人。当然,新观点指出宇宙组成有多维的可能性,人们认为在三维的基础上还有一维时间,自宇宙诞生之时就已开始的时间。The ideas that are often used in fiction where you travel faster than the speed of light in order to change the past. For example at the end of superman 1, superman whizzes around the planet earth, because he is shocked that the Louis Lanes just died. In the great earthquake caused by nuclear explosion when Lex Lothor detonates something.科幻小说中最常见的观点就是,当一个人的速度超越光速,他就能穿越时空改变过去。例如在《超人》1的结尾,超人不敢相信Louis Lane因核爆炸引发的地震而死去,他绕着地球飞行。He breaks the light barrier, travels faster than the speed of light, and then the earth starts go backwards, all of a sudden, Lois Lane rises from the dead.他打破了光的束缚,超越了光速,接着时空倒转,Louis Lane又活了过来。The fanciful ideas of travelling backwards through time by moving faster than the speed of light. Simply, mathematically dont work.超越光速穿越时空的这种奇幻的想法,从数学角度上看并不能实现。Michael J.Fox put plutonium in his lorry and he rocked back the time while plutonium does not have the enough energy to drive the time machine. To energize a time machine, to bend time into a presser, to punch a hole in the fabricated space and time would require the energy of the star. One version of a time machine uses whats called a wormhole. Think of a looking glass in Alice Wonderland. That looking glass is the wormhole. What happens if you go back in time, and kill your parents before youre born. Well, if you kill your parents before you are born, how could you be born because you just kill your parents before youre born. If you go back within time, and you saved Abram Lincon from being assasinated, you would have essentially saved somebody elses Abram Lincon, your Aram Lincon died. If you change the fabricated time, you are changing another parallel universe. These people are genetically identical to the people of your past. But theyre different.Michael J.Fox将钚元素放入车中,结果扭曲了时间,因为钚并没有足够的能量驾驭时间机器。时间机器需要能量来将时间压缩成环状,在重组的时空中创造一个时空洞,而这需要来自恒星的能量。影视作品中有一个版本的时间机器运用了虫洞的能量。《爱丽丝梦游仙境》中的镜子就是虫洞。另外,如果你回到过去,杀死还没有生孩子的你的父母。也就是说,你杀死了还没有生你时你的父母,那么你又怎么会存在呢,因为你的父母在生你前就已经死了。而如果你穿越时空,解救了被刺杀的林肯,实际上,你解救的林肯将不再是未来世界中的“林肯”,而在你未来时空中的“林肯”还是死了的。如果你改变了过去的时空,你就改变了未来的平行世界。在这个平行世界中的人们和你的过去世界中的人看似一模一样,但实际上他们是不同的。If I can go back any time in past to see any event, I think I will go back in the past about 3.5 billion years ago, to witness the creation of first molecules of life. I would like to go back to the time that the earth formed, that our sun formed and see how it was, and what exactly was the process that made it possible for our sun to collect together, and force of gravity in all that space dusts and gas coming together to form a star. When people aske: Is time travel just a philosophical structure or hypothetic or mathimatically show. The answer is its a combination of them all.如果我能回到过去的任何时间点,我想我会回到35亿年前去见第一个生命分子的诞生。我想回到地球和太阳成型的时期去看看究竟,去看看到底是什么关键步骤使我们的太阳最终聚集成型,我想去见宇宙尘埃和气体因引力和重力而聚集成星体。人们可能会问:时间旅行是属于哲学范畴,数学科学,还是一种科学假设。而就是这三者的结合。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196715Kids These Days!现在的孩子们!M: Kids these days! They have no respect; they dont know the value of dollar;they cant pay attention to anything for long.现在的小孩子们不懂得尊重(别人),不知道钱的价值,也不能把注意力长时间放在一件事上。F: Actually, that last one may be true. Well,the older generation always complains about kids. But researchers who study the effects of television actually have data to suggest that young people today dont pay attention in the way their parents do.事实上,最后一个或许是真的。上一代人老是抱怨孩子。但是研究电视(对人的)影响的研究人员真的有数据可以实现在的年轻人并不能像他们的父母一样集中注意力。M: Whats the connection to TV?跟电视有什么关系?F: Annie Lang and her colleagues at Indiana University have done a series of studies in which college-age people and middle-aged people were shown a string of t.v. and movie clips. In one trial, they showed images that changed at a fast rate—over eleven shots every thirty seconds. Other trials had images that changed at slower rates—five to six changes, or zero to three changes, every thirty seconds. People from all three groups were quizzed after watching the s to see how much they could remember.印第安纳大学的Annie Lang和他的同事们对做了一系列的研究。(研究人员给)大学年龄层的年轻人和中年人展示了一系列的电视节目和电影剪辑。他们一组用很每30秒超过11次的速度快速给他们展示了图像。另两组,他们又以更慢——每30秒5到6次或是0到3次的速度(展示)。看完录像后,三组人会被测试能记忆多少内容。M: The results?结果是?F: The results differed depending on a couple of factors, such as how arousing the images themselves were. But in general they found that young people have a much harder time than adults in paying attention to, and remembering, slower-moving material.结果受一些因素的影响而有所不同。比如说图像本身振奋人心的程度。但是总的来说,研究人员发现未成年人比成年人更难对慢速移动的东西集中注意力并且记忆住。M: I knew it, those lazy kids!我知道了,懒惰的孩子们!F: Its not quite laziness. They try, but slow material is hard for them. And adults fared worse at remembering fast-moving material.也不一定是懒惰。他们有尝试,但是(运动)慢的东西对他们来说很难(集中注意力并且记忆住)。而成年人在记忆快速移动的东西上更遭。 /201208/196135

Still in Books and Arts;The Dead Sea scrolls;Voice of reason;文艺;死海古卷;理性的声音;The Story of the Scrolls: The Miraculous Discovery and True Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. By Geza Vermes.《古卷的故事:死海古卷的神奇发现和真正意义》。格左·维尔麦希著。 Within a century or so of Christianitys emergence, Jews and Christians were having heated disputes over certain prophetic passages in the Hebrew scriptures. They were arguing not only over the meaning of those verses, but over their precise wording. Each side suspected the other of doctoring manuscripts in order to support its own interpretations.在基督教出现后一个世纪左右的时间里,犹太教徒和基督徒们就希伯来语圣经中某些预言性的章节进行了激烈的辩论。他们不仅就那些经节的意思,也就那些经节准确的字词进行争论。每一方都怀疑对方篡改了手稿以便持自己的阐释。At least until the late 20th century, it was almost impossible for modern scholars to throw any light on the substance of these disputes: in other words, to say which party was correct in its claims as to which wording was the oldest. There are clearly some small but significant differences between the Hebrew used by most Jews for at least 1,400 years or so—the Masoretic text—and the Septuagint, a translation into Greek made for Hellenistic Jews in Egypt about 800 years earlier, using a Hebrew original which has been lost. But nobody could really explain the source of these differences. Was it the case that the translators deliberately set out to mislead, or did later editors alter the Hebrew?至少在二十世纪晚期以前,现代的学者们几乎不可能弄清这些争论的实质内容:换句话说,几乎不可能断定哪一方对于哪一个用词最为古老的看法是否正确。大部分犹太人使用了至少1400年左右的希伯来语圣经——即马所拉本圣经——和七十士希腊文圣经之间显然有一些细微但重要的不同之处。(七十士本圣经是为讲希腊语的在埃及的犹太人所作的希腊语翻译,成书时间较马所拉本圣经早大约800年,其所用的希伯来语原文现已失传。)但没人真能解释这些不同之处的来源。是翻译者们有意去误导读者,还是后来的编辑者改动了希伯来语圣经?Debate about this and many other delicate matters was transformed by the discovery, starting in 1947, of nearly 900 documents, in a series of caves in the desolate landscape east of Jerusalem. The scrolls, the first of which was found by a young goatherd, are a mixture of biblical and quasi-biblical texts, plus some previously unknown writings, all apparently possessed by (and perhaps produced by) a dissident Jewish community just before and during the time of Jesus Christ.关于这一点和其它许多微妙问题的争论因为将近900份文件从1947年开始陆续被发现而改观。发现这些文件的地点是位于耶路撒冷以东荒凉地带的一组岩洞。最先发现其中一册古卷的是一个年轻的羊倌。古卷中既有圣经上的文本也有类似圣经的文本,还有一些先前不为人所知的著作;这些卷册显然是由一个持异见的犹太人群体拥有(或许也制作),拥有(制作)的年代略早于并贯穿耶稣基督的时代。The analysis of such ultra-sensitive material requires calm judgment—and Geza Vermes, a retired Oxford professor, is widely credited with having the coolest head among the scholars who have devoted their careers to studying the scrolls and sharing their insights. Some of his writing is controversial. He has, for example, strong personal opinions on the “historical Jesus”, and like anybody who enters that field he has attracted both admirers and detractors. But in this short personal memoir, he sticks mainly to the known facts about the scrolls, and the arguments they have caused. On this matter, he is careful and fair-minded.分析这样极度敏感的材料需要心平气和的判断——而在专事研究死海古卷并与他人分享见解的学者中,格左·维尔麦希这位牛津大学的退休教授被广泛的认为是头脑最为冷静的一位。他所写的文字有的也具争议性。比如,他对“历史上的耶稣”持有强烈的个人观点;和其他任何进入该领域的人一样,他也吸引了崇拜者和诋毁他的人。但在这本短小的个人回忆录中,他基本上只讲述了关于那些古卷已知的事实和古卷所引起的争论。在这件事上,他小心谨慎,公平持正。It may help that his personal story stands at the tragic interface between Christianity and Judaism in the 20th century. As the 85-year-old Mr Vermes recalls, his Hungarian Jewish parents died in the Holocaust, even though the family, which was not religious, had converted to Catholicism in the 1930s. Young Geza was saved by the familys Catholic contacts and went on to study in western Europe. Ordained as a Catholic priest and educated at Catholic universities, he later reverted to his Jewish roots. As a lifelong analyst of the scrolls, whose efforts to maximise scholarly access have been gratefully recalled by younger biblical scholars, such as Britains Philip Davies, Mr Vermes is well placed to dissect the precise significance of this unique discovery, and to assess the many theories it triggered.他亲身经历了基督教和犹太教在二十世纪悲剧性的关系,这可能对他有所助益。现已85岁的维尔麦希回忆说,他匈牙利裔的犹太双亲都死于大屠杀,虽然他们一家——他们并不笃信宗教——之前在一九三十年代都皈依了天主教。年轻的格左被其家庭交往的天主教徒所救,接着去了西欧学习。他被授予了天主教神父的职务,也在不同的天主教大学受过教育,但后来他还是回归了他的犹太传统。作为一位毕生分析死海古卷的专家,他努力让尽可能多的学者能够接触这些文本——比他年轻的圣经学者们(比如英国的菲利普·戴维斯)回忆起他的这些努力时都心存感激——由他来剖析这一独特发现的精确意义和评价这一发现所引发的多个理论非常合适。One popular conspiracy theory held that the Catholic scholars who did the initial analysis of the scrolls kept their conclusion secret because it challenged the Christian faith. Mr Vermes, who was close to that research effort, finds good reason to criticise it for slowness and carelessness—but no ground to assert a conspiracy. Nor does he accept oversimplified theories that directly link the community which gave rise to the scrolls with the advent of Christianity. The manuscripts are relevant to the study of Christian beginnings, but they are not the whole story.根据一个流传甚广的阴谋论的说法,对死海古卷进行了最初分析的天主教学者们对他们的结论秘而不宣,因为该结论挑战了基督教的信仰。维尔麦希先生对于那次研究有近距离的了解,他有理有据的对该次研究的缓慢和粗疏做了批评,但他不认为阴谋论的说法有根据。他也不接受那些把留下了死海古卷的群体和基督教的出现直接联系起来的过于简单化的理论。那些手稿对关于基督教起源的研究有用,但它们并非事情的全部。For Mr Vermes, the Dead Sea scrolls provide both reassurance and difficult questions for believing Christians and Jews alike. The reassuring news for Jews is that the scrolls, comprising versions of the Hebrew scriptures in use about 2,000 years ago, are mostly pretty close to the later Masoretic version.在维尔麦希先生看来,死海古卷对于虔信的基督徒和犹太教徒来说,都是既安顿了他们的信心,也提出了不易回答的问题。让犹太教徒安心的消息是这些古卷包含了大约两千年前人们所用的不同版本的希伯来语圣经,而这些版本和后来的马所拉本圣经大体上相当接近。Although Mr Vermes does not spell this out in detail, there is also some intriguing news for Christians: certain “Old Testament” passages which they hold dear—but which are mysteriously absent in the Masoretic version—do feature in the scrolls. They dont seem to have been late Christian inventions. The challenging thing for both faiths to accept is that multiple versions of the Hebrew scriptures appear to have been in circulation for a very long time—to a degree that casts doubt on the existence of one original set of words. Indeed, the very idea there was a single Ur-text from which later versions diverge either more or less is hardly tenable, as Mr Vermes persuasively argues.虽然维尔麦希先生没有细说,关于死海古卷也有对基督徒来说颇有意思的消息:“旧约”中某些他们珍视的段落——但是这些段落却神秘的没有出现在马所拉本圣经中——确实在死海古卷中就有了。它们看上去不像是基督徒后来编造的。上述两个宗教可能都难以接受的是希伯来语圣经的多个版本看来都已经流传了很长时间,以致于让人怀疑是否真的存在一个原初的文本。其实,就如维尔麦希先生让人信的论的那样,认为先有一个单一的原始文本,后来的版本或多或少的脱离了该个原始文本的这一想法是难以站住脚的。Many believers in revealed religion, especially those who regard text as the primary medium of revelation, will find that hard. But if they do accept it, it will be much easier for believers in different religions to have civilised debates without coming to blows. As someone who has significantly advanced that cause, Mr Vermes can look back on a life well lived.许多相信启示宗教的人们,尤其是那些把文字视为启示之主要媒介的信徒,会觉得这难以接受。但是如果他们真的接受了这个观点,不同宗教的信徒间将更容易进行文明的争论而不用彼此挥拳相向。作为有力的推动了这一事业的人,维尔麦希先生的生命没有虚度。 /201303/232284Science and technology.科技。Neutrino communications中微子通信ET, phone home外星人,致电家中The worlds first neutrino-messaging service世界上首次中微子通信务PARTICLE physics is all very well for addressing trivial matters like ;why are we here?; (see article). But some people question its practical usefulness. To answer such naysayers a group of physicists at Fermilab have just submitted a paper to Modern Physics Letters A in which they describe how they have built themselves a neutrino-powered telephone.粒子物理学总是能很好地解决我们生活中遇到的像;为什么我们在这里?;这类的琐事。但是一些人会质疑它的实际可行性。为了消除类似的质疑,费米实验室的一群物理学家刚向物理学界权威杂志Modern Physics Letters A提交了一篇论文,论文中描述着他们怎样为自己成功定制了利用中微子载波的无线电通信电话。Naturally, their neutrinophone is digital. A pulse of neutrinos (small, elusive subatomic particles with no electric charge) corresponds to the digit ;1; while no pulse corresponds to ;0;. The neutrinos themselves are created by smashing bunches of protons into a target made of graphite. They are detected roughly 1km away by researchers who, in their day jobs, work on a neutrino collaboration called MINERvA. By modulating the pulses of protons the group was able to send a message in binary that, when translated, ;neutrino;. Whether this will go down in history alongside Alexander Graham Bells first message, ;Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you,; remains to be seen.显然,他们的中微子电话通信是数字化的。一个中微子(一种不带电荷形态诡异的亚原子粒子)脉冲对应着逻辑电平;1;,没有脉冲时就对应着逻辑电平;0;。中微子产生于一些质子束轰击一个石墨目标后产生脉冲介子,介子随后衰变而成。整天工作于一个「主注入器之中微子V-A交互作用实验(MINERvA)的研究员们在大概在一公里远处能检测到中微子。通过对质子束脉冲的调制编码后,以二进制码的形式进行中微子传输。是否这将延续亚历山大?格拉汉姆?贝尔(Alexander Graham Bell)的历史,以;Watson先生,请过来,我想见到你;进行首次中微子通信,我们拭目以待。The point, though, apart from sheer wackiness, is that neutrinos are not easily intercepted by collisions with other sorts of matter. If humanity wanted to broadcast its existence to intelligent life forms that might be out in the galaxy listening, a modulated beam of neutrinos would be a good way of doing so. Conversely, some people argue that listening for ET at radio frequencies is the wrong approach. The right one, they think, would be to build a neutrino-receiver. And that would mean plenty of work for neutrino physicists. Perhaps, then, from its makers point of view, the neutrinophone is not such a nutty idea, after all.然而,重要的不仅是其古怪性而且中微子在传输中当受到其他物质的撞击时不容易被破坏。如果人类想让远在系的地方听到充满智慧生命存在性的广播,那么经过调制的中微子光束则是使他实现的一种很好的方式。相反,一些人认为利用无线电广播频率收听外星人是一种错误的方式。他们认为正确的方式应该是搭建一个中微子载波的接收器。这就意味着中微子的物理学家将需要做大量的工作。那么,也许中微子电话的制造商会认为,毕竟中微子电话并非是一个疯狂的创意。201208/193991

Obituary;Richard Holbrooke;讣告;理查德·霍尔布鲁克;Richard Holbrooke, diplomat and troubleshooter, died on December 13th, aged 69.外交家和纠纷调解专家理查德·霍尔布鲁克,于12月13日去世,享年69岁。HIS favourite book was Herman Melvilles “Moby-Dick”, and it was pretty clear why. He cited Ishmaels confession near the beginning of his memoir of the 1995 Bosnian peace talks, “To End a War”: “as for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.” For Richard Holbrooke the remote, the forbidden and the barbarous were as likely to be found at negotiating tables, in cold hotel rooms, or in windowless government offices where men and women struggled to sort out the world, while he banged heads.他最喜爱的书是赫尔曼·梅尔维尔的《白鲸记》,而且原因也非常明了。他在关于1995年波斯尼亚和谈的回忆录的开头就引用了伊希梅尔的自白,“结束战争”:“对我来说,我对遥远的事物有一种不断的渴望,这一直使我备受折磨。我喜欢在禁海上航行,喜欢踏上原始海岸。”对理查德·霍尔布鲁克而言,这种遥远,禁止和原始很有可能在谈判桌上,在冰冷的宾馆房间里,或者在没有窗户的政府办公室里找到,在这些地方人们都努力理清头绪,而他则猛敲脑袋。He liked Matthew Arnold, too, and again recognised that “thirst to spend our fire and restless force/In tracking out our true, original course”. He tracked his own course through history, more than 40 years at the sharp edge of American foreign policy, working for every Democratic president since John Kennedy: a big, burly actor in his own play, glaring through wire-rimmed glasses or barking into his phone. A crowd of “close friends” eddied round him, all of whom could be nudged, flattered, tricked, and in the end—when the blue eyes hardened and the cheeks puffed out—pushed into doing what he wanted. A bastard, a bully, a bulldozer, an egoist, but also a charmer, full of heart and fun, a great guy to have dinner with, even when—as at Pamela Harrimans in Paris in August 1995—he would get up eight or nine times from the table to take telephone calls, radiating happy self-importance.他也很喜欢马修·阿诺德,而且再次认识到“对运用我们和不安份力量的渴望;对我们内心真实和最初目标的追寻。”在美国外交政策方面工作了40多年,为自肯尼迪总统之后的历届民主党总统工作过,透过这些历史他追寻着自己的最初目标:在自己游戏中的一个高大,直率的演员,总是以他那镶有金属丝边的眼镜或者对着电话的大吼而引人注目。一群“密友”都围绕在他周围,但是当他硬下心肠,不讲面子的时候,他就会恭维,设计这些“密友”,甚至向他们动手,最后还能让他们按自己的要求做事。他就是一个混蛋,一个无赖,一个恶霸,一个以自我为中心的人,但是同时,他也是一个有魅力的人,极富爱心,充满幽默感,是在一起吃饭的合适人选,甚至1995在帕米拉·哈里曼巴黎的家里,他也会从桌边站起来8,9次去接电话,无时不刻不在显示着自己的重要。Those calls were to organise NATO air strikes on the Bosnian Serb positions round Sarajevo. NATO was meant to operate as a collective; but in the face of the Wests craven failure to end the Bosnian war, Mr Holbrooke had more or less singlehandedly decided to play hardball with the Serbs. If they would not make concessions at the table, they would have to be beaten on the ground. He made dramatic appeals to Washington to give him “bombs for peace”. The pleas succeeded.那些电话是在组织北约对萨拉热窝周围波斯尼亚人和塞尔维亚人聚点的空袭。北约是整体行动的,但是面对韦斯特懦弱地试图结束波斯尼亚战争的不成功,霍尔布鲁克几乎就是单独决定对塞尔维亚人要强硬。如果在谈判桌上谈不拢,那么就必须给他们点颜色看看。他强烈地请求华盛顿同意他“用炸弹换和平”的方案,他做到了。The Dayton peace accords, signed that December, sealed Mr Holbrookes fame as a diplomat. Signs of his balance and realism were everywhere, for example his insistence that the new Bosnia, despite including a Serbian republic, should be a properly multi-ethnic state. Recalling first-hand the 1968 Vietnam peace talks in Paris, held up for two months over how to seat the Vietcong, he demanded a table that would seat nine people only, not including the Bosnian Serbs. The only Serb he would deal with was Slobodan Milosevic, a “thug” he tolerated because he could be a thug himself. It was surely not immoral to talk, walk in the woods, down a pear brandy or two together, if it saved lives. As it turned out, he saved many thousands.那年12月份签署的代顿和平协议使作为外交官的霍尔布鲁克声名鹊起。他很现实也很会平衡各方利益,例如,他坚持新的波斯尼亚应该是一个多民族的国家,尽管已经有了塞尔维亚共和国。1968年在巴黎举行的越南和谈会议用了两个多月时间讨论怎样对待越共,一回想起这个,他就要求要举行一个不包括波斯尼亚人和塞尔维亚人的谈判会议。他唯一愿意打交道的塞尔维亚人是斯洛丹·米洛舍维奇,他能够容忍这个“暴徒”是因为他自己本人也可能是一个暴徒。在树林里谈话,散步,喝下一两瓶梨白兰地酒,这些当然不是不道德的,如果这些能够拯救无数生命的话。结果明,他确实拯救了很多人。In Dayton and everywhere else he was a hard taskmaster, but this was no more than he demanded of himself: shuttling to and fro between continents, staying up sleepless to a book or to watch “Theres Something About Mary” for the fifth time. When he was given a job he did it fast, on his own terms (he was not Mr Obamas “envoy” to Afghanistan and Pakistan, too elegant a word, but his “special representative”, a much wider-ranging brief). And he expected short, direct lines of communication. As early as 1970, in a piece for the first issue of Foreign Policy (a magazine he edited from 1972 to 1977, during a Republican lull), he lamented the mushroom growth of the State Department, where internal communications were becoming “ever more time-consuming, less intelligible and less controllable”. He thus predicted four decades early the age of Wikileaks, though Wikileaks might well have doomed his tactics in Bosnia.在代顿以及其他任何地方,他都是一名很难相处的领导,但是这仅仅是他对自己的要求:来回的在各大洲之间穿梭,熬夜不停地看一本书或者看第五遍我为玛丽狂。每接到一个工作,他都会很快完成,用他自己的话说(他不是奥巴马总统的阿富汗和巴基斯坦“特使”,这个词太文雅了,而是他的“特别代表”,这个词范围更广)。而且他喜欢简短直接的交流。早在1970年,外交政策(他1972年-1977年在共和党竞选期间编辑的一本杂志)第一期的一段中,他为国家部门的迅速增长感到悲哀,在这样的部门中,内部交流都变得“更浪费时间,更难理解,更难控制”。因此,他早在40年前就预言了维基泄密事件的发生,尽管维基泄密可能使他对波斯尼亚的战略趋于毁灭。The impossible pursuit 不可能的追求 Kennedys “ask what you can do for your country” had first got him into the foreign service, in the Mekong Delta in 1963, where he handed out cooking oil and thatching straw in a fruitless attempt to win the Vietnamese to Americas side. Like the journalist he had meant to be, before the New York Times turned him down, he always tried to talk to locals. In Pakistan he would squeeze his big frame into refugees tents in Swat, as relaxed as if he were cruising a Washington cocktail party, to listen to the misery of ordinary, frightened folk.1963年在湄公河三角洲,他做了一些无用的尝试,向越南人分发食用油和盖房用的稻草,想以此来争取他们对美国的持,这时,肯尼迪总统“你能为你的国家做些什么”这句话,让他义无返顾的步入了外交事业之中。他像一名记者一样—他本可以成为一名记者的,纽约时报拒绝了他—-总是试着和当地人交谈。在巴基斯坦,他会以庞大的身躯用力挤进难民营—就像华盛顿的鸡尾酒晚会上在散步一样放松—-来听取普通人和受惊平民的苦难。To himself and to others he seemed a natural for secretary of state, but never made it; presidents minds were set elsewhere. In the Obama foreign-policy cabal he sat awkwardly, a New Yorker rather than a Chicagoan, and a weary-seeming holdover from ancient Democratic regimes. His bluntness played badly in Kabul, where Hamid Karzai sometimes refused to talk or eat with him.在自己和他人看来,他似乎是国务卿的最佳人选,但是他始终没有成功;不知道总统们是怎么想的。在奥巴玛的外交政策集团中他混的很艰难,他是纽约人而不是芝加哥人,他似乎是旧民主党体制中一个让人讨厌的,而又长期占据这个职位的老顽固。在喀布尔,他的直言不讳可一点也不吃香,哈米德·卡尔扎伊有时拒绝跟他交谈和吃饭。He always insisted that Vietnam no longer haunted him, though the similarities with Afghanistan were inescapable, not least a crushing sense of the limits of American power. Mr Holbrooke, however, still believed that America was the worlds problem-solver, and that with “all its will and all its strength” it could put the most benighted spots to rights. Even the Afghan war, perhaps, could be turned round. And so, like Ishmael, he charged boldly on:他一直坚称越南不再是他关心的了,但是在阿富汗同样的情况中,他是逃不掉的,尤其是切实感觉到美国实力的限制。然而,霍尔布鲁克仍然相信美国是世界的问题解决者,以“其意愿和实力”,美国能解决最难解决的问题。甚至连阿富汗战争,可能也能挽回。因此,他像伊希梅尔一样大胆地指责:and in the wild conceits that swayed me to my purpose, two and two there floated into my inmost soul, endless processions of the whale, and, mid most of them all, one grand hooded phantom, like a snow hill in the air.在动摇我观点的疯狂的自以为是中,两只,两只,无数的鲸鱼漂进了我的灵魂最深处,在他们大多数中间都有一只带着面罩的大幽灵,就像空中的一座雪山。 /201212/211871Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, save 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。Its Wednesday November 10th, Im Natalie D Contel. Its time to get loaded.今天是11月10日周三,我是Natalie D Contel。是时间了解最新资讯了。Windows phone 7 launched this week, now were seeing on the interesting apps from the new phone rolled out. Most notably are the slim box app that lets you stream content from your home cable box, and a Google app that lets you bypass the default Bing search. Early reviews are that phone is really great, so we have to wait and see what consumers think.微软的Windows phone 7这周开始发售,我们将能看到这款手机的有趣应用。纤薄的机身是它的一大特色,另外它还能从家庭的有线电视盒接收信号。它带有谷歌的一款应用,能让你避开使用微软的必应搜索引擎。根据早前公布的信息,这款手机受到大家的普遍认同,所以我们只有等待发售静待佳音了。Google announced instant preview on Teusday. Its a feature that lets you preview websites without fully committing to the click. So you dont have to visit the site to see that it may not be what you had wanted, and say a preview through a magnifing glass within a fraction of a second. You gotta love google saving your time second by second.周二,谷歌推出即时预览功能。这项功能使你能够在不打开搜索结果页面的情况下简单浏览页面。因此你不用再浪费时间打开可能不是你想找的网页了,在不到一秒钟的时间内,你就能通过谷歌放大镜预览搜索结果的页面。这大大节省了搜索查找的时间,你一定会爱上谷歌的这款即时预览功能。And you wont be searching for anything on Ask.com any more, the company is shutting down its search business and letting go of its engineers. Instead, they will focus on developping their online question and answer service, which I suppose is still search but not in the traditional sense. Kind of sad, I used to use when it was askjeeves.com, poor jeeves time is tough. We gotta let you go.很遗憾,今后你将不能再使用Ask.com网站了,这家公司已经关闭了搜索业务,并且辞退了大量工程师。取而代之的是他们全新的在线提问和回答业务,虽然还是搜索业务,但是显然和传统的搜索类业务不一样。很遗憾,我曾经还是askjeeves.com域名的忠实用户,这家网站是从jeeve时代艰难熬过来的。不过我们必须放开手让它继续前行。Apple has reportedly bought wireless headphone maker Wigear, so far this is not confirmed. But reports are that this happened two months ago. Wi-Gear designed headphones that connected to iPods and iPhones, their bluetooth, they were able to control music player at up to 40 feet away.有报道称,苹果公司最近收购了无线耳机制造商Wi-Gear,这一消息还未经苹果公司正式。但报道称这一举动发生在两个月前。Wi-Gear设计了可连接到iPods和iPhones的蓝牙耳机,这种耳机将能在40英尺外遥控音乐播放器。And very cool, Youtube app is now available for Android and lets you control your google TV and the Youtube vedios you play there. You sign into your Yutube app and then select the vedios you want to watch on the phone. And they will play on your big screen. Its kind of like Apple air-play that will soon works with Apple TV and iPhone. Very cool, but then again, you do need a TV that has Google TV.非常酷,Youtube的一款安卓手机的应用可以利用手机遥控谷歌电视播放YouTube视频。你需要首先注册YouTube应用,然后在手机上选择好要看的YouTube视频。视频就会在大屏幕的电视上播放。这就类似于苹果公司的air-play一样,将苹果手机和苹果电视联系在一起。非常酷,但前提是你要买一台谷歌电视。ATamp;T users can now get their mobile apps with GetJar. GetJar is like the itunes apps store for non-iPhones. There are over 75,000 apps in the GetJar store and they run on about 50 ATamp;T phones. Obviously, the iphone is not one of them.ATamp;T的用户现在可以通过GetJar获得手机应用。GetJar就像iPhone的itunes应用一样集合了各种手机应用。在GetJar有着超过7万5千多的应用程序,持50款ATamp;T手机。很明显,手机用户只是他们顾客的中一部分。When Research In Motion throw its tablet into the market, the device will cost less than 500 dollars. RIM CEO said this in an interview with Bloomberg. The 7 inch Blackberry play book is due out in first quater of 2011.动态研究公司RIM的CEO在接见Bloomberg公司人员时说,公司经过市场调查,决定将最新产品黑莓平板电脑定价为500美元,这款7英寸的平板电脑将于2011年第一季度待售。And finally, your job may be protected even if you say terrible things about your boss on facebook, A woman in Connecticut is involved in a legal case that challenged her right to do this without losing her job. The National Labor Relations Board said that this is her right, and that facebook while is just like the water cooler you stand around and discuss your job. A hearing on the case is said for January 25th.最后一条消息,即使你在脸谱网上说老板坏话,老板也无权开除你。一名康乃迪克州的女性就以身试法。美国全国劳资关系委员会表示这是她的权利,脸谱网就像生活冷却机一样,人们有权在脸谱网上谈论自己的工作。1月25日他们还将就此事举办听会。Those are your headlines for today, I will see you tomorrow. Im Nateria D Conte for CNet.com and you have just been loaded.这些就是今日的头条,我们明天见。我是CNet.com的Nateria D Conte。欢迎收看今天的节目。Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, save 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196901

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