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福州检查精子常规那里好三明市监测卵泡那家医院好Thanks to the Apple Watch, Apple has become the second best-selling wearable devices brand in the world, leaving the tech giant just behind Fitbit, the latest data showed.最新数据显示,苹果手表使得苹果成为世界第二大可穿戴设备畅销品牌,仅位列于科技巨头Fitbit之后。Fitbit sold 4.4 million wearable devices in the second quarter this year, remaining top of the list, according to industry research firm IDC, followed by Apple with 3.6 million.据行业调查与分析公司——国际数据公司称,Fitbit今年第二季度的出货量为440万,仍高居榜首,苹果出货量为360万,紧随其后。Xiaomi ranked the third by owning 17.1 percent of the market share, said the report.报告称,小米以17.1%的市场份额排名第三。After three years of fast growth, the wearable devices industry has entered maturity, where challenging dominant players will become increasingly difficult, said analysts.分析师称,三年的快速成长期过后,可穿戴设备行业已经进入了成熟期,想要挑战这些占优势的公司越来越困难。Here#39;s a list of the world#39;s top 5 best-selling wearable devices vendors, compiled by the IDC.以下是由国际数据公司编辑的世界五大畅销可穿戴设备供应商一览。5.Samsung5.三星Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 0.6 million2015年第二季度出货量:60万Market share: 3.3%市场占有率:3.3%Samsung#39;s Gear S wearable device, which gives accessibility to Samsung Galaxy smart phone apps, is displayed at the 2015 International CES, a trade show of consumer electronics, in Las Vegas, Nevada,Jan 8, 2015.2015年1月8日,内华达州的消费性电子产品展会——国际消费电子展上展出了三星的可穿戴设备Gear S,这一设备可以使用三星Galaxy系列智能手机的应用软件。4.Garmin4.佳明Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 0.7 million2015年第二季度出货量:70万Market share: 3.9%市场占有率:3.9%Garmin#39;s new fenix 3 multi-sport GPS training watch is displayed at the 2015 International CES, a tradeshow of consumer electronics, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan 7, 2015.2015年1月7日,内华达州的消费性电子产品展会——国际消费电子展上展出了佳明飞耐时3多功能运动表。3.Xiaomi3.小米Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 3.1 million2015年第二季度出货量:310万Market share: 17.1%市场占有率:17.1%Customers browse MiBand, a fitness band designed by Xiaomi, in Wuhan city, central China?s Hubei province, Mar 5, 2015.2015年3月5日,在位于中国中部的湖北省武汉市,顾客们正在看小米手环——这是由小米公司设计的一款智能健康设备。2.Apple2.苹果Shipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 3.6 million2015年第二季度出货量:360万Market share: 19.9%市场占有率:19.9%Customers try to use an Apple Watch in an Apple retail store in Hangzhou city, East China#39;s Zhejiang province, April 24, 2015. The watch went on sale on April 24 around the world.2015年4月24日,华东地区浙江省杭州市,顾客们正在苹果零售店里试用苹果手表。4月24日,这款手表在全世界上市销售了。1.Fitbit1.FitbitShipment volume in the second quarter 2015: 4.4 million2015年第二季度出货量:440万Market share: 24.3%市场占有率:24.3%A display of the various Fitbit devices, outside the New York Stock Exchange, during the Fitbit initial public offering on Jun 18, 2015.2015年6月18日,Fitbit首次公开发行期间,在纽约券交易所外展示的各种Fitbit设备。 /201509/399647福州附属第一医院哪个医生比较好 BEIJING (Reuters) - IBM Corp will share technology with Chinese firms and will actively help build China#39;s industry, CEO Virginia Rometty said in Beijing as she set out a strategy for one of the foreign firms hardest hit by China#39;s shifting technology policies.北京(路透社)——IBM将与中国公司共享技术,并将积极帮助中国建设科技行业。IBM是受中国的科技行业政策调整冲击最大的外国企业之一,在此情况下,IBM总裁Virginia Rometty称她制定了这一战略。IBM must help China build its IT industry rather than viewing the country solely as a sales destination or manufacturing base, Rometty said at the China Development Forum, an annual Chinese government-sponsored conference bringing together business executives and China#39;s ruling elite.Rometty在中国发展论坛上说,IBM必须帮助中国建设自己的IT行业,而不是仅仅把中国看作销售终端和制造基地。中国发展论坛是中国政府资助的年会,该会召集企业领导人和中国政府精英参加。;If you#39;re a country, as China is, of 1.3 billion people you would want an IT industry as well,; the chief executive said on Monday. ;I think some firms find that perhaps frightening. We, though, at IBM ... find that to be a great opportunity.;“如果你是一个,就像中国吧,一个13亿人口的国家,你肯定也想要有一个IT行业。”IBM总裁Rometty周一称。“有些公司可能觉得这很吓人。但是我们IBM认为这是一个极好的机会。”Rometty#39;s remarks were among the clearest acknowledgements to date by a high-ranking foreign technology executive that companies must adopt a different tack if they are to continue in China amid growing political pressure.Rometty的发言,说明外国科技公司高管层承认,如果想在中国越来越大的政治压力下继续经营,就必须采取与以前不同的策略。A number of U.S. technology companies operating in China are forming alliances with domestic operators, hoping a local partner will make it easier to operate in the increasingly tough environment for foreign businesses.几家美国科技公司与中国当地企业合作,希望在对外国企业日益严峻的经营环境中,中国的合作伙伴能够使得他们的日子好过点。China has been pushing for the use of more Chinese and less foreign-made technology, to grow its own tech sector and in response to ex-U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden#39;s leaks about U.S. cyber surveillance.中国已经在大力推进多使用国产技术,少使用外国技术,以发展自己的科技产业,也是在美国前国安局承包商爱德华斯诺登揭露美国的网络监视之后的对应措施。IBM#39;s sales in China have stabilized after a sharp drop that began in the third quarter of 2013 following Snowden#39;s revelations. The Armonk, New York-based company reported a 1 percent slide in revenue in China during the fourth quarter of 2014, compared with the prior year.2013年三季度,IBM在华销售额因斯诺登的泄密而锐减,之后保持稳定。2014年4季度,IBM在华销售较上年下滑了1%。IBM#39;s new approach allows Chinese companies to build everything from semiconductor chips and servers b ed on IBM architecture, to the software that runs on those machines.IBM的新策略允许中国公司在IBM架构上制造各类产品,包括半导体芯片、务器,以及在这些机器上运行的软件。Last week IBM said Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co will begin producing a version of IBM#39;s Power8 chip run on Chinese-made servers. Its POWER line of processors is often used for intensive calculations in fi nancial services, where Chinese banks have been required by new government regulations to use more dorr ic vendors.上周 , IBM说苏州中晟宏芯信息科技有限公司将开始生产IBM的Power8芯片,用于中国制造的务器。IMB的POWER芯片 常用于金旨务业的大量运算,而在新的政府规定下,中国的得使用更多的本国供应商。The U.S. company had aly announced a series of partnerships with Chinese vendors and now packages its database software with products from Inspur, a server hardware maker and IBM rival, and has also struck agreements with Youyou, a Beijing-based software firm.IBM已经宣布了一系列的与中国供应商的合作关系,现在则把其数据库软件和其竞争对手浪潮集团的产品打包在一起,还跟一家总部在北京的软件公司优优软件达成了协议。Other vendors are making similar efforts.其他外国企业也在作出同样的努力。SAP SE Greater China head Mark Gibbs for instance said in October the company sought to be a ;complementary player to the Chinese market; by selling its software on hardware made by Lenovo Inc and Huawei Technologies.比如SAP大中华负责人Mark Gibbs就在去年10月说过,SAP应该成为;中国市场的替补球员;,即硬件由联想和华为生产,软件由SAP提供。Everyone that values the national security, national sovereignty of the ed States more than a ROI on an IBM investment should write to their representatives in Washington and demand a senate investigation as to this move by IBM.任何把美国国家安全和主权看作高于IBM的投资回报率的人都应该要求参议院调查IBM的这一举动It appears that Rommetty is more concerned about IBM profits IBMs failed five year plan and saving her job, than she is about the national security and sovereignty of the ed States.我看Rommetty更关心IBM的利润和她自己的位子,而不是国家安全和主权。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT appl ations or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT s ystems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict.不应该让IBM承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用系统有密切关系的IT应用和IT系统开发的政府工程,在军事对抗中 ,这些领域会遭到中国的攻击。When a CEO of IBM appears in front of a group of Chinese Communist elites and describes a plan to ;share; technology with a Chines communist government that has a cyber warfare military division dedicated tc developing strategies to attacking critical U.S. infrastructure such as telecommunications, business, fin ance and utilities during a time of war, it is time to determine who the loyalties of that CEO and by ext ension IBM corporation are with.当一个IBM的CEO站在一群中共精英面前,讲述一个与中共政府“分享”技术的计划,而这个政府有一网络部队专门负责在战争时期攻击美国的重要基础设施,例如电信、企业、金融和公共设施,这就需要判断一下这个CEO和IBM公司到底效忠谁了。The Chinese Communist party and its plans for global domination or the national security of the people of the ed States of America.是效忠中共和中共统一全球的野心,还是效忠美国人民的国家安全。China will never have to wage war against the U.S.中国永远不需要对美国发动战争。American corporations like IBM are doing it for them.美国公司就像IBM都帮他们做了。IBM should not be allowed to bid on any government contract for development and support of any IT applications or systems that are critical for national defense or telecommunications, finance or utilities IT systems that would be attacked by China cyber-warfare during a military conflict...不应该让IBM承包任何与国防、电信、金融或者应用系统有密切关系的IT应用和IT系统开发的政府工程,在军事对抗中,这些领域会遭到中国的攻击。 /201503/366335Trading of shares in ZTE was suspended in Hong Kong and Shenzhen yesterday after news of a US investigation into whether China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker violated US controls on exports to Iran. 中兴通讯(ZTE)股票昨日在香港和深圳停牌,此前有消息称,美国方面正在调查这家中国第二大电信设备制造商是否违反了美国针对伊朗的出口管制。 ZTE said it was co-operating with the US authorities. Reuters reported at the weekend that the US Department of Commerce was set to place export restrictions on the company. ZTE sells 8-10 per cent of the world’s telecoms equipment, according to Nomura, and counts Iran among its customers. 中兴通讯表示,正在与美国有关部门合作。据路透社(Reuters)周末报道,美国商务部(US Department of Commerce)将对该公司实施出口限制措施。野村券(Nomura)数据显示,中兴通讯销售的电信设备占全球的8%至10%,伊朗是其客户之一。 “ZTE has been working with relevant US government departments on investigations, maintaining communication with relevant departments and is committed to fully address and resolve any concerns,” it said in a statement. “中兴通讯一直在配合美国相关政府部门调查,保持与相关部门沟通,致力于全面处理和解决任何问题,”该公司在一份声明中表示。 The company added that it would continue with normal operations while it conducted internal assessments. 该公司还表示,将继续正常运营,同时进行内部评估。 “As a responsible business, ZTE strives to ensure all operational activities adhere to international trade practices and the laws and regulations of host countries,” it said. “作为一家负责任的企业,中兴通讯努力确保所有经营活动遵守国际行业惯例以及所在国的法律法规,”该公司表示。 The company yesterday suspended trading in its shares, according to statements to the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges, but did not explain why. 根据提交香港和深圳券交易所的声明,该公司昨日将其股票停牌,但没有解释原因。 ZTE’s Hong Kong-listed shares closed up 3.5 per cent last Friday, but are down 20 per cent so far this year. 中兴通讯在香港上市的股票上周五收涨3.5%,但今年以来累计下滑20%。 Leping Huang, telecoms and tech-nology analyst at Nomura in Hong Kong, said notice from the Department of Commerce, expected today [March 8], should clarify the scope of the restrictions. 野村券常驻香港的电信和技术分析师黄乐平表示,美国商务部预计今日(3月8日)将发布的通知,应该会说明限制措施的范围。 Nomura does not expect any impact on product sales in the US, but says restrictions would probably require any company shipping US-made parts or equipment to ZTE to first obtain a licence from the Department of Commerce. 野村券不认为限制措施会影响中兴在美国的产品销售,但表示这些措施很可能要求向中兴发运美国制造部件或设备的任何公司首先取得美国商务部的许可。 In an analyst note, Nomura estimated that 10-15 per cent of the components used in ZTE’s telecom equipment and smartphones were supplied by US-based vendors as of last year. It said major suppliers include Qualcomm, which supplies smartphone chips, and Xilinx and Altera for base station chips. 野村券在一份分析师简报中估计,就去年而言,中兴通讯电信设备和智能手机所用的10%至15%组件是由总部位于美国的供应商供应的。它称,主要供应商包括供应智能手机芯片的高通(Qualcomm),以及供应基站芯片的Xilinx和Altera。 A person briefed by ZTE on the situation said the company does not foresee an immediate impact on production because it has just finished procurement of US parts for 2016. 听取了中兴通讯情况介绍的一名人士称,该公司并不预见生产将立即受到影响,因为它刚刚完成2016年的美国部件采购。 However, if restrictions remained in place over the long term, ZTE may experience somedisruptionto its supply-chain. 但是,如果限制措施长期实行下去,中兴通讯可能会遇到一些供应链中断的问题。 This is not the first time the company has run into trouble with US authorities. In 2012 ZTE and Huawei, its larger domestic competitor, were informally blocked from selling telecoms infrastructure in the US and barred from investing in US companies after the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence accused both of spying on behalf of Chinese authorities. 这已经不是该公司第一次在美国当局那里遇到麻烦。2012年中兴和规模更大的国内竞争对手华为(Huawei)被非正式地禁止在美国销售电信基础设施或投资于美国企业,原因是众议院常设特别情报委员会(House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence)指控两家公司为中国政府从事间谍活动。 Both companies have long rejected the spying accusations. 两家公司一贯否认有关间谍活动的指控。 /201603/430766福州马尾区打胎哪个医院好

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宁德看不孕的医院 Jingguang Rai way京广铁路Jingguang Railway is a major .artery railway in China, connecting BeijingWest Station in Beijing to Guangzhou Railway Station in Guangzhou, Guangdong.京广铁路是中国一条从北京市通往广东省广州市的铁路,是中国最重要的一条南北铁路干线。The railway is jointed by two sections. The northern section, ;Jinghan railway; , is from Beijing to Hankou, and the southern section, ;Wuguang railway; , is from Wuchang to Guangzhou. Jinghan railway was finished in 1905 and Wuguang railway was finished in 1936. Between Hankou and Wuchang, there is the Yangtze River. The two sections were finally jointed together in 1957 when the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was built and it was renamed as .Jingguang Railway.京广铁路原分为北南两段。北段从北京市到湖北省汉口,称为“京汉铁路”(1927年~1949年称“平汉铁路”),于1897年4月动工,1906年4月建成。南段从广东广州到湖北武昌,称为“粤汉铁路”,于1900年7月动工,1936年4月建成。在1957年武汉长江大桥通车后,两条铁路接轨,并改名为京广铁路。With a length of 2,324 kilometers, connecting the cities of Beijing and Guang- zhou through 6 provinces, namely Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong, as well as dozens of large and medium-sized cities, and many other railways. Jingguang Railway has played an unusual role in the national economy of China. Even after the parallel Beijing-Kowloon railway is completed, the Jingguang Railway still plays a huge role.京广铁路全长2324千米,连接了中国首都北京市和五座省会,分别是:河北、河南、湖北、湖南、广东,以及数十座大中城市保定市、邢台市、邯郸市、安阳市、鹤壁市、新乡市、许昌市、漯河市、驻马店市、信阳市、孝感市、咸宁市、岳阳市、株洲市、衡阳市、郴州市、韶关市,并与多条铁路相接,在中国的国民经济中起到了非同寻常的作用。即使在平行的京九铁路建成后,京广铁路也依然发挥着巨大的作用。The electric locomotive traction is mostly used in the whole railway passenger carriages and freight passenger carriages. Since the first railway speed lift in 1997 until the fifth in 2004, the travel time of the passenger carriage between Beijing and Guangzhou has been shortened from nearly 40 hours in the past t0 22 hours. In the coming opening of the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line, it is expected to divert about 70% of the Jing-Guang Railroad passenger traffic. Electrification project began in the 1990s, the Zhengzhou-Wuchang section had been completed in 1992, the Beijing-Zhengzhou section began in 1993, completed in 1998, the Wuchang-Guangzhou section began in 1998, completed in 2001.全路客运客车和货运客车大多采用电力机车牵引。自1997年第一次提速起至2004年第五次提速,北京往返广州间的客车的运行时间已由过去近40小时缩短到22小时。未来,武广客运专线启用后,预期可分流京广铁路约70%的客流。电气化工程于1990年代开始,其中郑州至武昌段先于1992年完成,北京至郑州段工程于1993年开始,1998年完成,武昌至广州段工程于1998年开始,2001年完成。 /201602/419374福州哪家医院检查宫腔镜比较好龙岩哪里复通手术



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