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Uber France and two of its top executives in Europe are to stand trial on September 30 on charges of “misleading commercial practices” and “complicity in the illegal exercise of the taxi profession”, the Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed.巴黎检方实,Uber法国公司及其在欧洲的两名顶级高管将于9月30日受审,罪名是“误导商业惯例”和“共谋非法出租车业务”。The charges come a day after police detained Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s general manager in western Europe, and Thibaud Simphal, head of the company’s operations in France, in relation to a complaint filed late last year by one of the country’s taxi unions.一天前,Uber负责西欧业务的总经理皮埃尔-迪米特里#8226;戈尔-科蒂(Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty)以及该公司在法国的业务主管蒂#8226;桑法尔(Thibaud Simphal,见上图)因去年底法国某出租车工会提交的申诉被警方拘留。The California-based ride-hailing company operates several services in France. But the charges relate to its UberPop service, which allows individuals to offer rides to the public without the standard 250 hours of training.总部位于加州的这家叫车务公司在法国运营多项务。但此案指控涉及UberPop务,该务允许个人在没有经过250小时标准培训的情况下向公众提供搭车务。The Paris prosecutor’s office described the investigations behind the charges as “numerous and complex”. It did not state the maximum sentences linked to the charges.巴黎检方称,上述指控背后的调查“众多且复杂”,但没有透露与这些罪名相关的最高刑期。The case is the latest twist in a fight between the company and the French government, which has declared some of its activities illegal.此案是Uber与法国政府之间斗争的最新进展,法国政府将Uber的一些活动列为非法。Fran#231;ois Hollande, French president, declared UberPop’s presence a problem of “unfair competition” last week. His socialist government has also passed a law that in effect declared UberPop illegal. Mr Hollande added that such services needed to be challenged. “Non-compliance with tax and competition rules is illegal. UberPop should be dissolved and branded illegal, and cars should be seized,” he said.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)上周宣布UberPop的存在带来“不公平竞争”问题。他领导的社会党政府还通过了一项法律,实际上将UberPop定性为非法。奥朗德补充称,需要对这些务提出异议。他表示:“不遵守税务和竞争规则是非法的。UberPop应当被解散,被界定为非法,相关汽车应当被没收。”His comments followed angry protests last week as thousands of taxi drivers across France declared a strike against Uber’s activities in the country.上周,法国数千名出租车司机举行罢工,愤怒抗议Uber在法国开展业务活动。 /201507/383838SpaceX announced a successful satellite launch on Sunday — but failed an attempted sea-landing of a rocket booster, missing a goal that has repeatedly eluded the grasp of the Los Angeles-based rocket company.总部位于旧金山的火箭公司SpaceX上周日宣布成功发射一颗卫星,但未能在海上成功回收火箭推进器,没有完成该公司多次未能完成的目标。Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been focused on mastering the art of returning booster rockets on Earth after a launch, in the hope this will enable the company to lower costs by re-using these rockets.艾伦氠斯科(Elon Musk)旗下的SpaceX一直关注于在火箭发射后在地球上回收火箭推进器的技术,希望能够通过火箭再利用令该公司降低成本。Sunday’s launch from Vandenberg Air Force base in California put a climate-change monitoring satellite, the Jason-3, in orbit around the North and South Poles. The satellite, sponsored by US and European agencies, will be used to monitor sea levels.上周日该公司从加州凡登堡空军基地发射火箭,成功将一枚监测气候变化的卫星“Jason-3”送入南北极附近的轨道上。这枚卫星由欧美机构赞助,将用于监测海平面。However the return of the booster was less successful. Images showed the rocket lying on its side on the sea dock after apparently falling over during landing. The rocket tipped over after one of its four landing legs failed to lock, said founder Elon Musk in a Tweet.然而,火箭推进器的返回却不那么成功。图像显示,火箭在着陆过程中明显倾倒,一侧撞在海上回收平台上。艾伦氠斯科在Tweet上发文称,火箭是在4个着陆架中的其中一个未能锁定后倾倒的。Although SpaceX had its first successful landing of a reusable booster on land just last month, sea landings have proven to be more challenging. Sunday’s mishap follows two failed sea landings last year.就在上月,SpaceX曾首次成功将一枚火箭推进器在地面着陆,但事实明,海上着陆更具挑战性。在上周日火箭着陆失败前,该公司去年曾两次海上着陆失败。Mastering the sea landings is important because it would give a company such as SpaceX greater flexibility in terms of where to land its rockets.掌握海上着陆的技术很重要,因为这将令SpaceX等公司在将火箭在何处着陆方面获得更多灵活性。The company has suffered bigger setbacks before this, such as when a rocket exploded in mid-air last June.SpaceX此前曾遭受更严重挫折,例如,去年6月一枚火箭在空中爆炸。SpaceX recently won a six-year cargo contract worth as much as bn from Nasa, along with Sierra Nevada and Orbital. SpaceX has also won a contract to help Nasa deliver astronauts to the International Space Station, along with Boeing.SpaceX与波音(Boeing)赢得一项合约,将帮助美国国家航空航天局(NASA)将宇航员送入国际空间站(International Space Station)。 /201601/424018

Leisure travelers have become used to controlling every step of a trip, from booking a flight or a car to making dinner reservations. Business travelers, less so; there has always been some corporate bean counter looking over their shoulders.休闲旅行者已经习惯于控制旅行的每一步,从订机票、租车到预订晚餐。而商务旅行者不太会这样。公司总会安排财务人员监督他们。But that is changing as business travel picks up and the overseers of company budgets permit the digital empowerment of traveling employees and tentatively embrace the sharing economy.但是情况在改变,因为商务旅行越来越多,公司成本的监督者们开始允许商旅员工使用数字工具,并尝试接受分享经济。Travel managers are calling this the age of traveler centricity, and apps from Uber, the ride-hailing service, and similar innovations are increasingly part of it. In the next few years, if company policies can keep up, the new era of personalized travel could lead to a host of new so-called intelligent services, delivered through apps and smartphones, that will automatically assist business travelers based on their profiles and preferences, potentially making what is typically a grind through traffic, airports and tight itineraries less stressful and more productive.旅行经理们说,如今是以旅行者为中心的时代,叫车务Uber等应用程序及类似的创新正越来越多地参与其中。在未来几年里,如果公司政策相应改变,那么个性化旅行的新时代将催生很多所谓的新型智能务,它们通过应用程序和智能手机,根据商务旅行者的档案和偏好自动提供帮助,届时,交通、机场和紧张行程等一系列苦差事也许会变得不那么沉重,而且会更成效。“There is a shift away from the command-and-control perspectives of the past,” said Greeley Koch, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives. “The focus now is more on the traveler and the productivity of each trip, so that travelers can have the greatest return on investment on each trip.”“现在情况发生了转变,不再是过去那种命令与控制的模式,”公司旅行管理协会(Association of Corporate Travel Executives)的执行主任格里利·科克(Greeley Koch)说,“目前人们更关注旅行者本身,以及每次旅行的效率,让旅行者能在每次旅行中获得最大的投资回报。”The environment is much changed from that of a few years ago, after the Great Recession froze much of business travel. Since then, a revolution in mobile technology has taken firm hold. The business travel market seems ripe for the kind of disruption that has transformed retailing, entertainment and other areas, offering technological solutions to make cumbersome transactions more intuitive and seamless.几年前,经济衰退导致商务旅行大为减少,如今环境改变了很多。自那时起,移动技术革新已牢固生根。商务旅行市场似乎已经成熟,能够经受移动技术的冲击,这种技术已经改变了零售和等行业。它提供技术解决方案,让繁琐的交易变得更易于理解和使用,而且更严密周到。But while most business travelers have a smartphone and, according to a study by Expedia, 78 percent of them have used it in some travel-planning capacity, corporations still make it hard for their traveling employees to use current technology and integrate their own travel management tools with company programs. In part, this is a result of travel managers’ reluctance to give employees too much control over purchasing decisions, fearing that doing so will erode cost controls.根据便利旅游公司(Expedia)的研究,虽然大部分商务旅行者拥有智能手机,但是只有78%的人用手机规划旅行,公司政策仍让商旅员工很难使用当今技术,很难把自己的旅行管理手段与公司的程序结合起来。其中一个原因是,旅行经理们不愿给予员工太多购买决定权,担心这样做会影响成本控制。“There is a general dissatisfaction with the corporate travel technology,” said Mark Hollyhead, the senior vice president for Egencia Americas, a travel management company owned by Expedia. “In the 10 to 15 years the Internet has grown, travel management has been driven by corporations. Compliance and reporting have been the bedrock of these policies.”“人们普遍对公司的旅行技术感到不满,”旅行管理公司易信达(Egencia Americas)的高级副总裁马克·霍利海德(Mark Hollyhead)说。该公司隶属于便利旅游公司。“在互联网发展的10至15年里,旅行管理由公司驱动。从和汇报一直是公司旅行政策的基础。”Only one in four companies had a policy governing mobile devices as they related to employee travel, according to research by the travel distribution service Travelport and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives. But some are beginning to recognize the need for greater flexibility. They are acknowledging that their employees who travel on business are behaving the way they do on their leisure trips — looking for information online and gaining insights from a variety of sources.据旅行务公司Travelport和公司旅行管理协会调查,只有四分之一的公司设立了关于员工旅行中利用移动设备的管理规定。但是有些公司开始意识到,有必要给予员工更多灵活性。它们认可员工在进行商务旅行时也采用休闲旅行的方式——在网上寻找信息,通过各种渠道获得深入了解。They also recognize that a new generation of young employees and managers who grew up in a digital age are moving up the ranks, and they are used to dealing with technology more directly on handsets.这些公司也意识到,在数字时代成长起来的新一代年轻员工和经理们的职位在不断上升,他们习惯于更直接地在手机上运用技术。Travel policies traditionally focus on rules, enforcement and compliance. They typically run 50 or 60 pages and are written to deter a minority of travelers from doing the wrong thing rather than to encourage the majority who are doing the right thing, Mr. Koch said.科克说,过去的旅行政策注重规则、执行和从。政策文件一般长达五六十页,目的在于阻止一小部分商旅员工做错事,而不是为了鼓励大部分正确行事的员工。“These policies were all-encompassing, from how you travel to who took care of your dog in your absence,” he said. “But people realized that when you have 60-page documents, no one knows what the policy contains anymore.”“这些政策无所不包,从如何旅行到离家后小的看护,”他说,“但是人们发现,如果文件长达60页,那么谁也不知道里面到底有哪些规定。”Now, with the emphasis shifting toward flexibility, policies are getting shorter. At the same time, companies are also loosening travel budgets after the relative austerity that accompanied the recession. With the economy growing and fuel prices low, the Global Business Travel Association expects total ed States business travel spending to grow by 3 percent this year to about 0 billion, and by 6 percent in 2016.如今,旅行政策变得越来越灵活,政策文件也越来越短。与此同时,在经济衰退时期的相对紧缩之后,公司也放松了对旅行成本的控制。随着经济发展,油价降低,全球商务旅行协会(Global Business Travel Association)预计,今年美国的总商旅费可能会增长3%,达3000亿美元,2016年会增长6%。As a side benefit in this environment, corporations now have the opportunity to use travel policies to attract new employees — for example, by offering them the ability to travel in business class during longer trips or on international flights. “The talent war is back,” said Caroline Strachan, a vice president at American Express Global Business Travel. “If companies are starting to be challenged in finding new talent, then a shift in policy is a good thing.”这种经济环境的一个附带益处是,现在公司有机会用旅行政策来吸引新雇员——比如,允许他们在长途旅行时或在国际航班上乘坐公务舱。“人才争夺战又开始了,”美国运通全球商务旅行部(American Express Global Business Travel)副总裁卡罗琳·斯特拉汉(Caroline Strachan)说,“如果公司在寻找新人才方面出现困难,那么改变政策是个好办法。”“What has been really interesting, in the past couple of months, is seeing a shift where clients are understanding that their business travel policies are also an acquisition tool for talent,” she said, particularly for younger employees and among tech firms. In the changed economic climate, many companies are moving their travel departments away from finance or procurement and into human resources.她说,“非常有趣的是,在过去几个月里,我们看到了这种变化,客户们发现,商务旅行政策也是吸引人才的一种手段”,特别是对年轻雇员和技术公司来说。在经济环境改变的情况下,很多公司把旅行部从财务部或采购部分离出来,挪到人力资源部。Norm Rose, the president of Travel Tech Consulting, said travelers were the big winners as technology moved faster than corporate policies.旅行技术咨询公司(Travel Tech Consulting)总裁诺姆·罗斯(Norm Rose)说,技术发展快于公司政策改变这种局势让商旅者成为。“When you talk about mobile technology, what you’re really talking about is empowerment,” Mr. Rose said. “We are in an environment where the very fact that mobile technology is holding so strongly has shifted the balance of power toward travelers. For managed business, that’s a growing challenge.”“我们在讨论移动技术时,其实是在讨论权力分配问题,”罗斯说,“在我们所处的环境中,移动技术十分强大,这改变了公司与商旅者之间的力量平衡。对商务管理来说,这个挑战越来越大。”Continuing innovation in mobile technology offers the prospect of a future in which interactive software will automatically be able to guide travelers through their journey, helping schedule and coordinate flights, hotels and rental cars.随着移动技术不断创新,未来的互动软件将能够自动引导旅行者完成旅程,帮助规划和协调机票、酒店预订和车辆租赁。“The more intelligence there is, the more behind-the-scenes activity can happen if there is a disruption or a change in flight,” Mr. Rose said. “This should make it easier for travelers. By 2020, we should begin to see the impact of this.”“未来的技术会更加智能,在航班中断或更改时,会有更多幕后活动得以实现,”罗斯说,“这会给旅行者带来便利。到2020年,我们应该就会开始看到它的影响。”Airlines and airports are aly relying on sensors in airports to track the flow of passengers and identify bottlenecks in traffic between the curb and the gate. And they alert passengers either through text messages or emails if a flight is delayed.航空公司和机场已经在依靠机场感应器追踪乘客流量,找出乘客入口和登机口之间的交通瓶颈。如果航班延误,他们通过短信或邮件告知乘客。But technology in the future will allow them to see travelers’ positions — through the GPS device on their phones — to track their movements. If a passenger is late for a flight, for instance, an airline might decide to rebook the passenger on the next flight automatically. The car rental service or taxi service would know of the delay, and the hotel might be notified of a late arrival — all seamlessly.不过,未来的技术能通过旅行者手机上的GPS看到他们的位置,追踪他们的行动。如果乘客没赶上飞机,航空公司可以决定自动为他改签下一个航班。租车公司或出租车公司以及酒店也会得到消息——一切都能实现无缝衔接。“Today, this stuff is very manual and only happens primarily with the top executives of a company, who have someone who monitors their travel and takes care of them,” Mr. Koch said. “But in the future, that will all be linked together. All these things will trickle down and happen.”“如今,这些事务还得人工操作,通常只有公司高层能享受这样的待遇,有人照看他们的行程,处理这些事务,”科克说,“但是将来,所有这些都被联系起来。所有这些事情会自动关联,自动进行。”What is missing, however, is for a tech innovator like Apple or Google to come up with software and technology that integrate all the disparate flows of information that are collected and make them work together.不过,现在需要的是苹果(Apple)或谷歌(Google)这样的技术创新公司设计出软件和技术,把所有分散的信息整合起来,使之协同运作。“This is kind of the holy grail,” Mr. Koch said. “We have all this power in our smartphones, but all the individual apps are not talking to each other yet.”“这是最高目标,”科克说,“这些功能我们的智能手机都有,但是所有这些独立的应用程序还没有相互联系起来。”For now, there are more prosaic apps. Airlines have long sought to develop more direct relationships with business travelers. Through their mobile travel apps, they can aly offer more personal service and provide easy check-in options and electronic boarding passes to passengers.目前,大多数应用程序较为平庸。长期以来,航空公司一直想与商务旅行者建立更直接的关系。通过他们自己的旅行应用程序,航空公司已经能够为乘客提供更个性化的务、更便捷的登机手续办理方式,以及电子登机牌。Going one step further, these apps also let passengers quickly find new options if their flights are canceled or delayed. And they also serve as a retail platform for airlines to offer other services, upgrades, car rentals or hotels.再进一步,如果航班取消或延误,这些应用程序还能让乘客很快找到新选择。它们也是零售平台,航空公司可以通过它们提供其他务、发布最新消息、租车或订酒店。One of the consequences of this new technological ecosystem is a fragmentation of the travel market. In practical terms this means travelers need dozens of different apps to manage their trips — airlines, hotels, rental cars and travel groups all have their own apps for smartphones, and all seek to create unique relationships with travelers that are generally invisible to corporate travel managers.这种新技术生态系统的一个结果是旅行市场碎片化。通俗地讲就是,旅行者需要几十个不同的应用程序来管理行程——航空公司、酒店、租车公司和旅行社都有自己的智能手机应用程序,都在努力与旅行者建立独一无二的关系,而公司旅行经理们往往看不到这些。Dealing with this growing complexity is fast turning into a major concern facing travel managers, according to Ms. Strachan of American Express.据美国运通的斯特拉汉说,处理这些越来越复杂的应用程序正迅速成为旅行经理们最主要的担忧。Still, travel managers see many benefits to this new technological environment. The ubiquity of smartphones, for example, is improving a company’s duty of care, a term that refers to its legal obligation to ensure the well-being of its traveling employees. It is now easier to track people on the road and ensure their safety.不过,旅行经理们也看到了这种新技术环境的很多好处。例如,智能手机的普遍存在有利于公司履行关照义务(duty of care),它指的是公司确保商旅员工安全的法律义务。现在,追踪旅途中的员工、确保他们的安全变得更容易了。“It’s gone beyond efficiency. It’s really about effectiveness,” said Eric Bailey, the corporate travel manager at Microsoft, who oversees about 5,000 traveling employees. “It’s not just about cost. It’s also about risk and liability reduction.”“它不仅有效率,而且确实有效果,”微软公司(Microsoft)的旅行经理埃里克·贝利(Eric Bailey)说。他负责监管约5000名商旅员工。“它不仅能降低成本,还能减少风险和责任。”Travel managers and business experts all acknowledge that these trends raise concerns about traveler privacy.旅行经理和商务专家们都承认,这些趋势增加了人们对旅行者隐私的担忧。“If you’re a business traveler, are you entirely comfortable giving up some privacy in return for better convenience and ease of travel?” said Michael W. McCormick, the executive director of the Global Business Travel Association.“如果你是商务旅行者,你是否非常乐意放弃部分隐私,以获得旅行的便利和舒适?”全球商务旅行协会的执行主任迈克尔·W·麦考密克(Michael W. McCormick)说。“If you are provided with a company device, the expectation is that you will leave it turned on,” Mr. Koch said. “But the concern is, what if you are going out for dinner or on a date or whatever? Where is the limit? That is being debated currently.”“如果公司给了你一个设备,公司是期待你一直开启它的,”科克说,“但问题是,如果你是外出用餐或约会呢?也要开着它吗?界线在哪里?这是目前讨论的重点。”“People have no problem posting pictures of themselves on Facebook,” he said. “But there is always a level of concern that they don’t want their companies to know where they are.”“人们不介意在Facebook上发布自己的照片,”他说,“但他们多少还是不想让公司知道自己身在何处。”About 75 percent of travel and expense budgets, including airfare and hotels, fall under some kind of managed budget. The rest, such as ground transportation, food, fuel and other incidentals, is generally outside what corporations can control. That’s a sector ripe for technological change, said Mr. Bailey of Microsoft.约有75%的旅行和出预算,包括机票和酒店,是受到成本控制约束的。其他的,比如地面交通、食物、燃料和其他杂费,通常是公司控制不了的。微软公司的贝利说,针对后面这一部分进行技术改造的时机已成熟。The best example of this is Uber, the ride-hailing service that has fast become the choice for business travelers, in the ed States and abroad. Uber’s ease of use and technology have changed expectations about ground transportation during business trips, which had long been a major challenge for travelers.最好的例子是叫车软件Uber,它已经很快成为商务旅行者的首选,不管是在美国还是其他国家。Uber的使用便捷性和技术已经改变了人们在商旅中对地面交通的期待。长期以来,地面交通一直是旅行者的主要难题之一。The transformation has been swift. According to one estimate by Certify, an expense management company, Uber has nearly overtaken taxis in major American cities in terms of expensed business travel. Uber rides accounted for 47 percent of all expensed rides as of this March, up from just 14 percent in January 2014.这种转变非常迅速。据出管理公司Certify估计,在美国的主要城市中,Uber在商务旅行消费方面几乎已经超过出租车。今年3月,使用Uber乘车的消费占全部乘车消费的47%,2014年1月,这个比例仅为14%。The share spent on taxis, limousines and hotel shuttles dropped to 52 percent, from 86 percent, in the same period. Lyft, a rival service, accounted for 1 percent of ground transportation expenses.出租车、豪华轿车和酒店班车的消费从2014年1月的86%降至今年3月的52%。Uber的竞争对手Lyft在地面交通消费中所占的份额为1%。“It’s exciting — and somewhat shocking — to see their growth and how they’ve captured corporate spend,” said Bob Neveu, chief executive of Certify, of services like Uber and Lyft. “They have solved the whole ground transportation piece.”“它们的增长以及它们所占的公司出份额令人兴奋,也有点令人震惊,”Certify的首席执行官鲍勃·内沃(Bob Neveu)在提到Uber和Lyft等叫车软件时说,“它们解决了整个地面交通问题。”The rise of the sharing economy presents a new challenge to corporate managers. It raises new questions about liability — Uber cars, for instance, do not always meet all local licensing and insurance requirements. Similar questions, too, are being raised by other services like Airbnb, the online home rental service.分享经济的崛起给公司经理们提出了新的挑战。它带来了新的责任问题。例如,Uber的车辆并非都符合所有的当地许可和保险要求。其他务也存在类似问题,例如在线租房务Airbnb。“This is one of the big battles in the industry around these services, and what insurance or liability questions arise,” Mr. McCormick said. “Who is liable if something goes wrong?”“这类务的一个大问题是,它们会产生哪些保险或责任问题?”麦考密克说,“如果出了问题,谁来负责?”“We talk about this like this is new, but the fundamentals are still the same,” he added. “Everybody wants to be effective, everyone wants to get business done, and everybody wants to get home safely.”“我们说的好像都是新问题,但是基本的东西没变,”他补充说,“大家都想提高效率,都想完成业务,都想平安回家。” /201505/376856Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies Co has pledged to support Thailand#39;s bid to become a regional information technology hub.中国电信巨头华为公司承诺持泰国成为区域信息技术中心。Government spokesman Yongyuth Maiyalarp said the move will help realise the country#39;s ambitious digital economy policy.泰国政府发言人Yongyuth Maiyalarp说,这将有助于实现泰国雄心勃勃的数字经济政策。Mr Yongyuth said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha discussed the deal with Huawei#39;s deputy board chairman, Hu Houkun, who praised the plan to use IT to boost people#39;s livelihoods.他说总理巴育与华为的董事会副主席胡厚昆就该协议进行了会谈,胡厚昆提出了这个计划来使用IT提升人民的生活水平。The spokesman said Gen Prayut had told Mr Hu he wanted to push Thailand forward to become a regional IT hub, where leading technology operators can share ideas, experiences and cooperation.这位发言人说巴育对胡说他想让泰国成为区域IT中心,这样主要的技术公司就可以在这里分享想法,经验和进行合作。The executive told Gen Prayut that Huawei is y to work with the Thai government and the private sector to help shape IT development plans covering basic structure, management and information storage.这位华为负责人对总理说华为已经准备好和泰国政府以及泰国的私营部门合作以帮助形成IT发展计划,这将包括结构,管理和信息存储。;Huawei will also award 100 scholarships to Thai students over five years, to increase potential and knowledge of IT,; Mr Yongyuth said.“华为将在5年时间里给泰国学生提供100个奖学金,以提升IT领域的潜力和知识,”这位发言人说。Before wrapping up his official visit to China, Gen Prayut paid a courtesy call on Chinese President Xi Jinping who expressed satisfaction over cooperation between the two countries.在对中国进行正式访问前,巴育将军礼节性的拜访了中国主席Xi,Xi对两国间的合作表示满意。According to Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese president emphasised the importance of close ties with Thailand and urged both countries to press ahead with cooperation on railways and agriculture.根据新华社报道,中国主席强调了中泰紧密关系的重要性,并敦促两国继续就铁路和农业达成合作。Mr Xi singled out the breakthrough deal on railways as particularly important.习先生尤其强调了铁路取得突破性协议的重要性。Earlier Tuesday, Gen Prayut visited a Chinese train control centre and inspected operations.周二早些时候,巴育访问了中国的一处铁路控制中心并查看了操作过程。During the visit, Gen Prayut asked questions about the technical side of train control and management, including passenger services and goods transportation. He also asked Chinese rail officials about the possibility of developing existing trains to run at mid-speeds of 160kph. They assured him that the speed of trains can be increased without any detrimental effects on an established system.在访问期间,他询问了铁路控制和管理方面的技术性问题,包括旅务和货物运输。他还询问中国铁路官员有关于将现有列车速度提升到160公里每小时的可能性。而他们回答说列车的速度绝对可以提高,而且不会对现有的系统造成任何不利影响The premier and Thai delegates later took a bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin, a distance of 120km, in 30 minutes.随后,总理及泰国代表团乘坐子弹头列车从北京到天津,总共120公里,花了30分钟。Despite political changes, ties between the countries remain close. In bilateral talks on Monday, Gen Prayut and his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang vowed to cement their friendship further when the countries mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations next year.尽管政治上发生了变化,但是两国间的关系依旧紧密。在周一的双边会谈中,巴育将军和中国总理李克强承诺将进一步增强两国关系,明年将是两国建交40周年纪念日。 /201412/350793

If smartwatches just aren#39;t fashionable enough for you, designers from California are hoping a smart bracelet will tempt you into the world of wearables.如果智能手表对你来说还不够时尚,加利福尼亚州的设计师们希望下面这款智能手镯会让你爱上可穿戴设备。The Eyecatcher has a curved, 5-inch display that wraps around the wearer#39;s wrist and this #39;always-on display#39; shows notifications from a connected smartphone.Eyecatcher智能手镯有一块5英寸曲面显示屏,包裹住佩戴者的手腕。这一“常亮”的显示屏可以显示与之相连接的智能手机上的通知。Wearers can select which notifications they receive and even change the device#39;s wallpaper to match their outfit.佩戴者可选择接收哪些通知,甚至可以更换手镯的壁纸来搭配自己所穿的衣物。The Eyecatcher was developed by Looksee Labs, based in Oakland, and the firm has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the device.Eyecatcher智能手镯由奥克兰的Looksee实验室开发。Looksee实验室在Kickstarter上发起了众筹活动,为生产该手镯筹集资金。There are three models - two for women and one for men - and each come in small, medium and large.该手镯有三种款式,两种为女性设计,一种为男性设计,每种又有小、中、大三种尺寸。The female Mercury model is made from white bronze while the Venus model is made from sterling silver. The male, Mars model is made from stainless steel.为女性设计的墨丘利款,由淡色青铜制成,维纳斯款由标准纯银制成。男款马尔斯由不锈钢制成。Each device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app where wearers can select a display design, manage their notifications and choose which widgets appear.每件手镯通过蓝牙与智能手机上的应用程序相连接,使用者可在应用上选择显示图案,管理通知及选择显示哪些小部件。These include activity tracking, calendar events, maps, text messages, breaking news, and stock details.这些小部件包括活动追踪、日历事件、地图、文字短信、突发重大新闻及股票行情。The bracelet uses a low-power e-ink screen and the designers claim the device will last a year on a single charge.手镯使用低能耗的电子墨水屏,设计者称,该手镯充电一次可使用一年。If the campaign is successful bracelets will be shipped in February 2016.如果众筹成功,该手镯会在2016年2月发货。 /201510/402653

Fossil find adds a relative to our family tree化石研究帮我们寻找人类其他近亲Scientists have discovered fossils of jawbones and teeth from what may be a new species on the human family tree. This distant human relative is long extinct. It lived between 3.3 million and 3.5 million years ago in what#39;s now Ethiopia.科学家从一种可能是人类的;近亲;的新物种上发现了下颚骨和牙齿化石,然而他们早已在地球上绝迹。存在现在的埃塞俄比亚,时间介于330万年至350万年前。Scientists have named the new species Australopithecus deyiremeda. Researchers used a partial upper jaw and two lower jaws (one recovered in two pieces), to describe the species. (Deyiremeda means ;close relative; in the local Afar language.)科学家把这一新物种命名为Australopithecus deyiremeda(南猿近亲属),研究员利用一个上颌和两个下颌(下颌被发现时已是两半)来描述这一物种。(Australopithecus在当地阿尔法语言中意为;近亲属;)Yohannes Haile-Selassie of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio and his colleagues shared details of their new find May 28 in Nature.美国俄亥俄州克里兰夫自然历史物馆研究员Yohannes Haile-Selassie和他的同事于5月28号在自然杂志中分享了他们的这一新发现的细节。Paleoanthropologists like Haile-Selassie study ancient humans and their ancestors, based on fossils and cultural artifacts or symbols that they left behind. The new discovery suggests two or more species of ancient hominids coexisted in East Africa, Haile-Selassie says. (Hominids include humans and our fossil ancestors.) The new fossils were found near where another species of hominid lived at the same time. That species is best known by a partial skeleton nicknamed Lucy.与Haile-Selassie一样的古人类学家利用化石,文化制品或者被遗留下来的文字符号来研究古人类以及他们的祖先,Haile-Selassie表示研究发现有两种或多种原始人类共同生存于非洲东部(原始人类包括人类和我们的祖先化石。)新化石发现于同时期另一个人类物种居住点附近。最著名的是一个昵称为Lucy的只剩部分骨骸的南方古猿。Species tend to adapt and change - sometimes so much so that they morph into a new species. The emergence of new traits, as part of that adaptation, usually comes in response to changes in the environment, food supply or perhaps climate. ;The million question,; says Haile-Selassie, ;is #39;What environmental and ecological factors triggered hominid species diversity between around 4 million and 3 million years ago?#39;;物种倾向于适应和改变,有时候大量的变化最终导致他们干脆进化成一个全新物种。作为变化的一部分,那些新出现的特点通常会与周围环境,食物供应,或者气候等相协调。Haile-Selassie 指出;那个价值6400美元的问题就是‘约400300万年前导致原始人类物种多样性的环境和生态因素是什么’;? /201506/380639In the ed States, automakers conduct their own emissions tests and submit the results to the government. In Europe, automakers pick who conducts the tests and where they are done. And these two regulatory systems are considered the world’s gold standards.在美国,汽车制造商自己进行排放测试,然后把结果提交给政府。在欧洲,汽车制造商挑选由谁在哪里进行测试。这两种监管机制被视为全球最佳标准。Questions about the wisdom of allowing automakers so much sway in how air pollution standards are enforced grew this week after the resignation of Volkswagen’s chief executive, following the company’s diesel emissions cheating scandal.在大众汽车(Volkswagen)爆出柴油车排放作弊丑闻,其首席执行官辞职之后,本周出现了一些疑问的声音:让汽车制造商在空气污染标准的执行上发挥这么大的作用,是否明智?Regulators in several European countries have opened investigations, attorneys general in the ed States have joined federal inquiries, and there has been broader criticism of Volkswagen, and diesels, in markets from South Korea to Brazil.欧洲一些国家的监管机构已经在开展调查,美国检察长们也加入联邦调查的行列,而从韩国到巴西的很多市场出现了对大众和柴油车的广泛批评。Volkswagen has admitted installing software in 11 million vehicles that was used to provide false results about emissions, though it was not clear if it was used in all countries where the cars were sold. But the bth of the scandal could finally threaten to bring change to an industry with a record of cheating since cars were first regulated.大众汽车已经承认,公司在1100万辆汽车上安装了软件,以提供有关排放的虚假结果,目前还不清楚,它是否在所有销售大众汽车的国家都使用了这种软件。但这起丑闻的广泛影响可能最终会给这个行业带来变化;汽车业自从受到监管的那一天起,作弊事件就陈出不穷。While ed States automakers are allowed to test their own cars, the Environmental Protection Agency does its own random checking, and the vast majority of enforcement actions are undertaken by American regulators.虽然美国汽车制造商获许自己进行车辆测试,但美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)也会进行抽查,而绝大部分执法行动是由美国监管机构开展的。In the European Union, by contrast, automakers can get new car models tested in any member state and can hire private companies, which regard them as clients, to conduct the testing. Member states have regulatory jurisdiction, and enforcement is scant.相比之下,欧盟的汽车制造商可以在任何一个成员国测试新车型,也可以聘请私人公司进行测试;对于这些私人公司来说,汽车制造商就是客户。欧盟成员国拥有监管管辖权,执法行动非常不足。One of the testing firms used by automakers in Europe is Applus Idiada of Spain, which has counted the major automakers, including Volkswagen, among its clients, though no company beyond Volkswagen has been implicated in the current scandal.欧洲汽车制造商常用的一家测试公司是西班牙的Applus Idiada。其客户包括大众汽车和其他一些大牌汽车制造商,但除大众之外,没有哪家公司卷入当前的丑闻。But advocates say tactics used by such companies highlight flaws in the European system. Applus Idiada markets itself as being able to provide “optimization of engine behavior to fulfill emissions and F.E. targets” — F.E. refers to fuel economy — in one of its publications, and uses similar language in others.但一些维权者认为,这些公司使用的策略突显了欧洲机制的缺陷。 Applus Idiada在一份宣传资料中称自己能够“优化发动机行为,以满足排放和FE目标”—— FE指燃油经济性。该公司在其他宣传资料中也使用了类似语言。What does that mean for automaker clients?对于汽车制造商客户来说,这意味着什么呢?“They will find ways to artificially lower the test results using flexibilities in the testing methods,” Greg Archer, a former director at Britain’s renewable-fuels regulator who now works at Transport and Environment, a Brussels-based advocacy group that has done its own testing, said in an interview.“他们会找到办法,使用灵活的测试方法,人为地降低测试结果,”格雷格·阿彻(Greg Archer)在接受采访时说。阿彻是英国可再生燃料监管机构的前总监,现在在权益团体“交通运输和环境“(Transport and Environment)工作。这个总部设在布鲁塞尔的组织进行了自己的测试。The way the system is set up creates inherent problems, Mr. Archer added.这种制度的安排存在其固有问题,阿彻说。“Carmakers ‘shop’ for the best deal from agencies across Europe and directly pay for their services,” he said in a recent statement on the Volkswagen scandal. “The job of the engineer overseeing the test is ultimately dependent on the next contract from the carmaker.”“汽车制造商在欧洲各地的测试机构中‘选购’最划算的务,并直接为这种务买单,”他近日在关于大众丑闻的一份声明中说。“负责测试的工程师能不能保住饭碗,最终取决于和汽车制造商签订的下一份合同。”The company did not have an immediate comment.该公司没有当即予以置评。Automakers have the same incentive to shop around for lenient testing companies that bond issuers have long had to shop around for the credit rating agency that would give them the highest credit rating. Overgenerous ratings of complex financial instruments based on mortgage prices were widely blamed as helping to set off the global financial crisis.就像债券发行人长期以来“选购”可以给予他们最高信用评级的信用评级机构一样,汽车制造商同样也会“选购”比较宽松的测试公司的务。那些基于抵押贷款价格的复杂金融工具获得了过分高的评级,被广泛指责为引爆全球金融危机的原因之一。Volkswagen’s rivals have had a clear response to the emissions cheating scandal: not us. “There is no evidence that this is an industrywide issue,” the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association said in a statement on Wednesday, adding, “We cannot comment on an issue affecting one individual company.”大众汽车公司的竞争对手对排放作弊丑闻做出了明确回应:我们不这样。“没有据表明,这是整个行业的问题,”欧洲汽车制造商协会(European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association)本周三在一份声明中表示:“对于影响个别公司的问题,我们不予置评。”Lawmakers in the European Parliament on Wednesday debated the implications of the scandal at length, with members in several parties advocating a greater regulatory and oversight role for the European government, instead of the member states.本周三,欧洲议会(European Parliament)的议员深入辩论了丑闻的影响,有几方的成员主张由欧盟政府而不是成员国自己发挥更大的监管和监督作用。“Of course that will be a big fight with the member states,” said Bas Eickhout, a Dutch Green Party member who sits on the Parliament’s committee on Environmental, Public Health and Food Safety.“当然,这会是与成员国之间的一场大争斗,”荷兰绿党成员、欧洲议会环境、公共卫生和食品安全(Environmental, Public Health and Food Safety)委员会成员巴斯·埃克豪特(Bas Eickhout)说。He said he wanted the European Commission, the government’s executive branch, to move quickly on plans to put new emissions testing into effect that will take place at independent laboratories. And he wanted commission officials to quickly determine if the Volkswagen software was used to evade European tests, something that has still not been disclosed by Volkswagen.他说,他希望欧盟的行政机构欧盟委员会(European Commission)能迅速让新的排放测试计划生效;该计划要求在独立实验室进行测试。他希望委员会的官员迅速确定大众汽车是否用软件来逃避欧洲的测试;大众汽车尚未披露相关情况。He said some lawmakers also lamented that Europe lagged on enforcement, leaving American regulators to take on such cases.他说,一些议员还哀叹欧洲的执法落后了,要让美国监管机构去应对这些问题。“We are better in talking. The U.S. is better in acting,” he said, adding, “That’s a bit of a painful conclusion.”“我们善于谈论。美国善于行动,”他说,“这个总结有点让人难受。”In the ed States, as attorneys general across the country opened investigations, Dan Becker, director of the safe climate campaign at the Center for Auto Safety, said the country also needed to rethink how emissions were tested. Independent testing has shown a widening gap between results in laboratories and the real world, raising suspicion.在美国,各地的检察长开启了调查行动。汽车安全中心(Center for Auto Safety)的安全气候活动主管丹·贝克尔(Dan Becker)表示,美国需要重新考虑如何进行排放测试。独立测试显示,实验室和现实世界测试结果之间的差距正在拉大,已经引起了一些人的怀疑。“The automakers have proven that they’re not trustworthy,” Mr. Becker said. “The government has to overhaul the testing to make sure that independent parties ensure that the cars that are put on the road pollute less and are safe.”“汽车制造商已经明了他们不值得信赖,”贝克尔说。“政府必须对测试机制进行全面修改,让独立机构来确保路上的汽车污染更少,更加安全。”The new scandal could also crush the efforts of German automakers to open more export markets to diesel. Volkswagen had struggled for many years to win governments’ permission to sell diesel cars outside Europe, and that goal now seems especially challenged.德国汽车制造商正在努力为柴油车开辟更多的出口市场,这起新丑闻可能会让他们的努力付诸东流。多年来,大众汽车一直在试图获得一些政府的许可,以便在欧洲以外的地方销售柴油车,现在要实现这个目标似乎变得特别困难。In China, there has been little official response to the Volkswagen revelations. Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, made a terse mention, referring to reports that South Korea would investigate three Volkswagen models. But Chinese regulators may have unintentionally saved Volkswagen from bigger problems.在中国,官方几乎没有对大众汽车丑闻做出回应。中国官方通讯社新华社简短地提到此事,主要是报道韩国将调查大众的三种车型。但中国监管机构可能在无意中让大众汽车免于陷入更大的麻烦。Although China only uses Euro 4 emissions standards for diesel cars, government officials have exercised their considerable regulatory discretion to discourage mass production within China of diesel engines for cars. Volkswagen has lobbied unsuccessfully for years against that policy, and sells fewer than 1,000 diesels a year in China, all imported, out of overall annual sales of about 3 million cars, virtually all of them gasoline-powered.中国对于柴油车仅仅采用了欧4排放标准,但政府官员行使了相当大的监管自由裁量权,阻止了柴油车在中国的大规模生产。关于这项政策,大众汽车进行了多年的游说,但都不成功,公司每年在中国销售的柴油车不到1000辆,而且全部是进口的。大众在中国的年销量约300万辆,几乎全都是汽油动力车。But there was much chatter online in China, with little positive for the company#39;s image.但是中国网民对此事的议论相当多,而且对该公司看法几乎都是负面的。“I just want to ask, as a world famous corporation that ranks the second in the industry,” wrote Zhong Xiaoyi on the website Zhihu, “why is it so difficult for you to manufacture good cars, to do something good?”“作为世界知名企业,作为行业前二,好好做好汽车本身,好好做些实事,真的那么难吗?”知乎网站的钟小逸问道。Many commenters lamented the state of Chinese regulation, with a Weibo user writing: “They must have sold cars that should have been exported to China to the U.S.”很多者对中国的监管状况发出了感概,一名微用户写道:“他们肯定是把本应出口到中国的汽车出口到了美国。” /201509/401143

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