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三明市做复通手术那家医院好福州市人流去哪里福州博爱医院检查早泄费用 It#39;s the biggest event in the social calendar.这是社交日历上最为盛大的节日。And last night, a galaxy of stylish stars, including some of the world#39;s most beautiful women, walked the London Coliseum red carpet to attend the British Fashion Awards.在昨晚,一光鲜明亮的明星,其中不乏世界上最美丽的女人们,踏上了伦敦大剧院的红毯参加英国时尚大奖。Style icons such as Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung looked picture perfect as they faced a gauntlet of flashbulbs.时尚风标们——维多利亚·贝克汉姆,卡拉·迪瓦伊和艾里珊·钟——他们面对这闪光灯的恶意还是拍出了完美无瑕的照片。From expert make-up artists to nail technicians - and even handbag carriers - the A-listers called in their loyal entourage to ensure they were y for their close ups.从专业级的化妆设计师,到美甲技术人员,甚至还有手提包运营商——这些好莱坞大腕们叫来了他们忠诚的一流级团队,确保他们为这次走秀做好了充分的准备。The fashionable face that drew the biggest applause was Victoria Beckham. The womenswear designer pipped Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney to the Best Brand award and no one could be more thrilled at her incredible achievements in the fashion industry than her proud husband.吸引了最多欢呼喝的当属时尚界宠儿维多利亚·贝克汉姆。女装设计师亚历山大·麦昆和斯特拉·麦卡特尼为她颁发最佳品牌奖,获得时尚界这项无与伦比的成就,没有人比她的丈夫更为她骄傲自豪了。David told MailOnline: #39;It#39;s amazing, she#39;s amazing. I#39;m very, very proud of her.#39;贝克汉姆告诉《每日邮报》:“简直太棒了,她太棒了。我真的非常,非常为她感到骄傲。”Leading the style set was Alexa Chung. Although she was not nominated for a British Style Award (she has aly won three consecutive gongs), the model and muse#39;s look did not disappoint.领导了风尚设计的是艾里珊·钟。虽然在英国风尚大奖上,她并没有被提名(她已经连续获得了三个奖章),这位缪斯模特看上去并不失落。The IT girl opted for a silver Emilia Wickstead dress and quirky bag by Charlotte Olympia - because it reminded her of her favourite childhood toy: Pogs.这位IT女孩选择了银色的艾米利亚·威克斯第德裙,配上夏洛特·奥林匹亚新潮的包——因为这唤起了她童年最喜欢的玩具画片的记忆。Another world-renowned style icon to grace the red carpet - also wearing Emilia Wickstead - was Olivia Palermo. The American socialite and former star of The City gushed about British fashion.#39;另一位举世闻名的时尚宠儿在红毯上尽显优雅——她也穿着艾米利亚·威克斯第德——她就是奥利维亚·巴勒莫。这名美国社交名流,同时也是美剧《都市》的前影星向英国时尚界进发。This is absolutely the most impressive time for British fashion, it#39;s really influencing the world, especially British music.“对于英国时尚界来说,这绝对是让人印象深刻的一刻,它正影响着世界,尤其是英国音乐。”WINNERS OF THE BRITISH FASHION AWARDS 20142014英国时尚大奖获奖名单Brand of the Year年度最佳品牌Victoria Beckham维多利亚·贝克汉姆Model of the Year年度最佳模特Cara DelevingneCara DelevingneBritish Style Award英国风尚大奖Emma Watson艾玛·沃森International Designer国际设计师大奖Nicolas Ghesquièr尼古拉#8226;盖斯基埃Womenswear Designer of the Year年度女装设计大奖ErdemErdemMenswear Designer of the Year年度男装设计大奖J.W. AndersonJ.W.安德森Emerging Womenswear Designer女装设计新人奖Marques#39; Almeida品牌“阿尔梅达Emerging Menswear Designer男装设计新人奖Craig Green克雷格绿Emerging Accessory Designer配饰设计新人奖PrismPrismRed Carpet Designer红毯设计大奖Alexander McQueen亚历山大·麦克奎恩New Establishment年度新创大奖Simone Rocha西蒙·罗卡Establishment创意大奖PreenPreenAccessory Designer of the Year年度配饰设计奖Anya Hindmarch安雅芝Special Recognition优秀奖Chris Moore克里斯#8226;尔Special Recognition Award特别荣誉奖Anna Wintour OBEAnna Wintour OBEIsabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator年度最佳创意Edward EnninfulEdward Enninful /201412/349154A specter is haunting our communications: the specter of emoji. Right now, it’s likely that someone you know is texting a thumbs-up image to confirm a meeting, or maybe sending off a friendly ghost emoji to say “boo” to a friend.人们在日常的沟通中飘荡着名为“emoji表情”的幽灵。很可能就在此刻某个你认识的人就正在发送竖起拇指的表情确认一个会议,或向朋友发送一个友好的鬼怪表情来表达不屑之意。Yet the little guys (and gals, and farm animals, and foodstuffs) aren’t without controversy. Word-centric fuddy-duddies see the decline of literacy reflected in their heart-shaped eyes, while guardians of decorum lament the sp of greasy kid stuff dripping from the characters’ snail trails.然而这些小男孩(还有女孩、农场动物和食物)图标并非毫无争议。那些崇尚文字的老古董们用自己的心灵之窗目睹了文字的衰退,那些礼仪的卫道士们则感慨从这些表情的蜗牛路迹上淋漓滴下的黏腻幼稚的东西在扩散。Given their resemblance to the stickers that adorn the notebooks of schoolgirls, not to mention their widesp adoption as the lingua franca of tweens and teens everywhere, some people wonder whether grown men should be using them at all.考虑到它们与还在念书的女生们用来装饰笔记本的心形图案十分相似,更不用提它们被全世界的青少年拿来广泛使用,导致一些人开始对成年男性究竟能否使用它们产生了怀疑。John McWhorter, a linguist who teaches at Columbia University, said that some men shy away from emoji because, as he put it, “Women use them more.” That may not continue to be the case, he added.在哥伦比亚大学教学的语言学家约翰·麦克沃特(John McWhorter)表示一些男性对使用emoji表情心怀顾忌的原因在于,用他的话说就是“女人才爱用咧”。他又补充说道,现在已经不是这种状况了。“Women tend to be more overtly expressive in language,” he said. “But something women start in language has a way of making it to men. Men would benefit from using emoji more.”“女性在语言表达方面往往有着压倒性的优势,”他说。“但女人把语言方面的发明可以推广到男人中去。男人也将从使用emoji中受益。”Emoji, he said, allow for an expressive, human way of translating the spoken word into text, with the goofy symbols providing a texter or tweeter with the means to convey tone. “There should be male ways to use emoji,” he added.他表示,emoji表情符是一种能有效将口语转化为文字的人性化方式,发短信或推特的人用这些蠢萌的表情符号来表达语气。“emoji也该有男子汉式的用法。”他补充道。While Mr. McWhorter, 49, does not use emoji himself, citing his age, he is an admirer . “I’m not known as the most progressive person in the world, but in some ways I like them,” he said. “I’m a big fan.”而49岁的麦克沃特表示,虽然囿于年龄,他并非emoji表情的用户,但却是emoji的青睐者之一。“我倒不是全球最与时俱进的人,但我就是喜欢它们的某些地方,”他说,“我是铁杆粉丝。”Other experts (that is, emoji users themselves) are less definitive. “It’s a fine line,” said Melissa Karlin, 35, a Chicago-based accounts manager for Kenshoo, a software company. “Emoji-ing is a dance.”其他专家(也就是,那些会使用emoji表情的人)倒没这么坚定。“很不错的产品,”35岁的梅丽莎·卡琳(Melissa Karlin)说,她担任Kenshoo公司在芝加哥的客户经理。“用emoji表情就像一舞蹈。”She noted that some men use emoji in ways she finds inscrutable, particularly in the context of romance, when they are given to texting the symbol of the winky face with the tongue sticking out. “I don’t know what it means,” Ms. Karlin said.她表示一些男士使用emoji表情的方式让她无法理解,尤其是在浪漫的氛围下,他们热衷于发那个眨眼吐舌的符号。“我不知道这是要说什么,”卡琳说。She offered a piece of advice for potential suitors: “Use your words. I’m a big fan of using your words.”她向所有可能的追求者提了个建议:“用文字,我其实超喜欢你们直接用文字表达。”In a discussion that appeared last year on Yahoo Answers, one anonymous poster said of emoji: “They’re fun but I just find them emasculating!” In a spirited th on the same topic over on Reddit, another emoji user counseled, “Like anything else, moderation is key.”去年在雅虎知道(Yahoo Answers)上出现的一场讨论里,一位匿名用户这么评价emoji表情:“它们很好玩,但我觉得它们太娘炮了!”这一话题在Reddit论坛上也有一篇引发热议的帖子,其中一位emoji使用者建议,“和其他事情一样,关键是要适度。”And yet many men find themselves grasping for emoji where words either fail them or come up short (prawn, perhaps).而许多男性发现自己想不起词(比如说,忘了虾怎么写)或语塞的时候,就会求助emoji表情。The tennis star Roger Federer sprinkles his tweets with them, and Mike Scott, a 6-foot-8 forward with the Atlanta Hawks, has several emoji tattoos, including the pair of dancing girls with bunny ears. The rapper Drake blew up the Internet last fall when a photograph of a praying-hands emoji tattoo, inked onto his right forearm, surfaced on Instagram.网球巨星罗杰·费德勒(Roger Federer)在推特上偶尔使用emoji表情,6英尺8英寸(约合2.03米)高的亚特兰大老鹰队(Atlanta Hawks)前锋迈克·斯科特(Mike Scott)在身上纹了几个emoji表情,其中一个是跳舞的兔耳女郎。去年秋天,说唱歌手德雷克(Drake)在instagram上发布了纹有双手合十祈祷的emoji表情的右前臂照片,在网上掀起轩然。Jordan Peele, of the sketch comedy duo Key amp; Peele, proved his fluency when he retold the story of “The Shining” through 96 carefully selected emoji packed into a single tweet, an effort that has won him more than 13,000 retweets.双人喜剧秀“基和皮尔(Key amp; Peele)”中的乔丹·皮尔(Jordan Peele)对使用emoji表情简直得心应手,他发了一条推特,用96个精选emoji表情叙述了《闪灵》(The Shining)的故事,转发量达1万3千多次。Certain men embrace emoji while holding them at a remove. Gil Schwartz, a CBS executive who writes under the name Stanley Bing, called himself a “rare user of ironic emojis.” He said he is partial to the pig and the horse. “I use them because I think they’re stupid,” he said. “At some point, texting is kind of stupid.”有些人虽然接受emoji表情,但却用得很克制。笔名斯坦利·宾(Stanley Bing)的哥伦比亚广播公司主管吉尔·舒瓦兹(Gil Schwartz),称自己是一个“很少使用讽刺性emoji表情的人”。他说自己更偏爱猪和马。“我用它们是因为觉得它们看起来很蠢,”他说。“有的时候,发短信本身也有点蠢。”He has no fear that using them may somehow put a dent in his masculinity. “For a moment you’re Taylor Swift,” said Mr. Schwartz, who is 63. “If you’re confident in your manhood, you can certainly lapse into Taylor Swift-hood momentarily.”他一点也不担心使用emoji表情会折损自己的男子汉气概。“有的时候你就是泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift),”现年63岁的舒瓦兹说。“如果你自信够男人,那变成泰勒·斯威夫特一会儿当然没什么问题。”Amina Akhtar, the editorial director of TheFashionSpot, a website, isn’t buying it. “If I’m seeing a guy, and he emojis, I feel uncomfortable,” said Ms. Akhtar, 37. “We’re too old to be doing this. To have a man in his 40s and 50s using emojis is uncomfortable to me.”TheFashionSpot网站的主编阿米娜·阿赫塔尔(Amina Akhtar)显然不接受这套说辞。“看到一个男人用emoji表情符,我一定会觉得不舒,”37岁的阿赫塔尔说。“这些对我们来说太幼稚了。一个男人在四五十岁的时候还用emoji表情符,实在让我觉得不自在。”Katey Nilan, a 29-year-old writer and tech consultant in San Francisco, said: “If Drake can emoji, anyone can emoji. He’s pretty hard.” She added that, while she is pro emoji , there are limits . Like Ms. Karlin, she finds the winky face tongue-wagging emoji troublesome, especially when it is sent by men trying to flirt. “It seems like that’s the go-to if a guy can’t come up with something else to say,” Ms. Nilan said.29岁的卡蒂·尼兰(Katey Nilan)现居旧金山,是作家兼技术顾问,她表示:“如果德雷克都能用emoji表情符的话,那谁都可以用。他挺有男子汉气概的。”她补充说,尽管自己持emoji表情符,但仍觉得它有不足之处。她和卡琳一样,觉得眨眼吐舌的emoji表情有点烦,尤其当一些男人在调情的时候使用它们。“感觉男人想不出说什么的时候 ,准会打出这样的表情,”尼兰说。What does she do after she receives that one?她收到这个表情后一般怎么办?“Ghost,” she said.“鬼啊,”她答道。Meaning, she replies with the ghost emoji?意思是,回一个鬼魂的emoji表情符?“No, no, no,” she said. “Ghosting is when you stop texting.”“不不不,”她说。“意思是不聊了,你去见鬼。”Stephen Lynch, a 33-year-old public relations professional in San Francisco, holds that emoji are neither good nor bad in themselves. “People can be as creepy using emoji as anything else,” he said. “Some people have troubled communication no matter what.”现居旧金山的33岁公关专家史蒂芬·林奇(Stephen Lynch)认为emoji表情符本身没什么好也没什么不好。“像其他任何东西一样,人们有本事把emoji表情符用得很变态,”他说。“有些人就是有沟通障碍,跟用什么没关系。”To him, furthermore, the question of whether grown men should use emoji is loaded. “The whole ‘should’ reeks of an old-fashioned and hetero-normative view of the world,” he said. “Second thing is, why wouldn’t they reciprocate?”对他来说,成人男性是否应该使用emoji表情符的问题本身就具有导向性。“‘应该’这个词指向的是异性恋主导、老套的世界观,”他说。“另外一点是,他们为什么就不能用相同方式回复别人呢?”In other words, if someone sends you an emoji, why not reply in kind? “Why wouldn’t you engage in the same way someone is engaging you?” Mr. Lynch said.换句话说,如果有人给你发了个emoji表情符,为什么不回他一个?“为什么不能融入别人为你营造的言语环境?”林奇说。Bruce Feirstein, a screenwriter and journalist living in Los Angeles, seems to agree: “When my 14-year-old son sends me the face palm emoji, I laugh. I immediately respond. But that’s a conversation with my 14-year-old son.”住在洛杉矶的编剧、记者布鲁斯·费尔斯坦(Bruce Feirstein)对此表示同意:“我14岁的儿子给我发了用手捂脸的emoji表情符后,我笑了,然后很快就回复了他。但这是和我14岁儿子的对话。”His business correspondence, on the other hand, has a tone that doesn’t allow for a smiley face, or even the mustache man. “It’s all about context,” he said. “I’ve never gotten a serious piece of communication or a message from an adult with an emoji.”反观另一面,他商业上的一切通信往来都透着一种连笑脸都加不进去的腔调,甚至连个小胡子男人的表情也加不进去。“都是由内容决定的,”他说。“我从没收到过成年人发来带有emoji表情符的正式通信或消息。”Mr. Feirstein, 61, is something of an authority on the subject of what men should or should not do, having written the 1982 best seller “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche,” a satirical “Guidebook to All That Is Truly Masculine,” as the subtitle put it.61岁的费尔斯坦堪称男人该做什么不该做什么这方面的权威,他著有《真男人不吃蛋饼》(Real Men Don’t eat Quiche)一书,1982年成了畅销书。如副标题所说,它是讽刺风格的“真正男子汉的行为指南(Guidebook to All That Is Truly Masculine)”。“When I wrote the book, things were simpler than they are now,” he said. “I don’t know if, in the year 2015, defining what a ‘real man’ would do or not do is relevant, because the culture has changed. I don’t know if you can make these grand pronouncements anymore.”“我写书的时候,事情比现在简单不少,”他说。“我不知道在2015年,讨论‘真男人’的定义还有没有意义,因为文化改变了。我不知道现在还能不能做这么宏大的声明了。”Besides, grand pronouncements are likely to have no effect on how language is changing in the digital sphere. “I say it’s like a new form of communication,” said Adrian Rodriguez, a 26-year-old office manager in San Francisco. “It’s just the way things are evolving. It’s just there. You don’t want to overthink it.”此外,这类宏大的声明似乎也无法撼动电子领域的语言变化。“我觉得这像是一种新的传播方式,”旧金山26岁的办公室经理艾德里安·罗德里格斯(Adrian Rodriguez)说。“只是事物演进的方式罢了。它就存在于这个世界上。真的不用想太多。” /201505/374891南平备孕检查专科医院

福州市输精管复通哪家最好Sunday is Father#39;s Day in the ed States, an occasion to mark and celebrate the contributions of fathers.这个星期天是父亲节,人们在这一天庆祝和赞美父亲的贡献。The non-federal holiday is observed each year on the third Sunday in June, which this year, falls on the first day of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere).每年6月的第三个星期天是美国的父亲节。今年的父亲节恰好是北半球夏季的开始。Families usually celebrate the day with taking Dad out to dinner and plying him with gifts, including (-as the joke goes-) far too many ties. Economists say Americans spend more than billion each year on Father#39;s Day gifts.父亲节这一天,很多家庭请父亲去餐馆吃饭,并给父亲买礼物, 包括(象笑话里说的那样)太多的领带。经济学者说,美国人每年父亲节买礼物要花费10亿美元。The humble origins of Father#39;s Day began on July 5, 1908 when a (state of) West Virginia church held a Sunday service in memory of 362 men who had died the previous year in explosions in coal mines.父亲的起源平凡。1908年7月5日,当时西维吉尼亚州的一个教堂举行星期日礼拜,纪念前一年在煤矿爆炸中遇难的362人。The next year, a Spokane, Washington woman who was raised by her widowed father set out to establish a male equivalent of Mother#39;s Day. She was successful and in 1910 Washington state celebrated the nation#39;s first statewide Father#39;s Day.第二年华盛顿州斯波坎一位由丧偶父亲独自抚养长大的妇女着手推动建立父亲节获得成功。该州1910年首次在全州范围内庆祝父亲节。By the end of the war, Father#39;s Day was a national institution.第二次大战结束后,父亲节成为美国人普遍庆祝的节日。 /201506/381981福州晋安博爱医院正规吗 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — When Anis Suhaila wants a cheap thrill, she turns to Instagram and Twitter to learn about the latest Malaysian paperback releases. But she does not buy them in ordinary bookstores here, some of which do not carry the titles she is most interested in.马来西亚,吉隆坡——阿妮丝·苏海拉(Anis Suhaila)如果想来点廉价的刺激,就会到Instagram和Twitter上去了解点马来西亚平装书最新的出版情况,但她不会到普通的书店去买书,有些书店里根本没有她最感兴趣的书。Instead, she usually heads to one of the “pop up” book markets that appear occasionally, almost randomly, on the streets in Kuala Lumpur to find what she is looking for: risqué tales of crime, horror and gritty young love that are written in Malay and aimed at young Muslim Malaysians.她一般都到“快闪”书市去买书,它们不时出现在吉隆坡街头,几乎没有规律可循。她要找的则是那些近乎淫秽的犯罪、恐怖小说,以及内容露骨的青春恋爱故事,这些书都是用马来西亚语写的,专门针对年轻的马来西亚穆斯林读者。The writing can be patchy, but it is fresh and edgy, said Ms. Anis, 24, a manager at an education company, adding that the stories sometimes touch on “something that is relevant” to Malaysia’s political scene. She devours four books a month, she said, the most recent a tale of a boy who can see ghosts.24岁的阿妮丝是一家教育公司的经理,她说,这些小说可能是东拼西凑的,但是内容清新尖锐,故事有时候会涉及和马来西亚政界“相关的内容”。这样的书她一个月能狼吞虎咽看完四本,最新看完的一本讲的是一个能看见鬼魂的男孩。This new-style pulp fiction, much of it by first-time authors who got their start blogging, is the product of an independent, irreverent publishing industry that has sprung up over the past four years and has tapped into a desire for escapism among younger Malaysians as their country has become more socially conservative.这种新形式的低级小说大都是由写客出身的新手作家创作,过去四年来,不惧权威的独立出版业繁荣发展,它利用马来西亚青年人对日趋保守的社会的逃避心理,推出了这些小说。In recent years, Malaysia’s laid-back style of Islam has taken on more Arab overtones. And the government, controlled by the same coalition since the nation’s independence from Britain in 1957, has reacted to a fledging political opposition by tightening restrictions on everything from academic freedom to personal liberties.近年来,马来西亚无为而治的穆斯林风格开始日益接受阿拉伯世界的暗示。自1957年从英国独立以来,马来西亚政府一直由同一个政治派别控制,为了遏制羽翼未丰的反对派,它开始收紧对社会方方面面的控制,从学术自由到个人自由。Young people are told how to behave not only by their teachers and parents but also, increasingly, by the government and religious authorities. Recent decrees have included prohibitions on yoga, the celebration of Halloween and smoking shisha, or water pipes. Newspapers and television shows are routinely censored, and in February, both the film and the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” were banned, even though the book had been sold openly for three years.不仅是老师和家长们谆谆告诫年轻人应该怎样做,政府和宗教权威也愈来愈多地教诲他们。最近政府颁布法令,禁止练瑜伽、庆祝万圣节和抽水烟袋。报纸和电视节目经常遭到审查,二月,《五十度灰》(Fifty Shades of Grey)的小说和电影都被禁了,此前三年里这本书一直都在公开发售。In Malaysia, writers and ers “don’t have much freedom, but on print, in a book, they can basically go naked,” said Wani Ardy, 31, the proprietor of a pop-up book market where Ms. Anis was browsing one recent Saturday afternoon under a sweltering tent.在马来西亚,作家和读者们“没有多少自由,但在书里,他们基本上可以示人,”31岁的快闪书市经营者瓦尼·阿尔迪(Wani Ardy)说,他的书摊用帐篷遮着,非常闷热,最近的一个星期六下午,阿妮丝也曾经去过那里。Ms. Wani, who also teaches creative writing at a university, set up her first pop-up book market in 2011, just as independent publishing was taking off. She named it Boco, the Javanese word for “.” On this Saturday, about 200 people — young women in head scarves and young men in tight jeans — were milling around some 40 stalls set up in Kuala Lumpur’s old colonial quarter. As vendors hawked grilled chicken and cold drinks, two young women took to the stage to recite angst-ridden poetry to the chords of an acoustic guitar. Other stalls dealt in secondhand clothes and comic books, but the main attraction was paperbacks.瓦尼也在大学里教授创意写作,2011年,她第一次开了一处快闪书市,当时马来西亚的独立出版业刚刚起步。她给书市起名“Boco”,这是爪哇语的“阅读”的意思。这个星期六,大约有200人来到这个开设在吉隆坡老殖民区的书市,绕着四十多个摊位打转,大都是戴头巾的年轻女人和穿紧身牛仔裤的年轻男人。小贩们到处兜售烤鸡和冷饮,两个年轻女人在舞台上弹着木吉他,朗诵充满焦虑的诗歌。有些摊位卖旧衣和漫画,但最主要的还是平装书。More than 10 Malay-language publishers have burst onto the scene in the past four years. Most of them produce pulp fiction, but some specialize in social criticism and poetry. They have churned out hundreds of titles and estimate that they have sold more than a million books through pop-up stalls, online vendors and some traditional bookstores.过去四年间涌现了十几个马来西亚语独立出版社,造成了这一盛况。大多数出版社都出品低级小说,也有些专攻社会批评领域与诗歌。它们推出了几百本书,通过快闪书摊、网店和若干传统书店,卖出了一百万多册。The books can be riddled with typos, but they have slick covers, and some young Malaysians regard them as cool fashion accessories. Unlike traditional pulp fiction in Malaysia, mostly soppy romance novels, the new works are written in the street slang favored by the young and often feature story lines that flirt with taboo topics such as sexual promiscuity and communism.书中可能充满印刷错误,但总有漂亮的封面,有些马来西亚年轻人把它们当做很酷的配饰。马来西亚传统的低级小说大都是多愁善感的爱情小说,这些新的作品却有所不同,它们用年轻人喜欢的街头俗语写成,故事通常会挑战禁忌题材,比如滥交和共产主义。“Newspapers are subject to censorship and things like libel law, whereas with fiction, you can then create scenarios people kind of recognize,” said Amir Muhammad, 42, who started one of the country’s biggest independent publishing companies, Buku Fixi, four years ago and has produced more than 100 titles.“报纸经常遭到审查,受到诽谤法之类东西的影响,但在小说里,你可以创造出人们能辨认出来的情景,”42岁的阿米尔·穆罕默德(Amir Muhammad)说,四年前,他创建了全国最大的独立出版公司之一Buku Fixi,已经出版了100多本书。Before publishing, Mr. Amir made films, including two documentaries about Malaysia’s decades-long struggle with a communist insurgency until the late 1980s. The first film, in 2006, was banned without explanation; the second, a year later, was banned because it portrayed the government in a bad light, according to Mr. Amir.涉足出版业之前,阿米尔是拍电影的,曾经拍摄过两部反映马来西亚与共产主义暴动组织斗争的纪录片,这场斗争持续几十年,直到80年代末才告终。第一部影片在2006年遭禁,并且没有给出任何解释。一年后,第二部影片也被禁止放映,阿米尔说,因为它呈现了政府的负面形象。When he started publishing, Mr. Amir said, “bookshops told me Malays only romance, religion and cooking. I thought, ‘There’s got to be more to life than that.’ ” His two best sellers have been “Kelabu,” a racy love story in which a girl hires a fake boyfriend to make her real one jealous, and “Asrama,” a horror story set in a girls’ school.阿米尔说,自己刚开始从事出版业时,“书店老板告诉我,马来西亚人只读爱情小说、宗教书和烹饪书。我想,‘生活中还应该有其他东西。’”他最畅销的两本书一本是《克拉布》(Kelabu),这是一本情色爱情小说,讲述一个女孩雇来假男友,好让她真正的男朋友妒忌,另一本名叫《阿斯拉玛》(Asrama),讲述发生在女子学校里的恐怖故事。A rival publisher, Lejen Press, has had one of the biggest hits so far, a novel called “Awek Chuck Taylor.” Written in a combination of street slang and text messages, it has sold about 40,000 copies, making it a superstar of independent publishing here.阿米尔的竞争对手,勒耶出版社(Lejen Press)推出过迄今最畅销的书籍之一——《穿查克·泰勒的阿维克》(Awek Chuck Taylor)。它结合了街头俗语和手机信息语言,卖出了四万册,成为独立出版界的超级巨星。The narrator, Hafiz, is a Malay slacker, a college dropout who is usually broke, is often profane and recounts his adventures chasing multiple girls at the same time. “Awek” is slang for girl, and Chuck Taylor refers to the Converse sneakers worn by a character who declares herself an agnostic and a fan of books on communism and anarchy.小说的叙事者哈菲兹(Hafiz)是马来西亚人,一个懒家伙,从大学退了学,手头总是没钱,不怎么虔诚,在故事中讲述自己同时追求一堆女孩的冒险故事。“阿维克”是“女孩”的俗语,“查克·泰勒”是指书中一个女孩穿的匡威鞋,她说自己是个不可知论者,喜欢共产主义和无政府主义的书。The novel does not explore such concepts in any depth. But openly talking of abandoning Islam in Malaysia could lead the religious authorities to impose a stint of rehabilitation.这本小说没有探讨什么深刻的观念,但在马来西亚,公开谈及放弃伊斯兰教信仰可能会引起宗教权威施加的一些惩戒。The author of “Awek Chuck Taylor,” Nomy Nozwir, 31, who writes as Nami Cob Nobbler, said it was based loosely on his own life. “There are people who tell me off,” he said in a phone interview. “They say my writing is too vulgar. But the fact is, I am not hiding anything.”《穿查克·泰勒的阿维克》的作者诺米·诺兹沃(Nomy Nozwir)31岁,笔名纳米·科布·诺布勒(Nami Cob Nobbler),他说小说是粗略地根据他的生活写成的。“有人谴责我,”他在接受电话采访时说,“他们说我写的写作太粗俗。但我只是没有遮遮掩掩而已。Though some officials have voiced concerns that this tide of cheap fiction will have an adverse effect on Malay grammar, the government appears to be paying little attention.尽管有些官员对这股廉价小说的风潮表示关切,觉得它们可能对马来西亚语文有不良影响,但总的来说,政府似乎并没怎么注意它们。Last year, Lejen became the first of the independent publishers to open a brick-and-mortar outlet: a shop in a Kuala Lumpur suburb that hosts ings and book releases, often with live bands, and sells T-shirts emblazoned with its logo.去年,勒耶成了第一家开办实体店的独立出版社,店面位于吉隆坡郊区,主办阅读与图书发行活动,常常邀请乐队现场表演,还发售带有出版社标识的T恤。Aisamuddin Asri, a former semiconductor engineer who founded Lejen, said officers from the Home Ministry had come by several times, following up on public complaints. But they left without taking any action.勒耶的创建者阿萨马丁·阿斯里(Aisamuddin Asri)之前是半导体工程师,他说在一些公开投诉之后,内务部的官员来过几次,但他们没有采取任何行动就离开了。Mr. Amir, the former filmmaker, who just opened his own physical store, quipped of the authorities, “Let’s hope they continue not to .”拍过电影的阿米尔也刚刚开了自己的实体店,他用俏皮话嘲弄官方:“希望他们今后也像以前一样,从来不读书。” /201506/380036福州复通术哪家最好

福州那间医院看不育最好 The case of the Frankenstein Nefertiti: it#39;s time to revolt against ugly public art弗兰肯斯坦奈费尔提蒂事件:到了抗议丑陋的公共艺术的时候了As Egyptian protesters get a colossal – and colossally awful – sculpture of the ancient queen pulled down, we need to topple all the other art that’s an insult to our public spaces.Egypt has had a revolution, and we should emulate it. We need a revolution against bad public art.埃及示威者得到一个巨大近乎可怕的古代女王被推翻的雕塑,我们需要推翻所有侮辱我们公共空间的艺术。埃及已经有一场我们应该效仿的革命。我们需要有一场抗议丑陋的公共艺术的革命。Ugly sculpture is a global phenomenon. From a daft statue of Peter Falk in Budapest to the colossally kitsch couple at St Pancras Station in London, clumsily executed excuses for figurative art are insulting public spaces. And we put up with it. A few aesthetes may gripe, and online galleries have a laugh at all the unsightly art appearing everywhere, but most people passively accept the right of ignorant art-commissioning bodies and arrogant artists to impose their awful taste on the rest of us.丑雕塑是一种全球现象。从布达佩斯彼得法尔克愚蠢的雕像到伦敦圣潘克拉斯车站非常媚俗的夫妇 ,笨拙地借口具象艺术是对公共空间的侮辱。我们一直容忍这一现象,一些唯美主义者可能会抱怨,在线画廊嘲笑到处出现的不堪入目的艺术,但大多数人被动地接受愚昧的艺术委托机构和傲慢的艺术家强加给他们的可怕品味。Not so in Egypt. Perhaps emboldened by their recent history of demonstrations and political change, Egyptians have protested against a ridiculous sculpture and got it removed. The “artwork” in question was supposed to be a replica of the great ancient Egyptian bust of Nefertiti that resides in Berlin’s Neues Museum. It was commissioned to stand at the entrance to the city of Samalut, three hours south of Cairo.但在埃及却不是这样。也许受到最近的示威和政治变革的历史(的影响),埃及人抗议荒谬的雕塑,并将其移除。“艺术品”问题应该是现在驻留在柏林新物馆的,对伟大的古埃及奈费尔提蒂半身像的复制品问题。被委托放置在开罗南部赛末鲁特站入口处三个小时。Nefertiti’s famous head, with her high hat, was replicated on a colossal scale. Or rather, it was not replicated. Her face, instead of being reddish, was greenish yellow. And instead of beautiful, it was elongated and strangely marked, with closed eyes. In fact, it bore little resemblance to the iconic image of Nefertiti’s beauty.Egyptian bloggers and Twitter users soon called it “Frankenstein” and denounced it as “an insult to Nefertiti and to every Egyptian”.奈费尔提蒂著名的头部,与她高耸的帽子,被复制成一个巨大的规模。或者更确切地说,这并不单单是复制。她的脸不是红色的,而是青黄色的。这看起来并不美丽的,雕塑细长,刻有奇怪的标志,双眼合拢。事实上,这与奈费尔提蒂的标志性形象美几乎没有任何相似之处。埃及客和推特用户很快就称之为“弗兰肯斯坦”,谴责这是“对奈费尔提蒂和每一个埃及人的侮辱”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201507/385892南平那间医院孕前检查龙岩造影那个医院最好



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