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Urban planning城市规划Rail ambition铁路大设想Cities used to think modern art could save them. Now its railway stations城市的救命稻草由过去的现代艺术转为地铁车站IN JANUARY commuters voted Birmingham New Street one of Britains worst railway stations. Each day nearly 150,000 people move through a structure built for half as many. But by next year it will be transformed, with 400 tonnes of undulating steel cladding and a vaguely eyeball appearance. The station will have “the wow factor”, boasts Sir Albert Bore, the leader of Birmingham city council. It will also show how much attitudes to railway stations have changed.今年1月,英国上班族的投票结果显示伯明翰新街火车站是全英最差的火车站。每天都有15万人都要去挤这个容量只有人流量一半的车站上下班。但明年,情况将有所改善—车站将使用400顿的包钢材料,带给人们一种模糊的视觉体验。伯明翰市长Albert Bore夸耀说,这个车站将会使走过路过的人情不自禁的叫出声来,使乘客对火车站的态度实现360度大转弯。Railway stations are the chief exception to the rule that Britain invests too little in infrastructure. Of the 17 big termini managed by Network Rail, the owner of Britains tracks, 11 are being redeveloped or have recently been completed. Five other stations, including Reading and Northampton, are being spruced up by local councils and Network Rail.英国向来对基础设施的投资就少,但火车站则是一个例外。英国铁道所有者铁路网管理的17个火车站中,有11个使乘客对火车站的态度实现360度大转弯,还有5个(包括雷丁火车站和北安普顿火车站)由当地政府和铁路局负责翻新修理。Some simply need to be expanded: the number of train journeys has risen by 35% since 2005. But the design of New Street suggests aspirations well beyond more easeful travel. The building would not look out of place in Dubai and is striking, if slightly incongruous, in the grey West Midlands. City planners wanted something monumental, like Grand Central station in New York, says Sir Bernard Zissman, chairman of the independent design panel.有一些则只需要扩建:自2005年起,搭乘火车旅行的人次上升了35%。但是新街火车站的设计表明,改良的初衷不仅仅是为了实现提供“更舒适的旅行”这一基本目的。这种独特亮眼的建筑出现在迪拜很合适,但是在灰蒙蒙的西米德兰兹郡,就有那么点不合时宜了。城市规划者、独立设计小组主席Bernard Zissman解释说想建一些地标性的建筑物,就像纽约的中央车站一样。“Twenty or thirty years ago business people were more likely to arrive in a city by car,” explains Jon Neale of Jones Lang LaSalle, a property specialist. Town planners duly carved out motorways and roundabouts to entice them. In 1962 a local politician claimed that a new design for Birmingham, involving an inner ring road, would make it “one of the finest city centres in Europe”.仲量联行的房地产专家Jon Neale说,二三十年以前,商人们大多数情况下都会坐车,因为城市规划者不失时宜地开发了很多高速公路和环状交叉路口诱惑他们。1962年,一位当地政客称会在伯明翰开始新的城市规划,包括建设一条内环路,使其成为“欧洲最好的市中心之一”。Cities now measure their appeal by their stations. Businesses cluster around them: at Kings Cross, a once-grimy part of north London, a postcode has been created for all the new buildings around the station, which was redeveloped in 2013. John Lewis, an upmarket department store, will open in the mall above New Street (which is indeed called “Grand Central”) along with 60 other shops. The council hopes it will pull in visitors to the city.当今很多城市都用他们的火车站衡量城市魅力。车站附近也建起了商业圈:英国王十字车站曾是北伦敦一个污秽不堪的地方,2013年重建后,所有车站周围的新建筑都被赋予了一个新的邮编。高档百货公司John Lewis将会在新街车站上面开一家商城(命名为“中央车站”)以及60家商店。市政当局希望这会吸引更多游客。Such ambition recalls the stations of the 19th century. Those structures “spoke to the corporate sensibility of a city,” says Tristram Hunt, an MP and historian, by combining commerce with the sheen of civic pride. The first New Street station, built in 1851, had the largest single-span roof in the country at the time. It was torn down by enthusiastic 1960s town planners. Now some of its original lustre may return.这样宏大的构想让人想起了19世纪的车站。历史学家兼国会议员Tristram Hunt说,那些建筑结合了商业贸易和公民自豪感,向企业家们诉说着城市的点滴与沉淀。1851年修建的第一个新街火车站有那个时代最大的单拱桥屋顶。20世纪60年代,狂热的城市规划者将它拆掉。而现在,那些原先的光辉可能重返。译者:张丹 校对:徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201511/407513泰州东方医院包皮切割Nancy Reagan has died at age 94. 南希·里根去世,享年94岁。The widow of late former President Ronald Reagan and one of the most influential first ladies in ed States history passed away Sunday at her home in Los Angeles after suffering congestive heart failure. 已故前总统罗纳德·里根的遗孀、美国历史上最具影响力之一的第一夫人周日在她洛杉矶的家中因心力衰竭去世。Nancy was born Anne Frances Robbin in New York City in 1921. Like her husband, Nancy used to be an actor. 南希在1921出生于纽约。像她丈夫一样,南希过去是个演员。She and Ronald wed in 1952. They had two children, Patti Davis and Ron Reagan. 她和罗纳德于1952结婚,生了2个孩子,帕蒂·戴维斯和罗恩。During her time as First Lady of the ed States, Nancy spearheaded the ;Just Say No; anti-drug campaign.在担任美国第一夫人期间,南希在禁毒宣传活动中率先对毒品说“不”。Nancy will be laid to rest at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California next to her husband, who died in 2004 at age 93 after battling Alzheimers disease.南希将葬于加利福尼亚西米谷罗纳德·里根总统图书馆。罗纳德·里根在与阿尔茨海默氏症斗争后于2004年去世,享年93岁。译文属。201603/429808江苏省泰州男科医生Hi,I dont know why Im putting a mic on you嗨 我不知道我为啥要给你麦克风you are not gonna be able to talk here either, are you?反正你肯定说不出话了You all right? Im good.Take a breathe.Lets do this.你没事吧 我挺好 深呼吸 我们一起来Your hearts beating fast?你的心脏跳得很快So you are saying that was fun,Is is more fun?你说那次很兴奋 现在是不是更爽We didnt even have to send you there看来我们本用不着让他去你家We could just call her down and she sat on you lap and shes ok我们直接打电话让她过来 让她坐在你腿上就行了But what did you feel like when he walks into your bedroom?他走进你卧室的时候你有什么感觉I was shaking,I didnt know hes coming at all我在发抖 我一点也不知道他要来I saw him,I thought I was dreaming like and thank you,I cant believe that at all.我看见了他 我觉得这是梦 谢谢你 这太难以置信了Could you sleep last night?你昨晚上睡着了吗I went to bed like 4:30 last night我昨晚4:30才上床I mean really,he was in your bedroom我是说真的 他在你的卧室里I couldnt even go to school today,No this is exciting right我今天都不去学校了 这很激动人心He has one more surprise for you,Do you?他还有一个惊喜给你 是吧Yes,You know my premiere tonight?是的 你知道我今晚电影首映式吧Tonight youre coming,You are coming, you gotta go.you excited?今晚 你要来 你要来 一定要来哦 开心吗You gonna go and see the movie,You family are coming too你要去看电影 你的家人也要去All right,We take a break,well be back.好了 我们休息一下 马上回来 /201606/452104As Robert Palmer sang in the mid 80s,“You might as well faceit, youre addicted to love.”80年代中期的罗伯特帕尔默曾经唱道:“承认吧,你已坠入爱河。”While that may or may not be truedepending on who you are, its no secret that addiction is acommon phenomenon.虽然,这句歌词的意思因人而异,但我们都知道,沉迷某事物或某人是个普遍现象。Apart from serious addictions to drugs and alcohol, how many times have you heard someoneclaim that theyre absolutely addicted to chocolate? Or diet Coke.除了严重的毒瘾和酒瘾意外,你有多少次曾听到有人说他们对巧克力十分上瘾?或者说无糖可乐,Or broccoli?或是花椰菜?Well, maybe not broccoli, but you get the point.也许不是花椰菜,但你知道我想说的是什么。But is it really possible to be a chocolate addict in the same waythat someone might be addicted to drugs?对巧克力上瘾真的会跟毒瘾一样吗?To answer that question we need to know what addiction is.要解答这个问题,我们需要知道什么是上瘾。Although the precise science ofaddiction is unclear, we do know that it involves the brain;虽然对上瘾还没有确切的定义,但我们都知道它跟大脑有关;addictive substances alter brainchemistry in such a way as to make the body crave more.上瘾的东西会以某种方式改变脑化学,从而使人体产生对该物的渴望。But what about chocolate?但怎么解释巧克力呢?Several studies indicate that chocolate addiction is for real.一些研究表明,对巧克力上瘾确实是存在的。Chocolatecontains a number of addictive substances, including caffeine and cannabinoids, chemicals similarto the ones that make marijuana a potent drug.巧克力包含很多容易上瘾的物质,如咖啡因、大麻类物质(其化学成分很像将大麻制成特效药的物质)。Further studies found not only that chocolatefats trigger the release of pleasure-causing substances in the brain, but that chocolate contains achemical similar to amphetamine, a highly addictive drug.进一步研究发现,不仅巧克力脂肪能够促使大脑释放出使人体愉悦的物质,巧克力还含有一种和苯内胺(一种极易上瘾的药物)很相似的化学物质。Does this mean that anyone who eats enough chocolate will become addicted?难道说任何吃过多巧克力的人都会上瘾吗?No. Some peoplecan eat all the chocolate they want and never get hooked.不是的。有些人可以想吃多少巧克力就吃多少而不上瘾。But chocolate does cause chemicalchanges in the brain that can result in a powerful craving.但巧克力确实会引起大脑的化学变化,从而产生一种强烈的渴望。Chocolate addiction is nowhere near aspotent or harmful as alcohol and drug addiction, of course.对巧克力上瘾可不是像毒瘾和酒瘾那样对人体有害。But if you find yourself unable to gothrough the day without at least one Hersheys Kiss, its not just in your mind. Youre hooked.但如果你发现自己一天不吃上一块好时巧克力就不自在的话,不止是你脑中会这样想,而是你确实是染上巧克力瘾了。201412/347326泰州东方男科医院治疗早泄多少钱

泰州哪个医院泌尿科最好泰州那个医院切包皮好Whats the difference between a hard-shelled blue crab anda soft-shelled blue crab?你知道软壳青蟹和硬壳青蟹有什么区别吗?Is this a trick question?这个问题很难吗?Ill give you a hent.我来给你个提示。It has to do with the crabs skeletal system.这与螃蟹的骨骼系统是紧密相关的。Skeletal system? You got me there, I know that like other crustaceans, periodicallymolt.骨骼系统?哦,我大概懂了。就像是其它的甲壳类动物一样,螃蟹会定期的褪壳。That is, the crab sheds it shard shell and forms a new one.也就是说,螃蟹褪掉原有的硬壳再重新长出新壳。But I dont have a clue as to what that means about the skeletalsystem?但问题是,我想不明白这怎么就和骨骼系统扯上了关系。Well, Ill tell you.那就由我来告诉你吧。When a blue crab sheds its hard shell, its exoskeleton, it has to wait about aweek for the new shell to harden.当一只青蟹褪掉了它的硬壳(也就是它的外骨骼)之后,新长出的壳要等上大概一个星期才能变硬。Before that happens, this outer layer of tissue is too soft andflexible to transmit muscle contractions as it did, and will do again when the crabs new shell hardens.在壳变硬之前,外面的那层“壳”太软太韧了,以致于无法进行正常的肌肉收缩。And yet these creatures are somehow still able to move about, even immediately after molting.在新壳变硬之时还要再进行一次。而且,不知为何,青蟹在这种情况下还是能到处爬来爬去的,即使是刚刚褪壳的时候也是如此。How is that possible?这怎么可能呢?Its possible using a hydrostatic skeleton.使用铃静力骨架就可以了!Many animals, such as worms, rely on hydrostaticskeletons all their lives.许多种动物,比如说蠕虫,它们一生都是靠铃静力骨架撑下来的。What this means is that muscle contractions are transmitted through anincompressible fluid.这也就是说,肌肉的收缩通过不可压缩铃被传送到了身体各部分。Immediately after molting, the hydrostatic pressure inside crabs jumpssignificantly higher, allowing the crabs to use this pressure to move their muscles.青蟹刚刚褪壳的时候,体内的铃静压力陡然飚到很高,这使得青蟹可以利用压力来使肌肉活动。While ahydrostatic skeleton isnt so remarkable in itself, what is remarkable is that the crab alternatesbetween using the two kinds of skeletons.青蟹的铃静力骨架并不是特别出众,真正出众的是青蟹在外骨骼和铃静力骨架之间出众的交替使用能力。Scientists suspect that crabs probably arent alone inthis feat and plan to investigate the skeletal systems of other creatures that molt.科学家们猜测,蟹并不是唯一一种此类动物,接下来,科学家们将会研究更多褪壳生物的骨骼系统。201501/352093Spains economy西班牙经济The worst may be over最糟的情况即将结束Mariano Rajoy predicts economic joy, but Spain still has a long way to go马里亚诺·拉霍伊预测经济形势可喜,但是西班牙仍然任重道远。THE Prado museum, lined with works by Goya, Velázquez and El Greco, is a sanctuary of peace in busy centralMadrid. When the museum advertised for eleven gallery attendants recently, it also seemed the perfect refuge fromSpains job-starved economy: 18,700 people applied.陈列着戈雅,委拉兹开斯,格列柯等人作品的普拉多物馆无疑是喧闹的马德里市中心最宁静的天堂。尤其是当18700人申请它登出的11个画廊务员招聘广告时,在导致西班牙大面积失业的经济危机中它似乎也成为了完美的避难所。 AsSpaintimidly emerges from a double-dip recession that has ripped 7% out of GDP over five years, job-seekers remain desperate. Unemployment is stuck at 26% and emigration is picking up. So will the recovery create jobs and sendSpaininto a virtuous cycle of increased domestic consumption, a higher tax take, healthy public finances and more jobs?由于在过去5年的双底衰退中“胆怯”的西班牙国内生产总值已经降低了7%,求职者们仍然显得非常绝望。失业率达到了26%,而且移民的人数也在持续增长。所以经济复苏是否会带来更多工作并且将西班牙送入一个良性循环?——持续增长的国内消费,更高的税收,公共医疗资金和更多的工作岗位。Presenting next years budget on September 30th, Cristobal Montoro, the budget minister, did not offer rapid relief. Projected growth of 0.7% next year falls short of the governments own estimates for job creation. And with a planned deficit of 5.8% of GDP adding to an aly worrying debt pile, stimulus spending is impossible.9月30日在报告第二年财政预算时,预算部长克里斯托 瓦尔蒙托罗并没有送出让人迅速解脱的消息。预期的0.7%的增长将会低于政府自身对明年增加就业机会的估计。而且随着一个有计划的占GDP5.8%的财政赤字增添到一堆已经很让人担忧的债务上,刺激消费已经是不可能的了。Civil-service pay is being frozen for a fourth year in a row and pensions will not keep up with inflation, yet the public debt will still reach almost 100% of GDP. Spanish companies and households are busy trying to pay off their own debts. After taking a 41 billion (.6 billion) bail-out last year,Spains banks find it safer to lend to the government than to business.公务员薪金已经连续第四年被冻结而且养老金即将跟不上通货膨胀的势头,但是国债仍然将接近国内生产总值的100%。西班牙企业家和民众都忙着还清他们自己的债务。在去年得到了410亿欧元(556亿美元)的经济援助之后,西班牙的发现借钱给政府比借钱给商人更安全。Even so,Spains story is now one of hope. Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister, says the third quarter will show a return to growth. Deep in the real economy, exciting things are happening. Car plants are humming, taking work from less competitive factories inEurope. Retail sales figures are improving elsewhere. Even consumer credit has crept up in recent months. Recession inflicted a brutal cull on businesses, but those still standing are more efficient and productive than ever. Exports, spurred bySpains new competitiveness, should grow more than 5% both this year and next, doubling their pre-recession weight in the economy. With exports booming, the current account has swung into surplus.即使是这样,西班牙的形势现在仍然是存在希望的。首相拉霍伊表示第三季度将会呈现出恢复增长的态势。深入到现实经济中,一些令人激动的事正在发生。汽车工厂都是非常活跃的,并且正从欧洲那些缺少竞争力的工厂手中争得业务。在其它方面零售数据也正在改善。甚至是贷款消费在最近几个月也在缓慢增长。经济衰退对企业进行了一次残酷的淘汰,但是那些依然坚挺的企业比以往任何时候都更有效率和创造力。由于西班牙新的竞争环境的鞭策,它的出口业在今明两年会得到超过5%的增长——这是经济衰退前的两倍数值。随着出口业的蓬勃发展,往来账户已经开始变得有盈余。Recovery in the European Union,Spains main export market, will help further. The stockmarket is soaring, with the Ibex-35 indicator gaining 11% in September. After a bruising 21 months in office, Mr Rajoy predicts economic happiness next year. His Popular Party (PP) has even seen a bounce in opinion polls.同时随着西班牙主要出口市场——欧盟的经济好转,将进一步地帮助西班牙经济复苏。股市也在疯涨,9月Ibex-35指数上涨了11%。在办公室中度过了21个月“难熬”的日子之后,拉霍伊预测明年经济将大为好转。民意调查显示他的人民党持率甚至出现反弹。But Javier Díaz-Giménez, of the IESE business school, warns that the recovery is anaemic, fragile and unlikely to create jobs. Average GDP growth of 1%, he points out, would not seeSpainreturn to pre-recession levels until 2021. The IMF sees 25% unemployment through to 2018.但是IESE商学院的哈维尔·迪亚斯—希门尼斯警告说这种复苏是无力的和脆弱的并且不太可能去创造更多工作。他指出平均国内生产总值只增长了1%,不太可能在2021年之前看到西班牙经济恢复到经济衰退前的水平。国际货币基金组织(IMF)认为25%的失业率将持续到2018年。The danger, warns Angel Laborda of the Funcas think-tank, is relaxation. Aly he worries that this years 6.5% deficit target will be missed. Overall fiscal pressure is relatively low for a country that wants a sophisticated welfare system. Structural reforms are still needed, he says, butSpainenters a two-year period of elections in 2014, sapping political courage. Overconfidence threatens to slow the fall in house prices, making it even harder to sell the 700,000 new homes left by the housing bubble that pitchedSpaininto recession. Fitch, a ratings agency, warns that at current rates of selling it will take six years to clear the overhang. Prices have fallen 30% or more from the peak, but Jesús Encinar of idealista.com, a property portal, sees a further 20% drop.智库储蓄联合会的安格列 拉发出警告说政府的松懈是危险的。他已经开始担心今年6.5%的财政赤字会被人们所忽视。总的来说一个国家的财政压力与它复杂的福利体系相比相对较低。他表示体制改革仍然是有必要的,但是西班牙在2014年即将进入一个为期2年的选举阶段,这有可能会削弱政府的勇气。过分的自负预示着房价下调将会变慢,这让由房地产泡沫遗留下来的70万余套房屋更难售出,这也是导致西班牙经济衰退的主要原因。来自评价机构的菲奇警告说以当前的水平要将房屋的过剩量全部售出将需要6年。房价比顶峰时期已经下降了30%,但是来自idealista网站的房地产专家Jesús Encinar认为将来还会有20%的降价。The next test for Mr Rajoy is pensions. A diet rich in olive oil, wine and fresh vegetables helps make Spaniards among the longest-living people inEurope. The baby-boomers will retire over the coming decade. By 2050, the number of pensioners will have leapt from just over 9m to 15m; and the social-security system aly loses the equivalent of 1.4% of GDP. The previous government hiked the retirement age to 67, but that is not enough. “To claim that the current system is sustainable is like saying smoking does not cause cancer,” says Mr Díaz-Giménez. The government has made bold proposals to calculate pensions according to life expectancy and the size of the state pension pot. But Mr Rajoy is under pressure to backtrack. Even the employers federation has warned of pensioners lost spending power.对于拉霍伊的下一个考验就是养老金。既节制的又富有的包含着橄榄油,酒和新鲜蔬菜的饮食习惯帮助西班牙人民成为欧洲最长寿的人之一。在接下来10年生育高峰期即将过去。到2050年,领取养老金的人数将从900万猛增到1500万;但同时社保体系却已经失去了相当于1.4%的国内生产总值的资金。早先政府将退休年龄提高到67岁,但这并不足以解决问题。吉姆表示“如果宣称现行体系是可维系下去的就像宣称吸烟不会导致癌症一样可笑。”政府已经开始根据平均寿命和国家养老金的余额去分配养老金了。但是拉霍伊依然承担着走老路的压力。即使雇主联合会已经警告过已经丧失消费能力的养老金领取者。Labour reforms have helped to boost productivity, allowing employers and unions to opt for wage moderation rather than sackings. More may be needed if jobs are to be created. Lowering, or scrapping, the minimum wage might help. Taxes could also be cut, but only if public spending is cut. Luis de Guindos, the finance minister, says jobs will come when growth reaches 1%. Until then, the Prado museum remains a safe harbour.劳务改革确实对提高生产效率有帮助,允许雇主们和公会去自行调整工资水平而不是一刀切。但如果有可能还是需要更多地工作机会。降低或者废除最低工资标准可能会有效果。税收也应该降低,但仅仅在公共花销也降低的情况下。财政部长Luis de Guindos 表示当经济增长达到1%时将会有更多地工作。在那之前,普拉多物馆依然是一个安全的港湾。译者:曾擎禹 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201511/412328泰州韩式包茎手术要多少钱泰州姜堰区妇幼人民中医院尿科

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