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襄阳中医院治疗中耳炎大概多少钱费用襄阳第一人民医院治疗耳膜穿孔多少钱治疗咽炎襄阳哪家医院最好 Delta CEO: Customer convenience is key CNNs Richard Quest speaks to Delta CEO Richard Anderson about the importance of keeping the customer happy.Atlanta is fortress Delta when it comes to aviation, isnt it? You are a vast presence here. So I ask you how important is Atlanta to you?Oh,Atlanta is incredibly important. It is the largest hub in the world; we have takeoff and landing every 45 seconds. And if you look at the DOT statistics, it is one of the most reliable hubs in the world.So when you look at a place like Atlanta, how did Delta and how did the Atlanta airport grow so big?A great long term partnership between mayor Hartsfield and Mr. Volkmann the founder of delta that started in 1940 and has been carried on until today with the mayor, the leadership of the city of Atlanta, the leadership of Delta decade after decade after decade.And yet at the same time, you have great temptations and you have other hubs that you build out at the west coast, the north east, so as the chief executive how do you prioritize when you still got this big hub here Atlanta?Well, the world is a big place, and we now have 6 hubs in the US and we have 3 hubs outside the US. And the key privatization is where do our customers originate and where do our customer want to go and build the most convenient network to service the customer.But Delta sends many more people to a central hub like Atlanta than the other airlines, dont you? You perfected maximize the use of the Atlanta hub.We do, I mean pretty much everything in the ed States, large population center within 750 miles in Atlanta and any other real airports in the sanity of Atlanta, so we collect the enormous traffic here.What do you do next with Atlanta because clearly you are not going to be attacked by any other major airlines on your home base here?Well, we are going through a massive transformation right now at Delta and we are turning Delta back into a mainline airline. What that means we are up-gagging the flee and we are growing the mainline airline which is airplane flown and operated by Delta employees and dramatically reducing the connection operation rather than what has happened in this industry of the last 25 years which is we put too many people on 50 seats jets for thousand miles, we are stopping that at Delta.Why?Because one the economic in the airplane. Number two I dont believe that customers expect to take a 50 seats jet more than about 250 to 500 miles at the most and number three what allowed us to do in Atlanta is to take a market we would serve with 10-50 seats regional jets 10 flights a day and replaced with 6 a day on a bigger plan.So what is your priority as the chief executive in 2014?Well, we want to continue to successfully up gate the airline the airline. Second we are going to continue to improve the incredible performance from a reliability perspective that Delta so this year today completion factors 1997 and on time performances are 87 per cent those numbers are unheard of in terms of reliability. But we are going the raise the bar next year. /201401/274228This chart shows the 3 main nutrients that childhood这幅图展示了儿童癌症治愈者所缺少的3种cancer survivors were deficient in; folate, calcium主要的营养成分 叶酸盐、钙、铁and iron. This chart also compares their这图也比较了他们同正常儿童相比deficiencies to a normal children’s diet.所缺少的营养As you can see both children diagnosed with cancer正如你看到的,不管是患有癌症的儿童and normal healthy children are deficient in calcium还是正常健康儿童都会缺钙whereas childhood cancer survivors are also uniquely然而儿童癌症治愈者却缺少叶酸盐和铁deficient in folate and iron. These nutrient这些营养成分缺失deficiencies could have negative health implications对他们以后的生活健康是非常不利的later in life.So what can we conclude from this study?从这项研究中 我们能得出什么结论呢While this study showed that 32% of childhood cancer尽管这项研究显示 32%的癌症儿童幸存者survivors are not meeting their requirements for并没有达到钙的需求量calcium other literature suggests that up to 68% of其他的材料也显示68%的癌症儿童幸存者childhood cancer survivors are not meeting the没有达到规定的钙的需求量guidelines for calcium intake. This population is这些群体更有可能患at a greater risk of developing complications related和骨质疏松正相关的并发症to osteoporosis because their cancer treatments may因为他们的癌症治疗have altered their bone metabolism interfering with可能改变了他们的骨骼新陈代谢their ability to obtain peak bone mass during growth.这阻碍了他们在生长期间获得骨峰值的能力While treatment greatly affects children’s overall然而 治疗极大的影响了孩子整体的骨密度bone mineral density it is a multi factorial process这是一个多因子过程and adequate calcium intake, especially in the form尤其以奶制品的形式充足的摄入钙of dairy, as well as weight bearing exercises can help负重锻炼可以帮助阻止诸如prevent complications such as osteoporosis and help骨质疏松症等并发症的发生 帮助孩子kids obtain a peak bone mass.The 50% of children获得骨峰值 50%缺乏叶酸盐的孩子deficient in folate are also at risk of long term也有着长期的健康问题health effects. Many studies have shown a direct link许多研究显示 在降低的也算盐摄入量between decreased folic acid intake and increased和增高的同型半胱氨基酸积累之间rates of homocysteine accumulation. In the body folate有着直接联系acts as a co enzyme and participates in several single体内的叶酸盐作为一种辅酶 参与好几种carbon transfer reactions such as the synthesis of单一的碳循环反应 比如说components in DNA, RNA and proteins. Homocysteine isDNA,RNA,和蛋白质的合成an amino acid that under normal conditions is同型半胱氨基酸在正常情况下converted to mathyenine with the help of folate thus在叶酸的帮助下 转化成谷胱甘肽once folate is lacking in the diet homocysteine levels因此 一旦饮食上缺乏叶酸build up which is not good. Increased levels of同型半胱氨基酸就会增加 这就不好了homocysteine are associated with increased risk of同型半胱氨基酸增加和心脏以及血液浓度heart and blood level diseases such as atherosclerosis等疾病都有关系 比如动脉硬化and blood clots. Children should consume dark leafy和血栓 孩子应当多吃深颜色的绿色蔬菜green vegetables which are rich in folate to prevent这些蔬菜富含叶酸可以阻止this deficiency. Many fortified foods such as fortified这种缺陷 许多强化食品 诸如强化谷物cereals, bs or pastas are good sources of folate面包或意大利面 都是好的叶酸来源as well. Iron deficiency can be very dangerous孩子缺乏铁也会很危险in children. Iron has several vital functions in the铁在身体中扮演诸多重要角色body including carrying oxygen into the tissues from包括以血红蛋白的形式从肺部the lungs in the form of hemoglobin. The direct把氧气运输到组织consequence of iron deficiency is iron deficiency缺铁最直接的后果就是贫血症anemia. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness and hair症状表现为疲劳,虚弱,掉头发loss. The best source of iron in any diet is red meat红色肉类是获得铁最好的食物来源however sometimes it’s hard for kids to eat a lot of然而 有时候对于孩子来说吃很多红肉red meat. Another alternative to this is to have很难 那就让孩子每天吃一点children take a one a day supplement that contains含铁的补充品iron. Quality supplements should meet 100% or less of好的补充品应当满足每日的推荐营养量the RDA for that nutrient.或者稍稍少点So in conclusion malnutrition should be avoided in总之 儿童接受癌症治疗时children receiving cancer treatments. The common causes应避免营养不良of malnutrition include the chemotherapy and other营养不良最常见的起因包括化疗aggressive treatments as well as the increased metabolic以及其他的积极治疗 还有由于癌症类型rates due to the specific types of cancer. Going along而增加的新陈代谢速率with this the side effects of malnutrition included营养不良的副作用包括increased treatment time, a decreased quality of life治疗时间增加 幸存后的生活质量下降after survival and a greater chance of becoming以及以后的生活中消瘦或者超重underweight or overweight later in life. While enteral然而 肠道营养是营养持最好的形式nutritional is the best form of nutritional support in在大多数情况下most cases parenteral nutrition has been shown to be肠外营养是改善营养不良the best for reversing malnutrition. And finally after的最好方式 最终undergoing cancer treatment children are usually most孩子在经过癌症治疗以后deficient in folate, calcium and iron meaning dietary通常会缺乏叶酸盐 钙 铁intervention should be taken to counter act. Thank you就意味着我们应当采取饮食干预来应对all for listening, I hope you have enjoyed the谢谢收听presentation and learned something today.我希望你们喜欢今天的介绍并且学有所获201501/352667襄阳市中医医院看流鼻血大概多少钱费用

宜城市中医院耳鼻喉专科襄阳比较好的治五官科 By November, northern China is becoming distinctly chilly. But the south is still relatively warm and welcoming.十一月,中国北方日渐寒冷。而南方则相对温暖和煦。Across the vast expanse of Poyang Lake, the birds are gathering. Tundra swans are long-distance migrants from northern Siberia.飞鸟掠过鄱阳湖广阔的湖面聚集在一起。苔原天鹅从遥远的北西伯利亚迁徙至此。To the Chinese, they symbolise the essence of natural beauty. The Poyang Lake Nature Reserve offers winter refuge to more than a quarter of a million birds from more than 100 species, creating one of southern Chinas finest wildlife experiences.对中国人而言,他们象征着至高无上的自然美。鄱阳湖自然保护区为超过100个种类、25万之多的鸟类提供天然栖息地,成为中国南方最令人叹为观止的自然盛景。The last birds to arrive at Poyang are those which have made the longest journey to get here, all the way from the Arctic coast of Siberia.最后抵达此地的是跨越千山万水,艰难跋涉至此的鸟群,它们来自西伯利亚北极海岸。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/316978襄阳市中心医院治疗斜视眼睛哪家好

老河口市妇幼保健医院治疗耳聋大概多少钱费用Woz and jobs became inseparable friends,沃兹和乔布斯成为了形影不离的伙伴,But their first venture was not a computer.但是他们的第一项冒险举动并不是电脑The pair developed an electronics kit这对组合开发了一个电子小工具Mimicking telephone router codes用模拟电话交换码的方式To make free calls around the world.来拨打全球免费电话.you know, when you make a long distance phone call你知道,当你在拨打长途电话的时候,In the background you hear, ;do do do do do;你会听到耳朵里有;嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟;的声音Those are the telephone computers actually signaling each other,那是电话交换机的电脑在向其他电脑发送信号Sending information to each other to set up your call.通过这信号来完成你拨打电话的指令.And there used to be a way to fool所以那会儿有一种方法The entire telephone system into thinking通过欺骗整个电话系统使之认为You were a telephone computer.你是一台电话交换机.You could, you know, call from a pay phone,你可以,你知道吗,从一个付费电话拨打到Go to white plains, new york, take a satellite to europe,White plains,纽约,或者通过卫星拨打到欧洲Take a cable to turkey, um, come back to los angeles,或者通过海底电缆拨打到土耳其,嗯,再拨打回洛杉矶And youd go around the world 3 or 4 times and call你可以在你家门口附近的付费电话里喊一喊,The payphone next door, shout in the phone,拨打三四次全世界的长途电话号码And be about 30 seconds, it would come out the other phone.然后30秒后,那边就接通了.the pair quickly moved on from phone-jacking for fun这对年轻人很快把他们对于通过电话黑客找乐子的兴趣To creating computers,转移到了建造电脑计算机上,building the prototype of the very first apple.也就是第一台苹果电脑上.Its a fond memory for steve wozniak.对于沃兹来说那是一段美好的回忆.Wozniak: he was always thinking about certain technology,他总是在思考这些技术The early products that got developed, the building parts,这些正在制作的部分或者已经完成的早期产品What those might lead to in our future,将如何引领我们的未来And he was always pushing me as an engineer他一直在敦促我把我变成一个工程师;could you possibly add this someday,;你能在某个时候加入这个(功能)吗?Could you possibly add that someday?;你能在某个时候加入那个(功能)吗?;;yes, yes, yes, I could,;;可以,可以,可以,我能.;Thinking, ;no. Its way, way off,;其实我心里在想, ;不,还早着呢.;But eventually we all did.但是最后我们全部做到了.in those early days, woz and jobs took their creation在早期,沃兹和乔布斯带着他们的发明To the homebrew computer club,参加了;个人电脑俱乐部;,an early computer club, an early computer users group in silicon valley,一个早期由硅谷电脑用户们自发组建的电脑俱乐部Where it quickly attracted attention from their peers.在那里他们很快引起了其他人的注意 /201309/254783 襄州区妇幼保健中医院治疗中耳炎大概多少钱费用襄阳看耳鸣价格



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