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武汉华夏医院有中医科吗武汉华夏男子医院男科专家门诊湖北省治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 Over the next generation,在下一代you, Sanford graduates, will lead a new wave of innovation.你们这些斯坦福毕业生将会引领新一波创新Which problems will you decide to solve?你们决定处理哪些问题If your world is wide,如果你们的世界观足够宽广you can create the future we all want.你们将能创建出我们所有人都想要的未来If your world is narrow,如果你们的世界观太过狭窄you may create the future the pessimists fear.你们就有可能创建出悲观主义者们所害怕的未来I started learning in Soweto,从索韦托开始 我开始了解到that if we are going to make our optimism matter to everyone,如果我们要将这份乐观传递给每个人and empower people everywhere,让所有地方的人都获得力量we have to see the lives of those most in need.我们需要首先去感受那些需求最迫切者的生活If we have optimism, without empathy,如果我们只是乐观 而没同情心then it doesnt matter how much we master the secrets of science.那么对科学秘密掌握得再好也将毫无用处We are not really solving problems. We are just working on puzzles.因为我们并不是在解决问题 而是仅仅在做一些智力题I think most of you我想 你们大多数人have a broader world view than I had at your age.世界观都比我在你们这大时更加宽广You can do better at this than I did.你们肯定能够比我做得更好If you put your hearts and minds to it, you can surprise the pessimists.只要全心全意地投入进来 你们就必然能让悲观主义者震惊We are eager to see it.我们很想看到你们创造的未来201412/347105武汉华夏男子医院乳腺外科医生

武汉同济医院泌尿科咨询So Id like take this opportunity to thank our parents and those who have supported us to get to this point so far 我希望借此机会感谢我们的父母 还有那些在我们前进道路上给予持的人们and thank them in advance for their support as fumble, fidget and yes fail sometimes and figure out the right path for you 提前感谢他们对你们的持在你们摸索 不安甚至失败的时候帮助你们找到正确的前进道路But wherever that path goes 无论这一道路通向何方I promise it couldnt happen without the people supporting you filling this stadium who encourage and inspire you to get there 我保 没有他人的持 你是走不通的所有这些坐满体育场 鼓励和启发你们的人So lets give them all a big thanks now 现在请让我们对他们致以最真挚的谢意If you had told, the Hopkins class, when I graduated that the world that we transformed by the Internet 霍普金斯毕业生们 如果你在我毕业时说世界将被因特网所变革that 2 billion people would be connected online 20亿人将通过网络互联that you would find all the knowledge in your pocket that you could map full genomes for a few thousand dollars 世界上所有的知识都能被装进口袋只需要几千美元就能绘制出整个基因组that you could develop touch screen technology that you could talk to like in Star Trek no one would have believed you 《星际迷航》中的那种触屏技术会出现 没人会相信你Well, actually this is Hopkins 实际上 这就是霍普金斯so there would have been a few who would have said, duh 也许有些人会说 有什么了不起we knew that was going to happen but anyway, for most of us 我们知道这些都会发生 但在大多数人看来the future was beyond our imagination as it is beyond yours 未来远远超出了我们的想象 你们也不例外201512/415531武汉华夏门诊在哪里 Distinguished guests, friends and colleagues, We are most grateful to the Environmental Public Authority of the State of Kuwait for hosting and financing this weeks workshop on illegal trade in cheetahs. We also extend our thanks to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) for co-funding this event, as well as to the members of the Cheetah Working Group, which is mandated by the CITES Standing Committee to convene this workshop in coordination with the CITES Secretariat. We are delighted to lend our strong support to this important event, which is dedicated to the cheetah, the fastest running land animal in the world. CITES is the preeminent global legal instrument for regulating international trade in wildlife, including cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), which has been included in Appendix I since the entering into force of CITES in 1975. The troubling reality is that the wild cheetah population is declining. The most recent population estimate is fewer than 10,000 animals, mostly in the savannahs of Eastern and Southern Africa, with a very small Asiatic population in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES held in Bangkok in 2013 was alerted by a number of countries from the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa of the illegal trade in cheetahs, and adopted several specific Decisions in response. The first comprehensive overview of the global legal and illegal trade in cheetahs and its consequences for the conservation of the species was presented to the Animals Committee and the Standing Committee in 2014. This overview shows that cheetahs face a variety of pressures to their existence in the wild, including habitat loss, bush-meat hunting of their prey base, conflict with livestock owners, and illegal trade. Eastern Africa is the region with the highest recorded levels of illegal trade in live cheetahs, and this is where illegal trade is likely to generate the most significant negative impact on wild populations. Information suggests that the Middle East, and notably the Gulf States, is the primary destination of illegally traded live cheetahs coming from East Africa, and that they transit via the Horn of Africa and Yemen. Based on the known outcomes of confiscations made in Somalia and Ethiopia, there seems to be a high mortality rate of up to 70% amongst the animals that are illegally traded. There has also been legal trade in hunting trophies from Namibia and Zimbabwe under an Appendix I a system since 1992. And the study presented to the Animals and Standing Committees in 2014 found that such trade appears to operate in a satisfactory manner. And in South Africa, limited captive breeding of cheetahs for commercial trade takes place under the control of its national CITES authorities. Colleagues, the many and varied challenges you will address over the coming days deal with issues such as: – how to reduce the illegal offer (of), and demand for illegal cheetah specimens; – how to combat illegal trade in cheetahs and improve international cooperation right along the trade chain in source, transit and destination countries, principally from Eastern Africa to the Gulf States; and – how to handle confiscated live cheetahs to prevent mortality and enhance positive conservation outcomes. The participants gathered in Kuwait today come from across cheetah range States and other key countries affected by the illegal trade in cheetahs. Together with the participating experts, from both within and outside of government, we have a group of highly qualified people assembled in one place for three days to help us arrive at solutions to these challenges, and I do hope you make best use of this unique opportunity. I would have loved to join you for this meeting, and enjoy the warm and generous hospitality of our host government, Kuwait, but it has not been possible. We are, however, very well represented by our good colleagues, Tom De Meulenaer, the Chief of Scientific Services and Pia Jonsson, the CITES Enforcement Support Officer. Let me close by again expressing our deep gratitude to the Government of Kuwait, and all participating CITES Parties, NGOs and experts, for giving the level of attention to cheetahs that they deserve. We all eagerly await your conclusions and recommendations that will be discussed at the upcoming 66th meeting of the Standing Committee in Geneva in January of next year. And if we get law enforcement right for the cheetah, we will not only save the wild cheetah, but help save countless other species together with their habitats. I thank you.201512/413805武汉华夏治疗前列腺效果怎样

武汉洪山区看泌尿科怎么样And, we found the way to keep kids in school and maintain parents involvement in their childrens education. By providing nutritious meals in schools we have decreased the number of dropouts and we have eradicated malnutrition among our students.我们找到了让孩子们留在学校,并让父母参与到孩子们的教育中来的方法。通过在学校提供营养食物,我们已经减少了辍学儿童的数量,并且根除了学生营养不良的现象。So we know that creating comprehensive models of education in areas where the population is vulnerable to extreme poverty and conflict, transforms the minds of not only the kid but also the family and entire communities. And it works. Believe me, it works.所以我们知道,在那些人们容易因为极端贫穷和冲突而受到伤害的地区建立综合性的教育模式,不仅可以改变孩子们的想法和生活,而且可以改变整个地区人民的想法和生活。这种该法奏效了,请相信我,它真的奏效了。Now I want to be clear about this, this isnt about charity. This is about investing in human potential. From an ethical point of view, from a moral point of view, it accomplishes a purpose. But also from an economic point of view, this could bring enourmous benefits to all mankind. Universal education is the key to global security and economic growth.现在我想澄清的是,这不等于慈善。这是在投资人类的潜能。无论从伦理的角度而言还是从道德的角度而言,它的目的都达到了。而从经济学的角度而言,这可以给全人类带来巨大的利益。普及教育对于全球安全和经济增长至关重要。We all want safer nations. And in a world where weak states are often heavens for violent extremists, getting more children into school can dramatically help reduce the risk of instability and lay the groundwork for more stable democratic political systems to emerge. A child who lives in extreme poverty away from school is 10 times more likely to be recruited by a militant group than one who is receiving an education. For instance in Colombia we have kids in our schools who were destined to be a part of the drug trafficking business or recruited by guerrillas. However, today, as we speak they are going to college just like you, and are graduating soon. So yes, education promotes peace and stability worldwide.我们都希望生活在安全的国度。弱小地区常常成为暴力极端分子滋生的场所,让更多的孩子走进学校有利于减少不安定的风险,从而为更加稳固的民主政治制度的形成奠定基础。一个生活在极端贫穷中并远离学校教育的孩子加入暴力团体的可能性,是那些接受教育的孩子的十倍。例如,在哥伦比亚,我们学校里那些本来注定会参与贩毒或被招收为游击队员的孩子们,今天,正如我们所说的,他们和你们一样上了大学,很快就要毕业了。所以,教育促进了世界的和平与稳定。201401/273012 武汉华夏男子男科医院能用医保卡吗武汉不孕不育哪家




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