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南康区医院有微创手术吗崇义人民医院早上几点开门What do some extreme distance runners have in common with the athletes at the Tour de France cycle race? Suddenly, everyone seems to be talking about adopting a high-fat diet.一些极限长跑运动员与环法自行车赛(Tour de France)的运动员有什么共同点呢?突然之间,似乎所有人都在谈论高脂饮食。The idea behind these diets is that when humans enter starvation mode, their bodies are able to switch from burning glycogen, the sugars produced by eating a meal including carbohydrates, to burning stored body fat which is released into the bloodstream as ketones. These extremely low carbohydrate diets are called ketogenic.选择高脂饮食背后的想法是,当人进入饥饿状态时,身体可以从燃烧糖元(食用包含碳水化合物的食物后产生的糖类)转变为燃烧体内储存的脂肪,分解的酮体进入血液中。这些碳水化合物含量极低的饮食就被称为生酮饮食。The rationale is that there is only about 40 minutes of glycogen stored in leg muscles, which is why runners have to keep gulping down sweets during marathons or they end up “hitting the wall” two-thirds of the way through the race.其原理是大腿肌肉中储存的糖元仅够维持40分钟左右,这就是为什么运动员会在跑马拉松期间大量摄入糖分,或者在跑完三分之二路程时就体力不了。But even lean athletes have several pounds of stored fat reserves, so if those could be tapped, you could cycle for hours without running out of fuel. So some Tour de France cyclists have started using this approach.然而,即便体形瘦削的运动员也有几磅的脂肪储备,如果能够利用这些储备,你就可以连续几个小时骑车,而不用担心耗尽能量。因此一些环法自行车赛的骑手们已开始采用这种饮食方法了。What’s tempting more athletes to try ketogenic diets is recent research that casts doubt on the link between saturated fat in the diet and heart disease. But I asked Peter Attia, a medical doctor who practises in New York and southern California, and who also happens to be a cycling enthusiast, his view on the persistent medical concerns about fat.最近的一项研究吸引了更多运动员尝试生酮饮食,该研究对饮食中的饱和脂肪与心脏病之间的关系提出质疑。我向在纽约和南加州执业的医学士彼得#8226;阿提亚(Peter Attia)问到他对于脂肪这个长期医学问题的看法。他还是一名骑行爱好者。Dr Attia, who spent three years on a ketogenic diet, has written about his experiences on his blog, where he gives a scientist’s explanation of how the diet works.阿提亚坚持过3年的生酮饮食,他在客中写下了自己的经验,从科学家角度给出了有关这种饮食如何发挥作用的解释。He says it made him “far more metabolically flexible and efficient” as a cyclist. So would he recommend that his patients go on a ketogenic diet, which usually means eating very few carbohydrates? He would in about only a third of cases.他表示,作为一名骑行者,这种饮食让他“的新陈代谢更灵活和更高效”。那么他会建议他的患者采用生酮饮食吗?这通常意味着摄入非常少的碳水化合物。他会建议大约三分之一的患者这么做。His point is that there are no one-size-fits-all diets out there. What works for one person may not work for others. Some people perform better by eating more fats, while others actually do better in endurance by eating a lot of nonprocessed carbs such as vegetables. And a lot of an individual’s response to nutrition is determined by genetic make-up.他的观点是没有一种适合所有人的饮食。对某一个人有益的饮食可能不适用于其他人。一些人在摄入更多脂肪后表现会更佳,还有一些人在摄入大量未经加工的碳水化合物(例如蔬菜)后会拥有更强的耐力。个人对于营养的回应很多取决于基因组成。Dr Attia suggests that before going ketogenic, athletes work with a sport-orientated physician to determine if such a diet would be beneficial or even safe. You need to get blood tests before and during the diet to make sure you are not experiencing a sudden increase in small-sized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles, or triglycerides, which are known contributors to heart disease.阿提亚建议,在采用生酮饮食之前,运动员应与运动医生合作,确定这种饮食是否有益甚至安全。你需要在餐前和用餐期间查血,以确保你的小型低密度脂蛋白(LDL)颗粒或甘油三酯没有突然升高。人们认为,甘油三酯会引发心脏病。He also points out that, while it might be low in carbohydrates, the ketogenic diet is not actually a high protein diet — too much animal protein can cause a rise in IGF-1, which controls growth hormone and, at high levels, has been associated with cancer. Healthy fats can be obtained through foods such as coconut oil, avocados and nuts but many prefer to pile on the bacon and butter.他还指出,生酮饮食的碳水化合物含量很少,但实际上并非高蛋白饮食,太多的动物蛋白会导致类胰岛素一号增长因子(IGF-1)升高,它控制着生长激素,如果它处于高水平,会与癌症产生关联。健康脂肪可以通过椰子油、牛油果和坚果等食物获得,但很多更喜欢堆积在熏肉和黄油上。Other concerns about low-carb diets include the effect these regimes have on gut bacteria, which mainly ferment undigested starches such as vegetable fibre and produce short-chain fatty acids that help protect your gut. Because these diets are low in fibre, athletes have reported issues with constipation.其他对于低碳水化合物饮食的担忧包括这类饮食对于肠道细菌的影响,肠道细菌主要是把植物纤维等未消化的淀粉发酵,并产生有利于保护肠道的短链脂肪酸。这类饮食纤维含量很低,因此运动员报告过有便秘问题。Ketogenic diets are probably best for short-term periods of training only and should not be considered a lifestyle choice. The long-term effects have not been assessed.生酮饮食或许最适用于短期训练,而不应被视为一种生活方式选择。其长期效果尚未得到评估。 /201610/469797上犹县中医院剖腹产需多少钱 Students around the world returning to university this week are, whether or not they know it, living disrupters of the global market in education. Given that tuition fees vary widely between colleges and countries, many are looking overseas.不管他们知道与否,今年9月返校的全球大学生是全球教育市场活生生的颠覆者。鉴于各所高校和各个国家的学费有很大不同,很多人把目光投向海外。A growing number of American students, for example, are trying their luck at British, Canadian, French, German and Australian institutions.例如,越来越多的美国学生正尝试申请英国、加拿大、法国、德国和澳大利亚的学校。But there is one corner of the education market that is proving harder to disrupt.但事实明,有一块教育市场更难颠覆。Regardless of fees charged by the university, all students face high and rising book bills. For 75 per cent of those enrolled at the University of S#227;o Paulo, the cost of textbooks exceeded their family’s monthly income.不管大学收取的学费如何,所有学生都面临高昂且不断上涨的课本费用。在圣保罗大学(University of S#227;o Paulo)的所有学生中,有75%的学生的课本费用超过家庭月收入。In the US the retail prices for recent editions of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance,Modern Physics and Principles of Microeconomics, textbooks that are required for big introductory courses, run to hundreds of dollars.在美国,大型基础课程所需要的新版课本——如《公司财务基础》、《现代物理学》和《微观经济学原理》——零售价高达数百美元。Textbook prices in the US increased 82 per cent between 2003 and 2013. The digital versions do not help much; they are often coupled with expensive access codes without which students cannot complete and submit coursework. These codes often come with expiry dates, at which point students’ access to their materials is cut off. The potential for reselling is eliminated.2003年至2013年,美国大学课本的价格上涨了82%。数字版也没便宜多少;它们往往有昂贵的登录密码,没有密码学生就无法完成并提交作业。这些密码往往有截止日,过了截止日,学生就失去了访问这些资料的权限。转售的可能性就此被排除。But, as in so many other industries, a different kind of digital disruption is on the way. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology led the way in 2001 by putting almost all its course materials online for free.然而,就像其他很多行业一样,一种不同的数字颠覆扑面而来。2001年,麻省理工学院(MIT)一马当先,把几乎所有课程资料免费放在网上。In 2002 Unesco convened a global forum that launched the Open Educational Resourcesmovement.2002年,联合国教科文组织(UNESCO)召集了一个全球论坛,推出“开放教育资源”(Open Educational Resources)运动。This programme includes textbooks, course materials, online modules, s and assessments that support teaching and learning. “Open” means more than just free; it means that the resources carry an open copyright licence, giving staff and students the freedom to modify, reuse and share them.该计划包括课本、课程资料、在线模块、视频以及持授课和学习的评估。“开放”不仅仅意味着免费;它还意味着这些资源有着开放的版权许可,员工和学生可以自由修改、重复使用和分享。Using openly licensed content also means that staff can legally modify material in order to tailor instruction to meet the needs of their students.利用开放许可内容还意味着员工可以合法修改资料,让教学适应学生的需要。Today the movement is growing fast. 如今,这一运动发展迅速。The Paris-based OECD published a report last year, reviewing a decade of OER use around the world and making recommendations for governments seeking to encourage it.总部位于巴黎的经合组织(OECD)去年发布了一份报告,对“开放教育资源”10年来在全球的使用情况进行评估,并为那些希望鼓励这项运动的政府提出建议。The report highlighted initiatives in Canada, India, Ghana and South Africa. Several European governments have been focusing on the costs of materials as a burden on students; Italy is sponsoring the collaborative creation of textbooks by a national network of 800 teachers.报告介绍了加拿大、印度、加纳和南非的计划。几个欧洲政府一直关注于课程资料成本带给学生的负担;意大利正资助一个由全国800名教师组成的网络,由其合作编写课本。In the US, Achieving the Dream, the education organisation, this year announced a m OER initiative. This will support 38 community colleges as they develop two-year degree programmes using OER.在美国,教育组织“实现梦想”(Achieving the Dream)今年宣布了一项1000万美元的“开放教育资源”计划。它将持38所社区大学利用“开放教育资源”发展两年期学位课程。Awareness of OER will take time to sp among faculty members. Only 10 per cent of the staff teaching large undergraduate courses have adopted OER, according to a recent report by Babson Survey Research Group, although 31 per cent reported that they are open to using open resources in the future.对“开放教育资源”的认识需要花费时间在教职员工中传播。根据巴布森集团(Babson Survey Research Group)最近的一份报告,在教授大型本科课程的教职员工中,只有10%使用了“开放教育资源”,尽管有31%称他们愿意未来使用开放资源。OER applies more ily to introductory courses covering a wide area in which it is possible to identify an agreed body of knowledge and set of skills that students must master.“开放教育资源”更适用于基础课程,这些课程涵盖广泛领域,能够确定公认的知识体系和学生必须掌握的技能。Higher level courses rely more on books and articles that express a particular author’s opinion, analysis and personal research.更高级别的课程在更大程度上依赖那些表达某个作者观点、分析和个人研究的图书和文章。As with all intellectual property rights, society must debate how to continue to create incentives for the production of knowledge while also maximising its dissemination. Moreover, “free” goods of any quality do not create themselves. Wikipedia depends on volunteers but also on donations that fund a paid staff.与所有知识产权一样,社会必须就如何在继续为知识的产生创造激励举措的同时最大化知识传播展开辩论。另外,无论是何种品质的“免费”商品都不会自我创造。维基百科(Wikipedia)依赖于志愿者,还要依靠捐款为员工付薪水。Still, the story of OER is a cautionary tale. A few bestsellers have become big hits while everyone else sells far fewer products.话虽如此,“开放教育资源”的故事是一个警示。少数畅销资源走红,但其他人卖出的产品少得多。But the digital world also provides myriad ways for people and institutions on the losing end of the winner-take-all equation to strike back.然而,数字世界为在“赢者通吃”等式中败下阵来的人们和学府提供了多种反击的方法。Governments have discovered the power of protests fuelled by social media; the music and media industries have had to develop new business models based on free content and sharing. Software companies have ended up paying a licence to Linux, the crowdsourced free operating system.政府已发现社交媒体推动的抗议的力量;音乐和媒体产业不得不基于免费内容和分享开发新的业务模式。软件公司最终向众包免费操作系统Linux付许可费。High walls and high prices are an invitation for digital disrupters to find new ways to compete.高墙和高价正促使数字颠覆者找到新的竞争方式。 /201610/469800全南县龙下卫生院人流套餐

于都县人民医院有做无痛人流吗If you thought Russia#39;s recent efforts to prevent rain in the sky from dampening holiday spirits represented the ultimate in scientific stage management, you ain#39;t seen nothing yet.如果你认为俄罗斯最近为了阻止雨水毁掉节日氛围的努力是高科技舞台管理的极限(为避免五一期间下雨,俄罗斯花百万美元“播云”),那么跟日本人相比,简直小巫见大巫了。A Japanese research company called ALE Co. (aka Star-ALE) is bidding to put on a sensational pyrotechnics display for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But this is no regular fireworks show: ALE Co.#39;s #39;Sky Canvas#39; is an artificially created meteor shower – uh-huh – which would see hundreds of tiny, coloured fireballs rain down over the host city.一家叫做ALE CO的日本公司正在筹划在2020东京夏季奥运会开幕式上进行一场举世无双的烟火表演:他们的“天空画布”项目将上演一场人造流星雨,届时将有数百颗色火球从天而降。According to a report at industrial design site Core 77, if ALE Co. has its way, this amazing concept would result in the human-made shooting stars being visible from well outside of Tokyo too, with the next-level pyrotechnics expected to be viewable from up to 100 kilometres away from the city.根据日本工业设计网站Core 77的报道,如果ALE Co得以实施这一计划,这场人造流星雨在东京以外的地区都可以看到,观察半径达到100公里。But how does it all work? ALE CO. says it can ;artificially recreate; the process of natural shooting stars by sending up a satellite into orbit carrying a payload of between 500 to 1,000 specialised pellets called ;source particles;.但是它的原理是什么呢?ALE Co.说他们可以“人工再现”天然流星雨的过程。通过发射一颗卫星进入轨道,搭载500到1000颗叫做“源粒子”的小球。Once the particles – composed of chemicals designed to emit flames in various colours – are discharged from the satellite, they#39;d travel around Earth until they enter the atmosphere and begin to burn up. With numerous particles being discharged at the same time, the company says it can create a safe, on-demand meteor shower for the wonderment of the crowds below.这些粒子中包含的化合物可以制造出五颜六色的火焰。粒子从卫星发射出来以后,它们会环绕地球飞行,直到进入大气层,开始燃烧。据该公司称,同时发射大量的粒子,就可以为地上的观众制造一场安全的按需定制的流星雨。But wonderment comes at a cost, and in this case, that cost isn#39;t cheap. Core77 reports that each combustible pellet comes in at about US,100 to produce, and that#39;s not including the costs involved in actually launching the Sky Canvas satellite. Ouch.效果这么炫酷,烧钱肯定是难免的。Core77报道说每一个可燃烧的粒子的制造成本是8100美元,而且这还没算发射“天空画布”卫星的成本。The company has tested its source particles in the lab, using a vacuum chamber and hot gases to simulate the conditions the pellets would encounter upon re-entering Earth#39;s atmosphere. In its testing, the particles burn with an apparent magnitude of –1, which should ensure they#39;re clearly visible in the night sky, even in the polluted skyline of a metropolis like Tokyo.这家公司已经在实验室里测试了源粒子,使用了一个真空房间和高温气体来模拟小球进入地球大气层的情况。在测试中,粒子燃烧时可以达到-1的视星等,足以在夜晚的天空中清晰看到,即使在东京这样污染严重的城市里。Their speed should also make them easy to appreciate. ;Our shooting star travels slower and longer across the sky than a natural shooting star,; ALE Co. explains on its website. ;This makes it possible for more people to enjoy the spectacle for a longer period of time.;它们的速度也有利于人们观赏。ALE Co在他们的网站上解释说:“我们的流星比天然流星速度要慢,在天空中划过的时间更长。更多的人可以在更长时间里欣赏到这一奇观。”Of course, a lot of this marketing is just that for now – at least, until the company launches its first shooting-star-laden prototype. It#39;s intending to do that in the latter half of next year, and hopefully by 2018 we#39;ll start to see just how effective human-created meteorites really are.当然,目前还只是营销造势,至少我们在等待这家公司发射第一颗载流星卫星。他们已经计划在明年下半年发射,所以我们有望在2018年之前看到真正的人造流星雨。If things go well, who knows? We#39;re calling it: Tokyo 2020#39;s opening ceremony is not one to miss.如果一切顺利推进的话,谁知道呢?让我们拭目以待:2020年东京奥运会的开幕式不容错过。 /201605/445611赣州南康人民医院怎么样 赣州石城医院在线咨询医生

江西省南康市横寨卫生院怎么样好吗 网民年轻化 上网化Most of the country's Internetusers go online to chat or seek entertainment rather than look for jobs or conduct business.According to a report released by China InternetNetwork Information (CNNIC) yesterday, China's Internet users totaled 162 million in the first six months of this year. The country reported 137 million users last year.The rapid growth could be translated into almost 100 new users per minute in the past six months.At this rate of increase, China is expected to overtake the ed States, the world's leader, by the end of next year. The US had 211 million Internet users at the end of last month.Although the number of China's Internet users has been on the rise since 1994, when first introduced to the country, the research showed most users were interested in chat rooms and entertainment, and not job searches, education, and e-banking.About 75 percent online news and used search engines for information.More than 60 percent regarded online music and s as an important source of entertainment.Only 21 percent used e-banking services, and 3.9 percent booked tickets through the Internet.Wang Enhai, an official with CNNIC, and an author of the report, said the phenomenon is due to China's Internet infancy and the fact most users were young people."China's Internet market is just emerging and there are still a lot of things to be done before a mature online business environment can be established," Wang said.According to CNNIC, the number of China's Internet users under 24 years old was 58 million, about 35.8 percent of the country's total Internet population.This segment of the population, comprising mostly students, spends a lot of time playing online games, listening to music and watching s. 我国大多数互联网用户上网进行的主要活动是聊天和,而不是找工作或从事商务活动。中国互联网络信息中心昨天发布的一份报告显示,今年上半年,中国的网民总数达到1.62亿人。去年这一数字为1.37亿。在过去六个月中,中国网民的数量以每分钟近一百人的速度激增。按照这一增速,中国有望于明年年底超过美国,成为全世界网民规模最大的国家。截至上月底,美国的网民数量达到2.11亿人。尽管自1994年互联网引入中国以来,网民数量一直增长,但调查显示,大多数网民对网上聊天和较感兴趣,而不是网上求职、网络教育和网上。约75%的网民在网上浏览新闻以及使用搜索引擎搜索信息。超过60%的人将在线音乐和在线视频视为生活的重要组成部分。仅有21%的人使用过网上务,3.9%的人曾在网上订票。中国互联网络信息中心官员、调查报告的撰写者之一王恩海说,这一现象的主要原因是中国的互联网尚处于起步阶段,而且大多数互联网用户都是年轻人。他说:“中国的互联网市场才刚刚兴起,建立一个成熟的在线商务环境仍有很多事情要做。”据中国互联网络信息中心数据,中国24岁以下的网民达到5800万,占网民总数的35.8%。而且其中的大多数人是学生,他们经常在网上打游戏、听音乐、看视频。 /200803/31205赣州男性医院是个怎样的医院江西省龙南县武当镇卫生院体检多少钱



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