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江西赣州市妇幼保健院有失败的案例吗江西省南康市横寨卫生院人流费用What’s it like to drive a car that drives itself? To give a computer full control of your destiny, on the highway, at 70 miles an hour?开着一辆自动驾驶汽车是什么感觉?是不是将你的小命交给电脑,让它指引汽车在高速公路上以每小时70英里的速度行驶?It will happen to you, maybe not in five years, but definitely within 15. You’ll be on the highway and hit a button and the car will take over, navigating through slow traffic and allowing you to tap away at your cell phone or even take a short nap.你迟早会体会到这种感觉,也许5年内还不行,但15年内绝对可以。上了高速,你只要按下一个按钮,汽车就会开启自动驾驶模式,你可以玩一会儿手机,甚至睡上一觉。Well, I’ve experienced it aly, in the very first week of 2015, on a 560-mile road trip from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas. On behalf of Fortune, I was one of five journalists to experience an autonomous car at this advanced level.2015年的第一个星期,在一段从硅谷前往,长达560英里的旅程中,我体验了一番这种感觉。作为代表《财富》的记者,我荣幸地成为率先体验一款技术先进的自动驾驶汽车的五名记者之一。The car was an Audi A7 that looked exactly like any other, if you discounted the special paint job and the words “Audi Piloted Driving” on the sides. The oddest part was just how quickly I got used to the car making decisions for me at highway speeds.除去特殊的涂装和车身上的“奥迪自动驾驶”字样,这辆奥迪A7看起来与同型号的其它车辆没有任何区别。最奇妙的是,我很快就习惯了它在高速公速上替我做决定。All the major automakers are in a race to develop the first fully autonomous car, and if you listen to some of the companies it sounds as if a robotic chauffeur will be taking over grocery-getting duties any day now. Don’t believe them. Neither the technology nor the laws governing it are anywhere near that point. Your 10-year-old will still need his or her driving license in six years unless you plan to pay for Uber rides to the mall well into their 20s.目前,市面上所有主流汽车厂商都在争先恐后地开发首款完全自动驾驶的汽车。在有些厂家的宣传词里,好像不久之后“汽车人”就能自动替你去买菜了。别相信他们。不论是在技术层面还是法律层面,我们离那个目标都非常遥远。你10岁的孩子六年后还是得考驾照,除非你打算让他们20多岁时还要通过Uber来叫车载他们去商场。Nonetheless, Volkswagen Group-owned Audi was out to prove that it was ahead of the curve, and invited me to test drive a prototype sedan capable of “level three” autonomous technology (see accompanying story for definitions of those levels). The trip began from a hotel in Menlo Park, and I had visions of inputting “Las Vegas” into the navigation system, hitting the “go” button and kicking back with 1984 on my Kindle as the car whisked me away.不过,德国大众集团旗下的奥迪公司想要明他们已经在这个领域领先了一步,于是邀请我去试驾一款据说具备了“第三级”自动驾驶技术的轿车(这些等级的定义见本文附注)。这趟旅行的起点是门洛帕克市的一家酒店。在我的想象中,我以为只需要在导航系统里输入“”,按一个“走你”的按钮,车子就会载着我飞奔,然后我就可以用Kindle电子书悠闲地看《1984》了。Not so much. This special prototype can only pilot itself in very specific situations. The basic criteria: 1) It drives itself only on well-marked freeways during the day and in favorable weather conditions; 2) A driver has to be in the seat at all times and y to take back control immediately in an emergency situation (so no napping); 3) The driver gives up control while aly on the freeway and takes it back before it’s time to exit.事实上并没有这么简单。这台原型车只能在非常特定的情形下才能实现自动驾驶。基本条件是:1、它只能在标志明显的高速公路上才能实现自动驾驶,而且必须是白天,天气状况必须良好;2、驾驶员必须始终坐在驾驶座上,随时准备在紧急条件下立即转到手动驾驶模式(所以打盹是不可能了);3、只有上了高速,司机才能开启自动驾驶,在车子下高速之前,司机就要重新接管汽车。Audi engineers says they have done more than 50,000 miles of testing on public roads in America using this self-driving technology. But on this trip they weren’t leaving much to chance. They had run the long, southeastern route through Bakersfield at least six times previously. There were two German engineers in the car at all times. The one in the back had a laptop and was constantly screening data. The fellow in the right-hand seat paid keen attention to the road ahead. Disconcertingly, he also had his own gas and brake pedals.奥迪的工程师表示,他们已经利用自动驾驶技术,在美国的公共道路上行驶了50,000多英里。但在本次旅途中,他们也不敢怠慢,而且已经沿这条向东南方经由巴克斯菲尔德的公路行驶了六次。这次车里依然始终坐着两名德国工程师。坐在后面的这位架着一台笔记本电脑,不停地检查各种数据。坐在副驾驶的那位始终谨慎地观察前方道路。比较尴尬的是,他的脚底下也有一套油门和刹车踏板。The trunk of the car was filled with components from desktop computers, with a hydra of cords interconnecting them to the car. Also a bit disconcerting. But the interior looked almost entirely normal.车子的后备箱里装满了台式电脑的部件,一大团数据线把它们与汽车联接在一起。这一幕看着也有点尴尬,但内饰基本上完全正常。It’s at this point that I should mention that I’m an A-type driver. Years of training on the racetrack and practicing emergency maneuvers have not helped matters. You may think you’re a great driver. I would likely disagree. I love to be in the driver’s seat—and if I’m not, I’d just prefer to be outside the car. So yes, you might say I’ve got control issues.我应该强调一下,我是A型血。多年的赛道训练和紧急操作练习也没有治好我的强迫症。你可能认为你是个很好的司机,但我很可能不这么认为。我喜欢坐在驾驶座上——如果开车的不是我,我宁可不坐这辆车。所以你可能会认为我的控制欲过强。And while I like technology, I don’t really trust it. Computers crash all the time. They can be hacked and compromised and my Apple computer too often suffers that spinning ball of death. Was I really y to turn over my life to a robotic overlord? Have we learned nothing from the Terminator movies?另外,虽然我喜欢高科技,但我并不真心信任它。电脑还经常崩溃呢,或是被黑、中毒什么的,我自己的苹果电脑也经常死机。我真的准备好把宝贵的生命托付给机器人了吗?难道看了《终结者》系列电影后,我们什么教训都没学到吗?So I was happy enough to be in control as we motored through a small California town in the prototype Audi, making our way toward Interstate 5. The prototype was in most regards still a stock A7, a sexy, swoop-backed sedan that I really love. It has lots of pep and a great suspension.所以当我们沿5号公路来到加州一个小镇,换我坐到驾驶座上时,我还是非常高兴的。这辆原型车骨子里还是一台量产的奥迪A7,它是一款令人爱不释手、非常性感的溜背轿跑,动力充沛,悬挂也很出色。Then we got on the freeway and a message appeared on my digital dash, informing me that “piloted” driving mode was available. Traffic was heavy and too closely spaced together. This truly would be a test of the technology.然后我们又上了高速,这时数码仪表盘上显示出一条消息,提示称“自动”驾驶模式已经可以使用了。不过这时路上车流很大,车距很窄,这对该技术真是一项挑战。I glanced over at the engineer and he gave me a confident nod. The lower stalks of the steering wheel have two extra buttons. You press and hold both simultaneously to engage the autonomous feature. I did so: an alert sounded and the steering wheel automatically retracted several inches, literally moving out of my hands.我瞄了工程师一眼,他对我信心十足地点了点头。方向盘下面有两个额外的按钮。同时长按这两个按钮即可启动自动驾驶功能。我这样做了以后,车内响起了一声提醒音,然后方向盘收缩了几英寸,摆脱了我的掌控。The A7 prototype uses an array of stock sensors, including radar and a front-facing camera, to navigate through traffic. It stays in the right-hand lane until it comes on slower-moving traffic, and then will engage its turn signal, pull into the left lane, and pass.这台A7原型车使用了一系列传感器,包括雷达和正对前方的摄像头,用来感应车流状况。车子一直在右道行驶,如果遇见前车行驶太慢,它就会打转向灯,然后拐上左道超车。Using the side stalk, I set the speed at 70 mph. The steering wheel was moving on its own, a ghost in the machine. We were approaching a slow-moving minivan quickly and I tensed, my foot hovering over the brake pedal. The car smoothly engaged the brakes, waited for a car on the left to pass, turned on the signal, passed the van and pulled back to the right. Seamless.通过方向盘侧边的拨杆,我把速度设定为每小时70英里(约每小时112公里)。方向盘自动摆动,就像有个幽灵在开车一样。车子很快接近了一台开得很慢的面包车,我精神紧张起来,把脚放在刹车踏板上准备随时制动。但车子自动平顺地放慢了车速,等到左边的一辆车先超过去,才打了转向灯,超过了这辆面包车,然后又回到右侧车道,简直天衣无缝。I stared straight ahead, hands in lap. Then I relaxed a bit. Then I got bored. I twisted in the seat and began chatting with the engineers. Then I started messing with traffic around me, planting both hands on the side window as cars passed. Look, sir! No hands. I got some strange looks. I even tried to attract the attention of a state trooper pulled to the side of the road. My engineer/minder wasn’t so amused.我的眼睛直视前方,双手放在了膝盖上。然后,我放松了一会儿,很快就觉得无聊。我把座椅调整了个角度,然后开始和工程师们聊天。我开始望着周围的车流,有车子经过时,我就把两只手都伸到车窗外头。“看我大撒把!”人们对我投来奇怪的眼神。我甚至还试图吸引停在路边的交警的注意力。当然,那位工程师并不觉得我这样做有多么好玩。Here’s what I liked: It was very easy to take back control. Simply grab the steering wheel and apply light pressure, and the system happily gives all controls back to you. You can also apply the brakes or gas and do the same thing. And the car still drove and handled like an Audi. It really wasn’t foreign at all: Easy to understand even easier to use.我最喜欢的一点是:你很容易就能收回对车子的控制权。只需轻轻一拉方向盘,施加一点点力量,系统就会很高兴地把它的所有控制权交还给你。踩刹车或油门也能达到同样的效果。车子的操纵感仍然像一辆经典的奥迪。它完全没有陌生的感觉,了解它很容易,用起来甚至更容易。What I didn’t like: The passiveness. It’s very hard to pay attention after a while. Being sort-of, kind-of in control is difficult. Either you’re all-in driving, or you’re not. Engineers say that when the technology eventually comes to market, the car should be able to perform some evasive maneuvers. But right now, if a car careens toward you the car can only slow down to avoid an accident. It’s up to you to perform more elaborate evasive action.我不喜欢的一点是它的被动性。车子走了一阵子之后,你就很难集中注意力了,很难获得所谓的“控制感”。要么是用手动模式开车,要么不是。工程师们表示,等到这项技术最终投放市场,它届时应该可以进行机动规避。不过目前,如果一辆车子向你行驶的方向侧翻过来,车子只能自动减速以避免事故。要想进行更复杂的机动动作,就得靠你自己去手动操作。As for accidents, we saw a lot of them that day on I-5. Fender benders mostly, but at least one serious incident the other direction. Audi says it is pursuing this technology because it saves lives, as the majority of accidents are the result of distracted driving.说到事故,那天我们在5号公路上见到了很多交通事故,大部分是小刮蹭,但至少在反向车道上还是发生了一起严重事故。奥迪公司表示它正在积极推进这项技术,因为它可以挽救很多人的生命,因为大多数交通事故都是因为开车分心而导致的。Meanwhile, our A7 stayed out of trouble and accident free, moving steadily to our destination, the Las Vegas Strip, which we would reach just in time for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.我们的A7一路平安无事,也没有遇到事故,稳稳地驶向我们的目的地,刚好能赶上一年一度的CES消费电子展。By the end of the trip, I was a believer. The technology is for real. Do I love it? Well, I certainly see the attraction, especially on a long boring route. And I do believe that it will eventually save lives.等到这趟旅程结束时,我自己也成了自动驾驶技术的拥趸。这项技术是真真切切的。要说我喜欢它吗?我当然看到了它的优点,尤其是在行驶一段漫长而无聊的道路时。而且我也真心相信,最终它会拯救许多人的生命。But I write about cars for a living. Fully autonomous driving would consign me to the ranks of scriveners, typesetters and harpoon salesmen. I guess at that point, I’ll be reviewing the fengshui of the interior.不过,我是靠写汽车新闻谋生的。如果自动驾驶汽车技术完全成熟了,我只能去做代书人、打字员或是卖渔具之类的工作。估计到那时候,我也就只能评测一下汽车内饰的风水了。For now, I’ll just say that the A7 self-driving car and I are frenemies.现在,我只能说A7自动驾驶汽车与我是“亦敌亦友”的关系。Sidebar: stages of self-driving cars附注:自动驾驶汽车的发展阶段Hoping for a car that will pick you up at your doorstep, whisk you to work, and then disappear around the block until it returns for you at 5 pm? For many engineers, such a fully automated and self-guiding car is the ultimate goal, but it will be many years until we actually see one.你是否畅想过,你的汽车能像变形金刚一样,每天自动开到门口接你,载着你上班,然后自己消失了,直到下午5点钟又来公司接你?对于很多工程师来说,这种完全的自动驾驶和自动导航汽车仍是一个终极目标,我们可能还得等很多年才能见到它。Experts have laid out five levels of automation, from the lowest (one) to that full robotic taxi (five).专家们给自动驾驶划分了五个等级,从最低级(一级)到全自动机器人出租车(第五级)。The first level is found on many luxury cars today. It’s referred to as a driver’s assistance program and include automatic cruise control, in which the car will slow or even stop when it senses slower traffic ahead. A lane-assistance system, which helps keep a car from straying beyond lane markings, is also considered level one.当前的很多豪华车型已经具备了第一级功能。它是指驾驶员的辅助程序,包括自动巡航控制,也就是当汽车感觉到前方车速较慢时会自动减速甚至停车。车道辅助系统可以避免车子在行驶时越线,它也被视为第一级技术。Level two is a car that can handle several tasks independently of the driver, including parking itself, with the driver outside the car controlling some aspects with a key fob.第二级是指汽车可以脱离驾驶员,来处理几项任务,包括自动停车入位,不过通常是驾驶员在车外通过某种遥控器遥控的。Level three is where things get more interesting. The Audi prototype that we tested was level three, and it can negotiate traffic on a pre-ordained route independent of the driver. However, it depends on a driver to be behind the wheel at all times, and to take over control at the beginning and end of the route. It also demands that the driver take back control in any emergency circumstance.第三级更有趣些。我们试驾的这辆奥迪原型车就是第三级技术,它可以独立于驾驶员,自动在一条预先设定好的道路上行车。但它需要驾驶员全程坐在方向盘后面,并且要在自动驾驶模式开始前和结束后手动驾车。在紧急状况下也需要驾驶员接管车辆。High automation is level four. This car will be able to find a safe area to pull off the road if the driver doesn’t respond to a call of action to take back over. It could also potentially drop you off outside of your building and then pull itself automatically into a pre-ordained spot in the public garage.第四级是高度自动化。如果驾驶员没有响应汽车交回控制权的要求,它甚至可以自己找到一个安全的区域停在路边。它也可能会自动开到你的楼前接你,然后自动把自己停在公共停车场的一个预定车位上。Five is the robotic taxi that would need no driver behind the wheel whatsoever. Which brings us to this question: When are we going go get those flying cars, anyhow?第五级是根本不需要驾驶员坐在方向盘后头的“机器人出租车”。这也让我们不禁想问:那种会飞的汽车什么时候才能出现呢?(财富中文网) /201502/358751江西赣州妇幼保健院有哪些医生 We’ve heard many stories of individuals across the world who’ve adopted a zero-waste lifestyle, but it’s not often that we come across an entire community that is trying to become waste-free. The residents of Kamikatsu, Japan, take recycling so seriously that they actually hope to become the nation’s first zero-waste community by 2020.采取“零废物”生活方式的个人屡见不鲜,力图实现“无废弃”目标的群体倒很少见。日本上勝町的居民在回收利用废物时相当严谨,事实上,他们希望到2020年时,能把家乡建设成日本首个“零废物”小镇。Kamikatsu has no garbage trucks – so residents need to compost their kitchen scraps at home. They also have to wash and sort the rest of their trash into 34 different categories, and bring it to the recycling center themselves where workers make sure that the waste goes into the correct bins. It apparently took some time for the residents to get used to this rule, but they eventually managed to adapt to the drastic changes and are now seeing them as normal.上勝町没有垃圾车——因而居民需要在家中将厨余垃圾制成堆肥。除此之外,他们必须先清洗废物,并对照34种分类标准一一归类,然后再将其送至回收中心,那里的工人会确保废物被正确放入相应的回收箱。显然,适应回收规则需要时间,但上勝町的居民最终成功适应了这些巨变,并渐渐变得习以为常。The Japanese town has turned recycling into a streamlined process – there are separate bins for different types of paper products – newspapers, magazines, cartons, and flyers. Even plastic bottles and their caps go into different bins as do aluminum, spray, and steel cans are collected separately too. Many of these items are resold or repurposed into usable clothing, toys, and accessories. The labels on each bin show the recycling process for that specific item, so the residents know exactly what happens to their trash.这个日本小镇让回收过程变得既精简又高效——上勝町针对各类纸制品(譬如报纸、杂志、纸箱及传单)设置了不同的回收箱。甚至连塑料瓶和瓶盖都必须分开投放,铝罐、喷雾罐和钢罐也必须归类至不同的回收箱。人们会再次出售某些废物,或将其重新用于衣物、玩具和首饰上。每个回收箱都贴有展示此类废物回收过程的标签,这样,居民们就能清楚得知废物的处理方式。Reuse is highly encouraged in Kamikatsu – they have a local kuru-kuru shop where residents can exchange used items with new things at no extra cost. And the kuru-kuru factory employs women to make bags, clothes, and stuffed dolls out of discarded items. Businesses are also encouraged to participate in responsible waste management – the town has a zero-waste brewery, housed in a building constructed of reused materials.上勝町特别鼓励居民重复使用物品——当地设有kuru-kuru商店,人们可以以旧换新,而无需付额外费用。kuru-kuru工厂会雇佣女工用废弃物品制作包包、衣物或填充玩偶。上勝町持各类企业参与废物管理以增强企业的责任感——小镇里有一家“零废物”酿酒厂,它位于采用可再生材料建造的房屋内。With a population of just over 1,700, Kamikatsu recycles about 80 percent of its trash and only 20 percent goes to landfills, so you could say that the town is very close to achieving its goal. They’ve been practicing prudent waste management for the past 13 years after declaring their zero-waste ambition in 2003 and giving up their old practice of dumping trash into open fires.小镇仅有1700多人,却回收了近八成的废物,需要运至垃圾填筑地的废物只剩两成,从某种程度上来说,小镇已快要达成“零废物”的目标。2003年时,上勝町宣称要实现此目标,他们放弃了焚烧垃圾的旧做法。此后的13年里,他们始终严格践行废物管理规则。“If you get used to it, it becomes normal,” a Kamikatsu resident said in a made by YouTube channel Seeker Stories. “It can be a pain, and at first we were opposed to the idea. Now I don’t think about it. It’s become natural to separate the trash correctly.”“当你习惯回收废物后,这事儿就会显得很平常,”在YouTube“探索者所见” (Seeker Stories)频道摄制的录像中,一位上勝町的居民如是说道。“回收废物很麻烦,我们起初都反对这一提议。但现在,我根本不会想太多。对我来说,正确分类废物再自然不过了。”All the recycling facilities in Kamikatsu are managed by a Zero Waste Academy which also regularly hosts groups of local schoolchildren and foreign visitors, educating them on the benefits of a zero waste lifestyle. Every years, the Academy receives around 2,500 visitors from all around the world, all eager to learn more about zero-waste and how Kamikatsu has managed to implement its principles in such a short period of time.上勝町所有的回收厂都归零废物协会管理,该协会还定期组织当地小学生及外国游客参观学习,教导他们采取“零废物”生活方式的益处。每年,协会都会接待2500多人到访,这些来自世界各地的人渴望能更多地了解“零废物”,同时也迫切想知道上勝町在短时间内成功践行废物管理规则的秘诀。 /201601/421895蓉江新区医院在线咨询医生

赣州地区妇幼保健院是公立的江西省赣州市彩超多少钱 Joe Hollier, a 25-year-old former skater turned technology entrepreneur, describes the moment of transcendental calm when he gave up his smartphone. Mr Hollier had started “going light”, leaving behind his high tech pocket companion and disconnecting from a world defined by y access to the internet.乔攠利耶(Joe Hollier)今年25岁,曾经是一名滑板运动员,现在则是一名科技企业家。他将放弃智能手机的那一刻称为超觉平静时刻。奥利耶开始“变轻”,将自己的高科技随身设备抛之脑后,与一个以随时接入互联网为标志的世界割断联系。It was not easy, he admits. “There is an initial anxiety,” he says. “It’s quite intense. You start tapping your pocket and fidgeting. But then there is this feeling of huge relief.”他承认,这并不容易。奥利耶表示:“最初感到焦虑。这种感觉相当强烈。你开始拍打口袋,感到坐立不安。但随后就是这种如释重负的感觉了。”New York-based Mr Hollier and his co-founder Kaiwei Tang used the experience as the basis for a subversive mobile phone being launched this summer: revolutionary not for all the advanced features but for the lack of any at all.居住在纽约的奥利耶及其联合创始人唐开伟(音译)利用这种体验来推介将于今夏推出的一款颠覆性手机:它的革命性不在于什么高级功能,而是在于它什么高级功能也没有。The Light Phone allows you to make or take calls, but nothing else. There is only enough storage in the phone for 10 numbers. No messaging, no camera, no internet.你可以使用Light Phone接打电话,但除此之外什么都不能做。这种电话里只有存储10个号码的空间,不能发短信、没有摄像头,更不能上网。The design is important: it is simplicity itself in a plastic shell the size of a credit card on which the numbers glow using a dot matrix screen. The recharging grind of most modern smartphones is avoided through a 20-day battery life.设计非常重要:它的塑料壳是简洁的体现,只有信用卡那么大,点阵屏幕上面的数字发着微光。电池一次可以使用20天,不用像大多数现代智能手机那样经常充电。“We tested out the concept,” says Mr Hollier, who met Mr Tang at a Google-run tech incubator. “We found that the value was not in what it can do but in the lack of it. We were offering the maximum disconnection with the minimum of choice.”奥利耶表示:“我们测试了这种概念,结果发现,价值不在于它能做什么,而在于它不能做什么。我们用最少的选择来尽可能地割断联系。”奥利耶在谷歌(Google)运营的一个科技孵化机构遇到了唐开伟。Mr Tang had been working for a smartphone company but found that the annual cycle of minor product improvements had become “gratuitous and wasteful”, according to Mr Hollier.据奥利耶表示,唐开伟之前为一家智能手机公司工作,但他发现,年复一年的产品小改进“毫无意义而且浪费”。In a market where even the cheapest smartphones have the processing power of a basic personal computer, the Light Phone is partly a protest against the digital age. But Mr Hollier hopes it can become more than that: a way for its users to cut out distractions.在一个即便是最廉价的智能手机都拥有基本个人计算机处理能力的市场里,Light Phone在一定程度上是对数字时代的抗议。但奥利耶希望它的意义不止于此:它还可以让其用户减少分心。“Solitude and boredom are two of my favourite things,” he says, pointing to the opportunity for creativity. “Pulling out the phone while waiting for a train had become a nervous habit. The side effects were surprisingly severe.”他说:“独处和无聊是我钟爱的两件事。”他指出迸发创造力的机遇。“等火车的时候拿出手机已成为一个紧张兮兮的习惯。其副作用严重得令人意外。”The pair raised 5,127 from 3,187 backers on the Kickstarter platform to develop the phone. The device is still at a prototype stage but a company in China has begun manufacturing handsets to be shipped in June. They have taken pre-orders for 0 but say the exact retail price is not yet fixed. The first Light Phone is white; a black version is planned.这两人在Kickstarter平台上从3187名持者那里筹集了41.5127万美元以开发Light Phone。该手机目前仍处于样机阶段,一家中国公司已经开始生产,准备在今年6月发货。他们以100美元的价格接受预购,但表示最终的零售价格还没有确定下来。首款Light Phone是白色的,计划今后推出黑色版本。The device has found unexpected fans. Mr Hollier, who has had an array of jobs from running his own skateboarding company to film-making and graphic design, assumed that people a bit like him would want the phone: younger users who might not want to take their expensive technology to the beach or to go skating. But the device has found special resonance with business users over 45 years old, he says, who enjoyed the days before the constant distractions of the smartphone. “They remember the importance of sitting on a park bench and just thinking.”Light Phone还发现了出乎意料的粉丝。奥利耶干过许多工作,从经营自己的滑板运动公司,到电影制片和图形设计。他原本认为,和他差不多的人将会想要这种手机:那些较为年轻的、可能不想拿着昂贵手机去海滩或者玩滑板的用户。但他表示,45岁以上的商界人士也对该手机产生了特殊的共鸣,这些人怀念没有智能手机持续干扰之前的平静生活。“他们记得坐在公园椅子上只是静静思考的重要性。”He says there has been a surprisingly warm reception in Asia, perhaps a backlash against the popularity of “phablet” phones designed primarily for access to the internet and watching .他说,这种手机在亚洲受到了意外热捧,这或许是对主要用于上网和观看视频的“平板手机”盛行的反弹。Mr Hollier admits that most people will also want a smartphone, which can be linked to the Light Phone to forward calls. As a companion device, he says, the Light Phone is useful as an emergency fallback or for carrying when doing physical sports or on an evening out.奥利耶承认,大多数人还是想要智能手机,而Light Phone可以把智能手机接收的呼叫转接过来。他说,作为一个随身设备,Light Phone可以用于紧急备用手机或者在运动或者晚上外出时携带。But in trying to create a device purposely designed to be used as little as possible, Mr Hollier and his partner may have stumbled on something that could turn out to be used rather a lot.但就试图创造一个目的是尽可能不用的设备方面,奥利耶及其合伙人可能创造了一款可能被用得相当多的产品。 /201601/424035瑞金妇幼保健院医院账单

石城县妇幼保健所官网The bidding battle for Avolon has ended with Bohai Leasing, a unit of the Chinese aviation and shipping company HNA, snapping up the Dublin-based aircraft leasing company in a deal valuing its equity at just over .5bn.围绕Avolon的竞购战已经结束,中国航空和航运公司海航集团(HNA Group)旗下的渤海租赁(Bohai Leasing)将这家总部位于都柏林的飞机租赁公司纳入囊中。这笔交易对Avolon的股本估值达到略高于25亿美元。It beat out AVIC Capital, a subsidiary of state-owned Aviation Industry Corp of China, which began talks with US-listed Avolon a year ago. Aircraft leasing is attracting growing attention and dollars in Asia, with Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp and Hong Kong-based billionaire Li Ka-shing among recent investors.渤海租赁击败了中航资本(Avic Capital),后者是国有的中国航空工业集团(China Aviation Industry Corp)旗下子公司,一年前与在美国上市的Avolon开启谈判。飞机租赁业务在亚洲吸引了越来越多的关注和投资,日本三菱(Mitsubishi Corp)和香港亿万富翁李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)近年都投资于该业务。Bohai secured its prize early on Friday with an offer of a share, a share below its previous offer and a 31 per cent premium to the undisturbed share price on July 13. Including debt, the price equates to an enterprise value of .6bn.渤海租赁周五早间以每股31美元赢得竞购,该报价比此前报价低1美元,较7月13日未宣布竞购消息前的股价有31%的溢价。交易价格包括承担Avolon的债务,相当于76亿美元的企业价值。The deal, approved by Avolon’s board, is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016.该交易已得到Avolon董事会的批准,预计在2016年第一季度完成。It has been a fraught battle but one with generous rewards for Avolon’s investors, which include private equity groups Cinven, CVC and Oak Hill. Avolon listed last December at a share.这是一场一波三折的并购战,但它为包括私人股本集团Cinven、CVC和Oak Hill在内的Avolon的投资者带来了丰厚回报。Avolon于去年12月上市,发行价为每股20美元。Bohai was forced to sweeten its initial offer of a share for a 20 per cent stake in July to the following month after an informal rival offer emerged, understood to be from AVIC Capital, a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corp of China.今年7月,渤海租赁最初提出以每股26美元收购Avolon 20%的股份,但在8月据信来自中航资本的非正式报价出现后,该公司不得不将报价提高至每股32美元。The two companies said the agreed price of , trimmed by , “reflects significant volatility across global equity markets”. Bohai had agreed to raise its break fee by 0m to 0m, “to provide greater certainty of value and reflecting its commitment to the transaction.”两家公司表示,双方最终商定的31美元(即降低1美元)的价格,“反映出全球股市的巨动”。渤海此前同意将分手费提高1亿美元,至3.5亿美元,“以让交易价值更具确定性,并反映出其对该笔交易的承诺”。Denis Nayden, Avolon chairman, said Bohai would bring profile and China relationships to the group. The China market, he said, offers “one of the most compelling growth opportunities in global aviation over the next two decades”.Avolon董事长丹尼斯蔠筑(Denis Nayden)表示,渤海将为Avolon带来知名度和中国市场的人脉。他说,“在未来的20年内,中国市场将提供全球航空业最吸引人的增长机遇之一”。Bohai, which is listed in Shenzhen, is a subsidiary of HNA, which is privately owned and focuses on aircraft, shipping and tourism.在深圳上市的渤海租赁是海航旗下子公司,海航是一家私人控股企业,从事航空、航运和旅游业务。Avolon, one of the world’s fastest-growing aircraft leasing businesses, last month reported a better than expected second quarter, recording net income of .6m for the three months to the end of June 30, up 133 per cent compared with the same time last year. Revenue rose 38 per cent to 3.9m.Avolon是全球增长最为迅速的飞机租赁企业之一,该公司上月发布的二季度业绩超出预期,在截止6月30日的3个月里实现净利润5560万美元,同比增长133%。营收增长38%,至1.839亿美元。 /201509/397103 兴国治疗盆腔炎哪家医院好的信丰妇幼保健院在那儿




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