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赣州仁济不孕不育男科咨询龙源坝中心卫生院做血常规检查Many of us may have lists of contacts and followers on social media networks that extend into the thousands, but new research has found we may actually only have five real friends.我们中的许多人通讯录里的联系人和社交媒体网络上的好友可以增加到数千人,但是新研究指出,事实上我们拥有的真正意义上的朋友可能只有5个。A team of scientists have found that while humans have the capacity to form complex layered societies, we face an upper limit to how many friends we can have in our inner circle.一个科学家团队发现,人们可以构建纷繁复杂、层次分明的社会群体,而在自己的社交圈里,我们拥有的朋友数量是有上限的。They say this upper limit of five has likely gone unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years and probably governed social relationships when humans lived as groups of hunters.他们表示,几十万年来,5个朋友的上限可能从未改变,或许从人类集体狩猎开始,这种模式一直掌控着人际关系。Whenever we add someone new to our social network, they argue, each new friend is actually slightly more distant than those of the inner circle.他们认为,无论我们在什么时候从社交网络上添加新朋友,每位新朋友还是比我们圈子里的朋友要稍微有距离些。It suggests that while we may have just a few friends, we can still surround ourselves with acquaintances.这表明了我们可能只有几个朋友,但周围却围绕着一群熟人。Michael Harré and Mikhail Prokopenko, both with the University of Sydney in Australia, said while we may only have five close friends, our social network from them can extend to 132 people.来自悉尼大学的迈克尔#8226;哈雷和米哈伊尔#8226;普罗科彭科表示,虽然我们只拥有5个亲密朋友,但是我们可以通过他们把自己的社交网络扩展至132人。The researchers built computer models to analyse human social networks and then compared them to hunter-gatherer societies.研究者创建了电脑模型来分析人类社交网络,接着将分析出来的数据同采集狩猎社群进行对比。They explain that from an evolutionary perspective, it was important to have small groups of close-knit social connections when humans were on hunting expeditions and other dangerous stations.他们从进化的角度解释道,处在狩猎探险或其他危险情况下,拥有紧密社会联系的小团体对人类而言是至关重要的。This would mean that we did not have to be as close with the rest of the wider group - as long as we had a strong bond with around 5 others.这意味着只要我们和5个朋友关系亲密,就无需与更多的人保持紧密联系。Even now, as we add or follow others on social media, most new connections are made through meeting friends of others.即使现在我们会在社交媒体上添加或关注其他人,但大部分人还是通过与其他人的朋友见面形成新的联系。Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, the researchers said: conclude that humans were probably egalitarian in hunter–gatherer-like societies, maintaining an average maximum of four or five social links connecting all members in a largest social network of around 132 people.#39;研究者在《英国皇家学会界面杂志》上写到:我们得到的结论是处在狩猎采集者之类的社会团体中,人类可能会主张平等主义,他们会保持人均4到5个的社会联系人,把这些联系人整合起来,我们最多能将社交网络关系扩展至132人左右。As we form new connections and relationships, they become increasingly distant from our #39;core#39; starting group当我们构建新型连接与关系时,这些人离我们最初的核心团体越来越远。The researchers added that the #39;social brain hypothesis#39; describes #39;neurologically constrained capacity for maintaining long-term stable relationships#39;.研究者补充道,“社会化大脑假说”描述的是维持长期稳定关系的神经控制能力。The #39;hunter-gatherer#39; example shows how social hierarchies can form - you only need to directly know a few people in a large group in order to become a leader figure.“狩猎者采集者”的例子明了社会阶层是如何形成的,要成为领导者,你只需直接了解大团体中的几个人便可。The researchers say that while social media is changing the number of people we can be connected to - in 2014, the mean average number of Facebook friends was 338 - it is unlikely to change the number of friends we actually have.2014年,脸书用户的平均朋友数是338人。研究者表示,虽然社交媒体正在改变我们联系人的数量,但这不太可能会对我们实际拥有的朋友数造成影响。 /201605/446111赣州开发区医院阴道 Imagine walking into a room of strangers knowing your clothes could keep you calm, or wearing a jacket that could cheer you up after a breakup.想象一下,你走进一间屋子,里面都是陌生人,但你知道你的衣可以让你保持冷静,或在分手后,你身上穿的夹克能让你高兴。That#39;s the dream of Microsoft, which has described such a piece of futuristic clothing in a patent.这就是微软的梦想,它在专利申请中描绘了这种未来衣的样子。It shows a #39;mood shirt#39; that s a wearer#39;s emotions then stimulates their nervous system in a way that can either cheer them up or calm them down.微软展示了一款“情绪衬衫”,它能读懂用户情绪,刺激神经系统,让他们高兴起来或冷静下来。It explained the gadget is designed to #39;provide a user with a cost effective, reliable and easy to use way to enhance their physical health and mental well-being and enhance their success in communicating and/or negotiating with other people.#39;微软解释称,设计这一可穿戴设备是为了“给用户提供一个节约成本的、简单可靠的方式来增进身心健康,促使与他人成功交流或协商。”It is also suggested it could be especially useful for elderly people as well as those with disabilities and autism.微软也表示,这款衣可能对残疾人、自闭症患者和老人特别有用。In essence, a system of sensors inside the garment the wearer#39;s heart rate, skin temperature and measure the movements they make.其实,衣里装了传感器系统,可读取用户的心率、皮肤的温度,监测其行为动作。In the patent, published by the ed States Patent and Trademark Office, it says these sensors are connected to a system of actuators sitting close to the skin so they are able to create a feeling of pressure – like a hug – heat and coolness or generate vibrations or music.美国专利商标局发布了这项专利。专利中说,这些传感器和贴近皮肤的一个致动器系统相连接,因而能制造出压力的感觉,比如拥抱的感觉,还能调节冷热、产生震动或播放音乐。Actuators could be chosen to suit a person#39;s needs.可以根据个人需要选择致动器。For example, an autistic user could benefit from a micro pump to apply pressure on their wrist, for example, which is a technique used by some to relieve the stress of sensory overload.比如,自闭症用户可以通过一个微型泵给手腕施加压力,从而减轻情感负荷。有些人就靠按压手腕来减压,这么做对自闭症患者有好处。Equally, the item of clothing could switch on cooling actuators if it thought a wearer was getting hot and flustered on a date, for example, or play a happy song from a minute speaker, if it sensed they were sad.同样,举个例子,如果用户在约会的时候,衣感应到他燥热难安,就会开启冷却致动器,如果用户难过,它就用一个微型音箱放首快乐的歌。It goes on to say the system could be used to convey the state of people nearby – but it doesn#39;t explain how a piece of clothing could obtain data about a stranger.微软还说,这一系统可用于捕捉附近的人的情绪状态——但没有解释这款衣如何获得陌生人数据。#39;This alternate implementation …allows the user to reflect on and react to the current affective state of these other people, and informs the user when and how the affective state of these other people changes.#39;“通过这个额外功能,用户可以对其他人当下的情感状态做出反思和回应,并得知这些人的情感状态是何时发生变化、如何变化的。”Like every patent, there is no guarantee the technology described will ever become a reality.像每个专利一样,这项专利并没有保上述这项技术会成为现实。 /201605/444709赣州上犹人民医院看病贵不贵

赣州上犹医院有无痛人流What tools do you use at work that you didn’t a decade ago? That’s the question I posed to a group of friends recently, hoping for a host of interesting examples of how technology is transforming the workplace. 有哪些你正在使用的办公工具是10年前没有的?这是我最近向一群朋友提出的一个问题,希望能够收获一堆关于技术正在如何转变工作场所面貌的有趣例子。 But the responses from a disparate group that included insurance brokers, speech therapists and entrepreneurs surprised me. All the new digital products they rated were, in effect, secretary substitutes. 但是,这个由保险经纪人、言语矫治师以及企业家等组成的差异很大的人群给出的让我意外。他们列出的所有新式数字产品实际上都是秘书替代品。 I heard paeans to the utility of Skyscanner for corporate travel, the benefits of Google Docs for holiday rotas and the value of EchoSign for electronic signature of documents. 我听到的称赞是:航班搜索网站Skyscanner安排商务差旅是多么有用,用谷歌文档(Google Docs)安排轮流休假是多么便利,用EchoSign软件在文件上进行电子签名是多么有价值。 Regardless of industry or seniority, document encryption services and tools designed to prevent endless email trails also cropped up with regularity. 不论是在哪个行业,也不论级别多高,人们还都会提到文档加密务以及为防止没完没了的电子邮件往来而设计的工具。 This is self-service in action and a vivid example of why administrative jobs frequently top the list as those most at risk from automation. 这是自助式务的生动实例,它也形象地说明了行政类职位为何频频“领衔”受自动化威胁最大的工作榜单。 Back in 2001, there were nearly 400,000 secretarial and personal assistant roles in the UK. Now there are fewer than 200,000. 2001年时,英国有近40万个秘书及个人助理类职位,而现在仅有不到20万个。 The disappearance of that person who used to be the linchpin of office life has been driven by a combination of cost-cutting in the wake of the financial crisis — there was a 12 per cent drop in such roles between 2009 and 2010 alone — and the internet revolution. 曾在办公室生活中扮演关键角色的人的消失,受到两个因素的联合推动:一是金融危机过后的削减成本(从2009年至2010年,秘书及个人助理类职位的数量就下降了12%),二是互联网革命。 Administrators’ salaries proved a tempting target for businesses desperate to trim budgets, with the bonus that cuts could be billed as modernisation and as embracing new ways of working. 对于急于削减预算的企业来说,行政类职位的薪酬被明是一个诱人的靶子;砍掉此类职位还能带来额外好处:比如美其名曰“现代化”以及拥抱新的工作方式。 But has the efficiency drive gone too far? The days when companies needed someone to type letters and file correspondence physically are long gone, but the digital era has brought its own version of the administrative grind. The work has not gone away, it has just been dispersed across the workforce. 但对效率的追求是否已走得太远?企业需要某人来打字并将纸质信函存档的旧时光早已远去,但数字时代带来了自己版本的行政苦差。这些工作并没有消失,而只是被广泛分散给了员工队伍。 While phasing out jobs that just “turn the handle” is all part of the move to a higher skilled workforce, there are consequences. A recent survey from Qualtrics found UK workers estimate that less than 65 per cent of the time they spend at work is productive. The hours wasted spent trying to get a computerised approval system to understand an edge case are staples of many a pub rant. 虽然淘汰那种仅仅“转动把手”的工作是向更高技能员工队伍转型进程的一部分,但这是有后果的。调查公司Qualtrics近期的一项调查显示,英国的工薪阶层人士估计,他们在工作场所仅有不到65%的时间是有成效的。为了试图让计算机审批系统理解某个特例所浪费的大量时间,是人们在酒吧吐槽的常见内容。 Vickie Sokol Evans, who trains Bill Gates’ executive assistants, and those in other organisations, in Microsoft technology, says there is great pressure in all organisations to “do more with less”. 为比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)和其他组织培训行政助理、使她们掌握微软(Microsoft)技术的维基#8226;索科尔#8226;埃文斯(Vickie Sokol Evans)表示,各类组织都面临着巨大压力,要求它们“用更少的资源办更多的事”。 But she argues that efficiency comes from using technology well, not just dropping it in front of the workforce and expecting them to get on with it. Is it really more efficient for 20 sales people to all do their own expenses and travel, or can one person who really understands both the software and the rules help remove some of the grit from the wheels of corporate life? 但她指出,效率来自于对技术的有效利用,而不是仅仅将技术扔给员工,然后期待他们自己搞定。让20名销售人员都自行处理他们个人的费用报销以及差旅事务真的更有效率吗,抑或一个既懂软件又了解相关规章制度的人有助于让公司生活少一点烦扰? That would also mean the sales team could be out there doing what they were hired to do: selling. 这还意味着,销售队伍能够腾出时间履行他们的本职工作:推销产品。 Top executives, of course, have managed to hang on to their secretaries — nowadays more often than not termed executive assistants. But these roles are far broader than they used to be. 当然,顶级高管们设法保住了他们的秘书——现在这类职位往往被称为“行政助理”。但这些岗位如今的职责范围比过去广泛多了。 Monitoring budgets, preparing reports, designing slidedecks and similar tasks are increasingly part of the required skillset. A recent survey by Hays for Executive Secretary — whose conference Ms Sokol Evans will address in London next week — reported that nearly 90 per cent of senior staff said they could not to do their jobs without their PA. 监控预算、撰写报告、设计幻灯片,诸如此类的任务日益成为行政助理的必备技能。猎头公司Hays近期为《行政秘书》(Executive Secretary)杂志所做的一项调查显示,约90%的高级职员表示,没有个人助理的话,他们做不了自己的工作。(索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士将在该杂志于伦敦举办的会议上发言。) Peggy Grande, who was executive assistant to US President Ronald Reagan for 10 years, says no amount of technology or progress towards virtual assistants can make up for the human factor. “It is about not just what needs to be accomplished now, but staying three steps ahead,” she adds. 佩吉#8226;格兰德(Peggy Grande)曾为美国前总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)当了10年的行政助理。她表示,没有什么技术或是虚拟助手领域的突破能够替代人的因素。她补充称:“这不仅关乎目前必须完成的任务,还要走在前面,超前三步。” Ms Sokol Evans says she knows of at least one multinational that is reviewing its career options for PAs and is looking to create a twin track structure: one path for those who want to push for more responsibility and widen the definition of their role and another for those who get job satisfaction from ensuring systems actually work. 索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士表示,据她所知,至少有一家跨国公司正在评估其向个人助理提供的职业发展选择,并正在试图构建一种双轨结构:一条面向那些想要承担更大责任、拓展自身角色定位的人,另一条面向那些从确保系统有效运转获得工作成就感的人。 The pace of the digital revolution shows no signs of slackening and few office jobs will be the same in a decade. But that means the need to help humans and systems gel is more pressing. Sometimes a calm, helping hand can deliver greater efficiency gains than a software upgrade. 数字革命的速度没有显示出任何放缓的迹象,10年后几乎不会有哪项办公室工作还保持今天的面貌。但这也意味着,帮助人类员工和数字系统有效融合的任务变得愈发迫切。有些时候,一个沉着冷静的人类帮手能够比一次软件升级带来更显著的效率提升。 /201604/437358赣州定南妇幼保健院的权威医生 The broadening of the criminal inquiry in Germany into the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal to include Hans Dieter P#246;tsch, chairman of its supervisory board, shows how badly VW lost its way.德国扩大了针对大众汽车(Volkswagen)柴油尾气排放丑闻的刑事调查,该公司监事会主席汉斯.迪亚特.波什(Hans Dieter P#246;tsch)成为调查对象,这表明大众汽车多么地误入歧途。The scandal is still shaking the company: its use of software on up to 11m cars to help them pass emissions tests has carried a heavy price, making VW set aside EURO18.2bn. It has also disillusioned the industry, ending Europe’s hope of “clean diesel” becoming an enduring alternative to petrol.这桩丑闻仍在撼动该公司:大众在其1100万辆柴油发动机汽车上安装作弊软件帮助这些汽车通过尾气排放检测,这一做法的代价是惨重的,迫使大众为此拨备182亿欧元。大众还让汽车行业的幻想破灭,终结了欧洲让“清洁柴油”成为一种长久取代汽油的选择的希望。The lasting significance of the VW scandal will be to bring forward a shift in engine technology and alter the balance of power among the world’s biggest vehicle markets: the US, Europe and Asia. The lesson for carmakers is: go electric and go to China.大众尾气丑闻的持久影响将促使发动机技术发生转变,并改变全球最大汽车市场(美国、欧洲和亚洲)的实力平衡。汽车制造商得到的教训是:生产电动汽车,到中国去。Fuel-efficient diesel, with exhaust filters to limit emissions of nitrogen oxide particles, was supposed both to curb greenhouse gases and limit pollution. In practice, Europe tried to ignore an inconvenient truth about the latter: the UK government was last week instructed by a court to cut diesel fumes in cities faster than it had planned.节能柴油配有限制一氧化氮微粒排放的排气过滤器,本应减少温室气体和污染物的排放。实际上,欧洲试图忽视有关后者的一个让人不敢面对的事实:一家法庭上周敦促英国政府以比原计划更快的速度减少城市的柴油废气。No one could fail to notice such fumes in China. About one-third of the pollution that clogs the skies in cities such as Beijing and Chongqing comes from internal combustion engines as their citizens turn to driving. By the mid 2020s, Chinese consumers could be buying 40m cars a year, twice the number likely to be bought by Americans.任何人都无法不关注中国的汽车废气。随着居民纷纷开车上路,笼罩在北京和重庆等城市上空的约三分之一的污染来自内燃机。到2025年左右,中国消费者每年的汽车购买量可能会达到4000万辆,是美国人的两倍。It is a problem but also an opportunity. China is aly doing what countries such as the UK are being forced to consider: it is banning heavily polluting cars from cities by auctioning the right to own vehicle number plates while allowing “new energy vehicles” such as electric cars and plug-in electric hybrids an open road.这是个问题,但也是个机遇。中国已在采取英国等国被迫思考的措施:中国正通过拍卖汽车号牌所有权,禁止重污染汽车在城市行驶,同时允许电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车等“新能源汽车”无限制上路。As a result, although the global electric car market is still tiny, it is most advanced in China, where 330,000 new energy vehicles were sold last year. Many of them are bought by local governments and state-owned enterprises for use as delivery vans, or in local ride-sharing schemes, thus giving China’s green carmakers a kick start.因此,尽管全球电动汽车市场的规模很小,但在中国发展的最快,去年中国销售的新能源汽车有33万辆。其中很多由地方政府和国有企业购买,用作箱式送货车或用于地方拼车计划,这让中国的环保汽车制造商得以起步。These vehicles are not Teslas: many are quite basic. But they are handing China first-mover advantage in the regulation, technology and manufacturing of electric cars. While Europe’s car-makers and suppliers that specialised in diesel must now rethink, Chinese companies such as BYD and Anhui Jianghuai (JAC) occupy a sweet spot.这些汽车不是特斯拉(Tesla):很多都非常初级。但它们在电动汽车的监管、技术和生产方面赋予了中国先行优势。比亚迪(BYD)和安徽江淮汽车(JAC)等中国企业已占据了有利位置,而专门生产柴油汽车的欧洲汽车制造商和供应商现在必须反思。Diesel was under threat before the VW scandal: the tightening of European emissions standards will make it much more expensive for carmakers to offer diesel cars, levelling the price gap with electric vehicles. AlixPartners, the consultancy, expects diesel cars to account for only 9 per cent of European sales by 2030, compared with 56 per cent five years ago.在大众汽车丑闻之前,柴油汽车面临危险:欧洲排放标准的收紧将大大提高汽车制造商生产柴油汽车的成本,这将拉平与电动汽车的价格差距。咨询公司艾睿铂(AlixPartners)预计,到2030年,柴油汽车将仅占到欧洲汽车销量的9%,5年前为56%。The limited range of electric cars, and lack of convenient recharging stations, has until now put off most buyers. Plug-in hybrids, such as the Chevrolet Volt and BMW 330e, make up for that by having two engines — one combustion and one electric. But this requires a lot of costly components from sophisticated European and US suppliers, such as Robert Bosch and Delphi.到目前为止,电动汽车车型有限以及缺乏便利的充电设施让多数购买者望而却步。为了弥补这点,插电式混合动力汽车(例如雪佛兰伏特(Chevrolet Volt) 和宝马(BMW)的330e)配备了两个引擎(一个是内燃机,一个是电动发动机)。但这需要很多昂贵的来自欧美高级供应商的零配件,例如罗伯特.世(Robert Bosch)和德尔福(Delphi)。Pure electric vehicles are simpler and do not need the same array of components. Battery advances mean that they should be able to drive up to 600km on one charge by 2020, the range VW promises for its proposed ID car. They would then be more appealing.纯电动汽车更为简单,不需要同样多的零配件。电池技术的进步意味着到2020年,电动汽车一次充电可行驶最高600公里,这是大众汽车为其ID电动概念车承诺的目标。到那时,电动汽车就更具吸引力了。This provides the opportunity for China to leapfrog US and western technology in the same way that some developing countries adopted mobile smartphones before fixed networks were built. The Chinese government knows it: the five-year plan unveiled in April heavily endorses green technology.这为中国超越美国和西方技术提供了机会,就像一些发展中国家在固话网络建成前跳跃到移动智能手机一样。中国政府明白这点:4月公布的5年规划大力持环保技术。China has an industrial stake in electric vehicles. While international carmakers tend to buy batteries produced by Japanese and South Korean companies, Chinese companies use Chinese suppliers including BYD and Amperex Technology. China’s lack of top-tier suppliers for combustion engines components matters less in electric.电动汽车对于中国工业有着重要意义。国际汽车制造商往往会购买由日本和韩国公司生产的电池,中国企业则使用包括比亚迪和新能源科技(Amperex Technology)在内的中国供应商的产品。中国在内燃机零配件方面没有一线供应商,但这在电动汽车领域不那么重要。The VW scandal does not eliminate every advantage of European manufacturers and suppliers. A simple form of hybrid engine involving more powerful electronics is one alternative to diesel: UBS, the investment bank, estimates that 48-volt mild hybrid technology will be a EURO4bn market by 2020.大众汽车尾气排放丑闻没有完全消除欧洲制造商和供应商的优势。使用更强大电路的简单形式的混合动力发动机是一种取代柴油的选择:投行瑞银(UBS)估计,到2020年,48伏微混电动技术市场的规模将达到40亿欧元。Nor will China’s carmakers have it all their own way at home. About 95 per cent of electric cars sold in China last year were made by Chinese companies, according to Automotive Foresight Shanghai, a consultancy. As carmakers such as VW and Nissan focus more heavily on China, that is bound to fall. VW is planning an electric vehicle joint venture with JAC. 中国汽车制造商将无法在国内自得其乐。上海咨询公司Automotive Foresight称,去年,在中国销售的电动汽车中,大约95%由中国企业生产。随着大众和日产(Nissan)等汽车制造商加大对中国的关注,这个数字肯定会下滑。大众汽车正计划与江淮汽车组建一家电动汽车合资公司。But China has plenty of levers to pull. Just as Europe’s dominance in diesel emerged from tight regulation of carbon emissions, China can lead the global electric vehicle market through force majeure. Its city-based experiments with electric transport have been a mixed bag but it will keep trying.然而,中国有很多筹码。正如欧洲在柴油领域的主导地位来自于对碳排放的严格监管,中国可以通过强制引领全球电动汽车市场。中国以城市为基础的电动汽车交通尝试一直好坏参半,但中国将继续努力。The danger for VW and other Europeans is of becoming stuck in the past, over-invested in diesel when the future is electric. Mr P#246;tsch’s earlier behaviour is not really the difficulty.大众汽车和其他欧洲汽车厂商的危险在于,在未来方向是电动汽车之际,它们沉迷于过去,在柴油领域投资过度。大众汽车监事会主席波什之前的行为实际上并非难题。 /201611/478061江西赣州市医院治疗不能怀孕

上犹县人民医院联系电话 日本女性、冰岛男性寿命最长Japanese girls born last year can expect to live to an average age of 85.8 years, making them the longest-lived in the world, according to figures released by the government on Thursday.Their male compatriots fare less well, with a life expectancy of 79 years, second to Icelandic men at 79.4 years, the Health Ministry said.Japan's women have topped the world's longevity ranks for 22 consecutive years, something researchers have attributed to their healthy diet and tight social ties.Improved treatment of the ageing population's three biggest killers -- cancer, heart disease and stroke-- has helped push life expectancy to record highs, a ministry official said.After the Japanese, Taiwanese women are the world's second longest-lived at 84.6 years, then Spanish and Swiss women at 83.9 years, the report said.The Guinness Book of World Records lists Japan's 114-year-old Yone Minagawa and 111-year-old Tomoji Tanabe, as the world's oldest person and oldest man, respectively.But increasing life expectancy and a scarcity of babies in Japan have fuelled concern about how the world's oldest society will fund its pension requirements. 据日本政府本周四公布的统计数据,日本女性的平均预期寿命为85.8岁,是世界上寿命最长的人群。据日本卫生省介绍,日本男性的平均寿命为79岁,仅次于冰岛男性的79.4岁,位居世界第二。日本女性的平均寿命连续22年名列世界之首,一些研究人员认为,这主要归功于她们健康的饮食和紧密的社会联系。据日本卫生省官员介绍,癌症、心脏病和中风是老年人健康的三大杀手,这三大疾病治疗手段的进步使人们的预期寿命达到新高。统计报告显示,台湾女性的平均寿命为84.6岁,位居世界第二;其次是西班牙和瑞士女性,为83.9岁。据《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》记载,目前世界上寿命最长的人和寿命最长的男性分别是日本114岁的皆川米子和111岁的田锅友时。但日本预期寿命的不断延长和新生儿数量的不足引起了有关这个世界上老龄化最严重的国家将如何解决其养老金问题的担忧。 /200803/32265石城县人民医院做人流赣州兴国医院好吗



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