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赣州上犹医院妇科华安远县人民医院在那儿栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201511/399302龙南县妇科医院哪家好 Michael would always do funny things, anything for a laugh.迈克尔总是会为了君一笑 而做些很搞笑的事Anything for a laugh.只要能引人发笑La Toya was always very persnickety拉托雅对自己的房间about the way she kept her room.总是很要求And she had this beautiful...她那时有...l think it was a white satin bedsp that she had just gotten.我记得好像是一床缎做的被单才刚入手Michael took some invisible ink迈克尔竟然拿神奇墨水and he sp it all over the bedsp, squirted it all over.洒得一床都是And then he had her come in and look at it. she was livid.然后再叫她来看 她简直气炸了Michael used to love telling me stories about Gary, lndiana,迈克尔以前常爱跟我说印第安纳州瑞城的事especially how he would have a candy store,尤其是他开糖果铺的事and he would sell candy to all the neighbours,卖糖果给附近的小孩and to his brothers.还有他的兄弟And he never made any money doing it,但他从来就没赚过钱but he showed signs of being an entrepreneur at a very young age.但在很小时就显现出企业家的风范As kids, we had a lot of fun.我们的童年很有趣You know, just playing around in the neighbourhood.每天就在附近玩Playing practical jokes,搞恶作剧throwing balloons out the car windows at bus stops,从车上对着公交车站牌扔汽球singing and dancing to every song that came on the radio.跟着收音机上的歌又唱又跳的201508/390762In his first Mass since the terror attacks in Brussels, Pope Francis condemned terrorism as well as Europes handling of the current refugee crisis. 自布鲁塞尔恐怖袭击以来的首次弥撒,教皇弗兰西斯谴责恐怖主义以及欧洲对目前难民危机的处理。On Easter Sunday, Francis said, ;May he draw us closer on this Easter feast to the victims of terrorism, that blind and brutal form of violence which continues to shed blood in different parts of the world.; 在周日复活节,弗兰西说,“愿复活节盛宴上我们与遭恐怖袭击的遇难者在一起,盲目和残酷形式的暴力,在世界不同地区继续造成流血。”Francis also took time during the Mass to call attention to Europes handling of the refugee crisis. 弗兰西斯还花时间关注欧洲对难民危机的处理。Francis said Easter ;invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future. all too often, these brothers and sisters of ours meet along the way with death or, in any event, rejection by those who could offer them welcome and assistance.;弗兰西斯说,复活节“让我们不要忘记那些追求美好未来的男人和女人。通常,我们这些兄弟一路与死亡相伴,在任何情况下,被那些可以提供欢迎和帮助的人拒绝。”On Thursday, the pope visited a refugee center where he washed the feet of Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu and Catholic refugees. The trip also marked the first time women were allowed to participate in the ceremony. 周四,教皇访问了一难民中心,在那里为穆斯林、东正教、印度教和天主教难民洗脚。此行还标志着妇女首次允许参加典礼。译文属。201603/434459赣州市仁济图片

于都妇幼保健院人流怎么样Im deep in the Arctic north fighting a losing battle with the freezing cold and the deep snow.我正在北极深处 与冰冻和厚雪打没有胜算的战役Ive fixed up a pair of ancient skis with some cloth I found in an old cabin,我用小屋中发现的旧窗帘 修复了古老的滑雪板and I am gonna try and squeeze a bit more life out of them.我要用它们寻求生机Ive got some improvised ski poles just from a straight bit of willow and a couple of twigs pressed in the end.我用一根直柳枝 末端绑上两根小细枝 做成临时滑雪杆And, you know, this is all pretty makeshift,and I am not expecting ski Olympics,这是很不牢固的 而且我也不是要参加奥运滑雪but its gonna help me make better progress through this deep snow than if I was on foot.但是在厚重的雪中 用它走比徒步要好These old cross-country skis are good on the flat,but not ideal for downhill.这个破旧的越野滑雪板在平地上还好 但下坡就不行了Steering them through this deep snow is almost impossible.在厚雪中它们简直无法操纵Impossible.And in many ways, I can do more damage than good.还是不行 我可不能让自己受伤Doing this can be quite dangerous,skiing amongst trees when youve got no control on skis like this.你掌控不了像这样的雪橇时 在树间滑雪就很危险And on these steep slopes, things are going from bad to worse.特别还是在这么陡峭的坡上 就更危险It must be 50, 60 foot down that.Theres no way I am skiing off that.这里肯定有五六十英尺[15-18米]高 我不可能从这里滑下去Hang on, thats a birch tree over there. Ive got an idea.等等 那里有棵桦树 我有办法了201601/421783石城人民医院做血常规检查 栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201601/407626寻乌县妇幼保健院妇科华

信丰县人民医院打胎一般要花多少钱Birds Nest to hold Winter Carnival第七届鸟巢欢乐冰雪季开幕The Birds Nest Stadium will be home to the seventh annual Winter Carnival where visitors will be able to indulge in some of their favorite cold weather sports while also learning about some new ones.作为承办北京奥运会和北京冬奥会开闭幕式的标志性场馆,国家体育场鸟巢,已连续举办六届的欢乐冰雪季,今年冬季更是加大了冬季冰雪项目的开发力度,提升鸟巢冰雪季品牌,打造国际级冬季体育赛事平台。The National Stadium has unveiled this years plan for the carnival.国家体育场公布了今年冰雪季活动的计划。In anticipation of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, residents and visitors can try out some Olympic sports and interact with Chinese Olympic champions.为全面满足游客戏雪、滑雪、滑冰等多层次要求,本届冰雪季对主场戏雪乐园项目进行全新改版升级,着力增加项目的互动性和趣味性;同时,为迎接2022年冬奥会的到来,主场特开辟冬奥项目体验区,设置大部分冬奥项目的模拟体验,让游客集中式全面体验冬奥项目。The winter carnival will start at the Birds Nest from December 17 until mid-February.第七届鸟巢欢乐冰雪季将于2015年12月17日持续至2月中旬。 译文属201511/412534 The markets are full of dietary supplements,市场上到处都是营养补充剂and its difficult to know which if any might be useful to promote health, resist disease, or improve well being.但是我们很难判断哪种对健康有益,能够提高抵御疾病的能力或者提高身体素质,This presentation will outline the basic information about dietary supplements本讲将会给大家讲述关于营养补充剂的基本信息,and provide helpful information about their contributions to a healthy lifestyle.并且就它们如何帮助我们形成健康的生活方式给大家提供有益的信息Dietary supplements are widely available and used by many Americans.营养补充剂十分普遍,很多美国人都在用它们,There remains much confusion about the value of these products and their impact on overall health.但是关于这些产品的价值以及它们对健康的影响,还有很多疑惑需要解答,This discussion will identify the main types of dietary supplements本讲将会讲述营养补充剂的分类,and clarify when and how they can be used to promote health.以及何时,怎样用才能促进身体健康A supplement is intended to supplement the diet.补充剂是用来补充营养的The main feature of a supplement is that it is very different from food.补充剂的主要特征就是,它与食物十分不同,It contains one or more ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, botanicals,or herbs.它含有多种物质,例如维生素,矿物质,植物性药物或者中草药,And is intended to be taken orally in pill, capsule, liquid, or tablet form.一般需要以片剂胶囊和液体形式下,Supplements are labeled as supplements on their front panel.补充剂在包装上就要标明产品属性In the picture shown on the slide,在幻灯片上的这张图上,you can see that this particular vitamin supplement includes calcium and Vitamin D, which are two ingredients.我们可以看到这种维生素补充剂含有钙和维生素D,它们是两种重要成分,It is taken orally in the form of tablets,它是片剂需要口,and it is labeled as a supplement on its front panel.在包装上直接标明是补充剂Vitamin and mineral supplements have been available to consumers for over 100 years.维生素和矿物质补充剂已经有100多年历史了,These products are typically mixtures of known essential nutrients in quantities defined by the National Academy of Sciences这些产品主要由必须的营养物质组成,这些物质是由国家科学院推荐的and their Recommended Dietary Allowances or the RDA.日摄食量(RDA)确定的The label on these supplements defines the percent of the RDA that is met by one dose of the product.这些补充剂上的标签界定了每单位药剂中包含的RAD比例In general, vitamin and mineral supplements are safe to be consumed when they contain around 100% of the RDA.通常情况下,当维生素和矿物质补充剂中含有100%的RDA时,它们是安全的,Supplements with much more than the RDA, 200% or greater,而如果超过了RDA的量,达到了200%RDAare not necessary and may cause toxicity.那么对人体就是有害的,Recently the market for vitamin and mineral supplements最近维生素和矿物质补充剂的市场进一步扩大,has been expanded to provide mixtures targeting specific populations such as women, men,or the elderly.商家开始提供专为妇女,男士,儿童,老人等不同群体设计的补充剂,These age and gender blends are valuable because,这种区分是十分有益的for example, after menopause women generally do not need iron supplements例如更年期过后的妇女基本上已经不需要补充铁元素了,whereas younger women can benefit from iron supplementation.而年轻女性则需要补充铁元素More recently, some products have been marketed for specific diseases by combining known nutrients with herbal compounds.最近,还有一些产品将营养物质和中草药结合,据说对某些疾病有特殊功效Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are widely used.钙和维生素D补充剂的应用十分普遍Both are required for developed and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.这两种物质对于保持骨骼和牙齿强健都是必不可少的,Calcium helps heart, nerves, and muscles work properly.钙能促进心脏神经和肌肉功能,The total daily intake of calcium should not exceed 2,500 milligrams.每天的钙摄入量不应该大于2500毫克When using calcium supplementation,在用钙补充品的时候,adequate water intake is important to prevent possible side effects of constipation and stomach upset.要同时大量饮水以防止产生副作用,比如便秘和It is recommended not to take these supplements胃部不适,如果曾患过肾结石或者有患前列腺癌的风险,if you have a history of kidney stones or if you are a male at risk for prostate cancer.那么不建议用钙补充液Calcium supplementation can react with blood pressure medications and cholesterol.钙补充液能够与降压药和降血脂药产生反应201512/414365兴国县人民医院可以做人流吗赣州市仁济正规吗会不会乱收费



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