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泉州欧菲整形医院做双眼皮多少钱福建泉州欧菲医院在哪个区泉州自体脂肪鼻翼整形要多少钱 If you’re at all like me, you’ve eaten a lot of junk food late at night. One explanation for those late-night slices of pizza or burgers has to do with alcohol, which has a disinhibiting effect that makes us crave fat and salt. But an increasing body of research suggests that exhaustion, too, plays a role — that the “sleep munchies” are real, at least in cases when people didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  是不是有小伙伴和我一样,晚上很晚的时候还要吃很多垃圾食品呢。有一个解释就是那些我们晚上吃的披萨和汉堡都含有酒精,而酒精则可以使我们更加渴望脂肪和盐。但是越来越多的研究表明,疲惫也会使人养成睡前吃东西的习惯,尤其是那些前一晚没有充足睡眠的人。  A new study in the journal in which participants were put on normal sleep or sleep-restricted schedules while their calories were carefully monitored. Allison reports:The new study, based on blood samples, documents a novel finding: The daily rhythm of a particular endocannabinoid is altered by a lack of sleep.  《睡眠》期刊中记录了一项实验,参与者分别被分到正常睡眠组和限制性睡眠组,并且详细监测了他们体内的卡路里。阿里森说这一基于血液试样的研究明了一个新的发现:人体内的花生四烯酸甘油的含量会因缺乏睡眠而改变。  And these changes “could be driving intake for more palatable foods,” Erin Hanlon, a neuroscientistat the University of Chicago Medical Center, told us.  “而这些变化就是驱使人对美食向往的元凶。”芝加哥医疗中心大学的神经系统科学家艾瑞森·汉龙告诉我们。  “We found that sleep restriction boosts a signal that may increase the hedonic aspect of food intake,” says Hanlon. In other words, being sleep deprived may produce a stronger desire to eat.  汉龙说,缺乏睡眠会促使人们增加对美味食物的享受。换言之,睡眠不好会让人更加想吃东西。  We’re still a long way from understanding the connections between sleeplessness, stress, and, well, gluttony. But knowing that the “sleep munchies” are probably a real thing with an explainable physical cause can only help those of us trying to improve our droopy-eyed eating habits.  或许我们尚未研究清楚睡眠、压力以及暴饮暴食之间的关系。但了解睡前饥饿感的原因至少可以帮助我们改善睡眼惺忪还得吃东西的习惯。 /201603/433453泉州治疗粉刺多少钱

福建省泉州丰泽区整形医院哪里好泉州祛痤疮哪个整形医院好 Is #39;streetwear#39; a racist term?“街头饰”是带有种族歧视的词汇吗?At the start of the millennium the New York Times compiled a list of overused fashion adjectives. “Geek-chic”, “mash-up” and “fashionista” were included. An updated list for 2016 might include “streetwear”.在2000年初,纽约时报编辑整理了一份被过度使用的时尚形容词清单。“潮”,“混搭”,和“时尚达人”都包括在其中。2016年的升级版清单或许会新增“街头饰”这个词。The latter term has troubling connotations for designers such as Nasir Mazhar who suggested that “streetwear” was a racially coded term. He told Dazed: “The minute people see black or non-white models, they think it’s streetwear.”街头饰”一词带有隐晦性色,比如设计师Nasir Mazhar认为:“街头饰”是一个带有种族歧视的词汇。他告诉Dazed杂志:“当人们看到黑人或非白人模特时,他们认为那就是街头饰。”Appropriately, for such a linguistically floppy term, its origins are dreamy and sun-kissed. “Streetwear” grew out of the US surf and skate culture of the 1960s and 70s. It later came to encompass comfortable clothes such as T-shirts and baggy jeans. In the UK, say “streetwear” and people think of joggers, caps and hoodies. Low-priced, soft-to-the-touch comfy wear that nods to hip-hop. They don’t think of haute couture. In that sense, Mazhar tells me, it’s an odd fit with what he does.其实,这样一个慵懒性十足的词汇,其起源也相当地梦幻。“街头饰”来源于美国20世纪六七十年代的冲浪和滑板文化。此后,“街头饰”逐渐推出T恤和牛仔裤等休闲饰。在英国,“街头饰”令人联想到慢跑者,工人和小混混,是价格低廉,手感柔软,让人随嘻哈音乐点头的舒适衣。人们不会想到高级女式时装。Mazhar告诉我,由此来看,他所做的是一种怪异的饰。“I’ve always associated the term with brands that mainly do T-shirts and sweatshirts,” he says. “They are not full-on fashion brands. So, in that sense, it’s belittling.” For him, it’s about feeling misunderstood by the fashion pack. “When people describe my collection using that term, I feel like they don’t get what I’m doing.”“我总是把这个词和主打T恤和运动衫的品牌联系在一起,”他说,“他们不是紧随潮流的品牌。所以从这个层面上,它被轻视了。”对他来说,这就像是被潮流误解了:“当人们用这个词来形容我的作品,我感到他们并未真的了解我做的东西。”It’s a fair point when you consider that Mazhar’s most recent collection was inventive, surreal and contained absolutely no T-shirts whatsoever. His clothes are a celebration of opposites: tracksuits and tailored pieces, formal jackets, rave tops and denim wear. But instead of the focus being on these different aspects, he is seen as an urban streetwear designer. “I don’t think people know how to talk about the looks or shapes I use. I’m not saying the clothes are masterpieces, but people’s reference points were really basic.”如果你认为Mazhar最近的作品很有创造力,超现实主义且没有包含任何T恤这样的元素,那么也是情有可原的。他的衣是对立面的集合:运动衣裤和定制衣,正式的夹克,上等的衣和粗棉布衣。但人们却并未关注这些方面,只是把他视为一名街头饰的设计师。“我觉得人们不知该如何我所设计的衣的款式和版型。我并不是说这些衣是什么杰作,但人们提及的角度确实都太浅显了。”Mazhar says he is always asked about the music in his shows, and the diversity of his models, but never the artistry behind his clothes. It echoes something Daryoush Haj-Najafi, senior editor of Complex UK, asks: “Why, when Raf Simons designs a trainer, is it art, and when Kanye West does it, it’s a joke?”Mazhar说他常被问及自己秀场的音乐和各种各样的模特,而不是衣背后的艺术。正好应了Complex UK的高级编辑Daryoush Haj-Najafi说的那句话:“为什么同一款跑鞋,Raf Simons设计出来是艺术,而Kanye West设计出来就是笑话?”译文属原创,,不得转载 /201603/430194泉州市微整形

惠安县妇女医院光子脱毛多少钱Honey, don#39;t be afraid to cry. I#39;m not going to perceive you as less of a man if you do. We#39;re together for better or worse. Just let it out if you need to...亲爱的,不要害怕哭泣。你这样做,我也不会认为你是个懦弱的男人。无论好坏,我都们在一起。哭出来,如果你需要…A couple of hours before Dwight became single德怀特成了单身前的几小时 /201512/418287 泉州治疗结节性痤疮哪家好泉州市人民医院好不好




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