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2019年06月25日 19:37:12 | 作者:光明资讯 | 来源:新华社
见过各种iPhone的手机套:硅胶的、金属的、树脂的,镶金边儿的、带钻的,但是跟这个金属全套iPhone手机套真是弱爆了!相信你拿出这样的手机套,贼人强盗都得离你远儿远儿的!Whether you just need help keeping your iPhone in your hand, or you need an advantage when getting your point across to fellas who won’t pay up, this set of knucks will give your iPhone the security it deserves.The Knucklecase is a set of ‘brass’ knuckles made from solid block of machined aluminum that securely holds your iPhone and allows you to get a grip while tweeting, to clip it to your backpack (or climbing rack), or to slide your hand into before gesticulating wildly at an annoying door-to-door salesman.While we can’t justify using the impressive look of these knucks to scare little old ladies who let their dogs poop on your lawn, we can imagine they’d come in handy when negotiating a payoff schedule from your least favorite deadbeat friend.But remember, once you go all hardcase on your buddy, the company is no longer responsible: “By purchasing this product, you agree to hold the Company harmless for any misuse of the product, which results in damage to yourself or third parties.” /201207/192827Rotating your plate as it is placed on the table may improve the taste of your food, psychologists claim. People have a subconscious preference for food that points away from them, according to Oxford University experts, to the extent that it can affect the flavour。心理学家称,转动一下盘子,盘中餐吃起来可能更美味。据牛津大学专家分析,人的潜意识里偏爱朝向偏外的美食,摆放方向甚至会影响到食物的风味。An experiment involving 12,000 people, carried out at London’s Science Museum, suggests that most people prefer their meal to be aligned facing away from them, and marginally to the right. The perfect orientation, the scientists discovered, is for food to point at 3.2 degrees clockwise, a tiny fraction to the right of the vertical axis of the plate。一万两千人在伦敦的科学物馆对做了一项实验,结果表明大多数人都更偏向菜肴不正对他们摆放,喜欢稍稍偏向右边摆。科学家们发现,完美的方食物摆放方向是顺时针方向3.2度, 即稍稍偏离餐盘中轴。The effect is so pronounced that people actually experience an improved taste when the alignment is correct, the psychologists claim. The results, published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, were obtained after thousands of people took part in an experiment at the Science Museum’s ‘Cravings Exhibition’, which explores the way reward circuits in the brain that determine flavour are altered by outside influences。心理学家称,正确摆盘效果显著,人们实际可以体验到的食物也更美味了。数千人在科学物馆“食欲展览”参加了实验,探索外界因素是如何影响大脑的奖赏回路,从而决定食物风味的。实验结果发表在《食品质量和偏好》期刊上。Charles Michel, a chef and researcher on food aesthetics at Oxford University, said many people instinctively adjust their plate when it is placed in front of them.‘This everyday action that some of us do might hint at the fact that we all enjoy our food more when it is “oriented” in the best way possible. Indeed, by arranging the food to “look better”, we might be unconsciously enhancing its perceived value, and hence our enjoyment of it。查尔斯-米歇尔是厨师,兼牛津大学食品美学研究员,称菜肴放在眼前时,许多人会本能地调整餐盘。这一日常动作很多人都会做,或许能体现这一事实,即食物摆放朝向最佳时,我们尝起食物会更美味。确实,把食物摆放好,看上去“更诱人”,我们或许下意识里会感知到食物价值的提升,从而更快乐地享受美食。 /201508/393757Today, roles have been reversed. We are not a gender-driven society, or at least moving towards one that is not defined by gender. It’s okay if you are not interested in a corporate life anymore and are much happier when you stay at home, taking care of the household chores. There’s no shame in being a househusband. It’s actually quite awesome. Here’s why:现如今,性别角色已被颠覆了。我们所处的社会并不受性别主宰,或者至少正朝着这一目标迈进吧。如果你厌倦了上班族生活,宁愿呆在家里料理家务,做个家庭煮夫也没啥问题。其实,宅在家里料理家务还很不赖呢!原因如下:No Monday blues告别忧郁星期一No more rushing to work, struggling to finish a presentation, getting loaded with more work. No more cribbing on Sundays about the impending Monday. No more whining about how you hate your job。再也不用急匆匆赶着上班、苦巴巴地做报告或不堪负重忙工作。再也不用翘首期盼周末继而又为新的一周发愁。再也不必发牢骚说自己有多讨厌工作。No horrible boss告别可怕上司No more dealing with rude bosses, or unreasonable colleagues. No more ding facing him or her. No more pressure to finish business reports or reach business targets. No more dealing with office politics。再也不会遇上邪恶的老板或不讲理的同事。再也不害怕面对他/她。免除了赶写公司报告或完成业务指标的压力。远离办公室的勾心斗角。Drinking hot afternoon over a fancy lunch可享受美味午餐和暖暖下午茶Once in a while you can pop over to a nice Italian or Spanish restaurant and have a nice lunch with some beer. You can treat yourself once a week. And an afternoon beer is that much more delicious than an evening one。偶尔你还能去不错的意大利或西班牙餐馆打打牙祭喝点啤酒。每周你都可以犒劳一下自己,下午来瓶啤酒绝对比晚上更爽哦。More relaxing更轻松自在As a househusband you get to be more relaxed. Your only worry possibly will be the maid not coming on time, or curbs on the water supply. You get to leave all the stress related to an office job. No more driving to work on increasingly busy roads. No more getting your BP high because of idiotic, rash drivers. You will breathe easy and be much calmer。家庭厨男自然轻松自在啦。你唯一的纠结无非是保姆没准时打扫或水管出了问题。你不会遇到上班族那些烦心事。你也不必夹在日益拥挤的路上开车去上班,不必因为某些傻瓜司机高按喇叭。你可以轻松呼吸、镇静安宁。Bonding with kids跟孩子更密切If you’ve just had a kid, you couldn’t have asked for more. You get to spend all the lovely time with your son or daughter. You get to play with them, feed them, bathe them, dress them up, them stories. There can’t be a more rewarding job. You will be able to see them grow。如果你碰巧有小孩,那再幸福不过了。你可以一直喜滋滋地陪着儿子或女儿。你和他们游戏,给他们做饭、洗澡、穿衣、讲故事。世上再也没有比这更美的差事啦。你可以见孩子的成长呢。Work from the luxury of your home可居家办公You can pick up odd jobs to increase your income. You can take up things like resume writing or essay writing for MBA[微] students etc. If you’re an IT person, you can do some freelance work in your domain. There are tons of things you can do. You can blog, even. Working from home is great。你可以做些兼职来增加收入。比如给工商管理学学生代写简历或论文。如果你是IT达人,你还可以在家做个自由职业者。可做的事情真是太多啦,你甚至还能开客呢。居家办公真的很不错。Happier married life婚姻生活更幸福If the house is spotless and your kids are fed and happy, your wife will be the happiest. If she doesn’t have to come home and do all the housework on top of it, she will fall in love with you every day. She will appreciate what you do and your married life will be much stronger and happier。如果家里一尘不染,小孩吃穿不愁、开心快乐,你老婆肯定大为欢喜。如果她不必一回家就做家务,肯定会更爱你吧。她会很感激你所做的一切,你俩的婚姻自然也会更牢固美满。Patience and empathy学会耐心和感性Being a househusband makes you respect women more. You realise how much work they do day in, day out. Taking care of the house and kids will teach you things about yourself, things you thought you never had. Patience and empathy, for example, for others。做个家庭煮夫能让你更尊重女性。你会发现她们原来每天得干那么多活儿。料理家务、照顾小孩也让你发现自己,发现以往不曾注意到的事情。比如说对别人会感同身受、更有耐心。You get to cook what you want想吃啥就自己做That’s right. Get all the recipe books and whip up some gorgeous meals. You can cook what you like and impress your wife or girlfriend. Follow shows like Master Chef Australia for added help and inspiration。一点也没错。你可以搜罗各大菜谱,然后自己做大餐。你可以做自己爱吃的美食,让你老婆或女友大吃一惊。“澳大利亚大厨”这种节目秀也能激发灵感哟!Improved health身体更健康Once you get around to doing housework and playing with your children and doing a grocery, or garbage run, you will become fitter and healthier. Much healthier than sitting on an office chair for eight hours straight。做家务、陪孩子玩、买菜或倒垃圾能让你更健康。这远比一天八小时直挺挺地坐在办公室椅子上强多啦。 /201508/393360

A modern Chinese usually has a surname (“family name”)or xing and a given name (“first name” or “Christian name”),or ming(or mingzi),always in that order.现代中国人的姓名通常由姓(家庭姓氏)和名(个人所起的名字)组成,并 且姓在前,名在后。Thus Deng Xiaoping is Mr. Deng with the personal name Xiaoping the same way John Jones is Mr. Jones with the personal name John.因此,邓小平被称为邓先生,个人的名字为小平。 正如约翰#8226;琼斯被称为琼斯先生,个人的名字为约翰。In ancient China, however,naming was very complicated and one person usually had several names, and naming involved xing, shi, ming, and zi.在中国古代,起名非常复杂。 一个人可以有好几个名字,包括姓、氏、名、字。Each of these four words meant a different thing.每一个都表达不同的意思。Xing and shi together formed today#39;s surname, and ming and zi today’s given name.姓和氏演变为现在的姓,名和字则演变为现在的名。Today, people use xingshi to refer to a person’s surname,mingzi to refer to one#39;s given name.所以现在人们通常用姓氏来指一个人的姓,用名字来指一个人所起的名。Study of ancient Chinese documents shows that xing originally referred to the names of different matriarchal tribes.据对中国古代文献的研究表明“姓”最初被用来指不同的女氏族长部落。It also had something to do with the place where people lived.和人们的居住地也有某些关系。Researches show that xing came into being during the matrilin-eal society period, i. e. , around four to five thousand years ago.研究表明,“姓”出现于母系社会时期,大约四千至五千年之前。Nearly always the family name (surname) is one-syllable long.The only common modern surnames that are two-syllables long are ouyang and sima.几乎所有家庭的姓都是一个音节,常见的两个音节的姓有欧阳、司马等。 /201508/393299

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