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盐城市打掉孩子哪家医院最好的射阳县治疗腋臭狐臭哪家医院最好的美国辛辛那提动物园一名男孩跌入围栏,园方射杀猩猩救男孩 --30 :5:37 来源: 本周,在美国辛辛那提动物园一名岁小男孩跌入猩猩活动区,然后被一只180公斤的雄性大猩猩拖拽至别处,情况危急,动物园工作人员当即将大猩猩射杀救出男孩 Zoo officials have shot dead a gorilla after a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure in the US city of Cincinnati.在美国辛辛那提市动物园一名岁小男孩跌入猩猩活动区,为救男孩园方当即将一只猩猩射杀The boy climbed though a barrier and fell into a moat, where he was grabbed and dragged by the gorilla.当时这名男孩爬过栅栏跌入了壕沟,然后被一只猩猩抓住拖走The zoo said it took action to shoot the 00lb (180kg) gorilla as the situation was "life-threatening". The boy is expected to recover.动物园工作人员称当时情况危急,男孩有生命危险,他们立即采取行动射杀了这只00磅(180公斤)的大猩猩小男孩预计将很快恢复Last week two lions were shot dead in a zoo in Chile after a man entered their pen in an apparent suicide attempt.上周在智利一名男子闯入一家动物园的狮子活动区试图自杀,导致两只狮子被射杀’Devastated’“悲痛”Cincinnati zoo has temporarily shut its gorilla exhibit following the incident on Saturday.事故发生后,辛辛那提动物园暂时关闭了他们周六的大猩猩展览The boy had fallen about ft into the moat. Video shows the boy being dragged through the shallow moat. The gorilla then stops, with the child below him and looking up at him.这名小男孩从英尺高的地方摔入壕沟视频显示猩猩将男孩拖至壕沟较浅处然后停了下来,男孩抬头害怕的看着它But the boy was reportedly dragged by the -year-old male western lowland gorilla named Harambe about minutes.据称男孩被这只岁的雄性西部低地大猩猩Harambe拖拽了将近分钟The child was taken to a local hospital and although no inmation about his condition has been released it is believed he will recover.之后男孩被送至当地一所医院,尽管没有关于其身体状况的信息发布,但应该没有生命危险Zoo director Thane Maynard said: "[The officials] made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy’s life. It could have been very bad."动物园主管Thane Maynard说:“我们的工作人员做了非常艰难但又非常正确的选择,因为他们救了男孩的生命不然可能非常糟糕”He said a tranquilliser would not have had a quick enough effect.他说镇静剂可能没办法立即发挥效果Mr Maynard said that although the boy was not under attack, he "certainly was at risk".Maynard先生称尽管男孩没有受到攻击,但当时他的情况确实非常危险,He added: "We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla. This is a huge loss the zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide."他补充道:“对于这起悲惨事故我们非常悲痛,它导致一只濒临灭绝的大猩猩的死亡这对于动物园家庭和世界猩猩种群来说都是一个巨大的损失“Two female gorillas in the enclosure did not approach the child and were unharmed.围栏里的两只母猩猩并没有靠近男孩,没有受到伤害Harambe was born in captivity in Texas and moved to Cincinnati zoo in , where it was hoped he could be part of a breeding programme. Cincinnati zoo has had the largest number of western lowland gorilla births in the US.Harambe出生于德克萨斯州的一个圈养区,年作为繁殖项目的一部分被移至辛辛那提动物园辛辛那提动物园是美国西部低地大猩猩出生数量最多的动物园盐城市亭湖区人民医院妇科挂号 双语:从“冰桶挑战”到“泡沫抵御埃拉” --30 :5:1 来源: West Africans get creative with Ebola awareness  A young man on camera names the person who’s challenged him to dump the contents of a bucket over his head. But in a twist on the ice bucket challenge, this man is soon drenched in frothy, soapy water — part of a campaign to raise awareness about Ebola prevention in West Africa.  Ivory Coast’s “Lather Against Ebola” campaign, catchy songs and comedy are being used by West Africans to educate people on how to avoid getting the deadly disease, which has infected more than ,600 people and killed more than 1,00 in four countries across the region, according to the World Health Organization.  From Nigeria to Sierra Leone, songs and sketches have supplemented traditional media and government campaigns to educate the public about Ebola, which is sp through contact with the bodily fluids of infected people and can be partly contained by simple measures like regular hand-washing.  The “Lather Against Ebola” campaign was inspired by the ice bucket challenge that has generated tens of millions of dollars the ALS Association, which raises money Lou Gehrig’s disease research.  Ivorian blogger Edith Brou knew the ice bucket campaign was getting lots of attention and wanted to make it more relevant in her home country. Despite bordering Guinea and Liberia, two countries that have been hit hard by the Ebola outbreak, Ivory Coast has yet to record a single case, and Brou wants to keep it that way.  “Our greatest threat right now is Ebola,” she said.  Those who accept the “Lather Against Ebola” challenge — searchable on Twitter using its French name, #MousserContreEbola — are expected douse themselves with soapy water and hand out three bottles of hand sanitizer. Those who reject the soaking are expected to distribute nine. Since it launched on Aug. 18, dozens of participants have posted soap-soaking clips to social media.  “Ivorians take the drama out of everything through humor,” said Brou. “But in spite of the funny aspect of it, the message is warded on and listened to.”  Liberian rappers Shadow and D- recorded several Ebola-related tunes. Their hit song, “Ebola in Town,” was intended to counter early skepticism of the threat posed by the disease, which has infected more than 1,000 people in Liberia and killed at least 6. The disease has also his Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.  “No touching! No eating something!” the rappers warn listeners, playing up the disease’s dangers. What the song lacks in specificity it more than makes up in catchiness.  Earlier this month, Liberian soccer star and mer presidential candidate George Weah added his own song, “Ebola is Real,” to the line-up. In Sierra Leone, rapper Special C’s song “Ebola Does Not Discriminate” and music portray the dangers of hiding sick patients, a practice Sierra Leone’s parliament outlawed last week because of its potential to sp the disease.  相关内容  在科特迪瓦阿比让(Abidjan),一个年轻人对着镜头说出挑战者的名字,并高举水桶将水倒向自己——这并非冰桶挑战,因为湿透的年轻人身上是充满泡沫的肥皂水——这是日前西非呼吁提高埃拉预防意识运动的一部分  在科特迪瓦进行的“泡沫抵御埃拉”运动中,西非人民用朗朗上口的歌曲和喜剧向大众传播如何预防这种致命疾病根据世界卫生组织的数据,在西非四国中,已有超过600人感染埃拉病毒,死亡人数超过00人  从尼日利亚(Nigeria)到塞拉利昂(Sierra Leone),不论是在传统媒体上,还是在政府发起的运动中,歌曲或漫画正被用来向公众宣传埃拉相关知识——埃拉通过感染者的体液传播,但像勤洗手这样的简单措施在一定程度上能保护自己免受传染  “泡沫抵御埃拉”运动从冰桶挑战中汲取了灵感目前,冰桶挑战已为侧索硬化症协会(ALS Association)筹集了超过千万美元,用于资助针对葛雷克氏症(Lou Gehrig’s disease)的研究  科特迪瓦知名主伊迪斯?布鲁(EdithBrou)知道冰桶挑战引起了很大的关注,她希望能通过这种活动为自己的祖国做些什么尽管与两个埃拉疫情严重的国家——几内亚(Guniea)和利比里亚(Liberia)接壤,科特迪瓦目前还未有感染案例,而布鲁想让这继续下去  布鲁说:“我们目前最大的威胁就是埃拉”  “泡沫抵御埃拉”——它在推特(Twitter)上使用的是法文名字  “MousserContreEbola”,接受挑战的人要将肥皂水倒在自己身上并捐出3瓶洗手液不愿被水浇湿的人则要捐出9瓶从8月18日开始,已有数十位挑战者将全身浇透肥皂水的影片放在社交媒体上  “科特迪瓦人喜欢将每一件事情都灌输上幽默二字”,布鲁说,“除开这活动有趣的部分,更重要的是能够传达我们希望表达的信息,能让更多人听到”  利比里亚的饶舌歌手Shadow和D-录制了几首关于埃拉的歌曲他们最红的歌曲——《埃拉来了(Ebola in Town)——原是为了还击早期对埃拉带来威胁的怀疑态度目前在利比里亚,已有超过00人感染埃拉病毒,疾病造成至少6人死亡几内亚、塞拉利昂和尼日利亚均有埃拉疫情  “不要摸!不要吃!”——说唱歌手通过这样的歌词来警告听众警惕疾病的危险尽管歌曲缺少具体说明,它并非只为了易记而创作  在本月早些时候,利比里亚足球明星和前任总统候选人乔治·维安(George Weah)在他自己的歌曲中加入了“埃拉是真的”(Ebola is Real)这一句歌词在塞拉利昂,饶舌歌手Special C的歌曲《埃拉是公平的(Ebola does not discriminate)及其音乐录影带描绘了藏匿患病人员的危险性塞拉利昂议会上周将“藏匿患病人员”定为违法行为,因为该行为非常有可能引发疾病传播荐片:七月不容错过的国外大片(上) -- :: 来源:chinadaily No. 1: Ghostbusters 《捉鬼敢死队 This female-led reboot attracted criticism well bee the film was even made–with its co-writer Kate Dippold telling The Telegraph that “They said it was the worst movie ever bee I’d written a word.”When the original film came out 3 years ago, it too was poorly received and only became a cult hit over time. As B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber argues, “the fans who insist that the Ghostbusters should be male have misunderstood the classic comedy they claim to revere”. The characters “were a different breed of hero…out-of-shape academics in crumpled, slime-smeared jumpsuits”. 这部以女性为主导的翻拍电影在开拍前就饱受诟病,联合编剧凯特?迪波尔特对《每日电讯报透露道,“在我还没开始写之前,人们就说这是一部最糟糕的电影”3年前,《捉鬼敢死队第一部问世,当时影片反响冷淡,多年来也仅受到非主流一族的追捧英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“有粉丝坚持认为捉鬼敢死队成员应为男性,这本身就是对他们宣称自己推崇的这部经典喜剧电影的一种误解”这些人物“是一种另类英雄……这些学者体型走样,穿着皱巴巴,黏糊糊,脏兮兮的连体裤” This time around, the academics in jumpsuits are played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones; there are cameos from original cast members including Sigourney Weaver, Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray. Director Paul Feig once again teams up with McCarthy and Wiig after his hit Bridesmaids, and addressing the backlash, he has said:“I think the cast is so good, and they can stand in the footsteps of who came bee.” On general release from July. 这一次,梅丽莎?麦卡西,克里斯汀?韦格,凯特?迈克金农和莱斯利?琼斯扮演穿着连体裤的学者;有一些配角来自于原班人马,包括西格妮?韦弗,丹?艾克洛伊德和比尔?默里保罗?费格导演了年风靡一时的电影《最爆伴娘团,在这以后他再次和麦卡西和韦格联手,他对质疑声作出了反击,说道:“我认为演员阵容极佳,她们能够追上前辈们的脚步”七月十二号全面上映 No. : Cafeacute; Society 《咖啡公社 Woody Allen’s latest feature opened the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews–but drew praise its permances. Set in the 1930s, it stars Jesse Eisenberg as a New Yorker who moves to LA and falls his uncle’s secretary (Kristen Stewart). According to B Culture’s critic Nicholas Barber,“ Stewart has the glow of a bona fide 1930s bombshell while retaining her characteristically sheepish, down-to-earth persona”, while“Eisenberg is one of the most natural of Woody proxies”. 伍迪?艾伦的新作作为开幕片为年戛纳电影节揭幕,收到的褒贬不一,但其表演却大受好评故事背景是在上世纪30年代的纽约,主演杰西?艾森伯格饰演一个搬到洛杉矶的纽约人,他爱上了叔叔的秘书(克里斯汀?斯图尔特饰)英国广播公司文化家尼古拉斯?巴伯说道,“斯图尔特浑身上下都散发着上世纪30年代性感尤物的光辉,从她身上可以看出那个年代羞怯和朴实的人物形象”,而“艾森伯格是伍迪镜头下最自然的角色之一” The Times calls him “an Allen mini-me, an Allen avatar. From his hunched, put-upon shoulders to his nervous, rapid-fire delivery, Eisenberg gives us vintage Woody”. Despite being criticised not matching the director’s best works, the film was described as “gentle, whimsical and sumptuously shot” by The Independent, which claims that “even if Allen’s energy levels may be dipping, he still knows just how to mix the comedy and the pathos.”Released July in Thailand, July in the US and 1 July in Russia. 《泰晤士报称他为“迷你版的艾伦,艾伦的化身从他蜷缩的,饱受摧残的肩膀到他紧张的,快速的演讲,艾森伯格带给我们一个最棒的伍迪”尽管有批评说道,这部影片比不上导演最佳的作品,它仍被《独立报评价是一部“文雅,异想天开,奢华的影片”,宣称“尽管伍迪随着年龄增大,身体状况可能不如从前,但他仍然懂得如何将悲痛穿插在喜剧之中”本片七月十四日在泰国上映,七月十五日在美国上映,七月二十一日在俄罗斯上映 No. 3: Tale of Tales 《故事的故事 “Once upon a time there were three neighbouring kingdoms each with a magnificent castle, from which ruled kings and queens, princes and princesses. One king was a nicating libertine, another captivated by a strange animal, while one of the queens was obsessed by her wish a child.”The billing Tale of Tales gives a clue as to the timbre of a film populated by “sorcerers and fairies, fearsome monsters, ogres and old washerwomen, acrobats and courtesans” –played by a strong ensemble cast that includes Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones and Vincent Cassel. “从前,有三个邻国,每一个王国都有一座富丽堂皇的城堡,受国王王后,王子公主的统治一位国王是与人私通的浪荡子,另一位国王被一种奇怪的动物所迷惑,还有一位王后迫切地想要个孩子”《故事的故事演员表给我们提供了线索,从影片的音色中可以判断出人物众多,包括萨尔玛?海耶克,约翰?瑞里,托比?琼斯和文森特?卡塞尔在内的强大的演员阵容饰演了“巫师和仙女,可怕的怪物,食人魔和年老的洗衣女工,杂技演员和交际花” A loose interpretation of the tales of the Italian poet Giambattista Basile, it’s a worthy addition to the recent glut of fairy tale films: B Culture’s Rebecca Laurence believes it presents a fresh angle. According to The Times, “The adult fairytale is a freakish, hybrid, disturbing creature, mostly gotten in these days of Disney sanitisation, but Tale of Tales resurrects the genre with surreal humour and gothic horror.” Released 3 July in Germany, 6 July in Switzerland and July in New Zealand. 意大利诗人吉姆巴地斯达?巴西耳对此发表了极具包容性的见解,尽管最近童话类电影市场饱和、供过于求,但这部影片的仍有上映价值:英国广播公司文化部的丽贝卡?劳伦斯认为这部影片代表了一种全新的角度据英国《泰晤士报报道,“成人童话是异想天开的,混合多种因素的,令人烦扰的,对童话的多数记忆都停留在迪士尼时期,但《故事的故事运用超现实主义的幽默和哥特式的恐怖使这种艺术类型得以复兴”本片七月三日在德国上映,七月六日在瑞士上映,七月二十八在新西兰上映 No. : Toni Erdmann 《托尼?厄德曼 “Based on a really brilliant , you have a comedy of manners and of family life at the same time–and then it is brilliantly acted,” Verena Leuken of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung told B Culture’s editor Matthew Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival, where Toni Erdmann was one of the favourites to win the Palme d’Or. At its first press screening in Cannes, the film was greeted by critics with laughter and spontaneous applause, and it’s since been showered with five-star reviews. 《法兰克福汇报的维丽娜?露文肯在戛纳电影节上向英国广播公司文化部的编辑马修?安德森说道,“电影的剧本很棒,这既是一部风尚喜剧,也涉及家庭生活——这也就成就了一部优秀的影片”,《托尼?厄德曼作为最受欢迎的影片之一赢得了金棕榈奖这部影片在戛纳初登荧屏之时,批评家就对其报以欢快的笑声和自发的掌声,从此以后这部影片一直沐浴着五星级影评的光辉 Telling the story of a father (Peter Simonischek) who disguises himself as a‘life coach’to get closer to his daughter (Sandra Huuml;ller), a busy corporate strategist, it’s the third feature in years from German writer-director Maren Ade. 故事讲述的是一位父亲(皮特?西蒙尼谢克饰)伪装成一位人生导师去接近他的女儿(桑德拉?乌勒饰),他的女儿是一位忙碌的企业战略家,这是德国编导马伦?艾达十三年中拍摄的第三部故事片 Time Out praised it a“sly evocation of the absurdities and banalities of modern life”, whileThe Telegraph said that“The film’s sweetness and bitterness are held so perfectly in balance, and realised with such sinew-stiffening intensity, that watching it feels like a three-hour sports massage your heart and soul.”There is plenty to provoke thoughts among the laughs, too.“It has some serious things to say about family dynamics, about the pressures that professional women face, and how working too much can hollow us out,” says Anderson. Released July in Germany, July in Austria and 1 July in Switzerland. Time Out称其“淘气得唤起了现代生活中的谬论和陈腐”,而《每日电讯报“这部影片很好地平衡了甜蜜与苦涩,实现了环环相扣的紧张情节,看这部电影给你带来的精神上的冲击与看一场三小时的体育运动别无二致”在欢笑声中也引起来许多思考安德森说:“这部影片有其严肃之处,讲述了如何维持家庭活力,职业女性承担的压力以及过量的工作是如何将我们压垮”七月十四日在德国上映,七月十五日在奥地利上映,七月二十一日在瑞士上映 No. 5: Absolutely Fabulous 《荒唐阿姨 One of the first comedies to skewer our current celebrity culture, Absolutely Fabulous emerged as a sketch on the show French amp; Saunders bee becoming one of the most successful sitcoms of the 1990s. Some have argued it was best left in that decade–and writer and actor Jennifer Saunders, who stars as Edina alongside Joanna Lumley as Patsy, admits the media landscape has changed.“It is a different beast”, Saunders told The Independent.“The idea of PR now is that anyone can do it. Anyone can review a film, anyone can get their stuff online, so it is a very different world.” 《荒唐阿姨是首批讽刺时下名流文化的喜剧之一,最初出现在电视剧《弗兰奇和桑德斯中,当时只是一部滑稽短剧,之后《荒唐阿姨便成为上世纪九十年代最成功的情景喜剧之一一些人说这是那个年代最成功的影片——作者兼演员詹妮弗?桑德斯饰演埃迪娜,而乔安娜?拉姆利则饰演帕琪桑德斯承认媒体格局已经发生了变化“这和以前不同了”,桑德斯告诉《独立报“现在任何人都可以做公关任何人都可以电影,任何人都可以从网上得到他们想要的东西,这是一个非常不同的世界” Yet despite that, she believes they have created a story that is relevant today.“I think the film reflects the fact that Patsy and Eddy don’t survive so well in that world because they're not in control of it anymore.” The film has more than 60 cameos, including Rebel Wilson, Jon Hamm, Joan Collins, Barry Humphries, and Kate Moss–according to Saunders, the only person to turn down a role was Barack Obama. On general release from 1 July. (Credit: David Appleby) 但是尽管如此,她仍相信他们创作了一个与现今密切相关的故事“我认为这部影片反映了一个事实,帕齐和艾迪不能在那个世界中生活的很好,因为她们不再能够控制自己的命运”这部电影有60多个配角,包括瑞贝尔?威尔森,乔?汉姆,琼?考林斯,巴里?汉弗莱斯和凯特?丝——据桑德斯所说,贝拉克?奥巴马是唯一拒绝出演的人七月一日全面上映阜宁县中医院妇科挂号

盐城/生殖器疱疹最好的医院免签走天下:全球护照哪国强? -- ::5 来源:   Owning a passport opens up a world of possibility and freedom travellers - or so you would think.  拥有一本护照就能够自由出入各国、随意游遍世界么,那可不一定  In some countries around the world, even if you are lucky enough to have access to the government-issued documents, you are still restricted and barred from several countries.  世界上有一些国家,即使你足够幸运获得了政府授权的文件,但仍然会被一些国家“拒之门外”  Henley and Partners created a Visa Restrictions Index, which ranks countries globally in accordance to the travel freedom enjoy their inhabitants enjoy - with some surprising results.  亨氏顾问公司分析研究了世界上所有国家和地区的签规定,之后照不同国家的公民前往海外所享有的免签国家数而创建了签受限指数  Where it might be expected that countries such as North Korea and possibly Cuba could take the bottom spots the most restricted travel freedom, they actually place at 86 and 69 respectively, from a ranking of a total of 9.  朝鲜和古巴本被认为是世界上签受限程度最高的国家,但实际上,在包括9个国家的签受限指数排名中,朝鲜和古巴分别排在第86和69位,并不是垫底的  Each country was given a score by global consulting firm Henley and Partners, whospecialise in residence and citizenship planning.  亨氏顾问公司在专门研究过各个国家的居住和公民计划之后,对每个国家都进行了打分  The score was calculated based on visa regulations of all countries and territories in the world, and the number of other countries that their citizens can travel to without having to obtain a visa.  这些分数是根据某个国家和地区的签规定以及该地居民能够获得免签的国家数量计算得出的  Taking the lowest spots were Afghanistan (ranked at 9 and able to visit countries visa-free), Iraq, (able to visit 31 countries), Pakistan and Somalia (able to visit 3 countries) and the Palestinian Territory (able to visit 35).  分数排在最末几位的国家是:阿富汗(排名第9,免签国家数量只有个),伊拉克(免签国家数量为31),巴基斯坦和索马里(免签国家数量为3),巴勒斯坦领土(免签国家数量为35)  This was juxtaposed by Finland, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US, in first position, who are able to access countries visa-free.  与此相对的是排名并列第一的国家,包括芬兰、德国、瑞典、英国和美国,这些国家的免签国家数量达到  Henley and Partners said: 'In today's globalised world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movement of eign nationals across borders.  亨氏顾问公司表示:“在如今这样一个全球化的时代背景下,签限制在控制外国人口入境方面发挥着重要作用”  'Almost all countries now require visas from certain non-nationals who wish to enter their territory.  “现在几乎所有国家都允许持有签的非本国居民入境”  'Visa requirements are also an expression of the relationships between individual nations, and generally reflect the relations and status of a country within the international commy of nations. '  “允许获得签既能表示两国的关系,同时也能反映出一个国家在国际社会中的地位”  Pakistan is ranked at 9 in the Visa Restrictions Index, and citizens are able to visit 3 countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Dominica without a visa.  巴基斯坦在签受限指数的排名中排在第9位,其居民外出可以免签的国家只有包括特立尼达岛、多巴哥岛、海地和多米尼加等在内的3个国家  Despite this freedom, stepping over the Pakistani border into India and Iran does requires a visa.  尽管如此,从巴基斯坦过境进入印度和伊朗仍需获得签  At the bottom of the list are the citizens of Afghanistan who are banned from entering Kuwait entirely.  排在末位的阿富汗居民被完全禁止进入科威特地区  They can, however, travel to Micronesia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Haiti without a visa entirely though.  但是他们进入密克罗尼西亚、圣文森特和格林纳丁斯岛和海地等地可以免签  A UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report stated that three-quarters of people in the world travelling to Europe need a visa.  联合国世界旅游组织发布的一项报告显示,世界上约有四分之三的人口进入欧洲需要获得签  According to the latest Visa Openness Report by the UNWTO, 6 per cent of the world’s population was required a traditional visa prior to departure in , down from 77 per cent in .  根据该组织发布的最新一项签公开报告可知,年世界上有6%的人口在离境之前需要获得签,年该比例为77%  A total of 19 per cent of the world’s population was able to enter a destination without a visa, while per cent could receive a visa on arrival (compared to per cent and 6 per cent in ).  另外,世界上有19%的人口能够入境免签,%的人口能够享受落地签,而年这两项的比例分别为%和6%滨海县第三人民医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱 欧洲杯:德国队0-不敌法国,无缘冠军 -- :: 来源: 在对阵德国队的比赛中,东道主法国队以-0的成绩胜出,挺进欧洲杯决赛,将和葡萄牙队一决雌雄 Antoine Griezmann, the tournament’s top scorer, made the decisive contributions in each half to set up a final against Portugal at the Stade de France on Sunday.在这场比赛中,本届欧洲杯顶级射手安托瓦内·格里兹曼在上下场的比赛中各打进一球,从而使得法国队赢得比赛,将于本周日在法兰西体育场迎战葡萄牙队Griezmann scored from the penalty spot right on half-time when Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger was penalised handball by Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli in an aerial challenge with Patrice Evra.德国球员施魏因施泰格在和法国球员帕特莱斯·埃夫拉空中相遇时手球犯规,意大利裁判尼古拉·尼佐里判法国队点球机会,格里兹曼在中场时从罚球点往右打门,进球得分France held out against German pressure bee Griezmann settled the destination of a pulsating semi-final with 18 minutes left when he turned in from close range after keeper Manuel Neuer could only half-clear Paul Pogba’s cross.在格里兹曼结束这场紧张刺激的半决赛比赛之前,法国队顶住了来自德国队的压力当时距离比赛结束还有18分钟,格里兹曼近距离射门得分,而德国队门将诺伊尔仅仅只能够半防住保罗·格巴的传球Joshua Kimmich then hit the woodwork Germany and also saw a header brilliantly saved by France keeper Hugo Lloris - but there was no way back the World Cup holders.德国队方面,约书亚·金米奇一脚射门击中了门柱,后来又曾头球打门,但是却被法国门将洛里斯成功扑救,世界冠军德国队无力回天France made a slow start to Euro but there was a real sense inside Marseille’s vast Stade Velodrome that Didier Deschamps’ team are now being carried towards the finishing line in Paris on Sunday by a national tide of emotion.在欧洲杯的比赛中,法国队到后来才渐入佳境但是马赛维洛德罗姆球场的这场比赛真正意义非凡,法国队进入了最终决赛,将于本周日在巴黎迎战葡萄牙,这一壮举激起了法国国内汹涌澎湃的民主自豪感It was, of course, during a friendly between France and Germany at the Stade de France, which will stage Sunday’s Euro final, that the first explosions were heard on the night of the Paris attacks in November in which 0 people died and hundreds of others were wounded. Fourteen players who started that night were in the line-ups that took to the field here in Marseille.去年月,法国队和德国队球员在法兰西体育场(周日的决赛将在这里举行)开展了一场友谊赛,而那天晚上发生的巴黎袭击事件最先受到冲击的就是这里,第一次爆炸就发生在不远处,该次袭击事件最终共造成0人死亡,另有数百人受伤而那天晚上在现场的名球员今天就在马赛的这场比赛中The atmosphere inside the Stade Velodrome was electric after a day of searing temperatures and the togetherness now felt between France’s players and their supporters was summed up in one moment in the second half.在经过了一天的高温天气后,维洛德罗姆球场内空气弥漫着令人激动的味道,法国球员们合作亲密区间,法国球迷们在下半场某一时刻沸腾到了极点Germany were applying pressure in an attempt to claw back a 1-0 deficit when the whole ground erupted into a rousing chorus of national anthem La Marseillaise to urge their team on.当时德国队顶住压力,试图扳平1-0落后的局面,而全场的法国球迷们热烈地高唱国歌马赛曲来给法国球员加油鼓劲One more task remains against Portugal on Sunday - the whole of France expects.本周日葡萄牙还将有一场硬仗--他们的对手是整个法国大丰市看妇科多少钱

江苏盐城/市治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的中国同性恋男子就“矫正性向”起诉精神病院 -- :58:6 来源: 中国北部的一名同性恋男子起诉一家精神病院,控告其用药物、监禁和殴打来试图“治疗”其同性恋取向 A gay man from northern China is suing a psychiatric hospital he alleges attempted to “cure” him of homosexuality with drugs, confinement and beatings.中国北部的一名同性恋男子起诉一家精神病院,控告其用药物、监禁和殴打来试图“治疗”其同性恋取向The 3-year-old, who uses the assumed name Yu Hu and is a fruit seller, claims he was held against his will at the Zhumadian No People’s hospital in Henan province in October last year. There, he was ced to undergo what doctors called “sexuality correction therapy”.化名为余虎的男子今年三十二岁,是名水果小贩他表示,他在去年十月被强制关进驻马店第二人民医院在那里,他被强迫接受所谓的“性取向矫正治疗”“During his confinement, Yu received coerced treatment, including medication and needle injections, as well as physical and verbal abuse,” Chinese media reported on Tuesday after a local court agreed to hear his case.周二,在当地法院同意受理此案后,媒体对其进行了报道:“在监禁期间,余虎所接受的治疗包括药物处理、针剂注射、殴打和口头侮辱”The man’s 5-year-old partner, who asked to be named only as Yang, told the Guardian that Yu had been cibly admitted to the hospital on 8 October after family members, including his wife, discovered he was gay.余虎的合伙人小杨今年二十五岁他告诉记者,在余虎的家人(包括他的妻子在内)发现他是名同性恋之后,他们就把他强制送进了这家医院About two weeks later, Yang raised the alarm after Yu asked to be rescued. Yang said he eventually secured his partner’s release with the help of Ah Qiang, a prominent LGBT rights activist from Guangdong province.在两周之前,小杨在余虎发出求救后拉响了警报小杨说,他最终在阿强的帮助下解救了余虎阿强是一位广东的LGBT平权人士Homosexuality was legalised in China in 1997 and the country is home to a vibrant and increasingly vocal gay commy. Shanghai’s annual gay pride celebrations, which kick off on Friday and have the theme “I Am Me”, are now in their eighth year.中国在1997年将同性恋合法化,并且同性恋人群正逐渐变得声势浩大本周五举办的上海年度同志骄傲活动的主题是“我就是我”该活动已经举办了七届But activists say some hospitals and doctors continue to prescribe drugs and use electroshock therapy as a bogus m of “conversion therapy”.但是相关人士表示,一些医院和医生还在继续开药和使用电击作为虚假的“矫正治疗”Yang said the hospital’s actions had left Yu feeling traumatised and afraid. “He even has nightmares about being ced to take drugs and being beaten and tied up in the hospital,” Yang said.小杨表示,医院的行为已经给余虎带来了极大的伤害和恐惧:“他时常做恶梦梦见自己在医院被逼吃下药物,被殴打,和被绳子拴起来”Yang said he hoped a legal victory would put Chinese hospitals offering “conversion therapy” out of business.小杨表示,他希望法律上的胜利能够阻止医院们从“矫正治疗”中获利“I want to make it clear that homosexuality is not a disease. It cannot be cured. I want this to be a warning to those hospitals [that claim it can be].”“我要说清楚的是,同性恋并不是疾病,它不能被治愈这是对那些宣称能治疗同性恋的医院的一个警告”An official who answered the telephone at the offices of the hospital’s Communist party committee on Tuesday afternoon said they were not aware of the case and had yet to receive a summons from the court.周二,该医院的党委人员在电话采访中表示,医院并不知道有这起案子,目前也没有收到法院传票 朝鲜领导人金正恩卧床不起? -- 3:19:00 来源: 朝鲜领导人金正恩卧床不起? Is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lying low? North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un hasn't been seen at a public event three weeks, including a prominent state meeting that he has attended every year since coming to power in late .On Thursday, Kim was conspicuously absent from the Supreme People's Assembly, which is North Korea's parliament attended by officials of the party, the military and various national organizations. A prominent seat remained empty on stage surrounded by North Korea's top brass."We expected to see him at the Supreme People's Assembly, because he had attended that session every time," said Yoo Ho-Yeol, a professor of North Korean studies at Korea University in Seoul. "So we are speculating that he might have problems in his health."On Thursday, North Korean state TV referred to Kim, saying, "The wealth and prosperity of our socialism is thanks to the painstaking efts of our marshal, who keeps lighting the path the people, like the flicker of a flame, despite suffering from discomt."The 31-year-old leader's absence has fueled speculation that Kim has a health problem, as some observers have pointed to weight gain, as well as a limp when he was seen walking in July.Korea's state-run news agency, KCNA, routinely catalogs Kim's activities and public appearances. A count of KCNA announcements about Kim's public appearances went from events in July to in August. It dwindled to just one event in September. His last listed public appearance was a September concert, which he attended with his wife Ri Sol Ju, according to KCNA.While it's difficult to know what's happening in North Korea, the absence of its leader from public view has given hints in the past."We had that kind of occasion when Kim Jong Il was seriously sick in ," said Yoo.That year, the elder Kim's absence from parades and national events raised questions about the leader's health. US and South Korean intelligence believed that Kim Jong Il had suffered severe health problems and possibly a stroke.Kim died at the age of 69, in December , and his son assumed command.9月5日,朝鲜举行最高人民会议,该会议的与会者主要包括劳动党领导人、军方及各种国家机构负责人,但值得注意的是,金正恩并未出席该会议台上的一个主坐空着,周围坐着一众朝鲜高官“我们本来预想他会出席此次会议,因为他每次都参加该(这个)会议,”高丽大学(Korea University)朝鲜问题专家柳何烈(Yoo Ho-Yeol)教授说道,“所以,我们猜测他可能健康出了问题”9月5日,朝鲜国家电视台提及金正恩时说道:“我们社会主义的富裕繁荣,都要归功于我们元帅的高度努力,他尽管身体不适,他仍如同闪耀的火焰一般,不断照亮人民的道路”这位31岁领导人的缺席,人们对此多有猜测认为他健康出了问题有些人认为是体重超标,也有人认为他腿部出了问题,因为7月份的一个视频显示,他走路一瘸一拐朝鲜国家新闻通讯社——朝鲜中央通讯社(KCNA)例行通报了金正恩出席活动与在公共场合露面的情况从7月到8月日,朝鲜中央通讯社共报道了金正日次公开活动而在9月份则剧减至仅仅1次他最近一次亮相是在9月日与其妻子李雪主(Ri Sol Ju)观看音乐会我们很难知道朝鲜发生了什么情况,但在过去,其领导人从公众的视野中消失时能给人些许提示“在年,金正日病重时,我们经历过同样的状况”柳何烈说道在那一年,金正日缺席了游行及国家的一些重大活动,人们怀疑他的健康状况出了问题美国与韩国的情报机构相信金正日遭遇了严重的健康问题,很可能是中风金正日于年月去世,享年69岁他的儿子继承了领袖地位(译者 林喜鸣 编辑 丹妮)盐城治疗性病大概多少钱盐城协和医院收费怎么样



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